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Request: Barry overhears you talking with Caitlin one day about how hot Oliver Queen is so he tries to impersonate him. But when that doesn’t work he starts making fun of him and the reader is really confused until Cisco explains it to them.

Notes: Again, from my old blog

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Arguments (Ethan Nestor x reader)

Pairing: CrankGameplays x fem!reader

Genre: angst/fluff

Request: hey if you’re doing request can you do a fluffy/angsty thingy with Ethan x reader? I Love your work by the way- your style is rad:)

A/N: Thought I might change up the perspective and have the writing be more… lively i guess? lol i dunno just wanted to try something new, let me know if you guys like it at all :v also sorry it’s kinda long

Did I want to leave the friendship on an argument three years ago? 

Well no, I never planned for that to happen. I didn’t plan for any of that to happen! It just… did. Well sure he did tell me he was leaving but I didn’t know how I was supposed to handle that… I mean I was only eighteen. My emotions were on a high rise constantly, so taking that he was moving somewhere to achieve his dreams far away from me wasn’t exactly the best.

If you’re wondering who I might be talking about, it’s Ethan fucking Nestor. My best friend since diapers. Hooked since kindergarten, attached by the hip. Whatever you wanna call our friendship. It doesn’t matter much now considering it isn’t exactly a friendship anymore. It’s complicated and probably the most heartbreaking thing for me since I was also kinda sorta in love with the guy. He was oblivious as hell for years, until I told him.

It was after high school had ended, and he came over to visit. I mostly assumed that he wanted to talk and play video games. We usually did that even if it was something serious. Anyways the guy finally showed up at my doorstep looking distressed and super uncomfortable. For some reason I thought nothing of it and invited him inside, he only stayed by the door with his hands in his pockets looking around awkwardly. He acted as if he’d never even been in my house before, jeesh. I asked him what was up.

“S-sorry I shouldn’t get comfortable… I’ve gotta get uhh… I’m sorta leaving..” The boy stuttered, I sat down on my couch and raised an eyebrow. 

“Where are you going?” I grabbed a bag of chips that was on the couch and started munching, waiting for an answer. Ethan tensed up, and looked away.

“Across the country…?” His voice came out low, as if to be expecting some terrible reaction from me or something. I raised both eyebrows now, surprised. Kinda wish he clarified more so I could understand, but I didn’t.

“Oh really? That’s cool.. is it like for the summer or like some trip your dad is making you go on or something. I mean maybe I can tag along or sneak into your car.” I laughed at this and shoved another handful of chips into my mouth.

Ethan spoke up louder this time, “Actually I’m moving there… forever…” I choked at this, spitting out all of the snack food that was in my mouth.
“Jesus Christ are you okay??” He took a step forward, obviously concerned. I stood up angrily and went to the kitchen, stomping back out to sweep up the mess. I set down the broom and stomped over to him.

“NO I am not okay, Ethan! My best motherfucking friend is MOVING across the country FOR GODS SAKE!!” I threw my hands up yelling in his face. I hated yelling at him, but how could he do this?? “When are you leaving?” I crossed my arms tapping my foot. “When Ethan??” He stared at me blankly.
“Tonight..and h-hey you shouldn’t be so mad about this!! If anything you should be happy for me!” He quickly said, before I could jump back in about him leaving so soon. I laughed bitterly at this. 

Doesn’t he understand?

“Oh really? Why should I? Why should I be so goddamn happy about my best friend leaving me so abruptly that I couldn’t at least have tried to savor some of my last moments with him, huh?”
Tears were threatening to spill now. He stood silent, looking into my eyes just searching for words to say. Waiting a moment longer I turned away, attempting to go up to my room. I felt his warm hand grip onto my arm and I looked back at him, wiping away any tears that might have fallen.

“Because it’s my dream Y/N… I need your support on this!” He looked at me in a dry way. Ethan looked so angry and I couldn’t take it, I yanked my arm away from him. I stepped back shaking my head. 
“Ethan I can’t-”

“Well why not?!”

