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Trump tried to go after Sweden last night telling the world that we are living in some apocalyptic war zone after letting in a lot of refugees (Sweden has taken in about 100 000 during the last two years and we currently have a population of ten million. Only Germany has accepted more in Europe.) and let me tell you I am hella proud of that!! And so many other swedes are too. Almost every politician, journalist, etc has taken it upon themselves to make sure that this doesn’t go unnoticed. People are pissed. Trump was never popular in Sweden but if there is something swedes are good at it is being passive aggressive and holding a grudge (see the very ironic hash tag #lastnightinsweden). He will not get away with this. Just letting all you americans know that you’re not alone, we’re in this together. And together we are strong. In the words of Sweden’s former prime minister, America “don’t mourn, organize!”.

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"this is a phoenix ship, it will rise again. It always does. The difference will be how people react to it this time" I think this time will be really different. He was at a family event. I feel like we'll never be able to trust them again. I'm sure they truly love each other and the con in Seattle is going to be a new love fest, but is any of it really real? I don't think so anymore. I just see it as them playing a part in front of the fans now. Maybe they hurt me one too many times.

Is the love and affection between Sam and Cait real? Yes, I think so. The issue is - like you stated here - people are now questioning that, though. Is it authentic? Is it just for show? Why doesn’t this make sense? For many people, it feels like manipulation now, and that’s an image problem for Sam and Cait.

If Sam and Cait have been dating other people this whole time, they could have said it and sold it and I think people would have been able to still enjoy the coziness between them without feeling played or questioning who they are/what’s been going on. I only speak for myself here, but the pic in front of the Georgia map so that people are now producing wedding photos because he won’t just own it himself feels beyond the pale. Maybe I’ll feel differently as time goes on and we watch this play out - but as @cb4tb said in one of her posts, I’m wondering where the grown ups are in this situation.

Hugs, anon.

Hey, Borderlands fandom, especially the Rhack crowd!  This user seems to think it’s okay to repost other artists’ work without permission because, “The art was already reposted when [they] got ahold of it.”  As you can see, I politely asked them to not repost, and they decided that was “harrassment”.  So I’m trying to track down all the original artists as I recognize them.  I know many of you don’t like having your work reposted, so just sending out a PSA.

Idk why it’s so hard to just reblog something directly, rather than finding it and reposting it from another site, but oh well!  Some people apparently just need to be that way.

Please signal boost this so other Bl/Rhack artists can make sure their work isn’t being reposted.  

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do you think all the ytbers who are making vids might have problems? or are they just seeing their normal behavior as a problem when its not? where do you draw the line between behaviors being a product of society and an actual alcohol problem? some of the things they say could be applied to literally 99.9% of students at my uni but surely that doesnt make them all alcoholics/have alcohol problems? thats like saying everyone who has bad body image bc of the media now has an eating disorder?

I think this shows that we don’t have enough vocabulary to describe the many issues that people struggle with when it comes to alcohol/dependency. Over the past couple of months I’ve realised that in society we basically only distinguish between alcoholics and completely normal drinkers - and the only label is the one that describes a severe extreme. There doesn’t seem to be any language to describe those who have specific issues, or are somewhere in the middle. Considering alcohol has been around for so long, I am amazed that the dialogue on alcohol issues is so lacking in nuance.

First Language (Part 5) [a Sebastian Smythe imagine]

a/n: how does one say smut in French? idk ……i want him to sing Lollipop…

WARNING: Smut (blowjobs)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |

Classes are so confusing to Sebastian. Back at Dalton, he was in advance classes, not…this! Huffing, he shoves people of the doorway, books at his side. A smile creeps on his face when he sees you. He peeks through small window on the door, fixing his windswept hair. Yes, it may be always perfect, but he just needs to check.

Popping his white collar, so it’s barely grazing his sharp jawline, he sneaks toward you, making sure to keep silent. After sticking your math book into your locker, you shake out the skirt of your jean dress, giggling slightly. Hands are on your waist, causing a little yelp to bubble out of your mouth. “Bonjour mon bébé (hello my baby).” he chuckles, pressing his lips to your cheek.

Your hands rest on his, thumb running across his bony knuckles. Laughing, you shy away, feeling the tickle of his light brown locks against your ear. “Hey Sebby.” you grin, spinning around to face him. He rolls his eyes at the nickname, placing his dictionary in your locker before peering down at you. Fingers connect with his upper chest, curling against his clothing; he stares at them blankly, unsure what’s happening. “What is it with you and rugby shir-”

“Je te veux (I want you).” he whispers in a dark tone, looking from side to side. There’s a cute little crease in between your eyebrows and Sebastian frowns, knowing you don’t understand. Ugh, how can he let you know he wants sex before his free period is up? He sucks in a deep breath, focusing on his words. “I… want… you?” he says in more of a question.

