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7 Days of Frary  Day 1: Favorite episode or moment or quote

Xmas with Suga & BTS

So I got a scenario request for Suga and I don’t think I’m quite ready to start up scenarios so I decided to do one of these ‘Would includes’ for him. 
This is centered on Suga mainly (ft a bit of the other members) 
If you guys want any of the other members please let me know!

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He’s really excited 

  • Because even though he cant spend this xmas with his family he has you and the members
  • You guys decide to spend xmas eve alone 
  • And then Xmas with the members
  • So on Xmas even he takes full advantage
  • You guys just stay at home watching Xmas movies 
  • Literally everything Xmas
  • Just chilling 
  • Drinking hot cocoa
  • You come up with the idea of baking cookies
  • “You can just call me when they're finished”
  • “No we have to make them together it'll be better that way”
  • It takes a couple minutes of groaning and pulling until he actually lazily walks over to the kitchen
  • He just sits there
  • “Yoongi you actually have to help me if you want any”
  • More groaning 
  • And complaining 
  • “Wait what is this for?”
  • “What does his do again?”
  • “Wait what do I do?”
  • Most of the time he wont know what hes doing 
  • “Hey y/n”
  • When you turn around hed wipe the batter on your cheek
  • Youd both end up with ingredients all over the both of you
  • Youd smell smoke 
  • Realizing the cookies were burning 
  • Hed still eat the cookies 
  • Because he doesnt want them to go to waste
  • And appreciates the effort you both put in it
  • “We should build a fort itll be more comfier” He’d suggest
  • He comes out with an ugly xmas sweater and loads of blankets and pillow
  • “Here put this on” Hed give you  a matching sweater 
  • “Ohhh so youre into the cheesy stuff now huh?” Youd tease
  • “They were on sale. Jin made me buy them” 
  • Liesssss
  • Even though he wasnt much into the cheesy stuff he decided to buy them just this once to be festive and do something nice for you
  • Pillow fights 
  • Hed get tired out really easily
  • So youd to most of the building for the fort
  • “You barely helped this is my fort now”
  • At the end you let him in 
  • And cuddled more 
  • You were falling asleep when all of a sudden you hear him whispering 
  • “I really love you, Im not the cheesy affectionate guy, and Im really glad youre okay with that. Im working on a song maybe thatll say the words I cant say to you. Thank you for creating good memories with me. I hope that in the future we can create more. You mean a lot to me”
  • Hed confess thinking you were asleep 
  • “I love you”
  • “Wait you were suppose to be asleep! No you werent suppose to hear any of that!”
  • “Just shut up and kiss me you Mint Sugar”
  • Make out session
  • “You taste like peppermint” 
  • “Wait hold up this is my favorite part”
  • Hed oull away getting sucked into the movie again 
  • Youd fall alseep 
  • And wake up on the bed
  • With Yoongis arms around your waste 
  • You try waking him up 
  • Which took about 10 minutes
  • New record 
  • “I think thats the fastest its ever taken me to wake you up”
  • “Never mind im going back to sleep”
  • “Min Yoongi its Xmas please get up now!”
  • “okay okay fine. Where are my presents?”
  • “Theyre downstairs”
  • “Can you carry me”
  • All the members coming over 
  • You and Jin trying to make breakfast for the 8 of you 
  • While all the members are playing cideo games 
  • And trying to peak at their presents
  • V and J hope drag everyone outside to play in the snow 
  • Snow ball fights
  • Yoongi complaining the entire time about being tired 
  • Sitting around the tree giving out presents and opening them together
  • Yoongi gave you the written lyrics for the song he wrote you, which you just tucked away excited to hear it. Deciding it was better to read them later
  • He gave you a necklace too 
  • And small things he knew you liked
  • You found  a box of condoms with Yoongis name on it 
  • But no one wanted to say who it was from 
  • You knew it was the maknae line
  • Just fooling around 
  • Taking selfies with everyone
  • Singing Xmas songs really badly 
  • With Yoongi getting way too into it 
  • And singing off key purposely 
  • Some dressed as Santa 
  • And other as elfs
  • REALLY good food made from Jin
  • LOTS of Xmas treats because the maknae line sneaked in all of them 
  • Yelling from Jin about how unhealthy it was 
  • Staying up really late
  • Talking about random things
  • And laughing until youre all about to pee your pants
  • Or either on the floor 
  • Because hes so happy the entire time!!!!
  • Making good memories with all the members
  • When you get home Yoongi tells you he has one more present
  • And he gives you a box in which you find red lingerie. 
  • Hed bite his lip getting a little shy scratching the back of his neck
  • “I still have enough energy if you wan-”

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Hey Taylor! Its been a little over 3 months since I saw you in concert. I was at the Greensboro show and it was easily one of the best nights of my life. I wanted to show you something that happens in this video that for some reason I just love. During your performance of Out of the woods (my favorite song live and off 1989) in this video theres a part at the begininng of the corus that everyones hands go up and are just going with the music and I just love it so much. This song is so powerful to me and people just move with it so much, you really feel the song. But I know its like that with almost every song on tour. When you hear them you just forget about life and enjoy the moment and dance to every song. Thats why your shows are so amazing. Anyway this video is probably one of my favorites I took all night. I love you and miss you and hope we can meet some time soon
Love Tara