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Do you think He tian is clingly





















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it's called football (miniminter)

prompt: (in honour of the sidemen match i thought i would try something football related.) in which y/n pesters simon with questions during a football game.

warnings: be prepared to be appalled by my ‘football’ knowledge, i am clearly an AFL fan

you were an aussie girl born and bred, but you were currently midway through your exchange program in england.

months prior to this very moment, you had signed yourself up for a two year program at the university of london where you would study psychology in some of the greatest facilities.

you never expected to enrich yourself in the life of the english as much as you had, and you definitely didn’t expect to make the friends that you had. one night you had been out at a bar and came in contact with a group of well known youtubers called the sidemen along with some of their friends, and ultimately you clicked. sarah had taken a particular liking to you and vowed to take you under her wing whilst you were here in her home country.

she wasn’t the only one you grew close to, simon expressed an interest in you that was somewhat different to everyone else’s. you couldn’t quite tell if you were best friends, or something more. either way, you both took enjoyment in annoying the absolute shit out of each other.

which leads us to right now. “i just don’t get it, why can’t the ball just touch your hand accidentally?” you question to simon as he watches intently on the television set in front of him.

simon was taking a day off from editing to sit down and watch the leeds game, and had invited you around to help ‘educate’ yourself on the world of british football before the annual charity match. it was fair to say, he was beginning to regret his decision.

“i’ll explain this once more. it’s called football, if it was suppose to touch you hand - whether it be an accident, or not - it would be called handball” he replied with a slight huff.

“but soccer-”

“football,” he corrects.

“whatever it’s called, it’s still such a low scoring game! don’t you get bored? at this rate you’d be lucky to even hit the score board!” you whine, as you too regret agreeing to simon’s offer.

simon laughs, tilting his head back while he shakes his head. he too agrees that leeds would be lucky ‘to hit the scoreboard at this rate’, but he doesn’t make the effort to comment so.

you had never taken much interest in the whole soccer fiasco. back home the 'APL’ was nothing in comparison to the likes of the 'AFL’, you had been raised to be a footy fan and that’s the way it always would be.

“i think it’s a bit unfair that you don’t get a point or something for hitting the crossbar or even the post” you comment after watching it be hit for what seems like the 5th time.

“y/n, it’s called a goal. you don’t get points” he explains whilst rolling his eyes. it’s clear by now that simon is getting a little bit agitated with all the questions.

“well i think it’s silly, in our ends if you hit the post you get a point, if it goes through you get a goal earning you 6 points. it’s like a reward either way” you remark, leaning back into the sofa.

“look, miss 'i own a kangaroo,’ that’s not how it works around here-” simon says before he cuts his sentence short, standing up from his seat and begin yelling excessively at the ref’s decision.

after some time he finally accepts that the decision is final and returns to the sofa next to you. you roll your eyes at his overdramatic behaviour before speaking again. “for your information i do not, and never have owned a kangaroo. australia isn’t as backwards as you claim it is.”

“yeah, yeah” he waves his hand at you to be quiet as his eyes skim over the screen, reading the stats displayed on the side.

you tried your very best to focus, but you couldn’t help but get bored. it was a 0-0 game after all. at this point in a game of footy there would have been about 7 or 8 goals scored by now.

you knew simon was trying to concentrate, but your need to ask a question was strong, no matter how hard you tried to suppress it.

“i don’t understand how you can be offside if there is no line there to tell you…” you wonder out loud.

simon was losing his patience. he was hoping you would just sit there quietly even if he would never dare to say so. he runs a hand through his hair simply stating, “the halfway line is your indication of being off side. if you are in your attacking half and you receive the ball with no defending player in front you are off side.”

“yeah but i still don’t-”

“y/n, please,” his voice, begging. “can we discuss this at half time? i’ll explain all the questions you have after the game.”

you nod in response not wanting to utter another word to anger simon further.

you sit in silence. occasionally fidgeting with the strings of the sidemen hoodie you were wearing every time the urge to comment, question or insult simon’s favourite sport cropped up.

finally half time arrived, taking its sweet ass time to do so.

“so?” simon asks in a voice kinder than the last time he spoke. “any dire questions you got before second half?”

you take a moment to think, you didn’t really pay attention past the point of simon getting frustrated at you. “no i don’t think so” you tell him shaking your head.

“oh?” he sounds surprised.

“i actually think i might go find vik and see if he wanted to go out somewhere,” you say moving from the couch.

“wait!” he grabs your wrist stopping you from going any further. “you don’t have to go, i’m sorry for snapping at you” he says sincerely.

“no, that’s okay. i was being annoying asking all those questions while you were just trying to enjoy your day off. i’m not mad i promise” you smile back at him to show you’re being genuine. “i’d rather you watch your game in peace, than me having to watch it all.”

he pulls you back towards his lap, with a grin plastered onto his face from your honesty. “i know, but that was no reason for me to get frustrated at you. i did invite you over to watch the game.”

