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So I just found you because of the manscaping fic (that was so funny, good job), and I looked and holy shit you've written so much and I don't know why I haven't heard of you. Where should I start first?

Oh my gosh, anon, THANK YOU! Wow, this is such a lovely thing to read! (A lot of what I’ve written has been for different challenges!)

I think what to read of mine depends on what sort of mood you’re in.

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Hiya! You're such a positive person in the JB fandom and I'm kinda disillusioned right now after this week's episode... I think I was caught up in Nik and Gwen's interviews and the hype and started to believe JB is happening this season but maybe not? I haven't kept up with the leaks but I'm starting to think that Nik and Gwen knew the JB fandom was bound to be disappointed and were trying to give us something to smile about... :/ how are you feeling about the whole thing??

Hi there, anon!

To start out with your last question first – I think you are implying two things with your question, right? On the one hand, what I think of the Gwen/Nik interviews in connection to the episode and an overall assessment of L’Episode du Blegh. I hope I got that correctly.

So, to turn to the first part of the question that I now interpret to be a part of it… I tend to read too much into things, so you have to excuse me in that regard, LOL. Anyway, do I think that Gwen and Nik have been riding the JB Hype Train only just to please us JB shippers?



For a number of reasons.

First of all, as much influential as the JB Media™ may be (we control the internet, guys!), we do not wield that much power that our most precious, dorky Dane, who is still finding out how social media work, and our magical unicorn of wonder will mean to appeal to *us* in that way. So, the assumption that they were trying to brace us for Le Blegh presumes that they’d feel a personal need to keep us JB shippers tuned, prepare us for the inevitable Le Blegh. And I don’t think that is the case.

Hand in hand goes that Gwen’s also been going on about that Wildling Fellow with the Beard™ in connection to Brienne (now, whether that was her personal choice or something communicated to her by HBO/managers/producers/what not is up to debate and not the topic just now). She wouldn’t have done that if her agenda was to somehow reassure JB shippers – or to prep them up for yet another scene. She would have chosen another language during that point of time to reflect on that matter, which she did not. So that, to me, already works against the hypothesis that she’d have interest or feel a need to brace JB shippers for something inevitable such as a short-lived, comical relief TB scene or Le Blegh.

Another reason – Nik is an epic, good-looking (epically good-looking) troll when it comes to spoilers. He is really good at saying a lot while saying nothing at all, so not to reveal anything spoilery. That is his kind of style, but it’s not really his style (as far as I have seen in the retrospective of his interviews on previous seasons) that he’d push one thing as a reassurance for fans to stay tuned.

Nik’s usual turn is to talk about Jaime at the point of time where we left off the past season before the new season airs. Which is a smart thing, because it makes him less vulnerable to reveal big spoilers – he only ever speaks of Jaime based on what is *common knowledge* and is canonically true.

So, I just don’t believe our two precious celebs would do that. On the contrary, I believe that they have been as JB-friendly as they were because a) both enjoy playing that relationship, b) Nik ships it, let’s be real…, c) Nik is happy to talk about anything but his character’s incestuous relationship with his twin sister for the umpteenth time – and who can blame the man, really??? and d) judging by another interview Gwen gave (when yet again asked about the Wildling Fellow who Shall Not Be Named and responded in a way that came across to me as her being rather annoyed on her character’s behalf that it should be about Brienne’s feelings and not that of said character not to be named), I also think that she is rather happy to talk about her character’s *deep* relationship with another character instead of that throw-away scene that got way more hype than likely anyone ever anticipated.

The point thus is that I just don’t feel like Gwen and Nik would do that. Nik loves trolling, but that is not trolling, really. It’s just not their style, as far as I can judge.

But anyway, the big point I didn’t yet speak of is that there comes another assumption with this assessment – that JB shippers will be disappointed this season, which they meant to brace us against by flooding us with some JB goodness in the interviews.

And I don’t think they will be in the longrun of the season.

I think we are going to get JB candy, even if we had to swallow some Blegh.

A lot of Blegh.

That is what makes most sense to me *at this point* - though, mind you, that is just my personal observation, I am no psychologist, behaviorist, or what not, I am not inside Gwendoline Christie’s or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s heads. I am just basing this on my reading of their past interviews in connection to the seasons that aired following their ipromos.

