just to know youre alive


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”

you know, even tho all the raphael/izzy scenes made me really uncomfortable i could somehow deal w it only if ! they would consciously show us how unhealthy is this relationship, or have a good reason to show us like be a part of a bigger picture. but im so utterly disgusted that the producers think that any of those scene were even a tiny bit romantic. no. there is nothing nice about how izzy dragged raphael into this whole mess, how he manipulated him, there is nothing lovely about how much they got deep into this addiction that manipulated both of their minds with feelings that are not real….. i could throw up just thinking about how much they romantize this relationship, isabelle lightwood and raphael santiago deserved better

kh3 headcanon

Xemnas: Sora, are you finally going to call upon the darkness?

Sora: Fuck off Xemnas, I’m not joining your fucking cult


ok so you know how theres that theory that the original goner ending music is the start to heavydirtysoul?

well i was thinking that the original goner, heavydirtysoul, and the ‘new’ goner could be telling a story. in the first rendition of goner we clearly see that tyler loses. hes a goner, theres no point to living anymore. but he gives it one more day. thats when heavydirtysoul starts. hes begging for someone to save him. his soul. and then the new goner starts and it starts off kinda like the first one but over time you see tyler fights back. he realizes whats going on and he fights blurryface. its that point in the song when he first starts to scream ‘dont let me be gone’ that starts the fight and the final gentle ‘you’ is the end. its llike a sigh. tyler won this time. he decided (story-wise or real life) to stay alive for just another day and he realized that it was worth it, he can beat this thing and live.

i just know a lot of suicidal people do this, where they decide to live just one more day, or one more week etc.

im saying its worth it, and those songs are proof. we’ll beat our demons one day. and we’ll be happy to be alive. just keep fighting. 

just one more day.

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Aaaaaw it's okay Rune, it's not your fault if your alive, daddy Crane just don't know how to handle kids. If it can make you feel any better at some point, it's mostly because daddy don't want you to get through the same stuff he goes through himself.

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RFA + V & Saeran as Hamilton Songs ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

Zen: My Shot

I am not throwing away my shot
I am not throwing away my shot
Hey yo, I’m just like my country
I’m young, scrappy and hungry
And I’m not throwing away my shot
It’s time to take a shot

Yoosung: Helpless

I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight
We were at a revel with some rebels on a hot night
Laughin’ at my sister as she’s dazzling the room
Then you walked in and my heart went “Boom!”
Tryin’ to catch your eye from the side of the ballroom
Everybody’s dancin’ and the band’s top volume

Jaehee: Non Stop

Even though we started at the very same time
Alexander Hamilton began to climb
How to account for his rise to the top?
Maaaaan, the man is 

Jumin: That Would Be Enough

Will you relish being a poor man’s wife
Unable to provide for your life?

I relish being your wife
Look around, look around…

Look at where you are
Look at where you started
The fact that you’re alive is a miracle
Just stay alive, that would be enough

Saeyoung: Wait For It

And we break
And we make our mistakes
And if there’s a reason I’m still alive
When everyone who loves me has died
I’m willing to wait for it
I’m willing to wait for it

V: Stay Alive Reprise (I’m sorry)

I know, I know
Shh. I know you did
Ev’rything just right


I know, I know
I know, I know
I know

Save your strength and
Stay alive…

Saeran: Guns And Ships

I’m takin this horse by the reins makin’
Redcoats redder with bloodstains

And I’m never gonna stop until I make ‘em
Drop and burn ‘em up and scatter their remains,

Watch me engagin’ em! Escapin’ em!
Enragin’ em! 


Tumblr-Girl (Part 2)

Tumblr – Girl (Series)

Part 1
Part 3

Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: the day after the first conversation
Word Count: 1.913
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt

Notes: it is my first ever fanfic and I am not a English native speaker so please don’t hate me, I hope you like the idea, there at least some more parts to come. :) 
IMPORTANT: I’m looking for someone like a beta-reader (since I’m not an English-native-speaker there are (probably) loads of mistakes in my texts as well as some ideas seem better in my mind than in the text, so you know what a beta-reader does, don’t you? Just shoot me a message if you want to help me with my texts 

Now enjoy the second chapter ;)

Your POV

The next day you woke up, your body in pain and extremely tired, you swore you would never again trust a single human being who wants to help and certainly not some guy on tumblr. Yesterday you thought this guy really cared, that you have finally found someone to get this weight from your shoulders, but as everyone else he just let you down. Just wanted to play a knight until he read this few lines and recognized your unappealing character, until the game got boring, as it always does when you were involved. 

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Blue: Pt.6

Originally posted by wonhobe

Previous part: [Pt.5

Warnings for this part: mentions of violence and blood

You woke up to a weird feeling. Something was definitely wrong. You held your breath and opened your eyes very slightly, just enough to see. Then you screamed.

“Jesus!” you pushed him away quite roughly and sat up. You ignored your sore throat and head ache and focused on glaring at him. “Freak.”

“I’m almost hurt by that insult,” he said expressionlessly.

