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I have a family member who is autistic. Soo....diagnose, especially self-diagnose is not a fucking accessory. Stop embarrassing yourselves. It is reprehensible to people who actually have to go through all of that.

I can’t figure out what this is supposed to mean because of the way you’ve worded some of it BUT 

Firstly, you don’t have the right to weigh in or say what’s right or wrong on autism-based issues by autistic people for autistic people just because you have an autistic family member.
Unless you are autistic, are questioning whether you are, or have been specifically requested to voice your opinion, you have no right to.

Secondly, we’re not treating it as an accessory or something “cool and trendy”. We’re trying to enjoy ourselves and the good aspects about ourselves and our autism and our struggles.
We’re trying to have fun despite everyone against us and everyone treating autistics as a constant tragedy (notably in this case, you treating us like constant tragedies). 

Thirdly, not everyone can afford a diagnosis.
Not everyone has a professional who can diagnose them in their city / state / country.
Not everyone has a family that will try to help them at all or help them get a diagnosis.
Not every professional is 100% correct all the time.
Some professionals refuse to diagnose people based on gender, race, etc.
Professionals don’t go through every moment of your life with you and don’t know you on a non-professional level.

Fourthly, yes, there are some people who diagnose themselves with everything under the sun without doing proper research, but that’s only a small amount of people compared to the many who have done the research and have asked professionally diagnosed people and do genuinely need help.

Fifth up, autism and its symptoms vary greatly person to person. A single person’s experiences aren’t what are the symptoms which every autistic has to have in order to be a “real autistic”.

Sixth, unless you are autistic, you aren’t technically “going through it”. You’re only going through having an autistic family member. Big difference. 

I’m out of spoons after all of this so this will do for now, if anyone else wants to voice their thoughts, please do so.

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Soooo I started reading Kill Zone last night. It’s been on my list to catch up on. Little did I know I would become obsessed with it and stay up way past my bedtime as I binge read it, needing to know. Then I unfortunately fell asleep about halfway and now all day I can’t stop thinking about it and trying to figure out what the fuck is going on! 😂 Needless to say, I will be reading the rest of it tonight and it’s completely amazing. Thank you for writing it!

I’ve been staring at this for soooo ong now. You have no idea how happy you just made me. I really needed this today so thank you sooo much!

Kill Zone

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Hey babes just wanted to say you and your Aussie self are great! Don’t forget that! You’re an amaze balls writer too! People can pressure you all they want to get the next chapter out (like wtf is going on with Felix) but let’s be honest life and yourself are way more important and some days you just need to figure life out and try to live and support yourself! Never forget that you’re amazing and wonderful and you’re appreciated!!! ❤️

Okay first of all, you are SO DAMN PRETTY CASEY. This is random af, but you actually look like one of my characters from my original book, and she’d pretty badass if I do say so myself. So like you’re nice and beautiful and how dare you. 

Okay I’ll get back onto topic now. 

So like, I planned Felix’s death since day one, back when I didn’t know (or think) I had the capacity to create and write characters that people would actually be attached to. Because it’s fanfiction, but I don’t have that crutch of knowing my readers already adore the characters, the way they would if I was writing something about Rhys or Aelin. And people really didn’t start showing a lot of enthusiasm for Felix until a lot later in the fic (they did more so on Ao3, but that site isn’t nearly as interactive as tumblr, so it was a bit different) even though that whole time I loved Felix and he was one of my favourites. 

So the reaction of chapter 25 has been amazing for me, and also validating to me as someone who loves writing and wants to be a writer. Getting messages like this one is honestly the most astonishing thing to me, so thank you thank you thank you thank you ❤️ I appreciate your understanding and support so damn much. 

Watching the Korean broadcast of the AMAs and it’s hilarious. The hosts just spent 10 minutes explaining the Jonas Brothers and trying to figure out what Florida Georgia Line means.