Anyway, moving on to the second part of the question.

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Heart of the Sea

read it on Ao3

happy les mis wlw and women week!

aka the Titanic fic no one asked for

Chapter One:

It was the ship of dreams, they said. Fifty-two thousand tons of steel, five cargo rooms, four chimneys. It was the largest ship of its day, and the most beautiful. For anyone lucky enough to witness the RMS Titanic, it was the ship of dreams. But to one young, rich girl from London, it was nothing but a slave ship, taking her to America in chains.

Euphrasie Tholomyes was a small creature of barely seventeen years old, with dark curly hair and dazzling blue eyes that hid overwhelming sadness. She was the only child of the late Felix Tholomyes, a giant in the steel industry, and was being carted away to New York to marry another young, wealthy man to tie their families together. It was a fixed arrangement, and a smart one at that. Even Euphrasie agreed that the match made perfect sense, but even still she did not believe in it. She could never love Caledon Hockley.

The Hockley family was known, besides for being rich, as a fate changer. Anyone who simply blinked at the family found themselves overflowing with riches and fame. They spent the money they raked in almost as soon as they made it, and posed with their fine things like sculptures amongst gardens. Furs, mahogany, diamonds- nothing was too much for the Hockleys. This motto carried onto the youngest son, Caledon, and he spoiled himself and his wife-to-be tremendously. Which is, to say, what led Euphrasie to the Titanic.

Stepping out of the carriage, the sound of shrieking crowds filled the air, along with seagulls cawing, horns honking, and crates scraping along the ground. It was a burdening amount of commotion, all with the beautiful Titanic as a backdrop.

“Here we are, Euphrasie.” Caledon grinned. “The best ship ever made.”

Euphrasie wrinkled her nose. “It’s quite loud here, isn’t it?”

Caledon rolled his eyes. “My god. Mary it seems your daughter is impossible to please!”

A young woman with fiery red hair stepped out of the carriage as well, smiling politely at Caledon. “Well, it’s just the way us Tholomyes women are. You should know this by now, especially of my daughter.”

Mary Tholomyes was everything that Euphrasie was not. She lived for the finer things in life and draped herself in luxury. Brand was everything, name was everything. To Mary, nothing could possibly be better than the life of the upper class. She donned the role of a wealthy man’s wife with a bright smile and a gracious cursty.

Caledon nodded. “You’re right. I should have known by now that Euphrasie is a woman with higher needs.”

“Cal,” Euphrasie said as she took the man’s arm and walked with him. “I believe it’s appropriate for you to call me Cosette, seeing as how we are going to be married in a few weeks.”

He scoffed. “Nonsense. Euphrasie is a beautiful name, your god given name. To call you by anything else would be an insult.”

“Yes.” Cosette sighed, looking up at the ship. “I suppose it would be.”

Then there they went, a rich man and his fiancee, to board a ship to their new lives.


“Please tell me you’ve got a good hand.” Azelma whispered to Eponine.

“Don’t worry,” her sister replied. “Trust me.”

Eponine and Azelma Thenardier sat in a dingy pub, the both of them holding worn out cards in their hands and facing a pair of burly men with stone cold looks on their faces. The game was poker, and the prize was freedom. The tallest of the two, when stakes got high, had bet their two tickets for the Titanic. Needless to say, there was tension at the table for who would win the ultimate prize. As for the Thenardier sisters, they had bet nearly all of their remaining money, and the last bit of gold they carried with them. For both the parties, it was all or nothing.

“Alright it’s time. Put them down.” The shorter man said uneasily.

Azelma laid her hand on the table- an 8, a 4, a 5, and a king. A high card, not the best, but not the worst. So far so good.

The shorter man laid his hand down. Nothing of importance. Now it was clear why he was uneasy.

“Now you, Sven.” Eponine demanded.

The taller man, Sven, flashed the two girls a wide smile and laid down his hand. Three of a kind. Confidence radiated from him.

“Oh no. I’m so sorry Azelma.” Eponine said sympathetically to her younger sister. “I am so sorry…that I didn’t give you enough time to pack. Because-” she slammed her hand on the table. “We’re going to America! Full house, baby!”

The two girls stood shouting and hugged each other in unspeakable joy. They were going to America. They were going on the Titanic.

