just tried black and white for once

Okay. There’s something that has been bothering me for a long time and today I’m gonna try to articulate it. Here I go:

If you are white, you do not get to distance yourself from your whiteness by saying “white people suck” to a person of color. Believe me, they know.

If you are straight, you do not get to distance yourself from your straightness by saying “straight people suck” to a non-straight person. Believe me, we know.

If you are cis, you do not get to distance yourself from your cis-ness by saying “cis people suck” to a trans and/or nonbinary person. Believe me, they know.

I’m white and I caught myself doing this shit the other day while I was working on a race theory essay. I was writing about how white people try to infantilize black people in ads and media and I wrote “they” instead of “we” to refer to white people. Once I’d realized what I’d done—how I’d subconsciously tried to other myself from an oppressive group simply because I was criticizing it—I corrected it to “we.” Because, as a white person, I know that I am part of the problem.

You don’t get to decide that you are one of the “good ones” just because you think racism/homophobia/transphobia/etc. is bad. You’re still a member of the oppressive majority. You still perpetuate racism/homophobia/transphobia/etc.… regardless of whether you’re aware of it or not.

TL; DR: Please spend more time actually listening to minorities and less time assuring them that you’re not like those other bad white/straight/cis people.

Bet On Me

Reggie x Reader

A/N: This is my first ever fic and I hope you all like it!! Requests for all other Riverdale characters are open!! (This is my first fic because Reggie is bae)

Word Count: 3369

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, violence, heavy make-out session (is that even a warning?)

Summary: Reggie is dared to date Y/N, the sweet and popular untouched cheerleader. He does so, although not expecting to fall for her in the process.

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The suits headcannons are 😩😩🙌🙌WOBDERFUL!! LLIKE SERIOUSLY, THE WAY YOU DESCRIBED THEM WITH SUITS IS JUST 🙏praissee. Please do continue them!!! Possibly terushima, futakuchi, noya, and tanaka?? THANK YOU SOM MUCH

Sure! And I see you have a type. ;3 Bonus Ushijima and Tendou for you.

[The original suits headcanon here]


  • Three-piece, a brown so impossibly dark that under the wrong lighting it’s almost certainly black. Notch lapel and two buttoned, his jacket’s loose and open on top of a pristine white shirt. The kickers are his tie and accessories- a rich, metallic dark gold with matching watch chain and pocket square, highlighting his bronzed skin and blonde undercut. A pair of simple cap toe derbies finish the look.
    • You see, he knows, that you’d expect him to wear something flashy to match his personality and his wicked tongue piercing, but he also knows that he looks like an oasis in a desert in black and gold.
      • He does indulge his flashy side with his surprisingly smart-casual array of clothes- another formal favourite of his is a black and white checkered jacket on top of a simple black turtleneck with black pants and shoes.
    • He’s a naturally slim person, but his suits are structured to give him the confidence to match his smirk. Pants slim fitted to shape around his sleek calves, it makes him look miles tall.
      • His hair, when he actually tries, is slicked back firmer than usual, and there are absolutely no wisps of hair blocking the sinful expression he shoots at you.
    • Playing with his cuffs when he’s bored just doesn’t kick it for him. He prefers to rest his weight on one leg and slide the tips of his fingers into his pant pockets cockily.
      • He’s always the first one to get asked to dance, with his rough undercut and slick outfit, and boy are they all surprised because this man, despite looking like a million dollars, dances like he’s earning his keep dollar by dollar.
        • Give him a pole. Give him a fucking pole, and you’ll be going home a few items of clothing short tonight.

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Skull hell, when will we escape it?

One thing bothers me with the painting, it’s how we all noticed it straight away.

Like, forgive me but I don’t pay much attention to the set on my first watching, I’m slightly busier listening to what the characters are saying.

But, it’s like a Christmas tree, that’s where your eyes is drawn to whether you like it or not.

The character isn’t the center of the shot.

Slighly on the left, so that we have the skull perfectlly on sight.

Be honest, where is your eyes drawn to? Lestrade or that enormous white painting?

They decided to film it with a purpose, choosing when and how we were going to notice it.

Let’s see if we can find a pattern.

The Six Thatchers

The contrast is enormous when the first time we saw it was during ‘The Cardiac Arrest’:

It blends it with the decor. He’s there but it’s not too enormous.

But the more time passes however, the brighter it gets.

Compare these (white) skulls. There is a contrast in brightness I don’t think we can only blame on light.

It’s not that there are ‘three differents paintings’, it’s the same and someone is playing with the light that must come from behind.

The Lying Detective

The Lying Detective is the opposite.

Compare these (white) skulls. There is a contrast in brightness I don’t think we can only blame on light.

The thing is, the maroon skull was the ‘normal’ painting and white the one standing out in TST.

In TLD, the white skull is still obvious but not as much, it’s the new normal. The colors switch sometimes, like when he’s high but that’s not the strangest.

It starts with Faith and is blueish. And when it comes to Culverton and Sherlock being high, it is a christmas tree, but there are only two positions. Two positions and a pattern.

When he starts loosing it and when he finally goes unconcious, the painting is maroon, when he’s only talking about Culverton it is white. The contrast is obvious to us, but there is a logic behind it.


It’s this picture that is disturbing.

Because we now have this black hole. There is no skull to find now, it’s just a black painting.

Can we also appreciate how John’s presence hides the painting? Thanks John. It’s a relief. For once I can actually listen to what you’re saying in peace (even if it’s white).

Now, unto the Final Problem

The Final Problem

Marroon, so far so good. We can notice how they tried in many shots to hide the painting though. Because, usually, we see it when there’s a client.

They don’t want us to look at the painting.

The story of Musgrave and Redbeard, maroon.

After a long time of ‘not showing you anything’, we get to the story of Sherrinford.

And then boom.

Much can be said about Sherlock’s chair and the rug, but the painting is absolutely fireproof.


This new painting brought us skull hell but that was done on purpose. We are forced to notice it. You can’t not see it.

We have a painting that is marron/red: I think that this is the original painting.

The more we sink in EMP, the more immsersed we get with the story/heart of the episode, light starts changing the skull’s appearance, making it look blue/white/very very white the deeper we go. Only when Sherlock isn’t present do we see complete blackness.


You know all about skull hell now. But did you know about lamp and smiley hell? The cursed place where the lamp keep spinning?

TLD, while, the painting is changing colours, we have this.

Alert. Madness alert.

Okay, this one is a painting and not real but still.

(Someone saves me)

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im fine with sugilite being unstable but like...why the hell is it a bad thing for steven, a young boy to enjoy his moms being a badass dragon lady mace babe?? Why does the show go out of its way to immediately tell us that sugilite is bad and not "strong?"

Short Answer: Racism

Long Answer: Because the writers are so incompetent at writing a decent for Pearl that they just ended up creating a narcissistic black character and went “she’s unlikable enough now”. they just assumed that sugilite pissing off Pearl for saying “make me” is enough of a justification to villainize and dislike her. As well as getting Steven hurt even though she was just tearing down a tower so ofc standing like 15 feet behind her isn’t a good idea. But whatever everything’s sugilite’s fault.

There’s like this weird ongoing problem where a black female character that’s loud and has a lot of personality deserves punishment and sugilite was our first example of it. Then we had bismuth. The whole message of of being “Strong In The Real Way” still falls flat because how exactly was Pearl strong in the real way compared to sugilite (who I guess was strong in… the fake way??)