Also one guy keeps saying Exo instead of BTS and it’s honestly so 😂😂😂 I’m sure we will hear about that tomorrow

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I’m wondering... I’m almost for sure demisexual but I’m having trouble determining who I’d be attracted to romantically, as far as gender goes. I tried asking myself “do I like boys/girls/etc.?” because I can’t think of anyone I’m emotionally close to that I’d also be attracted to. Heteronormativity adds to that confusion I think too ^^; any thoughts/suggestions to clear things up? Thank you, and have a nice day!

I know what you mean about the heteronormativity thing. You have to make a conscious effort because of it and it’s just so dumb. It’s possible to be demiromantic too, so you could just be attracted to people specifically rather than genders. That could account for you not being able to determine a gender or genders you find attractive. 

If I were in your situation, I think I would just go unlabeled for awhile. It’s perfectly okay to say “I’m still trying to figure that out”. Maybe one day you will find someone and be like “oh hey, this is my type of person” and you’ll figure it out, or maybe you’re aromantic and just want a stable QPR (queer platonic relationship). As long as you are happy and whole, your romantic orientation pursuit can go on for as long as you need.

<3 Mod Kit

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are known for their extremely dry humor, and they are almost always the ones that crack the extremely sarcastic jokes and everyone around them stops and stares at them for a moment to try and figure out if they were serious or not.

Jack: He really likes cowboys.
Cas: Yes, he does.

I know that everyone’s excited about how Cas & Dean will interact in the next episode but, honestly, I can’t stop thinking about how Jack will react to 1. not only seeing Cas but mainly to 2. Seeing how Dean’s demeanor has changed since Cas came back.

Think about it: Up until now, Jack has only seen the dark, sad, angry, and generally scarier sides of Dean. In 13x06 he will see the happier and fluffier side of Dean that stands as a complete contrast to the side of Dean that Jack has been exposed to. On top of that, this episode will showcase one of Dean’s likes: Cowboys, so he’s also more excited than he normally would be.

The thing is, Jack isn’t stupid. He’s very observant and he uses his observations to learn how to understand the world he lives in. Then he asks questions in response to those observations. Essentially, he will probably reason that Dean is so excited because the case deals with cowboys but also,

He’s gonna notice that Dean’s happy because Cas is back.

I mean it’s pretty clear that he’s happy because Cas is back. Depressed, suicidal Dean who didn’t care if he lived or died just yesterday probably wouldn’t have gotten that excited over cowboys today. Jack’s used to the reactions Dean has been giving after having lost the people he loved, meaning, that

Jack has never seen Dean when he isn’t depressed.

I mean, it’s no coincidence that the moment Cas comes back Dean’s demeanor suddenly drastically changes. (It may be a bit more subtle than that at first but I believe that the general vibe coming off of Dean when they first return to the bunker will be much happier than Jack’s normally used to seeing)

Another thing I am curious to see is how Jack will respond to Cas’s knowledge about Dean. I mean, that scene from the promo trailer that I copy-and-pasted above just serves to show Jack that Cas, a friendly, warm, protective, trustworthy father figure, knows Dean far better than he does. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack, who, in Sam’s words “wants [Dean] to like him,” would try to understand Dean better through Cas now too.

Moreover, I wouldn’t be surprised if:

1. Jack & Dean had small, subtle rivalries over who got to hang out with Cas throughout the case. (ex. Jack saying he’ll go with Cas and Dean saying no, he is going with Cas and Jack can go with Sam [cough, cough graveyard scene])

1.a. Jack, noticing Dean wanting to hang out with his dad and, when Sam & he go to the graveyard in the promo pics, Jack asks about Dean & his love of cowboys, or why Dean’s happy, or if Dean & Cas are close or something in order to understand why Dean is acting strangely happier than usual.

In summation, Pay attention to Jack in the next episode. He’s probably going to watch Cas & Dean closely to understand Dean & his demeanor better. Also, he totally knows that Dean is happy because Cas is back.


There’s a lot of discorse about the new season and that’s understandable BUT I want you guys to look at something with me for a second. 

 I wanna talk about Keith and Lance. We all know Keith’s going through a lot, the blade of marmora is convincing him his own life matters less than the mission, that if he died it would just be for the greater good of the cause. So he’s pulling away, trying to make it so that Voltron doesn’t need him so that he could be… disposable. 

