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Oooooh but I think FDY and Harry with #21 would be cute, too! Either of the two! Or both?? -FLA

Not having a job was tedious.
Sometimes, I wished I’d never quit. I’d be sat in Harry’s apartment, bored out of my damn mind, and I’d wish I’d just stuck it out. I would wish that I had just started looking for something new whilst keeping my job there, because not working was painfully dull.
I’d resorted to colouring.
I’d routed through his flat to try find some blank paper, and eventually found myself laying on wooden floor with a cushion beneath my boobs, Moggy sat beside me as I scribbled onto the paper and tried to make something that looked at least half decent.
I was failing miserably.

“What do you think?” I asked Moggy, presenting the drawing I’d done of a donkey stood next to a library. “I don’t think it makes much sense.”

She meowed kindly, a delicate little squeal that always made me feel so endeared even though she genuinely was the most miserable animal I had ever come across in my life.
I began colouring the donkey in, opting to making him purple for some reason, wondering why I’d made the donkey smile so much.

“This just keeps getting worse.” I spoke. “Like… this is terrible, but also… I’m kind of invested now, y’know? Like… I can’t just give up on the donkey now! It’s too late for that.”

So I carried on scribbling away, kind of struggling to stay inside the lines like an absolute child, but it had kept me entertained for about an hour. An hour. An hour spent drawing a wonky building and a purple donkey.
When I head Harry opening his front door, I panicked, cursing away to myself, lifting up to my knees, shoving the drawing into my pocket.

“Hey.” He grinned, closing the door behind him. “What’s that?”

“Nothing.” I gawped, wide eyed, and Moggy ran away from me, almost like she wasn’t going to have my back, running to his side and bashing her head against his leg.

“What’re you hiding from me?” He smirked.


“Yes you are! You just shoved something into your pocket. What the fuck are you up to?”

“I didn’t because I don’t even have pockets.”

“Ren… there’s paper still poking out of the pocket in your jeans.”


He marched towards me, his grin growing even more as I screamed, attempting to run but I didn’t get far, his arms soon wrapping around my waist and pulling me into his frame. I squealed and kicked and protested, feeling his smile against my cheek as he held me with one arm, reaching his other hand down to yank the paper from my pocket.
He was absurdly strong.
He detached from me quickly once the drawing was in his possession, running from and jumping up onto the bed, then holding out my masterpiece as I remained down on the ground, sulking.

“Holy shit.” He sniggered after a few moments of staring at it in silence.


“What the fuck is that?” He held it out, pointing.

“It’s… It’s a donkey.”

“Why is it purple?”

“I’m… not entirely sure.”

He turned it back round to view it one more time, before jumping back off the bed, wandering over to the wall beside his front door.

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. I’m hanging it up.”

What? Harry, no!”

“It’s a masterpiece, Ren. We could sell this on for thousands. Millions.”

“Harry, don’t be a dick!”

He took a small painting off his wall, the pin that had been holding it up now perfect for him as he pierced the paper at the very top, letting my drawing dangle proudly beside his door.
He stood back, hands on his hips, admiring it with a dopey smile on his face. I moved to stand beside him, still sulking to myself.

“Harry,” I groaned. “I know you really want to hang it on the wall, but…”

“But what?” He cried. “Aren’t you proud of it?”

“Um… No. No it’s terrible.”

“I like it.”

“Can you stop taking the piss out of me and just take it down?” I huffed, wandering over so I could collapse onto the sofa.

“Just let me keep it up for one night.” He looked over his shoulder to me. “Just one.”

Harry had this certain smile he did to get what he wanted, the kind of wide grin that mirrored perfectly the smile he possessed as a young boy. I’d noted it immediately as soon as his parents got out baby photos over Christmas.
I surrendered, rolling my eyes but nodding, finally managing to laugh as Harry celebrated my defeat, and went back to proudly gazing at my drawing.


Sparkly gay(and pan/bi) girlfriends at first fight sight. 

