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Kiss Me

Request: hiya !! i was wondering if you could do an imagine based off of the song “kiss me” by ed sheeran? maybe peter and the reader have been dating a while and are being all cuddly n stuff and he’s suddenly like “wow i’m so in love w u” and blurts it out or something idk?? lots of fluff and cuteness pls. thank you sm !! love your writing :))

A/N: I know I should be writing Dead Serious part 4 but I just got extreme block on that one so I figured i’d try and fill out some of my other requests. AND LMAO I HAVEN’T WRITTEN ANYTHING IN A MILLION YEARS AND HERE I AM. NOT WRITING THE THINGS I SAID I WOULD WRITE. But yikes, sorry it’s short.

This is based off this Ed Sheeran song

Word count: 933

Warnings: N/A


Honestly, Peter Parker was one of your favourite people. He WAS your favourite person.

He was also your boyfriend and the love of your life.

You and Peter were doing what you usually did on Saturday mornings, sit on the couch watching cartoons in your pjs.

Your parents would never let you spend the night so you would wake up early in the morning, usually before 6am, and make your way to Peter’s apartment.

As soon as you got there, you would let yourself in (with the extra key Peter gave you for events just like this) and crawl into bed with Peter.

This morning was no different.

You groaned when your alarm went off, boy did you love Peter but waking pat 5:30am every Saturday morning was a lot.

You rolled out of bed, grabbed your phone, and went to the bathroom.

You stood in front of the mirror, brushing your teeth. Your hair was sticking up every which way, and there were bags under your eyes.

“God, the things I do for you, Parker,” you muttered to yourself.

You grabbed your keys and marched out the door.

You shivered when you got to the streets. There was a light layer of snow coating the ground.

Damn, why do I never think to look out the window?

You wrapped your arms around you and trudged through the streets, your shoes making a crunching sound with each step.

It took you only five minutes (of complete and utter shivering) to reach Peter’s apartment building.

You looked at your watch, 5:50am, way too early, even if you were heading to see your boyfriend.

You slowly made your way up the stairs of Peter’s apartment building, pulling out the keys and made your best attempts to quietly open the front door.

You dropped the keys on the table and slipped your shoes off.

When you got to Peter’s bedroom, you opened the door and made sure the door didn’t make any noise when you closed it behind you.

Peter’s back was to you, he was on his side facing the wall.

You came up behind him, lifting the covers, and sliding in beside him.

You placed a kiss on the back of his neck, and wrapped your arms around him.

Peter stirred and rolled deeper into his pillow.

“Peter, baby,” you whispered.

Peter groaned into his pillow.

“No, Y/N, it’s too early,” he whined


Peter rolled over and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. You moved your arm around Peter so you were tracing lines along his back. You moved your other hand up towards Peter’s head, running your fingers through his curls.

“You’re so cold,” he said, placing a kiss on your neck.

“It snowed,” you said

“And you walked here? Darling, you should have told me, I would have come to yours,”

“You know I love snow, it’s okay,”

Peter was silent, his breathing slowed.

“I need more sleep,” he said quietly.

“Let’s go back to sleep baby, please,” Peter continued.

You pressed a kiss to Peter’s forehead and soon you were both lulled into a light sleep.

A few hours later you woke up in Peter’s arms, your legs tangled together.

“Baby are you awake?” Peter asked.

“Yes, love” you said

Peter leaned over and placed a light kiss on your lips.

“God, Peter, you have the worst morning breath,”

“No, you love me,” he said, kissing you again.

“I do love you, but I don’t love the taste you’re leaving on my lips,”

“But Y/N,” he whined.

“You want to kiss me, you can go brush your teeth,”

“You’re lucky I love you,” he muttered, climbing over you, making his way to the bathroom.

When Peter returned, you had moved to where he had been lying before she could easily climb back into bed with you.

Peter smiled when he saw you.

“Is that my sweater?” He asked.

“It was cold last night and this was the only thing I had lying around close enough so I didn’t have to get out of bed,”

Peter laughed and lied down next to you, bringing you back into his arms.

You were silent for a while, Peter running his hands through our hair.

“I can’t believe you get up at 5:30 in the morning just so you can see me,”

“I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while, I really only come for the pancakes May makes for breakfast,”

Peter laughed and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“I’m so in love with you,” he said softly.

You smiled and leaned further into his chest, wrapping your arms tightly around him.

