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rpdr meme: [7/10] favourite queens → ♛ tatianna ♛

“I don’t understand how Reddit works, so I could give a shit. I don’t get threads. I just stick to the normal stuff like Facebook.. I read all the comments when I was first on, like ‘Oh, people are talking about me. I have to read everything!’ Poor decision. Luckily no one hates me right now. The worst place to go for comments is Youtube. These are the kind of people who buy groceries at CVS. Real bottom of the barrel gutterbugs. The day after I was eliminated on social media there was a hashtag JusticeForTati and I thought that was so nice.”


TFC-NET’S 2017 Spooky Creation Event: .
↳ So this is rlly way too long for a bullet fic and I’m sorry but I barely remember writing this and I’m too tired to split it up appropriately so here u go (tw violence, torture, and abuse mentions) 

  • Neil’s primary concern, something drilled into him by his mother, was always to stay alive
  • He was never scared of Riko, Riko couldn’t kill him. Riko didn’t know how.
  • He was scared of what Riko knew, how to contact the people who could
  • Riko pins him against the wall after the interview and sees Neil’s real eyes flash from beneath the contacts
  • Riko’s eyes widen before narrowing and pressing harder on his throat. No matter what he does, it won’t kill Neil.
  • He stops breathing for too long before Riko releases him, bright blue eyes still baring themselves to the human who dared try to hurt him
  • Kevin figured it out on the bus back from the winter banquet
  • “You’re one of them.” A fact, followed by a nod from Neil and a string of curses from Kevin 

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Yes. A thousand times.

Authors Note: Hey everyone, soo I have kind of been slacking with writing blurbs and I apologise for that, I just haven’t had much inspiration to write. I feel like I say this with every blurb I right, haha. But sorry!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one! Hope everyone is having a good week… and bless Harry for his damn tour that gives me life. :) xx
Harry Masterlist found HERE 

He was more than you ever deserved, he was your right hand, your heart, and essentially your everything. You thought he was the one, the one you’d spend your life with until you were both grey-haired and grumpy, you thought in years to come you’d watch him from the kitchen while he plays outside with the children, chasing them around the garden, teaching them to play catch or tea party. You believed he was the only one you’d bring home to Mum and Dad, the one who would ask your Dad permission for your hand, the one who would stand by you even through the darkest storms. But lately, all the high hopes and vision you had assumed would become a reality, seem too far-fetched, they’re nothing but a figment of your imagination.

He has been distant lately, travelling for work and for unknown reasons, not giving many explanations each time he leaves. He gives you the bare minimum for where he is going and what he is doing, which wouldn’t bother you if it wasn’t just out of the blue for him to become secretive and shady. For four years, the two of you have built on your relationship and became an open book with each other, always managing to keep each other updated on the events of what’s going on, but now, now it feels like you are both living two different worlds that are miles apart from each other.

You stand towards the back of the bar, the smell of beer and overly applied cologne lingers the area as everyone pays attention to the mellow music playing, introducing someone that is destined to embarrass themselves with karaoke. This isn’t the type of scene you appreciate being in when it comes to Saturday nights, but you were hauled along when one of Harry’s friends invited him and it was too much effort to even attempt to try to get out of it. 

You scan the crowd for the familiar green eyes of your boyfriend, your eyes skimming over the crowd until they lay on him. He’s sitting at the bar with Nick, having a good gossip— so you presume— while entertaining a few of the other mates you have yet to be formally introduced to, for what reason, you do not know. You stare at him from a distance, observing how he is smiling widely and laughing, seeming completely unaware of the fact you have strayed away from him and settled into the crowd of half-drunk individuals who have no idea they’re getting laughed at when they hit the karaoke stage.

Your eyes extract away from their stare when a bitter liquid embeds itself into your dress, your eyes glaring up at the man who has managed to spill his drink on you. Your eyes stare at him like daggers ready to pierce his soul. The poor guy looks like a deer in headlights, frozen and scared by your distinctive glare. “I am so-” he begins but you cut him off and shake your head.

