just trying something different really


do you feel that too?

So I finally got a chance to sit down and make some decent art for the first time in months, and holy shit am I proud of myself, I don’t think I’ve ever been capable of drawing and shading decent folds in clothing prior to this

I’m still not over MP100 and I don’t think I ever will be so here’s more fucking fanart ghh

/cries I really wanna dye my hair peach but the only way I can see to get the shade I want is to mix a pink and an orange (at least if I use manic panic which, lbr, they’re easiest to get a hold of/I have the most experience with them)

but I have no intention of dying my hair pink or orange on their own, and idk if I’d wanna do peach/coral more than once (it’s gonna be kind of an experiment anyway) so I’d prolly be left with 2 half jars that I’ll have to either find a use for or just??? never use???

is there like a hair dye donation website for unused dyes, or a trading post? or is there anyone here who’d be interested in 2 half empty jars of (prolly manic panic) pink and orange (exact shades to be determined at a later date)?

Unfortunately, Twice’s Signal is currently my least favourite single of theirs :/ Kudos to them for trying out new sounds but I personally felt like this comeback was a little bit too rushed. I wished whoever who plans their concepts / comebacks would have put more thought into it and take more time to produce a song which showcases the girls’ singing better. I’m happy with Tzuyu’s part tho. :’)

That said, with all these big names having comebacks, I’m extremely nervous for EXO’s comeback now. There hasn’t really been an “iconic” Kpop song this year so far imo and I really hope our boys will be able to reign in this area. If Blackpink could pull this off during their upcoming comeback as well this would be nice :)


[[Hey guys.

So, it’s been, like, months now since I had a proper thread going where I actually reply on a weekly basis, and since I can’t seem to get around to all the threads collecting dust in my drafts just yet, I wanna try something different.

Starter calls don’t really work for me, since lately I’ve grown to love plotting behind the scenes more than I do just letting the thread go whether it wants to leads me. I know it works for most people, but it’s been really hit or miss with me at the moment.

Instead, Could you like this if you’re totally cool with me coming into your inbox and plotting. Or, if you wanna throw out your own ideas or write anything in the comment box at all.]]

first drawing of 2k17 in process c:

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What are you Molly posts based on? It reminds me of The Pushover With Daniel Howell.

((OOC: I… I have no idea what that is, hang on a sec.

*frantic googling*

AH! I had not seen that before, but I dig it! I did base today’s posts in a sort of instructional video style, yes. I’m not even sure why. I just really love Molly, and I felt like trying something different.  :}  ))

I want to write my own TV show just so I can give the gays everything they want.

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Your hair always looks so amazing??? And it seems like you dye it semi often?? How do you keep it looking so amazing and not a damaged mess?? I hope it's okay to ask! 😄😄

Thank you! ☺️ I dye it semi frequently (not as often as I should, my roots are gnarly at the moment 😅) but I don’t ever lighten it which is what damages your hair. To get bright and funky colors, I just wear wigs which is a really fun way to try something different without damaging your natural hair or spending a shit ton of money.


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