“and this is me uninviting myself and salvaging the rest of my afternoon by asking vik to come get some ice cream with me,” you reply trying to escape his tight grip.

“how about this,” he responds putting an ultimatum in place. “you go hang out with vik upstairs until the game ends, and then when it’s over i’ll take you out for a nice dinner somewhere?”

“is this the simon minter, asking me out on a date? just so he can get rid of me?” you mock being appalled.

“i’m not trying to get rid of you, i was trying to save you of some boredom. i was planning on asking you out either way,” he adds with a wink.

shaking his hand, you agree; “you have yourself a deal minter.”

you remove yourself from his lap, unable to stop the smile spreading from your face at the very thought of yours and simon’s first date.

you make your way over to the bottom of the stairs just as the half time break comes to an end. “oh and simon, i still think you should get a point for hitting the crossbar.”

“how’s about i take you out one day and teach you how to play. you can give yourself as many points as you like?”

you laugh and shrug your shoulders, it’s not a bad idea.

“depends if i get fouled for being offside of that stupid fake line or not first!”

he laughs as well, “that’s cute, that you think you could get it past me in the first place for it to be in your attacking half!”

it can’t even be denied, because he’s right. but you fake being hurt anyways.

“i’m going to go spend time with someone who appreciates me,” you joke, making your way up the stairs.

“whatever you say. be ready in an hour’s time to leave!” he calls after you his laugh following you up the stairs.

you smile to yourself, knowing you’re no where ready to return home in a year’s time.


a/n: shout me a request or a message anytime 🙂🙂

You could almost smell the tension surrounding you, but it was a good tension, an anticipating one. Everyone was looking forward to what was to come, a chance to impress the gods. You were standing with Ubbe, Hvitserk and Sigurd, surrounded by the largest army that had ever been assembled. Like everyone else you were listening to Ivar, who was in the small carriage Floki had built for him, going up and down in front of the rows of hundreds of warriors. He was inciting them, reminding them why they were here and what they were planning to achieve. You watched him with growing pride as he was talking to all these older men who were going to follow his lead. Ivar had definitely changed during the past few weeks. He had become a man. You smirked at the thought.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Sigurds voice pulled you out of your thoughts.

“It’s what I’m here for.”

“Maybe you should wait in the camp. Why risk to harm that beautiful face of yours?”

You smirked at him. “You obviously have no idea how good I am.”

That moment Ivar, who had ended his speech, came towards you and reached out his hand to you. You took it and he pulled you up to him. You did not miss the spiteful look he gave his brothers as you wrapped an arm around him. You two have been together for weeks now but he still loved to show off in front of them.

“I would love to find out how good she is.” Sigurd said with a suggestive smile as you and Ivar were out of hearing range. His brothers laughed.

“It looks like you’ll have to ask Ivar, if you want to know about that.” Hvitserk said and gestured over to your slim form pressed to Ivar’s side.

“Nah, can’t take long until she grows tired of the cripple.”

“You better remember what happened the last time you tried to touch her. Next time she’ll cut your balls off, just like she promised.” Ubbe said, an amused smile on his face.

“And if she doesn’t, Ivar will.” Hvitserk added.

The hostile army had assembled on the other side of the valley. You knew the battle would start at any second now.

Ivar looked at you. “You ready for this?”

You bit your lip and nodded.

“This is our chance to prove ourselves. To Odin. To my father. And to our people.” Ivar said.

You smiled at him. “We will impress them all.”

He smiled back at you and for a moment you got lost in the blue oceans of his eyes.

The whir of a horn pulled you back into reality. You could see the English soldiers starting to run towards you. The warriors to your right and your left hammered their weapons against their shields to cheer each other on. As they started to run down the slight hill, Ivar sped up his horse and you two flew towards the enemy. The two armies crashed together with loud screams and the sound of weapons colliding. One second later you were surrounded by chaos. Ivar skillfully guided his horse through the fighting men. He was slaying enemies to right and you to the left. Blood ran down your face and your ears were throbbing from the screams and the other noises of the battlefield. You were completely lost in this deadly game. You looked over to Ivar. If hadn’t known him, you’d be absolutely terrified. He was covered in blood and laughing like a mad man. You could tell how much he loved every second of this. But as his eyes met yours, they turned softer and he gave you an admiring smile. That moment the carriage rumbled over a dead body and you lost your balance.

You could hear Ivar scream your name as you fell off. He stopped his horse and looked back to you. You quickly scrambled to your feet.

“I’m fine.” You yelled to him and waved your arm in the air to signal him to go on.

He hesitated for a moment then nodded and drove his horse forward again while you threw yourself back into battle. It was a hard fight for the hostile army was as large as yours but in the end the skills and the fearlessness of the viking warriors were rewarded with success. Or maybe the gods had just favored you.

Now that the battle was dying down you realized how tired you were, it had been hours of fighting. You looked around trying to make out Ivar and let out a relieved sigh when you spotted him. He had also seen you and guided his horse in your direction.

“Thank Odin, I was worried.”  He said.