“You idiot!” The short man yelled at Sven and lunged at him, the two wresting on the floor of the pub.

“Well thanks for the game, boys, but I think me and my sister have a fancy boat to catch.” Azelma grinned linking arms with Eponine.

A voice from behind them laughed. “Like they’re going to let two underage girls board the Titanic alone.” The man had a point. Azelma was only 15, Eponine barely 18, and they looked like it, even younger if anything else.

“He’s right, Zel.” Eponine agreed. “But I have an idea.”

Half an hour later, the Thenardier sisters embarked on the Titanic in third class, as Azelma and Po– brother and sister.


Out the window, Cosette could still see the hustle and bustle on the streets below, and in fact it had only increased in size. Everyone was itching to get a look at the great ship sailing away, and Cosette knew she should feel lucky to be on it. And yet she wasn’t. In her cabin, servants poured in carrying her mother’s and Cal’s bags as well as their personal items such as portraits, vases, rugs, and paintings. Cosette loved her paintings more than anything, they gave her a taste of life outside what she knew.

“I don’t understand why you adore these pieces.” Caledon grimaced. “Their subjects are unsightly.”

“It’s not always about the subject, darling. It’s the emotion. Art is more than just pretty things, it’s meant to encapsulate the world and the people around us.” She mused.

“What a statement to make coming from a ‘pretty thing’ such as yourself. Perhaps the only work of art we can agree on is one when you are the subject, hm?” Cal said, wrapping his arms around Cosette.


“Will you join me on the deck to see the ship off?”

“In a few minutes. I want to take in everything.”

“Well. I shall see you in a few moments then. Don’t be too long.” Cal walked out of the cabin, shutting the door behind him, and almost as soon as she was alone, Cosette collapsed and began to cry. Cry for herself, cry for her reality, and cry for her future. Life was grains of sand slipping through her fingers, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

She rose from where she sat by the window and moved to look at her beloved paintings. They were her escape. In the brush strokes she ran free, in the colours she found her voice. With a gentle finger Cosette outlined Monet’s water lilies, admiring how though each hue was distinct, it blended with the others. It reminded her of people, however different they are they still come together. She wondered what picture she would make.

Realizing time had flown by, Cosette quickly hurried out of the cabin to the deck and found Cal and her mother waiting for her.

“Whatever took you so long?” Cal muttered beneath a smile.

“I’m sorry. I was just thinking.”

“Thinking can be dangerous, Cosette.” Her mother chimed.

“Yes, I’d hate to use it as a weapon someday.” Mary frowned at this, but a part of Cosette was pleased on the inside. She could never oppose her mother openly, and in moments like these Cosette felt power she feared she had lost. She felt in control for just a few seconds.

“Now, enough of this squabble. The show is about to begin.” Cal pointed up towards the helm where the captain now stood. Captain Smith waved at the people on the deck then to those on the ground below. Without saying a single word, he saluted, and his crew hurried off to give orders to down below. A few seconds later, all passengers aboard felt the ship rumble to life, her engines creating a vibration throughout the vessel almost heartbeat-like. Slowly, the Titanic began to move away from the harbour. The smooth water underneath her mass parted gracefully, and the ship began to glide like an angel through the Atlantic water. Everyone was waving goodbye, shouting farewells with joyful laughs. The ship of dreams was sailing away, with more than two thousand people aboard. It was a sight to behold, it was a spark that would light a million fires. It was the beginning to a tragic end.

It’s Done

I just realized that percentage-wise, most of my followers might not know what I’m talking about. Well.

On April 24, 2013, I posted  Even Coal Has Value (North/Pitch), which was the fill for the first unfilled prompt in Round One of the Rise of the Guardians kinkmeme on Dreamwidth. This was the beginning of my quest to fill every unfilled prompt on that kinkmeme, no matter what.

And I did it. 

Yeah, I weaseled with the terms and the spirit of a few. Yeah, my preference for certain ships showed. And…I don’t care. I did it. I filled every unfilled prompt on that kinkmeme. So! Round One of the Rise of the Guardians kinkmeme? If there’s a prompt there, it has a fill. Put it in a memorial with any other filled kinkmemes, if there are any.

And I only ran afoul of the mods like, twice. (Both times after I had assumed the mods were long gone, lol.)


