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I went to go see Sarah J Maas on Sunday in Toronto and while I enjoyed the 8am-3pm waiting time (solely because of my friends), I was a little disillusioned. I’m probably just someone who’s insanely picky or naive when it comes to signings (I’ve only been to like 4 or 5), but I was really surprised with how strict the guidelines were for the event.

We arrived at 7:50 am and were promptly told the guidelines. We were to not leave or we would lose our spots (if you had to go to the washroom or get coffee/food, you’d have to tell security), which is understandable because there were A LOT of people (we were like 150-155 of 250). Then we had to buy the book, get a wristband, and leave our books with the staff and if you already owned a copy, oh well *shrug* (which you couldn’t get signed–though when my friends asked SJM to sign a different book other than A Court of Wings and Ruin, she obliged). For reference, usually a receipt as proof of purchase is usually sufficient.

SJM is a sweetheart in person, even if some of her responses to questions were a liittttleeeee problematic, but hey, they’re her characters. She complimented my friends and me on our makeup and outfits, which was awesome. I just found the guidelines for her signing a lot more strict than I’ve ever experienced. Granted, she’s a much more famous author than some of the authors I’ve met–for reference, there were well over 300 people at her signing.

What really jarred me though was the view of people crying beside the main line because they didn’t make it in time to be one of 250 people to personally meet SJM and get their books signed. It’s true that time management would have been useful (there were people there since 3am, but again, someone who didn’t research or ask questions or had experiences with popular authors would probably make the same mistake). I know exceptions can’t be made for one person or else that would open up the floodgates, but it was still a really sad scene.

Overall, the experience of meeting SJM was great. She and her husband were adorable as he stamped two books and she signed ACOWAR and talked to the fan. It was the strict guidelines and some of her responses that made us question the event and dimmed our excitement. (I.e. Feyre being a hufflepuff–which a very specific whattttt?! moment).

Of course, this is just my opinion. Sunday could have been someone else’s perfect day. People seemed to be having fun and even though we could barely hear her from our spot–the place was super full, so we couldn’t even see her, people were actively trying to hear her responses. The hearing issue was at times to the extent where we just wanted to meet her.

My Tips for Author Signings: Always be earlier than you think you need to be. Be considerate of the people running the event, even if you don’t agree with their rules. Have fun!

EXO’s Reaction to Coming Home and Finding You in Lingerie


Xiumin wouldn’t notice you were patiently waiting in the bedroom at first, too tired to take in his environment.  When he did finally see you, he’d almost drop what he was holding, surprised by your lack of clothing. “Jagi…just, wait there,” he’d say, running into the bathroom to “get ready” for what he was about to do to you.


Torn between being too tired to have sex and being too horny to not, Chen would be at a tough crossroads. “Y/N, wwwwhhhhhyyy?” he’d yell, gesturing at your body. He’d close his eyes and rub his forehead, before slowly approaching you and kissing your cheek. “I’m..I’m too tired,” he’d say quietly. Once you reassured them that you were going to be the one doing the work, he’d readily agree.


Just as excited when he’s tired, Baek would smile brightly when he found you waiting patiently for him, adorned in your new lingerie. He’d be slightly speechless, too excited for words. He’d run into the bathroom and come out shortly after, naked, his eyes glinting with lust.  It was obvious that night was going to be electrifying.


“Ah, jagi, you shouldn’t have~” Chanyeol would mutter, setting his stuff down before approaching you, his arms outstretched. He’d hug you gently, kissing your forehead before leading you to the bedroom. Because he was tired, he’d make love to you slowly and sensually, falling asleep shortly after you two finished.


Too innocent for his own good, Lay would think that you had put on the lingerie to show him, but only that. “You look lovely!” he would say, clasping your face in his hands and kissing you, before leaving to get ready for bed. You’d follow him, kissing his neck and running your hands along his chest, however he was too tired to take notice. “You look nice, but you’re not sleeping in that, right?” he’d ask, oblivious to your obvious lust.


D.O would definitely be stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, he wanted desperately to go rest, but on the other, you looked so good. He’d kiss your cheeks before deciding to go with the former. “Tomorrow,” he’d say tiredly, stifling a yawn as he eyed your body one more time. You’d pout and tell him that you’d be doing the work, but he’d politely decline and snuggle into the covers instead.