“You know there is no reason to. I can take care of myself.”

He did not reply but a devilish grin grew on his face.

“What?” You asked.

He looked up and down your dirty and blood soaked body. “I’ve never wanted you as much as in this moment.”

You smirked at him. “Later.”

As you got back to your camp it was already getting dark. You went to clean yourself up and to get some fresh clothes, than you went to find Ivar. You saw him sitting by the fire, cleaning his weapons but as you walked over to him you were stopped by Sigurd.

“Y/N, I see you made it out alive.”

“Does that surprise you so much?”

“No, I understand you are a great shieldmaiden. But what I don’t understand is why you are with a cripple.” He paused for a moment. “A cripple who can’t even satisfy a woman.”

You smirked and purposely got really close to his face. “Who says he can’t?”

“I know it. We once set him up with a slave girl…”

“Oh, common.  There’s a big difference in being with a random slave girl, who doesn’t really what to be there or being with a free woman who knows what she’s doing.” You gave Sigurd a smug smile and a wink and pushed him out of your way.

“I’ve been wondering where you are.” Ivar said as you reached him.

“Looking for you.” You answered as Ivar pulled you into his lap.

“Have you heard? We’ve captured king Aella.”

“What will you do with him?”

“I have many good ideas.” He said, his hands playing with your hair. “But I think I will make him a blood eagle. I can’t wait to hear his screams.” You felt his hands sliding under clothes. “But that can wait. Tonight I want to hear your screams.” He whispered into your ear.

His lips found yours and he kissed you eagerly while his hands were roaming your body. He traveled kisses down your jawline and your neck. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once and you couldn’t stop a moan as his teeth grazed your skin.

“Hey” Ubbe yelled from the other side of the fire and threw his empty goblet at you. “Get to your tent.”


Now I definitly have some smut going around in my mind. I’m just unsure wether to write it down or not…

Please let me know what you think about this one.

By the way, is there an english word for these small carriages? I couldn’t find one.

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do u think niall is a really touchy boyfriend like he always has to have his hand on her back or holding hers or around her shoulders or holding her thigh ? just to reassure himself that she's actually there :')

Yeah I think he’s really touchy all the time if he knows it’s not going to get papped. And it’s not because he’s embarrassed or anything. He just doesn’t want the added pressure of people hounding you. In fact, as soon as you’re out of the eye he’s got you tucked under his arm, pressing kisses to your hair.

When you’re home and relaxing he’s got his feet tangled with yours on the couch. At night he’s got his arm slung around your waist until he gets too hot. It makes you giggle because you can feel his temperature start to rise until finally he rolls over with a huff mumbling “fuckin’ hot as balls, just wanna touch ya.”

touch by little mix playing at a coachella party
  • *kicks a beach ball* JUST A TOUCH OF YOUR LOVE
  • *grabs a cocktail* JUST A TOUCH OF YOUR LOVE
  • *applies lipstick* JUST A TOUCH OF YOUR LOVE
  • *sitting on unicorn pool floatie* JUST A TOUCH OF YOUR LOVE
  • *pulls shades over eyes* OVE
My hand slipped

There was something extremely satisfactory about pulling off quicks with Hinata when Tsukishima was on the other side of the net; it probably had something to do with the fact the Kageyama knew that Tsukki could tell when it was coming, but Hinata was still faster than him, and had no problems smacking that ball down over the net with his near freakish agility. It made Kageyama happy for reasons he couldn’t place – and not just because of the disdainful scowl that twisted Tsukishima’s expression, or the smug pride he got at continuously bluffing the blond middle blocker.

No, it was something else entirely, and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t tried to figure it out.

And then Hinata was smiling at him, his face split into a sunny grin and his fingers brushing sweaty orange hair out of his face.

“Kageyama that was awesome! It was like woosh! Pwahh!” he waved his hands animatedly as he talked, and Kageyama had to fight back the smile he could feel twitching at the corners of his lips, at seeing his boisterous happiness; Hinata had a goddamn smiling bug or something, he could make damn near anyone crack a grin at his antics and like hell Kageyama would admit it was endearing.

“Yes yes, now that we’ve covered that you can move at mach one can we please get back to this match? I have better things to do with my time than watch you pair eye-fuck each other on court,” Tsukishima drawled, rolling his shoulders and relaxing his stance. Yamaguchi snickered from beside him, mouthing out a quiet ‘nice one Tsukki’. Kageyama pinned him with flat steely eyes.

“If I wanted the opinion of a stuck up asshole, I’d bug Oikawa,” and hey, that was definitely the first time he’d come up with a comeback that quickly. Hinata choked on a laugh, Noya snorted from behind him and Tanaka howled on the other side of the net, earning himself an icy stare from Tsukishima himself.

“Whatever,” he snipped, brows furrowed in annoyance and his lips twisted in disdain. “Can we just get this over with?”

“Good idea Tsukishima, it’s Tanaka’s serve anyway,” Suga said with a hint of a smile on his lips.

