just to know youre alive


female awesome meme; 5/10 ladies who deserve better: tris prior (the divergent series)
“sometimes it isn’t fighting that’s brave, it’s facing the death you know is coming”

*Fat person does a thing*

Person: Excuse me, I hope you know fat people can’t do that.

Fat person: But I literally just did.

Person: Well you can’t.

Fat person: Cool.

*Continues doing the thing*

you know, even tho all the raphael/izzy scenes made me really uncomfortable i could somehow deal w it only if ! they would consciously show us how unhealthy is this relationship, or have a good reason to show us like be a part of a bigger picture. but im so utterly disgusted that the producers think that any of those scene were even a tiny bit romantic. no. there is nothing nice about how izzy dragged raphael into this whole mess, how he manipulated him, there is nothing lovely about how much they got deep into this addiction that manipulated both of their minds with feelings that are not real….. i could throw up just thinking about how much they romantize this relationship, isabelle lightwood and raphael santiago deserved better

kh3 headcanon

Xemnas: Sora, are you finally going to call upon the darkness?

Sora: Fuck off Xemnas, I’m not joining your fucking cult


ok so you know how theres that theory that the original goner ending music is the start to heavydirtysoul?

well i was thinking that the original goner, heavydirtysoul, and the ‘new’ goner could be telling a story. in the first rendition of goner we clearly see that tyler loses. hes a goner, theres no point to living anymore. but he gives it one more day. thats when heavydirtysoul starts. hes begging for someone to save him. his soul. and then the new goner starts and it starts off kinda like the first one but over time you see tyler fights back. he realizes whats going on and he fights blurryface. its that point in the song when he first starts to scream ‘dont let me be gone’ that starts the fight and the final gentle ‘you’ is the end. its llike a sigh. tyler won this time. he decided (story-wise or real life) to stay alive for just another day and he realized that it was worth it, he can beat this thing and live.

i just know a lot of suicidal people do this, where they decide to live just one more day, or one more week etc.

im saying its worth it, and those songs are proof. we’ll beat our demons one day. and we’ll be happy to be alive. just keep fighting. 

just one more day.

When things between us ended, I desperately longed for closure.

I wanted us to talk it out, I wanted to know what I did wrong and what I could have done to make you stay.

I wanted to hear you say to me that you didn’t want me anymore. I wanted you to be brutal with what you said, I wanted you to tell me you don’t need me anymore and that whatever you felt for me, just isn’t there anymore. I wanted you to tell me that you had found another girl. I wanted you to tell me that all this time you didn’t really mean anything you ever said to me. I wanted you to tell me that it all wasn’t real to you. That it was all just a game.

I so desperately needed answers but all I got was silence. No explanation, no goodbye.

From one day to the next you were just gone. In the span of a day you were nowhere to be found anymore. It’s as though the earth just swallowed you whole. I couldn’t get hold of you, no matter how hard I tried. In the darkest hours I was questioning if you were even real, wondering if maybe you were just an illusion after all. I felt like I was going insane.

It’s months later now and although I’ve moved on, I still long for that closure. I still want an explanation because I think I deserve one. After everything we’ve gone through, after everything you’ve said and I said back to you, I think that’s the least you can do for me.

But seeing what kind of man you are, I know that I’ll never get what I want. I know what hides behind your exterior, know that behind your mask is someone who indeed is not as strong as he claims to be. I know that the strong man you portray yourself to be, is just an illusion of yours to keep yourself alive. I know that everything I thought you were, you weren’t. I made you out to be so perfect when perfect is not a word to describe you with. All the things you pride yourself on being, are things you wish you were. I know that you’re still wishing to be all of them one day, you haven’t given up hope. I, on the other hand, know that a man like you, will never turn into that kind of man. And most importantly, I know that I wouldn’t ever want a man like you to be the man I need.

- e.s. // the kind of man you really are.

When Things Go Awry 1

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader // Kingsman x The Avengers Team x Reader

Warning: Heartache, Angst, Secrets, Flashbacks, and draaaaama!!

“Get on the plane with us tomorrow. Come back to London with me.”
That felt like a life time ago, when your life completely changed. Almost three years later Eggsy goes missing during a mission, you turn to the only people you can trust with his life. Carrying your own secrets and guilt, finding Eggsy alive is all you can focus on. You can’t help as you fight to find the man you love, but wonder if you made the right choice three years ago. Did you stay or go?

