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Here’s the promised rant! It goes on for thirty years! The season 6 as i can’t unsee it because i rewatched it at a weird point in life!

Step one: if you have shipping goggles on, take them off. If you have a big sentiment towards Cas’s perspective in 6.20, for now, leave it at the door. It belongs in the trashcan, I hope you know that.

Welcome to season 6 and the gender-coded horror aka all the things that were done to Dean because he just wouldn’t stay in the kitchen.

Season 6 in its entirety stronger than any other season placed Dean into the role of a woman. It’s a thing since day one in spn, but s6 was all about it. Dean’s horror in that season strongly resembles stories about women being abused and belittled because they are believed to be less than men; simply because they aren’t men [and know jack shit]. Their feelings don’t matter, neither does their consent, not really, which the season’s vaguely threatening “can’t or won’t?” encompasses very well [women don’t get to say “no” or “can’t” and keep it. It will get dissected and disrespected. Which is also Dean’s story].

Re-watching season 6 I felt like I was watching Rosemary’s Baby but simply without the baby??? Everyone there is either lying to Dean or gaslighting him or both, all the while he’s being repeatedly told everything that has been done to him, everything that hurt him, everything that took his choice away, was done to him for his own good or for the greater good vaguely including his own (or not) . And maybe he should shut the fuck up and drink a cocktail [or, according to Cas, some more whiskey].

This pattern stars in the very beginning of the season where Dean is being told that an important truth regarding Sam was hidden from him on purpose because Bobby Sam and Cas knew better what’s best for Dean and they treated Dean’s arguments as emotional and unreasonable. Dean fucking spent an entire year suffering from grief after losing his brother whom due to abuse and brainwashing Dean couldn’t help but see as his own child (which is something that season 12 canonically confirmed). Like with Ro’s baby being declared dead at first but hey I digress, scratch that.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of his choice being taken away from him, since right away he gets guilt-tripped back into the hunting life and all the things that were supposed to be so good for him he got endlessly ridiculed for. Soulless Sam even drags Dean’s entire life when Dean chooses to stay with Lisa. Dean doesn’t know Sam doesn’t have a soul. He’s just supposed to take the abuse from the guy who pushed him into the domestic life in the first place and consider it normal.

Dean is also being called soft and too feminine, too weak to be treated as an equal decision making party in the hunting arrangement. He’s ranked below Gwen, only woman in the group, the lowest ranking member before Dean came.

Also very interesting that throughout the season Dean is heavily connected with taking care of children, bonding with them, and feeling for them deeply [Ben, 6.02, 6.03, 6.19], which again is something he gets criticized for every single time.

The criticism however doesn’t end there and an extremely important example is where Dean begins voicing his concern regarding Sam and his behavior. Even though Dean knows Sam best, Bobby insists that Dean is being paranoid. Even after Sam literally served Dean to the vampire, he gets ordered to stop being so weak and get dressed into a more reason-based professional approach to the problem and he’s supposed to put his trauma aside, basically he’s being told to man up. Because he’s being emotional. And probably wrong and hysterical.

Of course it’s no surprise that the game-changing moment for Dean too puts him in a woman’s position within the narrative. While sexual assault isn’t a problem only women experience, statistically and, especially in the media, this is the sort of violence that women are in a larger threat of facing than men. What’s more to it, what happens on screen in the episode only shows the girls being lured into a trap and forcefully changed. And all of this has extremely sexual connotations. Being unwillingly turned into a vampire and the forced feeding with a vampire’s blood is a blatant metaphor of rape. In Dean’s case the sexual undertone of the assault was heavily accentuated even in dialogue.

But not just there. In the episode Dean takes the vampire book and refers to its cover [the vampire watching the girl sleep] as “rapey”. He’s uncomfortable with the whole thing. The act of staring at an unaware sleeping woman is presented as a monster vs woman thing to do, as an assault. When Dean gets turned, he watches Lisa sleep before she startles awake [6.05]. Lucky, the dog-skinwalker, watches his “love”/unaware owner sleep, then crawls into her bed [6.08]. Castiel, despite of knowing the sigils were literally meant to be a restraining order, enters Dean’s room, watches him sleep. Tries to convert him [620]. The same episode also brings  up all the times Dean, completely unaware, was being watched by him. Just like the girl from the book cover was, just like Maddie was.

No surprise Cas takes the creepy cake because he resonates with the disturbing theme perhaps the most, showing through how in season 6 Dean’s relationship with Cas played out. Or, to be more specific, how Castiel’s relationship with Dean played out (and there is a difference).

The thing of the biggest import here, before I begin, is that power imbalance, the difference of species. The angelic mindset in the Angels versus Humans dynamics, which is rooted in the same arguments men use to establish their dominance over women and to later excuse it: according to Angels (and technically supernatural beings in general), humans are weaker, too emotional, definitely dumber, less experienced, less competent.

And what they deserve, at best, is patronizing treatment showing them where is their place, because they’re too fragile and too stupid to make decisions for themselves. Not worthy taking a meaningful position in a war, but at the same time they’re extremely valuable due to their souls, which to an extent kind of reminds me of how women are often seen as valuable only because they are capable of childbirth, which is an ability unique to them in the same way having a soul is something that angels just lack, so they use humans for that.

