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One thing that is really admirable in Tom is that he can answer the same questions over and over again for two days (or better a whole promo tour) and even though he answers the same things (can’t give different answers or someone might get offended for not getting the same soundbite) he gives attention to every interviewer and seems to give every answer the same thought and attention, even though he has answered it probably 10 times before in the last hour. Kudos to that dedication. I totally get why actors hate these interview marathons and why they are annoying as hell. I get tired and annoyed by watching only two or three of these over a few days. Tom gives a douzen of them the same attention and dedication every single day.

He makes it seem fresh and if he really wants to answer exactly that question and it is a great one that he has never heard before.

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I adore your writing! It makes me so happy :) can you do a thing where Archie admits to Betty that he's jealous of the Bughead relationship and Jug fears that Betty is going to leave him for Archie. But of course that won't happen ;)

I like this one a lot! THANKYOU SO MUCH by the way! You make me super happy by being super happy! ****
“ “Archie..I’m.. I don’t know what to say.”
Betty felt sick to her stomach, why was he doing this, why now?

“Please don’t say anything, just listen okay?”
Archie placed his hands on her shoulders, staring her straight in the eyes.

“I love you, I know maybe it’s a little delayed, but I do. I love you, not having you around as much, not being with you all the time, it helped me realize how important you are to me, I can’t be without you. So be with me, be my girlfriend.”

Betty stiffened, pushing herself out of the redheads grasp.

“Archie I’m dating jughead, you know that I..”

Cutting her off, he shook his head, reaching for her hands.

“You don’t have to be with him anymore, we could be together, he’ll get over it. He’s not capable of loving anything.”

Neither of the two knew that jughead had been standing behind the lockers, listening, jaw clenched.

He heard Betty speak up

“Excuse me? Archie you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The deep baritone of his ex best friend answered finally

“Don’t give me an answer yet, think on it. I’ll talk to you tommorow.”

As jughead peeked over the lockers he saw Archie place a slow kiss on Betty’s cheek, before walking away.

Betty stared after him an odd expression on her face.

Now was a good enough time as any to make his presence known.

He coughed slightly shaking Betty out of her thoughts.

“Juggie! When did you get here?!”

He would play along, he wanted to cherish his time with Betty, the little bit he had left.

“Just got out of last period, everything okay.”

She smiled that beautiful white toothed smile and took his hand.


He was confused. Was she planning on breaking it to him gently? Or was she gonna rip it off like a bandaid?

He couldn’t sit still, fidgeting in their booth at pops, taking ages to type one sentence, while she was on her third paragraph of an article.

The final straw came when he hadn’t touched his burger, after ten minutes.

“Okay enough!”

His eyes snapped to the agitated blonde.

“What’s the matter jughead? You’re jittery as a firefly, and you’re not eating! Something’s wrong and I want to know.”

Finally jughead pushed the laptop away, resting his hands on the table.

“You should take him up on his offer.”

Betty looked confused before it hit her.

“You heard Archie.” She frowned

“Yeah, and this is what you’ve always wanted, I’m not gonna stand in the way.” He moved to pack his bag up when the sharp voice halted his movements

“So that’s it? You’re not gonna fight for me? That’s what this relationship means to you? One little bump in the road and you’re gone, breaking up with me?” Her eyes were watery and her voice was shaky.

He immediately dropped his bag, eyes going wide.

“No! I’m not breaking up with you! You’re breaking up with me.”

She looked up at him, laughing bitterly.

“Says who? I sure as hell never said that.”


She wiped her eyes and slammed her hands on the table, attracting glances from other diners.

“No! don’t “betty” me, you think I would be with you if I didn’t want to be? You think I would spend all this time with YOU if I wanted Archie? No jughead, I’m with you because I’m in love with YOU, not Archie. But apparently it’s a one way street.“

She took a shaky breathe, standing up and walking out of Pops.

Staring after that gorgeous, amazing, fiery blonde he hopped out of the booth, abandoning his backpack and his burger.