“It is fine,” you mutter through your teeth, the whole situation far from fine. You fake a smile before stepping away from the deer in headlights and manoeuvring your way through the crowd to get to the bar, the bar that has probably seen more lonely nights than you can imagine.

“Hey, love, havin’-” Harry begins with his subtle smile, one that would usually melt your heart with its charismatic charm, but tonight, tonight it just infuriates you further.

“No, I am not having fun,” you mutter, “I don’t enjoy smelling like a damn brewery,” you gesture towards your dress. You take a breath, not wanting to start something in public and in front of his friends, so you stick with calming your voice as you speak, “I am going to head home, be careful,” you inform him as he studies you carefully, his brows knitting into a frown before you lean down and kiss his cheek.

“I’m just going to say bye and then we can leave, here, I’ll meet you in the car, if you like,” he dangles his car keys in front of you, taking you by surprise. With how shady he has been recently, you expected him not to give a damn that you were more than delighted to get a cab home while he stayed and did whatever with his friends. You take the keys into your warm hand, giving his mates a small smile before walking away from the bar and making your way out.

The drive home was quiet, no thanks to you. Harry tried to have a small conversation with you but you weren’t too interested in a half-ass conversation.

You step out of the car and close the door before making your way towards the doorstep of the house, your heels sounding against the concrete as Harry’s footsteps travel behind you. You step out of his way so he can open the door, but his hand doesn’t reach for the door, instead, he turns to face you.

“Care to tell me what’s going on?” He questions, taking note how something is unquestionably wrong but entirely unaware that something has been ‘wrong,’ for quite a while.

You shake your head, crossing your arms over your chest as the wind begins to pick up and whistle around the two of you, Autumn leaves falling at your shoes and dancing around the pavement. “I can’t fix it if I don’t know what’s wrong,” he presses as he turns to the door and begins to unlock it, “And don’t tell me nothing is wrong because it is clear something is wrong, so you might as well tell me.” He continues, subsequently pushing the door open and allowing you to step foot into the house first. You ignore his attempts at a conversation about what is wrong.

The door closes behind you as you turn the lights on and walk down the hallway, “Y/N,” his voice travels down the hallway behind you before his touch meets your arm, “This isn’t like you, you’re always open with me, what’s going on?” An unrelenting stare narrowing down onto you.

“Look who’s calling the kettle black, Harry.”

His forehead puckers in a thoughtful and irritation expression while frustration crinkles his eyes. “And what do you mean by that?” He questions as you shrug his hand away from your arm.

Your eyes flash with fury, “Exactly what it means. You talk about me always being open and yet you’re closed off and shady as hell.”

“I am not shady and closed off, Y/N.” He shakes his head, defending himself.

You scoff, rolling your eyes at him. If how he has been acting lately isn’t shady then you don’t know what shady is. “You were gone for two weeks without much detail, you are barely home and when you are I get one worded answers out of you, it seems like you are just not interested. And quite frankly, if that is the case, then go ahead and tell me right now.” You raise your voice slightly, tears already threatening to fall from your eyes as the words leave your lips.

You love him, you do. You don’t want things to an end, you don’t want all the future plans to go down the drain like they were nothing, but if it is what he wants, it is what he will get. There’s no point fighting for someone who is already gone and has already lost interest.

He shakes his head, “Y/N, no. You have it wrong.”

“How so? Even tonight you didn’t even realise when I strayed away from you. You were more interested in your friends, which is fine, but you invited me to go out with you and then just disregarded me.” … “If you want to end things, just tell me. Don’t make me think you still love me.” You let out in a whisper, mentally praying that he doesn’t want to call it quits.

Harry’s body stiffens at your remark and he grows quiet for a moment before he breaks the silence. “Is- is that what you’re wanting?”

