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kiri letting denki win as an excuse to stare at him

Brief Character Study: Carol

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Sagittarius sun: Blunt, impulsive, runs from her problems. Can be very selfish. Adventurous, life amuses her. Confident and self-assured. Grand essence.
Scorpio moon: Deeply emotional. Secretive, hates to be vulnerable, tends to repress because of it. It’s easier for her to lie than talk about her feelings.
Capricorn Mercury: Dry sense of humor, sophisticated way of speaking. Her words cut deep when she wants them to. Acts superior sometimes.
Capricorn Venus: Composed but straightforward in love; likes to be in control. Also symbolic of a preference for being the older partner in a relationship.
Taurus Mars: Sensual and slow lover. Stubborn, patient for the most part. Mostly steady, good at calming other people down.
Capricorn Ascendant: Self-possessed & elegant. This could also put Mercury and Venus in her first house, explaining her charm & socially-conscious air.


Libra sun: Reflective of others’ behavior/desires. Self-unaware. At ease in social situations. Tendency to romanticize everything / romantic mind.
Pisces moon: Extremely sensitive & emotional; absorbs other people’s emotions; difficult to hold her emotions in. Pushover, can’t say “no.”
Libra Mercury: Very polite and feminine. Pleasant voice and manner.
Virgo Venus: Demure, shy, tends to be passive. Always put-together. Hesitant to open up again once she’s been hurt. Devoted. Careful, wants to help.
Virgo Mars: Patient, but nervous. Attentive. Not very reactive because she has to take time to process things. Loyal. Submissive.
Pisces Ascendant: Doesn’t really have an identity. Lets her feelings define her. Full of whimsy, creative, shy, passive, easily distracted, internally focused.


the moment when sehun kissing on jongin’s arm - #3yearswithsekai


This day has come where we celebrate 2 Years of V I X X ;D
I’ve only been a starlight for less than a year, but I’ve known about these 6 cuties  ever since they were revealed! 
The memory is not video, but I did watch their teaser!, Sadly it was during finals so I guess stress is why its vague~

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