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“The ring is important, and so is Leviathan - but Luna comes first.

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For those of us who've been out of the game for a while and a tad rusty or just looking to sharpen our skills. What are some great tips you can give us regarding the areas of teasing, seduction, flirting, charm, and manipulation?

 Tbh I’ve been so busy working since I’ve left Japan, trying to work on projects that will get me ahead in my field that I’m also a tad rusty right now.

 I can’t tell you about any new sites or any new glitzy scenes for freestyling, but interaction I can do.

 Here are my personal first date tips:

 - Wear black.

- No colourful eyeshadow, matte red lips.

- Wear heels and stockings with a garter belt. This is important because at some point during the date you will re-cross your legs and give him a glimpse of it. That’s all the flirting he needs and you haven’t said anything.

- “Your tie is crooked.” Readjust it. “That’s better.” Smile with your chin on your hand.

- Tell a ‘funny’ story that will get his imagination going. Your friend once pushed you into a freezing cold pool and you were braless wearing white! Tee-hee, right? 

- Ask him to choose your drink. Old men love stupid shit like that.

- Want a free holiday? Pick a country and say you’ve ALWAYS wanted to go there if ONLY you could.

- “If my ex was as smart as you, I’d never have left him.”

- Raise your glass in a toast to ‘us’. *gag*

- When he asks for a kiss, offer your hand.

  That’s how you play into the femme fatale male fantasy. Just try not to vomit.

Journal Prompts: 15 Things to Collect in Your Journal.

1) tea tags- line them up and describe what you thought of each flavour.

2) tea and coffee stains- Write over each one a bit about what it was and where you were when you drank it.  

3) Pressed flowers- Write where you picked them, try to identify what kind of flowers they are.

4) Postage stamps- Line them up and describe what each was affixed to. 

5) Buisiness cards from restaurants you’ve visited- describe who you were with and what you ate. 

6) Post cards (even local ones)- describe where you were and what you thought of it. 

7) Sand and Dirt smudges from parks and beaches (affix with glue)- describe who you were with and give a point form about the adventure. 

8) Daily horoscopes from the newspaper- write about how right or wrong the prediction was. 

9) Fruit stickers- line them up and label which fruit each came from. 

10) Samples from your favourite art supplies- give a short description of the style and model. 

11) Paragraphs you’ve written for school- highlight parts you are proud of and add thoughts where you left some out. 

12) Labels from your favourite foods- describe why you like it, how you eat it, and how often. 

13) Tags from new clothes- describe why you like it, try to draw what it looks like on you or an outfit you will pair it with. 

14) Nail Polish- make a few splotches of your most used colours and label them accordingly. 

15) Receipts- Cut off just the top part with the name of the business printed on it, write a little about what you bought and when, and who you were with at the time. 

ᑕǤᒪ ℓιттℓε sραcε αcтιvιтιεs


Whether you’re a single little looking for something to do… whether you’re a caregiver trying to figure out a way to cheer your little up or to keep them occupied… for whatever reason you may desire, here are some different things you can do! 

  • DRESS-UP! put on pretty clothes, dress up as a princess, try on new shoes!
  • HAIR! try new hairstyles, such as braids or pigtails.
  • SNACKS! your favourite little snacks served on your cutest plate.
  • CRAFTS! build a home out of sticks and glue for your small toys, make a card, or even follow along with a video to make origami!
  • COLOURING! draw your own pictures to colour, or use a colouring book.
  • GIGGLE! giggle lots, and act as if you’re just a dopey little one. prance around the house, dance!
  • MUSIC! listen to your favourite music, or music that makes you feel small, and dance to it! or listen to it while you do another activity.
  • TAKE A NAP! nap-time is always a must, especially if you’re prone to crankiness.
  • GO TO THE PARK! playgrounds are always fun, especially the swings.
  • TAKE A BATH! bubbles are important, and don’t forget your bath toys.
  • STUFFIES! play with your stuffies, snuggle them, or pretend they’re sick and nurse them back to health.
  • MAKE A FORT! the living room is always the best spot, but have you ever tried bringing the living room into your bedroom? :D
  • BAKE
  • WATCH MOVIES OR SHOWS! movies that make you feel little or your favourite cartoons and shows can help you feel extra tiny.
How to do an excerpt

What is an excerpt?

An excerpt is a structured summary, often written in keywords and bullet points, of a text you are supposed to study. It helps you to illustrate the connections and relations within the topic and for many people, doing the excerpt is a great way to memorize huge parts of the topic.

How do do it

What you will need:

  • Concentration. A lot of it actually. If you find it hard to focus, please read this
  • A pen or ballpoint pen, preferably in blue
  • Some fineliners in different colours, at least green, red and a “neutral” colour like violet (neutral in the sense that is not associated with positive or negative, wrong or right)
  • A highlighter, perferably in yellow
  • Lots of paper
  • And of course the text you need to study

What to do:

  • Read the text you need to study thoroughly
  • Highlight the most important aspects while reading it
  • Write down these most important aspects on your sheets of paper (you can also do this in word of course)
  • You can write it down while or afterwards reading the text!