Suho would flop down onto the bed next to you, not even realizing what you were wearing until you told him to look. “wOAH!” He’d sit up quickly, his eyes widening and his mouth falling open. He’d be stunned for a minute, before shedding his clothing right there and pushing you down beneath him, his eyes gleaming with new excitement.


Kai would stay in the silence as he stood in the doorway, his eyes skimming over your body with obvious hunger. He’d move towards you, making you shudder with anticipation. You could feel the lust coming off of him, and he’d grab your shoulders, pushing you against the wall and attacking your neck. He’d take out his frustrations about the day on you in the best way.


Sehun would be very surprised when he found you casually lounging in your new lingerie. He’d try to hide how flustered he was with cockiness. “Oh, jagi, come on. You didn’t have to dress up just for me,” he’d say, however it was obvious how turned on he was. As you approached him, you could see any traces of tiredness leave him and be replaced with desire.

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Can I just say how much d&p have changed in 8 months? And I mean that in a good way. Seriously, they've normalized so much that nothing actually surprises us anymore? Dan embracing his hobbit hair? Normal for us. Dan and Phil touch somehow? Normal and not shocking. And they've become so much more relaxed on the gaming channel and in general. The change came so fast but it's so lovely. What else will become normalized, we'll have to wait and see.

dan and phil did #that watch them normalize moving and getting a dog 😩💦👌🏼

Fearful Love Part 8

Jared Padalecki x Reader

Word Count: 1,510

Warnings: language, diagnosis of PTSD, panic attack 

Summary: After leaving the convention Jared takes you to get you some help. Finally the feelings the two of you have for each other are revealed but how long is that happiness able to last?

A/N: Whoa!! Two fics out in one day!!!! Lmao I surprised myself and I know a lot of you have been waiting for this moment for a long time so here it is!!! I hope you all enjoy this!!! Unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine and feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

Fearful Love Masterlist

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Gundam IBO episode 50

Now that was a definitely in the feels last episode. TAT

Finally Idiok (Iok) dies in the hands of Akihiro and Ride avenges Orga’s death. The best part was when Devil Barbatos slaughtered many Mobile suits.

May you Rest In Peace Akihiro, Mika, Orga, and Hush. I was definitely surprised that Julieta lived. At least we can see she’s doing well with Gaelio and she knew the true meaning of Tekkadan.

Atra grew up really pretty in the epilogue and Kudelia as well with her new haircut. :D Thats cute that they are both raising Akatsuki, Atra and Mika’s child. Lol go Moms!

Oh wait, did I forget to mention Merribit and Nadi have a child and she is pregnant with a second child. :D

The names on the grave made me lose it. Again. Tears just pouring like rain. TT_TT

As usual Gundam will be Gundam and I can’t wait for the new series during Summer season.

The next one is called Gundam Twilight Axis which follows up from Unicorn.

Gundam IBO 9/10

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If you are still taking prompts: FS + 068: "We’ve been celebrating our wedding anniversary on the wrong day for the past nine years"? Thank you!

AN ~ thank you so much for your consistent love, support and patience! you’re amazing @florchis and it’s an absolute pleasure to write for you! I hope you, and the rest of this poor troubled fandom, enjoy this fluff set ~10 years in the future.

FitzSimmons, Bus Kids, Rated G/light T for a little bit of mild innuendo.

Read on AO3 


“You’re working late, ma’am,” Crawford remarked, amused but not surprised. Doctor Simmons looked over at her with a similar expression.

“So are you,” she pointed out. Crawford smirked.

“Well, I don’t have an incredibly attractive and romantic husband waiting at home for me.”

Doctor Simmons blinked at her. Crawford’s smirk drooped a little.

“Sorry, I just meant - You aren’t going home? I’d have thought you and Doctor Fitz would have something special planned. It’s your anniversary today, isn’t it?”

Doctor Simmons laughed.

“Oh! No. That’s next week. And I can assure you, unless the sky is falling down I will be out of here by 5:01 on that day.”

“So what are the chances of that?” Crawford teased, and Doctor Simmons grinned.

“About fifty-fifty I’d imagine.”

“That sounds about right,” Crawford agreed. “Well, sky falling in or no I think I have to get home before my eyes droop closed on the road. Happy anniversary for next week, I guess!”

“Thanks! But, um, where did you hear that it was today? Just out of interest?”

“Oh, the Director mentioned it. You’d think she’d be right, she’s pretty close to you guys, isn’t she?” Crawford shrugged. “Guess I could have misheard.”

