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I figured out how to stop loving someone you’re not supposed to love anymore. I know it sounds impossible but trust me, we’ve done it before. I told my first love that I’d love him forever, but I don’t anymore. He has a spot in my heart- just like my dog and my best friends and a teacher that changed my life- but I don’t love him anymore because that was a different person who was with him and I’m not her anymore. And one day, we’ll no longer love the people we love now, we just have to wait for ourselves to change again. And we try to speed it up by starting new hobbies, getting haircuts, moving, learning a new language. Anything. Because the sad truth is we know we need to shed part of ourselves to fall out of love. And that sucks but it’s necessary.

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My AU’s reputation is off track :/

now these never bothered some people but it still bothered others, and the talk about this AU behind my back isn’t what I wanted it to be known for, stuff like:

  • these toon characters look weird in anime style:

it’s a style I tryed out when I first made this whole blog, and personally, I do agree on that matter, I preffer them with more cartoony looks

so I totally understand, that is someting I’m fixing with every new pannel; everything will be less anime with time I assure you (if you can’t already tell)

not major changes tho, just more rubberhose like limbs, the faces stay kind of the same

  • this whole AU is one big shipping/yaoi feast:

I still don’t get why my AU is known for that! people like to ship these characers but I assure you theres nothing of the sort,

 the only thing like that is how Felix has a thing for Oswald, I guess..

I’m not gonna be an asshole who’ll stop anyone from shipping or drawing ship fanarts or roleplaying for this AU, but like I said before, it ain’t canon!

I hope less people think of my AU as an excuse to ship characters, it’s really getting a bad reputation for that

it’s just an adventure story !

and please don’t spread roumors behind my back! if anyone has a thing they don’t like, I would love if they say it to my face;

I’m never a crybaby when it comes to criticism

(sorry for any gramatical errors, I really needed to get this of my chest)

Professor Graves

Some college AU doodles featuring the return of glasses!Graves (and this took me oddly long to clean up oops). Thanks to @thegaypumpingthroughyourveins for sending me this idea some time back aaahh

Also imagine: Credence staying to help out not to have to go home just yet, studying hard to not make a fool of himself when called upon. 
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did i read safe space for female gamers and also those of the LGBT+

Yep. In my adventures during Destiny 1 I met and played with a bunch of different people, which was both awesome…and disappointing. I’ve made amazing friendships and rekindled older friendships ( which had previously been lost to distance) through these last few years but along with that I’ve run into rude, sexist, homophobic, obnoxious players who were toxic. It was really discouraging when trying to find a new group or get a raid together. With my followers on this blog climbing I wanted to make a clan that would be welcoming to those who are shy, those tired of getting called the wrong pronouns, have the same interests besides destiny, and those tired of being hit on or kicked out because they’re a woman. Its really just an addition to the clan for those who feel left out of the community, while the main focus of the clan is to explore every aspect of the game with both new and veteran players. 

Its open to everyone who wants to join but you can also wait for D2 to drop and ask to join us for some activities to see if its the right fit for you. 

hey its ya girl gwynndolin cambridge

so when i got to virginia i was supposed to have been transferred from the staples in ohio to the one in Christiansburg. and i was supposed to start in August! but a lot of shit went down and they extended my start date and now ive got the news that the store is closing on November 4th. technically, i still have a “job”, but I’m essentially just on a call in list at this point, where i will only get hours if people start leaving. ive already applied for a few jobs in the blacksburg area, and i have places to stay, but everyone i can live with isnt necessarily in the financial position to be helping me out with food either. if you could shoot a couple dollars my way, even if its just 1-2, that would be wonderful, i just need some more cash to get me through the next couple of weeks. i opened a cash.me thing which is the absolute most convenient way for me to get the cash, and that would be cash.me/$Gwynndolin

if using paypal is easier then you can send it through that, and the link to that is in my description on my blog page

please reblog this post also, and please send me a pm letting me know you sent something so i can personally thank you for helping me out while i try to get set up in a completely new state

Richie Tozier: Talks in the Hallway

A/N Hi there! I’m a new fic blog on the block and wanted to get into writing more, so why not write for our fave brave kids and co? Requests are open! But I thought i’d just put out a few little snippets first to get myself out there? Hmu babes 👏🏾

Also please msg me abt any typos. It’s embarrassing man

Pairing  → Richie Tozier x Reader (She/Her Pronouns)

Warnings  → Pennywise encounter, 13yr olds swearing, me trying my hand at humor, me putting detail into things that didn’t need much detail but stay tuned i’ll get better.