How to structure an excerpt:

  • First of all, some people prefer a mind-map over an excerpt, so make sure you try that out too!
  • Make coloured headings if you write it per hand, use a bigger font if you write it in word.
  • Use colours to mark important words, or highlight them
  • If you have postive and negative aspects of a topic, write them down in green and red
  • Remeber to make paragraphs, so it has more structure to it and you can easily get an overview over the page
  • Don´t do a new heading within the last quarter of a page, just take a new one
  • If you are writing in a book or a booklet, do not write too close to the fold/seam
  • Make sure to number your pages, or you may spend hours on putting them in the right order again and you definitely don´t want that!
  • Make small sketches with a pencil or a black fineliner to illustrate realtions and connections
  • Use arrows (->), bullet points, and keywords instead of whole sentences
  • I also like to leave some space on the left side and instead of doing subheadings, I write keywords on the left side of the paragraphs. I normally do this in red so I can see immediatelly which paragraphs I have in front of me.

What to write down:

Do not write down every detail! This is not what an excerpt is for. Instead you should write down:

  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Definitions
  • Relations and Conncetions
  • Words you find difficult to remeber
  • Names and dates you need to know
  • Sketches
  • Short summaries in keywords
  • Lists
  • Charts to compare two topics, aspects, perceptions etc. 

What colours to use:

It is scientifically proven that the brain can memorize texts written in some colours better than others.

  • Write in blue
  • Highlight in yellow
  • Write important words in red
  • For me personally highlighting the begin of every bullet point in a different colour also works very well, especially if I do it in rainbowcolours because if you keep them always in the same order, you get a feeling for how many bullet person you have, just by looking quickly at it. Which is great when you have a test where you have to list them one by one

What not to do

  • Do not write on the whole page without leaving any space free
  • Do not doodle around or decorate the page with little drawings. It will distract your mind from the text and the information
  • Do not write many whole sentences. It´s best to only use them for definitons
  • Do not write in colours, only the most important words should be in colour
  • Do not write in black, it is harder for the brain to memorize black font than blue font. So let it be, no matter how elegant or stylish it looks

What´s also important

  • Your handwriting does not have to be perfect. You don´t need to write the headings in calligraphy or draw ribbons around them. As long as you keep a neat structure and can read your hadnwriting without problems, everything is fine.
  • Find out what works best for you. For most people my paragraph about what colours to use is true, but it might be different for some.
  • Not everyone learns a lot by doing an excerpt or reading one. Try different methods to find out how you study best.
  • What works best for others must not work for you and the other way round. Just do what is best for your studying, and if it differs from the norm, who cares!

Sparkly gay(and pan/bi) girlfriends at first fight sight. 

(but seriously karolina is rainbow sparkling and julie is radiating the pan flag colours here)

“What kind of ace am I?” Tried doing the screen-cap redraw thing, but honestly, this was more of a re-colour. Autodesk had just recently added tons of new brushes and I love them, especially the water colour set. Thought I’d try it out on some colouring practice. If you can see it, I added more details to the teeth and shirt. Also I changed his eyes to a lighter shade of olive and added more strands of stray hair. Emphasised his tears and there you go, my all time favourite bean, Iwa :D (Click for Full Quality)

Don’t repost without permission. :D

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I love writing and your writing tips. I was wondering if you had any drawing advice since you're also really good at that? My drawings suck no matter how much I practice :(

2015 first time on my wacom tablet:

2017 last drawing on my wacom tablet:

Practice doesn’t feel like it makes much of a difference, because you’re so focused in on your own work and it can change so slowly that you don’t really notice until you take a step back. (I am still very much limited to portraits, with a reference photograph to trace, and everything else I do sucks because they are the only thing I practice…) However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not making a difference. You are learning all the time. If you can pick out something as being wrong, that’s already an improvement because you must have learnt enough to be able to recognise and see that on the page.

But practice really is the best thing you can do to improve. A lot of practice.

However, as practice is a very sketchy way of telling someone to improve, here are some tips on how you can practice.

1) Use references. Drawing from photos can be helpful because it gives you something to copy, and gives you an idea of how shading etc works as you observe it. 

2) Experiment. It’s easy to keep drawing things the same way every time, but some people are really good with certain materials over others. I work digitally so it is a little different, but even than what program you use makes a huge difference. And what materials you do, does too. Some easy ones to get are trying with ink and water, water colours, pencil or charcoal. It’s also really fun to try out new things and remember why you like doing art in the first place.

3) Change what you’re drawing. If you are constantly trying to draw really realistic faces for example, that just might not be your thing. It’s not mine. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a thing, but people have different art styles that they are naturally more leaning to I think. I don’t for example have the patience to do anything that requires intense detail and hours upon hours like realistic art. Everyone has their skill set. Have a think about what your strengths and weaknesses are, and what you like doing, and focus on your strengths as you gain confidence. 

Happy art-ing, I hope! 


SO!!! I was trying out new brushes and ways of colouring and end up with some cool stuff! (i guess?)

I love my sons! Plus suguru with snakebites and tendou with his hair down!!!

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Blue and Pink

“What about these ones?”