4/24/2013-1/6/2017 = 3 years, 8 months, 13 days

Number of fics: 583

Number of words: 547,967

Average number of words per fic: ~940 

Median number of words per fic: 796 (this means that most fics were below the average word count)

I had no idea there were so many stories. I feel…sort of afraid of myself right now at the moment. I have to acknowledge that I’m a person who has written 583 short stories for this kinkmeme alone. (I didn’t include tumblr prompts or event weeks or things I just wrote for the hell of it in this number.) Who does that sort of thing? I did. 

I like to think I’ve gained some kind of additional skill in writing after doing all this. Lately, I sometimes felt that I hadn’t learned a thing and had somehow gotten worse after all this time, but in some ways I think that’s because I wasn’t giving myself a chance to write slowly. (I will now, though.) 

And, I’m sure as I start the re-read process to give top fives (or top tens for the big lists) in each ship, I will find that I’ve improved significantly over time (well, still, fingers crossed).

There’s a lot I could talk about regarding the kinkmeme prompts, but I only want to write a little, so if I seem to be talking at random, that’s why.

First of all: the RotG kinkmeme is wonderfully clear and organized, and incredibly polite. There’s some funky-ass prompts in there, but honestly I would recommend it to anyone wondering how a kinkmeme should look. 

Second of all: I noticed that prompts tended to come in waves. While that makes sense for the prompters (you see a prompt about one character, and you want to see something similar with a different character, so you make another prompt), sometimes it could really suck for me (there was a cluster of self-harm prompts; that wasn’t a fun week). I was going to say that sometimes it could be fun, but, no, the only thing about prompt clusters that was fun was that sometimes I made up AUs in frustration at having to rehash the same darn thing.

(I love AUs. I’m going to make a post with the top five kinkmeme-original AUs.)

Third of all: HOLY SHITTING FUCK I swear that I found more prompts for “Jack is super upset about having died” than anything, ANYTHING else. It was at a point where I would have rather seen prompts for the creepy flavor of blackice rather than another “um why didn’t jack break down when he realized he lost his family and also is dead b/c you kno he’s really just a emotional teenager” prompt. These were also the most similar prompts to each other. And almost none of them were filled, and you know why? Because this is not that interesting of a topic, especially when Jack isn’t dead in any meaningful way, and he’s THREE HUNDRED YEARS OLD. THREE HUNDRED. YEARS. OLD. (BTW, I have now developed a creep-out reaction to the epithet “the boy” when referring to Jack. I know that it wasn’t one person doing this but as a fandom habit it now makes me wince.) Um….anyway. I know I’m kind of being a jerk here. I just got so sick of these prompts. Maybe another part of it was because they were rarely detailed? Which meant that I had to come up with everything that Jack felt, and some reason he would be upset that was new and different from the time before, and etc. And I just…Jack is three hundred years old. He knows how long people live. And I don’t think thirty seconds of memory infusion is the same as living a life with a family and then losing them. 

Fourth-whatever of all: Pitch is not that dignified, people. He wants to be, but he’s not. He’s a (scary) pun-lord in a robe. Also, if you have a group prompt and leave out Sandy, I’m going to include him anyway, and I will also FIND YOU. Also, I’ve watched RotG a lot, and where does sugar-high “lol random” Jack come from? Is he hiding in the same place with the Guardians that treat him as a child rather than an equal? Also…actually never mind, I’ll talk about assumed power dynamics/sex positions somewhere else. Also, I still don’t know anything about Australian slang and that’s probably for the best. Also, I’m still not clear what a “snark-off” is, and I’m sure I never wrote one, no matter how many bonus internet points it would have got me. Also, I have read the word “cue” too many times in my life now, and I need to replace it with something else. Maybe, like, BEHOLD. Or something.

Anyway. I don’t want to sound so grumpy. I’m thrilled to have completed this project, and I enjoyed the vast majority of the writing. There are a lot of fics in this project that I’m proud of, and there are a lot of seeds for future projects in all these fills, as well.

But I think I might…(547,967)…take a…(583)…(3 years, 8 months, 13 days)…short break.

But first!

The Shortest Fill

The Top Ten Longest Fills (there’s a lot of variety here, and they might not be what you think):










ONE (Yes, this is the biggest fill…and…well. *cackling*)

Pairing: Rukia x Orihime

Rating: K

I do not own Bleach.