“What the hell are you doing here? I know your kind is all about rebellion and stuff but could you at least try to respect my privacy?” you asked, covering yourself with your blanket.

“Don’t bother, it’s not like there’s anything I’d want to see,” he said, referring to you trying to cover yourself. “I came to get you. We need to go somewhere. Now.”

You frowned. “Excuse me?”

He didn’t bother explaining himself and just remained quiet.

“I finally managed to go back to sleep after having a nightmare and you just appear out of god knows where and tell me to go somewhere with you. I think I’m going to have to decline your rude offer.”

“Resisting won’t get you anywhere,” he calmly stated.

“Exactly,” you said and covered yourself completely with the blanket.

“Fine. I don’t mind. We’ll just have to do this my way then,” he said and you were confused until you felt him grab your ankles. Before you could react, you were already sitting up in a place you had never seen or been to before. You looked around the room, feeling a little scared. You were alone, he was nowhere to be seen and that just added to the creepiness of the place.

Is this a nightmare?

You pinched yourself. It hurt. Furrowing your eyebrows, you got up from the stiff bed you had been sitting on.

“Did he teleport me here or something?” you thought out loud subconsciously.

You looked at the four walls surrounding you. They were all empty and poorly painted with white paint. The wood of the walls could be seen thanks to the transparency of the paint. The door on one of the walls and the bed - though stiff and therefore uncomfortable - were the only things in the room that made it seem like a normal bedroom.

You stiffened, hearing something like footsteps. Could it be him? You wondered and slowly walked over to the door. It didn’t match the room itself at all. It looked fancy and was well-painted. It almost looked like there would be another world on the other side.

Without notice, the door opened quickly and you flinched out of surprise. In the doorway stood Hoseok who just stared at you expressionlessly.

“Hoseok?” you called his name just to be sure it was him.

He suddenly let out a scream that made you jump in surprise. He stumbled and fell on the floor with a terrified look.

“A-are you okay?” you asked and took a step toward him.

“Why are you here?!” he asked. “How did you get in?!”

“I-“ you stopped when you realized you didn’t even know it yourself. “I think I was teleported here by him…”

He frowned, looking confused. “Teleported? What are you talking about?”

“It’s not in your abilities to teleport?”

“Of course not,” he said. “I’m not a freaking wizard or something. Besides, those don’t even exist.”


“Yeah,” he nodded. “Anyway, what the hell are you doing here?”

“I don’t know,” you said and looked past him. On the other side of the door seemed to be a hallway and opposite the door was another door.

“You think he brought you here?”

“I don’t know. I was home like five minutes ago and then I woke up here. He was there too.”

Hoseok let out a short sigh of disbelief. “Unbelievable,” he said and turned around before walking away. You followed him, still confused. After getting out of the room and entering the hallway you looked around. The walls were painted with a dark gray paint that was opaque enough to cover the wooden walls properly. There were four doors on the hallway including the one that led in to the room you had just exited. They were all quite similar with only a few differences, the doorknobs for example.

I wonder what’s behind those doors…

You stopped at the end of the narrow hallway and held your breath. Three pairs of icy eyes were staring at you from the second you entered the new space.

“What is that?” one of them asked Hoseok who was now standing in front of the three threatening creatures.

“A freaking human,” Hoseok said with frustration. “Minhyuk brought her here. She doesn’t even know how it all happened.”


You stiffened when the three looked at you again with their icy eyes. They looked at you from head to toe and looked like they didn’t enjoy your company.

You opened your mouth to introduce yourself - thinking it would be a good idea to say something instead of standing there and looking scared - but nothing came out. You couldn’t get your voice out.

Hoseok turned to look at you. “Where is he?”

You shook your head. “I d-don’t know.”

He looked even more frustrated now and turned around to look at the three others who were still staring at you. “We can’t just have a human hanging around here. We all know it’s not a good idea.”

“Why?” you managed to ask, loud enough for them to hear.

“You don’t need to know,” one of the three said and you almost flinched at his harsh tone.

You let your head drop and figured it would be for the best to just stare at your feet quietly. You know, just to keep yourself alive.

“Have you seen him?” Hoseok asked the others.

“Not since Saturday,” one of them answered and left you confused.

Isn’t today Saturday?

“If he doesn’t show up today, I’ll make sure to get rid of her,” one of the three said.

“Minhyuk probably brought her here for a reason,” another one said.

So his name is Minhyuk…

“Why would he bring a human here? It’s ridiculous.”

“Hyungwon is right Kihyun, there most likely is a reason,” Hoseok said and there was a brief silence before he continued. “She’s that one.”

Another silence followed, this time a lot longer. You could feel their gazes on you and felt even more uncomfortable than you already were. You were terrified enough to think that there was a possibility that they’d kill you. That thought didn’t really help you calm down.

Isn’t there any way to escape?

You were too scared to lift your gaze from the floor and to look around. It just happened so that there was a sound of a door being opened right when you were planning escaping through a window.

