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5.19.16+12:55pm // 55/100 days of productivity // here’s this week’s spread! spiced it up with bold-colored magazine cutouts and tried out some new lettering and doodles. good luck to everyone taking finals in the coming weeks, just in case i won’t be able to see you until then!

I tried to scan this using my dead scanner and this ended up the result. :/ I gotta get a new one soon. Anyway, a sketch I did to try and figure out how anthro!Discord would look like. I’m liking this so far, but I’ll probably edit the design and make his body just a tad bit longer and shrink his head a bit. o:

As for what he’s wearing, this is probably gonna be his costume for the Goddess!AU. I all I need are the colors. o:

Mark: woke up from bed and put on any sweater within his reach…dgaf that he’s wearing the same clothes from the day before cause his MWF schedules doesn’t clash with his TTH ones

Jinyoung: a kindergartener who was told to get ready for picture day but was lied to and ended up at Music Bank…it explains why he has his backpack full of coloring books

Bambam: always tries to look like a runway model with a stoned faced but he’s really just bitter that no one notices his new, dragon jacket he spent hundreds on

Yugyeom: a fluffy puppy who’s actually trying to promote ‘Fly’ by wearing pastel and the only one who’s actually happy to be there so he stands in the middle

Youngjae: feels out of place cause he’s not wearing his fav ‘NXT LEVEL’ sweater…just look at that face, poor child…even his heart is on fire cause he’s uncomfortable

Jackson: WHOA. this time he decided to not go all black but tree instead…but let’s be real, he’s a BTS ARMY to support bff RapMon

JB: really needs to stop wearing shades…does he not know that’s the reason why he always falls and rips his pants??


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okiaon (020517)

[Kuro Expressions!]
~Excited Kuro: Sees a new game out that he`s really interested in.
~Embarrassed Kuro: “So… uh do you want me to stay here or…?”
~Naturally Smiling Kuro: *watching Mahiru sleeping*

@canthydefromthelicht Oh man It`s been a while since I tried to color something and I just ended up keeping it low ahahaha xD 
Welp, still, as we`ve said… Kuro needs more expressions. Doesn`t have to be canon tho since we already love him with the current array of expressions he already has! It`s fun drawing him with others tho~  \(≧▽≦)/

Pool Time [Requested]

“I can’t believe you installed a pool,” you frowned, staring into his backyard. “Are you sure you have enough money for this?” You turned to Jin, who was proudly standing beside you. He looked at you and just cocked an eyebrow in response. It made you laugh.

“It’s a good thing I got you a swimsuit because we’re going to test it out today,” Jin grinned excitedly. You laughed again, wordlessly consenting to test out the new pool. He jogged upstairs, and you waited patiently for him. When he returned, you were surprised to see him shirtless and in his swim trunks already. You tried to avert your gaze, but your eyes kept wanting to scan over his chest and stomach. He strode over to you and handed you the swimsuit he bought for you. It was a green-colored two piece, but it looked decent.

You shamelessly glanced down at his red swim trunks with the Mario “M” in the corner before he spoke to you.

“Go on; I want to get in!”

You stuck your tongue out at him for hurrying you, but you changed quickly in another room. You passed a mirror in the hallway, saw Luigi’s “L” on your chest, and sighed with amusement.

Jin was already outside, starting to test the water. You snuck up behind him, pushing him in. He yelped and spluttered; he got his bearings quickly despite his disorientation. He tried to glare at you, but all that came out was: “it’s cold!”

“You didn’t turn on the heater, genius! Of course it’s cold!” You doubled over in laughter while Jin slogged his way out of the pool. He waddled over to the heater, turned it on, and waddled back to you. He smirked and unceremoniously scooped you up and tossed you into the water. You squealed the whole way down, and while you were still underwater, you felt the water ripple as Jin jumped in after you. Swimming to the surface quickly, you fought the cold away with every fiber of your being. You tried your best to breathe deeply and not shiver. You looked around confusedly; Jin hadn’t surfaced yet.

Suddenly, you felt his arms wrap around your waist and pull you close, and you pressed against his dripping chest. You whipped around and smacked him in the shoulder, but he just grinned at you.

“The heater will come on soon,” he promised, laughing at your chilly form.

“It’d better,” you grumbled while clutching your shoulders. “I’m freezing.” He moved towards you a little bit.

“I can warm you up, if you want,” he said, removing a wet strand of hair from your face. You bit your lip unconsciously. His tone had dropped a bit, and it made your stomach clench. He leaned his face down towards you, and you froze, unsure of what his intentions were. His hands slid down your arms slowly; your body started to hum with a dull heat—until he found your ribs and tickled you.

You shrieked and swam away, making sure to splash him in your retreat. You made it to the wall and tried to clamber out, but Jin caught you and dragged you back. Your back was against him once again as he trapped you against the wall. Your fingers curled in the small puddles on the lip of the pool. The water was definitely warmer than before, and you could feel Jin’s breath against your ear.

Jin’s fingertips ran down your sides again, but this time, they moved in a more sensual manner.

