just to have all in one place

have a blank notebook but don’t know what to use it for? here’s some ideas!

bullet journal - obviously!! but if you already have one here are some more ideas… 

dream diary - i love looking back on my dreams, but do it in the morning before you forget them!

food journal - write down everything you eat for the day, maybe include water too!

memory book - write down your favorite memories to always look back on!

quotes journal - one place for all of your favorite quotes!

reviews journal - try a new restaurant? movie? book? food? write your review, how was it? did you enjoy it? would you do it again?

gratitude journal - write down everything your thankful for. 

daily journal - journal (almost) everyday. include anything you want, what you did for the day, what you ate, who you were with.

brain storming book - write down all of your awesome ideas in one place!

books of lists - if you love writing lists maybe you need a specific book to just write down all of your favorites!

recipe book - keep all of your favorite recipes here, or even recipes you want to try. 

wishlist book - keep a book of everything you want.

letters book - this could be rough drafts for letters, or letters you wish you could send to someone but know you’ll never have the courage to.

things to look up - have a space for everything you don’t want to forget to look up later or research more. 

news headlines book - write down the headlines from the day/week or important events that happened, how you felt about it. this will be interesting to look back on!

doodle book - are you a doodler when you’re talking on the phone or just watching TV? keep all of your doodles together!

let me know if you guys try any of these out! i’d love to know what you think xx

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I adore your blog and absolutely obssesed with your new fanfictions! If you would have some free time, please, I beg you, write a story about Nesta and her leaving the Night Court without telling this Cassian - it would be soooo goood to read! I want angst!

Nesta sets off on her journey to seek justice against the human queens and leaves behind a piece of paper for the Commander who holds her heart in his scarred hands. Hope you enjoy this fic!

Parchment fluttered in the breeze on a small table underneath a book on war tactics.

It had been two hours since Nesta left the letter – or what should be deemed as a note considering how brief it was.

Those few short sentences were all she was able to write. Thanking Cassian for being with her on the battlefield. And lastly saying goodbye to him as she decided to leave Velaris.

Vassa had contacted the Night Court – or more specifically Feyre for assistance in concern to the queens who betrayed them to Hybern. The High Lady of the Night Court declined to personally join Vassa.

Nesta volunteered to go in her stead. Perhaps this would provide some relief from the pain Nesta had been feeling. The loss of her father and the soldiers she couldn’t save weighed heavy on her shoulders to the point Nesta imagined she would break at any moment.

It didn’t help knowing that everyone else in the Inner Circle celebrated immediately after the final battle. Nesta didn’t want them to see how the war had shattered her in ways she didn’t think were possible.

Weeks passed by and their laughter would always filter up through the House of Wind. Nesta felt more alone and ostracized than ever before. She wanted to be part of their circle. To be considered their friend and a member of such a close-knit group, but every time her fingers went to her bedroom door handle panic rose from her stomach.

Would they look at her in fear of her powers? Would they remind her of how she failed so many Illyrian soldiers in the war and let them die?

Worst of all Nesta was afraid of how Cassian would see her.

And so Nesta never left the room. It was better this way. Not to taint their happiness with her presence.

They were a family and Nesta was the stranger looking in. Even Lucien had entered the fold with much more ease than Nesta could have imagined. Azriel and Cassian welcomed him as both a fellow warrior and brother.

Nesta can clearly remember his laughter breaking through her depressed state. His deep voice coaxing her to come out even though he hadn’t called out to her.

The thought of it made Nesta cringe. Before the last battle they were finally becoming close. More than close if this thread that seemingly tied her to him was any indication.

But uncertainty clouded Nesta’s mind. She had heard what mating bonds were. Nesta still had yet to ask Feyre or anyone else if that is what she was currently experiencing.

Cassian didn’t appear to notice. In fact he failed to make an appearance more often then not when Nesta made the rare occasion downstairs for food.

Frustration, guilt and sorrow made Nesta’s blood run cold. The fact that Cassian was now ignoring her after their tender moment on the battlefield did nothing to soothe her worries that plagued her mind to begin with.