“Looking to buy some flowers, young lady?”

Rukia quickly stepped away from the display window, hands flying up as if she’d been caught in the middle of a crime. An elderly man she presumed the owner lifted his bushy eyebrows down at her, waiting for her to gather her bearings patiently.

“I—I am, yes,” she finally said, adjusting her sleeves until her nerves soothed.

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What are your thoughts on bellarke where they are now? Do you think that the ever will/have the potential to become non platonic? I haven't shipped a slow burn before and everyone has been saying how people who ship it "are delusional & that it will never go past platonic" but idk if I'm imagining things when it comes to bellarke or not (sorry if this doesn't make sensw)

Hi nonnie! I’ve seen similar questions being posed to other Bellarkers and I’ve read quite a few replies already. Are you the same person?Anyway, I’ve been itching to write something Bellarke related, so I’ll pickthis up! :)

I personally find it very hard to not see Bellamy and Clarke as partners moving towards romance.Reason being that if you look at how they grew over the course of S1 andcompare it to where they are now, you will see not only a natural progression, but an elevation.

So in order to answer the question of where Bellarke are now, we’ll have to take a quick look at where they stood in S1:

1)      Bellamy develops respect and trust in Clarke’s abilities – specifically her abilities to make tough decisions for the greater good.

The scene where Clarke kills Atom is a perfect example of Bellamy coming to see Clarke in a different light. She does what he is unable to do and from then on, as many have noted, he starts to view her differently. But also remember when Octavia is kidnapped by Lincoln. Bellamy looks in every tent for her, lifting flaps and moving on when she’s not there. However, when he reaches the tent Clarke is in he stops and confides in Clarke. Just a day or two before that it would probably not have happened. He might have scoffed at her and moved on.

Bellamy also defers to Clarke on occasion. This is evident when he wants to torture Lincoln, but he looks for Clarke’s permission first. He understands that the situation is about the antidote for Finn, and that Finn is primarily Clarke’s concern. But he also will not do something that Clarke is completely against unless they can reach a consensus.

Additionally, remember when he looks at Clarke and says, “Looking to you princess” – In a dire situation, when he’s run out of good ideas – he respects that Clarke may have an idea. Now of course, there’s the famous speech he gave regarding staying at the camp, while Clarke felt strongly that the delinquents needed to move out. I wouldn’t negate Bellamy’s respect for Clarke over that. That camp meant a lot to him, he oversaw the construction of it. To him it was home on the ground and to leave meant the loss of a form of security. We’ll come back to this.

2)      Bellamy affirms the good in Clarke even when her position of leadership requires her to make violent decisions

Going back to the torture of Lincoln, there’s also the scene after where Clarke carries the bloodied nail and Bellamy takes it from her. A few things are clear here. First of all their relationship has progressed to a point where he is able to read the guilt that she is feeling. Secondly, he separates her actual being from her actions. When he tells her that “Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things” he is telling her that he knows that innately Clarke is not a person who would condone something like that. However she has to take an action that is contrary to who she is and what she may stand for. She needs to temporarily take on a personality she does not want – to make difficult choices.

But most of all what this says is that by this time, Bellamy has already begun to showcase his understanding of the difficulty of Clarke’s position. He knows, because he is also a leader. He knows because they are co-leaders. He doesn’t force her to make decisions, but he is willing to stand with her and assure her when she does for the sake of all of them. Sound familiar? Guess it’s because it becomes even more obvious in S2.

3)      Clarke understands Bellamy’s influence over their people and she would go to great lengths to defend him as her co-leader

Clarke recognises Bellamy’s influence very early on, and by episode 4 she had suggested that they work as co-leaders. Clarke is committed to Bellamy as such, and as time goes by not only does she demonstrate her trust in him (by discussing her plans), but she also articulates her trust. She spends a lot of S1 defending Bellamy because to her, he is integral to the group. For example:

-        When she affirmed the best part of him when she said he would do anything to protect his sister.

-        When Raven lunges at him after he inadvertently caused the deaths of 300 people. Clarke held her back and simply stated he would have to live with it (she gets that he would not brush it off lightly, even though she’s angry at him to).

-        She readily defends him from his own monsters when she offers him forgiveness and tells him that he’s needed.

