just ugH

So, let me get this straight: women with naturally high testosterone have been challenged over their participation in women’s sports, but trans women, who literally have male bodies, can participate against women just because they “feel” like a woman and their testosterone is low enough? 

Wow. Everyone is a smartass today. So, listen.

NOBODY HATES YOUR DEAR PERRIE. If you’re an adult, you understand that there is a HUGE difference between Perrie haters and people who believe that Zayn must be free from this fake relationship.

Yes, I must admit she is not my favourite person in the world. And yes, sometimes her behaviour makes me roll my eyes. BUT I DON’T HATE HER.

(Actually I feel sorry for her and her bandmates. They deserve better than be recognizable mostly because of zerrie.)

While zerrie continue to show up for lm promo, we will discuss Perrie. Accept it. As soon as she’s out of our (and Zayn’s) view, I wish her the best and really won’t care about her.

That’s not hate.

  • We all know that Hide is too observant for his own good, so this kind of thing really could have happened.
  • Hide:Hey, man! What's up?
  • Kaneki:H-hide! Nothing m-much. I was just... reading one of Takatsuki Sen's novels.
  • Hide:Psh! You don't need to lie to me, Kaneki. We both know that you love reading shounen-ai when you're alone.

i just like the idea in a iwaoi college roommate AU of iwaizumi having no idea how to tell this dude he just met and that he is going to be living with that he’s gay

it’s not that he thinks oikawa will care it’s just kinda more difficult than he thought it would be to bring up

but then one day oikawa comes back from class with this ridicously large bag filled with shit like rainbow buttons, rainbow ribbons, small stuffed bears in rainbow colors, rainbow sunglass and a coffee mug that says HELLA GAY on it and he meets iwaizumi’s face that’s so transparent with interest with a smile

and when he asks iwa-chan~ if he wants one of the buttons all iwaizumi thinks is this smooth motherfucker

and puts one on his backpack

Seriously. I hate making posts about Zoro’s issue with fighting women because people just jump up left and right in messages and reblogs to be all ZORO NEVER CUTS ANYONE WHO ISN’T WORTH HIS TIME HE ABSOLUTELY DOESN’T TREAT WOMEN DIFFERENTLY.

The manga is freaking filled with Zoro cutting up people not worth his time left and right. He literally has a tornado attack that can slice up 50 weak losers at once. He’s cut guys chests open without even needing to turn around to do it. He sliced apart literally dozens of men at a single time numerous times in the series.

Is Monet worth less than all of these losers? Is Monet so freaking weak that she can’t even get the treatment that these men got? If Zoro treated Monet the same as he treats the other people so much weaker than him, then he would have just cut her apart and moved on without looking back. But there are two differences between Monet and all these people: 

  1. Monet was far stronger than any of them
  2. Monet was a woman 

But apparently, taking down a female enemy who has murdered children and viciously harmed your crew mates just isn’t worth the same amount of effort that these people deserved in taking them out. Can any of you honestly imagine a male villain going, “I’m a villain who has murdered children and stabbed and nearly killed your friends!” and Zoro spending the next 20 minutes avoiding cutting him at all costs? Can anyone seriously imagine Zoro refusing to attack a man that evil? Zoro was even pissed at Monet. He was freaking mad at her 

What did Zoro do when Ohm cut Chopper? He practically cut him in half. What did Zoro do when the Franky Family beat up Usopp? He helped tear them apart. But what did Zoro do when Monet nearly killed Nami and STABBED Robin? He refused to cut her. He attacked her without Haki so that the others could run, but he stood there and refused to hurt her the entire “fight.” He could have ended it at any time, but he didn’t. Do you think Zoro would have done this against a male enemy? I don’t know about you, but I’m calling BS. There is no justification for Zoro’s treatment of Monet. Tashigi herself called Zoro on his sexism and Zoro didn’t do a damn thing that whole fight to actually prove her wrong. 

I’m already wasting my time talking about this. I’ve already said all this and more herehere, here, and here. If you want to disagree with what I’ve said here, go read them first. And if you still disagree, I have nothing left to say to you. I just get real sick of talking about this. Because Zoro isn’t ~in your face~ about not wanting to fight women like equals, people don’t like to think it’s there. And even when it is in your face like with Sanji, people still come up with ways to justify or excuse it so that they don’t have to actually criticize him for it. This whole subject is just so freaking draining. I swear, Zoro could say “women are weaker than men and not worth my time to fight seriously” and people would still jump up to explain how that’s not actually what he thinks. 

I’m not telling everyone to hate Zoro here. Zoro’s still one of my faves. But Oda has a problem with this, and he gives numerous characters this kind of attitude/way of acting toward women–where men go to unreasonable lengths to avoid actually hurting female villains. And Zoro is one of them. 

Momentary Personal Rant

I am legitimately starting to worry about what we’re going to get in S3.  I am honestly afraid of what a writing staff who seems to completely gloss over so many characters with such potential to focus on the same other characters over and over again is going to do to said characters.  I am honestly worried about having a writing staff that claims their show is not about romance and then shoves a ship down the fandom’s throat (no hate to Clexa, I love Lexa, I love Clarke, I don’t personally ship it but I have no problem with it).  I am TERRIFIED of having a writing staff that belittles its show’s fans, especially those who ship something that they personally do not support.  Not only is such a practice never acceptable, but they need all the viewers and ratings they can get if they want a season four and beyond.  I feel like someone needs to tell this writing staff that YES, they are the people who create this content and put it out to the world but THAT DOES NOT MEAN that they have the right to tell fans how to consume it.  Bellarke shippers and Bellamy fans are not inherently problematic (there are some of course but not all of us are), please stop treating us like second class citizens.

Ok you know what I really, really loved in Cinderella? That when Kit’s father, the King, died, Kit didn’t just get down on his knees next to the bed, he climbed into the bed and cried. I don’t know about all of you but that really stood out to me, mostly because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man in a movie written to be that vulnerable, and because it showed how much he loved his father.