That didn’t matter now though as she crossed into human territory. It had been hours since she said goodbye to Feyre and Elain. Hours since she had left that note for Cassian in the foyer at the House of Wind.

It would more than likely be weeks before he even read it considering he was at the Illyrian camps. He had been working with the generals for almost a month now in re-arranging the soldiers and helping to train new recruits.

With a weary sigh Nesta entered a large clearing in the forest. A meadow of tall grass and wildflowers swayed in the breeze. From afar Nesta could see Vassa in the distance near a large boulder.

This was where they would begin their journey.

The moment Nesta took another step forward a loud boom echoed from above. The forest immediately quieted and the wind appeared to blow stronger.

As if a force of some kind was approaching.

Nesta turned around. Eyes scouting the sky toward the fae lands in search for whatever created that deafening noise.

Then she heard it. The sound of wings.

A dark shape shot through the clouds heading straight for her. Nesta’s eyes widened in shock as the large mass landed in front of her. The earth trembled under his feet as he righted himself and stood tall in the sunlight.

Nesta blinked as she silently watched Cassian stride toward her.

Sweat shone on his forehead and his chest heaved in heavy breaths. It was clear he made an effort to fly as fast as possible.

His eyes were intensely focused on Nesta. Burning with emotions that almost made Nesta’s knees tremble.

Instead she remained still. Nervously wondering what he would do.

“Shouldn’t you be on a freezing mountain with your troops?” Nesta asked without her voice cracking. A feat in of itself as her fists tightened to restrain the overwhelming need to go to him.

“Shouldn’t you be in Velaris hiding in your room or reading a romance novel?” Cassian tossed back. “Or the better question is why you left without a word?”

Nesta looked at him in confusion. “I told Feyre and Elain my plans. And I did leave with a goodbye if you failed to notice.”

It was then that Cassian unfurled his clenched fingers to reveal the parchment Nesta had left him.

“This,” Cassian raised the paper in his hand, “does not count as goodbye.”

Nesta swallowed at the sight of her writing in his calloused fingers. Could Cassian see how her heart bled into the ink as she wrote down words meant only for him to read? Or maybe he noticed that damned tear stain on the corner that she had been unable to stop from falling.

No matter the reason he was here now. Though she never expected he would fly out to – to what exactly? Why was he here?

“If you’ve come to criticize me then you should consider yourself lucky I even addressed a letter to you in the first place,” Nesta folded her arms in an effort to keep them from shaking. “I wasted precious time preparing for this trip just to write you a farewell that you can’t even have the decency to accept.”

“You’re right,” Cassian took a step forward. Then another. Nesta had to tilt her head up to look up at as he was an arm length away. “I can’t accept this.”

He folded the paper again and stuck it in one of the pockets that no doubt held a weapon or two inside.

“So you flew all the way out here to tell me that?” Nesta let a bit of bitterness seep into her tone.

Cassian smiled. The corner of his lips rose in a way that made Nesta forget that she was angry at him.

“No, I flew all the way out here to join you in search of the queens,” Cassian’s hazel eyes flickered with something Nesta couldn’t quite catch.

“And what if I told you that an invitation wasn’t extended to oversized bats who ought to fly back to train their troops and drink the night away with their friends.”

“Then I guess you’ll be having a handsome bat following you around until you can’t resist his charms.”

“Is that so?” Nesta turned her chin up. Eyes set in a challenge. “I’m sure the others will miss you. Why don’t you go home where you belong?”

Her tone was dismissive. Hardened into steel that was meant to cut and get the point across swiftly.

But Cassian saw through it. And Nesta hated how he suddenly noticed what she vaguely implied. His expression softened and his hand reached to her shoulder.

“Velaris is my home as much as it is yours Nesta,” Cassian gently squeezed her shoulder.

Nesta said nothing. She glanced away from the perceptive eyes that watched her far too closely.

“Besides,” Cassian’s voice lowered as he leaned in close. “I’m exactly where I belong. Right here. With you.”

A small tug in her chest made Nesta’s breath hitch. She shot Cassian a look. Hoping that he felt it too.