Widening your eyes, you open your mouth, blinking. Not only has he said a complete sentence, but he wants…sex. “Oh.” you stutter, face heating up. Sebastian bites his lip, fluttering his long eyelashes at you. How does someone look so adorable yet so sexy at the same time? “Well…” you start bashfully, gripping his hands. “I can’t say no to you. Allons-y (let’s go).”

He allows you to lead him through the partially crowded hallway, the oh so notorious smirk plastered on his face. His converse squeak to a stop in front of the girls bathroom; he raises an eyebrow but follows you in. Surprisingly, it’s vacant, probably because nobody really comes through here.

The back of his black and yellow rugby shirt collides with the musty brown stall, hands roaming his torso. “Woah.” Sebastian breathes out, lime green eyes watching your every move. His dick throbs when your fingers dance around the zipper of his dark blue jeans, eventually pulling it down, exposing his soft black boxer briefs. “Dieu, comment allez-vous si chaud (God, how are you so hot)?” he groans as you continue to undress him.

Panting, you sneak a peek at the door, undoing your colorful scarf. “Okay, this is gonna be a quicky.” you nod at Sebastian, who tilts his head to the side, chest heaving. “Um, vite, oui (fast, yes)?” Sebastian nods eagerly, resting his arms against the stall. A shallow gasp escapes his perfect lips as soon as you take him in your mouth.

His pale eyelids squeeze closed, fingers gripping the sides of the bathroom stall for dear life. You bob your head up and down, twirling your tongue around his swollen member. Gasping again, he thrusts unwillingly; luckily you don‘t choke. “Oui, oui, donnez-le moi (yes, yes, give it to me)!” Sebastian moans, lower lip quivering, hands reaching for your hair.

They never make it there; he pulls his hands back, not wanting to ruin your gorgeous locks. You hollow your cheeks, taking him deeper, lips wrapped around his cock. Oh, if he remembered how, he would definitely be singing ‘Lollipop’ right now. “Tu te sens si bien autour de moi (You feel so good around me).” he hums, moving his hips.

You groan against his skin, vibrating your mouth. Sebastian moans deep from his throat, adam’s apple bobbing up and down like crazy. “Je ne peux… pas (I can not)-” he grunts, dick twitching before he completely lets go. “Y/N!” the Warbler shouts, watching you swallow. He breathes heavy, hearing the door creak faintly. “Avez-vous entendu que (did you hear that)?”

“OH MY GGD!” Tina yells, covering her mouth before she runs away.

Your eyes widen and you stare up at a blushing Sebastian. “Do you think she’ll tell the rest?”  you whisper as you stand up, voice hoarse.

Sebastian stares at you, frowning, “Ce qui pourrait arriver (what could happen)?” he smirks, pulling up his pants.

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maybe you could write about the feeling of home?

Home isn’t a physical place. Not always.

It’s a place in your heart where you keep the memories of the people who make you feel. Feel warm like when you sit by the fire on a cold night in the woods, telling stories about yourselves. Like the way the sun hits your back on a windy day at the beach. Or the way the sun parts through the clouds at just the right moment when you need the warmth.

Home is people who remind you of your worth. Who treat you like you were the missing puzzle piece. Who treat you like a flower, checking in on you and making sure you’re watered and receiving sun because they want to see you blossom and grow into your full potential.

Home is where you go everything else feels like it’s falling apart. It is with whom you feel most comfortable and safe.

Home isn’t a place. It’s that song you hear on the radio after years and still remember the words. It’s that cup of tea you sip on the couch while wrapped in a blanket, just existing and listening to the soft pitter patter of rain on the window.

Fire and Ice (Jughead Jones x Reader) Part 3

Request: Removed because spoilers.

Summary: Mutants have just been introduced into the world and people still aren’t sure what to make of them. Y/n finds themselves as one of these dangerous mutants, but they can’t control anything they do. With their power slowly growing it’s become harder to control, and the people of Riverdale start to notice. Desperate, they turn to their closest friend, Jughead Jones. As their power manifests so does something between them and Jughead.

