just trying out some new colouring

Journal Prompts: 15 Things to Collect in Your Journal.

1) tea tags- line them up and describe what you thought of each flavour.

2) tea and coffee stains- Write over each one a bit about what it was and where you were when you drank it.  

3) Pressed flowers- Write where you picked them, try to identify what kind of flowers they are.

4) Postage stamps- Line them up and describe what each was affixed to. 

5) Buisiness cards from restaurants you’ve visited- describe who you were with and what you ate. 

6) Post cards (even local ones)- describe where you were and what you thought of it. 

7) Sand and Dirt smudges from parks and beaches (affix with glue)- describe who you were with and give a point form about the adventure. 

8) Daily horoscopes from the newspaper- write about how right or wrong the prediction was. 

9) Fruit stickers- line them up and label which fruit each came from. 

10) Samples from your favourite art supplies- give a short description of the style and model. 

11) Paragraphs you’ve written for school- highlight parts you are proud of and add thoughts where you left some out. 

12) Labels from your favourite foods- describe why you like it, how you eat it, and how often. 

13) Tags from new clothes- describe why you like it, try to draw what it looks like on you or an outfit you will pair it with. 

14) Nail Polish- make a few splotches of your most used colours and label them accordingly. 

15) Receipts- Cut off just the top part with the name of the business printed on it, write a little about what you bought and when, and who you were with at the time. 

ᑕǤᒪ ℓιттℓε sραcε αcтιvιтιεs


Whether you’re a single little looking for something to do… whether you’re a caregiver trying to figure out a way to cheer your little up or to keep them occupied… for whatever reason you may desire, here are some different things you can do! 

  • DRESS-UP! put on pretty clothes, dress up as a princess, try on new shoes!
  • HAIR! try new hairstyles, such as braids or pigtails.
  • SNACKS! your favourite little snacks served on your cutest plate.
  • CRAFTS! build a home out of sticks and glue for your small toys, make a card, or even follow along with a video to make origami!
  • COLOURING! draw your own pictures to colour, or use a colouring book.
  • GIGGLE! giggle lots, and act as if you’re just a dopey little one. prance around the house, dance!
  • MUSIC! listen to your favourite music, or music that makes you feel small, and dance to it! or listen to it while you do another activity.
  • TAKE A NAP! nap-time is always a must, especially if you’re prone to crankiness.
  • GO TO THE PARK! playgrounds are always fun, especially the swings.
  • TAKE A BATH! bubbles are important, and don’t forget your bath toys.
  • STUFFIES! play with your stuffies, snuggle them, or pretend they’re sick and nurse them back to health.
  • MAKE A FORT! the living room is always the best spot, but have you ever tried bringing the living room into your bedroom? :D
  • BAKE
  • WATCH MOVIES OR SHOWS! movies that make you feel little or your favourite cartoons and shows can help you feel extra tiny.

SO!!! I was trying out new brushes and ways of colouring and end up with some cool stuff! (i guess?)

I love my sons! Plus suguru with snakebites and tendou with his hair down!!!

Art Acc on twitter

description copy and pasted from my deviantart ‘cause i uploaded it there first ;v;

“ this would probably look better with a bg but i didnt wanna soooo please just pretend qwq

i really like resident evil 7
i didnt play it myself ‘cause im genuine garbage at survival horror games but i watched a lets play (dont mind meeee i like watching lets plays a lot ;v
i think i wanna watch some playthroughs of other resident evils too 'cause like, even though 7 is apparently pretty different, i feel like id like the others tooo (or at least the first 3 i think id like those, i know nothing about 4-6)

i love ethan
i have a huge soft spot for player characters in general but the fact that ethan kinda seemed like, mildly peeved after like a monster just comes up to him is hilarious to me i loved it
*arm gets chopped off*
“aw darn this sure is a pickle”
thats an exaggeration but its kinda the vibe he had
also hes so dedicated to his wife
but yeah i loved him so i drew a thing of him