Splinters of the rotten wood floor dug into the palms of your hands as you tried to move further back. 


You were pressed up against the bedroom door, but still you tried, so, so hard, to keep going backwards.


You had to get yourself further away from the fucking monstrosity in front of you. A spider. A dirty grey spider, with 8 red eyes, and 8 long legs. It body was long and flat.

You always hated the narrow ones most.


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A/N: the part two of ‘how you meet sirius black’ ! i posted three times today as a thank you for 100 followers on my new blog!!!! thank you so so much i love every one of you guys!

  • hating him at first but liking him later on
  • even tho he seemed cocky and arrogant you knew that it was just an act
  • you were the only person that saw the “real” sirius black
  • which was the caring, sweet, guy that he was
  • lots of make out sessions
  • that would get out of hand some of the time ;)
  • lots of “baaabeee” mainly coming from him
  • a whole lotta jealousy
  • like he would just growl when a guy would try to make a move on you
  • then in the end of the night, he kisses you and puts a hand on your cheek uttering “mine”
  • wearing his shirt most of the time
  • and him spanking you saying “GOD you’re so hot wearing my clothes”
  • the marauders all shipping you
  • most girls being absolutely jealous of you since you are dating the sirius black
  • sirius noticing the hateful glances the girls give you
  • well you guys are the perfect couple
  • sometimes even prongs would yell across the grand hall “relationship goals!” to the both of you
  • McGonagall telling him off while the two of you are just busting out laughing
  • inside jokes where you just glance at each other from across the room and stifle a laugh
  • sneaking into his room at night when you have a nightmare and slip into his bed
  • him immediately making room for you, wrapping an arm around your waist kissing your cheek to give you a comforting feeling
  • waking up like that and you turn around to face him then notice he’s asleep
  • tracing your finger across his face
  • eventually him waking up adorably, fluttering his long eyelashes at you and smiling at the sight of you
  • the both of you hate pet names so you keep it simple to either babe or baby
  • moving into an apartment once you graduated Hogwarts
  • so that means double the morning voice, double the wearing his shirt around the house, and double the I love yous

MASTERLIST || PROMPTS (check these out for more!)

I was chatting today about the coming season and all the exciting meta everyone’s going to write about it, and about how hard it is sometimes for your posts to get seen, especially when you’re a new blog with not so many followers yet, and since hardly anyone uses the main tags or just being anxious to put yourself out there.

So this is a post I hope others with a good number of followers reblog as well to agree, but if you have written any meta or observations or thoughts you think I’ll like, and want it to get seen, please feel free to @ me in the post or to use the airplane at the bottom of the post or even just drop an “anonymous tip” in my inbox to go look at it, and I will happily reblog and boost it to my followers, since I am often the first small part of a chain in a very large explosion of reblogs :D (Because I have the best followers with great taste.)

Meta isn’t an exclusive club, this is just a weird and terrible platform for getting heard on, and I don’t like the idea of it seeming like only the same few voices ever get any traction around here <3

Blackwatch Genji x Mercy NSFW

A little side-note… feel free to scroll past all this if you want. This is my first publication on this blog, I am very shy about my work but figured I should give it a try. This story is just a small excerpt, if people like it maybe I’ll look into writing longer stories. I really hope whoever is reading this gets some kind of joy out of it… my blog is quite new but a follow or share would REALLY help. Thank you so much.


Backstory:(Time-Period: Uprising in King’s Row) A few days ago Genji had pleasured Mercy in secret in the locker room after a training session with Tracer, this was a random act and Mercy had no idea Genji had such feelings for her. 

It had been two days since the incident with Genji in the locker room… It plagued Angela’s thoughts every waking- and sleeping moment. She could hardly focus at work, and while adrift in sleep she could only think of those glowing red eyes and expertly skilled fingers. She had admittedly tried to touch herself in the privacy of her own room several times, but they could never satisfy her or bring her to the climax like Genji could. Her inner devil begged her to go back and satisfy her wild fantasies.

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Sketches from my new Voltron-cafe ask blog. Never has something been more of an endurance run. And I’m just getting started ( o v o; )

I started this blog to get out of my comfort zone and have fun while doing it. I understand if your not someone who’s super into that, that’s fine. I will keep trying to update my normal art blog with stuff and sketches. As well as my actual comic which I’m trying to get rolling again.