“5am doesn’t matter to me all that much, i’d never sleep if it meant spending time with you,”

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theformallynamedblog  asked:

I am not the person who asked for deaf Taehyung but i was wondering if you could make a little drabble where u 2 meet and u know a little sign language but once Taehyung starts rapid fire signing ur like lmao boy pls I'm not that good. N while u r trying to sign Taehyung just thinks it's really cute how hard you are trying n refusing to let his friend/interpreter Jimin help you

It’s a pleasant and warm afternoon on a Saturday with one of the things on your list to take a time out by a cafe. However, the walk there was a little… something out of the ordinary than you were used to.

You see a guy struggling to get his message across with his hands, a raging man opposite him raising his voice every possible second and scaring any passersby. When you pause for a moment to see that it’s sign language, of which you understand a part of, you’re making your way over to hopefully resolve the problem.

He’s lost out of his mind, only struggling so much to sign anything he could possibly think of that you’re able to pick up the sentence of I didn’t steal!

Your reflexes are quick to come in between the pair of them and it confuses them to keep quiet (on the other side, at least). Hands coming up to offer as a way to show you mean no harm, you vocalize it to a man that’s about to turn red (borderline purple), “Sir, I think he’s either deaf or a mute and he’s using sign language to talk to you,”

Even though he’s pissed, he’s levelheaded to ask: “W-What is he saying, then?”

Mustering up any bit of memory you have with sign language, you manage to ask him what happen?

I saw his wallet drop. I tried to return it to him but then he shout at me. Called me a liar, thief.

With an inkling of what he meant, you face the man and explain what you understand: “Sir, he saw your wallet fall and he was only trying to return it to you. He wasn’t stealing from you,”

“…oh,” You only offer him an awkward smile, reaching out to pat his shoulder as he rubs the back of his neck, “Could you help me say I’m sorry?”


Digging in the parts of your mind for what the heck sorry signs as, you remember it after a couple of seconds to sign to him: he said sorry.

It’s ok.

“He said it’s fine,”

“Thank you, by the way,”

“It’s nothing,”

Said guy greets you a nice day and heads on his way, making sure to wave goodbye to someone he almost ran down with his words and voice earlier. Luckily, he has some sense in him to realize he’s in the wrong and - “Yes?”

You can barely catch up with what he’s trying to say, hands moving in a speed where in the beginning you decipher a thank you but soon after it’s an act of not knowing a single thing he’s saying. There’s hints of gratitude with relief here and there but altogether, you’re a goner if you’re trying to interpret what he says. At least on the bright side… he’s cute?

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you just - oh my god,” You finally realize he’s deaf, which is why he can’t hear a single word you’re saying and let’s just say your mind has gone blank to remember what slow down or wait is. Your fingers clamp in front of you, hoping for someone or something to help and apparently help is nearby when - “Hey!”

You look over his shoulder to see someone jogging up to the both of you and upon reaching, it seems like it’s someone this stranger knows when his tensed shoulders sag down.

“What’re you doing?”

His curt tone sends you to step back and it elicits a small wince from the guy who hasn’t stopped signing since he said his thanks. The two of them sign back and forth, communicating before you and it’s not long until - “You helped him?”

“…I guess,”

“He said you understand sign language. Really?”

“I know a bit here and there. Luckily I understood the words he used,”

“Thank you so much, miss…?”

“Y/N,” You offer your hand, with a small smile and he accepts it, “I’m Jimin and this is Taehyung. He’s-”

“Deaf. I think I picked up on it earlier,”

“Ah, so-”Jimin gets interrupted when Taehyung tugs on his shoulder, only to quickly send a message to make him-”Really? You can barely talk to her and you want me to tell her she’s cute?”

You can tell they’re both so close, Taehyung doesn’t even need to see the sign version of what Jimin had just said. Grabbing onto Jimin’s arm to shake it with a frown, Taehyung’s version to say please?

Jimin only rolls his eyes, turning to you, “He thinks you’re cute,”

“I heard it the first time,”

“Hey, um, this might be a little sudden but I think Mr. Cassanova over here wants to get to know you so is it okay if we have coffee?”

You look at Taehyung look at Jimin and when you make eye contact, it’s endearing how he wants to look at you but shies away by hanging his head low to the ground. Chuckling, you nod, “Sure I mean, I was already planning to have some so why not?”

From there, Jimin signs something to Taehyung that lifts the corners of Taehyung’s mouth into a grin, automatically doing the same to yours and Jimin at the sight of this domino effect.

((you’re really pretty, y/n.

thank you, taehyung.

you’re welcome.