“Possibly,” Doctor Simmons agreed. “Although you’re right, she is close to us… and it is possible that she and my husband dearest are planning something. You may have given me a foot-up in an epic romance battle for the ages, Doctor Crawford.”

How that woman’s cogs could still be turning with such fervor at this hour, after such a long day, both inspired and baffled Agent Crawford. She smiled and nodded, her eagerness to get home outweighing her desire to unfold the leads of the trail she had apparently just set her boss on.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Doctor,” Doctor Simmons insisted. “Good work today.”

Crawford left gratefully and Jemma Simmons cut her workday off just as it was going on ten hours, and snuck up to the Director’s office. It wasn’t really sneaking, of course; the night staff were about, and she had plenty of forms of permission to be going up there, but there was always something a little secretive and exciting about visiting Daisy’s swanky office for private reasons. And she was sure that Daisy would still be there – for work, or for helping Fitz plan out the details of a beautiful and intimate evening, she would be there.

Jemma was almost disappointed when she found out it was work. Daisy let her in nonetheless.

“What can I do ya for?” Daisy offered. “Wine?”

“No thanks, I’m driving,” Jemma waved her off. “And I probably will head off soon, but ah, Crawford told me you said it was mine and Fitz’s anniversary today?”

“Oh yeah. I ran into her after the newbies’ fitness exams. Did she wish you happy anniversary from me.”

“She did,” Jemma said. “I just thought it was a little weird, that’s all. We’re going to see each other before next week, after all.”

“What does next week have to do with anything?”

Jemma frowned.

“Our anniversary. It’s next week.”

“No, it’s today.”

“No…it’s next week. Friday.”

Daisy shook her head.

“Babes. You got married on May 21st. I remember. That date is like. Burned into my brain forever.”

Jemma scoffed, but Daisy did not waver. Frown deepening, Jemma pulled her phone out of her pocket and put it on speaker.

“Jemma?” Fitz answered.

“Fitz,” Jemma greeted. “Are you at home?”

Yeah, why?”  

“What are you doing?”

“Am I on speaker?”  

Daisy bit her lip and Jemma glared at her, and answered: “Yes.”

“Making dinner,” Fitz said – truthfully, probably, given the sound of crackling and bubbling in the background. “Why? Are you not coming home?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way,” Jemma explained, “just trying to get something settled. Our anniversary… it’s next Friday, right?”

“Yeah. 28th.”  

“Funny thing, Daisy swears it’s today.”

“Well, she’s wrong. It’s always been the 28th.”  

“Do you want to bet on that, Mr Fitz?” Daisy challenged. While Fitz and Jemma had been talking, she had been searching her photos and pulled one down from the wall of the moment after Fitz and Jemma’s first kiss as a married couple. Sunlight and confetti whirled around them and they were smiling at each other, and on the back, Jemma’s own hand had written 21st May 2018.

Fitz, of course, could not see this though, and so he accepted Daisy’s bet.

“Sure, bring it on,” he challenged. “2019, Seychelles. 2020, Paris. Then there was the year I built that bloody armchair, remember that? When was that? Ooh, 2021 we went a few days early to see the lunar eclipse. 2022 – we – hang on –“

On the other end of the line, the phone crinkled and rustled with the sound of rapidly turning pages. Then a pause. Then turned back.

“Have you got a photo album out?” Daisy checked.

“Don’t you?” Fitz challenged. Daisy shrugged. Touché.

Hang on,” Fitz repeated. “I just pulled out our wedding one. Jemma, she’s right. It’s here in gigantic letters – look – one of us must have learnt calligraphy just to write this.”

Jemma’s phone buzzed, and a photograph came through of one of the scrapbook decorations, which read: 21st May 2018 in a larger, more elaborate font than on the photograph, but Jemma recognised her own hand. Still, her jaw dropped a little.

“How bizarre,” she remarked. “Why would we move it like that? Did something bad happen on the 21st?”

“I mean, probably,” Daisy remarked. “But bad things happen every other day around here, and if it was that traumatic, it probably would have come to mind.”

“Perhaps it was just more convenient that way. Can’t imagine why, now.”

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” Fitz put in. Jemma crooned silently and Daisy pretended to gag.

“Never change, you cheesy ass,” she praised him fondly. “Besides, it’s not like the date really matters, does it? Maybe May 28th is the date you two got your Hogwarts letters, or the day you first kissed, or the day you finally got the ring fitted. Maybe Fitz just got super excited and decided to have a one-week anniversary and you stuck with it!”