He caught up with her just a street away from pops.

"BETTY” he was screaming, it was obnoxious, he really didn’t care.

Her shoulders stiffened, but she kept walking.

“Leave me alone jughead, I don’t wanna hear it.”


She stopped abruptly, keeping her back to him.

He smiled

“ I LOVE ELIZABETH COOPER” he shouted even louder, drawing the attention of nearly the whole town.

She turned slowly, tears streaming down her face.

“Really?” She all but whispered.

He ran to her, taking her by the waist.

“Really, I love you, I don’t want to lose you. I’m gonna fight for you, as long as you let me.”

Betty reached up her hands to clutch his face, as he brought his lips to hers.

“ I love you too” she whispered, inches away from his mouth

He broke into a grin

“I know.”

No reblogs///// because I’m not starting this fight with anyone but it is so wild to me that so many people are very willing to acknowledge there is a current massive wave of detransitioning women, there have been these waves before, and we will probably have another one, or at least waves of reidentifying/reidentified women like myself, like huge numbers, to where you can’t be involved in any lgbt scene and not know a gnc cis woman who at some point identified as trans or nb or both, etc, but NOBODY is interested in an honest discussion of what forced so many women into disidentification in the first place. Like even if you thought all these women were just stupid and “got it wrong” for themselves, you’d think you would at least honestly acknowledge that this happening in scenes all over the country means soooooomething must be connecting them. Couldn’t possibly be the way we think about gender nonconformity right? Couldn’t possibly be unattainable standards of femininity for people to not stop telling you to consider that maybe you’re not really a woman after all. Couldn’t possibly be politics in queer scenes explicitly stating that it’s both cooler and more politically radical to be something other than a woman. Couldn’t be discomfort with adult gnc women.

I find both the idea that women are biologically defined but somehow also have the same relationship to patriarchy (like I guarantee you Buck Angel and I do not have the same experiences of walking around the street, although I think we were on a good path in the 80s with some solidarity between butches and trans men because have a loooooooot of the same experiences and sometimes the exact same ones and just use different words to describe them, even though our bodies started in physically similar state) and the idea that it’s wrong to say your body has anything to do with your womanhood (like, my experience of womanhood has been shaped by being raised in a world intending to shape me into a woman, and my all the things that come from menstrual stigma, and when I disidentified nothing materially changed about my life, as is often the case for women who don’t pursue a lot of transition measures) to both be preposterous. They are both ways of evening out experiences that are the same in places we may not want to acknowledge, and of totalizing in ways that write other people out- like trans women are obviously not walking the streets making huge paychecks or safe from violence from men, but also for a lot of women there’s nothing we feel like a gender identity (I do not have one, I do not need one) and the idea that all women relate to womanhood that way is demonstrably false, and the idea that all should is deeply offensive.

It is no surprise that so many women who reidentify at least temporarily claim really easentialist politics that I object to myself, when their bodies are sometimes the only thing they can offer up in the face of gender identity politics as legitimizing their womanhood, and often bodies to which we have done permanent, physical changes in ways some of us are happy with and some of us find traumatizing. I think (I hope) that most eventually find their way at least a good bit from those politics, which attract them because they genuinely make much better sense of their experiences than many other popular alternatives (like those that pressured them to transition to begin with) but just don’t hold much political weight. Either womanhood is a material class or a biological category or a mixture of the two, but radfems who want to have their cake and eat it too there by saying those are the same thing are just kidding themselves- gay trans men and I do not have the same life experiences, especially if the guy in question is able to go stealth, and our paychecks will be different, and our odds of receiving male violence on the street will be different, even if we have a lot of the same feelings about our bodies.

