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Being shy and Snape being protective of you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! AAAWWW SNAPE 😍Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him realizing how easily you’d get shy and blush whenever someone would approach you, especially when people would bug you and since feeling like it is his duty to keep anyone bothering you away from you

-Him reading your thoughts to figure out what you need whenever he notices you hesitating, only to surprise you as he’d handed it to you without saying a word

-Him knowing how compliant and obedient you truly are and because of that keeping a close eye on you just to always come at the right moment to save you from Umbridge or anyone trying to take advantage of you

-Him being oddly kind to you in class and always walking by you just to give you the answer to any questioning you might have about his lessons, simply because he could tell it from the look in your eyes

-Him putting himself in front of you whenever someone would try to pressure you into doing something you’re uncomfortable with, only to glare down at them and make them leave you alone

-Him having no problem to threaten anyone that has tried to make fun of you for anything and being utterly blunt about what he’d do to them if that ever happened again

-Him showing you his approval by patting your back and giving you a word of praise, whenever you’d succeed greatly whether it be in his class or another or in anything you have always wanted

-Him letting you make potions and study as much as you want in his chambers, knowing how much you need some time alone from people and always making sure no one comes in to bother you

-Him trying his best to comfort you by slowly reaching over to your hand to hold it whenever he’d notice you being nervous or uncomfortable, only for it to make you laugh as you could feel him being just as nervous

-Him telling you that you shouldn’t change yourself for the sake of others but rather be comfortable with who you are, only to make you tear up and hug him out of nowhere

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Cannot understand Ne

I’ll try and reconstruct the ask I got this morning before tumblr… ate my post? =P

The person said as a Ni-dom, they found it hardest to “understand” Ne, out of all the functions, and asked me how it “feels” as a Ne-dom.

(Gif: Jo March, Little Women. ENFP.)

It feels like being handed the answer a short time before I need it. For example, if my mother and I are watching a mystery together, she guesses everyone – she is actively engaged in “figuring out the puzzle,” whereas I just take in information and then say, “It’s the gardener, but I don’t know why yet,” and sure enough, at the end, it’s the gardener. Or another example: it took me five minutes (a friend was timing me, though I didn’t know it at the time) to figure out the ending of Shutter Island the first and only time I watched it. I just took in information, my Ne connected it to a potential outcome pattern, and I spit out the right answer.

When writing fiction, my Ne seems to weave a tapestry without me being fully conscious of the process; I can trust that I do not have to “analyze” or “figure out” things until I get there, because Ne will present the solution. It is very good at handing me short-term things, which weave into a much larger arc, without me needing to think about that larger arc or focus on figuring the larger arc out. Sometimes, it feeds me new, and better ideas to replace older ones.

Starting out on a recent project, I knew this person was going to do this. But a few chapters in, another character appeared out of nowhere, which Ne decided would not only change a motivation and make the plot stronger, but also enable me to allow another character to resolve an emotional dilemma. It’s like my subconscious perceived a gap, and found a character that can fulfill four different purposes, then presented me with that character; and about two pages in, it told me, “Here’s how it all connects, we’ll fill in the details as we go.” Ne often gives me just enough ideas to extend a couple of chapters ahead; then when I get to the end of the book I can see a central theme that I was not thinking about building – Ne just… built it for me.

I “intuit” without any need to “do” internal processing; the answer comes to me, when asked. I need not internally think, in order to form an intuitive conclusion or perception, and it often has a short term purpose behind it. In common terms, it means someone can say, “Why does ___ act like that?” and even if I have not thought about it much, I can subconsciously take what I know about them, what I know of psychology, and their type, and spit out an answer that makes sense and could be correct (and often IS right).

When I suspect I am right, having read between the lines with someone, I will “test” my theory by presenting them with a chance to say what I think is true; an open invitation (it’s never direct or rude or straightforward, but I’m always after confirmation that my “hunch” is right) to destroy or prove my suspicions. Sometimes, I am not sure, but have a “sense” that someone is “off” (and later, I’ll find out this or that about them, which is what I was sensing, but I had no name for it).