His face revealed nothing much to her disappointment. She should tell him to go. Cassian may leave if she requested it, but she wouldn’t put it past him to indeed hold true to his promise by following them during the mission.

With weary sigh Nesta turned to fully look at the Illyrian.

“Fine. But if you do one thing out of line–”

“Then you can punish me all you want,” Cassian winked and made his way to the boulder where Vassa was watching their interaction with veiled interest.

When Nesta turned to follow Cassian she easily caught up to his pace. Their strides matched as they walked the length of the field.

And it might have been her imagination, but Nesta could have sworn Cassian’s fingers grazed hers hidden between the wildflowers as they began their journey.

Together. They would do this together.

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Now that you've mentioned Keith's bike I'm curious about where it may have come from. Another memento of his mom? Something that the people who brought Blue to Earth left behind?

Believe it or not someone was just talking to me about this. Credit to dhaarijmens who I… cannot @ for some reason, for this screengrab:

So the poster up behind Hunk’s head, at a glance, would seem to be an advertisement for the bike. Oh, mystery solved, it’s normal Earth technology and Pidge just had coincidentally never seen anything like it before. Pidge… the… science enthusiast. Hm.

So I went deeper.

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Tarnished Hero || Jason Todd x Reader||

《 A/N: This was written to ease my mind of boredom. Don’t know if there is going to be a part two. Even if I was going to add another part what was I going to base it off of. Anyways enjoy. Also sorry for spelling mistakes and grammar.》

Gotham City the most corrupted place I have ever been or seen. It wasn’t better than Metropolis nor were the people, most of the citizens in Gotham are crooks and psychopathic villains. I fit in the category of being a crook and I work for a psychopathic villain. I should address him as a supervillain though because he is one. Black Mask, my boss, isn’t just a simple villain you come across and live. He is great with melee weapons and even better with hand-to-hand combat. Black Mask taught me to fight with firearms and had me train all sorts of fighting styles. Once my skills were perfected, Black Mask brought me into the world of corruption. By the time I was eighteen years old, I was his personal bodyguard. I was at his disposal.

“I just got word. Boss is on his way with [Name] so look sharp.” One of the mobsters adorning a black mask spoke on the comm sending the message to all the others armed with firearms. Batman pressed on his earpiece and hid in the shadows watching as the men walked around aimlessly. “It’s a shame. That bodyguard of his, you know [Name], she’s just a teenager.” The mobster closest to Batman spoke setting his gun down on a table. “So what, you got a soft spot for that twit?” Another spoke nudging the other with his gun. “No, but she can end up dead or something. I mean who can be so close to boss?” Batman listened carefully to the conversation.

If the girl was so close to Black Mask, Batman wouldn’t have to always track his men down and just find this girl to get details. “You need to focus more on this job rather than a girl who can take care of herself. She could kick Batman’s sidekick out of Gotham if they ever threatened boss.” Batman waited until Black Mask showed up at the warehouse where the drugs were supposed to be delivered. The doors to the warehouse opened and more of Black Mask’s men came in followed by Black Mask himself and the girl [Name] by his side. Unlike her boss and the men around her, [Name] didn’t bother to hide her appearance. The female had [h/c] hair and [e/c] eyes. She looked around the area to see if everything was in place. She walked to a table that had various drugs and weapons in order. Black Mask walked behind her and examined the items himself and looked back at his men. “I want everything placed in the trucks. [Name], scan the perimeter and come back when you’re finished.” She nodded her head and did as she was told.

Outside was peaceful and the silence put [Name]’s mind at ease. Not hearing Black Mask bark orders anymore relieved the headache she developed on the ride here. [Name] looked around once more and decided she should go back in the warehouse. On her way, she reacted to gun shots and yells quickly enough to notice that Black Mask was in danger. Yes, her boss was in danger and that panicked her. As she ran to the warehouse, her mind was racing with questions. Nobody in the right mind would attack Black Mask when he was armed with new weapons. But she did hear from the other guys about Batman and Robin. She also heard another name that was repeated: Red Hood. “Quick! Batman is here!” Great, just great. This was her first time that she would have to fight the Batman along with Black Mask’s men at her side. At least, she wasn’t fighting him alone. She ran in the warehouse and dodged the batarang that zoomed at her hitting the wall with a clanking sound. “That was close.” She muttered to herself and found Black Mask shooting at Batman who effortlessly dodged the bullets himself.