“You look really good in this,” he murmured, tugging lightly at your waistband. You just hummed in response, giving no indication of how aroused you actually were. “Can I get a better look?”

You turned around and faced him; you were somehow surprised at how close he was. He looked you over, his fingers unconsciously tightening against your hips. Your leg “accidentally” brushed against his, and you looked into his eyes suggestively. You could barely feel the water gently lapping against you as Jin bent forward and kissed you. There was a strange sensation against your stomach as his erection pressed against you through his swim trunks. His plush lips molded together with yours, and your fingers brushed up his biceps. You found his wet locks quickly and tugged on them with need. He reciprocated the feeling, his tongue brushing against your lips.

Instead of continuing with your lips, Jin trailed slow, gentle kisses against your cheek, to your jaw, and up to your ear. You tilted your face away from him, granting him more access. He ground his hips against you, rubbing your clit deliciously. You moaned softly and pushed back on him. His fingertips teased the hem of your bottoms, and your hips happily complied with his wishes to remove them. You lifted your legs, supporting yourself with the wall, so he could pull the bottoms off completely. He tossed them out of the water, and you heard them land wetly on the cement behind you somewhere.

He pressed against you once again, taking your head in his hands and holding your face against his. The kiss only grew deeper, and you started to breathe heavily.

“Seokjin,” you moaned as his clothed tip teased your slit, “Seokjin, please…”

Jin planted one more kiss against your neck before he pulled down his trunks. You wrapped your legs around him, and the water made you easier for him to support. He pushed into you slowly, never breaking eye contact with you. From your peripheral vision, you could see his teeth clench as he hissed lightly in pleasure. He moved slowly, and if you could see the pool, you were sure you would have been able to see steam coming from the two of you. As he pumped in and out of you slowly, small waves radiated from your bodies and rippled back, lapping against your sides hungrily.

You held Jin’s shoulders, and he started to kiss you in a pace that matched his slow, deep thrusts. He sped up only slightly, but it was enough to drive you crazy. You felt how deep he was with all of your being, and you moaned heavily against his mouth. His speed made a crescendo; he was no longer fucking you slowly, but he plunged into you with fast, small movements. The water splashed around you, and he was grunting with a slack jaw against your lips.

“Seokjin, I’m gonna cum…” you gasped. Your core was building up and knotting tightly.

“[F/N],” Jin moaned. You climaxed hard at the sexual sound of his voice, and your walls clenching around him pushed him over the edge. Your fingers dug into his shoulder blades as you held him; he returned the embrace as he came inside you.

Panting, the two of you pulled apart after a moment. You climbed out of the pool and laid down on the cement, and he followed you out. He tossed a towel from one of the chairs down on you, and you dried off quickly. He laid down next you, clearly still fighting to catch his breath.

“That was great,” you murmured.

“Yeah. It could have been better, though. There are disadvantages to sex in a pool,” he responded.

You looked at him questioningly. He rolled over to hover on top of you, playing with your hair for a moment.

“I wanted to do other things, too,” he smirked. You closed your eyes and let him spread kisses down your body and spread your legs.

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@nerdy-cait05 wrote some too!! Go check out her blog she’s awesome

-I agree that he’s red/green color blind
-he has to focus on little details of each lion so he can tell them apart in other ways than by color
-“Keith can you hand me the screwdriver with the red handle? Not that one. Not that one. Not that one. Not that one. Keith it’s the only one you haven’t tried.”
-sometimes he asks Shiro what colors things are on new planets, just because he can’t tell if they’re supposed to be that weird brown color or if there’s actually a bright red sky here??
-I’m a slut for bff’s Keith and Pidge so Keith would definitely hang out with Pidge and ask her what color random objects are and ask her to describe colors too
-Sometimes he would mess up the colors of lions during missions and he felt really bad about it so Coran would definitely ask Hunk and Pidge to make little adjustments to their lions (and Keith’s) to make it easier to tell them apart

Also I’m Klance trash so here you go
-Lance actually doesn’t even notice that Keith is colorblind until they start dating? And once Keith mentions it in the middle of the conversation, it just sorta hits him like “ooooooooooooooooh that makes so much sense now???”
-so Lance is happy to describe colors for Keith all the time
-Lance also understands Keith’s weird 80s jacket now because I’m sorry but that bright red is just obnoxious

The Penumbra Podcast has devastated me. Also I just found out about Peter’s glasses yesterday and I’m still recovering

I tried a new coloring technique because apparently I’m never happy. 