Castiel might say he values humans as his equals, but even if he believes that, his actions don’t reflect it [5.18 for example, pick ANY episode from s6]. The thinking is so ingrained into him like patriarchal perspective is in men’s heads by default. Castiel’s and Dean’s relationship in season 6 is solely gender coded in this regard. Castiel simply isn’t capable of seeing Dean as his equal because he’s, according to Cas, weaker, less experienced, too biased by his flawed - or castiel’s actual words - “crippling” - human perspective, therefore he should be put away from the fighting for his own good. No matter the cost, no matter Dean’s judgment on the matter, no matter his choice. Safety is priority, right? Early in s6 Dean, desperate, tries to protect Lisa and Ben like that too, but he understands, he backs off. They reach balance.

But when the narrative puts Dean in Lisa’s place? The only thing he’s allowed to do is to perform some basic tasks that are completely unrelated to what’s happening on the Big Front and only when Cas sees it fit, and only how he sees it fit. Dean, as long as  it is for Castiel to decide, doesn’t even have to know what he’s doing. In fact, in the original plan it was supposed to go along the lines of: Manly Men (angels) Fight Wars To Protect Women (Dean) because they’re capable and strong and cunning and rational, while Women (Dean) Stay At Home And Rake The God Damn Leaves. What they do is keep the fire going for the Victorious Soldier when He returns from War and if they don’t get that, they’re just dumb because their human little brains are too small to comprehend the stakes. So they don’t get a vote. They’re supposed to trust blindly. Men (angels) know better. And all of it of course is because Men (Castiel) love Them (Dean) so much and They’re willing to do everything and anything to protect those poor, brittle things (favorite pets?).

The list of anything and everything includes: lying about everything all the time directly into Dean’s face despite of the crushing emotional pain Dean was in. And I don’t even mean burning Crowley’s bones-lying, but every single time Dean has voiced his worry that something is wrong with Sam. What Castiel does is to placate Dean, reassure him that he doesn’t know what happens but he’s so sorry and he’ll try to find out! Aids and encourages Dean’s alcoholism just to make him docile, while lying to him actively, by the way [6.06]. And when that stops being an option and Dean is determined to return the soul to Sam, Castiel suddenly stops being so understanding and sweet. Like a flip of a switch. He guilt trips and indirectly threatens Dean before he follows through [6.10] and after placing Sam’s soul back in its place [6.12]. And of course it has nothing to do with actual worry over Sam’s wellbeing.

Cas pulled Sam out of the cage and didn’t bother to check on him for over a year, even though soulless!sam prayed to him repeatedly. Not to mention that he later broke Sam’s wall without blinking, so he did the exact thing he “warned” Dean about and by “warned” I mean that he made sure Dean would know the blame, if anything happens to Sam, is going to be his. The point of the whole show of concern was to keep Dean busy and technically powerless because together, alive and kicking, the Winchesters, while extremely dysfunctional and codependent, make a much bigger threat for the supernatural because it’s so much harder to keep the game going when suddenly both of the brothers are asking questions and Dean is no longer being pulled down, preoccupied and controlled by T-1000. Dean is much more compliant when he has no support and when he has no moves to make, which Castiel knows.

So yes, maybe Castiel didn’t pull out Sam soulless on purpose but it is no accident that he was so determined to keep him that way regardless of how much it cost Dean, whom, of course, he loves so fucking much.

And when you are an angel loving a man/mother figure so much you are also going to hurt the child just to force him to accept his position and stand down. And later tell him that he had it coming because he didn’t listen and didn’t do what he’s told (if the babysitter is slapped, she’s clearly done something wrong). All of it in the name of freedom, of course.

While attempting to emotionally manipulate Dean into supporting his cause and agreeing that what Castiel is doing is right, Cas invokes values like caring, protecting, being a family -  which are in our society values mostly associated with women. Even the Superman metaphor presents Dean as Lois Lane (which Dean knows, so he throws that hot ball away as fast as he can). Throughout the entire 6.20 Dean is shown as and approached to as the delicate hurt wife that can’t believe she’s being cheated on, so everyone’s just being soft and protectional on her, poor thing, which starts in 6.19.

And fuck lemme tell you a thing about 6.19, buckle the fuck up. The episode very telling in the context of this gender-based abuse reading. It’s because both Bobby and Sam immediately understood that something is wrong about Cas while Dean couldn’t. And, the way see it, it’s not the problem of Dean trusting Cas more and blindly because he’s in love with him and stuff, no. At least not mostly. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that technically in the presence of both (especially soulless) Sam and Bobby Cas didn’t put that much effort into playing soft concern and caring thing  as he did during the brief encounters he had with Dean alone. Sure Cas determined when he made it clear to Dean that driving the boys to their uncle is not something they have the time for, but there is a difference between the way he spoke about it in Dean’s presence, to Dean directly, and the comments he made when only Bobby was there to hear them. Here, compare for yourself:

CAS: Dean, can I have a word? We need to find Eve now.

DEAN: Yeah. Go. Me and Sam just gotta make a milk run.

CAS: We need your help here.

DEAN: Hold your water. We’ll be back in a few.

CAS: Dean, Dean. Millions of lives are at stake here, not just two. Stay focused.

DEAN: Are you kidding?

CAS: there’s a greater purpose here.

DEAN: you know what, I-I’m getting a little sick and tired of the greater purposes, okay? I think what I’d like to do now is save a couple of kids. If you don’t mind. We’ll catch up.