So Keith talks to Shiro and tries to get him to go back to being the black paladin. And *cough cough* fake *cough* Shiro tells him to buckle the heck up and stop whining and just be the black paladin. He doesn’t see, in that moment just what Keith is trying to do. So he gets mad. 

This is a face of pure dissapointment in Shiro. And Keith sees it. He really sees it, and feels it too. But he doesnt know what to do about it.

He’s the lone wolf, right? He doesn’t know how to function in a team properly. In the B.O.M he’s much more independant. Yes, he gets orders and people he goes on with missions but if you really watch most of those missions involve very little teamwork. 

So Keith is pulling away, but at the same time he’s getting the rejection from everyone in the team that’s pushing him away. When he shows up late in the begining of episode one Hunk, Pidge and Lance are super pissed at him, right? 


No, go back and look at Lance. He’s not angry. He’s worried. 

Yeah, he says “Are you even taking this seriously?” But think about it. Keith is someone who throws himself into missions. He takes everything he does seriously and he puts a 100% of himself into what he does. He doesn’t half ass things, and it pays off. He gets results. 

Lance is used to seeing Keith do well. At the Garrison he was top of the class, when he was still with Voltron he usually spent his free time training. And now, all of a sudden he’s late to missions, falling behind while he’s the leader. 

Not only that but remember this scene? 

 Again,everyone looks super pissed right? No look at Lance. 

And remember the dialogue? 

Allura:You keep saying you’re sorry but your actions say otherwise. Do you realise that your actions put the entire team in jeoprady? 
Lance: And not Just the team but the refugees too. 

and again, look at his face as he says it. 

He’s not angry. He’s confused there. Think about it. What did Keith tell Pidge when she tried to leave? That other people’s lives were at stake if she left. Keith cares about the people he’s out there protecting. Lance understands that this is not how Keith normally is. 

We know that they got closer in season 3 with Lance opening up to Keith and all and you might even call them friends. Sure he’s not as close as (the real) Shiro is to Keith, but he’s close enough to see Keith isn’t himself. 

But what if… what if Keith did open up. 

I get that this might be somewhat of a reach BUT if you watch Keith’s vlog, it’s very likely he wasn’t alone when he filmed it (he looks like he’s talking to someone off camera. but also tells them to get them out of there. Not only that but the camera turns off and from how emotional he got and the way he was walking its unlikely he turned it off and if you watch Allura’s vlog, she definitely gets closer to turn it off). Now my first thought would be that seeming it’s tech related it would be likely that Pidge would be with him. 

But it doesn’t seem like something that Pidge would be into. Sitting and making vlogs with the paladins. Not her style. 

Okay so maybe Coran? He was the first to upload a vlog, and the camera might be some castle gear? Sounds reasonable enough. But why only be there for Keith’s vlog? Allura was definitely alone during her’s. Also, I dont see them having the kind of bond where Keith would say any of that to Coran. No offense Space unc, we love you. 

OKAY so not Coran or Pidge… so maybe Allura? 

No, the bond isn’t strong enough. As someone who is pretty similar to Keith in defense mechanisms, I don’t see him trusting her to a point where he’s this open with her especially after what happened the last time he opened up about his Galra identity. 

(We all know where I’m going with this, but for argument’s sake; I will keep going. Feel free to skip ahead.) 

Okay so Hunk maybe? He has the tech know-how and stood up for Keith during the whole Galra thing. Even if he did tease him a little… Okay but even then they haven’t really had much bonding since then. I suppose it’s possible if Keith was feeling particularly vulnerable and whatever. But… Would Hunk really bother Keith to make a vlog? and would Keith ask Hunk to help with a vlog? 

It doesn’t really seem in character. Yes, they’re closer but still… not close enough. 

So that leaves Shiro and Lance. First, lets look at why I don’t think it’s Shiro. 

