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I was tagged by @ciruelabob, thank you ♥

Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

So, these sims aren’t yet part of anything in my blog but hopefully they will be soon, unless something tragic happens. They’re Dina Caliente’s kids (although I gave them and Dina a makeover). Nadine is the one with black hair and Anne is the blonde one ^_^

I really don’t know who to tag cuz I feel like everyone has done this already :D But if you haven’t done this but really want to, feel free to say I tagged you ♥

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Mhh english isn't my first language, that's why it sounded bad. What I wanted to know was if you know as truth stuff average people consider just rumours (not only larry related). Sorry

Hi! Oh, I get it now! Don’t worry at all about your English, the sentence was just a little upside down and I wasn’t sure what you exactly wanted to know. Pardon! :)

And yes, I do. I’m no one in the industry and yet I do (there must be so so many juicy/dark/hot/delicate info Big People know that I don’t even dream about). It’s that kind of general knowledge, that tacit agreement that certain things are spread in places from where they just won’t get out.

It happens to me so often that I talk to my sisters or even Angela here, or Jen or Cris, end I come up with a statement that is obvious to me and a complete news to them or like you say, something I know for a fact, but is just a rumour outside certain circles. I make a lot of confusion, more often than not, beetween what’s public and what’s private (except for the really important things, of course, that I know how to preserve, i’m no stupid!). 

You complain about nobody treating you right, yet I was here ready to give you the world and you weren’t ready so I waited and you chose someone else. Now you’re still waiting to he treated right when I gave you every chance. Don’t act like you’ve never had someone willing to treat you right when I’ve been here for months.

Alright! So I made a Meet the Artist thing when I have tons of other stuff to do! Anyway, it was hard deciding what to put in those boxes, but I guess that sums me up pretty great.

Fun Fact: I basically began to draw in 2014, when I got into art school. I still have a lot to improve and it irks me so much when I can’t draw something

Thoughts while watching 6x14

I swear I’ve heard this exact dialogue a million times already

Oh hey it’s Tink


Tbh I love this Robin 😂

Yass Emma and Snow’s 3min conversation 👌👌

Zelena is my spirit animal 😂

world’s most awkward hug

Okay wait, they just got engaged so why isn’t he with her in the loft; why is he brooding and drinking by the docks wtf a&e

Nemo is like that character in a video game who just appears to give sage advice and then disappears I love it 👌👌

I’m gagging at EQ and Henry


Robin is my actual fave 😂😂


Don’t mind me I’m just crying


Why why didn’t you just talk to Emma! I’m actually in tears

Lmao 100℅ called the arrow thing

Who needs a sword when you’ve got a basket of apples amirite 😂😂

Okay I thought she would reabsorb the EQ but I guess this works too?

“Not everyone is redeemable” kinda ooc for Snow im js

Nobody’s going to blame you, Zelena - you don’t do shit

Outlaw Queen 👏👏👏
I’m so glad they sent EQ back; I’m over the whole Regina-EQ storyline

“For you AND EMMA” see?! You guys are supposed to be together wtf is this


O fuck you Gideon

Emma no❤

I needed so much more captain swan. Honestly I wouldn’t even mind the fight (and honestly I don’t - I live for angst) if only it had been balanced out with some much needed post-engagement domestic fluff (just like sex breakfast or something).

laslow probably never puts his kids down tbh. he holds them all the time and probably gave them unintentional separation anxiety. also he was probably extremely wary of having them in their cradles all the time for cradle cap and the like and just the irrational fear of leaving them in there other than for sleeping. other than that he just really loves holding his babies ,,,, until they’re too big to be held,,,but they insist they’re not and he just feels bad he has to tell them no ,,,

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"My brother's gf called him ugly." Him being... Taehyung? Kim Taehyung? Of BTS? The most beautiful man I've ever seen? Ugly?! I'm gonna fight her. I'm on my way right now. She wanna call people ugly *rolls up sleeves* her own momma won't recognize her when I'm done. Ugly... ha. Bitch, where.