“Oh, ‘Fitz’ got excited did he?”  

“Well, you did,” Jemma insisted. “Which…made for a very entertaining night for me.”

“And that’s where I’m going to pull the plug on this conversation,” Daisy interrupted. “But I am going to send your wife home to you very soon, Fitz, so if you want to take advantage of finding out you have two anniversary dates now, might I suggest some candles?”


BJD Box Opening - Seed-Art Wol (tentatively Lark)

My sparkly birb girl arrived today! 

I had stuff I had to do today, but her tracking hadn’t updated, so I called Auspost, because sometimes they’ll get updates in the internal tracking system that don’t show up on the customer one. A very nice gentleman answered the phone and informed me that she was on a truck to be delivered today (and seemed genuinely surprised when I thanked him, which made me a little sad)

Then I had to have a discussion with my mum about how long we would wait for her before doing our other stuff and we’d only just made a decision, when the doorbell rang!

She came with an adorable little pink sparkly bird and her silver sparkle birb friend, both of whom are very cute!

She is absolutely gorgeous, but I’m going to have to work out what’s the best way to photograph her to capture maximum sparkle. I also tested the effect of gloss on the sparkle with her bird friend which is the second from last picture, but I also have a video I’m going to put up on my instagram some time soon. Sadly I didn’t have the time to try eyes or a wig on her, but I’m very much looking forward to working out her style and doing her face-up


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Re: Ben, aside from everything you said can I just add that he's got such a fucking SMUG look on his face all the time, he's so punchable. I am not a violent person, I feel bad when plants die but every time I see his dumb little smirking goateed face I wanna get in one really good punch. Also I'm pretty successful at my job and have a unisex name. And I feel like if he walked into a meeting with me he'd snap his fingers, ask for a double espresso and wait for the man he was expecting to arrive.

aksfdjsaldk i honestly won’t be surprised if he does that


Day 2 - Competition


“This is unbelievable,” Johnny yelled, throwing his phone on the ground.

“Did you finally figure out that 2+2 does not actually equal fish?” Peter asked dryly, wincing as he poked the needle through the skin in his leg.

“No, fucking Buzzfeed didn’t put me on their best superhero asses list,” Johnny grumbled as Peter glared at him.

“Yeah because you’re under 18 and it’d be weird, and also Sue would kick all their asses,” Peter replied laughing as Johnny carefully picked up his phone, before sighing in relief at the un-shattered screen.

“Yeah but so are you,” Johnny grumbled jumping onto the couch next to Peter.

“But, I have a secre- Wait, did I make the list?” Peter asked surprised.

“Of course you did Pete, just look at that thang,” Johnny said in a nasally voice as Peter tied off the stitches and cut the extra thread with scissors, before reaching for the large non-adhesive bandage and gauze.

“What’s it out of?”

“Uh 8…”

“Permission to be proud?”

“Not granted, #8 is Hulk.”

“I mean yeah he has 2 butts to choose from that makes sense.”

“#7 is Iron Man.”

“Same thing there.”

“#6 is Black Widow.”

“You think she’d be higher.”

“Yeah but a chick made the list so I mean-“

“Yeah I guess you’re right.”

“#5 is Thor.”

“I’d tap that.”

“Saaameee… #4 is Wolverine.”


“Yeah I know. #3 is Hawkeye.”

“And that’s just pure hard work and dedication.”

“Yeah no super powers or anything. #2 is Captain America.”

“Wait you can’t be serious.”

“Yup, #1 is Spider-Man, and ironically, they used one of your photos,” Johnny grumbled showing Peter the phone.

“I don’t know whether to feel proud, weirded out, or concerned that I’m gonna get my ass kicked by the Avengers for ranking higher than all of them,” Peter mumbled as he pinned the gauze on his leg.

“They’re gonna have to fight me for it,” Johnny said as he slapped Peter’s side, “That ass is mine.”

“Don’t worry bud, the second you turn 18 I’ll take a bunch of sexy pics and send em straight to Buzzfeed,” Peter said, patting Johnny’s shoulder as he got off the couch to grab his clean sweatpants.

“You better, or you’re not allowed to use me as your space heater anymore,” Johnny grumbled as Peter gasped dramatically.

