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One thing that fucked me up when trying to figure out my sexuality was the fact that you can experience attraction to different genders in different ways and nobody told me that.

So I’ll say it. If you experience attraction to different genders in different ways, that’s totally okay. Sexuality isn’t black or white, it’s grey and that’s okay. The terms “asexual” or “bisexual” or “gay” or anything else are just generalizations for us to use to categorize ourselves if we so choose!

You define your label. Words are there for us to utilize, they don’t define you.

i feel like a lot of us rly Needed just hold on in our lives rn

I’d like to make a shout-out to all the optimists out there: because while your good vibes and hope are sorely needed and appreciated, PLEASE let people mourn–especially those whose civil rights have been put into jeopardy by this election. Let your peers express their anger, their hurt, their disbelief, their devastation, because these are normal human emotions that need to be felt.
Yes, love is better than hate, yes peace is better than fury; nobody WANTS to be bitter. 

But perpetual optimism is a privilege. 

Life can’t be a happy hallmark card all the time. 

So I just want to remind some of the people on my feed–most of which are white and straight–that are talking about how we should love instead of protest and riot…that it’s just not that simple. Let marginalized people express their sadness or anger without guilting them for it, especially those of us who suffer from clinical depression and anxiety. Because if we COULD be perky and take everything in stride all the time, we probably would.
In short, thank you for your positivity, thank you for seeing light in darkness and finding things to be hopeful about. The world needs people like you. But sometimes the world needs the darker, harsher emotions, too: history has shown us that pain and anger are so often the roots of change, after all. So don’t look down on those of us who can’t just shake off this devastating loss and go about life as usual: most of us are still hopeful and still love our country despite everything, but we’ve just been given a massive blow this week. We’re attending the funeral for forward progress, so just let us grieve.


first selfie on this blog??? 😱

Hey SKAM peeps, I was thinking..

…about doing a “Crash Course to SKAM speak” , so basically I was thinking a series of posts where I focus on the language/slang/style of how our lovely kiddies speak on SKAM, and try to explain some of the aspects of their choice of words, the slang they use, and just generally, “how we speak in Norway”,  (my job is related to this, in a sense :P ).

Would you be interested in something along the lines of this?

honestly i just feel really unsafe when i see nonpsychotic/nonantisocial people rb anything that includes the word “psycho” (esp if it’s edgy aesthetic) bc more often than not if they meet an actual “ps*cho” they’re the first to yell bad person

Here’s a post to validate your mental health.
Whether you are diagnosed with a mental health disorder or not, what you are feeling is valid.
Whether your poor mental health has been dismissed as being lazy or not, you are valid.
Whether you have a great support system around your or not, you are valid.

Mental health doesn’t just mean being diagnosed with anxiety, or depression, or OCD.
The undiagnosed side of mental health, such as being constantly upset, or unmotivated for life, or nervous, in my opinion is JUST AS VALID.

Certain conditions do not validate your mental health.

Only your opinion matters.

things inclusionist tumblr has done today

- made fun of me being in an abusive household

- called me the r word and a bitch over petty internet arguments

- said i don’t count as LGBT because i have a different opinion to them

- made jokes about aces converting a gay relationship, + being just generally homophobic

- used annoying gifs in their unnecessary additions to my posts

- cursed my notifications

no one gave me a Stevonnie to draw so i just. used a random number generator and made my own. and i got what are probably the most summery and wintery outfits in the whole show lol. so they’re a mess! but a beautiful lovely mess nonetheless

you know i love you

F A/N: someone kick me to go do my 5k word essay please and i have another 2 1k word essays but no i’ve spent the majority of my work-time today banging this 3k word monster out on the keyboard.

No beta, so all mistakes are mine. As usual, i’m physically incapable of thinking of good titles, so maybe the content will make up for it? ha ha… ha 

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The Signs as Roman Emperors (pre-395 AD)
  • Aries: Diocletian
  • Taurus: Hadrian
  • Gemini: Titus
  • Cancer: Constantine I
  • Leo: Augustus
  • Virgo: Nero
  • Libra: Claudius
  • Scorpio: Vespasian
  • Sagittarius: Septimius Severus
  • Capricorn: Aurelian
  • Aquarius: Commodus
  • Pisces: Theodosius I

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but if I can purchase only one of them, should I get Stinger or the Kang helmet generator? I desperately want Hulkling, and it seems almost impossible to get all the helmets on my own.

Not a stupid question. :) If you really want Hulkling then I would suggest going with the generator. It drops 15 helmets every 12 hours, so 30 helmets every 24 hours will save you big time. IF you didn’t collect any helmets from characters and just used the generator it would take you about 9.5 days to get Hulkling. With the characters added to collecting the helmets and the generator, you should be in good shape to get Hulkling.

wereallfuckindead  asked:

I don't know why but I think I just added Overhaul to the dekubowl list i-... I just-... I don't know. ...just how???? He just seems like one of those stereotypical bishounens yet he's also a germaphobe with a lot of money??? Can he even participate? ??????


Everybody can join the Dekubowl!! He seems to be a very level-headed Villain. To be honest I think he’d be a good match with Izuku, strategic planning-wise I mean. Like Izuku, he’s like the type that’s very good with tactics and strategy and just generally using his head to get ahead of the game. I bet Izuku will have a hard time handling him.

Also, him being a germaphobe will be an interesting dynamic because, as we all know, Izuku tends to be a little messy when fighting.

I wonder how old he is though. I initially thought he’s also a teenager like them or maybe a little older, but his face is covered so it’s hard to tell. In fact I thought he’s the kid that dropped out of school because that person found it hard to become a Hero, so that’d put him at Toogata’s age or something.

Developing Inferior Fe: Exhibit A

Scenario in question: A scene on TV, where a sad, scared six-month old baby is abandoned by her criminal father for the fire department to find and return to her family.

Reaction before development:

INTP: Well, he wasn’t going to be able to take the baby with him. I’m not sure what else you expected. What are you supposed to do in that situation? She’s unharmed, isn’t she? She’s going to get back to her family; she’ll be fine. It was probably the best move on his part, since he still doesn’t want her to be hurt.

Reaction after development – a few years later…

INTP: *Begins tearing up at the image of the frightened baby on the verge of tears, looking into a stranger’s eyes* Oh, my GOD! That poor little thing, She’s so upset, and doesn’t know what’s going on. How could he just leave her there, and let her be so sad and scared! It breaks my heart to see a tiny baby like that so confused, and put through so much; she doesn’t deserve that kind instability and treatment! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. Please, let me take care of her, she’s such a sweet little darling honey who deserves to be safe, and the very best life that she can be given! Not anything like this!