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I have a request! :D if you dont mind could you do how MTMTE Rodimus , Rung and TFP Optmus would react if they accidentally walk in on their human 'naked'? (see i could not decide to do completely naked or just in their underwear but i thought i'd let you decide. Whatever you feel comfortable with :) ) I have been wondering about this tbh lol

I’m gonna go with s/o in their undies



  • Roddy doesn’t knock ever. He lets himself into your habsuite only for you to scream, startling him. 
  • Why are screaming?! Are you hurt?! You yell at him to get out but he refuses. Not until you tell him what’s wrong.
  • Once you explain he doesn’t get what the big deal is. Um, your intimate parts are still covered, why does it matter??? 
  • You rant about how inappropriate he’s being and he finds the whole think confusingly hilarious. The huffier you get the funnier Rodimus finds the situation. Your face is red and you’re stomping, about the throw a tantrum.
  •  Rodimus rolls his optics and says he’s sorry. He leaves, but not before he mentions how adorable your polka-dot undies are.


  • Unlike some people, Rung usually knocks. He was just exhausted and forgot this time. As soon as he hears your cries for privacy he’s wide awake.
  • He yanks the door back shut and apologizes frantically. He didn’t see anything!! (not much, anyway…)
  • His glasses are fogged up and his frame is about to overheat; he tries to keep his fans on low so you don’t hear.
  • When you open the door he apologizes again but you wave him off, saying you shouldn’t have freaked out. 
  • Later, you find out Rung has a thing about lingerie. Especially lace.

TFP Optimus Prime

  • It’s hard to find a somewhere in the base to change, so Optimus really wasn’t walking in on you per say. That doesn’t make him feel any less guilty.
  • You squeak, covering yourself with your arms, and Optimus whirls away. “My apologies,” he says stiffly. “I was unaware you were… undressing.” 
  • He leaves you to it, but doesn’t go far in case someone walks your way. Neither of you would like you to be caught in your -ahem- undergarments again. 
  • Afterwards, he makes sure there’s a place for you to have privacy while changing. Even if it’s just some curtains or a cleared-out closet.
  • When get comfortable enough, Optimus loves to see you in cute undies. It doesn’t even have to be lingerie. Patterned bras, colorful boxer shorts, panties with the words across the tush. He thinks you’re absolutely adorable in them.

edible underwear either just tastes like soapy plastic wrap or sticky, soggy, sweaty bootleg fruitloops there is no inbetween ever

Lmaooo a dog just puked up UNDERWEAR ?!? I see it come out and I’m like oh shit what it this.. It looked like linguini just thick pasta so I pick it up w a bag like auuuegghhhh nande kore and like turn the heap around and I see the pink logo on it. Like the women’s underwear store at the mall. It was a fuc king thong lollllll

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I feel like the Gravebone fandom is not taking enough advantage of historically accurate men's underwear. Where are the union suits with the "Kenosha-Klosed-Krotch" like in the Leyendecker ads? Where are the sock garters and hole-proof hosiery? The B.V.D.s? The underwear with buttons in the front and tie strings on the back or side to adjust for fit (WWI military style)? Fandom needs to up its game.

It’s a challenge to truly describe the beauty that is early 20th century men’s undergarments in fanfiction as we, the writers and the readers, usually want to get to the good juicy bits of heated gazes and lingering touches and breaths that are both quickened and slowed and stopped all together, rather than begin a deluge of descriptions in an attempt to capture the most sensual and accurate way to untangle a man’s girth and naked form from his layers of cotton that most of us are unfamiliar with historically as well as in practical terms. 

(And my guess is the magical world in the US probably had their own types of underwear, seeing as they had their own fashion styles, which differed from no-maj society.)

That said, I did go a googling for a little bit and found some lovely pictures that I will now place here–under the cut–because of reasons that are valid and have nothing to do with wanting to see Colin Farrell in garters and full body tighty whities. (Also this is a little informative article on the history of men’s underwear that I found pretty interesting to read.)

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Guys Night Out (one-shot)

Chris Evans/Reader

fluffy fluff fluff. I don’t really know what this is, but dancing with Chris is a dream. Also the songs that are mentioned are my guilty pleasures so please don’t judge 

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“Bye sweetheart, I’ll probably be home late” Chris says with a peck on my cheek.

“Okay, have fun” I turn around and kiss him properly before he breaks to kiss my forehead and leave.