Now, same problem, but with no Dean to hear it. I heavily advise you to dig 6.19 out and watch if not both scenes at least this one because the way Misha delivers his lines here is vital. I know just the words to describe that for you, but hear that for yourselves:

BOBBY: They won’t take long.

CAS: They might find more orphans along the way.  

BOBBY: Oh, don’t get cute.

CAS: Right. Pardon me for highlighting their crippling and dangerous empathetic response with “sarcasm”. It was a bad idea, letting them go.

Now, a bit on both [I still insist you should go watch that scene i’m begging you]:

First scene? Castiel approaches Dean gently, asks for a permission to talk in private, gives him space. He speaks to him super softly. I threw up softly. Dean doesn’t notice the demand in the demand at all, so he just goes ok, you do you, I do me i don’t get it??? So Cas goes into  the emotional territory [always works, don’t it], still soft.

Now dean gets it, but doesn’t budge. So bigger ammo goes off. And don’t even get me started on “Dean, Dean,” and how throughout the show only the villains do the variations of repeating Dean’s name to address him. The delivery slightly differed here but

It was followed by an order that was all the way patronizing. Only Castiel’s eyes reflect the irritation, his voice doesn’t - even though as scene with bobby makes clear - he’s pissed as shit. On dean specifically. He does say “they” but note that sam hasn’t spoken once on the whole issue? It’s dean who he was talking to.

He thinks Dean is crippled for being empathetic and bound to children and he isn’t rational enough to understand the stakes. Let it sink in. now think about it in the context of being a gender [species] issue. Let it sink deeper.

Something in Dean’s words, that thrown in “if you don’t mind” - that’s totally subjective but it kind of makes me think of this women-specific way of speaking from many decades before. Like 40s-50s wife thing? That implied asking for permission woven into their lexicons? Dean is, of course, bitter here, but still, you ever hear a man use that construction? I haven’t. Feel free to discard this point it’s just me trying to work with leftovers of my linguistic training and it’s subjective and i’m in no way saying that line went like that on purpose, ok? It just Bothers  me on some crawling under my skin level.

“Letting” someone do something is Bad Idea - says dude who slaughters in the name of Choice and Freedom. Oops.

And a bonus: Eve lured Dean into her trap, relying on his maternal side. Then, she tried to reach him using Mary. The whole thing being a mother to a mother talk because as a “mother” you should get my feelings.

Another bonus because you probably didn’t dig 6.19 out. That wasn’t an impersonal, rationalish vaguely grumpy sarcasm. That was soft, belittling, ridiculing contempt, the exact one you will meet again in 7.01! I wonder why!!

say bye bye to 6.19, we’re going elsewhere now. Still within the realm of season 6 fucking with Dean’s agency, gendering his problems, and somewhat within the realm of Castiel’s soon to be kingdom.

All that talk about making sacrifices for Dean’s good [because of dean/for dean, mind you] and preserving free will? Oh man, that was to not even convince God [who was blogging about cats at the time], but to make himself feel good and justified in what he’s doing.

And if he really meant what he said by “i’m doing this for you, i’m doing this because of you”, that’s because Dean is his prized possession. Spoils of war from apocalypse no. 1 [5.18 anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Entitlement?]. His trophy wife.

And no one can lay a hand on Dean and hurt him [michael, raphael, balthazar, atropos, crowley, demons] or even insult him [rachel]. Except of him, of course [ignoring him for a year, not even to say sam isn’t dead, grabbing and slicing Dean’s arm without asking and warning, guilt tripping him as hard as it gets re: Sam, agreeing to put him in harm’s way during crowley-related errands, keeping the lisa blackmail going due to convenience, re-making Dean’s reality and life without his consent BUT when that didn’t pan out, making him keep the knowledge just because he wanted to? Um, yikes? And of course hurting sam to get specifically to dean?]


CAS: I’ve earned that, Dean. [6.21]

*mic drop*

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Hey Nissi 👋🏾, I was wonder if you were going to raise your future kids vegan and how your boyfriend feels about it? I’m a vegan and my boyfriend is a vegetarian and we just had this conversation. He wants to raise his kids vegetarian but not vegan. It’s funny because I was discussing all the health benefits and he just said he doesn’t want his kids to feel left out and not be able to have pizza and cake when other kids have parties Lol. Which I get. I was wondering how you feel about it.

Oh hun, I cannot even wrap my head around those kinds of choices. I’m not married, and I’m no where close to having kids. I️ mean we’ve talked about it. Thought about maybe in the house eating one way and then when they go other places, let them be kids and eat until they are old enough to make decisions. But I have no clue how I’ll handle that. I will say that i know I’m likely not going to make my kids vegan. I know that for sure.

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give me sypha x julia headcanons!!! (i know writingfish will see this too, so they can add on lol)

@writingfish teamwork hooray!

• Long talks. Almost all times until ungodly hours in the night. The knowledge would be enough to send anyone on a revelations acid trip.

• They become the best healers in every town they visit. That has caused them trouble with the church, but the people will always intervene. They’ve just done too much for them.

• They spend their lives traveling together. It is the way of a Speaker, after all; and it is not wise for a witch to stay in the same place for too long.

• Specially when you live in Wallachia during the Middle Ages. Have fun.

• Which also means no-one suspects they’re together. They just assume they’re related, tutor and apprentice or just friends. They are the ultimate gal pals (ay lmao).

