just tried an app


does anyone know of any (good, preferably, but at this point i am Not picky) feed-type personal agendas? i’m trying but it doesn’t look like i can think in calendar formats and google calendar is… strangely rigid in ways that just don’t work for me

basically what i’m looking for is a to-do list that will let you rearrange things and let you see a million years in the future, if anyone’s heard of an app/program like that


How many goals has he scored for Paris? (video)

All Started With a Song Part 3// Conor Maynard

Word Count- 561

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) im so glad you are all enjoying this series! i’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve so stay tuned!

The next 5 days were the longest of their lives. Conor continued to keep in contact with Y/n throughout the week, trying his best to reply as fast as he could. And she continued to respond, but the responses were shorter and vaguer.

It was now Thursday and he couldn’t stop thinking of her. He followed her on Instagram and SnapChat, but hadn’t had the balls to snap her yet. However, he did like her pictures.

He was currently hanging out with Jack and Alex when his phone got a notification.

“Since when do you get notifications?” Alex asked, eyes leaving the TV screen.

“Huh?” Conor asked, looking at his friend, “oh, it’s nothing.”

But it was the exact opposite.

@y/i/n just posted a photo

He opened the app and tried really hard not to smile.

It was a full body picture of you, Alice and Olivia. You were all in footed pajamas. You were wearing a Captain America one, while Alice had Superman and Olivia had Batman.

You captioned the picture:

Name a more iconic trio, we’ll wait.

Conor clicked the picture to see the tags.




Conor frowned clicking the unknown username. It took him to a guy’s page. His frown didn’t fade. He scrolled to see if this Brandon kid had any photos of you. And he almost crushed his phone when he saw the picture. It was of Brandon and you. You were on Brandon’s back and were holding a balloon. You also were kissing his cheek.

The picture was captioned:

Thanks for the party. I’m going to miss her the most. Love you :) @y/i/n

“Hellooooo.” Alex waved his hand in front of Conor. “Earth to Conor.”

Conor closed his phone, “Sorry, what?”

“Why do you look upset?” he asked, looking at his friend curiously.

“Oh its nothing.” He brushed his friend off.

“Conor’s falling for a girl.” Jack said, opening a beer.

“Who?” Alex asked, pausing the FIFA game.

“Her name is Y/n. Look at his twitter.” Jack smirked, looking at his brother who continued to stare at the floor.

“Oh her. Yeah she’s fit.” Alex mentioned, continuing his game.

“Doesn’t matter,” Conor huffed. “She’s not interested.” And with that he got up and went to his room.


“Just post it!” Alice smiled.

“Maybe he’ll like it.” Olivia smirked.

“Fine, but I’m not doing it for those reasons. I’m doing it because we look cute.” You said, pulling up Instagram.

“Who took this?” you asked, showing your friends the old picture.

“Sean?” Alice said unsure of her answer.

“No it was Brandon! Remember, cuz Sean hadn’t arrived yet.” Olivia stated.

“Oh yeah, I miss Brandon.” You smiled, remembering your oldest friend.

“I hope Australia is treating him well.” Alice smiled.

Alice and Brandon had dated for 3 years, then he got an internship in Australia. They decided it was for the best. But it didn’t make the breakup any easier.

“We all miss him,” Olivia said, placing a hand on her best friend’s thigh.

“I mean, he is my brother.” You sighed.

“Anyways. Post it!!”

But Conor didn’t like it.

He didn’t even message you goodnight like he had for the past week. So you went to bed early, trying to sleep off the sadness. You would meet him tomorrow and everything would be perfect.

At least, that’s what you thought.

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

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Ah... so I'm guessing the video paths don't work for mobile then.

I don’t watch YouTube on my phone very often, but I know that when I watch YouTube from xbox, it doesn’t support annotations. It makes sense that mobile would have a similar problem. 

Yep, just checked. No annotation support on my mobile YouTube. Not sure if that goes for all mobile, or just the older version of the app I’ve got on my old-ass phone.

You could maybe skirt that by going to youtube.com in your phone’s browser, instead of using the app? Nope, nevermind, just tried that; didn’t work. Well, balls. :/

Edit: Well, I just got these immediate responses. So I guess some mobile yes, some mobile no. Try updating your app, if you can? I know a lot of my apps don’t update anymore, because my iOS is old, because my phone is old. So that might be a determining factor.


@delaneyjanna12 oh man its this terrible but full version ipad app i accidentally got for free like two years ago and its weird and glitchy and theyve stopped updating it and its not even available to download anymore BUT  i looked it up and the developers have a new version of it that looks nice but more minimalist than what this one was but its called SketchBook Ink and has a similar icon to this one .but i dont know anything about it. except its by the same people. sorry im not much help


And tumblr ate her #3, but here’s a few other tidbits!

This was super helpful and I thought I’d publish them all here for those who, like me, have literally no idea what’s happening when they go to weibo, or even what kind of a website/platform it is. Stupid me didn’t actually know/forgot that twitter was banned in China. So now this makes so much more sense! 

Also, thanks for the app recs, bc it certainly helps to get a version in English! (and makes it not so weird for me that Matt got an account there bc I was primarily just confused about how he knew wtf was happening on the site since I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know Chinese! lol)  (altho I just tried to search for the app and couldn’t find anything in English so idk I’m a dumbdumb)

oh, and here’s a link to his weibo account: http://weibo.com/u/6241487541?refer_flag=1001030102_ I THINK, anyway. lolol I was able to get to it earlier today, but now I just get redirected to the main page bc I have to sign up or something????. Okay, just realized I signed up a while ago, but it’s giving me a hard time and saying things in Chinese so IDK. LOL. But anyway, give it a try. Ha.

Oh man, so confusing. Please feel free to add on anything else helpful to this!

And thank you! :))))

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Can you link the list of fanfics you've read/are reading? Im looking for recs! (I know you linked it yesterday but it wasn't working for me :/)

Sure. The link won’t work on the app just fyi if that’s what you tried it has to be using a browser.

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Mango is a good app for learning languages too! (They have over 70) Need to be near a library that has it tho

I just tried the first lesson on this app and it’s actually really helpful! I would tots recommend. Now I just need to get a library card so I can get more lessons T_T

-Admin Sf