just to get the accent so i feel cultural

Why living in the provinces compared to the cities is great:
  • Fresh air! You can go anywhere and breathe deeply and not smell vehicular smoke in your lungs.
  • Cheaper commodities. Like a lot cheaper. 100 is more than enough for one day.
  • Nature.
  • Just the silence. No buzzing of cars. No traffic noises. Not much construction sounds. Just pure silence. Which is good for the heart and mind 
  • The cultural feel. You get to interact with the locals and hear the language spoken in all its essence. Everytime uuwi ako ng bohol, hearing the accent is one of the thing I look forward the most.     
  • Good food! So many choices from small time diners. You can go a week without having the need to eat fastfood! 
  • No early morning rush kasi mabagal ang oras! Nightlife starts at 5 pm and ends with 9 latest so madami ka pang time magpahinga sa gabi.
  • Have I told you about the authentic food???
  • For some reason, not much stress. You do not feel like a corporate slave when you are in the provinces. You feel relaxed.
  • Everything is a cause for celebration! Mala-Fiesta talaga! In the NCR, you have to actually succeed BIGTIME to celebrate. No more appreciation for the small stuff. 
  • How about the people there? They smile a lot more, more trusting, more hospitable, than those in the cities. 
  • Much less traffic
  • Walang nightlife like city night life pero you know what??? You get more rest! which is actually better for our mental health and holistic wellness. What a concept. 
  • People know everybody. No one is a stranger! You are always identified as the “pamangkin ni kwan” or even ay “ig agaw ta” (meaning kamaganak) though that person lives two to three barrios away from you.

   So friends tara balik na tayo sa provinces where life is simpler hahaha…        

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okay, sorry, but it's the post where you said "south asians from south asia need to butt out of conversations on desi diaspora…" I just don't understand that post. Sorry!

Oh, I can explain the cultural appropriation! 

Let me use India as an example, because I am Indian so I can speak from personal experience. An Indian born and raised in the USA feels the effect of cultural appropriation far more strongly than an Indian in India. For me, the significance of the bindi is one of the few things that connects me to my native heritage. Seeing it is a rare occurrence where I feel that brief connection – oh, look mom, she’s wearing a sari, too. She’s one of us. In a country where you’re the minority, it’s one of those things you kind of make quick eye contact and smile, an acknowledgement that you’re both away from your home but you haven’t forgotten what home is. So when white kids make fun of me for desi things (for wearing traditional clothes or accessories, for my parent’s accent, for the color of my skin, for being a “dothead” and celebrating desi holidays) but then want to wear a bindi, it feels so personal and hurtful. Not even getting into the religious/cultural/social aspect of the significance of the bindi, just purely look at it from the perspective of one majority group making fun of an  oppressed group for wearing something, then saying, “You know what, I wanna wear it, too.” It’s fucked up. They didn’t go through the hurt of reclaiming it, but they want to reap the benefits of it’s beauty. 

On the flipside – for an Indian in India, the bindi, the sari – they’re everywhere. You are in the majority wearing it. No one has to actively seek out the sari in strangers. When you see a white person in India while you’re wearing a sari and a bindi, that white person is looking at you in a different context – you don’t get made fun of, you don’t get snickered at, or pointed at, or openly stared at. You don’t get refused service in restaurants. So when you, as an Indian in India who rarely gets the direct effect of racism and discrimination against desi people in western countries, when you see a white person in a bindi, it’s harmless. It’s whatever. Let them wear whatever they want, right? It’s not hurting anyone. Everyone’s wearing it. 

And that’s the exact difference. In India, everyone’s wearing it. In the USA, only other desi people are wearing it – because frankly, we went through the pain of wanting to wear it and still be spit on. If white people in the USA want to wear the bindi to be pretty and unique, let them also take the 20 years of humiliation and shame that gets instilled into desi women for wearing traditional accessories. Let them feel what that isolation and alienation feels like. Like them think their skin is shit the way we did.

