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Literature-savvy adults who “don’t understand” why adults enjoy Harry Potter (and other death-centric YA lit) are the stale raisins of the human race. Listen, adult lit is tagged as boring or depressing because a lot of it is about coming to terms with death, whereas YA lit is seen as immature because it’s almost universally about coming to terms with life. Harry Potter is about coming to terms with death as a means of coming to terms with life, ok Chadwick IV? Mystery solved sit back down on ur pile of 1st edition Steinbecks

why i ship minjoon and you should too

homegirl effie back again with those rarepairs and aggressive bullet point lists

  • first of all jimin and namjoon have very similar hard working and level headed personalities

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  • of the two, jimin is more outgoing and open with his emotions, and he’s always there to support namjoon

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  • jimin understands namjoon’s shyness and he’s good at getting him out of his shell in interviews and whatever?? like he’ll comfortably tease or cuddle up to him and you can see how namjoon loosens up
  • n then he laughs at namjoons suffering
  • ok n below like this lil shit joking about tae hating joon lol AND THAT LAUGHTER HES SUCH A PLAYFUL BRAT

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  • a mean lil koala !!!! love

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  • they are dorks together rip me
  • namjoon is really intelligent and passionate about music and jimin admires that about him and that’s why he asks his advice on lyrics and all that aka for Tony Montana

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  • *punches wall* IM NOT cryING 
  • *chokes back tears*

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  • Jimin is insecure and needs validation and namjoon is always the person remembering to compliment jimin and remark on how handsome he is and how important he is to bts

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  • so FUCKING cute !!!!!!! ugh!!
  • JUST IN GENERAL namjoon just naturally gravitates towards jimin?!?!

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  • also joon loves making jimin laugh!??!?! HE LOVES TAKING CARE OF HIS BB !!!!! 

please love them because they fr love each other

‘’Looking in the glass I see I am pretty not a girl anymore I’ve never felt like this before’’


Drawing period clothes makes me so happy.

lately when girls flirt with me i get little flutters inside but i’m not willing to let myself explore these feelings because i live in the middle of the bible belt (((:

  • Seongwoo: i'm not doing that! i'm not crazy
  • Daniel: okay
  • Seongwoo: fine, fine i'll do it!

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Could you do a solangelo one-shot please?

Okay, this is really rushed and terrible but I’ve had this for forever so I thought that I’d do this one first. Thank you so much for wanting to read my writing even if it’s not the best. I hope you enjoy you lovely person! ~ Elizabeth 

Word count: 601

“Please Nico? We haven’t had a date night in forever, ” Percy begged.

Nico sighed, “Why can’t Hazel watch her, she’s great with kids.”

“You’ll do fine, Nico. Please? Hazel is busy. You’re the only one available. Come on, we’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. Plus you’ve already said if we need anything just to call you,” Percy said pleadingly while giving Nico puppy dog eyes.

Nico groans, running a hand through my hair. “I can’t believe you….Fine. I guess I’ll watch her but this is a one time thing Jackson. Don’t expect this to happen again.”

Percy grins so wide it’s almost comical. He hugged Nico tightly and ruffles his hair. “Thank you so much, Nico. Seriously. I owe you, man.”

Nico hesitantly hugs you back, still not comfortable with touching some people. “Yeah you do. Now go and have fun with Annabeth. You deserve it.”

He grins and hurriedly gets all of his stuff ready before Nico could change his mind. “Annabeth! Nico said yes! We can go!” Percy yells down to her and runs down the stairs.


Nico was staring at Percy and Annabeth’s toddler with terror once they had left.

“I don’t know why I ever agreed to this,” Nico grumbled to Will. Will only laughed and walked towards me with Charlotte in his arms.

“You shouldn’t be so scared. She’s only a kid, ” Will said, trying to give her to Nico.

“I’m not scared! I’m just horrible with kids. They all hate me.” Nico said, inching away from his fiancé.

Will rolled his eyes and made Nico hold her, “Charlotte seems to like you just fine. Just relax. Percy said she already ate so we can just relax and watch a movie with her or something. It’s only for the rest of the night. You’ll do fine, sweetheart.”

Charlotte giggled in his arms and tried to grab Nico’s hair. Nico squeaks and tries to hand her back, Will just shaking his head and sitting down on the couch.

Sighing, Nico sits next to him and snuggles, choosing a movie after a while and holds Charlotte close. He gently played with her, slowly starting to relax with her. Will smiled softly at the two of them and kisses the top of Nico’s head. “You’d be a wonderful Dad, honey.” Will said and wrapped his arms around him, pulling Nico closer.