• They like blowing up minds before leaving towns.

• They are now officially seekers of knowledge. They will literally read every single book they come across, learn every foreign language they hear; search for every new medical advance; or technology itself.

• I kind of wish one of them has a thing for engineering and architecture. I need to relate to these awesome women.

• I just love them both so much okay?

• Not only do they heal people, but they also teach around different towns and regions. Both science and magic; to people of all ages.

• Maybe that way the church will pull it’s head out it’s asshole.

• Pardon my expression.

• They soon become quite popular all around Wallachia. Which means some towns are actually waiting for their arrival.

• This also makes them quite inmune to certain anti-magical bullshit; because killing such influential people would just create a martyr.

• Kind of like Lisa among monsters.

• We all know what a martyr can do. Do you really wish to experience the rage of Julia/Sypha fans upon yourself? Do you want that?

• No. You don’t.

• Let them be gay happy magical doctors please.

True Fun Fact #1

I actually always carry on my person (typically in my front right pocket) 2 pennies at all time for when someone gives me advice. To which I politely and genuinely thank them so much for it. Immediately gesturing to give them something saying “Here you go” or to be more direct for those troubled souls “Here you can have these back.” And place the two pennies into their hand and walk away. I typically always do the first one because some will stand still looking down at their hand and wonder for a few seconds and realize what I physically and figuratively just gave them.

Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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Extroverted and introverted versions of the signs
  • EXTROVERTED ARIES: Talks to everybody, even the people that they don't like. Smiles a lot, loves shopping and travelling, loves partying, can't keep them at one place when they're out at night. They have to visit all the nightclubs and bars. Loves shopping and dresses colourfully most of the time, but can be really competitive at times which makes them even mean. A big foodie and can't get enough of anything they do
  • INTROVERTED ARIES: Speaks only to their mom, wishes everyone else could just die because they hate everybody, but is actually very VERY nice to people. Loves cats and inspiring quotes but can be a real backstabbing bitch. Even though they're introverted, they still love being the most popular one
  • EXTROVERTED TAURUS: Talks to everyone about everything, can sit with a serial killer and have a normal conversation. Spends millions of dollars on food and coffee, hugs every animal they see on the street, has LOTS of friends, but tends to forget some of their friends because they constantly make new friends and don't have the ability to keep control over the communication with all of their friends
  • INTROVERTED TAURUS: Very passive, VERY LAZY, doesn't want to get out of bed, loves watching films and TV series, loves listening to music alone or with their partner, very caring and kind, loves animals and they think that they have the hidden magical ability to communicate with animals while it seems like they're just being foolish talking to every pet of their friends
  • EXTROVERTED GEMINI: Very communicative, a literal drama queen, has tons of acquaintances but hates almost everybody and almost everybody hates them. Has like only 3 real friends who do not use the Gemini because this Gemini simply doesn't know when to shut up. Talks to everyone and can be really bitchy at times. Doesn't know how to keep secrets and spreads gossip and rumors like 104% of the time. Loves shopping and art, but also loves hoeing around to death. Also, loves champagne - be it cheap or expensive, it just needs to be champagne (preferably pink).
  • INTROVERTED GEMINI: Loves staying in bed all day, twittering, sitting on tumblr and instagram and basically every single social media. Really talented but for like very strange things. Doesn't like eggs. Gets bored of people very often and can't stand staying with another person in the same room for more than 20 minutes. Constantly wants to go home but when they go home they don't know why the hell they went home - they realized that they liked staying outside better. Has a very interesting blog, tries to stay healthy and always tries to start their life anew, but they just can't give up on their vices, especially smoking. Loves comfort and velvet clothing. Likes reading magazines and loves the fashion world but they have no clue how to dress because they're too anxious about their choices. Their mind is so fast and they learn quickly
  • EXTROVERTED CANCER: Literally a SPAMMER. Spams everybody in real life too, not only on social media. Obsessed with anime and japanese things. Likes k-pop. Thinks they're the master but can be really boring sometimes because they just can't stop talking about topics that nobody is interested in. But very pure and good. Gets kinda hellish when they're angry, they can't control their temper even 1%. Really strong physically and doesn't get sick very often. Loves their friends and their family and always gives GREAT advice. Obsessed with cats and dogs and animals in global
  • INTROVERTED CANCER: Always draws some cute anime things on their notebooks, really intelligent but just can't study because they can't stay focused because they overthink everything. Really intense emotions but seems unemotional because they don't even show 20% of their emotions. Has like only 1 or 2 friends, 3 tops. Loves their mom and is really connected with her. Has some hidden talents that nobody knows about, like, making pancakes or some weird shit that you could have never thought of. A really good cook
  • EXTROVERTED LEO: Gets on the verge of a nervous breakdown if they're not the center of attention. REALLY intelligent and learns really fast but there are things that they just can't learn, like, maths or some specific subject that makes them seem stupid. But they're not stupid, they're just over-enthusiastic about everything. Rolls their eyes very often and acts really bossy all the time. Loves people and loves visiting their friends and relatives. Doesn't like to get abused and manipulated while they use and manipulate people on a daily basis, just for fun. But can be easily manipulated into something, even if they're aware of that, because their pride doesn't let them "lose". Likes reading books and doesn't understand paintings. Thinks they're a good leader while they might lead people to hell .... just for fun.
  • INTROVERTED LEO: A cinnamon roll too pure for this world, learns things really quickly and loves helping people. They're a really good supporter. Totally connected to their cat and thinks their cat is secretly a human being or a miracle. Idolizes things and people. Quite afraid of things most of the time and really, really socially anxious but doesn't show it because their pride doesn't let them. But it can be obvious sometimes, believe me. Likes having long conversations with their friends, but has only one or two friends so they literally can't stop talking or typing when they're alone with their friend. Doesn't let their parents find out anything about themselves and makes everybody watch their favourite tv show
  • EXTROVERTED VIRGO: Really communicative and organized, a great leader, full of knowledge, doesn't really show their emotions by keeping a poker face most of the time. A really good supporter and knows how to lead people on the right way. A very good teacher in life. You can learn a lot from them. Their capabilities know no boundaries. Very, very intelligent and ambitious but not power-hungry... well, ok, sometimes. Really enthusiastic about the topic they're talking about but doesn't want anyone to find out that they're obsessed with that particular thing. Loves coffee and loves food. Always achieves their goals and it's mostly done the hard way
  • INTROVERTED VIRGO: Their mind is chaos, just unbearable. Certainly NOT organized, doesn't even know where they're going when they get out of their house. Hates most people and thinks that most people hate them, but really chill when they're outside with their friends. Just doesn't know how to communicate with people properly and they're really, really obsessed with themselves. They have a higher opinion on themselves (read egotistic). Intelligent but doesn't know how to use their intelligence and they always refuse advice
  • EXTROVERTED LIBRA: Communicative af, even when they don't know what they're talking about. Has knowledge in all spheres of life and is a really sweet cinnamon roll too pure for this world. Tons of emotions and needs constant reminders to stay organized like sticky notes and stuff. Has interesting style and has the best eyebrows. Really appealing and beautiful, both physically and mentally. Likes seeming normal just because they're keeping their kinky self for their partner. Really good in bed and really intelligent. Very, VERY committed once they find the true love of their life but can be a fuckboy/fuckgirl when they haven't found their true love because they love experimenting with people and is aware that they can get the most beautiful boyfriends and girlfriends
  • INTROVERTED LIBRA: Loves books and shopping and is really organized. Likes pastel colours and loves cats. Behaves like royalty and wants to be admired. REally feminine. A dreamy girl/boy who wants to find their soulmate. Enjoys coffee, tea, long walks and deep conversations. Likes staring through their window and is often absent-minded, daydreams a lot. Really good, genuine and kind. Cries after somebody hurts them but always forgives people and is really not combative. Likes poetry and loves speaking in public, although they're an introvert
  • EXTROVERTED SCORPIO: Loves meeting new people and can really be successful but often wastes that potential on getting drunk, partying, love and sex. But still, dazzles with their appearance and is really hot. Hides their low self-confidence by manipulating people and hurting others just to feel good and in control. Really loyal to the people who are their TRUE friends but often tends to skip going out with their friends because there's some diCc/puSsi on the plate. But still, loyal to death and never hesitates to reach their hand and help a friend in need of help. Can be really problematic and chaotic because they're unorganized but they live in their own world and know that everything is going to be okay
  • INTROVERTED SCORPIO: Way too socially anxious and doesn't care about anyone hurting their emotions. Really depressed most of the time but forgets about their depression when they're with their friends. They don't have too many friends because they're introverted af and they don't know how to communicate with people in public. Can be quite inappropriate but always knows how to make others laugh. Will act as a clown if it helps a friend to stop being sad. Really intelligent and rarely uses their intelligence and potential because they're busy eating tasty food while playing video games or watching movies. They're even socially awkward with animals - that's how far it goes with introverted people with this sign. But not to be mistaken, they're really good and emotional but they don't like showing their emotions in front of people, they think it makes them weak SADasd
  • EXTROVERTED SAGITTARIUS: Emotional as fuck. They're emotions are chaos and they're so fucking introverted that everybody can see what's going on in their life. In fact, they LOVE exposing themselves. Really physically beautiful, popular and active on social media. Has great aesthetics and is obsessed with shopping. Acts like royalty and loves commanding people. A little bit self-centered and egotistic and think that they're always right, so when somebody doesn't accept their opinion they instantly start raging about it
  • INTROVERTED SAGITTARIUS: Loves bossing people around, even though they're an introvert. Hates showing their emotions and can be a really big manipulator at times. However, very emotional and one of the biggest fighters there are. Really, REALLY intense. You don't want to see them getting mad. They can easily hurt you but you can easily hurt them too because they're fragile as fuck on the inside, but they will never admit that you've hurt them in any way because they're proud as fuck so nobody is messing with the queen
  • EXTROVERTED CAPRICORN: Really funny and interesting, talks to everybody about everything. Always says what's on their mind and loves buying unique things. Doesn't have good grades but that doesn't mean that they're unintelligent or stupid. On the contrary. Very intelligent and daydreams a lot, loves telling jokes and has a fucked up sense of humor. So unique. Loves money but doesn't like to admit it lmao. Very artistic and loves philosophy, animals, nature, music and languages. A fair player most of the time and knows how to support their friends. Selfless on the outside, selfish on the inside. Also, loves cooking some strange things which usually taste very weird but in a good way
  • INTROVERTED CAPRICORN: Doesn't speak at all and just sits there waiting for the world to end. You really just can't make them say a word because they're a little bit self-centered and they think that they don't have to waste their time talking to unimportant people about unimportant things. However, they can get really silly sometimes and burst off, even though they're an introvert. Can't stop talking about things they love, it's really strange how such a person who doesn't talk at all - turns into a youtuber the moment they find out that somebody likes the same things that they do. Money kinda rule their world and they really want to earn money with everything they do, but having no money doesn't stop them from achieving the things they want in life
  • EXTROVERTED AQUARIUS: You just can't see them sober. Parties, drugs, journeys, walks in nature and such things move their world. Just can't stop partying all the time. Has lots of friends and is really popular, probably is a DJ or a famous singer. Really seductive and beautiful physically. Simply everybody is their friend (except for the people they hate lmao) and they can always find someone to hang out with, because everybody wants to hang out with them. Really intense and quite bitchy most of the time, which makes them seem really arrogant but that's just how it is and they are fully aware of this
  • INTROVERTED AQUARIUS: You can't see emotions on their face. It's impossible. They might even question themselves if they're human beings because they aren't really aware of their emotions most of the time. Loves plants and things like aliens, unicorns, etc. Lives in a fantasy world and hates the real world. So impatient about everything and has nervous breakdowns when somebody complains about something they do. Really nice to people, even though they hate like 99% of them. Has probably a tumblr blog and rages on it about everything. Roasts famous people on twitter and doesn't even care about it
  • EXTROVERTED PISCES: Goal-oriented as fuck. Doesn't stop until they get what they want. REALLY emotional, maybe the sign with the most intense emotions out there. Is a really good friend with everybody but can be a little bit bitchy and arrogant at times, especially when things are not going their way. Actually, when it's hard for them to get or achieve something, they use manipulation to get what they want. As I said, their emotions are very intense so literally everything hurts them because they're sensitive as fuck. Eccentric af. When somebody hurts them in any way, they always find a way to hurt that person's back and nobody can even see that they're behind everything that's happening to that person. Sly. But very loyal to their real friends and will never let them down. When they love - they love with every piece of their soul and would put their heart into a person they love's hands, if it needs be. Because of their intense temper, sometimes they might seem like a fiery sign because they explode and hurt people really quickly
  • INTROVERTED PISCES: So fucking sensitive and their mind is chaos. Doesn't know what they're doing most of the time but in the end they always succeed in everything they do. People see them as fragile but that's just how they seem. They are actually really strong because they've been through a lot. Born with tremendous artistic tendencies and art is literally their life. They are very talented. Loves animals, shopping, nature, taking long walks, deep conversations and stargazing. Loves books and learning new weird languages and has tons of inside jokes with their 2 friends. They open up really hardly and they just don't let everybody in their life - they are really picky when it comes to people that they let in their life. Socially anxious as fuck and will look like a fool if they try to talk in public, so they avoid such situations