he doesnt have a face in the game so i kinda didnt give him a full face and instead just gave him one of them weird anime face shadows
i think his model is found somewhere in the files and he has a face there maybe? but i dunno i like faceless mcs so hes got no face in my interpretation
i have no clue what kinda shoes he wears
i cant draw guns for shit
i decided to try some new drawing techniques
this entire drawing is a disaster but im proud of it ;v; i was watching a video earlier today where someone was talking about their colouring techniques and while i didnt really emulate it entirely, i did try out a more painterly mess inspired by that video
it was fun but time consuming qwq ”

also ive noticed i have a bad habit of drawing short legs plss dont mind meeEE i try my best i swear q-q

From JDM’s WSC Chicago panel - part 11:

Fan question: “When you were getting ready for the role of Negan, did you have any inspiration for you? When you were going to be shooting for Negan in the beginning?”

JDM: “Did I have any inspiration? Yeah, I had the comic book. That’s a huge…that’s a huge piece of information for me to have. Uhm, you know when I got the role, I was in the middle of shooting a show called The Good Wife… (cheers from the audience) Thank you, it’s like 7 people. But I don’t expect The Good Wife to be a big con kind of draw. (laughing) Ah, thanks! So I was in the middle of doing it and I got a call from The Walking Dead to come and do Negan. And I had like 3 days coming up and we had to cram it in quickly so they literally sent me a scene, which was like a 12-page monologue so I had like 3 days, in the middle of shooting another show figure out what the hell I was gonna do with Negan.

So…I was familiar with Negan. 5 years ago I was at a Comic Con and a fan, one of you, came up to me and said “Hey, have you seen the new Walking Dead issue?” I’d never seen a Walking Dead issue, period. I watched the show but I had never seen the comic book. “There was like this new character that just got introduced and he’s name is Negan. You should play him!” And like 5 months later I was at a comic book store, ‘cause I love comic books and I picked up issue #100 and I read it and I was like “Oh, fuck, I should play that guy! That would be fun as hell!” And low and behold, literally I got a call from my agent – this is a true story, you’ve probably heard it before – and my agent called and they said the Walking Dead called, they’re offering you the bid bad on The Walking Dead. And my response was: “Is it Negan?” And they’re like: “The Walking Dead won’t tell us. It’s a secret.” And I’m like: “Oh…it’s fucking Negan! And I’m fucking doing it! I don’t care what contract I gotta break with The Good Wife! I’m gonna go and do The Walking Dead!  And…I got to.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

So when I did that first episode I…I literally, it was so fast that it was about to learn all the lines but then I looked at the comic book, I looked at issue #100 to see if there’s any beats that…and sure as shit, when Nicotero shot it, I mean, literally, we took, just like we talked about with Watchmen, there were panels literally taken from it. And in the same with the first episode of season seven, kind the continuance, there’s panels directly taken from it that Greg shot. And so I’m glad I looked at the comic book, now I haven’t looked at the comic book a lot since then because I figure, I wanna do something different, I don’t know exactly where Gimple and crew were gonna take the character, ‘cause there’s enough kind of variances that I don’t need to…I don’t want to stay real current with the comic book, I know he’s still alive! Yeah! But I don’t wanna like…glue it anything in my head, and have it be different when we shoot it or the lines being different.

Like I’m really big on the fuck takes. I…I think Negan should swear, I think that’s part of his personality, who he is… Yeah, and I love what Kirkman has created with this guy, a guy that can say “Fuck, fucking, fuckity fuck!”. Is a guy I wanna have a beer with! And obviously we can’t do that with AMC, and for very good reason and all you little people in the audience – Adam – but that’s the character that was created, so we…in these scene taken from the comic book, we shoot it two ways: I memorize every scene two different ways. The edited version that we can see on AMC and I can tell you I get 7 “shits”, and like 4 “hells”, and a “Jesus” per episode. Yeah! With Negan’s dialogue, and those of you who are fans of the graphic novel, you know he’s a very colourful character! And I could use all those swearwords in like…half a scene! So we have to spread them out and we never get to use the best word, the “Negan word”. Uhm…so that was probably another good reason why I don’t read the comic book anymore, ‘cause I get so frustrated when we’re shooting and I am faced with trying to find a new variation for the F-word. I mean…there’s some toosies and it just makes me roll my eyes every time, I’m always like “All the fans are gonna kill me for sayin’ you know, some ridiculous “yahump”, whatever he says, he’s friggin’, he says friggin’, uhm, you know…