Tanaka’s serve was admittedly more powerful than Kageyama would like to admit, and he was grateful to have Noya on his side of the net to effortlessly receive the ball. The ball shot up and Kageyama kept his eyes on it, flicking his gaze briefly over to Hinata to check if he was ready for the toss; however he wasn’t expecting brown eyes to be staring at him already, a steady intensity burning behind his chocolate irises that made Kageyama’s heart jump into his throat, and his chest constrict damn near painfully. Hinata blinked slowly and flashed white teeth in a playful grin.

“Faster” he breathed.

And Kageyama did just that.

The ball touched his fingertips and Hinata was already blazing a trail across the court; he hadn’t set a ball this fast to him since the first time they’d played together and Kageyama would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous – but then shoes squeaked and his hands flexed, and faster than anyone could react, there was a loud smack and the ball ripped across the court, forcing Yamaguchi shriek out of the way unless he wanted the receive Hinata’s powerful spike with his face.

The entire gym went into an eerie quiet.

Hinata broke the silence with a euphoric laugh, his grinning face lighting up the gym like the sun itself when he turned with bright, happy eyes to Kageyama. He allowed himself to grin back.

“Yes!“ he whooped. “Kageyama that was-”

“I know!”

“And you just set it and it went-”

“And then you hit it and-”

“We gotta do that again!”

And then Hinata was moving and was jumping far too close to him, and Kageyama had to shoot his arms out on reflex to catch him in case he fell, a few scolding word on his lips when they both froze. Oh. Everything felt hot, and Kageyama had opened his mouth at the same time Hinata did, their confusion manifest in the warm glow the seemed to burn through their veins.


Kageyama screwed his eyes shut, feeling himself fall backwards as Hinata collided with him, his confusion drowned out by the sudden feeling of weightlessness and scalding heat. Every part of him felt like fire incarnate, like he could flex his hands and incinerate the gym and hell if it didn’t scare him.

Then as fast as it came the feeling was gone and he was flat on his ass feeling a little more than disoriented.

“What the fu-” He snapped his mouth shut with an audible click.

That was not his voice.


He blinked. Why was Hinata’s voice in his head?

‘Because we’re in each other’s head stupid’


‘What do you mean what? Look!’

“Oho? My my King, I didn’t know you felt so strongly about Hinata,” and Tsukishima was on the other side of the net looking like the cat that got the cream, an awfully smug smile on his face and his gold eyes crinkling at the corners. Kageyama felt his temper flare up, and he swore he could feel Hinata’s mixed in there too.

“Wanna fight you blond fuckass?” And what the hell was that? He’d never even sai-

‘I told you we’re in each other’s head! I think we’re controlling talking too!’

“What the fuck does that even mean, Hinata?” he snapped, only realizing he said it aloud when everyone stared at him. He could feel his face burn in an uncharacteristic blush. “What?” the barked, baring his teeth angrily and scrabbling backward on the floor in confusion when Tsukishima finally lost the plot and doubled over laughing.

Noya was the first to speak.

“Woah! Asahi look they can do it too!” and the tall teenager scratched the back of his neck awkwardly as all the attention in the room seemed to shift from Kageyama to Asahi, Noya and back. This was ridiculous.

“What the hell do you mean I can do it too Noya-senapi?” and what the fuck was with the senpai. A sharp pain shot through the back of his head and Kageyama hissed angrily, threading his fingers through short hair in an attempt to soothe the sudden pain.

‘Serves you right jerk’

‘What the hell is going on Hinata!’

“You haven’t figured it out yet?” Noya questioned with a tilt of his head “You and Hinata fused!”


Oh no.

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Bonrin experimenting....


- they are in denial

- they find alonetime together

- Rin spoils Ryuuji with meals and massages and is genuenly worried of bon for he does not tryst Lightning and nowadays when they see each other Bon is half dead.

- they get clingy in baths

- one time Ryuuji discovered that Rin’s tail really is super sensitive and kept stroking it’s base until Rin begged him to stop

- Rin didn’t want to come from just being touched from his tail

- they havent done anything yet

- theyre awkward teenagers who just are good bros balls dont touch so theyre not homo?

- that tail touching led to their first serious kiss that got rather wet messy and boners happened and because ryuuji is a virtuous man (actually he’s an insecure inexperienced boy when it comes to sexual things) he would be the one to snap out of it…

- he’d shove rin off and go sulk on the other end of the bed

- rin is nervous too but his pride and honesty towards his feelings drives him to blunt something out:

- basically awkwardly asks Ryuuji to have sex with him

- Ryuuji would like to run away screaming and Ryuuji felt like his heart could jump out of his chest…

- because both Rin and Ryuuji are prideful (and running away now would be defeat) Ryuuji gathers him self and replies to Rin

- In Ryuuji’s head it will came out as cool and collected but he stutted and fluttered out some words that he manages to make

- Ryuuji wants to do it but he wants to do it right therefore he feels like now under the pressure of exams and being aporentis is not the right time

- Rin only heard the yes i want to do it part and takes a hold of the situation pulling Ryuuji closer

- They both sit there awkward for a moment before long they kiss and sort of slide down Rin underneath Ryuuji…

- Rin would let out a sigh that makes Ryuuji pretty much snap.