It hints at Pearl being motivated by Steven made her strong in the real way but so… was sugilite? She liked Steven off the bat and even tried to impress him. He was so inspired by her that he strived to be just as a strong as her. Like watching it again and seeing how Pearl acted I sort of assumed this episode was going to be about how pettiness and the desire to impress everyone can hinder relationships with others because it was treated as a bad thing that Steven wanted to work out. Even though….. that’s important for him to get stronger…

And then ofc sugilite (like bismuth) gets mad due to a misunderstanding and no one makes an attempt to reason with her. I mean Pearl tries like once and then everyone just completely gives up on her, even garnet. It’s lazily using a black woman’s strong emotions for the sake of making her look bad and put white characters on a pedestal and it sucks.



  • Quidditch and liquorice wand kisses by Bellakitse ★
    Summary: hogwarts!au; The first time Isak Valtersen meets Even Bech Næsheim the seven-year Ravenclaw chaser, it’s because the boy saves him from a bludger to the face.

  • Sunday 28-11-16 by Treehouse
    Summary: A continuation of the cuddly weekend Even spends at Isak’s place.

  • Made of Candy by Stria (Asia117)
    Summary: For Isak, it started with colours. (Or, Isak dyes his hair. Pink suits him.)


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Hope Part 2 ( Older!Damian Wayne x Reader)

Prompt(s): None
Plot: This is part two to Hope. You find out who kidnapped you and why.
Word count:1481
Pairing(s): Older!Damian Wayne x Reader
Warning(s): Like 1 curse word I think
A/N: So this didn’t come out exactly how I wanted it and I might end up editing it later but I’m still kind of happy with how this turned out. This is part 2 of Hope and I will be making at least one more part. THIS ISN’T THE END OF THE STORY!! So please enjoy!

You woke up on a bed you didn’t recognize in a bedroom you couldn’t seem to recognize either. The walls were yellow but there were no picture on them or any decor for that matter. The bed you a laid on was around a queen size and had a yellow quilt on it.

You began to sit up slowly, but as you did you head started to throb. You quickly put your hands on your temples and started scooting to the edge of the bed. You tried to remember how you ended up in this unrecognizable room but the last thing you could remember was cooking, then everything just went black.

You stood up slowly and made your way to the door. Luckily it was unlocked so you pulled it open slowly and stood in the doorway to see if you could hear anything. You were met with nothing but silence so you decided to take a look around.

Right outside the door was a small hallway with two closed doors on the right. The walls were white and once again there had been no decor or pictures. You slowly made your way out of the room and down the brightly light hall. As you made your way down the hall you began to hear whispers. You wanted to stop and go back into the safety of the yellow room but your curiosity kept you moving.

“Yes I have her. She’s sleeping in the room at the end of the hall.” You stopped walking immediately as you recognized the voice of your kidnapper. You could feel the anger bubbling up inside of you as you stomped into what appeared to be the living room and looked your kidnapped in the eye.

“Talia” you spat angrily. Of course it would be her. She couldn’t stand you ever since she found out you and Damian were together. She smirked at you as she quickly hung up the phone on whoever she was taking to.

“Y/N you’re finally awake.” She said with a smirk still plastered on her face as she approached you. You didn’t back away. Talia already thought you were weak and while you were a little scared you wouldn’t show her that.

“What the hell do you want with me?”
“With you? Nothing, but with my precious grandchild” she said while lightly placing her above your stomach. You jerked back with a disgusted look on your face. How could she possibly know about the baby when you just found out? But most importantly what did she want with the child?

Your look of disgust quickly turned into a look of curiosity and she noticed this.
“Sit down food is almost ready, then I will tell you why you are here.” She spoke as she turned in the opposite direction to walk into the kitchen.
“How do I know you’re not going to poison me?” You called out but you didn’t get a response.

You didn’t trust Talia but you wanted answers so you did what she told you and sat down on the brown couch in the center of the room. You finally took a look at your surroundings and noticed how beautiful everything was. Right across from the couch was a lit fireplace and behind the couch was a granite dining room table. You couldn’t see any doors or windows but considering there was a fireplace you assumed you were somewhere cold and far from Gotham.

On the side wall next to the hallway entrance was a small bookshelf filled with books. You loved to read so you got up to see what kind there were. Surprising enough they were all your favorites. They all looked New and even had that new book smell. You picked up your favorite and walked back to the couch. You began to read to pass the time until Talia was done and ready to explain to you why you were there.

You couldn’t get very far in your book because your mind always wandered back to your husband. Talia then called your name and told you to go to the table and as much you didn’t want to obey her, you wanted answers even more so you did it anyway. She set the table while you were reading and it now held all of your favorite foods. Your mouth started to water. You weren’t sure how long you had been there or how long it had been since you last ate but you were starving.

You eyed Talia suspiciously as you sat down and began to make a plate. You weren’t worried about if it was poisoned anymore. You figured that she would want to have the child kept safe by the way she spoke earlier.

“Alright Talia talk.” You spoke calmly as you began to eat. You noticed that Talia had also made herself a plate and began to eat to so waited for her finish chewing before she started.

“You are here because you are carrying the heir of Ras Al Ghul. I’ve been waiting for 4 years for you to get pregnant. Since my son has decided to turn down his destiny it will now be up to your child to carry on his path. So for next eight months you will be staying here and when you give birth I will take the child somewhere safe so they can began their training.” You looked at Talia as she finished speaking not with anger but with amusement.

“You actually believe you can keep me here for eight months without Damian finding me? And do you honestly think you can hide our child from us? You’re insane Talia! What about doctors appointments and meds what about what about people and socializing?” You said while laughing. You couldn’t believe her plan, it was insane.

“Trust me Y/N no one will find you here not even Damian or Bruce. Also your doctor Karen will be coming by often to make sure the child is okay.” She smirked as she said the last part and then it all came together. That’s how she knew you were pregnant so quickly she must be working with Karen. You felt betrayed that someone you once called friend could do this to you and Talia saw this.

“As for socializing I’ll be here every weekend and Karen will be here once a month there is also a tv in the first bedroom in the hallway for to watch.” You were in complete shock. You couldn’t even bother to listen as she continued talking about how there was no way to escape and how should bring you groceries for the week each time she visits. She wouldn’t tell you your current location though just in case.

You know that Damian would be there to find you any day so you tried to not to worry too much and continued eating. When you were done Talia cleaned up everything and she also informed you that the second door in the hallway was a bathroom. In the bathroom was a closet that held towels, clothes, pajamas, and toiletries. You decided that you’d go take a shower and get ready for bed. You weren’t sure what time it was but you were exhausted so as soon as you got done getting ready you climbed in bed and went to sleep.

~ Six Months Later~
You had been waiting for Damian for 6 months but he had yet to find you. You were losing hope that he ever would. Talia came every weekend as promised and Karen came every month for check ups. In the last few months you found out that you were having a little girl and even got to hear her heartbeat. Talia was a little upset at first about the sex of the child but got over rather quickly.

You were a lot bigger now being that you were 7 months pregnant. You wished everyday that Damian could be there to see just how much you’ve changed. You wanted nothing more than to sit with him and pick out baby names and to be able to show him the ultrasound pictures and the baby’s heartbeat so that you could see him smile.

They say after you arrived you found out the that the main door was at the end of the kitchen. You had tried to escape many times but failed. It was opened by passcode and while you tried spying on Talia to get it, you never had any success. You’re only hope was to just wait for Damian. You also found out why it is that Karen betrayed you. It turns out that her loyalty can be easily bought.