But anyway, yeah, back to your question I rambled… I’m fuckin’ exhausted, I’m just like talkin’ to myself up here now…this is me every night at my house! Just talkin’ to myself. Inspiration the comic book. That’s what I used. It was really a fast process and so I did use the comic book and there was a picture, remember I told ya, there was a frame of him kinda leaning back and…boy, look what that’s created! Now I’m a gymnast! Thank you, dude!”

Fan: “Thank you!”

JDM: “Just shut me up.  Just say “Dude, you answered it! Shut up!” (laughing) Thank you. That goes for anybody. Just cut me up!”

| Tifa —“Final fantasy VII” |

I was trying some new colouring style with Tifa, ´cause she´s not only awesome but easy to draw too! he he.

—Tiff´s outfit in Advent children is my favourite by far, but I still love her original red apple gorgeous eyes~🌟



Sparkly gay(and pan/bi) girlfriends at first fight sight. 

(but seriously karolina is rainbow sparkling and julie is radiating the pan flag colours here)

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips on coloring/shading? i can do flats but then when i want to do lighting or shading it just looks bad and i dont know what to do

Sure! Here are a few tips:

(1) Look at the reference photo. Notice where the light is coming from. If you’re not going off a reference photo then decide where you want the light to be coming from.

There are places on the face where the shading will usually be: under the chin, under the nose, around the curve of the nose around the eyes, directly under the lips, and above the eyelid.

Likewise, there are places where light reflects: tip/curve/bridge of the nose, eyelids, above the lip, above the eyebrow, jawline, and cheekbones. 

If you’re trying to figure out how to shade and you’re not using a reference try to study some photos with similar facial positions to give you an idea of where you should be placing your shadows and how the light is gonna interact.


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james olsen icons

some icons of this awesome dude because i love him a lot!!

  • you don’t have to credit me but I’ll love you lots if you do <33
  • however!!
  • don’t claim as you own and please LIKE or REBLOG if you use/save!!
  • more icons can be found on my icon page 
  • if you want any different colours or just want the hearts removed or something just let me know :)

some more colours under the

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anonymous asked:

Hey, i hope you can help me: in one month i am writing my exams so i should be studying, but every time i want to start i feel so exausted. I already tried breaking the work down, but my body did the same reaction. Maybe you have an idea :)

Hi! I totally understand what you mean! Some times you just really don’t want to study. Here are a couple of tips that might help:

  • take care of yourself - try to get lots of sleep, eat food that provide energy, drink lots of water, moisturise! 
  • try to be positive and promote your own sense of motivation - don’t think about how studying is a drag or how boring it is. Think about how it will help you out when it comes to exams and your final grades. For me, I know I would rather spend time reviewing notes and studying than regretting not trying. I hate the feeling of regret and it always impacts me when I get a grade I’m not happy with. I’m sure you’d agree that you’d be proud of yourself if you studied and that reflected in your results!
  • organise your study space - get everything you need to study out before hand. Pull out your textbooks, notebooks, pens, computer, etc. Put it in order. For me it always helps to get organised! Try to make your space nice and bright. Fill it with motivational quotes or pictures! 
  • make a smaller to-do list - whilst in your mind there is a lot to study, write down only a couple of things you’d like to do. You still have a month so you have time to work through at a slower pace. Each day pick 2-5 things you’d like to review and set that as your challenge. Try to avoid overloading yourself! You know what you’re capable of so stick to what you know you can do. It is better to see yourself doing two or three productive things a day rather than looking at a massive list and only thinking you’ve crossed off two things. 
  • schedule your time - break up your day into smaller study blocks. Go for 25 minute periods with a 5-15 minute break in between. You can use applications like Forest to help plan out your time and improve your productivity with gamification! If you like to plan, you could check out my study schedule printables - here is one without times and here is one with times! If you end up learning to have really productive 25 minute blocks, you can probably condense studying into just a couple of hours a day!
  • try some music - find some music that puts you in a good mood! Turn it up, have a jam! Generally it isn’t recommended to study with music that isn’t calming but if that works for you give it ago! Listening to my regular playlists always seems to help me write essays!
  • find new ways to study - it can be boring doing the same thing constantly. Try out new techniques like flashcards, mindmaps, and watching YouTube videos! Use a colour code, illustrate and doodle!
  • see if you can study with friends - sometimes studying with friends can be a laugh but also super useful! Generally teaching someone is a good to make sure you full understand something and can remember it enough to get the full concept. At least studying with friends, you’ll know you’re all in it together!
  • reward yourself - when you’ve studied for a while or completed a few topics, take time for yourself! You don’t have to study 24/7, you’re totally allowed to have some chill time and do something fun!

I hope this helps! Best of luck xx


New hair….
Colour isn’t a drastic change as I’m trying to keep it from falling out. Just added some copper and reddish through it to break up the one block colour….
Then lobbed off the skanky dry ends

Picture Perfect (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by ditchthevillian

Prompt: Bucky taking selfies with his and reader’s toddler? On account of me seeing Seb with the little boy from the movie he worked on. Thanks!

A/N: I fucking love the name Celeste. I also love Bucky with babies. I HC that he’s great with little kids, and he’s super good with his daughters- having tea parties, knowing how to do hair, how to paint nails. Thank you to the anon who requested this! 

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anonymous asked:

hey how to start drawing SHIT if I am a beginner?

Art tips for anon who doesn’t know SHIT (slightly updated text and links since I didn’t actually answered to ‘how to start’ but rather gave many tips lmao):