As we know Shiro is someone Keith looks up to. He’s always extremely respectful towards him and it shows in his facial expressions and way of speaking. 

but then look at this; 

Thats not a face Keith would make at Shiro.

You know who he does make faces like that at? 

L A N C E 

So lets think about this. Does Lance have the tech know how? Well he’s always stealing Pidge’s shit so I’mma go ahead and say, yeah to that one. Allura seems equally technically inclined as Lance, so seeming she has no trouble with it that makes sense. 

And even if Keith didn’t ask Lance to help him with his vlog, you know what does seem Lance like? Suggesting Keith makes a vlog. 

So lets asume here, for a moment that Lance knows about Keith’s abandonment issues. That would explain why he looks so worried in the screenshot from before, right? He knows Keith is feeling rejected by his team and he knows that Keith’s behaviour has changed since he started working more with the blade. 

But while they got closer in season 3, and Lance has a better understanding of Keith now, I also think Keith was eager to put some distance between them after that outburst. So he starts working with the blade a lot, right? Meaning Lance hardly sees him. 

So they take a few steps back in their friendship.

And then Kolivan calls Keith to a mission that they all know will be dangerous and look at Lance’s face. 

Yes, you could read it as Lance not wanting his spotlight gone BUT remember that Lance isn’t as shallow as he seems at first glance. He’s not the loverboy he pretends to be and few realise it, but he masks a lot of his emotions. 

Yes, Lance thrives on attention. But do you really think that he would prioritise a show over a mission that could give them a great boost in power? No, this isn’t about the show, this goes deeper. He’s worried. He’s worried about Keith. 

He doesn’t want him to go. He needs him around. But he cant tell him that. Especially not in front of everyone. 

So what does Lance do? 

He makes a stupid argument, its not much, but it’s all he’s got. “We can’t razzle dazzle the crowd with four lions.” 
We need you, I need you. Thats what he’s trying to say. 

And Keith refuses. 

So Lance has that same expression. He’s looking at Shiro in dissbelief this time because he can’t believe he’s letting him go. 

So what we’ve established thus far is the following; 

-Lance definitely feels closer to Keith than he used to. 
-Lance was probably there during Keith’s vlog.
-Lance isn’t as straight forward as people think he is. 
-There’s probably some distance between them right now. 
-Lance has noticed Keith’s change in behaviour. 

So with all that in mind, do you really think Lance doesn’t see that Keith is in a bad place. He knows something is up. He can feel Keith pulling and he’s trying to tell him that they need him around but he doesn’t know how to say it. And then… then Keith tells them he’s leaving. 

yeah, everyone looks sad, but look at Lance. He looks deep in thought. What do you think he’s thinking? He just realised he lost Keith. And he gets it. Suddenly it all makes sense. Keith more or less reforced the bond between Black and Shiro and he was acting strange, showing up late. This is what’s been up with Keith and Lance finally figure out that this whole time, he was losing Keith. 

But he gives it one last try. 

Who am I going to make fun of? 

It’s so much more than a playfull jab. Think about it. Really think about it. 

“Who am I going to make fun of?”

Who am I gonna talk to? 

Don’t go. 

this album is so genius because because like humor and sarcasm are an obvious part of it but it’s so funny watching people who don’t want to believe the core of what the songs are about say things like “oh it’s just satire” or “oh this is just a character taylor is playing” like taylor is purposely blurring the lines between real and fake and i bet she’s having a blast watching people try and figure it out

Try saying it out loud

We ended up on a shopping spree after our latest series of shenanigans, and the Monk decided that we needed mounts and bought himself a warhorse and a magical saddle. 

Monk: I’ve figured out what I’m going to name [the horse]. First name Hoof, last name Hearted. My noble steed.

[several minutes pass, and the Fighter’s player suddenly gets a look of dawning comprehension]

Fighter: Wait a second, did you just spend 600 gold to make a fart joke?!

[everyone else suddenly gets it and starts cracking up while the Monk just smiles]

Can’t go to Interactive Introverts because your parents said no/will say no? This is for you!