Ne is also very good at short term discernment, which a judging function can then use to “make plans,” but Ne is also good at revising, abandoning, and switching around those plans when it gets there, without needing any time to process, step back, or analyze the situation beyond what the immediate possibilities are. This is because Ne is never “fixed” on a single idea or solution; it is open to revision and challenges do not stump it, because there’s always a work-around. I might set out with a vision of ‘this,’ and then when it becomes evident ‘this’ is not happening, switch to ‘that.’

Ne also tends to sometimes present me with the ‘best’ idea the first time through; that may not stop me from testing out six other ways to do or accomplish it, but I sometimes wind up back at my original idea because Ne found ‘the best one’ quickly. And that may be the strength of Ne – finding ‘the best idea,’ while being willing to try out all the other ideas, too.

In short, Ne and Ni do much the same thing in terms of feeding someone intuitive perceptions / insights into situations, people, events, etc. But since Ne is an outward facing function, taking in and processing information as it goes, Ne sometimes reaches a solution quicker, and then holds that strong in their mind while other ideas / possibilities surface (often, a distraction). Ne is typically better at short-term insights (this will lead to that, and here’s how I avoid it) but does have a tendency to think in futuristic terms (though with less “vision” than Ni; often a Ne does not want to shift in a particular direction, but makes decisions based on “keeping my future options open”).

Think of Ne as an instant intuitive processor excellent at immediate results.

- ENFP Mod


So I spent a lot of time trying to figure out this Dean’s reaction because to me there’s something more than just sadness here.

I watched this gif for hours wondering what was there other than the obvious sadness of listening to his best friend’s dying speech.

And then it became clear to me. There are two things more. The first thing I identified was a thought that I have a hard time defining, but basically it means “this doesn’t fit”. The way Dean blinks at the same time he looks away, to me it seems like in his head he says “this doesn’t fit here, now”. Like if Castiel had to say ILY, it shouldn’t be when he’s dying. As if Dean expected him to say it but in other circumstances.

I highly doubt Dean (or Sam for that matter) realized that Castiel loved him (them) at this moment. After everything they’ve been through, everything Cas did for them, it wasn’t a surprise when Cas voiced it out. There is no surprise or realisation in this scene. There is just “I wasn’t supposed to hear it like this”.

The second feeling I found was guilt. Not guilt of Castiel dying, but guilt because Castiel needed to say it before dying. It truly mattered to Cas to say ILY to Dean & Sam (& Mary, though I still don’t understand how he could have developed as strong feelings for her as for the boys in such little time). Castiel needed them to know, to truly know by hearing it explicitely before he wouldn’t have the chance anymore.

Well Dean feels guilty for that, because that means that Castiel doesn’t understand or even know how much he & Sam value him. He didn’t show Cas enough how much he means to him (& Sam as well), because otherwise Castiel wouldn’t have that need to say ILY. This is a continuation of season 11: Castiel thought it was better to let Lucifer in, even if it could kill him, & Dean felt this guilt already then, that’s why he told Cas at the end of season 11 “we don’t show it much because we have a lot to think about but you’re like a brother to us”.

But words, for a million yo celestial being that heard so many of them, they don’t mean as much as intended. And to me that’s why Dean made Cas his mixtape right after. We don’t know when he did it & maybe it was before that but I don’t think so. Dean needed to show Castiel how important he is to him with actions… with a gift. The mixtape scene is the implied “I love you too” from Dean.

So to me that’s what Dean’s reaction means. Sadness yes, but also guilt because Castiel shouldn’t feel the need to say it while dying, & it’s Dean’s fault if he feels it. And Castiel shouldn’t be saying these three magic words while dying. It feels wrong.

Again, hands so much down to Jensen who, even though it’s maybe not what he tried to play, made all these little subtle things that give us so much to analyse

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maybe the NH thing means a new song soon? or he's just trying to mess with us because he knows we'll go into so much depth trying to figure it out, and then in the near future he'll post "oh it was literally me initials" like the brat he is

im gonna say probs the messing with us haha. he is a brat agreed. haha. i want him to put it on a shirt tho so i can buy 100

also! its njh which someone pointed out to me. the j is sideways!