I am so, SO sick of seeing all of the pro-ed, completely unhealthy posts on all of the “fitness” tags.

Losing weight, weightloss, even fitblr. I keep going there to try and find new blogs to follow, but I just end up getting frustrated and mad and so upset for those people who think what they’re doing is normal and healthy.

I REALLY want to find more weightloss blogs/fitblrs/healthblrs that focus on healthy habits, especially ones that make personal posts about their journey. Like or reblog this so I can check you out!

For Everyone Starting Their Weight Loss Plans Tomorrow

1- Make sure that you

  • Have accurate weight / measurements recorded [make sure you weigh yourself early, after you use the bathroom and before you eat breakfast]
  • Think about what meals you want to eat for the day.
  • Start meal prepping for the week [if you have time, cook them, if not, just write them down]
  • Pick a time when you will be done eating for the day [mines will be 7PM]
  • Pick a cheat day [if you want one]
  • Pick a “weigh in day” [ don’t weigh yourself everyday, you will stress yourself out, weight fluctuates every 24 hours or so]
  • Go food shopping
  • Download a fitness / health / weight tracker app on your phone [make sure everyday that your pedometer is turned on, it will count your steps, calories burned and miles went. ] (if you have a Samsung Galaxy you should have the SHealth Fitness app)

2- Some Helpful Tips From Me

  • Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Buy Vanilla Protein Powder [I use a small amount of it as a replacement for sugar / artificial sweeteners in my smoothies]
  • DON’T WORRY ABOUT COUNTING CALORIES [to me it’s tedious and as long as you watch your serving sizes, sodium intake and know that what you’re eating is already super healthy, then you are good!]
  • If you don’t have a set workout plan go on Youtube. There are so many long / short workout videos, create a playlist.
  • KNOW YOUR LIMITS. Do not feel bad that you cannot do certain moves or do something for too long. That should inspire you to want to build your stamina and endurance.
  • Set small goals. Instead of 100 pounds this year, aim for 2 pounds a week / 8 -10 pounds a month. 
  • Plan your workouts according to time. 


Please do not stress yourself out over a single thing because you will end up wanting to quit if things get overwhelming. Trust me, I know. It’s happened to me like 100 times. Some of these things cannot be done by everyone, whether it be lack of money or lack of time or even motivation. The #1 issue I have is that I feel like I’m not doing enough so I end up stopping. Some days will be better than others, do not let 1 bad day or 2 or even 3, be the reason you give up. Lastly, please remember that the idea / task of weight loss is MORE MENTAL THAN PHYSICAL. Whenever you get lazy, just think about every single day you’re uncomfortable. Think about how you’ve been trying to change for years.  Think about new clothes, the amount of energy and the new confidence and all of the new things you’ll be able to experience this year simply because you feel better about yourself…

I’d really appreciate it if you guys tagged me in your posts/ blog entries about your progress for the next few months… I’m giving out tips and advice but I myself need motivation…..


Preference Idea: Breaking up :(

Characters: Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones

Written By: Violet

Song List: Coming soon..

Link to masterlist: Coming soon..

AUTHORS NOTE: Hey guys! I just wanted to say thank you for all of the support over the last few days. Its so nice to see my work get appreciated. Myself and the other girls who run the blog are so excited to continue uploading and producing new pieces for you. Dont be shy, send in a request! 

Also, im going to be trying out new ways of writing my preferences. Enjoy! :)

P.S- I was going to include Reggie, but i got carried away and decided to turn it into a longer one shot :)

Originally posted by archiegifs

Archie: The last few months have been anything but easy. After Jason Blossom was killed, tensions in Riverdale were high. I had noticed that my boyfriend became distant and cold, it was difficult enough already being a junior in high school without all of the added mess. I’ve been waiting. Waiting for a sign to see that my relationship was going to survive. Archie just became increasingly absent. Day by day. 

So i’ve decided that for the sake of my own sanity and heartache, i needed to end the relationship before it ended me.

The football game was over. We had won by a mile, everyone had ear-to-ear smiles, laughter filled the air. For a moment i had forgotten how I felt. Empty.

My eyes glazeover the field and I see him, he was so happy. Full of life. And then we locked eyes. The expression changed almost instantly. The feeling of emptiness was mutual.

I slowly walk over to him, heart beating. I could hear the pounding.

“Hey.” Archie smiles, looking down at the ground.

“Got a minute?” I ask.

“Uh, well I was just about to..” his words stop.

