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this is what happens when you stay up too late reading atlantis fics and spotify playlist memes at the same time. 


“I did warn you not to trust me, you know.”

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The Eurovision Non Weeb

I have been watching the Eurovision since its 2012 edition and like every other Eurovision fan, I wish to watch the contest in the venue one day and to meet my favorite Eurovision entrants. I’m a fan of the contest from the United States so just imagine the frustration of not being able to do things (like voting for your favorite entry) because you don’t live in the countries that join the Eurovision but I don’t mind. 

Anyway, I made friends with someone who wants to try watching the Eurovision. We met in our AP European History class last year. I’d like to refer to her as Emma (not her real name). So anyway, Emma had heard of the Eurovision thanks to the viral posts about it that were screenshotted from Tumblr and posted to Facebook and one day, she caught me reblogging Eurovision posts while waiting for our class to start. That was where she told me she wanted to watch the 2015 contest. We met in the months leading to the Junior Eurovision last year and I tried to get her to watch Junior Eurovision. Fortunately, I was successful with that. 

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