[Name] wondered if Batman aimed the batarang at her on purpose or was just bad at aiming. She grabbed the weapon on the floor and ran to Black Mask’s side. “Sir, we need to escape if you want the items safe. Your men and I can handle this.” She reassured, but her boss was a stubborn man. “Are you telling me to run away!” Black Mask asked rage getting worse by the second as the gunshots ringing within the warehouse never seized. “Sir, I’m trying to keep you safe. That’s my job. Now let me do it.” With a growl, Black Mask turned his back on the female some guys following after him to make sure he gets to the safehouse with all the items. “[Name]! What do we do? Batman can-” [Name] held the batarang in her hands and scanned the area listening to the mobster beside her ramble on. Her mind working fast to find a solution where she doesn’t have to confront the man who seemed to destroy every mobster in his way. “Retreat!” She yelled and watched as Batman charged her way. [Name] quickly dodged his grip and saw barrels with flammable chemicals inside on her left side. That’s it.

The men listened to her order and ran off in different directions so they won’t lead Batman to the safehouse. Her brilliant idea would have worked if Batman hadn’t tackled her to the ground. With a grunt, [Name] let go of the batarang in her hand and gazed up at Batman’s mask for the first time. His eyes glared daggers at her, but he wasn’t as intimidating as Black Mask because she knew Batman didn’t have it in him to kill someone. “Where is Black Mask heading?” His deep voice echoed in the empty warehouse. She shrugged her shoulders looking off to the left. “I don’t know. Black Mask doesn’t tell me anything.” Batman tightened his grip on her wrists and she winced in pain. “I wasn’t looking for an excuse. Tell me.” He ordered and [Name] looked up at his mask again, “I said I don’t know. Can’t you hear or are those ears of yours just for show?”

A gunshot followed by a grunt from Batman reached her ears and that was an opening for her. The bullet found its way into Batman’s shoulder and she dug her finger in that wound to put him in greater pain. With a yell, Batman was pushed off of [Name] as she made her way to the batarang, but she fell face first into the concrete when Batman grabbed her by her foot. He pulled her toward him. She let out a sigh and roundhouse kicked him. He staggered backward and [Name] grabbed a gun off the floor that was left by someone and shot at the barrels that leaked the flammable substances. Batman ran after her, but to keep some space between the masked man and her she aimed the weapon at him and began firing. Some bullets landed while others missed completely. “Hey! You got a lighter?” She asked the mobster who came back to ‘save’ her looking at Batman. Her gun stopped firing, but was still trained on him.

The mobster walked over to her his gun also aimed at Batman, “No, but I got this.” He handed her his cigarette and she took it. “This will have to do it.” She looked up from the cigarette to land on Batman and his killer glare. “It was nice meeting you. I heard so much about you from Metropolis, but I never knew you were this strong and intelligent.” She watched the liquid slowly reach her foot, yet pulled away before it got on her shoe. “It’s also nice to know someone is willing to get rid of crime, but knowing Gotham it will birth others. You’re not immortal, so why waste a talent like yours to fight for a city that will never go back to its golden days?” She awaited his answer, but he didn’t respond, “Typical. You question others wanting answers, but when others do the same you don’t answer. A hypocrite you are, Batman.”
With enough said, [Name] dropped the cigarette in the liquid and watched as flames erupted. She pulled back from the heat, the flames divided Batman and herself. Batman watched as she and the mobster retreated for good. “Alfred, contact Superman.” He ran out of the burning building and got into the batmobile driving quickly to the batcave to find more about Black Maks’s personal bodyguard, [Name]. “Master Bruce, is everything alright?” Alfred asked on the other side of the earpiece. “I remember Clark mentioning a name at one of the meetings not too long ago. Her name was [Name].” Bruce responded making sharp turns down the streets of Gotham City. “Oh yes, [Name] [Last Name]. She was an intern for the newspaper Mr. Kent worked at. Although she went missing a few years ago. Is something the matter?” Bruce sighed, “I believe I met her tonight. She’s Black Mask’s personal bodyguard.”