“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU… I love you Ethan..” I shut my eyes tightly, not daring to look at him. I let the tears pour down my face but didn’t let any other emotions spill, “A-and not in the best fucking friendship way. I have been in love with you for years.. and you’ve never noticed. I wanted something more.. and now..” I looked to the side, wiping my face once more. “Now I’ll never have that.” I rubbed my eyes intensely, to get the tears to stop, but they wouldn’t. Looking over at where Ethan was supposed to be standing, he was gone.

I saw the door slam shut, and I never saw him after that.

It’s now two years later and I was changed. I had a YouTube Career in singing and the tips of my hair were dyed a deep dark blue. I still haven’t heard or seen anything about Ethan. I was sick of the memories and sick of the people in Maine so I went to L.A. in hopes of starting over. I sat in a park, with a Soprano ukulele hoping to get some sort of ideas for a new song. My apartment wasn’t unpacked and focusing there was basically pointless. 

Frustrated and bored, I started strumming the notes to La Vien En Rose and softly sang along. It was something I constantly had stuck in my head, much like a certain boy that I knew. I was soon interrupted by a man with dark hair who was walking a dog, though. Not too sure what I should make of it but oh well.

“You have a lovely voice!” He said smiling wide, I smiled back.
“Why thank you… that’s really nice. You have a cute dog.” I said petting it as it panted and jumped around.

“Thanks! Her name’s Chica.” Wait a second, I recognized that name. I looked closer at the man and grinned wider. I knew exactly who I was talking to now, and soon he seemed to recognize me too.

“Hey wait a minute aren’t you that one gamer on YouTube… uhh Mark right?” I stood up and shook his hand, which he returned fondly.
Mark nodded his head, “Yeah, yeah! You’re that singing chick also.. uuh Y/N?” I agreed and spoke with him a bit about everything with our channels. Mark was extremely vague about his crew he worked with, I haven’t seen much of his videos either so he invited me over to his offices. I wasn’t exactly sure why but I decided not to question his antics, he seemed nice. 

After walking back with Mark and Chica we finally made it to the tiny building. It was nice and cozy and honestly full of life. I met Mark’s girlfriend, Amy, and Kathryn. They were really nice, and another guy, Tyler, showed up, he was pretty nice. But everyone just seemed… off. Sometimes the girls would walk off whispering about something or one of the guys would leave the room to speak on the phone. I awkwardly left to go to the bathroom, but as I was washing my hands I heard a familiar voice. I walked out of the bathroom trying to pinpoint the voice. But then I saw someone at the door.

My heart froze.

Ethan stood there, talking with the crew before looking at me. His eyes widened and mouth dropped. I covered my mouth slightly and let the tears pour down my face, and ran straight towards him practically jumping into his arms. He spun me slightly, laughing.
I looked up at him with my hand on his face, wiping away tears, “I-I’m sorry… Ethan I didn’t mean it I’m so so sorry! I wanted to be there for you I just was so angry and hurt and I was alone I-” I was cut off by his soft lips, he kissed me as if to say it was okay. That he was sorry, that he regret it all too.

I could feel it. 

He pulled away with both hands on my face, and finally said something back to me after two years. 

“I love you too.”

Cool Guy

I just wanted to try writing something new. I’m not even sure if this is any good, but I like the idea of Sam and Mike knowing each other before the whole “Class of 198X” stuff happened. Also if you watch CC’s D&D campaign, you’ll understand where the bruise came from, and if not implied abuse ahead.

Thanks for reading, and I don’t know, if you all like this I might try writing something else for this.

Mike usually gets to school early. Between the awkward attempts at small talk with his mother’s fuck buddies and the fact that his mother sometimes forgets he lives in the house all together, he feels it’s much safer for his sanity if he just camps outside of the school until the janitor unlocks the door.

It’s a little past six-thirty, the sun is just starting to come up, and he’s trying to get his stupid lighter to work, when the school comes into view. He’s just managed to get a weak flame when he looks up, freezing when he sees someone curled up on his bench.