What you couldn’t seem to figure out though is what was taking Damian so long. You hadn’t seen your name on the news for missing person and whenever you asked Talia she ignored you. Sometimes you wondered if he was even looking for you.

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Prompt #74 or #76

From this prompt list — When I read these two prompts, for whatever reason they just screamed to be paired together to me, so I hope that’s alright! Also, this is probably the only pregnancy fic (more like implied) you’ll ever get out of me :D

“Did you just black out?” “I think I’m gonna puke” and

“I bet it’s a boy.” “I bet it’s a turtle.”

“Did you just black out?” It was Cassian’s voice behind her – panicked, as usual – before her world came back into focus. Sure, there’d been some spots in her vision, but only a few, nothing to worry about.

She looked down at her knuckles, white and rigid, all of her strength channeled into holding herself upright by the sink. “No,” she tried to smile, to suppress the bile rising in the back of her throat,

“But … I think I’m gonna—“

“—puke,” Cassian finished for her, at her side now and brushing the hair from her face. She eyed him over her shoulder, and once she was finished, gave a thankful smile.

He looped a hand under her arm, easing her up to stand. He pushed a cup of water into her hands, and threw his parka over her shoulders. She sighed, knowing there was no fighting the medbay this time.

The white lights of the medbay were harsh, the monitor pinging beside her even harsher; the only reprieve from it all was a relieved but slightly frazzled Cassian at her side, his fingers entangled with hers.

“So,” he whispered, pressing his elbows into the mattress. “I bet it’s a boy.”

“I bet it’s a turtle,” Jyn snapped, the painkillers and fluids still warming their way through her, apparently.

He gripped her hand and sighed, rubbing the underside of her wrist lightly with his thumb.

“We’re going to have to work on your patience.”

“Cassian, seriously,” she turned to face him, her face cradled in the pillows, “It’s probably not even bigger than my eye right now.”

“So?” He smiled, and she thought it might be the first he’d smiled true in weeks. “Aren’t you at least a little bit curious?”

She hid her own grin in reply, “And you’re telling me to work on my patience?”

“I did, and I meant it.”

She threw her gaze back to the ceiling, blowing out a breath. ”What for?”

“You know what for,” she felt his eyes fall to her stomach and she laughed.

“I’m perfectly capable of handling my temper, Cassian.”

“Says the woman who once took out two drifters because they looked at you wrong.”

“And I’d do it all over again,” she finished, all too quickly. He sighed, and shook his head.  

“I know, just … be careful, Jyn.” he looked down at his hand in hers. “I’ve only just gotten used to worrying about one person, don’t give me more to worry about knowing there’s a second.”

“Not yet,” she’d grown tired of his concern, turning on her side, and pulling his hand in hers to rest along her stomach. “But I’m sure we’ll give you plenty to worry about.”

“I know,” he whispered, sliding onto the bed with her, fitting into her curves from behind. “You always do.”

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Why do you translate killing stalking when it's already translated?

I answered these types of questions a lot before but I guess it’s due time to remind people again. 

I don’t translate out of bitterness or to undermine the content or the creator. I don’t translate KS to be a thorn in Lezhin’s side, and I definitely don’t translate it for profit or some desirable benefits that come with translating.

I translate because people still need me to translate it. It’s really simple but it explains a lot of what I do. When I first started it was something harmless and something fun, and to help guide those who were struggling to read KS Korean version. This was way before Lezhin decided to do simultaneous releases and boosted up the coin packages. 

After translating it for a few weeks, I noticed how much of a bubble I was in. You imagine that if you can buy Killing Stalking chapters others can too, and you never dream about the possibility that others can’t. Then people send me messages about how they were happy and grateful to read the translations and explained why they couldn’t buy the chapters even when they wanted to support Koogi, that they will buy them in the future, or that they started buying them but read my translations first. Many of the “I can’t” messages were understandable - economic reasons, there’s no way around that. But there were ones that surprised me and it was about location. People couldn’t pay because of where they physically lived. Some of my Middle Eastern readers can’t pay because their bank doesn’t let global access. Some of my readers have shitty exchange rates. Some of them just can’t make electronic payments. 

I mentioned before (here and here) that if Lezhin solves the problem I would cease to exist but once again, I translate because people need me to.

And I hear a lot of arguments about me and translating: “people should just buy them”, “don’t read fan translations, support the author!!!”, “if you can’t afford the chapters then don’t read it” and my favorite is “people are liars, they can pay they just don’t want to” and oh boy. I don’t blame them for not understanding cause I didn’t either before I translated but some of these people really can’t, I mean. They SERIOUSLY can’t and it’s disappointing to see that rather than helping others by pitching ideas or asking for changes they rather follow the same system, even when the audience is expanding. How do you support something if you can’t get to it?

You can snipe that webtoons aren’t a necessity but a luxury and people shouldn’t have access to my translations yet neither is technology or clothes but here we are - on the internet with pieces of fabric on. 

Or that “Koogi loses money” but she gets a wage because Lezhin treats their artists with economic freedom. I don’t know what “livable wage” means but I hope it’s more than enough to live in Seoul and the more expensive places in the city like Gangnam. 

I wish there was a way to donate to the authors directly rather than being limited to paying each chapter. If people can’t buy the chapters they can at least still say thank you by giving them whatever they can spare.

People rationalize that “it’s only 20 cents a chapter!!!!! it’s so cheap there’s no reason not to buy them” but the thing is, you have to buy them in bundles. 

In U.S. currency, it cost $4 for 14 coins. If it’s 3 coins/chapter then the $4 bundle can get you around 4 chapters. As of right now there are 21 locked chapters which mean it’ll be totaled to around 63 coins and the season is not over nor will the series end anytime soon, so you’re spending more than $20 (assuming you’re going to buy all the chapters until the series end without using points) and that’s not including other webtoons you’ll want to read in Lezhin like the fan favorites - Out of Control, A Guy Like You, All About Lust, At the End of the Road, Blood Bank, Window to Window, Hate Mate, Moritat, and etc. The little things add up, and some people won’t be able to get the bundles EVERY time they have to resupply particularly if their exchange rate is shit or they’re just tight with money. 

I tried explaining some of my ideas to help before, I think at least once (probably just once knowing me). But the response was the same, unfortunately. And I agree with people saying I’m not a good person because technically I’m not. But this situation isn’t black and white and neither are the readers. 

If you would like to read more and in detail, here are the links. There I explained myself with more commentary and visual aid. Support the authors and the contributors but support them the best you can if not through money but through popularity so the fanbase grows, and if you can, buy the chapters in the future. 


Even now, why won’t Lezhin reward readers in the English site with points or coins for daily visits like they do with Korean readers? I mean, all the leaked translations and fan translations are in English and usually intended for international readers so wouldn’t it be more helpful to try and let readers get coins/points so that they try reading the chapters legally? 

But who knows, I don’t understand anything about the business ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not Dead Yet (Part 29)

*Thank you all for 300 followers! Love you!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: language

Felix was blocking another blow from one of the pirates when the deafening scream rang out and everyone stopped to clap their hands over their ears. The ground started to shake violently under them and Felix instantly searched to find Pan. He was standing in the midst of the camp, his face contorted into something terrifying to behold. Felix followed his gaze and saw Y/N lying on the ground, crimson staining the white chemise she was wearing. Her mouth still slightly agape from the short strangled scream that escaped from it a moment earlier.

“No…” he let out a small gasp.

The island cracked and split open. Pirates and Lost Boys alike lost their balance and fell into the pits. Thinking quick Felix kicked the pirate next to him into a crack and moved as quickly as he could to where Y/N was lying. Right now the only safe place to be was by either her or Pan.