(but seriously karolina is rainbow sparkling and julie is radiating the pan flag colours here)

Neil Josten+ nail polish for @alecolightwood

  • One night Neil hangs out with Allison, Dan and Renee because Andrew is out and about with Kevin
  • Besides he likes spending time with them
  • Sometimes he allows Allison to try some new makeup looks on him
  • But tonight she´s painting her nails in a sparkly blue colour while happily chatting with the others
  • Neil can´t stop staring because it honestly just looks so pretty
  • When Allison notices she asks him if he wants her to do his nails too and Neil is like “why not?”
  • So Allison paints his nails
  • When Andrew comes back he notices it immediately
  • He´s like “wtf is that Josten?”
  • But he doesn´t mean to mock Neil. He´s just surprised (how much he likes the colour on Neil)
  • “Idk I just think it looks pretty”
  • “348%”
  • Of course other people notice too
  • After the next match one of the guys (who is a sore loser because the foxes destroyed his team on court) starts being rude to Neil calling him all sorts of names
  • Andrew is having none of it because if Neil wants to wear nail polish everyone else better shut the fuck up
  • But before he can do something Neil gently guides him away because in Neil´s opinion it´s not worth getting in a fight because some asshole made a stupid comment
  • But the guy just won´t shut up and when he sees them walking away he calls Andrew Neil´s pet loud enough for him to hear
  • And Neil let´s Andrew go because Andrew isn´t anyone`s pet ( and he also knows that Drake used to call him that sometimes so that is a sore spot for him) and a few seconds later the guy is laying on his back and Andrew has his hands around his throat
  • Because Neil is a supportive bf he follows close behind
  • After Andrew gave this guy a right scare Neil pulls him away and leads him to the locker rooms so he can calm down (because he doesn´t want Andrew to actually kill the guy)
  • Meanwhile Matt punches the guy right in the face because nobody insults his family and he also hasn´t had a good fight in ages
  • In the locker room Neil and Andrew sit down on a bench next to each other until Andrew has calmed down
  • Then he gives Neil a bruising kiss
  • Neil´s hands are in Andrew´s hair and when Neil moves down to kiss his neck he gets all soft and pliant
  • He makes those cute little happy noises whenever Neil kisses a place that is particularly sensitive
  • When the foxes come back they pull away from each other and Andrew puts his mask back on because Neil is the only one who is allowed to see him like that
  • But of course everyone knows
  • Andrew answers their smiles with deadly glares
  • A few weeks later Andrew catches Neil applying nail polish
  • But he can´t do his right hand properly so it´s nowhere near as perfect as when Allison did it
  • When Andrew can´t stand seeing Neil messing up their coach table any longer (because Neil seems to paint everything except his nails) he´s like “just let me do it idiot”
  • This is the story of how Andrew learnt to do Neil´s nails
  • Also he´s actually really good at it
  • When Allison notices how pretty Neil´s nails look she tells him that she´s proud that he´s such a fast learner
  • Neil blushes and stutters something like “uh yeah I´m really good at it heh” (because he´s not sure if Andrew is comfortable with other people knowing that he sometimes is a big softie)
  • Andrew just shakes his head
  • “385%”


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that’s about it for this Saturday Speedpaints! I decided to end this even if I have about seven or so requests left in ask box since I’m going back to work on a new season for my studio’s IP tomorrow. I’m sorry if I missed out on any of you and I’ll hopefully get to your request on the next Saturday Speedpaint.

But thank you all so much for participating! This was a really fun experiment for me since I got to test out my very own colour palettes with my artstyle. Some of you even asked for fictional characters outside of Asagao Academy!

If any of you guys would like to try out my challenge for yourself, just reblog this post right here! I’d love to see what you can come up with! And if you have a most favourite palette out of this list, just let me know in my ask box! I might just keep them on if I ever plan on cycling out my palettes for my next challenges!

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Henley, love, original Caroline and Klaus NSFW

From this list.

“That’s my shirt.” Klaus said when he saw Caroline walking out from the bathroom in his clothes, her hair wet from the shower.

She shrugged.

“What is yours has been mine for over a thousand years, Nik. Why start complaining now?”

He rolled his eyes, “I’m not complaining, love. I’m merely trying to point out that one of the reasons we’re always buying me new clothes is because you steal them from me.”

“First, it’s not stealing if it’s mine too, and this is mine, as I’ve literally just said. Second, if you’re trying to say that me using your Henleys is a bigger factor for your lack of clothes rather than the fact that when you go on killing sprees you don’t have the decency to be careful with the blood you spill, then you’re clearly delusional. Maybe if I start buying you some stuff in bright colours you’ll learn your lesson…”

“Rebekah tried that once.” He reminded her.