  • the best waiter to ever exist?????
  • like he isn’t just going to completely disregard you and appear as though he has far better things to do
  • no he’s going to go out of his way to make sure you have the best experience of your  l i f e
  • the restaurant he works at has increased their business so so much since he started working for them
  • like they get so maNY CUSTOMERS
  • lots of them are regulars but some new ones stop by and hope with everything they have that they’ll get him as their waiter
  • he works in a more casual-style place, like it’s not super fancy but it’s certainly not just a random grimy restaurant
  • so he tries to dress relatively nicely!!!!!!
  • think button-up t-shirts (a nice sky blue color) or t-shirts with simple colors!!!!!!
  • has a little apron with a notepad for orders (and lowkey some extra candies for the kids)
  • likes to scribble everything down bc he doesn’t want to mess any orders up and wants to be 100% sure
  • probably internally panics when there’s something wrong with an order
  • it’s never his fault but he feels like it is and he just gets so flustered and apologetic and cute
  • the customers always love him
  • there’s just no way they can’t
  • even the most guarded, cold person will somehow find themselves liking him a lot
  • he’s just always moving and doing something??????
  • like he comes in a little early so he can clean up any messes (and sometimes buys the other staff meals bc he knows that they can get really busy and wouldn’t have time to eat otherwise)
  • is always bubbly and happy and just generally lightens the mood
  • it’s hard to be frustrated and angsty when there’s a literal ray of sunshine around
  • he doesn’t really step into arguments all that often but it’s just his prESENCE
  • like the chef and a waiter could be fighting in the back but ten walks in and the mood just immediately lifts
  • he’s just the best thing that has ever happened to this restaurant
  • and plus it’s where he met you so it really is the best thing
  • you weren’t even at one of his tables??????
  • like you were just out for dinner with one of your friends and everything was normal
  • just a casual night out, nothing terribly special
  • and he was waiting tables and bustling around and generally being a busy little noodle
  • except he watched as a waitress tripped and flung a legit entire bowl of soup into your face as she passed by
  • the noise that came out of his throat was inhuman
  • you were just sitting there, and the bowl fell on the ground and shattered and you were covered in scorching soup and it was generally embarrassing + unpleasant for you
  • and ten
  • being the ultimate waiter
  • rushes over faster than the waitress could
  • and is just like “oh mY GOD OH MY GOD I’M SO SO SORRY COME WITH ME”
  • and you’re like “!!!! no it’s ok i’m ok!!!!!”
  • but it’s too late bc he is pulling you into the back and already has a towel
  • he keeps apologizing and being all flustered and blushy and adorable and you’re like omg omg the waiter is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen?????
  • but anyways he’s helping you get the soup off and he’s partially blushing bc he thinks you’re really cute too and it’s just a giant mess but at least it’s a cute one
  • and once you’re officially clean again he smiles and you swear that he’s more brilliant than anything you’ve ever seen
  • and he’s like “hey dinner is on me!!!!! i’m sorry about this again,,,”
  • and you’re like “no no it’s really ok!!!!!!!”
  • so you part ways and you’re both like damn i should have just asked them out or something why am i like this
  • but you eat dinner with your friend and it’s a good night and just as you’re leaving ten frantically sprints after you and he’s just like “waIT”
  • and you turn and you’re like “????? ye s?”
  • and he grins and he may look kind of confident but unfortunately he’s blushing too hard to pull that off completely but he messes up and he’s just like
  • “can i buy you dinner again?????? together????? a date???????”
  • and he’s just so stuttery and cute and there’s no way that you would ever say no

lordsmellymort  asked:

ok so im gonna send in a whole bunch of these but first off can u draw ur headcanon cecil & carlos designs?


god settling on a design for carlos was easy peasy hes p much described fully in the show so hes good its just C ECIL oh boy cecil was fun. theres so many headcanons and everything i just. 

i went kinda boring?? i kept the popular blond hair thing but tried to make his features more. idk. i really dont know. whatever. love his fashion sense tho

also i tried something new with the way i drew and colored! i tried to make it more pixel arty but it didnt come out quite like i planned. oh well. i still like it (tho i dont think ill ever do it again bc MAN that was hard)


anonymous asked:

Girl! I have this crazy head canon where Sakura gets a little decked out in makeup, hair, & clothes just for fun or to experiment with new looks; & when Sasuke sees her he's just like "....Wow." I just imagine him being completely speechless at how flawless she looks. It'd be even cuter if coincidentally he was returning from his redemption journey & came back to Konoha on the exact same day she tries a new look. The poor boy would have a heart attack. Idk I just had to share that with you omg..

Aweee, I like that! She’d definitely feel like the type that is adventurous with her looks and is always up to trying new things, especially if she feels bored with her current hair or clothes. I don’t see her ever being too into makeup though, she keeps it rather minimal, but I could see her wanting to try out bolder colors.

What would make this a top notch cute headcanon to me would just be adding how as stunned as sometimes Sasuke could be, he likes her best at her most simple and natural of looks.To him, Sakura with mussed hair and no makeup, wearing nothing but one of his shirts, is literally 1000% better and more beautiful than a dolled-up Sakura wearing a skin-tight dress and some pretty little hair do. :’)

Final part of my tiny art adventure. I think I like this one best just because of the color scheme and the weird techniques I tried out for variety. I actually completed a New Year’s resolution. Weird.

The ‘clouds’ are a lot pinker and less orangey than they appear. The water at the bottom was the only part really done with brushes. I fluffed the pinkish blend at the top with paper towels to give it a ☁ look. For the rain, I ran my fingernails down the canvas.