He dropped next to her and pressed his fingers to her neck. A pulse. “Pan! Stop!” Felix shouted, “She’s still alive!”

The tremors calmed slightly. “She’s alive but only barely! You need to stop!”

The cracks along the island started to close again as Pan started to walk towards Y/N and Felix. Felix backed away as Pan took the spot next to her. He brought a glowing hand up to where she was bleeding. With Y/N in caring hands Felix went about the camp looking for survivors. Some of the pirates including Hook survived and took off after the ground had stopped trembling. Many of the Lost Boys were now gone but quite a few had managed to keep from falling into the pits.

“What happened? Why did the island start quaking?” Devin limped to where Felix was standing.

“That’s why.” Felix pointed to where Y/N and Pan were.

“Y/N!” Felix held him back. “Dammit lemme go!”

“No! If she has any chance then you can’t go over there ruining his concentration!”

“But she’s–!”

“Dying.” Felix tightened his arm around Devin, “And her only hope is Pan. So if you don’t want to bury her corpse you’ll keep your distance.”

Devin nodded if not begrudgingly. “Good. Now go see who else is alive.” Felix shoved him off. Devin trudged off glancing back at Y/N worriedly.

Hours passed before Pan finally stood up, Y/N carefully being cradled in his arms. “Pan,” Felix approached him, “Is she…”

“Barely. She’ll need watching somewhere where she won’t be disturbed.” Pan said without making eye contact.

“I’ll fix one of the tents.” Felix found some remaining tent parts and put them together. Pan set her down inside.

“Watch her. If anything changes find me immediately.” Pan walked away without another word.

Felix peered inside the tent at Y/N. She sure did look dead save the small rise and fall of her chest. He’d be lying if he didn’t say he wasn’t relieved. Y/N was a good Lost Girl and one of the smarter people on the island so it would have been a shame to lose her. On the other hand he feared what would have happened had she died, what will happen if she doesn’t make it.

Pan had gotten close to past Lost Boys and when they met a bad fate things weren’t great afterwards. This though. Felix stared at the unconscious Lost Girl in growing dread. What had went from being just another person on the island then to friends, had become something far more dangerous for everyone left still alive. No one could or should hold that much power over the person that is connected to this realm.

For the first time in a long time Felix wished that Pan had just left Y/N to die all those years ago.


What is wrong with me? I tried to open my eyes but found it too difficult. My head felt like it was floating in molasses. Just as I was about to fall back to sleep I heard something. Someone’s voice.

I need to wake up. I forced my eyes open, squinting against the light. Where am I? The space became clearer as I realized I was laying in a tent. When I tried to sit up a wave of pain crashed through me. I bit my lip hard. Let’s take this a little slower. I tilted my head up as far as it could go and saw the dark red across my once crisp white chemise. With shaking hands I rolled the shift up till I could see my stomach. There was a bright red gash surrounded by deep purple almost pitch black skin. So like an idiot that just woke up in extreme pain I poked it.

“FUCK!” I shrieked. Bad idea! Very bad idea!

“She’s awake.” I had almost forgotten about the voice that had woken me up. I didn’t bother looking up when I heard the tent flap open.

“Look who’s not dead.” I recognized Peter’s smug voice near me.

“Fuck me…” I groaned.

“Maybe when you feel better.” he said. I tried to give him a glare but I was in too much pain to make it threatening. “Stop writhing so much you’ll only make it worse.”

He laid a hand on the sore spot and the pain started to abate. “What happened?” I croaked out.

“Pirates invaded the camp in search for you. When they saw that you were not a damsel in distress but a Lost Girl they got a little angry.” he explained, “As for you, I can only assume you got cocky and let your guard down.”

“And they turned me into a shish kebab?” I remembered seeing the sword pierced through my gut and felt like I was going to be sick.

“Yeah. Turn over so I can get your back.” He helped me roll to my side so he could press the spot on my back.

“How are the others? How many did we lose?”

Peter was quiet. “Twelve. We lost twelve boys.”

“Devin, Ben, Nick, are they alright?”

“They’re fine.”

“I’m safe too, thanks for asking.” I heard Felix’s voice from the mouth of the tent.

“I knew they wouldn’t be able to get rid of you, blondie.” I joked and I heard the small scoff that counted as his laugh. “How long have I been out of it?”

“Half a day or so.” Peter answered.

“What of the pirates?”

“The few that’s left of them scuttled back to their ship. With half their crew gone I don’t think they’ll be dumb enough to raid the camp again.” Peter finished and rolled my chemise back down to my knees.

“Speaking of which,” Felix poked his head in, “Now that they know where we are we should probably move camp. We’re too close to the shore for comfort.”

“Agreed, we’ll go as soon as Y/N can walk.”

“I can walk now.” I swallowed back the pain as I sat up fully, “Let’s get moving.”

“Idiot.” Peter pushed me back down. “You almost died a couple hours ago. You won’t be able stand on your own let alone walk.”

“Then give me someone to lean on.” I sat up again. Peter gave me a disdainful look before leaving the tent and shouting for Devin.

Devin, Nick, and Ben were soon cramming into the tent relieved to see I was still alive. I assured them I was fine but needed someone to help me up so that I could go with them to move the camp. Nick agreed to shoulder me and Devin went to pack up my tent while Ben gave my injuries a once over.

When I was up on my feet I realized exactly how weak I still was. If it wasn’t for Nick practically carrying me I would have fallen into a heap just trying to get to my feet. We made it into the jungle a ways before my stumbling got so bad that Nick just conceded to carrying me on his back. I feel so helpless. If I hadn’t gotten run through I would have been up in the trees flitting about like a bird and throwing acorns at the boys. This was so boring!

The group finally stopped at a new clearing. The remaining Lost Boys went about setting up their tents and creating a perimeter for the camp. As for me, seeing as how I couldn’t stand I was stuck kneeling on the ground trying in vain to pitch my tent.

Felix approached me. “I can do this! I don’t need any help!” I snapped at him.

“Yes, you do. But that’s not why I’m here.” he knelt next to me, “We need to have a talk.”

“About what?”

“Your correlation with Pan.”

“Whatever you’re thinking you don’t need to worry.” I waved it off, “It is purely a physical arrangement.”

“Are you so sure about that?”

“Do you seriously believe that I’ve developed feelings?” I rolled my eyes at the absurd notion, “Felix, I know girls have a reputation of reading too much into things like this but you know that’s not me. When we’re in public things are as they always have been, I’m not stupid enough to jeopardize that.”

“Maybe you believe that, but you didn’t see what happened last night.”

“The pirates invaded the camp and we lost some good boys. What else do I need to know?”

“That when you got taken out, Pan he…he did something reckless.”

“Reckless how?”

“The island started breaking. It was like someone had opened the gates to hell.”

Oh, was that all? I thought it was something worse. “That wasn’t because of me. Nick explained everything on the walk over here. Peter was just trying to drive the pirates away.”

“I saw his face when he watched you go down. It was terrifying to witness. Pirates and Lost Boys fell through the cracks like sand through your fingers. If it wasn’t for me telling him you were still barely alive he might have plunged the entire island into the sea.”

“No. I mean why would he…”

“You know why.” he leveled me with a stern look, “You gotta rein this in before it gets out of hand.”

I nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ll fix this.”

“You had better.” Felix stood up leaving me alone once again. Peter may trust me more than the others in some respects but we couldn’t have a repeat of past mistakes. I wasn’t going to allow him to endanger the lives of my brothers just to keep me alive.