Yuuri let out a sigh as he took the newest pair Victor had brought to him to try on. He didn’t quite understand it, but Victor seemed to be having a great time bringing him shoes to try on. They had come here to simply get him a pair of runners, not try on every shoe in his size in the store but Victor was clearly trying.

“They are a nice colour,” he commented as he ran a finger over the blue patterning on the side of the shoes of pair number thirteen.

“Try it on,” Victor said gleefully. He hummed as he gently unlaced the shoes in his hands before slipping them on. They were barely on his feet before Victor bent down to lace up the shoes up for him.

“How do they feel?” Victor asked, gently squeezing on the end of the shoe to check where his toes were.

“Good, not too tight,” he said while wiggling his toes. He was starting to think Victor had a feet obsession, which was weird with how ugly his feet were. He was a dancer, a ballet dancer of all things - his feet were always a mess.

“Try walking in them,” Victor suggested, standing up and offering him a hand. He took the offered hand and got to his feet. He walked around a little, testing out the feel of the shoe before turning back to his fiancé and nodding his head.

“Yeah, these are nice,” he ensured Victor with a smile.

“Better than the last pair?” Victor questioned.

“Yes, better than the last twelve pairs,” he chuckled, while sitting down again to undo the laces.

“Are you sure? We can keep looking! I saw-” Victor started.

“Vitya,” he said, quickly silencing the Russian skater, “I want these ones,” he ensured his fiancé.

Now, all he had to do was get a new pair of ballet shoes and hope that Victor didn’t try and make him test out all the colour.

“Oh, I ordered us some invitations for our engagement party.”

Yuuri let out a sigh as he turned to his fiancé. They had just left the bank and had decided to stroll down the street hand-in-hand rather than heading straight home. It was a rather nice day, not too hot, not too cold, just the right amount.

“Invitations?” he questioned, “Why do we need invitations? I thought you said it was only going to be small?”

“It is, but I wanted to get pretty invitations,” Victor said while pulling out his phone with his free hand. After a moment of taping away on it, he handed it to him, showing him a rather simple invitation design.

“Oh,” he mumbled as he looked over the design, noting the rather cute colour choices. It sort of reminded him of a conversation he had had with Yuri not too long ago. The boy had drawn a family picture of the three of them, drawing Victor in pink and himself in blue. He had asked Yuri why Victor was in pink, only for the boy to state seriously that Victor looked pretty in pink – something he was sure had to do with his fiancé free skate costume from the past season.

“You like?” Victor asked, smiling brightly at him.

“Yeah,” he agreed, sending a smile in his fiancé direction, “I really like the blue and pink background.”

“Isn’t it lovely?” Victor said while taking his phone back.

“So, how many invites did you get?” he questioned, raising an eyebrow curiously.

“Forty. I wasn’t really sure how many we would need, so I made a random guess,” Victor admitted with a shrug.

“Forty?” he said, staring at Victor in surprise.

Victor turned towards him, a soft smile on his lips before leaning over to kiss him gently.

“I look forward to showing off my beautiful fiancé to all our friends,” Victor mumbled as they gently broke apart, leaving him a blushing, stuttering mess.


He watched from the kitchen doorway as Yuuri immediately scooped up his son the moment he was in the house, cooing at him. It was a rather endearing sight to see Yuuri all but melt into the boy. It had barely been twenty-four hours but with the way Yuuri was acting, you’d think that the pair had been separated months.

“Thank you for today again, Minako,” he greeted the older woman as she shut the front door behind her and began slipping off her shoes.

“Anytime,” the former prima-ballerina told him, “Did you have a lovely day?” Minako asked, smirking in his direction.

“Minako-sensei,” Yuuri gasped in horror. Minako let out a chuckle while walking over to ruffle Yuuri’s hair.

“Vicchan!” Yuri whined, holding his arms out towards him.

“Hey Yurochka,” he cooed, taking Yuri from Yuuri’s arms, leaving the Japanese pair to talk for a moment.

“Missed you,” Yuri mumbled while wrapping both his arms around his neck.

“I missed you too,” he ensured the boy while rubbing his back. It had been strange to not have Yuri with them. There had been a few times, where he had paused, thinking that they were forgetting something, only to remember that Yuri hadn’t been with them in the first place. He leant forward and pressed a kiss against the boy’s cheeks, earning a look of disgust in response.

“Gross, Vicchan,” Yuri whined while trying to wipe his cheek with his sleeve. He had noticed that the boy had been trying to act more grown up lately – refusing to be read stories before bed and now being grossed out by kisses (only when there were other people around). Before he knew it, the little blonde boy he had meet on that fateful day in the stairwell was going to be a fully-grown adult.

“So, you two seemed to have had a lovely day out,” Minako commented, causing him to pause.

“What?” Yuuri questioned, echoing his confusion.

“What do you mean?” he asked, voicing his own confusion. Minako glanced between them for a moment before frowning.

“The news?” Minako stated, arching an eyebrow.

He glanced towards Yuuri, who was staring at him with the same confused look.

“What news?” He heard Yuuri asked as he quickly headed for the lounge room. He grabbing the television remote and turning on the news – all the while holding Yuri tightly to his side.

The weather played for a moment, commenting on the rather nice day that would continue on for another day or two before returning to the main news reporter who started talking.