- Ryuuji is totally into the fact that Rin gets to a state of total mess when his tail gets touched the right way…

- So when they kiss and touch eachothers soides… belly.. and back.. Ryuuji would find his hands to Rin’s tail.

- it felt too good to rin and it pissed him off so it somehow became a touch-off;

- Rin teasing the bulge that is tightly contained in Ryuuji’s trousers when Ryuuji would try to get those sighs out of Rin.

- They both get frustrated and eventually end up opening their zippers and stroking the bulge of each other…

- dick headcannons to follow

- Rin wants to make sure everything is ok so he pouts and huffs and puffs he cant make out words

- Ryuuji is the one to ask if they want to go forward….

More to come … (get it.. come… ehe.. he)

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BTS reaction: their crush calling them beautiful, but meaning to say “I love you”

This is a quite unique request, so thank you for requesting it! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He would probably be a bit stunned, because he wasn’t expecting to ever hear you say that, and he basically wouldn’t really know how to react. So he, being as confident as he is, would just go “of course, I know that already” just to cover his shock up. But he’d give you the fondest of smiles right after.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

He’d probably be very flustered and stunned as well. Like, he wasn’t expecting a confession from you, and even less a confession by you calling him beautiful. He’d probably just turn very shy and blush while looking at the ground, muttering a confession back.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

So, of course he’d be touched and excited about you confessing, but I do believe you calling him beautiful is what would get to him the most. Like, I feel like he doesn’t get called that a lot, so it would really hit him quite hard. And i think he’d just smile and hug you instead of saying anything.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

Like with Hobi, I feel like you calling him beautiful would be what gets him the most. Almost to the degree that your confession in itself goes above he’s head, because he’s stuck on you calling him beautiful. He’d be really taken back by that, since he’s one of the members that gets the most hate. He’d try to play it off cooly tho, because he doesn’t want to show just how touched he is. But he’s a huge ball of fluff, so he’ll fail and just end up blushing and giggling.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

Another incredibly touched one. Like, I believe that he’d feel like being called ‘beautiful’ is the best compliment of them all. He’d also find that way of confessing incredibly cute. Shy-mode activated.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

Very giggly and flustered, but because of the confession and not really because of you calling him beautiful. Like, he’d definitely realize as soon as the words left your mouth that this was a confession, and then his brain would stop working for a few seconds before he’d confess to you as well.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

He’d be the one member who wouldn’t understand that it’s a confession at first. Mainly because he wouldn’t allow himself to believe that when he couldn’t be 100% sure. So he’d be slightly flustered, but able to play it cool. But if you confessed in a way he’d get afterwards, he just wouldn’t know what to do.

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LOL ANTOINE WYD hahaha. I guess if he hadn’t touched the ball and just stood over it as it slowly, slowly rolled over the line, it would have counted and Fernando could have gotten a hattrick today.

BokuAka Week 4 - Day 4

Author/Authors: @thewiselearnfromhistory
Day/Prompt: 4/Firsts
Rating: General
Warnings: None
Side Pairings: None
Summary: Akaashi’s first time trying to comfort Bokuto doesn’t go too well. He’s gotta work on his improvising.

Akaashi Keiji has always known that it’s impolite to stare. His mother taught him basic manners, and he’s gotten by so far in life by being almost overly polite. It’s why he’s the only first year on the volleyball team this year (even if he isn’t a starter) and it’s why the second years accepted him so readily.

Still, all manners aside, he can’t help but stare today. It’s been a month since he joined the team, and he knew from the beginning that Bokuto Koutarou was… Eccentric. The boy alternates between bouncing off the walls (his default state) and sulking quietly in the background. It’s usually something minor that sends him spiraling, but he always rebounds quickly.

Except today, he’s been sitting in the corner for more than an hour. No one has acknowledged it. He was there when Akaashi arrived to practice, and it seems no one is willing to even look his way.

And naturally, Akaashi’s insatiable curiosity won’t let him ignore it.

“Excuse me,” he says to no one in particular.

Konoha is closest, as they’ve been working in pairs on spiking. “What’s up?” he asks.

“What’s wrong with Bokuto-san?”

It’s as though Akaashi has asked about a ghost—at least judging by the way Konoha’s spine seems to straighten like a whip. His eyes dart toward the corner, but he doesn’t actually look. “Yeah, that’s… A long story.”

“We have a long practice,” Akaashi deadpans.

Konoha is still sometimes taken aback by Akaashi’s abruptness, but he’s learning to recover a little faster, so he only gawks for a second. “I guess it’s not long, it’s just… Well, he asked the captain if he could play in the practice match next week, and of course he said no because he’s a dick, and—“

“I thought you called him a bag of dicks earlier,” Komi says suddenly, appearing at Konoha’s elbow.