“You wouldn’t,” Peter whined as he struggled to get his good leg into the sweats while balancing on the injured one.

“I would… Those pics don’t do your butt justice,” Johnny said staring admirably. Peter blushed almost immediately, and in the rush to pull up his pants he fell over, hitting his side on the kitchen counter. “Shit you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine, probably a light bruise…” Peter mumbled from behind the cabinets.

“I was talking to your butt.”

“Of course you were.”

hey so for kiradax month/week, today’s telling the crew so…

Kira is surprised that some people already know and Dax is surprised that not everyone does. Because like 90% of the crew or at least the (honorary) senior staff have seen them on dates and just… not realized they were dates.

Dax probably tells Sisko first, and he’s not at all surprised but he didn’t already know for sure. He’s just really happy for them. He’s like good for you old man hope you’re happy. And he tells Jake (with Kira and Dax’s permission) and here’s where it gets funny. Jake is like, “Damn, Mrs. O’Brien won the bet. I thought they’d wait another week to tell you.”

So Jake shows up to school the next day and gives Keiko a bunch of latinum and all of the students are probably like yay! They finally told Sisko! Nog’s like “I told you to bet a week earlier.” O’Brien (as in Miles) also sees this and is like what??

So Keiko’s like “oh it’s just the bet that Jake and I had going about when Kira and Dax would start telling people they’re dating.” And poor oblivious O’Brien did NOT see that coming and he’s like “they’re dating??” And Keiko’s like “yeah?? If I’m right they’ve been dating for like months now?? You see them in Ops every day Miles how did you not notice how often they flirt? Kira finds an excuse to lean over Dax’s station like 50 times a day.” And O’Brien’s probably like “I just thought they were friends.”

Keiko teases him about this for around seven years.

Also on that day Sisko probably calls Kira into his office and has a similar conversation with her about I hope you’re happy congratulations and Kira probably almost cried because she’s adorable and Sisko is the Emissary.

Anyways so O’Brien is at Quark’s or something the next day and Bashir is there waiting for lunch with Dax because she wanted to tell him something so Garak and him are having dinner instead. (There’s also a betting pool about them dating, one that Dax eventually wins.) So O’Brien’s chilling with Bashir until Dax gets there and he just absentmindedly is like “I can’t believe they’ve been dating this whole time.” And Julian, also oblivious, is like, “who???” And O’Brien, assuming Julian already knows, says “Kira and Dax.”

So Dax gets there and Julian is like, “YOU and KIRA are DATING and you didn’t tell me??”

And she’s like, “that’s what I wanted to talk to you about but honestly I kind of assumed you knew?” he did not. he also just wants Dax to be happy.

Kira tells Odo and Odo knew. He doesn’t super understand why humanoids are like this but he’s observant. He congratulates her, and they probably like hug it out because Odo is her Brodo.

Julian (with permission) tells Garak who is literally so unfazed by this. He’s just like “…yes… I know… did you not?”

Quark didn’t actually know but he’s really upset that he didn’t know when he finds out because half of the dates they go on are at his bar. They use the holodecks all the time. Had he known, he could have started a betting pool like Keiko and Jake’s and made a profit. Alas, hating women and not respecting them can hurt profit once in awhile. Who would have guessed?

Am I missing anyone? There’s Worf in later stuff but I’m barely there and I do not know him.

Kasidy! Kasidy knew. Kasidy obviously knew. Kasidy met Kira and Dax individually but immediately after knowing both of them knew that they were gay for each other. Jake’s been keeping her in the loop. Sisko tells her and she’s like “I know. I’ve always known. Your son also had a bet with me. He lost that one too. I know.”

Anyways, all these stories make it back to Kira and Dax and at the exact same time that Kira says, “How did all of you guys know?” Dax says, “How did all of you guys not know?” And then they all have a good laugh about that.


“So, Sage I was thinking-”

“Wait, you think? Surprising.”

“Shut up.”

“Okay, so what were you thinking?”

“Well, would you wanna go to the dance with me- you know as friends… I just think it would be fun.”

“That would be really fun, but I already have a date…”

“Oh- really well…”

“Boi, I’m kidding. I’d love to go with you- as friends.”

