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Touhou names PSA

Western name order: Minamitsu Murasa
The confusion arises from her theme name (Captain Murasa). In this case, ‘Murasa’ is the surname, and ‘Minamitsu’ is the given name.

Western name order: Eiki Shiki
‘Shikieiki Yamaxanadu’ is a mistranslation. In Japanese name order, her name is ‘Shiki Eiki Yamaxanadu’, Shiki being the surname, Eiki being the given name. ‘Yamaxanadu’, meaning ‘Yama of Xanadu’ or ‘Yama of Paradise’, is a title. Therefore, in Western name order, she is Eiki Shiki (or Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, if you want to include the title).

Cirno’s name in Japanese is チルノ (Chiruno). ‘Cirno’ was the romanized spelling given for her name, although it is a poor romanization that doesn’t convey the meaning or pronunciation of the name very well, leading to the incorrect ‘serno’. Her name actually comes from the word ‘chill’ (チル, chiru), as she is an ice fairy, and all other named fairies have English-based names. ‘Chiruno’ is therefore the only ‘correct’ way to say her name, although ‘Chirno’ would probably be the next truest pronunciation.

The ‘wi’ (ゐ) in Tewi is an archaic character no longer used in modern Japanese - the intent of this is to show that Tewi is so old, her name has letters that don’t even exist anymore. It is now pronounced the same as ‘i’, so her name is pronounced ‘Tei’. Another example of this is the ‘wi’ in Tenshi Hinanawi - her surname is pronounced ‘Hinanai’.

Western name order: Meiling Hong. Meiling is the given name, Hong is the surname. I have no idea why English translations make her the only character with eastern name order. Something to do with Chinese?

Reisen Udongein Inaba was originally called Reisen (レイセン) in katakana, when she was the Watatsuki sisters’ pet. Eirin gave her a new name in kanji, but still pronounced Reisen (鈴仙), when she fled to Earth.

The second Reisen, appearing in Silent Sinner in Blue, was renamed Reisen (レイセン) in katakana, in memory of the original Reisen. This is easy to distinguish for Japanese fans -  ‘鈴仙’ looks very different from ‘レイセン‘. To distinguish their names in English, manga Reisen is usually spelled ‘Rei’sen’ or called ‘Reisen II’, but these are unofficial.

She had another name before this, although it isn’t ever stated.

Eternity Larva. ‘Etarnity’ and ‘Etanity’ were typos in the HSiFS demo, fixed in the full version.




femslash february day 22: yukayuyu!!

these two are the epitome of an old couple. they’ve been together for so long that the thought of them being in love after all this time is just the sweetest thing ever!! theres also some really good angst of these two out there that’s actually made me cry a little, so they’re not exactly 100% fluff, but still! grandma wives forever

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