“this is going to be one hell of a love story.”))

voretomb  asked:

what tips do u have for beginner producers? whats the best way to get the word around about their music?

i cant rlly give advice on that aspect since i spent my whole vocaloid existence trying to avoid getting popular LMAO 

otherwise i guess just go for it? i know a lot of beginners get too worried abt first impressions but honestly just go with the flow and have fun with it, things will work out a lot better long-term if you dont get in the habit of stressing out over being perfect ahaha

anonymous asked:

I take hour buses everyday, they are fun aren't they? :''') Ah what's a habit you like from all VIXX members? ~Riri

It’s interesting….sometimes you meet the strangest people
Ooooo ok

N: the little jumping dance he does when he’s excited or waiting around for something. It’s kinda like he’s doing v subtle ballet and it’s so cute. Also the little neck chops heh. Also the whole Robin thing where he looks like a bird when he eats?? His mouth is so cute it really looks like a beak I’m crying. When he rests his hands on another members thigh or just touches them while they talk and watches them ;;_;; (esp Ken kill me)

Leo: lip biting? Tbh I hate it bc it gives me pain but I also love it do you see my dilema. Also the hair flip thing. Also not really something I like lol but that thing where he fidgets w his ear piercings when talking. When he stares off into space and looks like a little kid aaa. Head fairy is always cute ;o; when he finds something funny and looks at the other members to see if they saw it too. Using the others as furniture lol

Ken: kitty mouth kitty mouthhh. His lips curl sometimes like he’s not really smiling it just DOES it and it’s so cute ahhh…wait are these habits I’m not sure. When he smiles so brightly while telling stupid jokes and tries not laugh but he’s excited to tell it and then he gets happier when the members laugh at his dumb joke AAAAAA

ravi: eyebrowssss they’re so expressive when he talks just all over the place. Also when he talks for a long time his eyes are not on the camera usually they’re looking around (and the eyebrows are everywhere) and he’ll kinda rub his shoulders (I think he’s shy aw). When he laughs he covers his mouth with his fist and his cheeks crinkle :’) I’m not sure these are habits or just things their bodies do I’m sorry lol

Hongbin: cringebin omg when he literally folds in on himself from pure embarrassment it’s so cute. (Also hongbin has such an attractive laugh curse him it really brings me back to hongbin stan days) he also does this thing where he flicks at his ears when he’s embarrassed bc they get red?? And he’s trying to make them not red idk it’s cute. The little stomping he does when he cringes too lmao it’s so cute. Also when he’s laughing so hard and all his shark teeth can be seen ;u;

Hyuk: MY BABY. HE’S SO CUTE. When hyukkie talks it’s the cutest thing ever I think he tries really hard to annunciate so his lips push out a lot and he makes a pouty face thing idk y know what I mean we all suffer bc of it. When he looks into the camera and blinks. Just when he blinks in general his eyes are so pretty. When something is funny ot Jaehwan says something dumb his face breaks out into such a stupid grin and he has this high pitched giggle it’s so cute I’m cry. When he boop he nose. He also sniffles and rubs his nose a lot gross but it’s ok bc it’s him. When he smiles he has those little lip dimples idk what the heck they r but they’re cute. Also his face is literally
-w- I’m cry.

Ok I think I deviated from the actual question but this was fun thank you :D

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Can u stop benging for money & go work instead

I literally recently got fired and I’m trying my best to apply for new jobs, graduate, complete everyone’s birth charts that they paid for, and cope with my bipolar disorder amongst other things lmao I really don’t have time to type out this full ass sarcastic think piece like I’m 17 and I’ve been both removed from my house and hospitalized for my mental illness twice, I don’t know what the future holds so my grades and mental health are falling and I’m just a whole damn mess so if your bitter ass doesn’t want to help you can kindly take yourself out of my inbox
PayPal: marsthehumanbeing@gmail.com
Venmo: @marsthemuhfuckinplanet
Cash app: @mutatedmango

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Sorry if you've addressed this already >A< but I have a question about your Stuco vs Deli AU. What's the relationship between the second years? (I have this whole headcanon about it like, Kotori is trying to get them back together so they can all be best buddies again) Did Honoka and Umi have a falling out and split or...? Did they not have a past together? (Childhood friends and all) I dunno but I've been making a bunch of headcanons about this Bc I love this AU sm! ^^

Poor Kotori.

starrrwars  asked:

The fact, you've had to tell people and explain why writing child porn is bad, is fucking astounding. You're doing a great thing naming these people because no matter what they try and argue, it is toxic, illegal, morally reprehensible and could very possibly be used as manipulation/grooming tool for minors. Well done, and I hope no shitty people try to bother you about this.