But I saw a post the other day saying some nonsense like “Anyone who says there is pressure on gnc cis women to transition is a terf” and like, alright, pull the wool further over your eyes if you want, but more women are going to get hurt in the meantime and also, just literally ask those you know, and also I guess all these dykes having the saaaame experiences and experiencing the same pressures are just making it up and we are crazy and not to be listened to! I guarantee you they’ve also been straight up told they should call themselves nonbinary for liking ties and not liking pink and shit, I guarantee you they’ve told someone to use she/her and had that person use “they” repeatedly, like this shit will straight up make you feel like you are literally going insane. This is why I don’t touch those scenes anymore. But many women are still in them and okay, we can put the conversation off. But girls and women are going to get hurt in themeantime. I don’t even think there is anything wrong with new terms popping up to describe experiences, but the idea that there are natural lines to be drawn between them is very harmful and encourages us to pick a side. And when one side gets you respect from your friends, you pick that one.

Ritsu’s point of view about “fiction vs. reality” is so deep. I think its one of the best aspects of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I have never seen anything like that. And as a person who has seen a lot of what fiction can show (be it in books, tv series, soap operas, fanfiction, anime, manga, cartoons, movies,…), I would say…

Onodera Ritsu is one of the most realistic characters I have ever seen.

It’s not just the way he tries to separate manga and his life, but also his worries. Working with someone he is in a relationship with, how family can be a pain no matter how old are you, being scared of the future and your decisions for it. Its clear how he suffers with anxiety, and I don’t think this is pointed enough. And the amount of pain he feels all the time by not loving An the way she would like him to? Wtf, in his place I would feel the same way, and it’s something mostly forgotten by authors. The “good rival” and the protagonist come into terms and it’s like it never happened, usually. I can see parts of myself on him, something I hardly see in any fictional work.

I may have said a few thinks that are dumb or wrong for some people, but that’s what I think.

I love this character so much.

(and I will protect him, haitani stay away from my baby)

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Is it allowed that cashiers aren't allowed to have water with them at their registers or out on the floor? Bc the admin for my work just told me today that isn't allowed at all and said if she or a manager saw me with a water bottle that I'd get a write up.

It is common in a lot of places, unfortunately. I hope that eventually we get to a point where we can fight for the right to water while on the job. As it stands, though, we have a lot of battles ahead of us and it is difficult to rally everyone behind one single goal all at once. :( -Abby

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i am in love with the fact that you all are so supportive with the anti thing. we can say anything and nobody thinks we're insane. we can just go ham on our imagination and nobody judges. whoever owns this account (assuming there is more then one) is very, very nice and i appreciate you taking in ideas/theories and being supportive and even giving your own ideas. i feel like i can just be me here and i'm not afraid to give my own ideas and freely be my own self 😋✌️

We’re really happy you enjoy this blog so much! Meg and I are both utterly obsessed with Anti and figured it’d be nice to have a designated place for such :D Tbh I didn’t think people would like the concept but I was gladly mistaken.

We are all Anti trash and everyone here has amazing theories and are overall fucking brilliant. Like oh my god how do they think of all this

We’re honored that you feel like you can be yourself here! Never hesitate to send anything in :D

Hi! I have a prompt for 00q: Q is on a date with someone and it’s going pretty awful. It’s one of those dates where the person is so full of themselves and just talks about them and are all around insufferable. So, Q is trapped in this date. Meanwhile, Bond is at the same place they are, and happens to over hear it and decides to more or less rescue this poor, suffering, and very cute man from his horrendous date. (Bond & Q don’t know each other). And cuteness after rescue ensues. Thank you!! – anon

Ehehe. Jen.

Q was honestly debating bashing his head against the table in a desperate escape bid.

Michael was mindnumbingly tedious. A lawyer with a perfectly good balance sheet and absolutely nothing to talk about beyond himself and his very, very small world. Q had managed to get as far as explaining that ‘Q’ was indeed his real name (legally, anyway) and that he worked in the civil service, but that was about it.

“… and got a first, of course, expected nothing less…”

“Yes, I got a starred first, top of the year,” Q dropped in, spearing the last of his bland chicken dish, “and I started uni three years early.”