The day crawled by and when night grew close Peter approached me again to help heal me. This time when he was finished I was feeling much stronger and could walk around on my own. It would take some time before I was completely back to normal but for now this was all I needed.

“Here,” he handed me a change of clothes, “You probably want to get into some real clothes.”

“Yes please,” I took them gratefully and started to change out of the bloody chemise. I caught Peter’s gaze and paused, “What?”

“There’s a pond just a ways to the west of here in case you wanted to wash up.” he got to his feet without looking at me, taking the chemise with him. “Night.”

A wash did sound nice. I wrapped my cloak around me and carried my clothes with me to the pond Peter had mentioned. I dipped down letting the water come up to my neck. I needed this. I wiped at the grime I had accumulated over the past couple days but paused when I saw red dripping from my fingers in the moonlight. Was I bleeding? I didn’t feel any pain?

That’s when I noticed them. On my arms and legs were the dried remains of bloody handprints. The sight of them made my stomach churn. Devin told me that Peter had spent a long time healing me when I got skewered. I didn’t think that when he did so his hands were covered in blood. My blood.

I scrubbed harder washing away the blood until my skin was raw. After I dried off and got dressed I walked back to camp. Many of the boys had already retired to their tents. Things were so much smaller now. The boys we lost were my brothers. Now they were just gone.

Peter was standing in the center of camp in front of the small blazing fire. Upon closer inspection I noticed he was burning the chemise I had been wearing.

All those boys. My brothers had fallen through and died because of what he did. I like to boast that I know Peter the best and I do. But I never thought he’d do something as dumb as allow his emotions to run his mind. He caught me staring and gestured for me to come over.

“So, Felix told me what you did.” I whispered, twiddling with the edge of my shirt, “Why did you? We agreed that things wouldn’t go past friends.”

“And they haven’t.” He muttered not taking his eyes off the fire.

“You cracked open the island and let boys die. They’re gone because of you and your feelings.”

“Feelings?” he scoffed turning to look at me, “You think I have feelings? For you?”

“You would have let any other boy die, I know you would have.” I sighed, “What other reason would you have?”

“Let’s get one thing straight right now,” he sneered, “You are a Lost Girl. Nothing more. Just because we make out sometimes doesn’t mean I think anything more of you.”

“Oh really?” I pointed my dagger at him, “You think nothing of me? How could I miss such an obvious perspective? Our time in the Enchanted Forest, what you told me, what I trusted in you, the parts of you that you keep hidden from even yourself that you let me into was all just pretense. Was it?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“No. I do. And I am not leaving until you admit that you let your emotions cloud your judgement and promise it won’t happen again.” I tapped the tip of my dagger against his chin.

He swatted the dagger out of my hands. “You are so conceited. I broke open the island to get rid of the pirates, who by the way, found their way to camp because of your brilliant half-baked plan. Any idiots that fell in during so are not my concern. Besides, it’s good to thin out the ranks every now and again, get some new blood.”

“Alright. Let’s for a moment pretend that your cock and bull story is true. If you really did do it to just drive off the pirates and let the group thin out then why didn’t you let me become another casualty? If I’m just like all the others then why did you spend hours healing me to ensure that I lived?”

We stared each other down, neither one willing to look away first. The small fire started to smoulder out of existence next to us. He has nothing. I think I’ve finally bested the pompous git. I dropped his stare with a smile and turned to collect my dagger. “I thought better of you but not even the king of pretend can make up an excuse this time, can he?”

Before I had time to react Peter tripped me up and kicked my dagger out of reach. He stood above me exuding rage. “Do not forget who you are speaking to, Lost Girl. You may think we are even ground but I am leagues above you in every way. I am your leader and you will treat me as such. So I suggest you go back to your tent, rethink your place and take a moment to remember that the only reason you are here to argue with me is because I saved your poor, weak arse more times than I can recall.”

“Fine,” I pushed myself to my feet, “Since you won’t admit you over reacted to ‘just another Lost Girl’s’ imminent demise, I won’t say anything else to you at all.”

“Good.” he materialized my dagger in his hand and handed it back to me, “Now that the subject has dropped I am going to bed. Goodnight.”

I took the dagger without saying a word. He gazed at me slightly confused when I didn’t reply. “I said goodnight.” Another moment of silence passed and the realization set in. “Really? You’re not going to talk to me now because I hurt your feelings? Okay, a few days without having to listen to your incessant nagging will be wonderful. Who am I kidding? You probably won’t be able to hold back some immature embarrassed retort by the time I finish this sentence. Still nothing? Great. See you in the morning, pet.”

I had to literally bite my tongue to keep from saying something about the degrading nickname. He could tell the remark got to me and gave me an amused smirk in response before turning to leave. If this imp thought he could get me to break so easily he was in for a surprise.

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Buckle up kids it’s rant time.
Today’s topic; People who say his relationship with Chris is toxic and try to bash him for the way he treats Chris.

[If people will request, or if it’ll get too long, I’ll just put it under read more. But I intend for it to be short and to the point.
Also excuse me, English is not my first language and I also have speech problems.

*Clasping hands together, inhaling*

I know that Piers is being very harsh on Chris, trying to force memories on him, basically kidnapping him on a mission, scolding him when he has the chance and going as far as saying “It’s good that Finn isn’t around to see you like this”.
Chris is suffering from PTSD and survivor’s guilt, then picked up drinking. He lost his team which he counted as family, and at Chapter 3, beginning to lose his men one by one with “Ada” just waving with her presence. He doesn’t need Piers to yell and remind him that he is fucking up. Right.

But they don’t have time for that. They don’t have time to sit down and collect their thoughts, Chris can’t afford to have a breakdown in the middle of the mission, they need to act, they need to work, and Piers put his relationship with Chris at risk to make sure they do it.
You can’t always comfort a person. Sometimes a person doesn’t need comforting. Sometimes a person needs a good slap in the face with reality. It’s not a new concept. Hell, Chris ADMITTED that Piers was right after he cooled down for like half a chapter.
Piers didn’t play a “I told you” card or “I’m always right”. He moved on like an adult should do.

After Marco’s death, when Piers was “bashing” Chris for his behavior, no matter how angry Chris got, going as far as to almost raising his hand on the other, Piers didn’t show any fear and you know what?
It was easy to see how Chris realizes that Piers was right.
He couldn’t beat him, not only because he has [Some] self-control, but also because he was right. It’s also shown further when after each stare-down with Chris, Piers only allows himself to express his shock only after the point has been taken, and Chris isn’t watching.

Piers’ role in the game was to put Chris back on track after what happaned in Edonia. He’s supposed to be his moral compass, his sense of duty. As soon as they reached Chapter 5, where Chris begins acting more and more like his old self and their conflict is over, Piers realizes he’s not needed anymore and allows himself to stay behind after he did everything he could.

Piers would do anything for Chris, and that’s exactly what he did. People act like he wasn’t affected by any of the shit happened in Edonia, that he wasn’t affected by losing Alpha Team again, but the man was on a mission. He wasn’t as emotionally invested, but he did have to drag his unconcious Captain from B.O.Ws which were his F R I E N D S and T E A M, while Chris couldn’t even do that. He HAD to. He couldn’t hesitate because Chris would die. He dragged him out and likely put his friends out of their misery, and then he had another team for six months. A team that HE was their Captain, HE leaded them, for SIX MONTHS, until Chris came back and killed them on his first night.
After all that he still believed in Chris and put his own life in his hands, trying to set him back on the right path and going as far as to sacrifice his own life 

Also don’t say that Piers was flat out shit to him. He tried to approach him gently more than once but he saw that it isn’t working, that Chris is stubborn and that vengence is eating at him and that’s when you’ve gotta take the big guns.