“That’s you and papa,” Yuri said, pointing towards the television.

“Oh god,” Yuuri mumbled from behind him.

“Images appearing of famous Russian figure skater, Victor Nikiforov, spending his day off with mysterious male.” The reporter stated while showing a number of pictures of Yuuri and himself that had to have been taken that day. He stared at all the pictures, noting that in all of them, Yuuri’s face was never facing the camera.

He turned towards Yuuri, who was staring at the television in horror.

“I’ve already spoken to Yakov,” Minako spoke up.

“And?” he asked, wondering what Yakov had to do with his sudden invasion of privacy. He had hoped to keep Yuuri out of the public eye – and Yuri too, but the boy had already made himself known to the public after his volunteer event earlier that year.

“No matter what happens, we are with you. Yakov has sworn to take the FFKK to court if they try anything,” Minako ensured him.

“Tetka and dyadya weren’t happy today,” Yuri spoke up, catching his attention immediantly.

“Oh?” he questioned softly.

“Yeah, but tatka still did my hair, she did the pretty bun,” Yuri told him while pointing towards his head where his hair had indeed been pulled into a very neat bun.

“N-nothing will happen, right?” Yuuri asked, voice very quiet.

“Nothing will happen,” he ensured Yuuri while moving towards him. Yuuri glanced up at him, a panicked look on his face.

“Really?” Yuuri asked, clearly not believing him.

“Of course. The FFKK wouldn’t want to lose their top skater, and if anyone else cares, well, they can deal with my lawyer,” he ensured Yuuri while wrapping an arm around his waist.

They stood there for a moment, simply staring at each other before Yuuri nodded his head a few times before gently taking Yuri from his arms. The boy went easily, quickly wrapping himself up in his father’s arms.

“So, what are we having for dinner?” Minako question, breaking the current mood.

“I don’t know, what are you cooking, Minako-sensei?” Yuuri questioned, turning towards his teacher who arched an eyebrow in their direction.

“Are you sassing me? Nikiforov, what have you done with my sweet, innocent Yuuri,” the former prima-ballerina demanded.

Skater Next Door AU

AO3 Skater Next Door / Skater In Training

description copy and pasted from my deviantart ‘cause i uploaded it there first ;v;

“ this would probably look better with a bg but i didnt wanna soooo please just pretend qwq

i really like resident evil 7
i didnt play it myself ‘cause im genuine garbage at survival horror games but i watched a lets play (dont mind meeee i like watching lets plays a lot ;v
i think i wanna watch some playthroughs of other resident evils too 'cause like, even though 7 is apparently pretty different, i feel like id like the others tooo (or at least the first 3 i think id like those, i know nothing about 4-6)

i love ethan
i have a huge soft spot for player characters in general but the fact that ethan kinda seemed like, mildly peeved after like a monster just comes up to him is hilarious to me i loved it
*arm gets chopped off*
“aw darn this sure is a pickle”
thats an exaggeration but its kinda the vibe he had
also hes so dedicated to his wife
but yeah i loved him so i drew a thing of him

he doesnt have a face in the game so i kinda didnt give him a full face and instead just gave him one of them weird anime face shadows
i think his model is found somewhere in the files and he has a face there maybe? but i dunno i like faceless mcs so hes got no face in my interpretation
i have no clue what kinda shoes he wears
i cant draw guns for shit
i decided to try some new drawing techniques
this entire drawing is a disaster but im proud of it ;v; i was watching a video earlier today where someone was talking about their colouring techniques and while i didnt really emulate it entirely, i did try out a more painterly mess inspired by that video
it was fun but time consuming qwq ”

also ive noticed i have a bad habit of drawing short legs plss dont mind meeEE i try my best i swear q-q

Jung Daehyun Scenario: Soul Mate AU

A/N: Hello! I am back with another B.A.P member’s soul mate AU! Its Daehyun’s turn so I hope you like it. This was based off the idea of only being able to see in black and white until you meet your soul mate. 

Youngguk soul mate AU

Himchan soul mate AU

Youngjae soul mate AU

Jongup Soul Mate AU

Zelo soul mate AU

Daehyun was never bothered about the world around him. What was the point when you couldn’t see the world in it’s full potential. He had been deprived of the colours of the world. He always just thought that this soul mate business was a load of trouble. Who needs a soul mate when you have food? And Youngjae.

Food was his soul mate. And when he felt lonely Yongjae was practically his boyfriend. They went to the movies together and went out to try new food together. It was all the fun but no stress of keeping your significant other happy. Although Youngjae wasn’t one for cuddles.

Oh well, he could force cuddle Jongup.

He was just chilling at home with Youngjae as they watched a movie. There was a bowl of popcorn between them. Of course he wondered how the movie would look like in colour. Youngjae would try his best to describe some of the colours. Blue was the calm of the ocean and the sky while red was the anger and the danger of fire.

To him it didn’t really matter, as he quiet liked the grey. It was calming and felt very neutral. It had it’s own beauty. It was pleasing to his eyes so he didn’t really mind the black and white world.

Once the movie ends Youngjae suggests watching another one and Daehyun agrees, as he had nothing else planned for the day. But he did feel hungry so he went out to get some more snacks. More like he lost a round of rocs, paper, and scissors so he was stuck with the snack duty.