“Thank you for helping me out back there.” [Name] said running next to the mobster that looked at her. “Black Mask would have killed everyone if he found out you were taken by Batman.” She smiled at the man and nodded her head, “Yeah, he would have.” “I don’t think this situation is a laughing matter.” A voice interrupted their conversation and on [Name]’s right she saw a man with a red mask that covered his whole head running with her. [Name] and the mobster stopped running and the other guy stopped as well with a little distance between them. “It’s Red Hood!” The mobster yelled pointing his gun at Red Hood. [Name] believed that she was cursed. In one night, she met the Batman and is now standing in front of Red Hood. Who’s next? Batgirl? Robin? Doesn’t matter, she just needed to get out of this sticky situation. “You’re useless to me, so I’ll end this quickly for you.” Red Hood shot at the mobster without a second thought. “Hey!” She yelled at Red Hood who killed her savior. “That man wasn’t useless to me.” She was on guard and stood in a defensive stance. “Where is Black Mask?” He trained his gun on her.

She was dead. Yeah, this guy wasn’t like Batman. He had no problem killing. What was her proof? The dead mobster on the floor. “If only you were with Batman, you should know that I don’t know where Black Mask is.” She watched as Red Hood walked towards her and she stood her ground. Not wanting him to know she was afraid. “Where is he?” Red Hood asked again and [Name] internally groaned. Is every vigilante in Gotham City deaf or something. [Name] reached the back of her, underneath her shirt where the batarang was. “Okay, fine. Black Mask has this hideout near the docks. It’s his safehouse.” She said and Red Hood placed his finger on the trigger. “Thanks, doll.” Before he could pull the trigger, [Name] grabbed the batarang and threw it at Red Hood. The batarang caught his brown jacket and made contact with the wall. “Cool.” She whispered and saw Red Hood trying to take the batarang out of the wall. “I see you’re in a dilemma, Red.”

[Name] watched in amazement as Red Hood still tried. “What did you do to make it this stick in deep.” She had no answer for him. “I just threw it. Is it really that strong?” She asked looking at the batarang. “Screw this.” Red Hood began to fire at [Name] and she dodged the bullets. Thank goodness that Black Mask had her train when under immense fire or else she would have died like her friend. “Well it was nice meeting you as well, Red, but there’s a bed calling out to me and I don’t want to keep it waiting.” Still dodging, [Name] hurried out of the alleyway without looking back. Red Hood stopped firing at the female and sighed, “Now what do I do?”

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With the mug thing I like to imagine that Aaron sat there and was all " fuck robert. He's not the world's best husband I am." but in the (hopefully near) future he'll start giving Robert the mug and he'll know all os forgiven until one day he walks down stairs and Aaron is drinking out the mug and Robert's all shit fuck what have I done? And it turns out to be something really stupid like he packs the dishwasher wrong or something else painfully domestic.



imagine it though like gradually he starts giving robert the mug and like it turns into a sort of symbolism for their progression and robert doesn’t even want to draw attention to it so he just nods, ducks his head every morning and sips it slowly, washes it delicately and places it on the counter

aaron watches it and smiles, actually smiles as he sees how delicate robert is with the mug, as if it means so much to him. then one day robert just comes down the stairs and aaron’s drinking out of the mug and he feels bad instantly, he thinks back to the night before and wonders what he has done and he panics like mad, thinking that all their progress has been for absolutely nothing

aaron realises, practically hears robert’s laboured breath and asks what’s wrong. robert tries to ask what he’s done, if everything is okay and aaron is confused af until he looks at the mug and realises how it may look. so of course he has to explain that the dishwasher is packed up or something and all the other mugs are inside it and he can’t get to them, had to use the one out on the side and it just so happened to be robert’s one. robert settles almost instantly and then watches aaron finish his tea off, pass it to his husband and say “here, world’s best husband” and it’s enough to make robert go weak at the damn knees

haha what have i done to us ???