Screencaps of this below the cut because it’s too long already and I’m sorry everyone for having this block on your dash. It just bothered me.

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My first time, I call it Rainey's Choice - Just once!

It began innocent enough, the typical story, I found a stash of porn( my brothers) and one movie stood out, it was called “Black Stuff” it had a black man and a white women on the cover and she looked happy!!! It was the only movie I “borrowed” from the stash, I don’t know if you can wear out a DVD but I tried, that wasn’t the only thing I almost wore out that year.

The scenes were mixed black man/white girl or black girl/white man but I was watching for the black men, they were just so sexy. The white women were in ecstasy with the black men, I knew some of it was acting but I still loved it. I was really liking the oral scenes in particular, watching those girls please those huge black men with their mouths was so hot! It was on my mind a lot, it was all I could think of.
I had a boyfriend, sex was good I thought (just ok) but that movie made me doubt that. I never did anything with him like in that movie, I never wanted to, He wasn’t big or as sexual, or sexy as those black men. I was starting to watch porn more and more, I was going BBC crazy!

One day after maybe a year after the discovery of “Black Stuff” give or take a month, I decided to take the matter into my own hands, I wanted sex like that! I had always noticed this dive bar on my way home from work and decided that was the place. I dressed up as sexy as I could, see I wasn’t a “ goody two shoes” but I wasn’t very experienced or sexual. I did the best I could and I walked into that dirty dive bar. I was just going to suck one, a black one. I was just going to get it out of my system as they say, Just once.

It wasn’t busy, it was quiet, I was the only girl. I was so nervous, I walked into the bar and ordered a beer, I was barely past drinking age and didn’t drink much, I ordered the beer in the green bottle because I had seen my dad drink it. I was nervous but a drink should help I thought, but it didn’t. Nervously I turned and looked around the room, there were about seven men and one guy was black, I stared, I didn’t mean to, I got caught looking. I did that thing people do when they make eye contact but didn’t want to, I quickly look down then away, I turned around in my seat. The drink wasn’t helping at all, what am I doing! I’m not like this, I don’t have casual sex with random men I meet in dive bars. I almost left but then he came over said hello.

He was tall, we’ll tall for me, 5'9 or so is how I recall it, young,lean, and dark skin, and handsome. He was very nice and had confidence but not arrogance or at least not too much arrogance because honestly a lil bit of it is sexy. He was sexy, he didn’t hit on me, he just talked but he had this smile, like he knew. He was right because after maybe five minutes I asked him to take me somewhere… “ do you have a place we could go and talk” I heard a girl say that to a guy at a party once, so o tried it. I finished my beer and we left. I can’t believe I asked him, but just this once right?

We ended up in my car behind some buildings near the bar. It was dark and hidden so I felt ok, I don’t remember the how but I ended up in the back of the car on my knees. I was on the floor rubbing his hard cock through his jeans, he played with my hair. He loved my hair he said, he told me to pull it out and so I did as told and out popped the biggest cock I had seen in my life that wasn’t in a movie. I just stared at it, it was dark and stood up and out and so dark, did I mention I love them dark? I was kind of in shock and awe, “Touch it” he said, I snapped out of it and I reached out and held it and wow! My boyfriend was Arron’s 5 inches and thin, so thin compared to this man.

It was so hard and beautiful I began to stroke it and play with it. I just wanted to suck it, like in those movies. I remembered what I saw and I asked if I could spit on it, he said yes so I spit on it and began to stroke it harder. it looked so good that I finally kissed the tip and worked my way down to his balls, I had never done oral before, I never wanted to but those movies had driven me crazy and for the first time ever I wanted to do oral to suck his cock, his big black cock. So after kissing his balls I licked up to the tip sliding my tongue on the underside of his cock all the way and opened up my mouth and swallowed the head of his cock. It felt dirty, slutty and I got into it.

I began to work my way up and down the shaft of his cock, he played with my hair and guided me up and down, gentle but firmly. Soon I developed a good pace and I was rubbing myself between my legs, I was becoming a lust filled slut for him and I liked it, it felt good in my mouth, his hands on my head, I heard him moan, I loved making him moan. Finally I stopped to catch my breath and I looked and saw that I had only sucked less than half of it. I was upset because I was struggling and had pushed passed it and though I had sucked a lot of it but it was barely half of it. I could tell because of the line of demarcation left by my spit. His cock was only barely half shiny. I decided there and then that I was going to get it all, I was now a cock sucker and I was going to be good at it! It was an epiphany!

He had a different idea though, I don’t know how to this day I swear I don’t know how but I ended up on the back seat of the car, my ass up, on all fours, panties and jeans down.
He rubbed himself against me, I was so wet. I felt how big and thick he was, so hard for me. I wasn’t ready though, all I had wanted was to suck him. I felt so vulnerable, I envisioned it. Me, ass up ready to take a strangers big black cock in a car like a slut, a total dirty BBC slut. I wasn’t ready, I hadn’t even sucked or kissed one an hour ago. It got to me, then he began to push it in and I whimpered, I began to cry. It was too much too fast. I cried and he stopped and we talked.

I told him how I felt and he was kind and understanding. I told him I just wanted to suck him, to be back on the on my knees where no one could see until he came. He understood and I was so grateful that I decided to give him the best blow job I could, so I did! I was determined to make it great for him. I remembered the movies and did the things I could recall…spit, suck, stroke. I sucked him hard, I used my tongue on the tip and licked under the head. Spit, suck, stroke. I listened for his moans to determine what worked and would do those things even more. Spit, suck, stroke!

I worked up and down the shaft determined to please him, to be his bitch. His cock sucking bitch. I felt my throat stretch and at times I felt like I couldn’t possibly take any more but I would back up and inch and hold him in my throat, then I’d moan and use my throat like a muscle to massage his cock. I would then take time and work all the way up to the tip and back down to that point where I had struggled and push for more and more every trip up and down.

I had changed for him, for his cock, for his big black cock. I wanted it all, I wanted to feel the bottom. I wasn’t an expert of course but I had energy and desire to please, desire like I’d never had before. I twirled my head, I made it noisy and sloppy. I massaged his balls. I’ve become a lover of balls since then his were the first I touched. I gently held them and played with them, tickled them. I built the pace up and he moaned and groaned as he lay back in the seat.

Finally after fifteen or twenty minutes, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot streams of cum in my hair and face. Hot cum as he told me how good I was. He breathed so hard and so did I. I did it! I sucked a big black cock, like a slut.

After calming down we talked, I got his phone number and promised to call. I dropped him off at the train station. I never called, I tried to go back to my boyfriend and be happy that I had got it out of my system. I had done it just once.

FYI: I did hit the bottom and in retrospect it wasn’t that big compared to some of the big cocks I’ve had since. He was a gentleman and that why he got to be my first, I sometimes wish h would of fucked me but at the time that would of been forced. I’m glad he didn’t. I made BJ’s my thing, I practiced on toys and people. I read up on how to and watched the pros for technique. I’m fucking good at it now. I didn’t go strictly black after this experience but I’m glad I’m BBC only now.

Twelfth Night Character Blogs

(entirely inspired by @percyhotspur‘s blogs for King Henry IV p1 because they were excellent and I wanted one for this)

Viola: URL - cesariyoooo - A memer to end all memes. Tries her best to outdo Feste when it comes to memeing, and very often wins. Lowkey likes most of Orsino’s stuff but tries to be chill about it. Sometimes will accidentally reblog a #relatable post pertaining to women and has to delete it quick. 