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S/O gets hurt on a mission/goes missing


  • He would be worried af, to be honest
  • willingly goes to search around for days, and when he found you, he was the happiest he has ever been
  • you were hurt of course, so it wasn’t exactly good, but at least you were alive!
  • healing pod midnight walks for Shiro, I guess


  • now this cutie pie bean, he would act like he is fine with the rest of the team, but he would legit cry when he is alone.
  • goes through every step you’ve gone through just so he can get some type of comfort.
  • when they finally find you, he is so happy to see you!!! Runs over and hugs you as tight as possible!!!
  • doesn’t leave your side for a few weeks


  • When the mission was finally over, he was his usual cheerful-goofy self. But when the rest of the paladins all appeared and you weren’t with them, he knew that something was wrong…
  • starts to look for you everywhere and forces Pidge to go through every database information that they have on the ship just so he can find you
  • no sleep for days, closely a week. But then they found you!!! You were alive!!! Bleeding, but alive!!!
  • Sleeps in front of the healing pod just so he can make sure that you will get out safely


  • Poor Lil chicken nugget
  • Lion search around planets, ship search, space search. Anything you can think of.
  • If you turned out to be passed out when the team finds you, she will try to carry you. 
  • Also doesn’t sleep well, just wants to make sure that you are safe and sound while healing and….well, she does it so she can have some type of comfort. Just seeing your face and knowing that you are alive, it gives her a smile!


  • hunkorino over here, has no chill
  • “Where is S/O?????”
  • Searches everywhere so he can find you, and I mean, everywhere
  • if you reappear and you have big and deep wounds, he would flip the f out
  • He isn’t really the ‘i can’t sleep’ type, so he makes sure that Pidge can watch over you!
  • Gives you a bear hug when you are back on track!


Piglets (Warren Worthington)

req:  From the recent writing prompts you posted, can I get 2. I’m right here, okay? You’re all right. With Warren Worthington and if possible can you you make it so the reader says it to him? If not thats fine, thanks!

hey, requester, it was perfectly fine and an all-round delightful request to fill, thanks for requesting it.

The black mark of a fallen angel against the setting sun.

“F*ck,” you swear softly, your eyes burning. Turning around completely, you stare at the orange splashed leaves and try to soak up the last vestiges of the warm afternoon. Wing beats hit your ears and a sharp wind rushes over your already dimpling arms. Douchebag.

“You didn’t even see,” Warren complains, strutting around to face you and you level him with a weak glare. For a moment, he looks concerned. “How are you supposed to fall in love with me if you’re not even looking at the utterly drool worthy moments I’m constantly offering you?”

Grunting noncommittally, you sidle past him and head back to the house. He literally called you out here to blind you- how utterly drool worthy.

“Hey! I didn’t- Y/N!” His voice is whiny and you just barely check your speed, enough that his seconds hesitation means you aren’t already halfway across the lawn once he catches up to you. Jogging to catch up, Warren steps in front of you, stopping you, and gives you a pathetic look. “I’m sorry, I really did want to show you something.”

“More than the average trick I just saw or was that all of it?”

“No, no!” He says quickly then pauses. Oh wow. That was all he had. “I wanted to show you… The… Baby pigs on the neighbours’ farm.”

Now that’s got you interested. “There’s seriously baby pigs on the neighbours’ farm? Since when?”

“Like a week ago!” He’s excited now, excited because you’re more than half interested, and it’s really cute. “I heard their awful screeching a few days and flew down to have a look- I got screamed at but it was worth it. Wanna go see?”

“Now?” You hesitate, rubbing your arms nervously. It really is cooling down out here and the suns so close to disappearing entirely.

“You wanna get a jumper and some torches first?” The offer is so sweet and concern filled you could cry. Since when have boys ever been nice enough to get jumpers? Usually they just give you theirs and act all weird and macho about it. “Real quick, before all the light disappears.”

“Yeah, definitely, let’s do it,” you find yourself saying and his face lights up.

“I’ll be two seconds if you wait right here?” He says, already half in the air and you laugh, but nod.

“Sure, sure.”

“Okay, great.” He exhales a happy breath and shoots toward the building. For a second, he’s a bright beacon in the shadows, then he’s gone around the back of the building and you’re alone on the lawn. It really is starting to get cold.

