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So my big question today is if I actually watch TFP at 4pm EST on my computer, as I did E1 and E2, or skip it and just wait to see if tumblr says it’s the same legit disaster shown at BFI. If it is, I don’t really care to see it. Though I suppose if I’m going to rant about it, I ought to know whereof I speak.

… and all of the sudden, it’ll hit you out of nowhere that your heart doesn’t feel heavy anymore. you’re not waiting for the next thing to go wrong. sometimes you’re tired and sometimes you cry, but living doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.

do you ever just think about the fact Rhys isn’t real and want to cry? yeah, me too

Merry Christmas

I see a lot of ableists use the “you wouldn’t survive in the wild!” argument and honestly it makes me so angry. Two reasons. First, who says you would survive in the wild without TV dinners and Twitter? Or should I rather say without warm clothes, clean water and antibiotics? Why is it even an argument? But also second, I don’t think all things we consider disabilities now would be disabilities in hunter-gatherer communities of our past. Let’s take autism for example cause that’s my disability and I have experience with it.

I bet that autistic people, even the ones who are considered “high support” by today’s standards, would manage just fine in the hunter-gatherer communities, at least compared to allistics. Thing is, a lot of things that I personally have problems with didn’t exist back then. They didn’t have busy streets and noisy supermarkets and schools and job interviews and house chores. They lived in family groups that couldn’t possibly be larger than 150 people and they didn’t have the social protocol we have today cause it’s all a relatively new thing and differs immensely from culture to culture. No eye contact and polite white lies for cavemen.

More than that, autistic people are said to have enhanced pattern seeking abilities and creative intelligence, which are distinctly human traits. A lot of our abilities and differences would be beneficial rather than detrimental for the tribe, and since we make up about 1.5% of the population, one tribe would have maybe one or two autistic people, so even if they needed more care in other aspects, they would be able to provide that care.

Imagine an autistic in a hunter-gatherer tribe 30 thousand years ago. Imagine all the ways they could help the tribe thrive. Their attention to detail and pattern seeking abilities would make them an excellent gatherer. Their heightened senses wouldn’t get in the way as much, but they would be able to notice minute changes in the environment and warn other people about a predator attack for example. Their obsessions would contribute to the collective knowledge of the tribe - a special interest in an animal could mean better understanding of its behavior and more successful domestication. Their pattern seeking abilities could lead to better understanding of nature, such as the change of seasons. And their specific intelligence could lead to new inventions and tools. Who knows, maybe it was the autistics who invented fire, the wheel and agriculture.

So no, they wouldn’t die. Not only because we have evidence that ancient tribes of humans took care of their disabled friends and relatives, but also because autistics would be able to contribute to their tribe in a way no one else could. Back then we all had equal backgrounds and lived in a shared environment that accommodated no one. Then allistics built a world that accommodated them and made autistics disabled. It’s really not our fault that we are the minority, the 1.5%. It’s you who put us in an environment that conflicts with our needs and abilities and makes it so hard for us to exist.

Next time you use that argument, think first, type next.

Our blog has been inappropriately flagged as nsfw a couple weeks ago by tumblr and we’ve been trying to get in contact with tumblr support to fix this. Obviously we’re just a nail blog theres no adult content on here. They havent responded and its been over 9 days so we’re just impatiently waiting. Tumblr support has always been so useless and unhelpful. Well in case anyone has noticed and wondered why it filters our blog as nsfw this is the reason! We think it just has to do with our name. The name nailpornography is just supposed to be like nail porn or food porn. Not actual porn lmfao. Hopefully this will be resolved soon!

  • Atsushi: I'm... grounded?
  • Dazai: *folds arms* Yes, you're grounded!
  • Kunikida: You disobeyed an order.
  • Ranpo: [holds up a shovel] and now we're gonna bury you 'til you've learned your lesson!
  • Fukuzawa: Ranpo... that's not how grounding works