Daehyun didn’t really mind as it meant that he could pick what he liked but it also meant that he had to move off the couch.

“Have a nice walk!” Youngjae yelled behind him.

“Oh shut up!” Daehyun yelled back before slamming the door shut.

He could still hear Youngjae’s laughter though. Daehyun just shook his head as he walked down the stairs. The other downside of his was that he had to pay for all the snacks while Youngjae got to pick whatever movie he wanted to watch. And knowing Youngjae it was going to be some boring documentary about something Daehyun just didn’t care about.

He smiled at their neighbours as he walked down the stairs. Despite his bad mood he wasn’t a bad person so he still politely greeted his neighbours. He even chatted with a few of them. He would get rewarded with some home cooking by one of the older ladies living in the building which he happily accepted even though he had politely decline at first but it was hard to say no to her.

Once he was finally out of the building he made his way to the nearest shop. He leisurely strolled around and put some of his favourite snacks in his little basket. He also picked out some drinks. Once he was done he went to the counter to pay.

You weren’t really paying much attention when the customer put their things in front of you. You were at your part time job at a little local shop and it wasn’t a busy time so you were left to wander in your thoughts.

So when the customer put their basket in front of you looked up and politely smiled and greeted at an elderly man. He returned your greeting with a smile. You scanned his things and bagged his things. He thanked you as he paid and left. You went back to wandering in your thoughts when finally the bell at the door rang. You greeted the customer who had walked in and you didn’t get a reply. You saw the headphones in the customer’s ears so you brushed it off as them not hearing you. But something weird happed.

His dark hair caught your eyes…was that a colour? You gasped but didn’t have time to wander as another customer came to you. You greeted them with a smile as you slowly started seeing more than just black and white. Despite wanting to freak out you keep calm and quickly scan the customer’s things.

It was only two things and he asked for a pack of cigarettes from the shelf behind you. You looked back to grab the one he had named and you blinked. You never knew simple cigarette boxes could come in so many colours. You picked the one he asked for and you scanned it and told the customer the total. They paid and left.

Now you took the time to dwell in the newfound colours of the world. The floor was white but not really white…was that what your friend described as cream? While you were still taking in the world another basket was out in front of you and you looked up just in time to meet the owner of the dark hair who had walked in earlier.

Your mouth hung open mid greeting as his eyes widen and a gasp left his lips.

“I saw you walk in and the whole world looked brighter”

As soon as the words left your lips you wanted to smack yourself in the face as it sounded like a cheesy pick up line.

He laughed.

“I’m so sorry! That didn’t some out right!”

“It’s ok. In fact when I laid my eyes on you the entire room light up”

It was your turn to laugh as he watched you with a bright smile on his face. You introduced yourself to him and he happily took your hand in his hand and gave it a firm shake and then he lays a gentle kiss on the back of your hand.

“I’m Daehyun”

“Nice to meet you” you says feeling a blush creep on your cheeks.

And so movie night with Youngjae started including you too. Although Youngjae screamed every time Daehyun threw another cheesy pick up line at you and cuddling time with Jongup became less frequent.

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Hey, i hope you can help me: in one month i am writing my exams so i should be studying, but every time i want to start i feel so exausted. I already tried breaking the work down, but my body did the same reaction. Maybe you have an idea :)

Hi! I totally understand what you mean! Some times you just really don’t want to study. Here are a couple of tips that might help:

  • take care of yourself - try to get lots of sleep, eat food that provide energy, drink lots of water, moisturise! 
  • try to be positive and promote your own sense of motivation - don’t think about how studying is a drag or how boring it is. Think about how it will help you out when it comes to exams and your final grades. For me, I know I would rather spend time reviewing notes and studying than regretting not trying. I hate the feeling of regret and it always impacts me when I get a grade I’m not happy with. I’m sure you’d agree that you’d be proud of yourself if you studied and that reflected in your results!
  • organise your study space - get everything you need to study out before hand. Pull out your textbooks, notebooks, pens, computer, etc. Put it in order. For me it always helps to get organised! Try to make your space nice and bright. Fill it with motivational quotes or pictures! 
  • make a smaller to-do list - whilst in your mind there is a lot to study, write down only a couple of things you’d like to do. You still have a month so you have time to work through at a slower pace. Each day pick 2-5 things you’d like to review and set that as your challenge. Try to avoid overloading yourself! You know what you’re capable of so stick to what you know you can do. It is better to see yourself doing two or three productive things a day rather than looking at a massive list and only thinking you’ve crossed off two things. 
  • schedule your time - break up your day into smaller study blocks. Go for 25 minute periods with a 5-15 minute break in between. You can use applications like Forest to help plan out your time and improve your productivity with gamification! If you like to plan, you could check out my study schedule printables - here is one without times and here is one with times! If you end up learning to have really productive 25 minute blocks, you can probably condense studying into just a couple of hours a day!
  • try some music - find some music that puts you in a good mood! Turn it up, have a jam! Generally it isn’t recommended to study with music that isn’t calming but if that works for you give it ago! Listening to my regular playlists always seems to help me write essays!
  • find new ways to study - it can be boring doing the same thing constantly. Try out new techniques like flashcards, mindmaps, and watching YouTube videos! Use a colour code, illustrate and doodle!
  • see if you can study with friends - sometimes studying with friends can be a laugh but also super useful! Generally teaching someone is a good to make sure you full understand something and can remember it enough to get the full concept. At least studying with friends, you’ll know you’re all in it together!
  • reward yourself - when you’ve studied for a while or completed a few topics, take time for yourself! You don’t have to study 24/7, you’re totally allowed to have some chill time and do something fun!