Bouncing on your toes, you rub your arms and sigh.

Whooshing sounds and a scuffle of feet on grass has you turning. “Warren.”

“I’m back,” he says and you reach for the jumper he offers you, the material cold from its short flight. “Can you hold these?”

You frown as he dumps four torches into your hands but accept them all the same, stuffing them into the kangaroo pocket on the hoodie. “This is yours, isn’t it?”

“No, I totally borrowed Scotts cause the idea of you wearing anything of mine is so gross,” he counters and you giggle, shooting him a side eyed smile. If it wasn’t so dark you don’t doubt you’d see a flush on his cheeks. 

“It smells good, Scott must smell good,” you bait and his head whips around so fast you’re worried about whiplash.

“It’s mine, it’s so mine, Scotts never seen it in his life,” he says quickly and shamelessly and you laugh outright. Stepping into his space when he beckons you closer, you try not to smile too much. “C’mere, we’re gonna fly.”

“Thank goodness,” you whisper, stepping right into the circle of his arms as you contemplate just how long a walk all the way across the grounds would have taken. His chuckle is warm, warmer than his hands when they settle onto the small of your back. “Jeez!”

“Sorry, cold hands,” he whispers and you blink up at his shadowy face. Oh, man, he is really cute when you can’t quite see him. Sure, he’s cute all the time but he’s extra cute when it’s just his warm voice and thudding heartbeat and gentle touches. “Ready?”

Nodding, you jump into his arms and wrap your legs around his waist, feeling him hug you close. As quietly and subtly as you can, you sniff him.

“You just sniffed me,” he says casually and you scowl into the darkness. Never doing that again.

“Show me the pigs.”

Their tiny snuffling bodies are possibly the cutest thing on four trotters. Pink as a valentine’s card and as cute as one too, you’re just about ready to expire.

“You will never be able to top this,” you whisper, kneeling beside the sleepy sow and running a finger down the spine of a snoring piglet. “I want one.”

“If we could get away with it, I’d take one right now.” The words are casual but you can tell he really wants one too. You grin at him, only to cringe when he shines the torch in your face. “Sorry.”

“Honestly, Warren, it’s like you are deliberately sabotaging youself,” you grumble and he sighs. After a few more minutes, you rise and step away from the warm pig pile and out of the little shed they live in.

“We should go,” you whisper and Warren rises with you, his footsteps crunching on the hay.

Hold on.

“There’s someone out here,” you whisper, the words choking from your lips as fear claws at your throat. It’s just a guy, it’s probably just the neighbour coming to yell at you for the pigs, it’s probably nothing like a crazy monster murderer. “Warren.”

It takes less than a second. Warren scoops you into his arms and his wings give a mighty heave just as the gunshot goes off. Your scream is sharp and you muffle yourself against the warm cotton of Warrens jumper. He’s stiff as a board and silent but you can’t help cursing and crying as he flies the two of you back to the mansion.

You don’t see the journey, you’re too panicked, but now you’re in Warrens room and it’s dark and he’s put you down and stepped back and you’re suddenly worried for a whole other reason. “Warren?”

“Y-you-” The word is a choked stutter and your heart stops, only to start again as you take a hesitant step toward him. “You should g-go.”

“Hey, it’s okay.” Gently, you reach for him, moving agonizingly but purposefully slowly and when you do touch him, he jumps but doesn’t shy away. Taking his hands, you slide them over your body, down your arms, over your waist, through your hair and across your shoulders. “I’m okay.”

Reaching out, you do the same to him, gently checking him over for any hurts. “You’re okay too.”

“I’m right here, okay? You’re alright, I’m alright, we’re okay.” The hug is sudden and nearly crushes you, almost literally, but you squeeze him back just as fiercely. “Guns suck and lets never go back there ever again.”

“Oh God, I’m so sorry,” he says, the words finally passing his lips and you hug him tighter. Pushing gently, you guide him to the bed and sit him down, still clinging to him. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t- f*ck, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay, we’re okay.” Promises drip from your lips and his heartbeat steadily slows, his grip on you gentling as his fear subsides. “You and me, we’re just perfect.”

His laughter is strained and sarcastic but it’s there and you sigh at the sweet sound of it.

Holy hell. Some random person fired a gun at you. At the both of you. What the f*ck.