“Yeah, as friends… that’s all- haha friends…”

[awkward silence]

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God, I really can't believe David PRESENTED Gillian with her webby. I was hoping and praying he would simply attend, even in secret. I never dreamed he'd be the one PRESENTING her with the award! I'm in heaven! I just need to know exactly how this came about. If u look at the webby's tweet it seems even they were shocked. I get the feeling that it all happened suddenly, at the last minute, at everyone's surprise. I bet David came up with the idea last minute. I can't wait to find out everything!

I can’t wait either. I really hope we have an explanation on how that happened! 

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how long until the k/l shippers accuse jeremy of queerbaiting them since he called k and l space ranger partners yet in that same interview he said that he wants them to be bros? i'm betting on s3 once lance gets with that mermaid or wait. they don't actually believe that k and l will be canon right

pls don’t call P/axum “that mermaid” we only have like 6 female characters in canon, they have names just like U/az and M/att and Commander Iv/erson

and frankly I’d be surprised if antis aren't going to accuse Jeremy of at least lying to us, since some people like to cherry-pick their information and then lash out at the cast & creators (just like they did with Lauren Mo/ntgomery, or are doing with B/ex TK)

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I cant tell is Ludwig put on some weight or the sweater does it. also is he not wearing his binder?

((OOC: Nah it’s not that he’s put on weight, though he is a little chunky. It’s @se7en-siblings’s Morton’s sweater! Lud’s been wearing it ever since their update found here. I’m just incredibly bad at drawing folds in fabric! ;v;)b

Floppy boy.

As for the binder uhhh I’m not sure, he may or may not have left it in their universe considering his sudden disappearance was a surprise for him.

He’s probably wearing it because I imagine that he wouldn’t have talked to Morton (or anyone in that universe) without it on. And if not, it’d be in very small increments he’d be public without it while waiting for it to be washed or something.

But with the big sweater, I can understand WHY it’d look that way! If he left it though, you can bet your boots he’d immediately go buy another one with express shipping, pfft.))

Happiness - Sehun

Originally posted by luderella

Request:  Can I request parent scenario ( taking care their kids or anything…) with sehun please!!! Thankssss

Genre: Fluff

Member: Sehun

Note: d/n = Daughter’s Name


hap-pi-ness, (n.)

a mental state of well being characterised by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy; good fortune

It was the dead of night when you were abruptly woken by the sound of your baby girl crying from her room. You were about to get out of bed when you felt an arm wrap around your waist and gently push you back down onto the bed.

“Sehun, what are you doing? d/n is crying,” you tried getting back up, but felt yourself being pushed back down.

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I really like your prediction for the finale! I hope they do pull something like this but if they don't I wanted to tell you that there is something called golden hour scenes or something? It's basically when they show something being perfect in the start of a show just so they can break it and surprise people. That's what those scenes look like. So maybe they want to play up how "great" the relationship is just to "shock the audience" more

Yeah, I’ve thought about that and it’s kind of a possibility? But they’d have to wait until later in the episode to do so because the last one ended in a cliffhanger that they would have to resume from. But that fight could end and then they wake up, the next day, together. 

But Mon-El looks too happy, in my opinion, for it to be current time. They’re unlikely to think the Rhea situation is solved and it’s a weird tone for a morning in the middle of an invasion to have.

But! Kara closes her eyes during what I think is her flight to duel Rhea, and she could be flashing back to her happy moments, like the trailer suggests:

But the light and softness has a dream-like quality, so I’d reckon that it’s either a flashback or a dream:

But flashbacks on this show are generally scenes we’ve actually seen before…

But there are a lot of possibilities.

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Being as excited as he is about his plushes, I bet he'd leave one in his friends' rooms after they came into production - give them the 'honor' of having the first ones. Just sitting on their bedside tables or beds as a surprise. Waiting. Watching.

I’d actually be more concerned about how and why Mickey broke into his friends’ houses more than the plush itself by that point.

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i don't want to be one of those annoying readers but it kind of sucks that we have to wait so long for any information about the other characters and that small details are considered spoilers like charlie getting a love interest i get u guys are self published and that works differently i'm just use to knowing more information about the books i want to read

We just think your experience will be more fulfilling if we keep certain details quiet. We want you to go into the book and be surprised and not spoiled :D When we first published Addicted to You and even Ricochet, we never announced that Daisy would get a love interest, same with Ryke. So the “will they” or “won’t they” aspect is a fun experience for readers, and we don’t want to take that away from you. 

Also, how many books we write in the series will come down to how well the Like Us series sells. If it sells well, we’ll be able to write a lot more Addicted kids POVs *fingers crossed*