“Bag of dicks, yeah, an enormous paper bag of them,” Konoha waves him off like swatting a fly. “So he said no, and then Bokuto started, well, being Bokuto. He was trying to get the captain to let him play and said he would do a three on three against him and everything. And Captain Dick Bag said no, obviously. And then Bokuto said—“

“’But shouldn’t the people who have the better stats get to play?’” Komi cuts Konoha off, doing his best to imitate Bokuto’s gravelly voice.

“Anyway,” Konoha says, shooting Komi a dirty look. “Captain Dick Bag looked like he was gonna blow a gasket, and he put Bokuto on ball boy duty for the next week. And he said—“

“’You’re lucky I even let you on the team with your shitty attitude, so you better watch your back. One wrong move and you’re gone,’” Komi imitates their captain’s low baritone, completing the look with a glare and holding out his arms like a gorilla.

Konoha looks like he’s been mortally offended. “Dude, can I not just tell a story?”

“You’re too slow!” Komi counters.

Akaashi lets them bicker, opting instead to make his way over to Bokuto. No one really pays him any mind—part of their plan to avoid the captain’s wrath, probably. Bokuto doesn’t even glance up as Akaashi approaches. He pulls his knees to his chest like they’re a shield.

“May I sit down?” Akaashi asks.

Bokuto’s shoulders lift a fraction of an inch. As Akaashi takes a seat, he appraises Bokuto briefly. This is a bit different from the typical pouting. Usually, his cheeks puff up and there are theatrics—“Don’t ever toss to me again! I don’t deserve it if I can’t avoid the block!” He’s always still involved in the action, eager to be touching the ball again. It just takes him some time to get back in the game.

But today, his head is tucked behind his knees. He’s staring at the floor listlessly, and the puffy-cheeked pout is replaced with an actual pout, his bottom lip jutting out. There’s no sign of the usual theatrics.

Now, Akaashi has slowly been learning how to deal with Bokuto’s moods. He’s developed a method that involves ignoring Bokuto until he looks restless and only then inviting him back into the foray. Bokuto requires a set amount of time to wallow. But this isn’t normal. It doesn’t fit the standard protocol. So, Akaashi is forced to improvise.

“It’s raining.”

Akaashi really hates improvising.

Bokuto murmurs something that’s probably “yeah,” but he barely parts his lips, so it’s more like “meah.” Apparently small talk is out. Maybe it’d be better to just get to the root of the problem.

“Konoha-san and Komi-san told me what happened with the captain.”

This time Bokuto doesn’t say anything, though he seems to curl in on himself even more. Now all Akaashi can see are his eyes peeking out from behind his knees.

Akaashi is getting irritated at the lack of response, but he pushes it down. “Well he can’t kick you off the team for a small mistake. And ultimately, the decision is not his, but rather Yamiji-san’s. You have nothing to worry about.”

Bokuto’s voice is muffled, and Akaashi has to strain to hear him. “He’s never gonna let me play.”

“Well, he’ll graduate next year, so at the very least you’ll be able to play then,” Akaashi reasons.

“If I’m not off the team by then,” Bokuto murmurs.

Akaashi feels the frustration climbing. “Were you listening to me?”

“I’m gonna get kicked off the team, and I’m too stupid to do anything in school. I’m not gonna do anything with my life…”

Akaashi’s teeth grind together with the effort of keeping calm. “You’re not getting kicked off the team, and you’re not stupid. They just—“

“I’m never gonna be anything,” Bokuto continues.

“Well, if you sit here wallowing in the corner, that very well may be the case. You’re not proving anything to anyone by—“

The words stick in Akaashi’s throat, because when he looks over at Bokuto again, Bokuto is crying. It’s not for attention, and it’s not because he’s being too sensitive. It’s that kind of quiet, broken crying that hurts to watch. Bokuto is trembling, trying to hold himself together. But a whimper breaks through, and he tucks his head completely to hide his sudden sob.

Akaashi is frozen to his spot. He’s sure the third years closest to them can hear Bokuto crying, but they’re very pointedly ignoring him. For some reason, that incenses him more. Then again, he’s the one who made Bokuto cry, so that anger is mostly directed at himself. He doesn’t know what to do. The only time he’s made other people cry, it was on purpose, and he’s always been able to leave the damage behind. Now, however, he can’t leave. Well, he can, he’s physically able, of course. But he won’t.

“Bokuto-san,” Akaashi says softly. When Bokuto doesn’t respond, Akaashi’s hand reaches out instinctually to touch his arm. He’s surprised when Bokuto doesn’t jerk away. “Do you want to know what I think?”

Bokuto is still crying, but his head tips to peek out at Akaashi. And, very minutely, he nods.

“I think you were right,” Akaashi continues. “I think the captain has assembled our starting team without considering the statistics. For example, you may be a slightly more reckless player than the others, but no one can rival your spikes. And Washio-san has a higher blocking average than the other middle blockers. The captain has placed his friendship with the third years over the strength of our team.”