So as far as cultural appropriation is concerned, the diaspora that feels it’s effects should have the louder voice when discussing the issue, especially compared to those in the homeland.

the other day my uber driver apologized to me for his accent. he told me that he came to america twenty-five years ago from egypt and that when he first got here he tried so hard to get rid of his accent but all of the speech practices he did he said he could never make himself sound american. i can’t imagine what it’s like to have this thought process, to feel the need to lose a part of himself just to sound a certain way. i told him that i enjoyed his accent very much and that it may not be worth anything but that i’m glad he still has it. it was nice to watch him smile. the thing is, english is the hardest language to learn and anyone who comes to the united states and speaks their native tongue and learns english as well, you’re already smarter than the people of the united states that can only speak english. you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of me and i admire you for it. ilhan omar said, “to be an immigrant is to be american”, and i fully believe that. it just broke my heart to hear him say he tried to get rid of his accent and it opened my eyes to how many people must feel that same way with their own voice. i just want everyone to know that your accent is beautiful and it shows your strength and determination and that you are american because this country was founded on immigration, this country was founded on opening it’s arms and welcoming different cultures and it’s something i don’t ever want to see this country lose, especially now more so than ever. to be an immigrant is to be american, to be an immigrant is to be american, to be an immigrant is to be american

YOI Dub and Accent Implications

Usually the dub of an anime is worse than the sub, but can we take a moment to appreciate how much work is put into Yuri!!! On Ice’s dub? I mean, have you seen episode 7 yet? This is what I mean:

When I watch the YOI dub, I don’t feel like I’m watching the same show. It’s… a different feeling. And, for me, it’s not less than that of watching the sub. Sure, it’s not new material, per se, but it’s just… different. Different enough to feel new and fresh. Yes, fresh describes it well.

The YOI dub isn’t low quality. The English voice actors actually put in effort to portray the characters like the JP VAs did. I can feel it in the way Yuuri cried, in Viktor’s “Don’t listen!”, and in basically all of Yurio’s dialogue. *fangirls*

I know I said this before, but the accents really do help bring this show a layer of uniqueness that adds to the freshness. It really brings out the reality of the situation: Viktor and Yuuri are from two different countries. Yes, they’re foreigners to each other. That’s a fact. When I watch the sub version, sometimes that doesn’t stand out for me. But with the dub, it’s obvious, and it makes their relationship oh so much more precious. They aren’t just battling their personal differences, but differences in culture and inherent ethnicity. I’m sure in the time between episodes, Yuuri and Viktor had to explain to each other why they did a certain action or said a certain thing. This communication that we all love in the Viktuuri ship, I feel, is very strong in the dub, as shown through the accents. It’s so beautiful and pure and fresh!

Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that I dislike, such as how over the top Chris’s accent is (he’s the one exception to the claim above XD), but otherwise, I feel like it’s just so wonderful. I will say that it’s cool how they transferred over all the sexual references in the sub though. That was brave, and I commend them for it. 👏🏻

And for the critics who compare it to the sub, I say: Don’t. The dub should be considered by itself, as a piece of art unique in its own portrayal. I mean, look at how absolutely perfect Yurio is in literally everything-

I hope the dub continues with the same quality it has until now, because it just might surpass my number one dub: FMAB. Yup. I’ll claim that. With all the risks they took with the accents and such that paid off… I can claim that.

And please don’t compare it to Hetalia…. because that’s wrong in so many ways. Hetalia is an entire different genre for one.

But anyways, can’t wait to hear JJ’s dub voice. Even if I absolutely despise him (in a good way) with all my being.

And there’s a new sub episode tomorrow, so let’s all be happy together, ne? (๑>◡

am i the only one sort of embarassed for jk rowing for failing so hard to make american sounding anything for the american wizarding world???

every other new word she makes up sounds so friggen british it hurts. they practically have a british accent written into them. and don’t even get me started on another friggen castle.