She was saying that after sending my sister some kpop post there was a guy that kept coming up on her feed so I was like “OOO SHOW ME” and it was Tae!!! I was like “YEAH THAT’S MY BABY” and then she said “Really? He’s not very cute” and then…straight…up…called him ugly.

Which YES, baffled me, because I honestly believe he is the most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid my eyes on, but you know what, everyone likes different guys, right??? So I was like okay whatever, I get it…

Yeahhhhhh then she went on to say that she doesn’t like Asian guys or black guys, and just all this other stuff about how “They all look the same”, “Something’s up with their eyes”, and I mean…I just couldn’t after that. It went from “I think Tae is ugly” to “I only like white and Hispanic guys”, and after that I had to bail.

Let’s just say me and her starting off on the wrong foot already.

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if you got the time, would you ever consider writing a fic set in the past during the war about mor? or feyre discovering mor's powers? love your writing so much, thank you

Hi nonnie,

I would definitely consider it! The second idea I think I would wait until after I’ve read acowar, mostly because I don’t want to speculate a whole lot about what Mor’s powers are, when we might find out really soon anyway. I’m assuming we will find out, at least. But then, maybe if we find out, depending on the circumstances, it could be interesting to explore that more - how she deals with her power, what it means, how it affects others.

I think the first idea is more interesting to me personally, and so I wanted to babble about it - because I’d love to know more about Mor’s history, and so writing it could be a good way to figure out what that might have been like. This is the kind of thing that I don’t think we’ll get from canon, and so it is right up my alley, as far as what I like to write about. I mean, who doesn’t want to know more about this:

“The black-clad queen placed a moon-white hand on her lower bodice. “Morrigan—the Morrigan from the War.”
They all paused as if in surprise. And a bit of awe and fear.”

Like, hell yes, my queen, I want to see her kicking ass and taking names and looking bomb af while doing it. And also just being younger, like how did she get to a point where she is so strong (emotionally and psychologically), especially since this was not too much longer after she had been tortured by her family and I think… that was probably actually such a good way of separating herself from them and discovering and asserting her own strength and independence. To become The Morrigan, from the War, after having gone through that? Freaking hell yes, basically. This was probably actually a really healing thing for her, in a way, to have extricated herself from this situation with her family, to have paid a steep price, and then to still be able to prove to herself that she was strong as hell, even without them.

I really, really want to write this, actually. I might wait until after acowar, just in case we get more backstory? And also since I have so many other things already started? But I’m definitely interested in this idea. I might just… headcanon all over the place about it later, too.

Edit: Also I loved this ask, I know I said I’m not taking fic requests and technically yeah that’s still a thing, but I love people sending in ideas! Because then I can just babble about them! And maybe come up with fun things!

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Jungkook only hates when older fans call him oppa btw. He doesn't care if younger fans do it

Sorry but when I see fans on twitter go “I’m gonna call him oppa anyway just to get a reaction” pisses me off. Also, if you aren’t Korean, then there’s no need to use words like oppa or noona and kpop fans do it anyway because they think it’s cute when it’s not. People who are older than him call him oppa on purpose for a reaction and it’s annoying. Those words are part of Korean daily language and culture and accessorizing them has become a problem in Kpop. If a younger Korean fan wants to call him oppa that’s fine i don’t care but in this fandom it’s starting to become a problem where non koreans and fans older than him call him oppa when they KNOW it bothers him because they want a reaction. I don’t know how bangtan feel about i-armys using words like oppa (from what I’ve seen it doesnt bother them) but it’s still unnecessary and it needs to stop.

  • me: they hurt me!! I'm gonna be distant! that'll show them!
  • them: hey
  • me: hey 💘💓💖💕💓💞💕💗💝💓💞💝💘💕💕💖💗💘💕💞💘💘💖💗💘💞💕💞💞💕💘💕💖💗💖💕💞💞💖💖💗💖💘💞💫