Michael paused for one moment, looking utterly affronted.

“Never mind,” Q completed, and ate the chicken. Michael took one more second to be offended, and then returned back to his own university successes with gusto.


The voice came from behind him; Q twisted around curiously, Michael half-oblivious in the midst of his own story, and saw a man he didn’t even vaguely recognise. “Yes?”

“Q! I knew it was you. How are you?” the man said brightly, and leaned in, covering his whisper in Q’s ear: “Follow my lead.”

Relief struck through Q’s entire body, rippling. “Hello! I’m great, thanks, it’s been ages, hasn’t it?”

“Year or two, I think,” the man nodded, grinning.

Q noticed, very abruptly, that the man just happened to be fucking gorgeous. Blonde, blue eyes, muscular, toned, just, everything Q could ever want in a man was staring at him and saving him from the ultimate Date From Hell.

“… nnga,” Q managed.

“Q?” Michael asked from behind him, voice distinctly frosty. “Care to introduce me?”

The stranger looked over to Michael, and flashed a grin. “Bond. James Bond. Q and I, we go way back, don’t we?”

“Yep,” Q agreed, not really trusting himself to speak all that much. This was not his area of expertise. “Way back.”

“Actually, I know this is going to sound a bit bizarre,” Bond said slowly, “but I was actually planning to get in touch with you again. I’ve been… thinking. And I was stupid to let you go so easily.”

Q was fairly certain he’d started to blush up to his hairline, and then continuing across his entire scalp, crimson. “You…”

“I miss you, Q,” Bond continued, fixing aforementioned blue eyes on Q, and causing another strange whimpery sort of noise to occur. “And it breaks my heart to see you with another man, even somebody as clearly worthy as him.”

(Michael was beginning to get the idea that perhaps the date was nearing an end).


“Take me back, Q. Forgive me.”

“… I should probably be off,” Michael announced, already standing, out of his depth and extremely eager to disappear as soon as possible; the new arrival was not somebody he could hope to compete with, and Q was visibly being unspooled by him. “It was nice to get to know you a bit, Q. If you ever change your mind…”

“He’ll know where to find you,” Bond completed coolly, effectively dismissing the other man.

Michael left.

“… thank you,” Q managed, when words started to happen again. “You just…”

“Would you like to share dessert with me?” Bond asked, cutting Q off. “I’m not expecting anything, I won’t be offended – only, I could overhear most of your conversation. I’m eating alone. And you’re both extremely attractive and very intelligent.”

Another slightly garbled sound from Q, which managed to make the shape of: “yes please, that would be lovely,” although the coherence was debatable.

Bond smiled in a way that Q feel slightly dizzy, and handed him the dessert menu, before crossing to sit where Michael had a moment ago, a new and beautiful apparition.

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Why no map of the rest of the world? Where do the Saddle Arabians even live?

You know, maps might be taken for granted, but cartography is difficult work and requires a lot of skill and time. It’s not such an easy matter to map out places. Just imagine for yourself how much one has to travel and take measurements.

Maps, particularly accurate maps, are very hard to come by if they even exist at all. Equestria is pretty well mapped out at least, on account of several surveys and farsight spells. Other places, not so much. We do have some maps acquired via trade but there’s still a lot of places we don’t know much about.

Saddle Arabians live southeast of the griffons, roughly speaking. It’s a long trip, either via train through the Crystal Empire to Griffonstone station and then onward via caravan, or across the sea, though that takes you past where dragons are (but pony-dragon relations have been better as of late, and it’s not an impossible journey).

Preview: I'd Rather Be Anything but Ordinary (Anything to Make Me Feel Alive)

So here’s a preview post for Chapter 7 of We Are Unstoppable, We Are Unbreakable, We Are Invincible Together (And I Feel Alive With You) my season 3 one-shots fic because I felt like making one. 

It’s a smutty fic taking place at the end of 3x11. Iris is still trying to process everything that happened in the episode. And of course it’s angsty, because it’s me.  

