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I’m back. 

I was visiting my girlfriend @bearproblem so I was pretty busy over the past 3 weeks :p but im back !

I’m currently working on something special since it’s her birthday soon so expect to have my queue going on and to entertain you.

If you send me asks it may take a while ‘till I reply.

totallytracted  asked:

WHAT WHY ARE YOU STOPPING YOUR BLOG? sorry i just really love it. It's so cute and nice luv you

oh man thank you sm <333 i wanna archive the blog once it reaches 1000 prompts because 1. 1000 is a nice number to end off on and 2. its pretty hard to come up with prompts man!! like when i first started this blog i had SOOO many ideas, it wasn’t till around #500 that i really started relying on submissions. maybe i’ll keep with the blog after 1000 prompts, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for now, the game plan is 1000 prompts and then bam im done.

(maybe i’ll make this into a different kind of blog after 1000 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

wip tag!

 happy summer guys! i was tagged by @war-of-hormoan (thank you for always hyping my lazy booty you encourage me to write in the simplest of ways) here’s a (very small) list of all my upcoming works, i’ll try to bang ‘em out by the end of this summer. 

the ways you said “i love you” (COMING OUT THIS WEEK WOO HOOOOO)

pairing: ot13 x reader drabble set

genre: fluff nuggets

summary: the thirteen ways seventeen shows how much they care

preview: “And then watch Frozen?” you tried hopefully, batting your lashes.

With a groan, Wonwoo bookmarked his book and threw it across the couch, deciding that the book had no place for the kind of afternoon you wanted to have. Sliding the pillows and clothes aside, he opened a place between his legs. “How am I not sick of you yet?” he teased with an upturn of his lips, urging you onto his lap. 

The couch felt plenty more comfortable when it was the two of you squishing yourselves in the plush cotton. You felt his nose nuzzle between your neck and collarbone, the warm material of his sweater weaving around your waist and lips pressing smiles into your bare skin.   

“Because some people are just worth melting for.” 

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MY FIRST STORY: VAMPS主宰『HALLOWEEN PARTY 2015』 初登場にも関わらずMY FIRST STORYを東京、神戸ともにお誘い頂きありがとうございました! そして遊びに来てくれた皆様、本当にありがとうございました!


behold, the new hood! i named it briny beach b/c at the time i was doing a re-read of the series of unfortunate events. this is the most effort i’ve ever put into decorating a neighborhood terrain, and it’s still pretty half-assed.

initially i was gonna do this whole thing where i re-introduced the existing families complete w/ intricate posing/backstories etc. but then…that didn’t happen.