You lift your shoulders into a shrug as you look down, no longer what to stare into the eyes that you fell for so many years ago.

“Can you look at me?” He questions, his hand resting under your chin and lifting it up, his eyes meeting yours, “You have it entirely wrong..”

“How? Explain how.”

He takes a breath and his hand moves to his pocket, resting itself in the warmth of the space, “If I have been shady, it has been for good reason. When I was gone for two weeks, I wasn’t on a business thing for the album, I uh, I was Niall.” He begins and you cut him off,

“So you lied.” You immediately challenge, your mind swirling with one-hundred different reasons why he would have lied about his whereabouts. Was he cheating?

He nods, “But, for a good reason, I swear.” … “There was this place in Ireland that had something I needed and I had to go down and get it, well, when I got there, they had screwed up the entire order so I had to stay and make sure it all got fixed.”

“And you couldn’t have just told me?”

“No,” he shakes his head, “I-I was trying to make everything special and a surprise. But, it is ruined now. It was all for this… This is why I have been distant or whatever.” He murmurs, his hand pulling a black box from his pocket. He lowers himself down onto one knee, his finger flicking open the box to reveal a beautiful diamond shining brilliantly with the lighting. Your heart races instantly, tears cascading down your cheeks as the realisation of him proposing becomes a reality.

“This isn’t how I wanted to propose, I had hoped to make it special. But, from the moment I met you, you have been the light at the end of the dark tunnel for me, you have lifted me in more ways than you will ever know or understand, you have helped shape me into being a better man. Y/N, I love you with all my heart and every fibre of my being, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. It has been a few years of ups and downs and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. You’re the best thing to have walked into my world and I pray to God you never leave. I’d be honoured to have you as my lover for the rest of my life, I want to be there for you, to hold you, to cherish you, to love you, and to be the man you have wanted. I want to raise kids with you and show them what it is like to be loved, I want out kids to look at us and see how much we love each other and I’d like to have you as my wife if you’ll allow me.”

You gaze at him as he’s on one knee, your breath hitching in your throat as more tears fall from your eyes. You hadn’t thought he would be down on one knee moments after an argument, in fact, him proposing hadn’t even been on your mind until now. “Y/N? It’s your cue, what do you say?” He smiles up at you, waiting for your answer.

There’s no other man you’d want to spend your life with, nobody else you would want to have children with, he’s the one, the one that you want to wake in the middle of the night when you hear unknown noises, he is the one you want to cry into when things go wrong. He is the one you want by your side, he is the one you want to always love.

Without much effort, your answer slips from your lips, “Yes,” .. “Yes a thousand times, Yes.” You whisper as he stands to his feet. You wrap your arms around his neck and kiss him, the kind of kiss the silences everything and creates a reality where it is just you and Harry….

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do you think the losers would all get hot chocolate and wear big fluffy jumpers all together in autumn or winter


-bill and stan are tending to the fire in the fireplace with their matching fluffy jumpers and earmuffs. they’re sharing a bowl of popcorn that they are careful not to let richie or ben steal some

-bill and stan cuddle by the fire casually talking about where the losers christmas tree is going to be. bill votes his house since he has a big house and plus his parents didn’t celebrate christmas all that much the year before since georgie disappeared

-just bill and stan being all cute and exchanging small touches and kisses

-then you got richie and eddie arguing from all the way in the dining room in matching jumpers of their own. there are pumpkin peelings and seeds everywhere. eddie and richie even got some in their hair due to richie putting seeds in eddie’s hair, starting a small war

-richie’s chin is on eddie’s head as he watches eddie pull the rest of the guck out and then shave it a little. eddie pretends to be focused but his face is red as a tomato as richie lightly rubs at his sides

-they argue over what kind of face is going to be on the pumpkin. richie wants to carve a werewolf while eddie just wants to carve a general scary face since he knows that they both have never carved a pumpkin their life. they end up carving a vomiting expression and place the seeds in front of it to make it look like it was throwing up the seeds

-beverly, ben, and mike are all in the kitchen trying to string instructions together in order to make pumpkin pie. beverly brought over candles that smelled like autumn and pumpkins, so it’s extra autumny in this room. 