“My English is not good.  Spoken English is very difficult.  But I want to study at Columbia so I am trying to improve.  I decided to come to America because of Forrest Gump.  I’ve watched the movie five times.  I like Forrest very much.  Forrest is very simple.  He picks one thing, and he keeps going.  When I was young, I thought Forrest was stupid.  But now I have a different view.  I think people are too complicated.  They complain about everything.  Forrest never complains.  Forrest chooses one thing and he keeps going.  I watched the movie last month to encourage me.  My life is hard because people don’t ever know what I’m saying.  But I just think of Forrest.  Forrest figured everything out because he just kept going.”

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws are known for their extremely dry humor, and they are almost always the ones that crack the extremely sarcastic jokes and everyone around them stops and stares at them for a moment to try and figure out if they were serious or not.

Things that are Known and Accepted in the ARMS universe but never Questioned:

  • There are ninjas and a Ninja College/University
  • One ninja decides to join an international sports competition as his Senior Project
  • People aren’t born with ARMS but instead just ‘wake up’ one day and have them
  • One boy decides to join an international sports competition after he wakes up with them and says “I was shocked at first, but they’re pretty rad.”
  • Nobody knows where ARMS originated or why people get them and any attempts at trying to figure it out are thwarted by an invisible force
  • An international corporation accidentally creates a synthetic being while trying to solve this mystery
  • The synthetic being decides to join an international sports competition
  • A long dead man wakes up as a un-dead mummy
  • The un-dead mummy decides to join an international sports competition to try and find his lost (and assumed also dead) family
  • There are security bots that have robot dog companions
  • A security bot and his robot dog companion decide to join an international sports competition as a single fighter and it’s allowed
  • An A-List actress decides to join an international sports competition using her hair as ARMS
  • Snakeboarding
  •  A Snakeboarder decides to join an international sports competition that isn’t Snakeboarding to increase the viewership of his live-streams
  •  Snakeboarding live-streams
  • A young girl genius builds a mech-suit for the purpose of joining an international sports competition like her favorite pop-star idol
  • One of the competitors in an international sports competition is a pop idol singer
  • A girl with noodle ARMS decides join an international sports competition to promote her parents’ ramen shop 

i’ve been having this constant dream for months about superman saying something that surprisingly nobody agrees with so batman and green lantern bond over their mutual distaste on the matter nodding together across the room, and i couldn’t figure where i knew this moment from because i was certain it was from a comic, i was losing my mind trying to find which justice league issue it was, and today i found out it was just this gif

Reaction - BTS - Talking Dirty

PROMPT: BTS’ reaction to you whispering something dirty to them while in public with the other guys.

I hope you all enjoy!~



(”I need you so badly, Kookie”)

He’d sigh in immediate frustration and turn his head to look at you, he hated how you knew exactly how to get his hormones rushing. For a few seconds he’d just stare and try to decide what he was gonna do, before looking away proudly. “Of course you do” he’d whisper back with a slight tint on his cheek, you were definitely in for a treat later though.

JK: “Ahh, baby why do you do this to me..”

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(”Can’t we go home sooner? I have a surprise for you~”)

He instantly knew what you were trying to do, making him giggle at you. “Oh yeah?” he’d teasingly say back, he quickly tried to figure out how to respond with something clever. His grin grew wider after you had replied. Maybe it was a grin of disbelief of how an amazing partner he’d gotten, or a grin of defeat because he knew he’d give in easily if you continued.

TH: “I’m gonna lose it they’re so perfect"

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(”Baby~ I want you…”)

A small gasp could be heard from him, one thing was very obvious about Jimin, he was weak to dirty talk. He turned and looked at you before biting his lip, eyes softly squinted. “Really?” he’d half-whisper out before looking around to see if the others payed attention to you two. After confirmation he’d smile to himself and wrap an arm around your waist proudly.

JM: “I’m so excited for tonight, jagiya”

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“Oh?” He’d quickly look up at you and smile, “is that so, baby?” he’d pretend you had said something completely different, mostly to conceal how much he’d want to go home at that moment. Mostly to save face from the others he’d pretend like nothing, but if you continued you would probably get your way.

NJ: “You are in so so much trouble, baby”

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(”Can’t we go home babe?.. I need you”)

He’d hum in satisfaction and look at you with a small smile. “You need me?” he’d say without caring if the others heard, making you shush him, making him smirk widely. “Isn’t it warm?” he’d say to the others and pull on his shirt, showing off his collarbones, teasing you with a grin on his lips.