It’s not exactly his bench, the school technically put it outside so the kids who get rides home could sit and wait for their parents, but from what Mike has seen he’s the only one who actually uses it for its intended purpose, so in a way it is his bench. He even carved his name into the back with his box cutter, but it’s kind of hard to see with all the other graffiti scratched into the wood.

He almost turns around and walks away, wanting to avoid confrontation with this mysterious person, but he’s also frustrated. That’s his bench, sort of, and he shouldn’t allow himself to be scared away by someone who clearly does not belong here this early in the morning. Not that Mike belongs here this early either, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Abandoning his cigarette and lighter, Mike moves towards the person, practicing what he’s going to say to them in his head, but when he’s within earshot the only thing he manages to get out is a noncommittal grunt.

Sam Beans’ head pops up and he squints up at Mike, his eyes widening in surprise. Mike sees a purplish bruise around his left eye for all of two seconds before Sam shoves his sunglasses onto his face and jumps to his feet.

He forces a grin on his face and says, “Hey, Big Mike, what’s up?”

Mike shrugs, looking at something just over Sam’s shoulder. He’s having serious flashbacks to this morning, when his mailman greeted him at his kitchen table. Though, he’s pretty sure Sam wouldn’t try to fuck his mom, but Mike can’t be too sure. His mom doesn’t exactly have a type.

“You wanna sit here?” Sam asks gesturing to the bench he had just vacated. “Didn’t mean to take ya seat or anything.” He runs a shaky hand through his hair, rubbing the back of his neck with his palm.

“You can, uh, you can sit…” Mike’s voice trails off into inaudible mumbles and he shoves his hands in his coat pocket, hunching his shoulders.

“It’s okay, Big Mike,” Sam says nonchalantly, punching Mike’s shoulder, ignoring the way Mike flinches. “I gotta go anyway. Can’t exactly be seen on school grounds. Suspensions are the pits.”

He turns to leave, but stops, fiddling with something in his pocket. He turns back to Mike, taking a joint from his coat, and hands it over. “Ya know, for the road.”

Mike takes it, turning the joint over in his fingers, and mumbles, “Thanks.”

“Anytime,” Sam says, running a hand through his hair again. “You’re a cool guy, Big Mike.”

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There's a rumour that you have a thing for Daisy and some people ship you with Rosalina. Sooo who's your lady??

Space broomstick and Queen loud mouth? Geeze where do you guys come up with this junk? Nah, Waluigi ain’t got any ladies on him right now. I’m livin’ the bachelor life baby! Ain’t no lady gonna ruin tha—

….uuuuhhh, o-oasis? You got an oasis??


i frequently think “this is probably viral marketing for something” and then never find out what it’s viral marketing for. like, phones? it’s probably phones.

Open letter to Julia + Hey Violet (fans)

When will Julia release new music? 

Do I still have your attention? Many people have asked me this question since I posted the history of hey violet. At least the ones who still care about the Cinderella of the story. Truth is, Julia has made many comments on her struggle to rise again. Unfortunately, Nia, Rena, and Miranda have always had the upper hand. They kept everything during the departure; the name, the fans, the legacy. It’s no surprise Julia was pushed to became a ghost or a distant memory Hey Violet tried to bury alive.