-        She and Bellamy come up with a plan to basically to threaten and guilt trip Jaha. And yea, she went through with it for Bellamy, and pointed out his importance to the group in the process.

-        When Finn angrily suggests she leave Bellamy behind. Clarke has the power to get all the delinquents to move out of the camp, but she does not want to leave without Bellamy. She knows that he “inspires” them.

Thank God for close-ups – Because at every point of time you can read Bellamy’s expression to know what effect all these instances have on him. She convinces him and he is vulnerable in front of her. 

He is moved by her, and in S2 we get to see how this translates into his decisions.

4)      By the end of S1, Bellamy is of personal importance to Clarke

Meaning, Bellamy is no longer just a co-leader but also an important friend. I base this on the point when she spots Bellamy outside the dropship. Clarke’s natural inclination is not leave anyone behind, but she distinguishes Bellamy and it is fear that she feels for him. His safety is of her concern. She cares for him.

Now we’ve established that, let’s move on to S2, and you’re going to see some similarities and some differences.

(Click for another 2,500 words plus some images. Admittedly not very mobile friendly)

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I'm sorry if I sound ignorant or rude but is there anything wrong with shipping Finn with Poe over Rey? I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm demanded an explanation or if I'm being entitled but I haven't seen anyone explain it and if it is wrong I'd like to know. (it's not that you have seemed against the ship but you seem against anything that isn't Finn x Rey sorry if I'm being wrong about that too, I'm trying :) have a nice day!)

Nonnie, you are in luck! R/ichonne going canon & John’s thirst trap have supplied me with the spoons needed to answer you :)

Upfront, let me be clear that there is nothing inherently wrong with shipping F/innpoe in lieu of F/innrey. Second, I’m not against anything that isn’t F/innrey, however, I /am/ skeptical of people’s motivations. Third, I /am/ against claims and arguments /against/ F/innrey, because being antagonistic toward F/innrey raises a multitude of red flags.

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Luke Imagine: Fans Find Out About Your Relationship

Author: Julie


“@5SoSUpdatesDaily: @(Y/T/U) was seen leaving the hotel the boys are rumored to be staying at this morning.”

You and Luke had been seeing each other for nearly two weeks now, but you were forced to keep the relationship a secret. If word got out that Luke was seeing someone, you knew you’d get nasty messages and the fans would go crazy trying to figure out who you were.

He’d tweet you often, so most fans just assumed you were just friends. Some, however, correctly guessed something else was going on. It was getting increasingly more difficult to hide your relationship, as you kept getting spotted going out with Luke.

It was only 8am when you left their hotel, opting to go out early and get some coffee for them to wake up to. By the time you were on your way back, your phone was blowing up with notifications and even a few text messages from Luke. After unlocking your phone, you decided to check what was happening on Twitter until after you looked at the texts.

L: hey have you checked twitter recently

Y: No, I was about to. Why?

You typed out your response with your one free hand as best as you could while holding a cup holder with four coffees. Before Luke could reply to your text, you set the cup holder down on a nearby bench and opened the Twitter app on your phone.

At first, there was nothing that was different. Your notifications feed was busy like it normally was, but this time, they were all talking about the same thing for a change. It took you a few minutes to scroll through all the tweets, but you gathered that somehow, the fans were starting to piece together that you and Luke were in a relationship. The update accounts kept posting pictures of you leaving the hotel barely half an hour ago, and people kept using what you assumed was your ship name as a hashtag.

Your phone notified you of the new text message from Luke as your were scrolling through a bunch of particularly nasty tweets.

L: I think they know

You didn’t need to respond to his text after that. Your phone kept buzzing at the notifications, and from what you could read as you went to disable them, most of the fans were not happy. In fact, you were sure there were some death threats thrown in the jumble of words that made it into your brain.

By the time you had made it back to the hotel, you knew you had about five missed texts – and if you had to hazard a guess, you’d say they were all from Luke. Getting into the hotel lobby was a bit of a struggle, as some fans were outside and took photos of you passing by. No doubt they’d end up on Twitter in a matter of seconds.

Luke was the first one to open the door when you knocked. You were ushered inside to find the other three boys looking tired on the couch. They perked up at the sight of the coffee and you set down the tray on the coffee table, only to see in a few seconds that three of the four drinks were gone.