He looks backup at me, making immediate eye contact.

“I have a feeling that you know what im going to say.” My words break the awkward stare.

“Yeah don’t go there.” He warns, suprising me.

“What do you mean don’t go there?” I ask, trying to avoid causing a scene.

He looks up at me, and moves me more to the side. He could see that the people looking at us was bothering me.

“I know things are a little strange right now y/n, but im doing what i need to do to protect you.” he finishes under his breath.

“Protect me from what?” I ask again, getting frustrated. 

 “I can’t say-” 

“Thats it.” I signal, my hands shaking.

“Don’t do this.” he pleads quietly.

“Bye Archie.” I mutter, tears rushing down my face.

Originally posted by immortalle

Jughead: “REALLY?” My voice booms down the hall attracting the attention of the nerd in the gang jacket.

He looks at me with a muted expression on his face. Typical Jughead.

“What the fuck are you thinking?” I hiss, slapping the back of his jacket.

“Cool it.” He warns.

“You promised me.You promised me that you would never go this low.” I spit.

Again, the expressionless face. We werethe only two kids in the trailer park who weren’t serpents. This lead to us falling madly in love for one another. He was my first. He was my everything. I can’t loose him.

“I didn’t say yes to them y/n, it was practically forced on me.”

Here come the excuses. The serpents hook you in with that family bullshit, Jughead was the perfect target for recruitment.

“I dont care. You shouldn’t have it on.” I scoff in response.

There was a moment of silence before the bombshell.

“You need to leave.” he speaks up, looking at me.

My heart dropped.

“You need to leave riverdale. Go to your moms.” 

My eyes are filling with tears, my vision blurred.

“GET OUT!” he screams, causing me to jump. 

Naturally I run out of the trailer, sobbing. 

As i run into the small bedroom in my trailer i get my rucksack and fill it with god knows what. I was a mess.

I smash my piggy bank, grabbing the loose change while trying to sling the backpack over my shouder. Was i actually taking his advice?

Now as I exit the trailer I see him again, sitting on his porch.

His beanie is gone, and the jacket is on. 

He is leaning back on the entrance to the trailer, cigarette smoke filling the nearby space.

Strutting past, i give him one last look.

“I did this because i love you.” He mentions before taking another hit.

That was the last time i would see Jughead Jones. Or so i thought…


Coincidences Part I (Bucky x Reader)

Okay, so this is me attempting at one of those “I texted you by accident and we ended up talking and I actually think you’re a pretty decent human being” tropes. I don’t know how it’s going to work out because this is the first time I’m doing something like this, but I dunno.  Maybe it’ll be cool. 


Without further ado: Happy Reading!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Modern AU if that’s what its called)

Words: 4259

Warnings: I mean, swearing a little. But none other than that. 

Excerpt:  Blowing a sigh through your nose, you realize you probably should just leave it alone and not answer at all. Then again, you are slightly curious to at least find out who texted you. They obviously thought they were talking to someone else, so it couldn’t hurt to maybe steer them in a different direction. Maybe.

*After writing this first part, I have determined that this is going to have to be a multi-part fic. Yeah. This got away from me, but I’m gonna try to post the parts in succession. 

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Your name: submit What is this?

New Message from: Unknown

3:32 p.m hey u still wanna get that drink sometime? 

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A/N: So ya’ll know love me some Teen Wolf, but ya’ll also know I love me OUAT Peter Pan so I’m going to mash them up. I’ll be writing the Reader’s POV on this blog and Peter’s POV on my  Justpan Imagines Blog, The next part of this fic will be up on that blog some time tomorrow. 

You looked around the beach from the top of the huge rock formation you were resting around.

You saw Lydia and Allison sitting under the umbrellas chatting, a few yards away Boyd and Erica collecting shells.

Closer to the shore Scott, Jackson and Isaac are tossing a football around, and farthest away you can make out Stiles bugging your brother Derek who was just sitting in the sand reading a book.

Stiles was no doubt trying to talk his new boyfriend into joining him in the water.

Derek and Stiles getting together had managed to both shock everyone and not surprise anyone at all.

They fought like a married couple already and heaven knows that everyone in the pack could almost feel the sexual tension between the two of them in the air.

You decided it was time to go and rejoin the pack.

Since the whole pack was home from college for Spring Break, you had suggested that you all have a beach day. Normally Derek would brush you off as his fifteen year old sister being ridiculous, but when he saw how excited Stiles was he quick to cave.