(FANS) You can disregard everything I said about those girls, but one thing that can not be ignored, Cherri Bomb was in fact stolen from Julia Pierce. It doesn’t matter how it happened, since most of you don’t believe they bullied J out, the least you can do is acknowledge that Julia Pierce started a band and invited three girls to join her, i.e. Nia, Rena, and Miranda. But her dream was ripped apart when they decided to kick her out. Why didn’t they leave Cherri Bomb to J and immediately create a new band with Casey? Miranda had stated on her personal tumblr that the Lovelis girls had been jamming with him already… Do you see how that could be confusing? When I first read Hey Violet’s FB (then Cherri Bomb’s) entry about the departure, I was convinced they would only make such a drastic and permanent change ONLY if they already had a replacement. I had no proof, but when everything happened so fast and the “Casey band proposal” happened so sudden, my initial thought was proven to be right. I waited along side other CB fans to be proven wrong, but time after time, they just proved me/us right…. Cherri Bomb was no longer Cherri Bomb, it was the band of egos. You can dismiss all my opinions, but their history remains at large on the web. I know they try to escape it by changing their name, but if you search Cherri Bomb on Youtube you will see what became of them after Julia. They were given the perfect excuse by some die-hard fans; “creative differences,” and they ran with it. This can all be debunked by some low-quality Cherri Bomb interviews after J, where they stated multiple times, they weren’t really sure were their musical sound was heading towards. Question; If you don’t know what kinda of sound you want, how can you claim Julia left her band in pursuit of a heavier sound? Die-hard fans kept insisting Julia willingly left her band to make heavier music while Hey Violet wanted a more “poppier” sound. And when Miranda was asked if there was any truth to those claims on her tumblr, she suggested people should ask Julia for the reason. Which can also be debunked because Julia stated multiple times, “I did not quit.” Besides if there was any truth to any of it, Julia would in fact have new music out. Just as Hey Violet does. In fact they have been releasing music since 2013 under the Cherri Bomb name. There was, in no particular order; Blame It On The DNA (old Ana Lovelis song), The Coffee Song (Bean Freaks), The Mad Man and His Toys (HISS), Ceepin’, This Is Why, Nothing But Love (old Ana Lovelis song), The Shape Of My Scars, Mama, Middle Finger, and If I Told You. And in the midst of all these new songs, they couldn’t even figure out who was going to be lead. Even swapping places when it came to singing lead in a song in their live shows. They were rude and asked too much from their audience and became hostile when they didn’t get the proper reaction from their crowds. Honestly, I believe they were just trying their best to fill Julia’s shoes. Most fans that abandoned CB after Julia were skeptical Rena or Miranda would be able to pull it off given that J was such a great front woman, and well,… I honestly believe that was their attempt at being a “good lead and a good performer.” Anyway, I don’t know when Julia will release music… I hope someday you do. 

(JULIA) I know you had everything taken from you when your band-mates decided you were no longer a part of the band you started… I can’t even imagine how it must have felt to learn via FB you were no longer a part of Cherri Bomb. And to add insult to injury, have your former band-mates speak on behalf of you and say this was a mutual decision when it clearly wasn’t. I know, based on your words, you are working on yourself. Most people may think it’s easy to start a career from the ground up, but I understand that these things take time. Especially when your spirit has been wounded. I don’t want to put words into your mouth or speak over you, I just want to acknowledge that it must have been hard to accept the reality you were forced into. I don’t know if you went through some depression or some self-doubt, or anything like that, but I know it must have been hard to be in your position, pick yourself up, and have to start all over again. People may think you can quickly record an album and have a very popular band scoop you up from out of nowhere and hand you a promising future. I could see how people would think that since it happened to your ex-band-mates. And maybe it’s even harder to understand how such a talented girl like yourself isn’t touring and releasing song after song, but like I said, these things take time. So one day when I get asked, “when will J release new music?” I can say, “she has and it’s amazing.” But please don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do, we just want to encourage you. If and when you decide to present yourself to the world, just know you have a fan in me.