  1. - Have a sketchbook. Or any drawing paper just so could have it with yourself at all times. Unless you’re Artgerm, who once in some interview have stated that he doesn’t doodle in a sketchbook, ever. I wish we all were him but we all can’t be him.
  2. - Doodle once in awhile, doesn’t have to be everyday but make it your goal. This is the best way to start. As children we all started off with doodling so why not to take it into another level when you are able to learn faster and more efficient with just doodling!
  3. - Less “Awh they’re so much better than me and they are YOUNGER than me :(” more: “Everyone is evolving at different pace and everyone are at different point in their journey. So what can I do to improve?”
  4. - Try to draw what makes you happy.
  5. - Take a moments in stretching your wrists.
  6. - (ノ◡‿◡)ノ~『✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Practice *:・゚✧*:・゚✧』
  7. - Keep a neat folder or a blog with pictures that inspire you.
  8. - There are things like /idea generators/. Look those up.
  9. - I know motivation is important but you need to also start learning how to do things when you don’t have it. Discipline yourself if you really want to reach some sort of “pro level” or you want to draw for a living in the future.
  10. - Doodle/draw with a pen/permanent marker. Trust me it healthy. (if you’re starting digitally - avoid ‘Ctrl+Z/Cmd-Z’)
  11. - You learn from mistakes ?? Like you will know next time what not to do. Like Bob Ross has said ‘’We don’t make mistakes we just have happy accidents.’’ So you either learn from them or try to adapt it into your advantage??? *
  12. - Reference photos are friends not foes.
  13. - Break complex forms (like dragons, insects, exotic birds, ect) into their basic shapes.
  14. - Try various mediums if you can (watercolour, pencils, gouache, oils, pastel, oil pastels, crayons, acrylics, plasticine, papier mache, glueing an image from coloured paper or magazine? idk it seems fun lmao, digital art, ect.).
  15. - Try new things if you feel brave enough (take up some 30 days challenge or theme challenges and you don’t even have to do them all).
  16. - Learn from others, figure out how they accomplished something you like and would like to apply to your own liking.
  17. - Try to ask other artists for advice/general tips.
  18. - Ask for critiques. Others might see things you have missed. As a beginner it is usually not on the mindset, more like being afraid of it an failure but critiques can really just help you see what is wrong in your artwork.
  19. - Don’t take criticism personally. It is a critique of an art work not the person behind it. So if you get some ‘’I don’t like it’’ for a critique, as in their personal taste, I let you punch them in the throat.
  20. - (ノ◕‿◕)ノ~『✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Practice *:・゚✧*:・゚✧』
  21. - Again. STRETCH.DAT.WRIST. Or you may have some serious health problems in the future. Stretching and taking breaks are crucial.
  22. - When drawing some original random characters or something like that. Make their designs somewhat believable. Doesn’t have to be just as same as in real life but it has to be fantasy-believable. It takes time to figure this one out but the earlier you learn about this the better for the future. Since if you take away all the decorative details off of your character’s design you might left off with some blond white guy wearing a shirt and some straight pants. Not extremely appealing.
  23. If you are suffering from “same face” check out this blog and this tutorial.
  24. - Don’t draw ladies in illogical, impractical, non-functional bikini/boob window/“bra” plate “armour”. That shit is everywhere and it sucks. It’s so damn boring not even that sexist it is just simply boring, unprofessional, lack of imagination. Unless you decided to draw men with some thongs as their ‘armour’ then please, be free to draw both like that but if your design choices are like that please get out of my face and go to the pit of shame.
  25. - Sycra’s ‘Foundations of Light and Shadow’ is some good stuff, my friend.*
  26. - When colouring. Remember that each colour looks a bit different near/surrounded by other colours. For example: grey is a neutral colour but will seem warm being besides or surrounded with cool colours like blue AND yet the same grey will appear cool next to warm tones of oranges or reds. So if you see someone say “light skinned men lower part of the face is more blue than their forehead/middle part” please don’t use actual blue but just make it more neutral/to the grey area.
  27. - If light source is warm (sun or fire) then shadows will look cooler. If light source is cool(most of artificial lightings) then shadows appear warmer.I already mentioned how grey appears near different colours so this is the same the lighter area appear more warm or cool depending on the light source while the shadows stays usually /neutral/ I mean there can be more than one light source, or depends from the weather outside, ect.
  28. - Really do not shade with black and white. That is unrealistic and mostly boring. You can check that with put a white paper close to a bright light source, put something white on that paper and near that object put some bright red object, the white object will have shades of red on it’s side. So would you choose to draw that shadow with still only shades of black? or add red? Same for objects outside, the sky is blue, the shadows becomes more blue, the sun is emitting warm light so shadows already looked cooler. Just to colouring there are so many things.
  29. - People’s skin have different undertones. It can be orange, red, purple, yellow in almost any ethnicity (you can figure it out when looking at the skin w/o direct sunlight or in the shadows). ∩(︶▽︶)∩ *
  30. - Do not forget about different possibilities for lighting: strong lighting, night lights, light from behind, ambient light, light from below, different colour lights and even underwater.
  31. - Things in focal points are more detailed, sharpest edges, highest value contrast while everything else can be blurred and faded out. *
  32. - Wet objects are darker and shinier if the surface is smooth enough and there is enough of water).
  33. - Clothes has folds and different textures which determine the “highlight” which usually doesn’t exist on clothes but people draws those as if it’s some latex.
  34. - (ノ⊙‿⊙)ノ~『✧・゚: *✧・゚:* PRACTICE *:・゚✧*:・゚✧』
  35. -If you’re digital art rookie then FLIP THE IMAGE HORIZONTALLY.
  36. - Thumbnailing is the best (think of some film with great cinematography/composition - draw as many scenes as you can from that movie).
  37. - When you think you’re done. Take a picture of it with your phone. You will know if it’s really done or not (doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional or digital art work).
  38. - Check values with either taking a picture and making it black and white or digitally with desaturation(sai)/‘colour’ mode black layer (Photoshop).
  39. - Use guide/leading “lines” so your drawing isn’t all over the place and you don’t know where to look. Make the viewer look at that one most important point. *
  40. - (ノಥ 益 ಥ)ノ~『✧・゚: *✧・゚:* JUST.DO.IT. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧』