I crave love,
the purest, deepest and rawest form of it.
The movie love, the book love, the Romeo-Juliet love.

Just someone’s careless kisses on my neck and my yearning lips,
Someone to hold hands with and run into the sunset with,
Someone I can write about endlessly, never getting tired of writing about how they are my sole galaxy in this dark universe, my one nice thing,
About How every word that falls off their lips can put poetry to shame,
Or how his eyes have all my favorite colors in one place, right where I can see them.

How his hands are rough and strong,
And how mine are soft and fragile,
How he would kiss my fingers Every time I would remind him why I love him.

How he and I would make each other mix tapes and pretend we’re in the 90’s.

I wonder if he would write about me too,
That’s the dream, two writers in love.
Exchanging letters and small notes,
Proclaiming our love in ways that haven’t been written about yet,
With two different point of views for the same story.

I want to dance with him, even though I don’t know how to and I am sure he’s a brilliant dancer,
And I want him to sing with me,
Even though he is a terrible singer,
I want to kiss him,
Which is nice cause we’re both great kissers.

I want to hear his far fetched theories about alternate universes and how he reckons
we stumbled across each other, fate or sheer coincidence?

I want to fall in love with the whole person, and not just the idea of them I have constructed in my head.

I want to love them for being shitty, for being sad, for being weird, for crying, for being pathetic,
For being one hundred percent themselves, and being okay with letting me see every side they deemed unlovable.

I want to kiss him lazily like we have all the time in the world and also urgently, like there’s no tomorrow.

I want to cuddle with him, trying to burrow myself deeper into his scent and him,
That’s what I think heaven will smell like,
Leather, cinnamon and him.

I think heaven will sound like his voice,
Every goddamn thing he says sounds like honey and chocolate milkshakes.

Where are you?
When are you planning to show up?

I am exhausted even though I am only seventeen,

But I’ll wait till I am seventy if I have to.


Tucker’s just really glad Wash is okay.

Baseless Power Rangers headcanons just because

• The Power Rangers Soundtrack? More like Zack’s latest mixtape.

• Jason’s father had big plans for his life. He never meant to settle down, especially not in a dinky town like Angel Grove

• Kimberly pretty much disassociated her way through the entirety of her High School career

• Billy’s father was totally clueless. All of his talk about there being “something out there” was just to give his son a purpose. Guess it worked.