Orsino: URL - thedukeofnuts - Bad poetry and selfies, along with edgy metal and alternative musical covers and, sappy quote posts with song lyrics, oddly enough, lots of puns. Lately he’s been following a lot of LGBT+ positivity blogs and tagging Cesario in whatever memes he can find. 

Olivia: URL - lovelesslady - Mostly a black and white aesthetic blog, but occasional pastel or positivity posts depending on her mood. Tries hard to be in the meme squad, but she’s always a few months behind on meme culture.

Sebastian: URL - sebastianthefab - Pictures of him and Antonio captioned as ‘best friends in the world!’ His blog is mostly silly text posts and cool art he finds, but occasionally he’ll post vent art or quotes about losing someone. 

Antonio: URL - servantoflove - Mostly just reblogging pictures from Sebastian’s blog, but sometimes he posts his own. He doesn’t tag, and doesn’t follow many blogs besides Sebastian’s. Every once in a while he makes vague texts posts under a cut venting about how it feels to always be cast aside when you love someone so much, but he deletes them before anyone can see.

Feste: URL - rad-fool - Viola’s match for memes. These two can go for days. Other posts include; shitposting, song lyrics, psych2go reblogs, shower-thoughts, and pictures of bread. Also likes to reblog (tagged) porn and @ malvolio in it. 

Toby: URL - funkyuncle - Drunken shitposts and lots of pictures of swords, pistols, and himself with the squad. Doesn’t really tag things. 

Andrew: URL - siradnrew - He insists that the url ‘sirandrew’ was taken but he was just drunk when he made the blog. Tags Toby in almost everything and never gets a reply. Tries to chatbox Olivia on a regular basis and doesn’t get replies there either. Lots of posts about his impressive adventures with Toby. 

Maria: URL - littleladybird - Pictures of kittens, puppies, and medieval torture devices. Tags Toby in stuff when she finds something he’ll like. Occasionally joins Feste and Viola’s meme wars. 

Malvolio: URL - futurecountmalvolio - Doesn’t actually use the blog, he just made it so he could report Feste and Toby. Likes everything Olivia posts. Anon function is permanently switched off for obvious reasons but he doesn’t know how to deactivate the submissions box so he finds the entire Bee Movie script in his inbox daily. 

anonymous asked:

Native American, I wanted to tell you I appreciate that you won't stand for racist appropriation, especially by white people. It's disrespectful to see symbols of religion and culture, most of which were previously repressed and purged by white people, become trendy fads to be used and discarded at a whim. I see it everywhere from matted "dreads" to the faux feathers in Halloween headdresses. It pains me greatly that culture is now used to entertain those who tried to annihilate it. Thank you.

I refuse to stand by and let it happen. To anyone.

I’m tired of seeing things once ridiculed and insulted when used by one culture only to see it suddenly “trend” and used as a fashion statement for another the very next day.

It’s just pure bullshit.

I grew up hating my hair because I was ridiculed for it and the black features I have, only to fucking turn around and have white girls spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get what I have because its suddenly trendy.

No, that’s not how this works. I spent years hating myself because of this and being insulted for it and to have a white girl get it and suddenly she’s a fucking goddess? A fucking angel that you should worship the very ground she walks on when me and others like me had the same features from the very beginning that were there long before she figured out water could curl her hair????

Hell no.

I refuse.

Ben Franklin Family For Rent ; Rappers Buy In

“$100K on my wrist, a Franklin on my back” Meek Mill captioned for this picture

“I was just home playing video games and Meek Mill called me up. I didn’t believe it was really him until he DMed me from his personal Twitter and I saw that he was putting spaces before his exclamation points. He said, “Let’s Hang You A Real One !,” and I said sure.

Eddie Burgess, the 11th cousin of American inventor Ben Franklin, has been an unlikely member of Hip-Hop culture over the past 3 months. His famous cousin is the face on the $100 bill, famously celebrated in Diddy’s 1997 “All About The Benjamins’ classic. Rappers have always flaunted stacks of $100 bills, but now they’re taking the excess one step further: flaunting actual members of the Franklin family on social media.

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paint the sky for me

Originally posted by militarytabi

Title: paint the sky for me
Pairing: Choi Seunghyun/Reader
Genre: Robot!AU series
Summary: Seunghyun finally lears how to feel through the perfect mixture over canvas.

She had leant a few things about Seunghyun once she started to live with him. The first was that he was incredibly cute, in a way, his blank stare and his sharp words were mostly cute, much more when he was a robot. The second thing was that he was completely interested in whatever the human world had to offer and he already had the theories down, but he needed some practice to make his body fit the human world. He looked like a human, he spoke like one, he felt like one, but his way of acting made him look quite weird. It was at that moment that she decided to take him to an art museum, one of her favorite places as well.

It was something that she’d thought he’d like and he had prepared for the night at the museum. Seunghyun wore his blonde hair in bangs, contrasting the charcoal coat he was wearing, reaching his knees and covering his black trousers just slightly. He fixed the collar of his white button up once he entered the place and his eyes widened immediately, his lips shaped in a very kissable ‘o’. Seunghyun immediately rushes towards the first painting he sees just like a little kid and she walks behind him, a smile appearing over her features as if lingers with nervousness. The moment Seunghyun tried to touch the painting, she took him by the wrist, seeing that the veins on his wrist were replaced by cables.

Sometimes she forgets that he’s just a robot.

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I just had a BLACK Bernie disciple send me a bunch of replies about how wrong I am for saying that the Bernie or Bust people helped Trump win by splitting the Left. She then proceeded to say that it didn’t matter that Hillary was qualified because she wasn’t likable. Her Black ass shouldn’t be tripping about likability in an election where the other option is a Nazi. How the hell is likability a good enough reason to let the country go over a cliff? Yes, I know a lot a people don’t know about how politics works, that doesn’t mean we ignore the rules of politics, it means we do more the make sure people learn the rules. She needs to learn the rules, too, since she thinks likability and Hillary not being a perfect angel (when nobody is a perfect angel, especially politicians) is a good enough reason to shrug off Nazi rule. And I supported Bernie early in the primaries. Yes, most of the blame is on the white supremacists, but anybody who actually knows politics, knows protest votes throw off the Electoral College. The numbers don’t lie, like in Florida, Trump won by less than 200,000 votes and over 200,000 people voted Third Party. She even accused me of sounding like a white liberal, I’m a Black Woman, bitch, and you’re the one who sounds like a white liberal, throwing your own people under the bus over “likability”.

I just blocked her, which is what I will do to any Bernie disciple who tries to come for me and say I don’t know what I’m talking about. I have a fucking Political Science degree, what the fuck do y'all have besides faith in a man who thinks human rights is a “distraction”? Fuck outta here. You can go to hell with the Trump supporters.

And once again, I block Bernie disciples, so don’t even come at me.

In every poly, there bound to be a beautiful girl with good grades.

Jasmine is the one with wits and beauty in my course. With her fair silky skin, slender legs and a pair of firm B cup boobs that fits perfectly on her curvy body, she never fail attract the gaze from most of the guys when walking around the campus. Jasmine was so innocent and naive, the typical kind of good girl, where she didn’t want to get into any relationship until she finish her education.

During one of the module, we have to work in pairs, worst part! Our very own working pair will be allocated by the lecturer. I was totally annoyed by this arrangement. Because this simply means I have to work with people that I dislike and people I am not close with.

