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[FANCAM] 170116 Idol Star Athletic Championships

400m Relay (Seventeen, BTS, VIXX, BAP)
1st Runner - Jungkook
2nd Runner - J-Hope
3rd Runner - Rap Monster
4th Runner - Suga

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K: so now that the surgery rotation is over, what's next?

Aghhh I started my Internal Medicine rotation todayyyyyy x_x I feel so overwhelmed and drained after THREE different orientations that I’m not even signing off with proper hearts lol

And I have such a bad headache heuheu I just want to curl up with a cute fluffy fic and go to sleep

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Are there any disorders/diseases that can only happen in cities?

have they not suffered enough anon.

But in all seriousness, probably not. I mean, they probably have something that effects their physical form (landscape & streets, I mean) that ends up looking like a disease on their human form, much like how natural disasters appear as physical injuries but aside from that…if they get sick it’s because enough of their humans are ill. Mental illnesses obviously happen but there’s nothing exclusive to Cities it pretty much copies how humans do it. 

Cities’ bodies are weird man. They get get hurt, but they heal super fast depending on their circumstances. Except for fire. They can get sick but only if their humans do. They can die but often don’t. Natural disasters and landscape-problems can turn up looking like physical injuries or diseases but they’re just a metaphor for them almost. Not to mention their blood disappears not long after it’s spilt. 

There’s this Descartes-like theory that Cities bodies don’t actually exist…they’re just a projection that’s trying really hard…

I wonder what RTX is like (or cons even tbh lD)

I heard there was an artists alley the last one or something like? How was that? I kinda imagine chilling and hanging and drawing stuff there tbh, that sounds like it’d be neat and fun~ vwv

I’ve never been to a con before? And the only think I know about them is absolutely next to nothingishsortamaybeafewthings lD

Secret Episode or Not

Even if there is some secret 4th episode, I will have still been hurt. TPTB have managed to weave in extremely toxic and problematic themes and ideas in their show.

John violently beat his best friend, for something he wasn’t even culpable for. Physically abusing someone is never the answer to begin with, and in this case, it was even more uncalled for as Sherlock was at fault for neither Norbury nor Mary’s decisions. Sure, John was grieving his wife’s death, but taking it out on an innocent party is unacceptable. Sherlock took the beating without question, and this incident was never addressed again. John never apologised. But Sherlock forgave. This show is ultimately implying taking blame for the abuse you experience and forgiving your abuser is an okay thing to do. (It is not.)

“Who you really are doesn’t matter.” I don’t think I need to expand on this one.

Mycroft says that everything Sherlock has done up until this point in his life, who he is, is all because of the trauma he faced as a child. “You are your trauma,” essentially. This is such a damaging message to be sending on an influential and powerful show like Sherlock.

The scene with Molly has left me feeling uncomfortable and angry. This woman (understandably) fell in love with man who was not good for her. Over the years, she finally understood that staying hung up on him would not be good for her, and tried to move on. I really thought this season she’d be content, the way she deserves. Instead, she was reeled into a sick game of emotional abuse. Even worse, Steven Moffat later went on to say that she forgave Sherlock (“Oh well that’s okay then, you bastard.”) and that she “probably had a drink and went and shagged someone” (x), dismissing the severity of such an event. (And if Molly truly could forgive Sherlock so easily, then why was this thing even part of Eurus’s torment?)

And the way the female characters were portrayed on this show.

Irene was introduced to us as smart, strong, gay woman and by the end she was helpless and begging for her life and was saved by a man.

Mary was a skilled assassin. They could have done so much with her character. The potential was endless. Instead they made her a woman who craved domesticity. Wanted a husband to please and a child to care for. And they killed her off. She was used a plot device to stir things up between the two main male characters. She married John, having an impact on John and Sherlock’s relationship, she sacrificed herself (in a physically impossible manner, by the way), having an impact on John and Sherlock. And then she was there again (as an apparition this time) to bring John and Sherlock together again. That was her only function.

Throughout season 4, Molly was hardly given any screen time. She was hurt in the past episodes and I thought we’d finally see her getting on with her life, not needing a man to do so. I was wrong. We saw her emotions toyed with and abused.

And that joke about Moriarty having sex with one of his body guards? Was that really necessary? Why must the villains be queer-coded? And allusions to Eurus raping a woman? A character who was introduced as villain psychopath (with magical powers apparently), and then forgiven for everything she had done all within ONE episode.

There might be another episode, I don’t know. Johnlock may canonically happen, I don’t know.

One thing I do know is, TPTB have embedded damaging messages regarding homophobia, heteronormativty and sexism into their show. I can’t see them redeeming themselves from this. They’ve done this. This cannot be used an excuse as being some part in a bigger plan. This is unacceptable.

You can put on your tin-foil hat and hope. But it won’t change the fact that they’ve said these things.

Sherlock was great show. But it was not a good one.

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Yeah, they were really good, but the someone had to clean the mess.. (And I try to not fry anything because is so scary)

I’m glad your churros turned out! But yeah, please be careful.

yuri on ice: -wins all its nominations in chrunchyroll’s anime awards with a large majority of the votes-

salty people: this is bullshit. yuri on ice is a shit show. it doesn’t deserve anything. my favorite show is a lot better and my opinion on the subject is superior

yuri on ice:

things that make me happy:
• cats purring
• the smell of the ocean
• cursive
• perfume bottles
• sleeping in
• making people laugh


philip shea + textpost meme (a pair piece for my lukas one) 

They’re too nice to fight each other what are you even talking about.


1x16 // 4x11 [requested by @ohfortheloveofmindy]

Yuri!!! on Ice episode 10 preview: “I’m giving you something round and gold”
me: Okay, so are they saying “round and gold” to trick us into thinking it’s a wedding ring, but it’s actually a medal…
me: …or, are they saying “round and gold” to trick us into thinking it’s a medal, but it’s actually a wedding ring???

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