• Trini’s abuela is a total drunk and she has no idea where her daughter’s conservative values came from

• All of the Rangers have customized bedrooms in the ship that only reveal themselves when one of the kids (Trini) is searching for the meaning of “home”

• Zordon cyber-stalks the teens’ personal social media pages

• Alpha 5 is always cleaning up after the kids. He feels like an under-appreciated stay-at-home mom 

• All of the notes Zack passes in detention are in Chinese so the other kids have to use google translate. They’re always either extremely lewd or genuine compliments. Sometimes both. 

“NEO! Enough stabbing!”




this. took. so. long.

still haven’t figured out how to go from paper to photoshop, but i’ll get there eventually.

in the meantime, please ignore the everything.


Bad Lip Reading Extended Lyric Videos

anonymous asked:

what apps would the losers have on their phones if they were in 2017 (besides instagram i think they would all have insta)


- out of all the losers, stan would be the one to not care about the follower count on his insta. he just uses it to keep a record of all their great memories and put nice photos, and wouldn’t really care about keeping a consistent aesthetic.
- the others think he doesn’t have twitter because he “doesn’t want an app to tell him all the bullshit richie’s thinking 24/7”
- but he totally runs a shitpost spam account with like,, a lot of followers. makes his own memes for sure.
- probably has reddit and gets into debates with neckbeards
- one of those expensive tracking apps that acts as a planner and habit checker and reminder so he keeps his anxiety in check


- definitely runs a poetry tumblr using a fake name and actually has a lot of notes on a handful of his writings. he doesn’t mind specifically about follower numbers because he started the blog as a journal for himself, but getting constructive criticism from other writers and positive feedback from his followers becomes super important to him! sweet boy!
- the most wholesome snapchat stories u ever seen… like just so cute and loving
- p i n t e r e s t ! making boards for saving recipes and poetry and nice pics to use as writing inspo
- insta that isn’t meant to be aes but lowkey is
- probably thinks twitter is a birdwatching app


- definitely had a deviant art account with some … pretty cringey stuff on it from his preteen years, is probably still floating around the web to haunt him later. same with his old myspace
- he loves insta, and actually has a pretty good follow count and is lowkey an insta blogger. would die for his aes
- has a quiet tumblr with little diary entries and a handful of his fave calming pics to read through on sad days!
- has snapchat but 80% of the time only sends black screens with text on them
- lurks on twitter but rarely posts


- one of those workout apps that gives you healthy recipes and motivational reminders every day
- uses insta rarely but all his posts are 10/10 and so soft that he starts to enjoy posting a lot more
- that study app that locks down your phone and rewards every productive hour by planting a tree 
- “mike why didn’t you answer my texts for three days?”
- “mike we thought you were dead”
- always sends cute little morning snapchat selfies of him trying out the new filters
- like videos of him looking confused with dog ears and when he opens his mouth to speak and the tongue comes out and he giggles and is like “oh!”


- still has flappy bird because he believes the story that a phone with it installed is worth millions
- so many of those shitty free game apps that just spam you with ads and make you wait five hours between plays before you can progress
- one of those stimming apps! with colours and tapping exercises to fiddle with when his adhd acts up
- runs a twitter meme page for sure
- also had a personal twitter that’s literally filled with bullshit, as stan expected. those 3am posts like “every book is a remix of the dictionary” are plentiful, and a couple of them went viral when someone posted a screenshot on insta
- hates facebook a lot, but loves messenger and spams the gc by changing everyone’s display name every three seconds
- spotify on his bottom utility bar!! mixtape!au reddie is still in full force in playlist form ok
- s n a p c h a t ! ! !
- literally always updating his story to way more than the socially acceptable level but no one minds because it’s hilarious


- ada: your virtual doctor
- often typing in minor symptoms and scrolling to the bottom of the list to see the WORST CASE SCENARIO and freaking out. gets frustrated and deletes the app, and then re-downloads it. this happens at least once a week
- sleep tracker he uses religiously
- didn’t think he’d like insta but found it nice and relaxing to edit pics and as he gained followers he was! so happy?! my boy felt validated and put in so much effort for his aes my sweetie
- cute morning snapchats to richie (they have like a three year long streak)
- but richie refuses to accept lazy streak snaps that just are of his ceiling and have an “s” typed on them so eddie’s always taking “selfies” that are just his head under a pillow with his hair sticking up all over the place
- “eds thats cheating i want to see you properly”
- eddie sends a v v sleepy soft pic with his messy hair and half closed eyes and pouty face
- richie Thrives™️


- def runs a notorious dark aes tumblr blog
- but also has one that she keeps more lowkey that has a really calm and soft aes where she posts little inspirational quotes and doodles and shares survivor stories and gives advice to sad anons
- one of those super popular pics of a girl smoking wearing an edgy hat or some shit floating around pinterest that are used in so many moodboards is probably of her tbh
- insta insta insta ! her feed is 10/10 goals but its really just lots of selfies and pics of her fucking around at night with richie
- lots of online shopping apps this girl has an addiction
- makes skirts and sometimes runs commissions for custom jewellery and stuff as a fun little side project

ty so much for requesting i honestly… had too much of a good time with this 

To anyone who says “[Character] is [insert]sexual and everything else is wrong because I said so! uwuwu”

To anyone who says “[Character] is obviously [insert gender identity here], so if you’re viewing them differently, you’re the worst uwuwuwu”

To anyone who harrasses others and/or talks shit about them because they headcanon something differently and thus, want to invalidate these people’s opinions in any way.