Hello everyone, my name is Paige, and I am really freaking good at convincing parents of things. I grew up with two very strict and overprotective (though loving and awesome) parents, and so I’ve had the perfect life experience to give you this advice. Buckle up.

Are you a fan of Dan and Phil, who is super excited about their oncoming tour, Interactive Introverts, but your parents won’t let you go? Here is how to convince them you should. (Most of these also work for other special trips, such as going to a concert.)

Please reblog this so it can reach all the people who need it :D

Step-by-step guide under the cut!

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Okay. Okay but what if.

What if next season, Shiro gets separated from the group again (It’s like a once-a-season thing at this point so you know it’s bound to happen seriously someone put a leash on this guy already) and the team splits up to go find him. And throughout the episode, it seems like each of the rest of the team has managed to find him, but the scene always cuts out before you’re sure, so it’s ambiguous. Until towards the end of the episode when Keith actually manages to find him, and saves him (again) and guides him back towards the meeting place with the others, and you’re like, finally

Only when he gets there, everyone else has a Shiro with them too. And that’s when we find out that the Galra didn’t make one Shiro clone. They made several

Oh, The Puns!

(Context: our party has just accidentally uprooted a massive tree, killing the cultists worshipping it inside. We’re all 300ft in the air, trying to figure out how to get down. Our rogue has a tendency to flip words around on accident)

DM: Ok, what are you gonna do?

*everyone scrambles to make puns*

Rogue (ooc): *laughing* let’s make like a tree and leaf!

Undead Fighter (ooc): aw dammit that’s better than my pun

Rogue (ooc): what was it?

Undead Fighter (ooc): “Paul Bunyan ain’t got shit on us!”

Party: *laughter*

DM: Ok, so how are you going to get out of this?

Rogue (ooc): I stand on the edge of the opening, facing the party, cast feather fall on all of us, and say “Let’s make like a leaf and tree”, and backflip out to free fall to the ground.

Rouge (ooc): …wait

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how did you and toby meet? alternativly, how did you and Hussie meet?

toby and i met on the mspa forums but we met IRL for the first time uhhhhhhhhhhhh i guess he was staying at my house while he was visiting the west coast?

during that same trip i met andrew who just happened to be in town. it was kind of a whirlwind of a weekend.

toby, our friend, and i were headed to AX since a lot of our friends were in town for that and i live a train ride away down in long beach. this is before undertale so nobody cared about toby (at least not in the way they do now) so we were trying to cross the street to the convention center and our friend turns around and says ‘wheres toby’ and like… in the middle of the street surrounded by literally thousands of anime teens we’d lost him. 

after looking around, using our natural height advantage (i’m 6′3″) over the cosplaying children we spotted him back on the corner talking to a mysterious shadowy figure. We go back and were like what gives toby you scared us but he’s like oh, yeah he just _________ (FACTCHECK EDIT: andrew says he “grazed his arm with his claw”) 

I look, trying to see beyond the suspicious hoodie and sunglasses and its none other than andrew. this was my first time meeting him. apparently he just HAPPENED to be there at that exact moment and he just HAPPENED to see us and instead of drawing attention to himself (homestuck was still going on at the time) he just reached out and grabbed toby.

anyway we hung out a bit and he had somewhere to be but in the evening he texts us and asks if we wanna grab drinks after he finishes up with a meeting he’s havin at this place. We agree and underestimate how far it is and how hot it is outside at dusk in LA and we walk to the place. its about a mile and a half uphill and we’ve been at a convention in 95 degree weather all day and we arrive just like… moist, you know?

the place is………… extremely upscale. I realize I’m wearing shorts and a fucking homestuck hoodie, toby is wearing a misprinted sbahj shirt and his now iconic bright red pants and our friend is dressed in like.. a track suit. We show up and obviously are getting some looks but andrew flags us down and says he’s almost done so just to hang out at the bar and then we’ll all grab a table.