Under a cut there are more links to things and things that were marked with the asterisk/* : https://uk.pinterest.com/aestheticspace/art-tutorials-for-total-beginners/






http://foervraengd.deviantart.com/art/MANGA-to-REALISTIC-PART-ONE-215317699 (in the artist comment there are more links to other parts of course)






Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, today I will be discussing something I’ve been thinking about, developing an organisation system that works for you!! Mainly because I will starting university in autumn 2016 and I really need to up my game:

Developing your organisation system isn’t something that’s difficult to do but it requires some experimentation before you figure out what works for you. To help you with this process I’ll be giving some tips and tricks to get you started:

  • Find out what classes you have AND how many, this is a no brainer because to start organising you need something to organise!
  • Now it’s time to start colour coding, there’s infinite way you can use this: to differentiate between your classes using notebook or folders/binders, in your notes through highlighters, in your planner  for your classes, and much much more!!
  • Decide whether you’d like to use notebooks or refill pads, binders or folders, again there’s no right or wrong way to do this, experiment with what you have and take it from there
  • Use a planner, this is another no brainer, you could keep a copy of your schedule, write down you classes/assignments and even your upcoming events. But there are several different types and for this I’d recommend looking around stores or online and watching  different YouTube videos  
  • Have the relevant stationery, again there’s so many different types of pens, pencils, fine liners and pen cases. If you have items you’ve used before and they work for you, don’t be afraid to repurchase them again, even if they’re not studyblr staples. If you do want to try some popular stationery, start small because the cost can really add up!!
  • Find out how to study, maybe you like to annotate textbooks, rewrite notes, use colour schemes, watch videos, discuss or debate? If you’re unsure or maybe you’d like to try something new I’d recommend: flashcards, mind maps, regular reviewing, outline notes or visual notes    

That’s all I have for now, but just remember DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU !!

P.S. If you any questions please don’t hesitate to ask :)

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could do a tutorial on how you draw faces?? If not it's totally fine!! Thank you and I really enjoy your art!!

Alright!! Thank you! I’ll do my best trying to explain it hhahah. 


I really recommend Sycra’s videos if you’re like me and have a hard time studying art.  In this tutorial I’ll just go through what my process is when drawing so please get to know the basics before doing this. I hope you’ll learn something new!

First of all, my “style” is very inconsistant. I keep trying new things all the time so no picture is the same lol. Here are a few recent sketches:

Even if my style is inconsistant, my process is usually pretty similar, so I’ll go through how I build the face up, and then how I actually paint it. 


Now, if I knew this would be a serious, rendered artwork I’d draw a proper lineart, but it takes way too much time for a simple drawing so I skipped it. If you’re a beginner you should start by doing guide lines for your face, it helps a lot with proportion!


Something to remember is that everything gets darker the farther away from the light source it gets. Sounds super basic but I forget this all the time. It’s easy to fix with just a gradiant on top of everyhting lol. 

Usually I draw the base of the skintone in a pale nude colour, and have the shadows in a darker, more red tone. Basically I do shadows in a darker, colder colour than the base color. Please check Sycra’s tutorial on coloring if you’re unsure, because things can get pretty complicated! 

I hope this helped some of you, or maybe inspired you to try something new out! Just remember that talent isn’t a big deal, it’s about hard work and enjoying what you’re doing along the way. (a-also learning the basics like anatomy and so on….. I should do that…..) Anyone can get good at drawing, you just have to keep at it! I believe in you! Just DO IT