‘Derek quit being so sour and swim with your boyfriend!’ you yelled as you began to approach the couple. You hear the rest of the pack laugh at you teasing your brother.

You could almost feel the ground shake with the laughter.

No…wait the ground really was shaking beneath you.

You look down and see a small green hole in the sand between your feet, and before you could truly question it the wind had suddenly picked up and that small hole began to grow.

You quickly decide that whatever is happening you want no part of it.

You run as fast as your werewolf speed would carry you, but with the wind blowing sand everywhere, and the green hole growing rapidly you were just barely keeping out of it’s reach.

‘(Y/N) RUN!’ Derek yelled as he was pushing everyone in the pack behind him and away from the hole, but he stayed where he was.

Waiting for you to get close enough to him so he could throw you out of harm’s way.

Just as you went to jump toward your brother and the safety of your pack you felt a could hand grab your ankle causing you to fall into the sand.

Thank god the hole had stopped growing.

You feel a clawed hand grab your arm. You look up and see Derek looking at you fully wolfed out and holding onto you desperately as he tried to pull you free from whoever or whatever had a hold of your foot.

‘No!’ he roared as you began to slip away from him.

‘Derek, you have to let me go!’ you yelled.

You didn’t want your brother to be pulled down with you, literally.

You screamed as Derek’s claws sunk deeper into your arm.

‘I said…NO!’ he yelled as you and he began to be pulled in with you.

You look up and watch as one by one the entire pack latched onto each other and finally you felt a final tug at your heel and you, along with everyone you care about, are pulled down.

You close your eyes for what feels like forever, it feels like you will never stop falling.

Then you feel yourself land in strong arms followed by the strong arms followed by the scent of forest, but something was off about the underlining of the smell.

You open your eyes and see a boy who you had never seen before (not that you were expecting to see a familiar face) and he was looking at you with such intensity you felt uncomfortable.

Immediately you jump out of his arm and extend your claws.

‘Who the hell are you?!’ you demanded as you flashed your golden eyes.

‘Oooohh a feisty little pup.’ he smiled.

‘Who are you?!’ you yelled as you pinned him to a tree by the neck, letting your claws nick him a bit.

‘I’m Peter…Peter Pan.’

anonymous asked:

Should we just hand out awards for women just because it's a movie directed by a woman? I don't judge by anyone's race or gender. So I believe that if someone deserves a nomination or a win, it's because they deserved it and not because of some form of affirmative action. I'm not trying to change your opinion, I'm just trying to understand why we need to nominate someone based on their gender rather than their work. I'm new to your blog so I'm just asking. I'm willing to have an open convo.

I mean you say you want an open convo but you start off with the most ridiculous leading question. I have literally never said that someone should be nominated for awards because they’re a woman. In fact every year I get angry because I see so many works that are amazing that are shut out and not treated seriously because they are made by women. 

The subtitle of this blog is: Great movies and the women who make them. I don’t just post about any movies, I post movies that I like or ones that seem interesting or beautiful or worthy of discussion. The fact that you can come into my inbox and ask a question like this makes me believe you haven’t seen very many films made by women. Maybe you should start and then you would see the rich wealth of material that gets ignored. 

In fact, instead of making strawman arguments maybe your time would be better suited asking why so many men get nominated for directing awards even when their films aren’t critically acclaimed. Better yet, ask yourself why so many films that come out of studios and are pushed for awards are directed by men (hint, it’s not because men are better at directing). 

Look, honestly I think awards are dumb. Especially with big ones like the Oscars it’s all about campaigning and publicists and how much money a studio is willing to invest in what they’ve decided to push for the year. 

And at the same time they’re not dumb. Because winning a major award at a festival can get a director an agent, and winning an Oscar can bump up their salary and insure that they can get in the right rooms to pitch their projects and big name stars will want to work with them and that people will see their movies. So it matters that directors who are women don’t get pushed for major awards and it matters that their films get ignored by agents and studios and it matters that they aren’t even allowed in the room to pitch to studios for movies that are considered awards material and it matters that major festivals won’t program them in the main competitive sections. 

And maybe when you realize all the obstacles that women directors face you’ll realize that it doesn’t matter if you say that you don’t judge women by their race or gender because the people who make the decisions about what movies get made and what movies get into your local cinema and what movies win awards DO judge people by their race and gender and they’ve judged that the movie you’re going to see is 99% of the time going to be directed by a white male.