HS: “This could be fun”

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(”Babe, I’m dripping for you..”)

Much like Namjoon he’d pretend like you said something completely else, but with a more cold feeling. “Oh really?” he’d stare at you, not amused with what you were trying to do, he’d tell you off once you’d gotten home. Before fucking you hard as punishment. 

Yg: “Really, baby? I can’t believe you”

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(”Can we go somewhere else?”)

He’d smirk proudly to himself before blushing. “You’re so needy” he’d kinda laugh out quietly before kissing you sweetly. After a few minutes he’d come back to the subject, “So you wanna get out of here?” he’d grin at you and nod towards the door.

SJ: “Let me think about it”

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WELCOME BACK TO ME, thank you. 
(Sorry this took so long, but I have tonsillitis and I’m sufferin’)


Day 18: I used one layer because I’m a lazy person. Also, inspired by this post!

thanks @crypticdatesuggestions for the amazing text posts!

“Date the girl with wings ten times too big for her slender, fragile-looking form, that looks like it could shatter like glass at any moment. Date the girl who bleeds rich black India ink when she’s cut, and who’s sketchbooks are full of beautiful illustrations etched in her own blood. Date the girl who’s eyes are sharp and cold, but when she looks at you, soften, and grow so warm it feels like standing next to a bonfire when she looks you in the eye.”

ADHD is not “being hyper all the time.”
Why do people think that?

Sometimes it’s being unable to focus.
Sometimes it’s focusing too hard on the wrong thing.

Sometimes it’s thinking so quickly that your mouth can’t keep up so you trip over your words, and restarting takes a few minutes because your brain needs to backtrack to figure out what you were trying to say in the first place.

Sometimes it’s forgetting things easily or remembering the most random thing possible.

It’s more than just bouncing the Leg™ or fidgeting.

The H in ADHD is not dominant. It’s there, yeah, but it kinda shares the burden with the other aspects of the disorder.

Then again it sucks anyways, so yeah.

ADHD is not “constantly hyper.”

you know, if everything had gone to plan, Kara would have been in her mid-40′s by the start of the series (she was 13 when she left, around 20 years were spent in stasis, then another 12 years from when she got to Earth to when the series started).

So, when Astra saw the news circulating that picture of a girl who’s young, brown hair, and just flew a plane on her back, did she think Kara, or did she think Kara’s daughter?

Ah Hogwarts, the beautiful castle on the beautiful hill, perfectly decorated for the spring dance. Students milling about- Why, I do believe I see Molly Prewett over there! Hello, Molly Prewett!

Don’t you look nice!

Are you ready to have a good time, Molly?

I’ll bet you are. And- My goodness, is that Arthur Weasley over by the punch bowl?

Why yes, Molly, he does look nice.

And are you going to ask Arthur to dance tonight, Molly?

That’s a little too scary for you, huh, Molly?

Well, would you like to dance with him, if he asked you to?

How are you going to get Arthur to ask you to dance, Molly?

Why, Molly Prewett, are you going to bust your best moves, in the hopes that Arthur will spot you across the dance floor, be overwhelmed by his love for you, and take you in his arms in a fit of passion?

Get it, girl.

…He doesn’t appear to be noticing, Molly.

Your flower just landed in the punch bowl, Molly. Now he’s trying to figure out where the flower came from.

It isn’t working, Molly. You may need to do more.

No good.

That one only really works when your partner is looking at you, Molly.

It’s safe to say that that’s not working for anybody, Molly.

You’ll not get a dance with Arthur Weasley if you do the twist, Molly. Be bold! Shake your groove thing!

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pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst

word count: 1,186

description: “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

note: I kind of decided to start this out of the blue. There are days when I want to write, but I don’t necessarily know what, so that’s why I’m starting this. They won’t be everyday or on a schedule, just purely to test out different aus and such. But yeah, hope you guys enjoy!  ♡ 


It had been exactly two hours and twenty-seven minutes of torturous silence.