This preview and the fic in general have mentions of Iris walking into the gun and having it pressed against her. Just to warn anyone who might be bothered by that. Otherwise enjoy!

My goal is to have it posted tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed that it actually happens. 


Suddenly it’s all she can feel. The gun heavy against her chest, hard and threatening and dangerous. She needs to feel something else, she needs it go away.

With a sob passing through her lips and tears streaming down her face and her breath coming out in short bursts she yanks her shirt over her head and throws it somewhere behind her. Barry’s eyes go wide and his eyebrows shoot up in surprise at her sudden actions. Ignoring his reaction she grabs his hand and brings it to her chest between her breasts, placing his palm flat against her where the gun had been and her heart races under his touch. 

“I had a gun to my chest, Barry. Right here.” She presses his hand harder against her as if to emphasize her point or in attempt to forget the feeling. “Fuck, I walked right in to it. I wasn’t thinking. I could’ve died. And I’m not ready to die. I’m not ready.”

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short story, long story.

A short story (with a long background that now lives in my head and I’ll probably write down soon) inspired by the prompt given to me by @plotsandpromptsforall “How did this happen? I did everything right!“

But I did it. I followed his insructions, I didn’t even question them. I could have asked, I could have refused, but I didn’t. I walked away.

I left the place, I moved to the other side of the world, I learnt another language.

I’ve changed my name, I lost my identity but I was willing to do it if that guaranteed my freedom.

One day I met someone, I allowed myself to love. And it was the most marvellous thing I have experienced since I ran away. We decided to live together, to build a future together. Love heals all wounds and it sure did with me.

But just when I started to forget, to leave behind all the horror, the little teddy bear appeared outside my door. Hand stitched, with black buttons for eyes and a little note attached to his back.

«Good to see you again, dearest»

No, no, no, no!

A red pool covers the ground, coming from under the head of my beloved. The knife used to take his life lies by his side, dirty with blood. The little place we called home infested with the smell of death.

“How did this happen? I did everything right!” I shout, tears blurring my vision. “I did it, I did it!”

“Not everything, dearest” he said, a monotone and soulless voice. The black suit was dapper, not a single blood stain. He looked down and smiled at me, his black eyes like an empty void “I told you no love, no love…”

I wipe off the tears with the hem of my sweater. He bends down and puts a hand on my shoulder.

“You have the guts to go against me. I’ll admit that’s something impressive” His breath in my left ear, send chills down my spine “It’s lovely to see you in this position, weak, weeping, broken once again” I try to move away, but I feel a sting in my lower back that stops me.

“Nobody with those guts will outlive me, darling” he says, as the world slowly fades around me and the floor welcomes me with its cold and harsh touch.

And then I’m gone.

casual shoutout to everyone in the gt fandom who’s mentally ill

i’ve been in the fandom for about five years, active for about one. i’ve seen a lot of people come and go, some in worse shape than others. one thing i’ve noticed is that a lot of us tend to put on a front, since gt is our happy place we feel like we have to be happy all the time. and that does wind up hurting when depression hits or mental illnesses flares up or you’re just not feeling your best. 

theres nothing wrong with that. theres nothing wrong with not being chipper all the time, when you joined the fandom you didn’t sign a paper saying that you always had to be the bouncy tiny or the cheerful giant. 

you just gotta be you.

and if you’re depressed? or have an eating disorder? or an anxiety disorder? have ptsd? have something else? have no mental illnesses but still have your bad days? thats okay. you’re okay here.

gt is a more intense fandom, because for a lot of us its so much more than fandom, its practically a way of living. and since its such a huge thing in all of our lives, its reasonable to have ups and downs. and honestly i find so many of you brave.

being a mentally ill tiny is hard, being a mentally ill giant is hard, being anything in between is hard. but that doesn’t stop this fandom. and when i see any of you pull through a tough time, come out alive, or even take time to take care of yourself, i get so proud. 

i’m rambling at this point, but i just really wanted to say that even though this fandom is mostly geared towards being positive, its perfectly okay to have your bad times and be open about it. 

going through mental illness doesn’t make you weak. it makes you brave. in the end, it’ll make you strong. 

and i am so proud of all of you. <3

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Do you have any external gallery with all your pics in one place? I love how friendly you are with your fans, but because of all the text posts, it's hard to browse your blog if I'm interested in art only.

