just tried an app

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

ask-dark-and-company  asked:

Ah... so I'm guessing the video paths don't work for mobile then.

I don’t watch YouTube on my phone very often, but I know that when I watch YouTube from xbox, it doesn’t support annotations. It makes sense that mobile would have a similar problem. 

Yep, just checked. No annotation support on my mobile YouTube. Not sure if that goes for all mobile, or just the older version of the app I’ve got on my old-ass phone.

You could maybe skirt that by going to youtube.com in your phone’s browser, instead of using the app? Nope, nevermind, just tried that; didn’t work. Well, balls. :/

Edit: Well, I just got these immediate responses. So I guess some mobile yes, some mobile no. Try updating your app, if you can? I know a lot of my apps don’t update anymore, because my iOS is old, because my phone is old. So that might be a determining factor.

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Why can't I listen to the audio of you and bobby? I've tried it with the Tumblr app and just on regular safari 😞😞

Is it the one talking about Dylann? I don’t know why, but that one always messes up after I upload it. Works for about 10 minutes then it just quits working for everyone. Sorry about that. There are some other ones on @murdermania if you’re interested.

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is my Tumblr app broken or do you have the default icon

askjfdhasdf i changed my url n the app just can’t keep up. i tried everything to fix it but it’s not workin for mobile

the only thing i didn’t try is fixing it from app itself bc i don’t have wifi and i ain’t wastin 200mb for an icon akdjfhaajsdf

les hope the app catches up soon. im sorry my icon looks like trash atm

I've never wanted to punch holes in walls more than I do now.

Like I had to make that same blog twice because some password bullshit
And I had to go through shit just to log into this account
Thankfully the passwords I chose for both work just fine

They both work I’ve tried both through the app and browser Thank Fucking God

has anyone else tried to load their activity and then that circle thing just stops and doesn’t load anything??? I’ve already tried deleting the app and re downloading and restarting my phone someone help

So I enocuntered a weird bug in pokemon go???

Or I guess it’s a bug/glitch but?

I saw a wild Nidoran hanging around and went to catch it. The whole “battle”/capture sequence went by totally normally, with a Nidoran (m)

But when I finally caught it in the ball it said I caught a Vulpix.

And I figured, okay, weird bug where it got the names switched, nbd, kinda funny.

But no

No I actually caught a vulpix. By catching a Nidoran.


There’s no Nidoran in my recent catches, even when I tried closing the app and relogging. Just this lil guy. There weren’t even vulpixes in the area what happened here I don’t understand