Bokuto’s head turns more, and tear-stained face is completely revealed. “Really?” he asks.

“Really,” Akaashi nods firmly. “I believe he feels threatened by how strong our team can be without him. And because you are the most insistent and, quite frankly, the strongest, he finds it easiest to take out those frustrations on you.”

Bokuto looks more bewildered than sad now, but his eyes are still watery. “I’m… The strongest?” he asks tentatively.

“You nearly broke my fingers last week when I soft blocked a spike, so yes, I’d say you’re the strongest.”

The idea of breaking someone’s fingers would probably make most people feel bad, but it brings a smile to Bokuto’s face. He’s a mess, his face is splotchy, eyes rimmed red, a little snot coming out of his nose. But it’s easy to look past all that when he smiles.

“So then you’re saying I’m the best, right?” Bokuto presses.

“Well, we still need to work on your straights,” Akaashi counters. “And your serve accuracy could be improved.”

Akaashi isn’t worried that his corrections will send Bokuto spiraling again. He’s familiar with this part. As expected, Bokuto leans toward Akaashi in earnest. “But then I’ll be the best?” he asks.


“Will you help me practice? Since I’m not allowed to practice with the team this week? ‘Cause you’re the best setter and I wanna be the best wing spiker, and we’ll be the best team!” Bokuto insists.

Akaashi could say no. He doesn’t owe Bokuto anything. His life is already plenty busy, and he knows Bokuto will want him to practice for as long as they can. Plus, once the captain finds out Akaashi is taking Bokuto’s side, he’ll give Akaashi the same harsh treatment he gives Bokuto. It’ll make almost every part of Akaashi’s life more difficult and complicated.

“Yes. I’ll practice with you.”

He doesn’t even have to think about his answer, and seeing Bokuto’s face light up with that iridescent smile makes everything worth it. And the unexpected hug is a nice bonus.

“You just fuck Oikawa because he’s pretty, right?”

Hajime drops the ball that he’s wanted to serve. The newest member of his university team has stepped next to him, watching him practice alone after official training’s over. Hajime’s never liked the guy. Now, he takes a deep breath, and swallows the wild animal rising in his throat deep down his chest. 

The guy leans in closer. His grin has Hajime’s blood roar inside his veins. “I mean, he’s practically a girl, I guess. Pretty face, long legs. I get it. I get why you’re doing it, it’s convenient. But honestly, no matter how nice his lips would look around a dick, I don’t understand - “ 

“Yeah,” Hajime says, and turns. He stares down at the guy, letting his fingers curl into fists, his eyes going dark. “You don’t understand.” 

And Hajime thinks of Tooru’s smile when he goes home to his family, when he hugs his mother and father and lifts his baby sister into the air, stroking her fuzzy hair. He thinks of the laughter echoing through the gym, Tooru’s hands gently guiding his little nephew’s fingers to touch the ball just right, Tooru’s mouth shy and warm against Hajime’s, Tooru curling in the bed they share and falling asleep with quiet peace on his pale skin and stars glinting in the freckles along his neck that Hajime has the unbelievable privilege to kiss. 

His fist crashes down so hard that the guy falls right over. There is a horrible crack, echoing through the gym, and blood smeared over Hajime’s fingers. He steps closer, standing above the guy who whimpers like a child and holds his broken nose. 

Hajime’s voice is a dark, wild snarl. He doesn’t hit the guy again, but he grabs his collar and lifts him to his feet - and his teeth are bared, white, ferocious.

“You don’t know anything about him, asshole. And I swear, if you talk about my fiancé like that ever again, I’ll break more than just your nose.”


Before I stat, I wanna say a h u g e thank you for 2,600 followers, it means so so much to me and just thank you all from the bottom of my lil heart!!! So someone requested a model!Jimin and I thought that sounded like fun so without further ado, here is half of the Busan line, an adorable lil bub, Park Jimin aka chim