I hope this helps! Best of luck xx

From JDM’s WSC Chicago panel - part 11:

Fan question: “When you were getting ready for the role of Negan, did you have any inspiration for you? When you were going to be shooting for Negan in the beginning?”

JDM: “Did I have any inspiration? Yeah, I had the comic book. That’s a huge…that’s a huge piece of information for me to have. Uhm, you know when I got the role, I was in the middle of shooting a show called The Good Wife… (cheers from the audience) Thank you, it’s like 7 people. But I don’t expect The Good Wife to be a big con kind of draw. (laughing) Ah, thanks! So I was in the middle of doing it and I got a call from The Walking Dead to come and do Negan. And I had like 3 days coming up and we had to cram it in quickly so they literally sent me a scene, which was like a 12-page monologue so I had like 3 days, in the middle of shooting another show figure out what the hell I was gonna do with Negan.

So…I was familiar with Negan. 5 years ago I was at a Comic Con and a fan, one of you, came up to me and said “Hey, have you seen the new Walking Dead issue?” I’d never seen a Walking Dead issue, period. I watched the show but I had never seen the comic book. “There was like this new character that just got introduced and he’s name is Negan. You should play him!” And like 5 months later I was at a comic book store, ‘cause I love comic books and I picked up issue #100 and I read it and I was like “Oh, fuck, I should play that guy! That would be fun as hell!” And low and behold, literally I got a call from my agent – this is a true story, you’ve probably heard it before – and my agent called and they said the Walking Dead called, they’re offering you the bid bad on The Walking Dead. And my response was: “Is it Negan?” And they’re like: “The Walking Dead won’t tell us. It’s a secret.” And I’m like: “Oh…it’s fucking Negan! And I’m fucking doing it! I don’t care what contract I gotta break with The Good Wife! I’m gonna go and do The Walking Dead!  And…I got to.

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So when I did that first episode I…I literally, it was so fast that it was about to learn all the lines but then I looked at the comic book, I looked at issue #100 to see if there’s any beats that…and sure as shit, when Nicotero shot it, I mean, literally, we took, just like we talked about with Watchmen, there were panels literally taken from it. And in the same with the first episode of season seven, kind the continuance, there’s panels directly taken from it that Greg shot. And so I’m glad I looked at the comic book, now I haven’t looked at the comic book a lot since then because I figure, I wanna do something different, I don’t know exactly where Gimple and crew were gonna take the character, ‘cause there’s enough kind of variances that I don’t need to…I don’t want to stay real current with the comic book, I know he’s still alive! Yeah! But I don’t wanna like…glue it anything in my head, and have it be different when we shoot it or the lines being different.

Like I’m really big on the fuck takes. I…I think Negan should swear, I think that’s part of his personality, who he is… Yeah, and I love what Kirkman has created with this guy, a guy that can say “Fuck, fucking, fuckity fuck!”. Is a guy I wanna have a beer with! And obviously we can’t do that with AMC, and for very good reason and all you little people in the audience – Adam – but that’s the character that was created, so we…in these scene taken from the comic book, we shoot it two ways: I memorize every scene two different ways. The edited version that we can see on AMC and I can tell you I get 7 “shits”, and like 4 “hells”, and a “Jesus” per episode. Yeah! With Negan’s dialogue, and those of you who are fans of the graphic novel, you know he’s a very colourful character! And I could use all those swearwords in like…half a scene! So we have to spread them out and we never get to use the best word, the “Negan word”. Uhm…so that was probably another good reason why I don’t read the comic book anymore, ‘cause I get so frustrated when we’re shooting and I am faced with trying to find a new variation for the F-word. I mean…there’s some toosies and it just makes me roll my eyes every time, I’m always like “All the fans are gonna kill me for sayin’ you know, some ridiculous “yahump”, whatever he says, he’s friggin’, he says friggin’, uhm, you know…

But anyway, yeah, back to your question I rambled… I’m fuckin’ exhausted, I’m just like talkin’ to myself up here now…this is me every night at my house! Just talkin’ to myself. Inspiration the comic book. That’s what I used. It was really a fast process and so I did use the comic book and there was a picture, remember I told ya, there was a frame of him kinda leaning back and…boy, look what that’s created! Now I’m a gymnast! Thank you, dude!”

Fan: “Thank you!”

JDM: “Just shut me up.  Just say “Dude, you answered it! Shut up!” (laughing) Thank you. That goes for anybody. Just cut me up!”

I Got Some New Pastel Markers!