“You’re gonna sleep over,” Warren orders and you don’t argue. Laughter and footsteps peter through the wooden door and you’re reminded that this entire place is alive. No one knows what just happened, your absence isn’t notable yet and the place has gone on while the two of you were nearly murdered. “Oh, it’s seven.”

You giggle softly, and kick off your shoes. You’re gonna sleep over anyway.

“I want to go to bed right now, anyway,” you say, sprawling across his bed and he grins at you over his shoulder. “Go bed?”

“Sure,” he says with enough warmth to fill the room and you sigh, cozying down among his blankets with a wingtip tickling the back of your thigh.


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Demon To The Rescue

Characters: Dean x Demon!Reader, Sam, Crowley (mentioned)

Word Count: 1,916

Warnings: sassy remarks from the reader but nothing about this is angsty. Just some Dean fluff at the end, implied smut

Request: what about a dean x sassy/sarcastic demon!reader where she saves his ass killing like a dozen of other demons and dean totally falling for her, but he doesn’t want to admit it because he know that he shouldn’t like a demon but after a couple of days thinking about her he decide to evocate her to tell the truth? (not in a too romantic way tho) and if you could add some implied smut i would love you forever! i love the way you write it! sorry if it’s very specific

Author’s Note: If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

Feedback is always appreciated

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You’ve been around a long time. You’ve seen things no other species has seen. You’ve killed more people than Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin put together. And you were there for both people in rising.

Killing isn’t what bothered you. It was the fact that innocent people have died either because of you or because of something you were involved in. Yes, you were a demon but you were probably the softest demon who has ever walked the earth.

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anonymous asked:

SLBP (Masamune, Kenshin, Shingen, Nobunaga, Kojuro, Saizo, Mitsunari) favorite ways to spend quality time with the MC


-Masamune likes to spend quality time with you just relaxing.You both have hectic lives so this should come as no surprise. His favorite spot in particular is the veranda at sunset, with you resting against him, his arm over your shoulder, making sure you are pulled close. Often times you two won’t even be speaking to each other, just enjoying the beauty of nature and the calm of the silence.


-Kenshin’s favorite way to spend quality time with you is leisurely strolling through his gardens, admiring nature. There is nothing more beautiful, in his opinion, that you against the backdrop of the blooming springtime.

-His second favorite way to spend time with you is in his collection room, as he tells you stories about all his items and why they are special to him (he prefers this to when you make him clean it out).


-We all know his favorite way to spend time with you - it’s having sex, come on now-

-He also likes it when you braid his hair, or play with his hair, at the end of the day after all the work is done. If you rub his temples and lightly scratch his scalp, he is putty in your hands. The soothing motion makes him purr like a kitten, before he makes YOU purr like a kitten.


-He loves to put his head in your lap, resting against you and feeling your warmth. He likes to fall asleep like this, taking naps at odd times of the day (when neither of you are busy). Sure your legs fall asleep, but it is worth it to see the creases of stress fade from his face, and see his lovely, boyish features at peace

-He also loves going to the river, sitting with you and reminiscing about your shared memories about about your pasts. He loves to learn more about you and your history, and you feel very similarly about him. So it is a preferred way to pass the time.


-He loves spending time with you in the kitchen, oddly enough. He really wants to learn how to cook for Masamune. Plus he supremely enjoys seeing his precious girl in her element, cooking such good food. If things get messy, all the better, because he gets to help clean you up. ;)

-Also he loves spending the mornings cuddling. You pressed against him, the smile on your sleepy face warming his heart.


-His favorite way to spend time with you is napping. When he is home from mission and he can snag you away for a few hours, he pulls you into his room, settles you on his futon and rests. He prefers it when you rest your head on his chest, your body curled just slightly on top of his, your skin pressed against him. He finds it comforting although he would never say that out loud. Just knowing you’re alive, so very alive, and hearing your heart beat (however fast) is enough  for him.


I-f he has free time he is using it to study, stupid manju girl. So he definitely enjoys spending quality time with you in his study or library.  He mostly prefers it when you are sitting on his lap, your face pressed against his chest, or neck, while he reads the words on the scrolls to you, pausing to explain or to answer any question you might have. This is purely cuddling under the guise of study, and he absolutely loves it. Which is why he doesn’t stop even after being caught by Hideyoshi.