-beverly and ben have matching fluffy brown jumpers with pumpkins on them, while mike has one on that beverly bought him that had snowflakes all across it, and he loves it so much

-they all have their separate whipped cream can to spray into their mouths because they fucking love whipped cream

-then of course beverly squirts some whipped cream on ben’s face and mike’s cheek and now they’re at it and having a whipped cream war that bill will happily worry about later


They grow up so fast! I can’t even express the level of gratitude that I feel right now. Over One Thousand different people looked at my blog at some point and said “I like this” enough to follow it. That’s mind blowing to me, its absolutely surreal to even conceive. I wanna thank all of you for helping me reach this important milestone, by giving back to you guys a little something.

In honor of this occasion I have done something that I always wanted to do, but had never gotten around to. I have FINALLY marginalized a standard tag for all of my garfield explained posts. Some had a space in between the two words (Garfield Explained), some didnt (GarfieldExplained), and some weren’t even tagged at all! ( ) Standardizing these tags allows for anyone now to just search my blog for the tag “Garfield Explained” and get all of the Garfield Explained posts i made in one place rather than spread out everywhere.

I also made it even easier to get to my garfield explained posts. I added a page to the top bar for all of the Garfield Explained posts I have ever made! This is to help those that want to read through my original content without going through the plethora of various garfield reblogs that makes up 80% of this blog.

I have also made some minor stylistic changes to the layout and design of the blog, which make it look a little less plain. I may make more drastic to changes to it at a later date, but it’s 6am rn and I’m falling asleep typing this cause I’ve been reformatting both of my blogs since 2am and I’m on the brink of death.

Well anyway thanks again for the liking my blog enough to follow it, and helping me reach this fantastic milestone! I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you! I hope you all enjoy this small but very welcome blog change, and hopefully I’ll be able to get more content out to you all soon!


Bulma is drowning in self-doubt following her break-up with Yamcha, but comfort comes from the strangest of places as her seemingly insensitive Saiyan house guest reminds her that she is worth much more than she believed herself to be.

A three-year gap fic. One-shot.

My entry for @tpthvegebulsmutfest

Day 3: Just This Once

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Two quick questions, do you think anything will happen with the Blackwoods Weirwood, and who do you think is in the right concerning the Bracken vs Blackwood feud?

I don’t think anything will happen with the weirwood of Raventree Hall? I mean, it’s very dead, and has been for a thousand years. Though I could imagine a neat scene where Bran reaches out with his powers and all the hundreds of ravens that nest on the weirwood all fly off at once, quorking some message of doom. And maybe, maybe the long-dead white tree would put forth leaves, whether every branch at once or just one single red leaf? It’s a fascinating image (and lbr half my endgame predictions are based on how cool they would look), but I really have no proof that it would ever happen.

Although I do think that the Blackwood godswood is very probably the place where Aegon V proposed to Betha. So even if the Raventree weirwood never appears again in main ASOIAF, it should have a neat appearance or two in some Dunk and Egg stories. :)

As for the Brackens and Blackwoods, they’re both in the wrong, that’s the whole point.

