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suho’s birthday countdown // D-3 ♡
↳ cherry hair 🍒

anonymous asked:

yo what did you do to your taz drawings to give them that delicious soft vellum look? bless u

merge all your layers, duplicate, put a gaussian blur on the top layer (the amount will vary with how big ur drawing is, but just make it so it looks all fuzzed out), then set the blurred layer to like 30-40% opacity!

random french phrases i learned in class

c’est pas enorme: it’s not much

s’est mal passée: did not go well

il se trouve que: it just so happened

nous allons en rester là: agree to disagree

pire que tout: worst of all

encore moins: let alone

dans l’heure: within the hour

accro du boulot: attached to work (workaholic)

en vouloir: to hold a grudge

faire bonne figure: put up a front

à froid: in cold blood


1x16 // 4x11 [requested by @ohfortheloveofmindy]