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Ppl spreading misinformation about dream daddy will be the end of me

Like okay so lets say there IS a cult ending how is it then that of the thousands of people who have played this game only ONE person has been able to succeed in getting this ending? Isnt that a little weird? Not to mention the fact that it seems the only way to view it is through the game files not the actual game (so far)

Its just annoying to me how people are blowing up something that may have been halted at the finished product for its insensitivity

the pro-life movement can be summed up by the fact that one of my friends who’s pregnant was taking the bus home from downtown when all the people from the March for Life were also leaving and she asked a young girl sitting in the priority seating if she could sit down because she’s pregnant and the girl replied, “well I’m really tired, i was at the march all day.”

Can aphobes just shut the fuck up about Thomas already? The only reason you guys are trying to pin this man as a pedophile is because he thinks aces and aros belong in the LGBT community. He does not explicitly encourage minors to draw NSFW art of him, he was not aware that the artist was under 18 and has since corrected his behavior. He owned up to his mistakes, so why don’t y'all start doing the same?

I am going to the palace prison to indulge myself. I think I deserve it.

The King of Attolia, pg. 245 of the 2005 paperback

I do not have the words to describe how much I love the fact that our whiny, arrogant, sometimes vindictive, lying, thieving, horrendous son is nearly mortally wounded and decides that the one thing he can do to make himself feel better is to return to the scene of his worst nightmares to bring freedom and relief to the man who once tortured him because they are both wholeheartedly and irrevocably devoted to the same woman and our boy knows he can save the man from himself.

He was midnight. He was midnight and he was beautiful, and his voice tasted like cherries. I told myself to never believe that darkness could feel so good, that a twinkling star here and there could mean promise and potential. I prayed that I could remember not to let myself be attached oh-so-quickly to someone so temporary. But a strength both fiery and controlled doesn’t rest under every set of skin on bones, and his reached out to me in ways that’d be too hard to ignore.
—  🖤

Happy birthday to Jinguji~!! 🎉 myhusbandilysm💞💗

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“I think its okay to have a lot of romances. It’s part of experiencing life but marrying only once is nice. I can spend my whole life with this person. I believe romance exists in order to meet a person like that.”

–Ren Jinguji, ASAS booklet


Words describing Ren: flirty, passionate, eccentric, fiery, adventurous, cunning, relaxed


Basic info:

Height: 183cm

Weight: 63kilos

Blood type: B

Birthday: February 14th

Zodiac: Aquarius ♒️

Instrument: Saxophone


“I acted cold but I really wanted to hug you, hold your hand and kiss you, I want to lend you a shoulder whenever you cry.”

–Ren Jinguji, UtaPri Repeat, Along with a Cantabile Kiss(Maji Love End)


Ren’s aesthetics~


Ren admires all things Mediterranean- the cuisine, culture, locations, languages, beaches, activities- he has a thing especially for Italy.

He enjoys photography so a good birthday gift would be a camera. He randomly clicks pictures and puts them either in an album or he would create a “picture wall”, on it you’d find sceneries, animals, candid pictures of his s/o and some pictures of him and his friends to name a few.

He likes to pack his bags and fly/drive off to any place out of the the blue. He sees no reason as to why someone should not travel; its one of his passions.

Mr. Fashion expert, his wardrobe is goals and he is one to use the phrase “I swear on my Chanel” when jokingly defending himself. He also wouldn’t mind running a blog on fashion and his aesthetics.

He once joked that he should write a novel on all his “love-filled” adventures with ladies. Syo groaned and replied that such a book would never finish.

His cooking would send you to heaven. He enjoys spicy food and can cook a variety of cuisines, he doesn’t mind desserts either but he is not a fan of chocolate.

I also have this headcanon where Ren knows how to play the saxophone part in George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” by heart. Just enough to swoop away your heart eh? ;)

Romeo here is also aware of the language of flowers so the next time he sends you an exquisite and intricate bouquet, make sure to google the flowers and their meanings ~

His Hogwarts house is Gryffindor or alternatively, Slytherin


“Don’t go!”

–Ren Jinguji, UtaPri Repeat, Whimsical Score(December)

Because you were here…
That I was still able to smile like this now…
I am also happy that Zero is able to smile. credit to zero-e

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Since you mentioned pre-relationship Peter ;) AHEM, SO,, our soft boy was so head over heels for you that he literally couldn't contain it and would talk nonstop about you to literally anyone who would listen?? Like Aunt May practically knew everything about you before you two met, Ned the poor boy had to watch his lovestruck friend pine constantly, and half of Queens knows you as Spider-Man's anonymous one true love. Like he'd just ramble on to complete strangers about you,, •Ari•


  • peter fucking is the king of pining
  • he’s such a hopeless romantic 
  • like he didn’t even have to get to know you that well 
  • he saw you and suddenly his heart shouldn’t be beating this fast and his hands shouldn’t be shaking like this 
  • but oh my god just look at her 
  • and when you did something small & nice for like lend him a pen?? or help him pick up his books? 
  • peter swore he was in love with you 
  • poor ned, the kid knew more about you than he knew about liz which was really fucking saying something
  • because peter is such a rambling dork who can’t shut up about his crush 
  • and when ned found out you two weren’t even friends
  • he had such a “peter what the fuck” moment  
  • so he marched right up to you during lunch and was like hey, do you wanna come sit with me and peter? 
  • peter was behind him, almost ripping his hair like ned what are you DOING
  • peter as in the cute kid who stammered adorably when lent him a pen & clumsily dropped his book?? 
  • of course you already had a crush on him 
  • so of course you jumped on the opportunity with a smile that made peter weak at the knees
  • and after you became friends? 
  • peter was even fucking worse with his dorkish and cute rambling about you 
  • one time he was talking to ned in a cafe and the waitress interrupted saying, “you and you’re girlfriend sound like a cute couple,” 
  • peter just blushed- partly at the comment, the other at the thought of you two being together
  • “oh-uh, er, no s-she’s not my girlfriend.” 
  • yet
  • basically he was in love from the moment he laid eyes on you 
  • and yes it means when he’s on spidey duty, he always swings by your apartment like every half hour 
  • just to check in on his love