You can use the SU tag to see just the art!

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Want to ask a question I hope you don't mind answering! Now that Table Cloth is going to places across Eorzea and not staying at just the Quicksand these days, what's the reception from other roleplayers you've received? Has it been positive, negative, or even mixed? Genuinely curious about this and your experiences thus far.

Oh, hey there

People have been having fun with having Table Cloth appear around during events, they are always quite welcoming and I have yet to receive any negative feedback from the six or so events I’ve gone to. The one thing that they all seem to comment after the event though is that they miss having an excuse to visit The Quicksands and that they are quite eager to see me back there.

Thanks for asking!

A Place Like Me in a Girl Like This

Series: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Pairing: Jemma Simmons/Daisy Johnson

Chapter: 1/?

Summary: “The Mummy” AU that literally no one asked for, but on a soul-deep level we all truly, truly deserve

“Khufu. Khafre. Menkaure. The great Pharaohs of the ancient world, their sacred monuments reach high into the heavens and have stood watch over the sands of Giza for thousands of years. But just like the mighty faces of the pyramids, there is a darker side to the three Pharaohs’ legendary legacy.

"Djedefre, Khawab, brothers of Khufu. Only one was the rightful heir to the throne in the wake of Khufu’s death, yet one would stop at nothing to seize the power and position he so greatly coveted. A knife to the back in the dead of night, the spilling of Khawab’s blood, and Djedefre claimed the throne, ushering in a cruel and violent reign over the lands of Egypt.

"Pharaoh’s priests, loyal to the true line of Khufu and his son Khafre, vowed to restore order to Egypt by sacrificing their afterlives and dooming themselves to eternal damnation in the Underworld…for their coming murder of the Pharaoh would not be taken lightly by the gods.

"Djedefre fell at the hands of the priests, who condemned Pharaoh’s afterlife as well with the darkest and mightiest of all curses, so powerful and deadly that the priests trembled in terror as the words of the curse passed through their lips. The curse trapped his spirit, and a sealed sarcophagus trapped his body, forever locking Djedefre in limbo and barring him from ever reaching the afterlife.

"In spite of Djedefre’s cruelty and horrors as King, Pharaoh’s sacred bodyguards were bound by honor and duty to punish his murderers, mummifying the priests alive. But the deed had been done, the monster king slain. Khafre ascended to the throne, restoring peace and prosperity to the land after the downfall of his uncle. He decreed that Djedefre’s bodyguards and their descendants were to for all eternity watch over his resting place, for trapped between our world and the next, Khafre feared he would one day rise again—a plague upon the earth, the ravaging bane of the human race. A true monster come to life with the unholy magics of the undead, power over the very elements, and the boon of immortality lifting him from the grave to seal the bloody fate of mankind and the world as we know it!”

A bell rang. Hands clapped. Cheers resounded.

Standing by the door, Professor Jemma Simmons rolled her eyes before leaving her post and crossing to the front of the classroom.

“Thank you, Fitz, very entertaining, but as we all know I teach a history class, not mythology.”

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A farmer gets a letter

A humble farmer goes out to his mailbox, seeing that a letter has arrived.

“Dear Ronald J. Kse,

This year we have chosen you to be the host of this year’s harvest reap! All you need to do is provide your humble farm as the place of the party, and we will all provide.

Thanks, your neighbors”

Now, Ronald had really enjoyed last year’s party, so he was delighted to be the host for this year.

After a grand day of eating, drinking, and merrymaking, All of Ronald’s neighbors left - without helping clean up.