“How did all this begin, between Blackwood and Bracken? Is it written down?”
“It is, my lord,” the boy said, “but some of the histories were penned by their maesters and some by ours, centuries after the events that they purport to chronicle. It goes back to the Age of Heroes. The Blackwoods were kings in those days. The Brackens were petty lords, renowned for breeding horses. Rather than pay their king his just due, they used the gold their horses brought them to hire swords and cast him down.”
“When did all this happen?”
“Five hundred years before the Andals. A thousand, if the True History is to be believed. Only no one knows when the Andals crossed the narrow sea. The True History says four thousand years have passed since then, but some maesters claim that it was only two. Past a certain point, all the dates grow hazy and confused, and the clarity of history becomes the fog of legend.”
Tyrion would like this one. They could talk from dusk to dawn, arguing about books. For a moment his bitterness toward his brother was forgotten, until he remembered what the Imp had done. “So you are fighting over a crown that one of you took from the other back when the Casterlys still held Casterly Rock, is that the root of it? The crown of a kingdom that has not existed for thousands of years?” He chuckled. “So many years, so many wars, so many kings… you’d think someone would have made a peace.”
“Someone did, my lord. Many someones. We’ve had a hundred peaces with the Brackens, many sealed with marriages. There’s Blackwood blood in every Bracken, and Bracken blood in every Blackwood. The Old King’s Peace lasted half a century. But then some fresh quarrel broke out, and the old wounds opened and began to bleed again. That’s how it always happens, my father says. So long as men remember the wrongs done to their forebears, no peace will ever last. So we go on century after century, with us hating the Brackens and them hating us. My father says there will never be an end to it.”

–ADWD, Jaime I

The feud of the Blackwoods and Brackens is infamous, and rightly so, for it stretches back thousands of years to before the coming of the Andals. The origins of it are contested and shrouded in legend. The Blackwoods say they were kings and the Brackens little more than petty lords set on betraying and deposing them, while the Brackens say much the same about the Blackwoods. That they were both royal houses on the Trident seems true enough, and none can doubt that their enmity sprang from some cause, so entrenched that it has become legendary. Powerful as they were, they have maintained their feud despite the many kings who have attempted to make a peace between them. –The World of Ice and Fire

I mean, I slightly lean more to the Blackwood side, but I’m perfectly aware it’s because of GRRM’s narrative bias and my aesthetic preferences. The Blackwoods are tall, willowy and have colors of black, white, and red (so goth, so favorite), the Brackens are brutish and hairy and have colors of yellow and brown (urine and feces), when the Andals came the Blackwoods stayed Old Gods worshippers whereas the Brackens converted to the Faith, the Blackwoods were on the Black sides in the Dance of the Dragons and the Blackfyre Rebellion whereas the Brackens were on the Green and Red, after the Red Wedding the Blackwoods stayed loyal to the Starks whereas the Brackens went immediately over to the Lannisters, and I’ll take sweet Melissa over conniving Barba (poor groomed Bethany though) and mysterious sinister wizard Bloodraven over angry resentful warrior Bittersteel any day. (re the last, I always have to rec @racefortheironthrone’s Conan and Elric parallels meta.)

Still, just because I prefer House Blackwood, I’m not going to let it affect my feelings over the feud, it’s for sure “a plague o’ both your houses” situation as literary family feuds always are. Though in the eventual D&E story where the village of Pennytree is made a royal fief (possibly the story codenamed The Village Hero, possibly another), I thoroughly expect GRRM to make us dislike the Brackens even more. But he may surprise us, and balance out his narrative bias re the feud, you never know. Mind you, with the way the Brackens have been depicted so far, I will be very surprised if he does. ;)

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What to hear a joke? Three guys are all walking down a tunnel. One of them is pessimist, the other is a optimist, and the last is a realist. What's the difference between the three? The pessimist would see the darkness in the tunnel. The optimist would only see the light in the tunnel. The realist would notice the oncoming train in the tunnel.

Funny, though I guess neither of them have common sense if they’re walking through a dark tunnel without a flashlight. :U

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This isn't ddlg related but you are very wise and I need advice. I've been working as a waitress for 6 months and the manager hates me. Shes nasty to my face and behind my back and because of my anxiety I can't talk back and I just feel like crying. I definitely need to leave but till then how do I cope? I'm working with just the two of us next week and I'm so scared and nervous that she'll just make me cry. It sounds stupid but I just can't deal with it any more

One of the main things to do is document everything. Everything that happens, every text, every interaction.