I had WAY too much fun trying these markers out, and the colours are sooooo pretty! :D I. Love. Pastel. Colours. They’re just so soothing on the eyes…

I made one of me ((with my new short hair!)) , Bendy with a rainbow bow tie, and some soft, pastel dish bois. :3

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips on coloring/shading? i can do flats but then when i want to do lighting or shading it just looks bad and i dont know what to do

Sure! Here are a few tips:

(1) Look at the reference photo. Notice where the light is coming from. If you’re not going off a reference photo then decide where you want the light to be coming from.

There are places on the face where the shading will usually be: under the chin, under the nose, around the curve of the nose around the eyes, directly under the lips, and above the eyelid.

Likewise, there are places where light reflects: tip/curve/bridge of the nose, eyelids, above the lip, above the eyebrow, jawline, and cheekbones. 

If you’re trying to figure out how to shade and you’re not using a reference try to study some photos with similar facial positions to give you an idea of where you should be placing your shadows and how the light is gonna interact.


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[Soulmate AU: If you dye your hair, your soulmate’s hair color changes as well. You dye your hair the most absurd color you can think of and the exchange goes back and forth until you meet each other.]

Word count: 1.843

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You really envied your family members. And all that started not too long ago.

The concept of soulmates was widely spread across the world. Almost everyone knew about it, and that maybe was because it wasn’t easy to miss. That being your hair color.

Your family was relatively big, having two brothers and three sisters. Most of them already found their soulmate by coincidence. Well, that wouldn’t be the same for you. That morning you woke up with nothing less than… pastel pink.

“Y/n, when did you dye your hair? I thought you ‘wanted to keep it natural’?” Your younger sister mocked you upon walking into your room. “I didn’t.” You replied, not very amused by her behaviour this early in the morning.

“It must have been her soulmate then.” You brother yelled from the living room. Your eyes widened immediately. You had never really thought about the idea of soulmates. You knew they existed and all, but… you somehow didn’t think this would happen to you.

“Yeah…” Was all you could mumble, slowly sitting back on your bed again. “Look at her, all being cute and flustered!” Your sister laughed at you, and fled the room when you threw a pillow at her face.

Somewhat, you were satisfied with this new look. It wasn’t that bad, after all, it was just pastel. “Wait a second… this brings me on an idea.” You smirked, putting on your shoes.

“Y/n? You’re leaving the house this early?” Everyone asked you, confused by the sudden behaviour. “I’ll be back soon!” You yelled to your family members and shut the door.

Not much later, you arrived at the store. “Let’s see…” You said out loud, totally absorbed in your thinking process. “Hello miss, can I maybe help you with something?” A nice lady asked you. “Actually, I think so, yes! Where do you keep the hair dye?” You asked her. “Follow me!” She said cheerful and walked in the direction of the hair products.

“If you ever need something else, just ask!” She said, and left to go organize some other products. You looked in front of you, and there were stalled a crazy amount of different colours. You searched through them all, hoping to find what you were looking for.

After having scanned numerous normal hair colours, you finally saw something. “Yes!” You let out a quiet cry of happiness, having found exactly what you wanted. “This is going to be fun.” You chuckled, and went to the register to pay.

That same evening, you were in your bathroom, ready to try your new hair dye. It wasn’t permanent, so it couldn’t hurt to try, right?

After showering and putting it in evenly, you stepped out of the shower to look at the result. When you saw your reflection, you grinned. “A vibrant mix of purple and blue, perfect. Let’s see what you think about this, soulmate.”

Much to your surprise, your hair colour didn’t change. “They must like it…” You mumbled, occupied with eating your breakfast. “Y/n, eat a bit faster, we  need to leave soon to-“

Your mom stopped mid-sentence. “What? Is there something on my face?” You questioned her. When you got no answer from her, you decided to walk to the mirror yourself. Upon arriving, you let out a shriek. “It’s green!” You yelled, not satisfied with this colour. At all.

“Ha, look at you! That’s what you get for teasing your soulmate!” You sister laughed at you. “Oh zip it.” You replied, not amused at all. “How do they manage to get my least favourite colour?” You mumbled, walking upstairs to your room.

“Is this a challenge?” You muttered to yourself. “If so, I gladly take it. Just you wait, dude.”

“Sanha! How much do I need to tell you? You can’t keep changing your hair colour, you need to keep it the same for this comeback, otherwise people will start suspecting things!” His manager started scolding me.

“Do you know what kind of consequences that may have?” He continued, not ready scolding me. “Hyung, listen! I didn’t dye it blue with purple!” I cried out, not wanting  to get yelled at if it wasn’t my fault to begin with. “Wait, what did you say there? You didn’t do this?” He asked, a bit confused? “Yeah…” I mumbled, looking down at my feet. “Meeting in studio three!” He suddenly yelled through the building.

Not much later, all of the band was gathered in the studio room. “So, what is this urgent matter you wanted to talk about, manager?” Jinjin asked. “Well, it is considering Sanha’s hair colour.” He said. I had absolutely no idea what he might be talking about, but the other boys acted like I had been shot.

“Can that possibly mean that…” Eunwoo started, not able to finish his sentence. “Yes, I do believe he has connected to his soulmate.”