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Maggie got demoted to a guest star for s3 and variety said haught would be a regular, BUT new info has come out that Maggie was only supposed to be in one season so actually she's here longer than expected so it's been a rollercoaster

thank you so much for letting me know!!!! 

honestly i have a lot of emotions going through me right now most of them are Anger but Haught being a regular just made my life a little happier

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Hi dear, I'd like to know what do you think about crowley's arc of this season and the decision to cut him out the show. I think that crowley didn't have a personal storyline this season. All the personal stories were poor but crowley was as insignificant as his death. Thanks!

Hey anon!

Hmmm, I think I have to agree and disagree with you on this one. Much like with Castiel as I just talked about in the previous ask I responded to, I feel the show had Crowley tread the same waters for a while. With him however I feel the show may not have earned itself an emmy for their arc, but I feel it was still more consitent than it was for Castiel.

I personally think that actually none of the main characters, no matter if Dean, Sam, Cas or Crowley had particularly well executed or developed personal storyline this season. And I guess that Mark Sheppard - and this is me speculating here based on Mark’s tweets and stuff - was unhappy with the writing or lack of focus and story for Crowley, which is why I think the reason that Crowley died was due to him maybe saying “goodbye” and not the show deciding to kill off the character. But again I have hardly been online and have no clue if there is more information on this topic that I simply don’t know about.

But to look at Crowley from within the narrative and his arc, I have to say - while I agree with the first part of your ask saying that Crowley didn’t have a very decided personal story and that those that were done were executed rather poorly - I do disagree quite a bit with the sentiment that Crowley’s death was insignificant. Could they have explored and wrapped up and better explained and worked on Crowley’s decision leading up to his decision to scarifice himself over the course of the season: Absolutely. But if I look at Crowley’s overreaching arc spanning from S8 to S12, then I think the send off that was given to Crowley was a beautiful one, because it followed a clear narrative path and also showed a great deal of growth and character development.

From the moment Crowley re-connected with his humanity in late S8 and his wish to “be loved” and accepted and wanted and needed has been an integral part of his whole story. His growing humanity was highlighted In S9 with Dean losing his humanity (and I have to say I absolutely adored the Den and Crowley dynamic in S9 and S10). When Crowley turned Dean into a demon that wasn’t just because - like he tried with Lucifer in S12, which is where the cycle closes - he wanted to be accepted and seen as powerful. With Dean he imo in all honesty he wanted and longed for something like human connection and friendship as well. That whole thing was re-explored and further built on when Rowena was introduced and his relationship with her and his wish to “be loved” got re-explored and put under the microspcope even more. We had a few quite powerful and amazing Dean and Crowley scenes showcasing Crowley’s “going soft”, “wanting more” and wanting something else than he had. But he never was able to get any of that, instead he reverted back, but only on the surface. Crowley was changed after the cure and he remained so. He went back to being the King but it was just something he did, he was going through the motions, but not feeling it. The past two season were a testament to how jaded he was and how he looked for a reason to keep going here and there but in the end it all was hollow, because none of what he did - whether it was trying tocontrol Amara or Lucifer - could fill the hole within. Sure, he was more friend than foe with the Winchesters and even though they fought side by side, it must have always been strikingly clear to him that he could never be a part of that life as Cas is for example (and I am talking simple friendship here).

So keeping all that in mind I don’t think Crowley’s death was insiginficant or meaningless, in fact to me it was one of the most emotional death of the season finale. I personally always thought that at some point - much like Castiel - Crowley would ask Sam and Dean to cure him in order to close the Gates of Hell (which was kind of what I think he had in mind had they not needed one person to sacrifice themselves for the spell), because demon life was no longer something that gave him something, he craved something else and I think he also identified with something else. So to me when Crowley told Sam and Dean “Bye boys” it was a very fitting resolution to his story starting in S8. He started out a demon who - much like Meg - fell in “love” with humanity again and in the end died to protect it and the people he cared about.