Caroline nodded, “Yeah, you daggered her for three months.” She said before lying beside him on the bed.

“She hasn’t tried that ever since, has she? Also, sweetheart, it wounds me that you judge me for having to buy too much clothes, but I’ve checked and, comparing the last three decades, you’ve spent roughly three time as much as I did.”

She propped herself on her elbows to look at him, “Seriously, now that you’ve defeated your father and become a hybrid, you’ve got way too much time on your hands if you’re checking how much we’ve spent on clothes the last decades. Also, women’s clothes are way more expensive and the reason I have to buy so many of them is because you tear them all apart!”

“In my defence, it’s hardly my fault if I prefer my wife naked than fully clothed. Also, I always make up to you, don’t I?” Klaus asked with a smirk.

“Oh, speaking of which… What are my chances of convincing you to be nice to Bekah’s new boyfriend during dinner tonight?”

He raised his brows, “Well, I suppose that’ll depend on how convincing you’re planning on being.”

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get to know me: [3/5] tv shows ★ girl meets world (2014 - present)

‘friends, family, and all you other subterranean mole people. we’re here today to celebrate riley being riley. now, some may call this a new york city subway pass. but you, riley, can consider this a ticket to the world.

Trying out new style of drawing. Tried to use a colour pallet too.

Just started school about a week ago. I’m in a a class where literally everyone like to draw, watch anime and play video games. In other words, I’ve found my people. It’s like someone cloned me and gathered all the clones to one location. Since everyone has their strengths in drawing, we admire each other’s drawing. There are some things I can’t do that they can, vise-versa. Anyway, cool class. They seem fun to work with but I don’t know if I made the correct choice and take this path. Well, I guess I’ll see what the future may bring.


Little Ray of Bloody Sunshine

- JazzySatinDoll

Speedpaint Video

FACE PAINTING! I’m just messing around today (ha mess), trying out some new tools and tackling the sorts of pictures that scare me. (Teeth are not my friend.) After all, you’ll never improve if you’re not willing to try new things, so friends, my new goal is to get better at using colour in interesting ways. This is step #1.



google hangout doodles. I haven’t really done any personal work for a bit because I have been working on a freelance thing. But I’ve been super tired out today so I just doodled some sketchesssss. I drew Asuka, then some random red haired girl with glasses, and then Viii for my buddy Layeyes! Was trying a few new things maybe with the colours and whatnot, not too far out but a tiny bit of new things.

Anyway, gonna try and wrap up a major component of that freelance thing tomorrow. Regular art will be incoming after I wrap that.



If you would like a snazzy new icon like one of these then you’ve come to the right place. Some key points to mention:

  • Full sized picture will be 500x500 pixels (will be happy to provide additional downsized versions if you need it a certain size for a website)
  • Can do matching icons
  • Icon means a bust/headshot from the shoulders up (if you’re after something different like just a foot then we can most likely work out a nifty solution)
  • Able/willing to try out different styles/colour palettes (if you want something different/specific then don’t be afraid to inquire! However, depending on the difficulty I might have to up the price to compensate)
  • Payment is in advance and through Paypal only (i’ll whip up rough sketches to let you see what you’re getting and give feedback and once you’re happy then that’s when i’ll ask for payment and start working on it officially. Doing it this way means you’re only going to be giving me money when i’m 100% sure i’ll have time to work on your commission. So no worries of “Has he gotten round to my commission yet?”)

There’s also my Drawings Tag and Sketch Tag on tumblr if you’d like to see other pictures i’ve done and get an idea of what my style is and what i’m capable of.

If you’re interested or would like to know more then please get in contact via my email which is btpereira24@gmail.com.

Another shot of some Colourful Australian birds, looking drepressed because it is getting cold in Melbourne.

I just think they look kinda funny sitting around being flamboyantly cold.

Going to start ‘Effective Marketing’ - the beginning of BUSS2, whose exam is 30% of my entire A Level grade - kinda daunting, eh?

I’m drinking this Polish coffee, and it is delicious! It is caramel flavoured and I just want a bottomless mug (the cup in the pic is the biggest one I own haha)

Currently trying out some new pens that I bought yesterday. They are bic ‘fun’ pens: the ink flow isn’t great (biro pen) but at least they’re colourful :)