Imagine how fucked up Killian must have been internally during Gerblins. We don’t see it cause the boys are all still goofing off and everything but we see Magic Brian’s personality later and just.

Killian was sent to kill him because he is a Bureau of Balance seeker that was corrupted by a Relic while he was hunting it. Because that’s what the relics do, they turn people evil. So she has to stop him. That’s her job as a Regulator.

But it’s fucked up sometimes. Brian’s always been a sweetheart. Kind and friendly to everyone he meets. Always silly and wanting to help everyone. Even when he’s corrupted by the Relic, here he is, making friends with these random guys who happened to wander in to Wave Echo Cave. Even as he’s dying from the impact of the burly one kicking him down a fucking hole, Brian’s talking about how proud he is that they beat him, because of course he would.

It’s bittersweet to think about how his fiancé won’t even remember that he was someone they should miss. Killian never got to meet them, but anyone who truly won Brian’s heart must be a good person.

— — —

Months later, Carey tells her about meeting Brian’s spirit in Lucas’ lab. He seemed to be doing fine. The Astral Plane seemed like a pretty ok place to be, he’d just prefer being not dead, on earth, with his fiancé. 

He was going to invite Taako to the wedding. They knew each other for like 15 minutes and for most of that they were fighting and he was going to invite him to the wedding. Because of course he would, he’s Brian.

The loss of him hits them again, combined now with the loss of Boyland, and they think about all the others in the B.O.B. that have been lost. All the loved ones that have been left behind, not even knowing that someone so important to them was gone. Carey and Killian cuddle up that night grateful with the bittersweet knowledge that even if worst comes to worst they’ll never forget each other.

The 4 Types of Biases

1. The Starter Bias: If you have just come across a new group, this is the member that first caught your attention. You’ve probably heard of this member before because of how popular they are, or because they got a lot of screen time in that MV you just saw so you automatically claim them as a bias in the entry of your new life fandom. Once you follow the group a bit more you will most likely change your bias but if you dont, Congratulations! You are loyal af

2. Bias: You’ve looked more into this group, have learned about all the members, and while doing so you have found the one. You have found your bias. Your bias is the one your eyes immediately look for in choreography videos. They are the one that makes you tear up and pterodactyl scream every time their part comes up. While you love all the members, your bias just gives you those extra emotions that are everything, all with a smile.

3. Bias Wrecker: You ever watch a live stage and your eyes just drift to that member who will not stop doing THAT (you know what “THAT” is)? Let me introduce you to your bias wrecker. When you are trying to stay loyal to your bias, bias wrecker will come out of nowhere and make you think about risking it all. The bias wrecker need to CALM THE FUCK DOWN and STAY IN THEIR LANE because aint nobody got time to redo their entire bias list. And while they are disrespectful with their extraness/sexiness/cuteness etc., you still high key love it.

4. Ultimate Bias: The Ultimate Bias can be used for a group and/or person. The Ultimate Bias is your #1, your ride or die, your everything. They’re probably your wallpaper or screensaver. While you are a fan of multiple groups, this one holds a special place in your heart. This is the group you’ll save at least a year in advance for just with the possibility of them coming to your country. You have seen just about EVERY variety show they’ve been in and know EVERY inside joke there is to know. You’ve pre-ordered the album and set a notification for when the MV drops. The Ultimate Bias differs from a regular bias because you can have a bias from every group you stan, but the Ultimate Bias comes before everyone else in ALL of kpop. You’d probably kill for them (please don’t…) Those are your loves and nobody can take that away from you.

(Hope you’ve enjoyed this useless piece of information I have given at 1 in the morning when I should be asleep because I have classes in the morning)

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Collection of Star Trek tarot cards from a project I was working on off and on for the past year or two. Even though I bit off more than I could chew (I had all of the cards planned out, with a spreadsheet and everything, but Discovery kind of threw a wrench in my master plan :P), I’m really happy with how some of these turned out, and it ended up being a great learning experience for me. 

Teasing, Showers, & Man Buns

A/N: Any of my friends on here that know me and see me IRL, please just keep scrolling. Don’t @ me… This is my first time writing smut, so I apologize in advance for whatever the hell this is. I’d like to thank The Litty Titty Committee™ for pushing me to bring this little idea to life. Hope you enjoy.

Harry’s been back home from tour for three days now, and he’s been nothing but a tease. It’s been over six months since he’s touched you. You would’ve thought he’d have jumped you as soon as he got off the plane, but no, his smug ass thinks it’s a great idea to just taunt you until you cave first.

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Richie Tozier hasn’t spoken a word to anybody since he came to Derry in the middle of the school year. Until he talks to Eddie Kaspbrak.

Previous chapters: Chapter one

Chapter two.

The next time Eddie sees Richie he smiles. There is something that pulls at Richie’s lips in reply, but afterwards he simply turns his head in the other direction. Then that’s it. For the rest of the school week, Eddie waves to Richie between classes, but Richie doesn’t respond at all. He seems more tired, more bored and disinterested, like talking with Eddie the first time took too much effort and now he needs to charge up. Eddie tries not to let it get to him, but it’s hard; he’s spent all this time wondering about Richie and then finally he gets something, and then—it stops. Each time they pass, it’s as if Richie doesn’t even know Eddie is desperately trying to interact.

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