just took my favorite parts that's all

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That's okay! Maybe just a few of your favorites to recommend?

Okay I’m sorry this took so long lmao
So a lot of the lgbtq content I was taking in was wlw because it was a large part of my identity but I’ll try to help here
Will Grayson, Will Grayson (book) (gay boys)
One Day at a Time (Netflix) (lesbian)
Orphan Black (bbc app or amazon video) (lesbian, bisexual, gay guy, veryyy minor trans guy)
Legends of tomorrow (Netflix) (bisexual)
Sense8 (I’ve never actually seen but supposed to be good)
This isn’t much but I’m looking for representation all the time so if y’all have any recommendations lemme know!!

Hey Taylor! Its been a little over 3 months since I saw you in concert. I was at the Greensboro show and it was easily one of the best nights of my life. I wanted to show you something that happens in this video that for some reason I just love. During your performance of Out of the woods (my favorite song live and off 1989) in this video theres a part at the begininng of the corus that everyones hands go up and are just going with the music and I just love it so much. This song is so powerful to me and people just move with it so much, you really feel the song. But I know its like that with almost every song on tour. When you hear them you just forget about life and enjoy the moment and dance to every song. Thats why your shows are so amazing. Anyway this video is probably one of my favorites I took all night. I love you and miss you and hope we can meet some time soon
Love Tara