If possible, make recordings with your cell phone when she’s talking to you.

Build all of those up and then take it to someone above her and let them know you are feeling harassed, and have been considering taking it to places like osha and such that they list on those posters in the back about workplace discrimination.

Nobody wants a potential lawsuit. Especially if it’s a known place or part of a chain.

If you want the tree gone, chop it at the root.

Drop everything now

…and go read Yellow by @13ways-of-looking 🐱🦇 I swear to God, it is one of the best works of fiction I’ve ever read (in this fandom, but not only!) I was literally up all night (lol) to finish it cause I! Just! Had! To! Know! More!!!

The characters are amazing. Perfectly built, and perfectly believable, they are people on their own, but they still have some traits in common with the real Harry and Louis. You never have the impression you’re reading fake make-believes, cause they feel like real human beings. Neither of them (and I don’t mean just Batman and the Cat) are either black or white, there are so many shades that make them complicated, stubborn, clever, thick. They’re flesh and bone characters.

And the style… the style is so brilliant. Even at the beginning of the story I was glued to the screen of my phone, not ready to let go, cause I was already so into the plot. The narration flows ever-so-fluid, you feel like you’re there with the characters living the story yourself. Also, kudos for all the literature references, the social references, and of course, the fandom ones! It’s always fun spotting them.

This is a real, beautifully crafted, masterpiece, and you all should go read it… right now!

@13ways-of-looking thank you so much for writing this, i loved it endlessly, and also a mention of honour goes to @twopoppies who made such wonderful, wonderful art for the story! 😍❤️

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When they are having dinner in the back of the Woolie pub near Christmas and they're just sitting so close to each other so that they are in contact at all times.




angst has no place here on soft robron love day pls spread the good word and send me soft robron love

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I'm tryna figure out if your roundup is legit or sarcastic. Either way, I love it. I love seeing all sheith posts in one place. DOING GREAT!

My round up is legit. Sheith and Klance have been rivals since day one, but every post I’ve seen contrasting the two have just cherry picked moments for one side or the other. I wanted to do a real contrast. One that took both sides moments into account and lined them up side by side, so we could get a real idea about the shippy moments for both.


Attention witches!!!

so, the idea of a physical grimoire is hugely intimidating to me. I am not an artistic person, my handwriting isn’t pretty and I get hand cramp pretty quickly. Also, I’m just a low energy kinda gal and I get tired having to write out all of these herb correspondences or my tarot reading.

I’ve been looking online for a good place to journal, and I settled on Penzu. Right now, I have Penzu Pro which only cost me $10 (usually $20), and what that bought me is the ability to have multiple journals (and probably some other stuff.)

One of my favorite parts about Penzu is that you can customize your journal’s background and sheet color to match your witchy aesthetic! I find it makes me happy and keeps me motivated to keep writing in it.

Some other cool things you can do is tag entries so they’re easier to find (great for correspondence lists!!!) and star important entries, like something you might reference daily (like a quick tarot card cheat sheet!)

Idk, I’m kind of in love with this, so I wanted to share with my fellow witches! <3

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sex+romance headcanons

💯 - What is my muse’s ideal date?

A difficult question for someone who usually doesn’t do dates at all. He never really cared for these types of things, unless there’s someone he’s interested in and suddenly he feels the urge to spoil them. Thing is, he can take his potential partner to beautiful places, romantic dinners, etc; but what he loves the most is just spending time with them in a secluded place, having one of those really engaging conversations where they forget about everything around them - if you can keep his interest all night long, still leaving him with the need to talk even more, you already won. … Not to mention that if the conversation gets really heated, it will most likely end with a bit more than just talking. He’s just a very… intellectual person. And let’s not forget he’s sapiosexual.