The only sound that managed to break through was the low hum of the car engine as the landscape turned into miles and miles of endless trees lining both sides of the road. Not even the radio was playing in an attempt to stunt the pained thoughts that you couldn’t seem to stop from cycling through your mind.

One more day. That’s it. That’s all you have left together.

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“Why doesn’t he care?” 4.0

Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

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Y/N’s p.o.v

When Hoseok got here he bombarded me with questions from left to right. 

“How the hell did you manage to get into a car accident and why the hell are you in a fucking wheelchair Y/N Y/L/N?!” he practically shouted, it was always scarier when Hobi, the usual ray of sunshine shout. 

“I was driving the other day and this guy ran a red light and hit my side of the car.” I confessed.

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College Boy

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 1311

Prompt: Harry wants a shot at a normal life so he attends Northeastern University, but it’s harder than he thinks. The friends he made just want fame, and the other hardly look at him. But then he meets her, Y/N, and she wants nothing to do with the a-list celebrity.

Cole and Dylan Sprouse did it, Emma Watson, Amy Pohler, they all went to college, and Harry wanted to as well. He wanted the experience of something normal for once, he wanted to be able to say he graduated, he wanted his family to come to a graduation. When the news broke out everyone went crazy trying to figure out where he was going, and Harry got accepted everywhere. But he wanted to succeed he wanted to go to a school he knew was right from him, which was far from Harvard, but it also wasn’t community college. He wanted a roommate, he wanted to live in a dorm, attend the dreadful eight ams, and have RA’s. So he picked Northeastern University, still the top best, but no Harvard.

Harry was thankful for his roommate, Nick. Nick didn’t care at all about who Harry was. Nick spent most of his time in the library or in the room studying, he hardly spoke to Harry. Nick had a plan, two years at Northeastern and then Harvard. Nick made it clear that he didn’t want parties or girls coming in and out every night and Harry promised he would be as normal as possible, but Nick just scoffed.

It wasn’t easy for Harry and he wondered how everyone else did it. Students watched him, took pictures, videos, whispered, they just kept following him around, and Harry hated it. He found it difficult to make friends, the ones he did make wanted fame, and the other kept away. He couldn’t seem to find someone who wanted to actually sit and talk with him.

Nick had been holding a study group in their room so Harry grabbed his bag and made his way to the library. It was quiet and as soon as he walked in he saw a couple phones point his way. He huffed and made his way to the back where there were small cubicles. He pulled a chair back and pulled out his laptop. Texts from Jeff and Nick quickly popped up.

Nick: How’s the college life, join a frat yet?

Jeff: Do you miss the studio yet?

Nick: I love you but this is just insane why are you doing this?

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Someone just brought it to my attention that maybe Cole was talking about being whipped over another girl.
I’m going to address this for the people doubting SH right now.
Firstly, it’s no secret that I’m part of team “Sprousehart is 100% something more than friends”. I refuse to label them as boyfriend and girlfriend yet because I don’t know the exact status of their relationship, but I’m certain they’re either together, casually dating, lovers, or taking it slow, while trying to figure out what they mean to each other. But there is no denying that the way these two crazy kids behave around each other is a lot lot more than just friendship.

Here’s the real point I want to make: when a boy says “I’m whipped” it means he is in love so deep that he is willing to do anything for his partner. Side note: People usually talk about being whipped if there is dating involved. Now, with Cole’s comment, we are to assume that there is currently a special lady who has a very strong hold on his heart - someone he does a lot for.
At Paleyfest, Lili admitted that when she asked Cole to take her to Antelope Valley, and photograph her, he didn’t hesitate to say yes. He was all like, “Yeah, let’s do it”. Cole deleted the daddy poll because Lili didn’t win, and we all know he wanted her to. (I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did vote for her a lot.) Lili has been taking up photography lately - who do you think is teaching her? Who do you think got her the camera? Honestly, it’s right there in front of us all in plain sight. Cole has admitted on numerous occasions that his worst habit is interrupting people, which he’s proven to be true many times. But at Wondercon he let Lili speak in all their interviews without interfering; he let her shine on her own, and he only chimed in when he noticed she was getting tongue tied or needed him to finish her sentences. There’s a lot more proof I can provide, but this post will be never ending if I do. So for now I’ll leave you with all these sweet moments to ponder over. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, Cole’s behaviour towards Lili screams WHIPPED!