And that is why I am actually rather sad they cut Crowley’s line

“Even when I lose, I win.”

that now is part of Mark Sheppard’s t-shirt thing, because damn does it ever hurt and sum it all up in a nutshell: Because yes, Crowley may have lost where Lucifer is concerned, but in the end he won, because he managed to feel and experience something that Lucifer never has: Love. So even when he himself wasn’t loved, he on his end experienced love (or deeep care) again, a very human emotion and that - being human - on SPN has always been portrayed as a gain and never a loss…

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❝ I heard that you were doing well. ❞
❝ One of these days it’ll be your turn! ❞
❝ One of these days it’ll be our turn! ❞
❝ I wish I knew you earlier. ❞
❝ Did you hear what she/he just said about you? ❞
❝ I don’t think you would dare. ❞
❝ You didn’t have to do that. ❞
❝ There are better places to be. ❞
❝ I didn’t expect to see you here. ❞
❝ I heard that the princess opposed so terribly much! ❞
❝ They don’t look very good together, do they? ❞
❝ Everyone looks so awfully resigned. ❞
❝ Aren’t you going to hold my hand? ❞
❝ Love isn’t all too important, not to us. ❞
❝ It seems like you’ve had enough to drink. ❞
❝ I don’t think it’s wise to do that here. ❞
❝ Do you know (insert name)? ❞
❝ Haven’t I met you before? ❞
❝ I just need an excuse to sit here. ❞
❝ I would look a little happier if I were you. ❞
❝ Were you following me? ❞
❝ What did you see? ❞
❝ A little out of place, are we? ❞
❝ You look like you could use a drink…or two. ❞
❝ My eyes haven’t left yours this entire time. ❞
❝ Would they come to love each other, you think? ❞
❝ I feel like a child in clothes far too big for me. ❞
❝ You like me a little, admit it! ❞
❝ Well? How do I look? ❞
❝ Why didn’t you tell me that you were getting married? ❞

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"You Jewish people today" and you say you aren't bigoted. You called the Jewish evil. Is that not you judging them? I thought that wasn't your place. You need to practice what you preach.

Jews are people.
People can do evil things.
The Jews aren’t better than anyone else, not even me or Catholics.
The Jews WHO call me an nazi or a goy or any kind of Jewish victim card slur.
I will have no choice but to tell them that they are wrong.
I do not wish harm to the Jewish community.
I criticize them for killing Palestinians and Muslims.
Just like I hate Muslims who Kill Jews.
I hate evil. Evil comes in all Faiths and ethnicities.
No one is special
Only Jesus is.
He is the Lord.

Episode 34 impressions!

It really was only chapter 46, but it didn’t really feel frustrating or dragged out, as, for example, the latter half of Trost felt like at times.

This chapter was a really dialog heavy chapter and they need the room to just have the characters speak all their lines.

I feel like just rushing through Reiner’s character material would’ve been a disservice and the added Marco flashback is extremely effective in further driving in the situation with him. This was the one important element of the chapter and they nailed it.

I’ve said it before, but in hindsight, this is also the place where you can see how far Eren’s character has become since that chapter.

I liked this episode.

The cup Isak gave Sana is the one Even’s mom gave him to take with him. Bc its the one he always got when they had their little chat session on thursdays when Even came out of school later and Eskild had his annoying book club over so they met at Even’s place.

And Liv hugged Isak tight when they all stood in the empty new place and then handed him the cup with a watery smile.

“Here, now you have something to remember me by.” Isak hugged her again, just as tightly and before they left placed it very carefully in the cupboard and grinned at the first item in their new flat.

So, basically, Isak gave Sana his favourite cup.

(Also, Isak is still often found at the Bech Næsheim’s on thursday afternoons)

TianShan Date

So everyone read the update… We all saw that He tian said Next Saturday right? But Does it really mean next Saturday or This Saturday.

It’s Friday. All of this has taken place in this one day which is Friday. Which means the next day for them is Saturday. Chinese schools have school on Saturday.
So the question I propose to you guys is, Does He tian actually say THIS Saturday (or just tomorrow as in Saturday) or, just like almost all the translations say, NEXT Saturday?