We go to the bar and to the left of us, i wish i was kidding, was a beautiful woman in what i’d describe as an evening gown talking to a guy dressed like a fucking boat captain. I thought they might be cosplayers but no they were literally just real life rich people. I turn to our right and i close my eyes thinking “please be some anime teens or something” no luck idiot its like some impeccably dressed business men. I realize how out of our element we are and i think oh god we are in some bougie LA bar for fucking boat captains and im wearing a sweaty hero of space hoodie we need to order a drink before we get kicked out.

I’m no stranger to bars so i order my usual “liquid confidence” (shelf bourbon, double, neat) and they card me. I’m like… in my 30s so this is new and i realize they probably got a bunch of anime dweebs in here this weekend and its like oh ok w/e n..o….. swe..at………………………………………… and i realize i’ve left my ID at home. I desperately change my order to a diet coke and nervously laugh and look at our friend and mouth “OR-DER SOME-THING” and she says to the bartender and “I’ll have a water.”

my attention shifts to toby. I look at him pleadingly, my mind racing. please order something toby. we were foolish to think we could mingle with the upper class, but please, i beg of you and i’ll never forget him saying “mmmmmmmm I’ll have an appletini” the bartender looks at us like with just… the utmost disgust. The bartender literally put my receipt IMMEDIATELY into my cup. not next to it, not underneath it. literally IN my fucking cup of ice and gives me a can of fucking diet coke.

anyway about five minutes later andrew was like hey ok got that table and i couldnt be more relieved. wow this turned out to be really long.

Don’t Freak III

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Steve Harrington x Reader

Part I | Part II | PART IV | PART V

Requests are OPEN

Mr. Crowley played lowly over the radio as Y/N drove Steve back to his car. She turned it on to fill the void of silence that enveloped the orange ’79 Jetta.

“I, uh, never took you for an Ozzy kinda girl,” Y/N raised an eyebrow, but didn’t take her eyes off the road.

“And what kinda girl do you take me for?” Steve sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

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Day 18: I used one layer because I’m a lazy person. Also, inspired by this post!

thanks @crypticdatesuggestions for the amazing text posts!

“Date the girl with wings ten times too big for her slender, fragile-looking form, that looks like it could shatter like glass at any moment. Date the girl who bleeds rich black India ink when she’s cut, and who’s sketchbooks are full of beautiful illustrations etched in her own blood. Date the girl who’s eyes are sharp and cold, but when she looks at you, soften, and grow so warm it feels like standing next to a bonfire when she looks you in the eye.”

Their First Magic Item

(Backstory) So I just started playing with my group for the first time (I’m the DM) and about six sessions in I decide that one of the NPCs who likes the group is going to give them their very first magic item (pretty much all of my players are new to DnD so I felt like it was a pretty cool moment)

He gives them a Bag of Holding, the group’s in a tavern, trying to figure out it’s limits and what-not.

Dwarf Cleric: I climb inside the bag!

DM (Me): Okay. It acts as a black pocket dimension. Feels kinda like infinite nothingness

Half-Orc Paladin: I pick up the bag and shake it a bunch!

Me: Alright. Dwarf, you feel no moment. You’re still just in a pocket dimension, unaffected

(Dwarf is let out of the bag)

Half-Orc: I wanna buy 7 pints of ale at the bar… Wait, what happens to liquid in the bag?

Me: You dunno. You could test it out!

Half-Orc: Okay. Here, Dwarf, pour this in

Half-Orc hands Dwarf one pint of ale

Dwarf, without a moment of hesitation: Thanks!!

Dwarf IMMEDIATELY downs the drink in one. Room explodes with laughter

if the sky could dream 

[mike wheeler x reader]

author’s note: been wanting to write this but just didn’t know how to go about it, kinda happy w/ how it turned out tho. i love writing the boys so much, they’re the perfect practice for writing a conversation involving multiple people 

word count: 1,671

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you know, if everything had gone to plan, Kara would have been in her mid-40′s by the start of the series (she was 13 when she left, around 20 years were spent in stasis, then another 12 years from when she got to Earth to when the series started).

So, when Astra saw the news circulating that picture of a girl who’s young, brown hair, and just flew a plane on her back, did she think Kara, or did she think Kara’s daughter?