Crossover: X-Men x Riverdale

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Rating: T/Fluff

Warnings: mild swearing

Reader’s Powers: Pyrotechnics (fiyah)

Part One: Part Two: 

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How would Cobra and Laxus act around their crush? How would they confess? I just discovered this blog and oh my god my heart is dead bOI

finger guns
glad u like my blog m’dude
take this as a late valentines gift lmao


  • i can’t believe pining! cobra is canon, seriously he totally acts like he doesn’t really care about you, but trust me he does okay; he makes sure you’re 100% safe
  • he doesn’t really see you a lot, but when he does he spends a lot of time with you because he’d rather spend time with the person he cares most about aka you
  • super embarrassed when people ask about his crush or say how he’s making it really obvious oh my god, he gets super blushy and beats the person in the ground
  • okay so he doesn’t really know how to confess and he’s so sure that he doesn’t want to because what if you dont like him?????? then he’s screwed
  • but dont worry, he does and it’s totally a cliche scenario where he helps you on a job and saves your ass before confessing, dont point out how cliche it is though he gets really embarrassed by it

Laxus Dreyar:

  • surprisingly enough he’s actually more soft to his crush and less harsh meaning if you were to do something someone did ten seconds ago instead of yelling he’d just say your an idiot
  • he tries to be really quiet about it and make it like the crush doesn’t exist, but he’s really bad at that and a lot of people know because they just watch him act around you
  • natsu asked about his crush once and laxus beat his ass to the ground okay, laxus gets really embarrassed about it when people ask about it, he can’t help it!
  • has one or two ideas on how to confess, but always checks with the squad to make sure that they make sure it’s also a good idea, if they don’t. he scraps it
  • scraped all his confession ideas and took evergreen’s idea and made it really cute and romantic, but got really embarrassed when you laughed about it saying he didn’t need to put so much effort into it
Late Nights [Part Three]

Originally posted by bruciare-al-suolo

A/N: I’m finally starting to get the ball rolling here. I already have so much of this story line already planned out that I want to make sure I get all the little details I can in here before I start torturing you all with cliffhangers. I know I said that I would do this on weekends, but it might just be every night instead. I have so much in mind for this that I’m too excited to wait. Feedback is always welcome and maybe even some suggestions. Where do you all want to see this story go? Let me know and as always.. Enjoy! xo

Read Part Two Here

It had been a week since everything happened. The boys decided to call some other people on the hunt. They thought they needed to keep an eye on me.
I make my way around the bunker, putting all the cleaning supplies in the closet first. Then going from room to room changing out all the candles, everyone having their favorite scents. I even made sure there was one in the little guest bedroom I made up for Cas in case he ever stayed the night.
My mind started to wander to the conversation Sam and I had. He knew everything that was happening between my ex and I. Thinking further to a few weeks ago after a date, I found myself in his room. 

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XF is nothing but a shitshow.Im sure they saw aour boys and said,we could put them together and market them so that we win money.I wouldnt be surprised if that was the plan all along.So all those people that are truly talented dont even stand a chance of being big.Why arent little mix bigger yet?They just take what they think will make money and portray what they want.Our boys are hidden behind a shitshow and we just see little snnipets of them.Thats why people have such shit opinions bout them

that’s the thing: even when syco decide to make someone a star there’s always a big facade that comes along with it—and it’s not that the artists themselves are fake or contrived, it’s just that they’re not given room to be themselves. that along with the terrible promotion they receive doesn’t help. in 1d’s case we obviously saw past all that, but to the general public all they think of when they’re brought up is who currently has a girlfriend or a baby. it’s never about their music or personalities.

Since some people have been curious, I will just let you all know here that I am indeed working on GTC CH2 as well as the thumbnails to Lisowski! :>

I can’t say for sure when I’ll be ready to post anything, but I’ll try to make the deadline sometime during the first week of March.

I also got a test print done for GTC CH1 to see how it looked in the standard comic book size, and it looks pretty nice, so I can’t wait to start selling some stuff. <3

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WRT ace drama: if your biggest concern is making sure people know you're oppressed then maybe you're not actually all that oppressed. Gay people don't go around saying "hey I see you're being oppressed but just remember we are too!" We just face oppression and work towards a goal of not being oppressed, feels like straight aces goals are the opposite

i agree. i apologize for not adding anything, i think you sum this up pretty well.

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I think I know why people don't search to see what you've posted about before to make sure they aren't asking redundantly. Like, besides not thinking to look. Searches don't work on your blog on mobile/dashboard browsing. Don't know what's up with that or how you can FIX it or whatever but that's what's up. Just letting you know!

Dave fucked up the search when he released the confetti. Thanks Dave.

How to REALLY Boycott the Inauguration

I’m seeing a ton of people posting this copy-and-paste update about boycotting the inauguration by SWITCHING YOUR TELEVISION TO A DIFFERENT CHANNEL. It’s a nice thought and a nice gesture, but that WON’T WORK.

I’m not putting those things in all caps to yell at you, I just want to make sure you see it.