I did a little “research” on some translations and stuff and the most similar translation i saw were these 

Most of the translators  say “Tomorrow, Saturday”
so Who knows?Is it this Saturday, or next Saturday?

goingtrickster  asked:

ur ocs play monopoly, how does it end.

it usually ends well even tho they all have a bunch of fights!! like

  • Dasha becoming bitter that Marisha bought the place he wanted to have first
  • Artyom repeatedly stepping on Alexeis property and having to pay
  • Marina refusing to sell any places even tho they all offer good deals
  • but then there are times where Miko steps on one of Maxims properties, Maxim tricks Miko into thinking he has to pay M100 instead of M50 (to see if miko will Realise..), Miko only realises after a few turns of nonstop thinking about it and then it’s just

(this is what is playing in mikos mind nonstop then)

anonymous asked:

Add(maid)xElesis(butler)? Please.

“Elesis!” comes a very annoyed hiss from the broom closet.  “You’re distracting me!”

“Good,” another voice responds, dry and exhausted.  “I’m bored.  This is so tedious.  Invite this guest, run around after the maids cleaning that thing, make sure the cooks are doing the right meals for the right time, manage all the servants…”

“This place is filthy!” Add is still hissing.  “Stop looking at me that way, I’m not going to kiss you here!  I still have stuff to do!”

“But that skirt…”

“S-stop looking!  Pervert!”

“Pervert, me?  You were the one who asked last night if I could-”

“Alright alright alright, just shut up!  One kiss.  Then I have to get back to work.  And so do you.”

A low laugh, then a shift of movement in the closet.  Sebastian raised his eyebrows at the door.  Slacking, were they?

Well, Add and Elesis were two of his best trainees.  He supposed he could give them a little slack.  He moved out of the way, hiding behind a conveniently shaped lamp, as the broom closet door opened and Elesis waltzed out.  A few seconds later, a flushed and embarrassed Add followed her, hastily pulling down his skirt.

Sebastian hid a smile behind his gloved hand.

father-jellyfish  asked:

So marine creatures that filter feed/suck in food - what happens when they accidentally sweep up/suck up something that isn't food? Can they spit it out?

It depends on the creature! There’s a wide, wide range of animals across a lot of different phyla that have taken up the lifestyle independently. You have whales that just eat whatever catches on their baileen and fish that eat whatever catches on their gill rakers–at that size, it’s so small it doesn’t usually matter whether it can be digested or not. Then there are sponges, which are homes to all sorts of animals anyway…

With smaller animals that have a filter-feeding lifestyle, like rotifers, they have such short digestive tracts that there just aren’t that many places for things to get stuck (one of the major threats when we eat non-food items), and their lifespans are generally so short anyway it doesn’t make a real difference so long as they make it long enough to reproduce.

hey i’ve already posted some of this but i’m in a weird spot right now - i don’t know quite where i want to go with it but i’m not ready to put it on ao3 - so here’s everything i have so far of my canon era trans!jack fic 

Jack Kelly is nine years old the last time he sees his father. He comes home from work to an empty apartment, and wakes up to it just as empty. He gets back again that evening, and still no one is around, and Jack knows the man is either in hell or prison. 

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im 80% convinced that i just have no muscles in my shoulders at all. i was born without em. it would explain why they cannot stay in one place and why theyre so sharp and uncomfortable for people to rest their heads on

23rd May 2017

Manchester, UK bombing at the Ariana concert with 22 dead including children and nearly 60 injured with countless missing.
Marawi, Phillipines has been taken over by the Mautegroup and people are being held, told they will be “taken care of” if they can’t prove they are Muslim.
Bangkok, Thailand had a bomb go off in a hospital injuring 24 people.
Homs, Syria had suicide car bombs which have killed 4 and hurt 2 dozen.
Today is another one of those days where the world just feels a little bit more heavier. To anyone whose in any of these places, stay safe and look after yourselves and one another, let us know if there’s anything we can possibly do. To everyone else, don’t allow this fear to take over, instead show that love can be the light in all that’s dark.
Sending love to everyone❤️