Chris was having guys night with some friends that were in town for the weekend. Which meant I finally had time to get all my work done. As soon he left I turned on a calming playlist for background music while I finished the work that should have been done a week ago. Thankfully I’m almost never behind on my work, so on the few occasions where I am, my boss understands. I will say, though, that all of those occasions have been because of Chris. I love the man, I do. But he has a hard time understanding that my work isn’t always done when I leave the office and that sometimes I just need him to leave me alone for like an hour so I can finish everything.

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Girls in the UK are missing school because they can’t afford menstrual products. Enter, Freedom4Girls.

  • U.K.-based charity Freedom4Girls had been sending free menstrual products overseas, primarily to women in Kenya who might not be able to afford them — before they realized many young girls in Britain were facing the same problem.
  • A school in Leeds, a city in west Yorkshire, recently contacted the charity because the staff had noticed some female students had been missing class because of their periods.
  • “I wasn’t shocked at all,” Freedom4Girls member Tina Leslie told the BBC. “We had an idea that there was something happening in schools. It’s linked to poverty — [there were] 25,000 visits to food banks just in Leeds last year.”
  • Two teens recalled their struggles dealing with menstruation, both for reasons of affordability and lack of education about their bodies.
  • “I wrapped a sock around my underwear just to stop the bleeding, because I didn’t want to get shouted at,” one girl said. “I didn’t know what else to do.” Read more (3/16/17 1:25)
Lance headcannon:

No matter what it is no matter how ridiculous or crazy, if Hunk cheers Lance wILL DO It.

Hunk wants him to cut of his right arm for Shiro? Sure thing. Hunk wants him to defend the castle of lions against a swarm of gigantic space bees in just his underwear? NO PROBLEM. Hunk wants him to finish 5 bowls of Coran’s cooking? Fuck YeAH baDA BING bada boOM LETS GO LEts g O baBy

Hidden || Jack Maynard

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Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Word Count: 1k+

Summary: Jack isn’t in a rush to introduce the boys to his girlfriend, and so they come up with a ‘masterplan’ that really just involved Joe doing all the work. 

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, I hope you like it love xo

It was common knowledge that Jack was seeing someone. He didn’t exactly keep it a secret from the boys, often throwing on his coat midway through the day or night and muttering something about going to (Y/N)’s and simply disappearing for a good few hours before any of them would hear from him again.

Conor ended up meeting the mystery girl after just a few weeks, having walked into Jack’s apartment one day to find her stood in the kitchen in just her underwear. As far as first impressions went, he was sure he’d never forget that one.

Though even after a good few months, the rest of the buttercreams had absolutely no clue who this girl was. Her Instagram was private, as was her Twitter - and no matter how much they tried to bribe Conor into leaking information to them: the oldest Maynard was stubborn when it came to his brother’s private life.

They had a vague idea of the type of person she was, or atleast what they’d managed to piece together from the little trinkets and blurry polaroids of hers that they’d found littered around Jack’s apartment. She obviously enjoyed photography, and art, seeing as they’d found more than a few paintbrushes on the side of Jack’s sink on multiple occasions.

But when three months passed, they started to wonder whether they’d ever actually get to meet the mystery girl. It obviously wasn’t one of Jack’s main priorities, and they could tell that he wasn’t exactly pressing the issue. They were all growing more and more impatient by the second. 

The day Conor returned home with a beautiful, yet huge, henna all the way down his arm and a wide smile on his face - was the day that their resolves cracked. This girl was slowly becoming a huge part of both of the Maynards’ lives, and they wanted in on it.

So, they gathered around in Caspar’s flat one day, when Conor and Jack were both too busy to hang out; and they came up with a masterplan. First, Joe would refuse to leave Jack’s apartment and insist on sleeping there because it was too late to Uber home. If she was to turn up, he was to report back to the rest of the boys immediately.

Plan B was to have Mikey beg Jack to meet her, which wouldn’t be too suspicious seeing as they’d been friends since secondary school. But seeing as they knew how shit Mikey was at acting, they all had their toes crossed that Plan B wouldn’t have to be put into action.

As always, Joe and the rest of the boys had spent their Thursday sat in Jack’s living room watching the footy and filming a few videos whenever they could pluck up the courage to pause the game. Eventually it reached nine pm and everyone started to leave, each winking slyly at Joe as they did so.