LMAO I KNOW what year are we living in – and thank u so much omg. i never used to believe in call out culture but ugh, sometimes it just has to be done. i hope no one bothers me either. maybe they wont now that i’m calling out by name xD

i’m finally sitting down to write this. are u guys ready.

here is the story of how nearly everyone in the karasuno vball team started playing neko atsume and how everything goes wrong but then okay

(note: i kinda forgot to mention ennoshita, kinoshita, and narita so please know that they are there i just Suck™) also i know some of them have flip phones but to make this easier let’s just say they all have smartphones 👍

another note: the only ship that is explicitly stated here is tsukkiyama lmao (it’s not rly a big part of the story but i had to do it srry). u can see other ships mb if ya squint

this ended up being way longer than i thought so i’m putting most of it under the cut ok cool here we go

  • it starts with kenma. he gets the app first bc it looks cute n he likes cats so why not
  • anyways a few days later he decides to show it to hinata bc he likes it enough to recommend it and hinata is…… hooked. like he is all abt this game, he is ready
  • hinata shares the app with everyone in the club room, going on super excitedly about it like……. you know those anime sparkles?? that’s what’s happening rn to him. he is so excited abt these cats
  • so after showing it and explaining it, the team decides to download the app (some much more reluctant than others) (i’m looking @ tsukki and kags rn) (humor the small orange pls)
  • they all really don’t see the appeal but they keep it for hinata’s sake
  • hinata also tells yachi abt the game rly fast during practice before running off to go spike kageyama’s face or smth
  • and yachi downloads it too bc she is a sucker for cute things and cute cats
  • kiyoko walks over to her and asks what hinata was asking just to make sure there isn’t any problems or w/e and yachi (who is really a blushing mess when it comes to kiyoko) (me too yachi) tells her abt the game and she downloads it as well !!
  • so yea all the karasuno Kiddos now have the game and maybe you’re thinking rn, that’s it ??? that’s everything???
  • here’s the part where everything goes to hell

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cptamericachavezismoving-deacti  asked:

im havin a bad time lately can u give me a fluffy headcanon pls

dude do u even know me, just go to my headcanon tag. or read literally any of my fics lmao. oK BUT ALSO REALLY SIMPLE CUTE THINGS

  • dean hooking his chin over cas’ shoulder when they’re doing research for a case
  • dean teaching cas how to play the penis game and cas winning every time (they’ve been kicked out of a few diners because of it)
  • cas getting a kick out of how dean freaks out when he’s pinched so cas is constantly trying to pinch his tummy or his ass any chance he can get
  • cas and sam having a serious conversation and dean comes up behind sam and starts dancing like an idiot and cas has to keep a straight face
  • dean being a mom and wiping cas’ face when he gets stuff on it and pulling out chapstick at random times to put it on cas’ lips and obsessively fixing his hair and adjusting his tie and asking him if he’s ok
  • cas coming out of the shower one day looking hot as hell and dean turns into a blushing, bumbling mess for like an hour until sam’s like “oh my god, cas, will you please put a leash on your boyfriend”
  • cas and dean going for a walk and dean’s so excited to hold cas’ hand that he makes cas skip with him

anonymous asked:

I'd just like to touch on the whole 'you shouldn't be kin w Japanese characters' thing... You cannot choose your kin. That's who you *were* in a past life. You're not Japanese now if you're white w a Japanese kin. Anyone who says that is either a) a troll or b) badly misguided. So the whole 'you shouldn't be kin w Japanese characters' thing is rather rude... Not trying to spread hate, just trying to correct wrong information.

Not everybody believes in the past life shit bucko that’s one out of many ideas people have regarding kintypes and why they exist. Besides lmao @ this whole “I was Japanese in a past life uwu” as if that isn’t racist and as if it isn’t used by white people to go “I have experienced racism,,,in my past life,,,and I know all abt racism bc in my #canon,,,”

Even if we went with “u can’t choose ur kin” which yes is sometimes the case wrt identity disturbance in ND people, you can still choose to:
a) not say you’re them
b) not ask people to call you by that name
c) slowly unattach yourself from that character

Whites wanna act like white people are the only ones with kintypes even though PoC have been telling you not to ID as those characters for a very long time bc there is literally no way to separate characters from their race.