You sat down in a nearby chair as Luke paced back and forth, a clear indication of how nervous he was. You knew exactly why, too – you guys hadn’t said anything official and the fans were making a huge deal out of it. You were sure he’d seen some of the things they’d been tweeting at you, and he was probably scared of how much worse it would get if he said you two were dating.

“I don’t get why you don’t just say you two are a thing,” Michael said as he took a sip of his coffee, “It’s not like most of them don’t already know.”

“Are you kidding? It’d only get worse if everybody knew,” Luke replied as he stopped his pacing. “She’d get more threats and I don’t want to put her through that.”

“Luke, I can handle them, honestly,” You spoke up then, a bit softly, as you felt like you were intruding on their conversation.

“It’s not like everybody is going to be like that, either,” Calum pointed out, “Plus, it’d be better for you to confirm things now instead of dragging it on any further.”

Luke looked between his bandmates, then to you, before grabbing his phone on the counter and typing some words into the keyboard. After he was finished, you opened your Twitter to see what he had tweeted.

“@luke5sos: sorry this took so long for me to say guys @(Y/T/N) and I are dating”


request tweets, imagines, & gifs here!

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What's happening in the tumblr dmmd community? I guess I haven't been online much so I haven't heard of anything bad going on D:

I shouldn’t be putting my own personal opinions into this, but seriously there has been so much hate and drama caused over the character Mink. I will thread lightly because I know there are people who are really triggered by him and don’t want to hear about it. Hopefully if they are, they would have already tagged their #mink by now. 

I’m just tired of hearing people send actual hate messages, death threats, and over serious things to good people for liking a fictional character. Yes, the character did bad things but that doesn’t mean they’re bad people. A lot of people like “problematic” characters and characters who don’t do good, but that doesn’t mean they're bad people. A lot of people tend to think if you like x-character, that means you promote the bad things they do. No, what makes you different from a fan to an actual bad person is that you are capable of understanding someone did wrong and you are not promoting what they did wrong as right.

That doesn’t make you a Mink apologist, it makes you a fan of his actual character, which is a man who did bad things because he thought he had to. We’re not here romanticizing over what he did wrong, we’re here because we understand he did wrong. We are in the POV of Aoba, everything he thinks will be reflected onto us–we are Aoba in the game.

We’re here to see everyone change from Koujaku being a womanizer with a dark past to a man who finally could relax just a little and open up to share his burden with a man he loves dearly and kept him alive. We’re here to see Noiz go from a person who cared nothing about him or other people to someone who grew up a little, opened up, and accept the world little by little. We’re here to see Clear being shy, afraid, and unsure of the world to someone who could smile for Aoba for real and understand that he is human even when he was not physically born one. 

That’s just a few simple examples of what Dramatical Murder should be about. The game and franchise should be providing us entertainment, enjoyment, and probably even promote friendship. You’ve all probably met new people when you had joined this fandom initially. This fandom shouldn’t be about pushing your ideas onto others, sending death threats, hate, and other needless drama. 

We’re here to enjoy the characters grow, problematic or not. The beauty of these characters is that even outside of the fandom, you can roleplay them and have them grow into better people. That should be for any fandom. We shouldn’t be sending pointless hate messages to people for a simple fictional character when there are other issues in the world you could be worried about. There are real life issues at hand and if you’re really bothered/triggered by a subject another person is reblogging, you should probably unfollow them.

There’s a difference between sending a message that says, “I don’t like ____ because it triggers me” and “FUCK YOU I HATE _____ AND YOU SHOULD TOO BECAUSE _____ IS BAD FOR ____ REASONS!!! KILL YOURSELF!" 

If someone doesn’t reply to your message telling you to tag something, do yourself a favor and unfollow them. Tumblr does unfollowing almost anonymously, so they wouldn’t even bother with it if they saw their numbers drop, most likely. 

I’ve said this before on the first piece of anon hate this blog had received when it first started:

If the content isn’t suitable for you – unfollow the blog. We’re not here to push our ship/ideas onto you. You don’t have to be here to watch it all. If you hate it and/or triggered by it, unfollow us.

