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*jeremy in lance’s birthday stream*

someone: so what should we expect in-
someone: …
jeremy: sorry, what was the question again?

stevens universe gem ratings

brought to you by the same lesbian who made that peridot storyboard ratings post

let’s do this shit

The Steven

a good boy. a good and nice baby boy. i support him and his endeavors 10/10 would protect


what a lovely woman!!! look at those gorgeous eyes, they are so beautiful i got lost in staring at them!!! and those lips? very kissable. she is a very good woman. 10/10 i would die for you garnet


wow!!!!!!!!! a very huggable lady!!!! that hair!!!!! look at those luxiorious locks. a very pettable girl. 10/10 give this lesbian all of the kissies


oh my goodness!!! a Cool and Good mom. i would adopt her as my mom. she is a sweetie pie. and she wields a sword to stab all of the TERFs with!!!! 10/10 this is a good lesbian


what an angry little woman!!!! does she need a hug??? i can give her one. come here ruby, let’s watch some cat videos to calm you down a little. you are precious and i love you. 10/10 a very angry but good lady


look at this little ice princess!!!!! she is a lovely beautiful girl. but she also appears very anxious. what’s wrong your highness??? do you need some hugs and a cup of cocoa?? 10/10 a good princess. she is the princess of the kingdom and ruby is her knight in shining armor

The Ruby Squad

beautiful daughters!!!! all of them!!!!!! all of them are very kissable and loveable and i support them all very much!!!!!!!!! 10/10 lovely squares


TGH E BEST GIRL! !!  ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!! A BEAUTOFUL DUAIGHTER AI LOV E!!!! !I LOV E!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER I LOVer her she’s my beuatiful girl,,,,,,i will give her 1000 kisses,,,,,,, a lovely daugiter and friend…,,, 1000/10 a special girl!!!! my favorite gem

Lapis Lazuli

she is a very sad woman, i know of this, but in the picture i put here she is smiling and she is adorable!!!!!!! look at this lady. she is a pretty and blue lady, and i will fight for her to be happy and comfortable!!!!!!!!! she is a good woman and she deserves happiness!!!!!!! 10/10 she is doing her best and i love her


gasp….tiger stripes?! soft fluffy hair?!?!?! kitty eyes??!?!??!?! this is a wonderful woman!!!!!!!! she is a big friend, and she deserves all of the hugs!!!!!!!! unfortunately though, she hasn’t been able to appear in recent episodes because she is a little sick. don’t worry jasper!!!!! all of us love you and want you to get well soon!!!!!!! 10/10 i will send her flowers and a gift basket!!!!!!!!!

Skinny Jasper

she is like our sick jasper, but except she “didn’t come out right”? what the fuck is that bullshit. “didn’t come out right”. she is beautiful and perfect the way she is!!!!!!!!!!! who cares if she is not big and buff like the other jaspers??? it doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful like the rest of them!!!!!! 10/10 i love her!!!!!


a very hyper girl!!!!! looks like she had a little too much sugar!!!!!! but she is still wonderful. just like skinny jasper, just because she did not “come out right” does not mean she isn’t beautiful!!!!!!!! 10/10 a happy girl!!!!!! a lovely girl!!!!!!

The Entire Famethyst

all of them? my wives. i am married to all of them. all of them are beautiful and perfect ladies. 10/10 nice

Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond

they are evil ladies, but they are also very beautiful!!!!!!! i just wish they were not mean to their subjects, and gave them a little bit of freedom. i cannot say i support either of them, but are pretty and they are very well written villains and i will not deny that. 10/10 please be nice to your subjects your highnesses!!!!! 

Holly Blue Agate

well…she is pretty….but she is very mean!!!!!!!!!! she does not treat my wives right and i cannot say i respect that. holly blue, you are a very beautiful gem, but that does not mean you get to be a jerk!!!!!! please be nice to the famethyst!!!! 10/10 i want her to be nicer!!!!!!! i believe you can be nice, holly blue!!!!!!!!!


a little fairy girl!!!!!!!! she has a magical wand!!!!!!!!! wait…..she uses her wand to throw people into the sky??!??!?!??! that’s horrible!!!!!! aquamarine, do not do that!!!!!!! please be nice to people and don’t throw them into the sky!!!!!!!! i love you, but i want you to know i am not liking how rude you’re being to people who don’t deserve it. 10/10 you are adorable, but be nice!!!!!!!!!!!


gasp!!!!!!!!!!!!! another big friend!!!!!!!!!!!!! she has headphones and sunglasses!!!!!!!!! and a little buzzcut for her hair?????? that is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!! she is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a sweet heart!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 she is a gorgeous lady, and i support her in everything she’s doing!!!!


GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! an attorney gem!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! her hair is so nice, the way she’s styled it into a moon shape!!!!!!!  and the monocle????? good!!!!!!!!! she looks very sophisticated and fancy!!!!!!!!!!! oh, but she also looks very stressed. what’s wrong dearie???? do you need a hug????? please do not stress yourself out darling, you are perfect and beautiful, and i support you in your endeavors!!!!!!!!!! 10/10 a beautiful lady!!!!!!! i hope she wins her case!!!!!!

WiP: working on a tiny spirk thing after so long ;_;


sometimes it like… dawns on me that emmerdale made a legacy character, a sugden, lgbt. like, they did that. a member of the family with one of the longest and richest soap historys ever is bi and it makes my heart so happy 

Made a little ref sheet for my Mannequin ponies. They are a pony subspecies that uses non magical mimicry to catch and feed on unsuspecting ponies. 

While they can mimic any gender and age (relative to their own) things like eyelashes, eyebrows, smiles and eyes are just markings on their coats. They have a colored muzzle, (which is actually their bottom jaw) that helps to disguise the line where their mouths close. Having markings on their body to match their jaw makes them look more uniform and easily overlooked by regular ponies. Almost all Mannequins can’t speak but a few have learned to mimic the prey they catch. This results in them knowing how to wail, beg for help and scream words like help, mommy and no.

It’s quite easy to be brave, ignorant, judgmental, ill-mannered or overly rude behind a computer screen, insulting people works, sending rude comments/asks that really don’t need to be said, using rude tags, rebloging stuff only to criticize, stalking, finger pointing hate and death threads or criticizing everything you see, people feel more bold to be assholes behind a screen, because after all you don’t take the chance of getting punched in the face.

So… Hey, keyboard warriors. It’s possible to give an opinion on a subject without attacking others. Of course you don’t have to be sugar-sugar sweet and end every sentence with love, unicorns and kissus, but at least try to be polite instead of being a prick on the internet, unless you like being a sad and little attention seeker.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