just two dudes chillin' at a bar

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“Oh, man, you are so in love, it is crazy.”

Christ, do you ever shut up? Huh? Why is everything always about love with you?”

“What else is there? I mean, take away the guns, the money, the travel, the perfect shot through a motherfucker’s ear hole from three hundred meters. I mean, none of that shit means dick if I can’t tell [—-] about it.”

“Well, I guess [—-]’s just not as special as [—-]. S/he sounds great.”

“What, s/he cheat on you?”


“Try to kill you?”


“-‘Cause [—-] chopped off part of my ear with a machete one time. S/he sewed it back on, but… it was two, three days before our shit got real again.”

“Where’d you guys meet, Christian Mingle?”

“Naw. A bar in [—-]. One of those places where nobody knows your face and name. I’d just come off a job. Some dude kidnapped the wrong dude’s daughter. …I was sittin’ there chillin’, when I noticed this waitress/waiter getting hassled by these guys. I got up to help when s/he unleashed the most amazing display of violence and beauty I had ever seen. …When s/he severed that dude’s carotid artery with a beer bottle… I knew. I knew right then. …We slow danced all night.”

“S/he sounds like s/he’s gonna make a good mother/father someday.”

okay so once i was jus. chillin in this restaurant, playin on my phone, u know how we do. so i looked up and i saw two dude bros at the bar and i was like okay cool yeah just a couple of guys being dudes. but then one dude leaned into the other and smiled and. my god. my poor gay heart was so happy you go dudes. gay pda is what i live for