To my surprise! I was allocated to work with Jasmine! I was really excited about it as she is usually quiet in class. She don’t really minger with the class except for school work. This time round, I have got a chance to get close to her and talk to her moreeeee. After the lesson, i went to her

“Hey jas! Can I have your number? So we can discuss about our project”

“Suree suree, this is my number 91234567”

I was so elated to get her number! Because this simply means that I will get closer to her and who knows what I might still get!

First few meet up are in the school library, was strictly platonic. It was just simply meet up for project and nothing else. Not even any conversation about personal life. Till one weekend~~
Met her at a library right across her place. My jaw dropped once I saw her~ she was in her white spaghetti strap that expose her fair silky skin, not sure if she is really that innocent~ because the shade of her bright yellow bra is so obvious . Not forgetting her black fbt showing off her fair, smooth and flawless legs.

She hurried right to me
“Hey sorry sorry! I overslept~ tried to rush down ASAP~”

“It’s fine it’s fine~ I just arrived anyway”
In my mind I was thinking~ must be because of rushing down~ that’s why forget she is actually in her yellow bra but wearing a white spaghetti.

“Let’s go find the books that we need” I said

So we went into the library~ focused as usual~ jasmine started finding the books we need right away.
She was trying to reach for a book at a lower level~ so she bent downnnn~ when she bend down~ her fbt shifted up~ standing right behind her, I could see a small part of her ass cheek. I was so turn on by it! My dick got hard just by that. But In my mind~  I wanna grind those ass, squeeze it and spank it so muchhhhh. She took the book and turned back to me~ I look away immediately.

“Let’s find some seats to do our research” she said

But the library was too crowded~ in the end we settle down on the floor at a corner. Started reading our book~ she got tired of holding the book, so she shift and put the book down on the ground, bent down and continue read. Forgetting that I was sitting directly opposite her. Her cleavage was exposed right in front of my~ I just kept staring and fantasize about squeezing her boobs.

She suddenly realize
“Omggggg” sitting up straight right away, covering her bosom, she was blushing badly.

“Sorry sorry~ I didn’t meant to”

“Nevermind it’s fine”

Maybe because of that, both of us couldn’t concentrate anymore. We started talking about our personal life~ blah blah blah~ about school~ family~ friends~ cca.

Then, I started praising her about her body and teasing her about the amount of guys that set her as their eye candy. She blushed and changed the topic immediately.

“Are u prepared for next week test?” Jasmine asked~

“Nahhh~ Not at all~ have got no motivation to study~~”

“Must find la!!! Cannot always fail ur test! You like to be last meh?!”

I don’t know what craze got into me “how about we make a bet! Maybe this could motivate me!”

“Hmmm! If can motivate u~ why not? But what’s the bet?”

“If I score lower than u~ I will treat u to anythinggg that u wanna eat! Even shangari-la buffet!”

“Omggg yes yes yes! Set set set!”

“But if I scored better than u! I want to see u in only ur undergarment!” With a smirk

Jasmine blushed and looked awayyy

“How how how? On a not? Why? Afraid that me, the student in the last place will score better than u?” I said

Jasmine looked up “Cheh! Never gonna happen! On!” Sounding as confident as if she will win.

“Make sureee u don’t forget ah! Before u go back on ur words! Let me record it all down!”

We went back to doing our research

1 week later~
The night before we get back the result for the test.

I texted jasmine
“Are u prepared? I am gonna win”

She replied
The day where we get back our result~
I was really nervous and excited. Jasmine got back her result~ as expected she scored well~ 18/20. She turned back and look at me with a evil smile~ my turn to collect my result 19/20.  MUHAHAHAHAHAHHA! I immediately took a photo of my result and sent it to jasmine. Little did she know that I took the risk and cheated in the test. Or perhaps she is just too naive and innocent! Her expression changed right away

After the class end, I waited outside. She came out. Dressing in a white top with a black skirt

“Hi jas! So I won’t the bet!” With a smirk while showing off my test paper.

“WHAT THE HELL?! ITS IMPOSSIBLE!! Unless u cheated!!!” Looking as furious as she sound!

“Well! It doesn’t matter how I did it! U lost the bet jas!” Smirking away

“Arghhhhhh!!!” Jas was very angry

“Come! Let’s get it over and done with!” Pulling her to a toilet

Jasmine followed reluctantly

I knocked on the female toilet to check if anyone was around~ before entering I left the cleaning sign outside

Jasmine stood still at the toilet door

“Hey! Hurry! What are u waiting for! A bet is a bet!! I still have got the recording!” Grabbing her in and went into a cubical

I put the toilet seat down and sat there!
“Okay! Come! I am waiting! If my patiences run out! I might just do it myself!” Saying it sternly.

Slowly jasmine lifted up her white top~ revealing her flat and fair stomach~ revealing her firm and perfect B cup supported by her white bra. She was blushing madly~ trying to cover her breast with her hands! While my dick was so hard that it is bursting out of my pants

“OI OI OI! Skirt also skirt also! AIYA! It’s just in undergarments! Also not nude!” Sounding impatience.

“Fineeee la fine! Wait la!” Furiously she said

But still~ she moved her hands behind her skirt~ unzipped. Her skirt fall on to the ground instantly! Revealing her pink cloth panty with her perfect legs!

“Omgggggggggg! U are really really really hot!” I exclaimed! While The bulged in my pants getting bigger.

She tried to cover her breast with a hand while another at her pussy.

“Now done! Can I wear back my clothes?!” Jasmine was still Blushing

“No no no! Move ur hands away and turn one round! That’s all I wan!”

She followed my instruction.
Started turning~ while she faced the back. I slipped my phone right out of my pocket and started videoing.

Jasmine was stunt when she saw me with my phone “WTF ARE U DOING?!

My slip my phone right back into the pocket~

"Well well! For future use! Hehehe!” I smirked

I stood up~ she moved back and hit the  cubical door. She was standing really close to me~ trying to move away from me.

My hand from her face slowly move to her neck, shoulder and then down to her hips

“Don’t be scared darling, no one will see this clip, I am not asking for anything much~ just need u to help me release my load”

“W..wha… What loadddd” tears flowing down her cheek.

I smack and squeeze her ass suddenly~
She scream and pushed me away!

I sat back down on the toilet bowl. Unzipped my pants and pull out my erected dick. She look away and still tearing.

I guide her hand over to my dick~ wrapped it around and move her hand up and downnn. Throughout. She didn’t dare to look. I took it as an advantage and video her again, but not for long.

Looking at this perfect girl in her undergarment giving me a handjob while touching her ass and legs and stomach. Her soft and smooth hand didn’t took long before I cummed. Before I cummed. I pull her over and cum all over her legs and body.

She was still cryinggg.


Jasmine was just too innocent to know how sperm looks like

“Come on darling! Stop crying! That’s just sperm!” Smacked her ass again.

She tried to grab hold of herself and stopped crying~

“Delete that video now plsss, I beg u”

“Fine fine fine! But one last thing! I wan ur panty! Well! U don’t have to let me see ur pussy! U can put on ur skirt and take out for me!” Tempting her with the video on my hand.

“Argh! U this bastard!” She cleaned up and dressed up. After which, she took out her panty~

“Delete that vid now! I will give u my panty!” Jasmine exclaimed!

I deleted her in her undergarment video right away~ and snatched her panty.

She shouted “bastard!!” And hurried out of the toilet right away

Little did she know this is just the start~ I still have got the vid of her giving me handjob…..

To be continue….

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