If Cole was, hypothetically speaking, referring to another girl when he said he’s whipped then I feel sorry for her, whoever she is, because the way he looks at Lili, talks about Lili and acts around Lili is exactly how someone in love behaves. He looks at her like she is magic. He doesn’t seem to know the meaning of personal space when standing near her. He can’t help but smile every time their eyes meet (she does this, too). He makes countless sex comments about her & around her, and even when she’s not around, “I was excited … it was great.”
I’m sorry, but whoever this other (clearly non-existent) mystery girl is, she must be sitting at home right now fuming because her “bae” seems to spend most of his time boasting about Lili and how great she is to do love scenes with. ;) Also, if there was another girl in his life, I doubt she’d be happy with him going out for breakfast with Lili, and then spending the entire day together, and then finishing the night with a romantic dinner for two. For those of you who don’t know, yes, Cole and Lili spent the whole day from morning till night last week, then they just “mysteriously” fell off the face of the earth for the entire weekend. Jeez, I wonder why? 🤔
Also, I don’t see Cole posting heart eyes emojis on any other females’ photos. I also don’t see his very over protective brother, Dylan, following any of his female model friends everyone seems to worry about.
Their obvious body language, and lack of personal space, their constant heart eyes to each other, their flirty banter, their ridiculous chemistry, their continuous smiles every time they look at each other, their flustered faces whenever they know people are on to them is just way too real and intense to ignore.

How anyone can think Cole meant another girl is beyond me. The guy is hopelessly in love with Lili. And if she didn’t reciprocate his feelings, I can assure you she would have dismissed him a long time ago, and not be spending nights at his house, and going out on dates with him for an entire day.
Whatever is going on between them is mutual. ❤️

begin again (m)

Summary: As a new professor at Hogwarts, you knew separating your present and your past within the walls was an important distinction to maintain your respectability. But finding out that your coworker was your schoolgirl crush for five years hadn’t been part of the plan.
Pairing: Hoseok | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Smut; Harry Potter AU
Word Count: 13,788
Author’s Note: Took advantage of some Hoseok feelings I’ve been suffering from as of late and decided to pair it with my Harry Potter AUs!!!! Once again, tagging @chokemejimin who has asked to tagged in my HP works!! Hope you like it! 


There’s a saying that goes around that often relates to the idea that people, places, or things that were once daunting and terrifying gradually start to become less intimidating with the help of time, growth, maturity—all those things you never believed would happen to you. After all, who wants to welcome the idea of growing old with opened arms?

You remember being seventeen and witnessing what you had believed would be the last sight you would ever get of Hogwarts, the comforting walls that housed seven years of your childhood, seven years worth of secrets, friendships, youth, innocence, and a desperation to chase after something you didn’t quite know about yet. Being as young and naive and indecisive as you were, it would have been difficult to comprehend the idea of returning, if returning to Hogwarts was something you even thought to consider in the first place. It never was.

It’s funny how much you had a tendency to return back to the place that reminded you most of home. Despite the history behind its walls, the war across the campus, Hogwarts remains consistent and peaceful and traditional. Unlike your very first day at eleven years old, you brush in through the doors of Hogwarts with a grace of familiarity. No longer do the tall walls that seem to stretch out to the ceiling terrify you and no longer do the endless corridors frighten you. You’re no longer a student who perhaps did not know any better. You’ve returned as a professor, just a little bit older and just a little bit wiser.

The baggage handle curled around your fingertips feel as if they’re growing heavier and heavier the longer you find yourself making your way through the outside courtyard of the school, towards the castle, trying to make your way to the new quarters you had been gifted with as a new educator of the institute. In spite of the struggle, it’s hard to keep the bounce out of your step, the smile across your features, because although returning back to the rooms of your past is not something you would have elected to spend your career under, it’s a new whole sensation approaching Hogwarts and knowing that you would get to do something and invest your time in something you were always particularly passionate about.

You’re just reaching the front steps of the school, before a voice calls out to you, striking a chord of familiarity in your heart as you let the tone sink into your mind and rummage through the archives of your brain. “Hey, you need some help with that?”

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