Wait, what now? Now it was my time to be confused. “M-my soulmate?” Was all I could utter. “Yeah, you don’t know? When people are of a certain age, they get tied to their soulmate by hair colour. But, it is fairly early for you. Most people get connected in their thirties or even later.” Jinjin started explaining.

So that’s why they acted like that… I looked at their faces once more, and there was even more shock to see on their faces. “What is it now? Is there still something I need to know?” I asked, a bit irritated of being left in the dark.

“Maybe you should take a look in the mirror, Sanha…” Moonbin said, not able to tear his eyes off of my hair.

“It changed again?” I asked nobody in particular as I got up. I arrived in front of the mirror and… let’s just say I was prepared to see a change, but not this. “What?!” I screamed, seeing my hair was now… neon blue.

“Heh, that will get you.” You chuckled, sure he couldn’t be satisfied with this kind of colour. You just dyed your hair neon blue, which seemed like a bad idea, but upon seeing it, you figured that it wasn’t really that bad at all.

You walked back to the kitchen, doing the dishes as your mother requested. “Y/n… I think you might want to see this.” A voice sounded from upstairs. “Is it that important? I’m doing the dishes right now.” You replied, wanting to finish the task at hand first.

“I mean it.” A voice you recognized as your youngest brother said. “It better not be one of those bands again. I like their music but I’m not a fan, you know that.” You rambled while walking up the stairs. The dishes would need to be finished later on.

“Well, about who is the tea hot today?” You asked, seeing him clutched to his laptop. “Astro. More specifically, their youngest member.” “Isn’t Astro that band with six members? What’s his name again… Sanha?” You asked, unsure because he had shown you at least twenty bands the past week.

“Yeah, you’re right. They just uploaded a new music video and well… see for yourself.”  Was all he said to you. “Way to be clear, dude.” You deadpanned.

Taking the laptop from his grip, you clicked on play and listened to the music. “Hm, it doesn’t sound bad. But why do I need to watch this? What’s so important about this band-“

There you saw it. The screen flipped from Moonbin to the maknae, Sanha. And you were sure to be shocked when you saw that he had… neon blue hair, just like you. Immediately clicking pause again, you stood up, ready to do the dishes again.

“It can’t be. Their managers probably said he needed that hair colour, that isn’t that unusual.” You tried to convince yourself. “But look at this.” Your brother continued. He quickly typed something and turned the screen again.

This time, it were several pictures of Sanha. First with pastel pink, after that a purple and blue mix and lastly green. Just like you had.

“I believe… Sanha is your soulmate.” He said after he had taken in your expression. Honestly, you didn’t quite know what to feel. Happy because you finally found your soulmate? Afraid because of what would happen, with him being an idol?

“Relax, it’s going to be fine. They’re having a concert tomorrow, and I got two tickets, but my friend can’t go anymore. Do you want to join me?”

You needed to sit down at those words. Sure, finding who your soulmate was is all fun and all that, but things were moving a little fast. If you were lucky, you could meet your soulmate tomorrow?!

“Sure, I’ll go with you. But, only if you promise to never leave my side.” You stuttered, feeling a bit afraid after this sudden news. Your brother complied directly, nodding his head like it was about to fall off.

And finally, the evening of the concert had come. “Are you ready to go?” Your brother asked you, already outside, waiting for you to move. You just nodded and started putting on your shoes. Somehow, every word you wanted to say was stuck in your throat. ‘Must be the nervousness’ you told yourself.

Arriving at the venue no less than ten minutes later, you both joined in the line. It wasn’t long after until you were finally inside. “Can you claim my seat too? I have to go to the toilet real quick thanks!” You rambled and jogged off.

“I’m way too nervous for this.” You breathed out when there were no people in sight anymore.

“No way.”

Where did that voice come from? You turned around and you were met by… a neon blue haired Sanha. “Are you kidding me?” You said, not believing this was really happening now.

“Sanha! Where are you! We have to go on stage in five minutes get your ass over here! It’s no damn time for last minute toilet visits!” An angry voice could be heard. “Here, take this. I have to run.” He said, handing you a small piece of paper.

He ran off to the direction he came from. “And just when I saw him…” You muttered, opening the piece of paper in your hands.

“Meet me backstage after the concert. They will let you in, I’m sure. You can’t miss this beautiful colour after all :)”

What a cutie. You ran back to your assigned seat next to your brother. “Where were you? I thought you just went to the toilet but you were gone for fifteen minutes!” He started to scold you. “Calm down, nothing happened. Well, actually, something did happen. Read this.” You instructed, handing him the small paper you got from Sanha.

His eyes got wider immediately when he got what was happening. “So, you’re finally meeting your soulmate?” He questioned enthusiastically. You nodded in reply, too happy to give a better answer.

You couldn’t be happier that you needed to visit the toilet that night.

Picture Perfect (Bucky x Reader)

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Prompt: Bucky taking selfies with his and reader’s toddler? On account of me seeing Seb with the little boy from the movie he worked on. Thanks!

A/N: I fucking love the name Celeste. I also love Bucky with babies. I HC that he’s great with little kids, and he’s super good with his daughters- having tea parties, knowing how to do hair, how to paint nails. Thank you to the anon who requested this! 

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