How TV Ratings Work:
Viewership is measured through Nielsen ratings. Unless you’re a “Nielsen family,” you don’t really count. Nielsen Family data is recorded through their Nielsen boxes, and then that data is gathered on a value curve to represent a larger audience.

Basically, no Nielsen box = no count.

Ratings are an estimate. It’s super archaic. But so is cable. That’s why viewer data is ALSO gathered through internet clicks and posts, interaction with online videos and social feeds, and streaming data.

How to REALLY Boycott the Inauguration:
Avoid online content. Avoid clicking on videos, avoid linking articles and tweets, avoid social feeds, avoid recaps. Even hate-watching a video or posting a link to add the comment, “An oil spill in the Pacific Ocean is better for humanity than this administration,” still counts toward viewer data. Your hate-click is still an added view, and it doesn’t come with a little asterisk next to it that says, “But this person loathed it and weeps for the future.”

So changing your channel is chill, and I recommend it! There is so much beautiful, amazing television! It’s a Golden Age of scripted content! But for god’s sake, don’t then go and negate your boycott by opening your Facebook and putting angry faces on a bunch of Trump videos.

So… Hanzo attacks Shimada castle annually to honor Genji. After the first couple of times the guys there must have just come to accept the fact that they’re gonna get a guaranteed ass kicking once a year.

Seriously, I could see it turn into a tradition of sorts:

-Some people purposefully try to get that day off.

-Others make sure they’re there.

-I wonder if they take bets on how long they can last.

-Maybe it even becomes a badge of honor. You’re not fully in the gang until you get you shit rocked by Hanzo.

-But there are some that believe that they can win.

This guy has tried for five years straight. He hasn’t succeeded. He is hurting.

i used to romanticize the shit out of everything and it wasn’t until recently that i realized; no one is going to swoop in with a cape and save me from jumping off the tallest building. nobody is going to drive to my house at 2am just to wipe away my tears and that’s okay. i am wearing a cape too, i can save myself, i can wipe away my tears. i fell in love with the idea of having a hero but what i failed to realize is that i can be my own hero when everyone else is too busy to see me falling. and yes, there will be times where other people save you and that’s okay. just make sure at the end of the day you’re still wearing a cape too.

let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17


One of my favorite things about Maggie is that she is an excellent communicator AND listener. Regardless the situation, she will always try to make sure things are okay and/or that the person she is talking to has an open channel to communicate further, if they want to.  If they don’t want to talk about it, she never presses further. You can tell it’s important to her that the people she cares about are okay. That they feel that they are being cared about. That they feel they are being heard. 

Maggie is excellent at detecting changes in verbal and non-verbal cues and understands the communication atmosphere on another level. She is always gentle when questioning further and doesn’t seek to just get answers; she questions to understand. 

This is such a wonderful characteristic because you can see just how much Maggie cares for those around her. She wants to make sure there isn’t conflict in her relationships and that those she cares about are emotionally healthy. While we don’t know her backstory, we can gather that Maggie values healthy communication in her relationships and prioritizes others’ emotional well-being, even over her own. Protecting those she loves is of high priority

Maggie really cares about those she surrounds herself with and she values clear and open communication. Maggie Sawyer is a model communicator and a wonderful girlfriend/friend. 

Guys, please remember to leave fandom commentary within fandom realms and not on figure skating videos, threads, skaters’ social media accounts, etc. There are a lot of big events coming up, and it’d be a shame to see people who are really serious about certain skaters or the sport getting drowned with YOI comments. 

None of those skaters are the characters. They are hard-working, dedicated professional athletes and artists. Respect them, respect their career, and respect their private lives. If Yuri!!! on Ice leads you to their videos, etc. and you become a fan of them, that’s great. Just make sure you’re keeping the real skaters and the fictional ones separate.

There’s this discussion right now about getting your lore/art seen and I just want to throw in some advice of my own: Tag the shit out of your work.

If anyone looks at my tags you might notice I add, like, a billion. If it’s somehow relevant to the drawing, I’ll tag it, even if it’s a very small detail. Now, I think tumblr only counts the first 5 tags you use, so make sure you use up those tags wisely. Monster folks get lots of traffic on here, so I tag monster boys/girls/enbies first [and, well, most of my characters are dragon people, so they fit], then flight rising, then humanoid/gijinka, etc. until I use up the five. Then I tag whatever else just in case.

It might feel silly, but trust me, it works. Even if it nets you just one more extra like/reblog, that’s one more person who’s seen and likes your art or writing, and might’ve missed it if you hadn’t tagged. 

Also, double reblog your stuff. It helps get your work seen by people who might’ve missed it due to timezone shenanigans, it’s your blog, and anyone who doesn’t like it can stuff it.