“That’s fine, its just one party, and I’ve done the same other years” said Ron.

Fast forward the next year, Ron was looking forward to this year’s harvest, and the celebration that would follow.

After attending this year’s anonymous vote, he gets another letter in the mail.

“Dear Mr. Kse, After the amazing time everyone had last year, the vote was decided again for you to be the host! We look forward to seeing you again, and thank you.”

Ron sighs, but thinks “Yeah, last year’s party was pretty great. I guess the cleanup wasn’t too bad. No worries.”

Again, he gathered with his neighbors, and they feasted and drank themselves silly… but there were twice as many people this year. Friends, family, friends of family were all invited…

The cleanup was far worse this year. “But,” Ron thought, “there’s no way I’ll get it three years in a row.”

Next year, Ron’s sister was visiting, and went with him to check the mail. She handed him a very lavish envelope, garnished with golden filigree and laden with caligraphy.

She exclaimed “Wow! This is beautiful! It must be something very wonderful and important!”

“No… I’ve seen this before… It’s another fucking reap host…” said R. Joe Kse


I’m teetering between that place where I’m mad and hurt. I know that I should’ve seen this coming, but I think I just held onto that hope that we would actually have the chance to be together. I still felt everything that I said back in August. I didn’t realize how much you had moved on until you told me you were talking to someone else. Now y'all are dating, and it makes me so angry but I know that it’s going to be for the best. 

I just have one last question to ask you, but I’m too afraid of the answer. 

Thanks for everything, 


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honestly i feel sick at the mention of a Straight ventress like.... it genuinely makes me so sad. I just love her so muc h and a big reason is bc shes one of the only sw girls that seemed like she could actually be gay for a long time and it made me so happy. like fuck we can't even have one female character be vaguely gay without it being ruined

i know anon i feel you . gays near the children is so terrifying to the straights and women who dont care about men at all is too terrifying for men (male writers, male fanboys) and ventress is a great character caught in a bad place.

like i said i just dont even acknowledge dd as canon. we all know she was a bounty hunter for awhile and mentored ahsoka and when she heard about dooku’s death probably climbed into anakin’s window at night to grudgingly thank him (character development) and repeatedly ended up drinking with obiwan in the mos eiseley cantina. And made out with like. So Many Women

probably during the new republic era there was a gritty noir holonet show about a very inaccurate version of her life titled something like… Gaysajj and poe watched it religiously growing up until it was canceled

Sky So Blue, So Dark

Touching the sky with only the tiniest of limbs felt like a bliss unadulterated in a moment of peace.  But with a dark pelt of voids and empty somethings so scary-looking, the colors of each celestiality was needed to fill the canvas of space.  

So I wove some light for me to hug tightly around my frostbitten skin.  I lined up the planets all pretty-like so each one was in its place.  I wasn’t careful with Pluto, though, ‘cause I dropped it and it broke in to a million little pieces.  Even the biggest fragment of what’s left of Pluto doesn’t move around like it used to before.  Then I traced my name on each planet with my finger with words big enough for me to see far away.  All the other leftover rocks were added to some of the planets so they could have their own mini planet and some would just roam around looking for their own planet.

Every piece felt its place and stayed.  It all swayed around in natural, perfect synchronicity. I could rest and I would wake up to the same heavenly sight I created before.  I could just reach out and touch it and it would never change.

Then I would realize I’m still alone.

“Maybe existence is ultimately a lonely thing.” - Errol Morris

I feel lame everytime I consider decorating my room because it feels so frivolous and it implies to myself that im going to stay in one place for awhile which isnt something im at all comfortable with. I have a gulag room decor and thats fine with me. I’m the only one Who goes in my room anyway. I’m too old to be entertained by visual things I’d be seeing everyday and if I did pick something out to put on my walls i’d have to formulate a reason for having it just in case anyone ever did go in there and asked me about it. I can close my eyes if I ever get bored