We should talk about freckles more

If you have freckles, reblog or reply to this with a description of your freckles

Mine just pop up all over in the most random places and vary in size, I have a tiny one on my knuckle that I discovered a couple weeks ago and tho I’m confused by it I love it and it’s my child

Topp Dogg: birthday series!

♥ P-Goon ♥

  • What he’d do: 

He would just do anything that day that he usually wouldn’t do. Whatever you requested, he would do. Wherever you wanted to go, he’d take you there, no matter if he’d like it or not. He would not throw you a surprise party, but if you wanted to have a party with all your friends, he would totally organise it, decorate the place all nicely, and invite all of your friends.

  • What he’d give you:

As for the gifts… He would want to spoil you. At the beginning, he would just try and think about what would be meaningful, and what you would appreciate, but after a while, he’d be so invested in finding the best present for you, that he would just buy and give you anything you mentioned wanting at one point.

  • How he would treat you:

He would treat you special, on that day, but more so about being nice to you, doing nice things for you, maybe giving you a massage or something, but he wouldn’t hype you or randomly burst out in singing “happy birthday to you.”. He would prefer if it were a more chill day, and he could just spoil you and do the things you liked with you. What mattered most to him is that your birthday was spent with him, so he could show you, as the final gift, how much he loved you.

  • Little sneak peak into your day:

With the cotton candy in one hand, you grabbed his free one with yours, and pulled him over to the next roller coaster. Sehyuk sighed. He hated roller coasters, but you just loved and lived for the thrill of them. That wasn’t even the worst part; theme parks not only had roller coasters, but also loud, screaming children, way too many people, and long queues – but still. It was your birthday. You had come here for your birthday, and he would have to endure it.

P-goon // Jenissi // Hojoon // Sangdo // Nakta // Hansol // B-Joo // Xero // A-Tom // Yano

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Are you maybe considering writing a full dogboy tae fanfiction? Like, with many chapters and all, and with smuts of course.. i would just really like to know how the reader and dogboy tae met in the first place :D

I have thought about it, yes, but idk… I have 2 chaptered fics going currently and id at least like to finish one of them before I start another series. So for now, I’ll just stick to oneshots! But hopefully one day can I plot and write out their back story and all the details and stuff like that.

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The policeman scene makes me laugh for 3 reasons. 1) the reaction of the policeman himself- couldn't give a shit if they'd been shagging in the woods, except that, it's a bit nippy for it. 2) Aaron's 'you cheeky git. I don't have sex outdoors' reaction. 3) Robert's reaction. Just look at it and tell me he's not thinking 'Damn. Sex in the woods? That is totally what we should have been doing!' 😂

Bless him, he did want them to catch a cold. He was clearly very amused by it all (or what he thought they’d been doing). Wonder if he’s done it himself a few times 😉 Aaron is literally like “how dare he think we were having sex I’m the woods” they’ve shagged in worse places. And Robert doesn’t need any more ideas, the ones he has are ban enough

fangusklot  asked:

Do you think theirs any romantic partner, cause I do think shirou is Bi at the very least, THAY could unfuck shirou's "if my body is destroyed in the pursuit of saving others, then I have died a just death" mentality?

In Fate/Extra, Archer offhandedly mentions having a loved one using male pronouns (and said person got him hung) so yes I’m pretty sure he actually IS bi!

More on topic: Shirou’s not called sword-boy for a joke. His spiritual origin, the very nature of his one soul throughout all of time and space regardless of its incarnation, is “sword.” The very symbol of knighthood. He is someone who, Kiritsugu or no, would naturally always place others before himself, no matter if its that one special person like in Heaven’s Feel or the entire world like in Fate, or both at the same time, sword-boy is versatile. 

So no, I don’t think his mentality could be unfucked by a romantic partner. If anything, Fate/Stay Night showed that regardless of who he would love, he would still be a “hero”. It’s just that his approach was completely fucked starting out, and by the end he’s learned to serve his needs to be there for others in a healthier way.