At half past ten, Joe was the only remaining guest, and by the way he was snuggled down under the duvet on the fold out sofa, Jack could tell that he wasn’t prepared to leave anytime soon. And so, he ordered dinner for three, instead of just him and (Y/N), and acted as if nothing was going on as he slumped back onto the loveseat to watch whatever Joe had chosen to put on.

“So, mate, tell me more about this girlfriend of yours.” Joe says, his eyes moving down the room so that they were looking at Jack, who had a knowing smirk on his face but hid it well. “Is she hot?”

“Yup.” His reply was purposefully short, a bid to annoy the self-proclaimed guest - and it seemed to work perfectly, as within seconds Joe’s face was scrunched up in annoyance and he was holding himself back from glaring at the younger Maynard brother.

They sit in silence for a few minutes, until there was a knock on the door and Joe turned to look at the younger boy with a confused frown. “How the hell did the food guy get into the building?”

Jack snorts and rolls his eyes. “You’re such an idiot.” Throwing his head back, he clears his throat and lifts his arm. “It’s open babe!”

Joe’s eyes widen in shock and his head turns sharply toward Jack, who sits there with a smug smirk on his face as his girlfriend walked into his apartment with a tired sigh and shrugged off her jacket and bag; not yet realising that there was anyone but her boyfriend there. “The food guy needs you to buzz him in, I said I’d take the food but I didn’t have the order num-” she freezes when she walks into the living room and her eyes fall upon Joe, but a smile quickly grows on her face and she waves a little. “So that’s why it looked like you’d ordered so much.”

Jack nods, jumping up from the couch and kissing her on the cheek before jogging over to the intercom and buzzing the delivery guy in. Returning to his girlfriends side, Jack wraps his arm around her waist and looks down into her eyes with a smile. “Hi gorgeous.”

“Hi.” She breathes, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down for a quick kiss before lightly pushing him away and gesturing toward Joe politely. “You’re Joe, right?” The youngest Sugg nods and sits up a little. “Well, I’m (Y/N).”

He smiles back, but can’t help feel slightly nervous around the girl he’d been dying to meet for a good month. “Pretty name.”

Jack smirks and glances down at the girl under his arm, who looked up to meet his gaze strategically. “A pretty name for a pretty face.”

When there’s a knock on the door, she steps out of his arms and smiles at them both a little. “I’m gonna go get the food, why don’t you guys get some plates and shit?”

Joe nods silently and watches as she leaves the room, before turning to stare up at Jack with wide eyes, only to be met with a smug smirk and a wink. “Oh trust me, by the time tonight’s over, you’ll be as smitten as Conor is.”

sleepover with exo


  • freezes the members’ underwear
  • just an all around prankster who refuses to go to sleep
  • sings at the top of his lungs at midnight
  • crashes after a sugar high at 4 in the morning


  • draws on the members’ faces when they’re asleep
  • “let’s tell scary stories”
  • starts massive pillow fights
  • absolutely refuses to wake up in the morning


  • too old for this shit
  • tries to sleep but always wakes up bc of jongdae’s laughter
  • screams at jongin’s scary stories
  • wins every single round of bs


  • refuses to move from the couch
  • brings a stuffed animal to sleep with, maybe two
  • falls asleep first
  • wakes up first and takes pictures of the other members sleeping


  • hogs all the candy
  • challenges pcy to a rap battle, loses
  • asks random questions when everyone’s about to go to sleep
  • “do you think fish can feel pain”


  • brings all the food
  • pillow fights with him can get violent
  • wears the fluffiest pajamas that make him look like a baby penguin
  • the only one who actually stays up all night


  • busy trying to keep his kids under control
  • “no we cannot play strip poker”
  • probably hosts the sleepover
  • won’t stop laughing at his own dad jokes


  • “let’s play truth or dare”
  • secretly helps bbh plan and execute pranks but gets away with it
  • plays “chogiwa” on repeat on the speakers
  • doesn’t fit in his sleeping bag


  • always gets pranked by pcy and bbh
  • came out here to have a good time and is honestly feeling so attacked right now
  • tries to redeem himself in another high note competition, fails
  • cooks breakfast for the group the morning after
BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Sleeping In Her Underwear

Namjoon: Namjoon would find it appealing and didn’t know if he should wake you up or not. Of course, he would stay a couple of seconds to admire your half exposed body.