  • I have to talk about visuals first bc it’s a model AU
  • It does change a lot bc models can sometimes be asked to dye their hair or maybe wear something they wouldn’t wear in their everyday life
  • When he takes a break, maybe goes back to Busan, maybe travels around a bit, does whatever he wants, he does stick to his normal black hair
  • But I mean, black hair on Jimin is like chocolate and peanut butter it just fits, it’s nice, it’s beautiful and amazing and all the things wonderful
  • But he has sported some different hairstyles for different designers and photo shoots
  • He went blonde for 0.2 seconds for a shoot but it wasn’t like a super platinum blonde, it was like a dark blonde and it actually fit him really fucking well and he ended up keeping it for like two months
  • He went red for a wh il e for another shoot and we all know how ni CE red hair is on chim, no one was complaining when he showed up to work with bright red hair bc damn kid
  • And of course, once the red faded out, he simply switched it to an orange but that was actually his own decision
  • You two were just sitting there on the beach one day, watching the waves and enjoying a lil snack
  • He’s suddenly just like wanna help me dye my hair orange??
  • So you two go to the nearest store that has hair dye and dye his hair orange in your bathroom that same night
  • Red was like this badass that could fuck you up but orange is the sweet boy next door that would never hurt a fly and just wants to see you smile
  • So a lot of the designers and companies that he works with are excited to have someone that can pull off such different looks
  • Bc Jimin is so different from chim like Jimin is what we see on stage, it’s all confidence and hair touches and smirks and bodY ROLLS
  • But chim is just a ball of giggles that has the cutest lil eye smile and gets shy and has this soft lil voice that sounds like an actual lullaby
  • Jimin is practically a model already let’s just be honest here he’s fucking gorgeous
  • Like his face is so !!!!! nicely proportioned !!!! I wanna scream
  • Have you ever just stopped and really looked at his face bc it’s literally so pretty especially when he smiles bc then his entire face just lights up and his eyes do the thing that I love so much
  • The requester also added that he's a Calvin Klein model
  • Have you ever seen Mama 2014 just imagine that shit but on a Calvin Klein ad gotta blast
  • He’d be a natural at it though
  • Normal!chim already takes a lot of pictures and they turn out s o nic E so just imagine model!chim like sign me the fuck up tbh
  • You two meet during one of his photo shoots
  • One of your good friends is the photographer for one of his shoots and you decide to tag along so you can help out and see what a photo shoot is like
  • You have no idea who’s gonna be there, it could be some random person or a huge celebrity, you don’t know
  • But once you get there, you see Jimin being told what the shoot’s gonna be about, what the goal is, what he’s gonna be wearing etc.
  • He’s still got his natural look going since he’d literally walked in two minutes before you had and he’s still half asleep so he’s just blinking really slowly and nodding his head to everything he’s being told
  • He’s one of your crushes but you’re trying to be lowkey bc you don’t wanna run up to him and just scream in his face bc he’s so ni CE
  • You’ve seen a few interviews he’s done and you find it so so cute that he’s actually lowkey shy when he isn’t modeling and that his voice is so mellow and comforting and it’s one of those instant crushes where you just hear that first hello and automatically think “well fuck”
  • He says hello to everyone, including you and your heart just does the thing
  • You two start talking while he gets his hair and makeup and all of that done bc “I’ve never seen you around before, tell me about yourself”
  • He’s genuinely interested in everything you’re saying and it’s almost precious bc he’s literally leaned forward in his seat, towards you and he isn’t giving any attention to the hands styling his hair or putting makeup on his cute lil face
  • He’s actually super charming and nice and just a bundle of sunshine and it just confirms your crush tbh bc not only is he beautiful but he’s also a total sweetheart who hAS A TINY PUPPY AND GETS GIGGLY WHEN HE TALKS ABOUT HIS BBY PUP
  • Chim lowkey asks you out with the whole puppy thing and it’s actually kinda cute bc it’s not in your face hey let’s date but it’s said in such a flirty tone that you know the hidden meaning of it
  • “Would you maybe wanna meet him??”

PROMPT:  have you seen that photo set edit of lexa being tortured by the ice queen and clarke begging her to stop? could you write that please?

Some stream of consciousness on this. Forgive all the mistakes that are surely in here. 8)

Clarke thought she had an idea of what torture looked like. From what they did to Lincoln, from what happened to Raven. Of hearing somebody scream in pain, of how they’d struggle and pull. Hurting themselves worse in the process; she knows it’s only human to fight. She thought it would be the noise that would make it unbearable to witness; but Lexa has proved that wrong.

The grounder commander it strung up by her wrists, the balls of her bare feet only just touching the ground wet with red. Her skin slick with sweat and blood, body drawn long and taut. The shallow cuts are plentiful—knives having been pulled, almost gently, across hard abdominal muscles, or straining triceps. A face almost startlingly clear of damage is settled into something of a disinterest scowl—green eyes bright, lips pressed thin and flat.

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Partition II (M)

Warnings: brat taming/breaking, degradation, foreplay, D/s dynamics


@pocgot7scenariosYour turn, dear.

You dipped your head down and puffed hot air against the glass barrier between you and the men inside so you could write out a challenging message to Jinyoung: “Good enough for you?”

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fluffy domestic!calum blurb

ok but imagine domestic!calum having a lil soccer (football) game with your guy’s lil family. like your children would be running around, kicking the ball and passing it towards each other because their mission was to make sure their daddy never got it because they knEw he would score a goal. so like your daughter would yell “mommy!!!” as she passed it towards you and although calum never got the chance to even touch the ball, he was just having the time of his life watching his loves be so happy uGh i love domestic!calum


An older drawing of Sawamura that I touched up just now because I’m stressed as balls and don’t wanna do what I’m supposed to be doing…… >_> I’ve seen some artists do the glasses thing and it looks super cool; not sure I did it right though lol. *is thoroughly unoriginal*

As for why Miyuki’s wearing glasses in the bath? Because he’s an actual idiot. But we all knew that already. xD