(Hey Violet) I have had plenty to say about you, I know it, you know it. There so much hostility in the world to play shady games. People talk shit, say petty things, spread hate online, and cyber-bully. Well I don’t want to be a part of that culture, I don’t want to continue calling you a bully and be just like you. I don’t want to be a hypocrite, so I’ll speak to you directly. There are so many plot holes in your stories. I know the music business is a shady business, but must you take part of it? You (Nia, Rena, Miranda) took Cherri Bomb from Julia and defiled the name by quickly replacing her with a guy. No offense to you, Casey, but I have a point to this. I know you’ve heard this before but, why didn’t you change the name of the band after Julia’s departure? In every interview that still exist to this day on youtube, you all said you chose the (Cherri Bomb) name because it was based off a book of the same name that focused on the women of rock and what it took to be a bad-ass chick in the rock world. That was literally your gimmick; an all-girl rock band. When Casey joined, that name no longer suited you. Which only lead a ton of CB fans to assume you only wanted to continue to use the name because of it’s popularity you built around it. Anyway, your continuation to success has been a rocky one. You failed to make Cherri Bomb after Julia a hit and failed to produce a second album although you guys promised an album due in the fall of 2013. You have a home studio and even declared you would achieve success without any labels, i.e. “…macklemore, welcome to the new age.” Just broken promise after broken promise. Like I said, rocky. You’re Hey Violet now, and you made a promise to release your new album in spring, which came and went and nothing. You’ve released a hand full of problematic songs, if you need me to tell you which and explain why they’re problematic, I will. Rena stopped playing the bass and never really gave an explanation just said, “trying something new,” and added a touring bassist. You guys always fail to mention you were in another band before turning it into Hey Violet and insist on forgetting to mention Julia, who was responsible for putting you guys together. Instead you make it seem like you, Nia and Rena, started the whole damn thing and recruited Miranda and then added Casey. There’s just too many “highly sensitive” questions that question your sincerity that are left unanswered. If anything, I’m waiting for you to prove me wrong, and everyone else who doesn’t think too highly of you. I almost wished you guys would have shared/reblogged Julia’s blog entry and shown positivity and support. You were capable of wishing J a happy birthday once, but failed to be supportive of her now. She’s the one you left behind. She’s the one you owe, but repeatedly shove further down your tangled webbed past. I know you weren’t betting on some random blogger to poke holes in your new identities, but I am here to remind you that Julia is not a ghost or a distant memory you tried to bury alive alongside the band Cherri Bomb. Everybody knows or will know about you and your history as long as you continue being HV, your past doesn’t just disappear. You move on, but that’s your history. I don’t know, maybe if you acknowledged your past without any smoke and mirrors and apologize, maybe people wouldn’t think you have something to hide. 

When will Julia release new music? 

I hope I still have your attention. I know most of my followers loved it when I called Hey Violet out, but there’s something I noticed that I couldn’t ignore. I know we tend to call out problematic people a lot (which we should, there’s nothing wrong with that) and spread it like wild fire because we need people to know how horrible what’s-her-face is or what’s-his-name is. I get it, shit I’m one of those people… but what I realized is when something positive has been shared, for instance Julia’s blog entry detailing her recent years+music career, it only got a few hundred notes. It shows how much we choose to spread negative over positive sometimes. I don’t blame everyone for the lack of notes. I’m not foolish to think a lot of people know about Julia. Her musical career hasn’t been active for years. She was pushed away from the public eye by Hey Violet’s ladder to success. Hell, most people outside of 5sos’ fans don’t know who hv are. So did I expect a lot of people to know who Julia is? No, not really. Not unless you were a Cherri Bomb fan or know about Hey Violet’s real history. I think about her blog entry every time someone asks me about her possibly putting out new music and when will it come, and honestly my heart breaks every time. Julia seemed so determined with a lot of aspirations when she was in Cherri Bomb. Rena, Nia, and Miranda took that away from her. How can I say it without sounding mean or petty? That is what happened. And now Hey Violet is a recording artist under 5sos’ record label, touring the world. How is that fair? It’s an ass-backwards situation now that 5sos is involved because they gave the platform to the wrong people. Hey Violet has a home studio, the old+new fans, the Cherri Bomb legacy, and Hollywood connections. Like I said Hey Violet has the upper hand. Meanwhile, Julia was fucked over and forced to pick a new career path, (i.e. a solo music career, which is not what she wanted when she became a musician. Don’t forget that!) 

So why did I write this “open letter?” To give you a little insight on how hard it must have been for Julia to be kicked out of her band and try to succeed without having anything Nia, Rena, and Miranda took for granted. 

please share.

Just for clarification: We’re trying something new to engage with you guys, by asking questions on various topics to see how people think and feel about certain issues, in order to better understand how people see different issues in Historical discourse. 

The questions do not reflect our opinions on each subject. We are honestly trying to open up a civilised discourse on issues that affect the study of the Ancient World. 

To that end, please stop sending hate mail to us.