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Taehyung: Taehyung would be shocked to see you in just your underwear and without a blank on. You were beginning to turn to his direction and he started to panic as he quickly went back almost hitting himself with the end table in the process.

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Hoseok: Hoseok hadn’t expected you to be sleeping in your underwear as he ha planned to cuddle with you. He didn’t want to seem like a creep and he stayed out of the covers and just wrap his arms around you.

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Jin: Jin would become shy at first as a blush began to creep on his cheek. He would cover you with a blank so you won’t get cold and left the room to let you rest like a cute boyfriend that he is.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would be shy like Jin but would begin to panic hoping that you won’t wake up so you won’t be able to see his red face as he basically flew out the door.

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Yoongi: Yoongi would be too tired to even notice your attire. He climbed into bed with you kissing your forehead saying a hardly audible good night.

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Jimin: Jimin would be similar to Namjoon and Jin he’d be taken aback by your beautiful figure but then remember that you’re most likely freezing and covers you with a blanket saying,”Good night jagiya.”

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Got7 Reaction :: Their s/o has thick thighs


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Lovessss it sooo muchhhhh!!!! Even when you two are just sitting together somewhere next to each other, he is constantly touching and caressing them, not even in a sexual way. Mark just likes touching you in general but your thighs are exceptionally perfect to him. 


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Jaebum is also a big fan of your thighs and touching. Not only does he love the feeling of his hand on your thigh but also the message this gesture is sending to others witnessing the scene: you are his and only he can touch you in this way.


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Jakcson is also one of the touchy kind. You’re wearing your new jeans? He is touching your thighs! You’re at home in your leggings? He is touching your thighs? You’re just in your underwear and a wide shirt? He will definitely touch your thighs! There is no way to stop this!


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Jinyoung is the type to admire your thighs from afar. For example, when you two are out together, shopping a little bit and you go to try on some nice jeans. That is the best time of the day for Jinyoung. He likes to see your beautiful body in different clothing. Sometimes he even chooses some pants for you because he thinks they would look bomb on you!


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Youngjae is yet to be okay with touching them. Of course he likes them just as much as he likes everything about you, but still he is a bit shy. Similar to Jinyoung he likes looking at your thighs especially in some nice clothing, while touching them suddenly is not his way. He gets there eventually.


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He touches them everywhere! Where ever you are or what ever time it is! It clearly doesn’t matter to him. Bambam loves everything about your thighs and he likes to show it. This also is a reason for him to buy you some nice pants occasionally, as a sing to show you how perfect you look! of course he knows you size 


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Like Youngjae Yugyeom is also a bit shy first. He likes you and he likes your body, but he isn’t quite sure if it’s alright for him to touch you. Nonetheless Yugyeom loves it when you have fun with your body. When he sees you dancing and having fun for example. To him you look extremely hot.


Yessss another one ready!

While writing i listened to Caro Emerald Songs. Idk why but they gave me a good vibe for this…

This was requested by @smolbeankay ! Hope you like it!

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??? Dan and Phil confirmed long ago that they sometimes film in just their underwear. So I don't get why that tweet was a shock to anyone?

we already know they have mentioned that before but that is sort of like a phandom known thing not loads of dans normal twitter followers thing. every time they do something we already know about but on a broader platform it sends chills through my body as it is one step closer to c*ming *ut

  • Lance: *suave voice & talking to keith on the phone* Hey babe. Wanna... make-out with me on this cool bed when you get home?
  • Keith: Not if the cool bed your speaking of is that red racecar bed you bought from the store when it was on sale.
  • Lance: Come on Keith. It'll really help shift this make-out session into overdrive.

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okay but you buy bucky a polaroid camera, and he spends the whole night takin pictures of you half naked, of you in just your underwear laying on his bed, of his cock in your mouth, then you on all fours, ass in the air. then of his cock inside you, and finally of you exhausted, his come leaking out of you... 🙈

HONESTLY this is one of my favourite headcanons I’ve accepted a long time ago!! Thank you for bringing it back

Sinful Sunday™

I would selfdrag via dragging viktor nikiforov about laundry instead of the dishes, only he clearly has super nice expensive clothes that he takes to the cleaners to get professionally dry cleaned once a week, and does not have an ikea bag of wet clothes sitting outside NEXT TO the line