“Is it Minhyuk?” one of the three asked when Hoseok walked to where the sound came from.

You subconsciously lifted your head, interested in seeing who it was. It didn’t take long before you could see a familiar face enter the room, Hoseok following him.

“It’s him all right,” Hoseok said.

He - Minhyuk - walked in and his hands immediately grabbed your attention. They were covered in very dark red blood. When you looked at him chills ran down your spine. You were starting to feel like you would not get out of there alive.

Next part: [Pt.7]
Other parts: [Masterlist]

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Oh oh I have a request! How about desperate, 'I thought I lost you' kisses when the reader returns from a mission several days late? Mccree, genji, tracer and maybe poly!reaper76 would be stellar but if that's too many, just do your favorites! <3


He’s trying to make himself a sandwich from the sparse contents of the fridge, going for a BLT but ending up with something that is mostly pickles, when Winston calls him up to the conference room. There’s been a complication and you have to lay low for a while, no radio contact at all while Talon searches for the thief that stole a truck full of supplies. He gives Jesse the tape of your last transmission, says there’s a personal message for him on there. He takes the tape and the sandwich and leaves, tries not to think about how what’s on that tape may well be the last words he’ll ever hear from you. The seagulls end up eating most of his lunch. He has lost his appetite.

A little over forty-eight hours pass and he still hasn’t listened to the tape. He’s not brave enough, can’t do this without fearing something has happened to you. He’d rather pretend nothing is wrong until the call comes that you’re safe on your way home. It comes, and the moment he has your location he is out of the door, going to meet you halfway, despite Winston’s urging that it’s still dangerous for him to be seen in public with the bounty on his head. It’s just a few hours, but Jesse can’t wait.
He smuggles himself on the hypertrain from Gibraltar to Spain and hitches a ride to the airport, using fake money to buy a plane ticket to London, where you are scheduled to switch flights just minutes after he lands.
The people around him curse and throw their hands up in rude gestures when he pushes past them, searching for your terminal and finding it with minor difficulty. You he could pick out in larger masses. He’s drawn to you, doesn’t need to search, knows when you’re close by like he’s a damn homing pigeon.

“Jesse, what are you-”
He doesn’t let you speak. All the worry, the hastily suppressed fear, bubbles to the surface and he can’t do anything but pull you into a crushing hug and kiss you like he’ll die if he doesn’t.

You recoil at the sudden onslaught but relax when you realise what this is about.

“I’m alright.” you say when you part briefly for air. He doesn’t answer, kisses you again. There are no words for the agony he went through at the thought of never seeing you again. Nothing to talk about that can’t be expressed with his lips on yours and so you hold him as tight as he holds you and kiss until your lips go numb.

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n/ext to n/ormal is, in my opinion, a horrible musical with a deeply offensive message and somehow the soundtrack is so incredibly catchy that i’m forced to listen to it in my mind 24/7.

Quiet Morning

Sometimes, Mob gets up early.

He pads down the hall and toes cautiously at the stairs that tend to creak. The floor is cold like stone at each tap of his foot. He scrunches his toes in the hem of his pajamas and keeps moving. In the kitchen, he pulls a bowl from the shelf and cereal from the pantry. The first swath of light comes from the fridge, where he squints and shuffles around containers until he finds the milk. The milk goes back after it’s poured, and Mob adds the cereal, and he paws around for a spoon in the cutlery drawer. Sometimes he uses a serving spoon if the little ones have run out.

He opens the porch door, crisp and wet and completely black, or with maybe the first blots of lightening blue along the edges of the sky. Street lamps buzz. No cars pass in the dark. Mob sits, just a bit cold, and eats his cereal, and watches the quiet early morning nothing. He likes it out here. He likes leaning into the blanket of no one and nothing that exists before the sun rises.

He likes the world before it is awake.

Today, Mob does just that. He pads down the hall and takes the steps with care. He pours his cereal but with no milk because it has spoiled. He takes a spoon from the spoon drawer—and there are many—before moving through the hollow opening of the door. He sits on the porch, and his feet are warm against the ground. He eats, and leans into the nothing, and feels the no one around him. The air is heady and stagnant and buzzing in its emptiness. It is 11:34 am. The sun rose hours ago.

Mob stares at the streets which he can now see. There is not much left. Concrete piping is torn from the ground, like worms plucked from hiding spots. Things that once were cars spiral into and through each other, a long chain of shreds and coils. Buildings are twisted rebar skeletons, and their walls and fronts and floors are powdered into dust. The wind toys it into little dances. Mob puts the spoon to his mouth and eats his cereal.

This is early for Mob. Not like before, but compared to sleeping until 2 or 3 pm, it’s early. It’s better, he thinks, than sleeping the whole day away. That made it easiest to forget, but he needs to eat food, and he needs to get out of bed, and he needs to not die alone in the rubble of his home. Ritsu, his parents, Master—they wouldn’t want that, even after what he did.

He takes another spoonful, and it tastes like dust, and he forces himself to chew, and think of nothing in the emptiness around him.

The world will not wake up again.