That was a long rant, but basically that’s what I’m getting from this fandom right now. It’s ridiculous and is seriously keeping me from actually drawing.


anonymous asked:

I think it's far fetched that MM is going to be cast on Outlander. They have stated they haven't started casting for season 3 yet and everyone just wants to make this fit because they don't want to admit that Sam and MM could be a couple. They have known each other for 2 years and have both visited the other, been see holding hands and just recently photographed together very cozy! And they just got back from vacation together. It's pretty cleat that they're not trying to hide it anymore

You are so right anon, they are SO done with hiding it!! I’m not sure they ever were. Hiding it, I mean. You see, it’s been out there, plain as day, on both their public social media accounts all along for anyone who cared enough to hit the “follows” button. A quick perusal and !BAM! it hits you: OMFG!!!! these two are Mutual Followers!!!!!!!!
And what a Mutual Follow!! They have got it going on! HAWT!! doesn’t even begin to describe it! It is a TOTALLY EPIC Mutual Follow!! In fact this may actually be the MOST TOTALLY EPIC Mutual Follow EVER in HISTORY! Just look at this list of things that they didn’t do together and then just try and tell me you are not TOTES jelly:
-There was that time that Sam went to the cool GnR concert. And Mackenzie didn’t go with him!!!! Wow!!!
-And Mackenzie went hiking in this TOTES awesome place way far north in Scotland, and it had cliffs, and waves, and lots of way cool sheep, and grass and stuff. And Sam went to work and had dinner with his friends in Glasgow!!! It was a truly LEGENDARY day!!!
-And then Sam went hiking in the TOTES awesome place way far north in Scotland, ‘cause it was his birthday, and it still had cliffs, and waves, and lots of way cool sheep, and grass and stuff. But it didn’t have Mackenzie- but, heck, what’s a missed birthday between two people in such a deep and meaningful Mutual Follow anyway!
-Then Mackenzie went and stayed in LA and posted about drinking mojitos and Sam was, like, right there, I mean like totally right there, except he was in Glasgow and posting about Piña Colodas!!! Ah…Sigh……That was a memorable evening…..
-And then Sam came to LA!! Finally!!!And Mackenzie left LA and went to North Carolina.
-Then there was the winery where these two star crossed Mutual Followers finally ended up in the same place!! In a picture!!! And very cozy they looked too! VERY, VERY Cozy! Sam with the woman seated behind him. And Mackenzie with…herself!! Sam was all leaning back away from Mackenzie, like you could have fit 20 Jesuses in there between them, it was like he was going to meld with that lady behind him or something. Very cozy!! And Mackenzie was standing there and hugging herself with her own arms like her life depended on it. So she looked very cozy too!! Wow!! It’s not often you see such blatant Mutual Following in a public place and I was worried they might cause a public incident, I mean it really looked like any second he was going to up and sell Mackenzie a life insurance policy, or maybe even a vacation condominium timeshare package right there in that bar- in front of God and everybody! And I just wanted to shout “you two need to get a conference room RIGHT NOW!! And take all this Strictly Business shit there, and not at this bar where people are trying to have fun and maybe get drunk and hit on each other and shit like that.” Crazy stuff, I know. But, hey, that’s the kind of crazy stuff that only Mutual Followers can do in public and get away with it, no?
-And then Mackenzie went on holiday in a really cool islandy place that had sand and a mountain you can climb and sit and watch all the sweaty people getting off the cruise ships down below! And the best part is that Sam went on holiday too!! But he didn’t go to the cool islandy place with the sand and the mountain!! He went Someplace Else!! With his wife!! And Someplace Else was so far away that he and his wife could tweet and it would be like the total middle of the night where Mackenzie was!! It was all very secret and really, really private at Someplace Else, but really, really cool too, and I’m sure they only needed to get so far away so they could have privacy to rehearse and learn lines and stuff for the show they are in together. They are always working, those two!! And boy do they enjoy it! Always smiling at each other and touching and stuff. And always doing stuff together! And never any room for Jesus between them either, not even a skinny cardboard cutout of Jesus! But that’s just the kind of stuff that lovers do! And just because one of you has a lover, or a spouse, it’s not at all a threat to a good, solid Mutual Follow!! So I do agree with you anon, it’s pretty clear they are not hiding ANYTHiNG!! Not anymore!! And, like you, I am overjoyed to see these two Mutual Followers come completely out about their relationship to stand proudly apart, surrounded by their wives, and their lovers, and their separate friends to show the world what a really great Mutual Follow looks like!!! -