Nico blushes bright red and shakes his head. “I would not.”

Will chuckles, “You would. I’m certain of it.”

Nico looks up at him and smiles all bright. “You really think so?”

He nods and kisses Nico’s forehead. “Of course I do, cutie.”

Nico looked down at Charlotte and giggled quietly. “Thank you…” Nico moved her hair out of her face and let her bounce on his lap. Humming quietly Nico relaxed completely and leaned on Will while allowing myself to get lost in the movie. When it was done Nico looked up at Will and smiled softly when he saw that he was fast asleep. Leaning up he kissed his forehead and slowly gets up, trying not to wake the sleeping baby and quietly walks to her crib. When he set her down he smiled happily. “Maybe I’m not so bad with kids after all…”


Nico looked over to Will when they were heading home. “Hey, Will?”

Will hummed and kept driving, “Yes, honey?”

“How would you feel about adopting a kid?”

everytime garrett hawke is drawn wearing a muscle shirt with a witty saying on it, gym shorts, and dudebro flip flops with white socks, an angel gets its wings

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honestly at this point, i'm always wary of WHO is wishing for 'hot' malec kisses because a large chunk of this fandom fetishizes mlm couples (as pointed out by actual mlm in the fandom and how uncomfortable they are about it). do you want it because you want physical intimacy between two men to be normalized or do you want it because you find it hot and want to get off to it? :\ it's really colored my views on things (that's a general you, not you specifically)

Totally understandable, Anon. I am also very sideeye-y whenever I read about people wanting this stuff. I mean I am not a m|m but I am just tired of them constantly panning away from Malec scenes f.e. I mean apart from the wedding kiss every single kiss imo after that has the exact same adjustment. Just the heads, no body. While I am just here whining like…. where are their hands??? Why aren’t you showing them touching each other? Siiiiigh. 

As for my personal opinion regarding that matter: I would be already happy with them lying in bed, head on chest and a forehead kiss, you know? I don’t need to see heavy making out against a wall or whatever. On the other side, imo it is important to also show this passionate and sensual side of a relationship on tv when it comes to same-sex-couples and to normalize it finally. And not constantly pan away from these scenes and/or show pecks only (which are also nice, don’t get me wrong but yeah…..) and no touching. Like excuse me, but this is also a couple who kisses and touches and who is allowed to do just that openly, it’s not reserved for the straights only. Especially when they have no problem showing explicit a straight couple heavily making out/having sex in the very same episode (I am so baffled that they actually did that and nobody said a thing against it, wtf?!). Showing physical intimacy of same-sex-couples is not something where you need to throw a blanket over it because it is sinful or whatever. It’s 2k17 ffs. I wish they would just stop with this nonsense. 

I mean even an idiot can see the different treatment of straight couples and the lgbt+ couple on the show (wondering how this will be when Heline happens). Especially when the lgbt+ couple is actually endgame (not to mention a fan fave and the most popular ship on the show) and the straight couples, who get all the sensual and intimate scenes, are not. 


Doctor Who Rewatch: Aliens of London


I was tagged by: @poodleyeol thank you pretty! <3 & i think i remember @wu-yi-man tagging me for photos too??? i might be mistaken but :)))) 

Anyways, Sehun & I are the king and queen (smh it took me so long to find a good one and he had to be pulling his famous peace sign in it too hehe)

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12 week challenge: week 1+2

Haaaa. So. Yeah. 
Week 1 and 2 did not go all that well. Like - not at all. 

I’m not even talking about the weekend trip (weekend 1) and wedding (weekend 2) @fit-physicist and I had; that was a lot of fun and I’d be stupid to “punish” myself for that. I AM talking about the general things though. I feel like I’ve fucked up spectacurlarly. 

The funny part is that it wasn’t even that bad, though. In week 1, my eating was relatively okay. Aside from that weekend, I only bought healthy things and I took the time to care for my meals. In week 2 it wasn’t suuuper good, but stil, no outrageous snacking. Exercise wise, it went okay too: I biked those 8km every day and I happily went to Zumba each Wednesday. I had a hectic first two weeks so I couldn’t go to the other fitness classes, and obviously the weekend workouts were cancelled. 

