just upload it to youtube for non us fans

A guide as to why reposting utattemitas without permission isn’t good

Before I start, I’d like to say that I’m not condemning anybody for having posted utattemitas as audio posts without letting the singer know. Even I used to do it. This just isn’t commonly spread information within the utaite community on tumblr, so I understand your lack of understanding. Trust me. I’ve been there.

So, let’s start with the basics (if it gets too long for you, just skip to the TL;DR):

How am I possibly being a hypocrite by reposting utattemitas without permission?

A lot of people on tumblr (at least that I’ve gotten to know) are advocates for getting permission to repost art from pixiv before doing so. Because, yea! The artist deserves to know when their art is being used elsewhere! You can’t just take their art without their permission to get more notes yourself while the original artist is stuck getting no views!

So… are utaites not artists? Did they not go through a lot of hard work to train their voices so well just as someone who draws had to practice a lot before they could become so good? Because when you say that people need artist’s permission to repost their work and then turn around and repost an utaite’s cover without their permission, that’s basically what you’re saying. You’re belittling their existence as an artist just because they don’t draw and you’re belittling their hard work just because you can’t see the product of it on a screen.

I’m not trying to say you automatically believe this because you repost without permission–I know that a majority of the people who repost utaite’s covers do it out of the utmost respect and with the best intentions, but that’s really not how it works. If you truly want to help an utaite, you need to ask them before you share their work like that.

TL;DR Utaite are artists just as pixiv users are artists, so if you need to ask pixiv users for permission to repost their work, you need to ask utaite to repost their work as well.

How does uploading utattemitas as audio posts hurt an utaite?

It’s true that only a small percentage of non-Japanese-speaking utaite fans use tumblr for their findings, and I should probably be directing this speech at YouTube if anything, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t make an impact. There are reposts of utattemitas that have thousands of notes on here, that I’m sure an utaite would love to see those numbers added to their views/MyList count. But the thing is: they don’t. A huge majority of people liking/reblogging audio reposts on tumblr aren’t clicking on the link and watching the video/MyListing it.

But I tell everyone to check out the original video in the caption/my description!

Yea, well, that’s not working. On my old NND blog, where I used to repost utattemitas without permission, I did the same thing. But after translating one of the videos on NND that I had reposted, I realized then that I wasn’t helping. I was actually hurting. As some of you may know, when you translate a video on NND, you can see how many people from your region have viewed that video. So, when I saw that the view count was below 100 views for the English server, I was disgusted. Now, I understand that not everybody on tumblr uses the English server, but on the other hand, not everyone using the English server is from tumblr. And I also get that there’s always the chance that one person gave my repost 2 notes, but…… My repost had almost 1,000 notes. So, even if every person had liked and reblogged the post, that would still leave about 500 people who had listened to the song. And about 400 people who didn’t bother clicking on the link. Now, I understand, it’s a lot easier to just listen to the song on tumblr than it is on NND if you don’t have an account there, so I’m not blaming the people who gave the repost notes. The responsibility falls on the person from tumblr who reposted it to begin with.

TL;DR Nobody on tumblr watches the original video, which is taking away views from the utaite that you’re trying to support.

But I want the notes on tumblr!

It’s okay to want notes, I’m as thirsty for them as the rest of you. However, there are alternatives to reposting utattemitas as audio posts in which you can still get notes.

Make a cool gifset!!

People love them some pretty gifsets and you can get tons of notes from them. If you link the NND song in the caption, then people will be drawn in with the nice-looking PV and will want to listen to the song.

Just!! Ask for permission!!!!!!

It’s really not as difficult as it seems. As long as you can find the utaite’s e-mail/twitter, you can easily ask them, and I’ve only ever gotten very polite responses in turn. If you need help finding their e-mail or asking them in Japanese (bc it’s kind of rude to ask in a language that they don’t speak) just ask me for help–I’d be more than happy to assist you.

Post it as a link instead!!

I understand–some people don’t have the means to make gifs, and some are too intimidated to ask for permission. Therefore, I’d like to recommend the simple option of literally just linking to the song. It is so easy. So much easier than uploading an audio post. And you aren’t limited to only 3 posts a day like with audio posts.

But nobody reblogs links!!

Yea, well!! We gotta make them do it!!

People don’t reblog links, because they could just as easily reblog an audio post that is much more convenient. But, hear me out, if everybody stopped uploading utattemitas as audio posts when they don’t have permission to do so, then people would be left with only one other option and that would be to reblog the link. So please, just stop reposting without permission it’s really not cool.

TL;DR Just ask for permission if you want to repost the audio, or simply post it as a link

Why are you so heated about this?!

Because I’ve made dozens of posts addressing this issue (mostly on my main blog) and it still continues to happen. I’ve asked, on multiple occasions, for people to explain to me why they believe it’s okay to repost without permission and I’ve only ever gotten one response which was basically, “Because it’s easier to do so.”

When I found out I was taking away views from the girl who’s been my biggest inspiration since I was 13, I was distraught. And I just can’t understand how people, after reading this, could justify not asking for permission from the people who inspire them the same way. Honestly, talking to your favorite utaite for the first time is exhilarating, so I just don’t see why you wouldn’t want to ask for permission?

TL;DR Because you have every reason in the world to not repost without permission, yet people do it anyway

Please, at least take what I’ve said into consideration, if not into practice. And even if you don’t repost without permission, you can still help by not reblogging those posts. I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and I’m sorry for such a long post.