I think my main struggle at this point is mental health. I’ve told D this morning how I’m feeling down a lot lately - although it’s more like a rollercoaster. One moment I’m doubting if medicine was ever the right choice for me, the other I’m 200% happy with what I’m doing. It confuses and exhausts me a lot.. but I don’t know where it comes from. I’ve even checked if it might be pre-period hormones but nope. My guess now is that it’s the stress and, admittedly, because I’m hardly taking care of myself. 
One of my goals was taking a small walk every day (or at least spend some time on my mental health) and I haven’t been doing that.. Or rather, I took some time for myself but not offline, and I think that might be something I can use. Maybe taking a small notebook for journaling purposes would be a good idea, too.. 

So yeah. The first two weeks were strenuous.. But after this week, I’ll be stationed at the main hospital (which is closwer, so I’ll have 30 more minutes of sleep) and I’ll have some more structure. Let’s hope that helps ;) 

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I've made a huge mistake. I decided to watch Popcorn Taxi again and I haven't seen it in a while and it was so AWFUL. I had to stop several times because it was too much, the ludicrousness was off the charts, my face hurt from smiling at the bouncing enthusiastic happy puppy that someone very irresponsibly gave a mic to. I'm so mentally compromised right now. Please help.

Ooohhh…bad move, little gray face.  That’s seriously one of the mostest ludicrousest things he’s ever done.  Everything is off the charts.  Like if he were a woman, I’d say he must have been ovulating.  Because seriously. So potent.  The hair and the suit and the whiskers and the sparkling eyes and the SAFness.  Just…UGH.  (Actually, Thor 2 Premiere Era Tom is a problem in general, but that’s a whole other discussion…)

His reaction to the comment from the audience about Loki just being evil, the sexiness question, the “show stopper” in his school play,  the indignation over “a cyclist, a fellow traveler, AN ALLY!!!!”…UGH.

Honestly, the bit about the officious air hostess is one of my favorite things. He just looks so incredibly offended.  

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And this…

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So, I’m afraid I can’t help you.  All I can say is watch it again.  Watch it again again.  Then yet once more.  Watch it until you are sick of it.  Then maybe you’ll be free of him.  And let me know if that works for ya, mm’kay?

In closing, I’ll just leave this quote here, from around 12:00ish in Part 1, for absolutely no current relevant reason whatsoever.  *cough*

“If I have one fear in my life, it’s a fear of wasting time.  I don’t want to look back at my life and think ‘God, I wish I had done all of this stuff that I always wanted to do!’ but I didn’t do it because I was afraid or because someone was going to take a potshot at me or because I might fail.  To me, that is the greatest tragedy, is to look back and say ‘I wish I had, and I didn’t.’ And I think, at a certain time, I just refused to let that be a factor - in anything.  But I’ve always been a very passionate person, I think.  I’ve always been quite honest about what I love and I what I don’t, I suppose, as well. And believe me, it’s really easy for people to take potshots at it.”

Popcorn Taxi Part 1/Part 2 for any brave souls!


every disney (and more) animation movies: snow white and the seven dwarfs (1937)

Now, a formula to transform my beauty into ugliness. Change my queenly raiment to a peddler’s cloak. Mummy dust, to make me old. To shroud my clothes, the black of night. To age my voice, an old hag’s cackle. To whiten my hair, a scream of fright. A blast of wind to fan my hate. A thunderbolt to mix it well. Now, begin thy magic spell.

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Hi! This is a drawing request, so i know you read a fic call Please and Thank You on Ao3, I've seen you in the comments lol. Such an amazing fic, have you read the latest chapter? Anyway theres a scene where Rick and Negan are sitting on the couch together, and Id love it if you could draw them! sitting close looking into each others eyes UGH its beautiful!

Hey, real flattered by your interest! Just as a general note (hope you don’t mind that I use this ask to address this) I’m real tight with my school schedule as of now, so my main priorities would lie with commissions if anything, sorry! If you feel so inclined, my info is here: https://karenyancao.wixsite.com/commissions (@everyone, please consider commissioning me! i’d apply discounts if you suggested something like negan/rick tho, ha ha…) I’d only be able to do requests once free time becomes available and that would honestly be some time down the road from now :(

But honestly, that scene? captivating. spellbinding. amazing. love it. you tempt me. quickest scribble I could fart out:

okay, yeah, I got carried away this time. I cant keep doing this

if people want context, read the fic. oh my GOD

(for future reference: i love requests; can’t do ‘em cus i’m busy, though! unless you really bring something spicy to the table, fuck me up, i dunno.)