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New theory ... Julie tells henrik to post random stuff just to get fans excited/talking about the show, and siv decided she wants to support her son so she jumped on the say random things bandwagon. But really when the trailer finally drops it will say "season 4 starting in 5 mins", just because Julie likes to fuck with us/change things up.

As much as i hate this theory, i also love it because “s4 starting in 5mins” is the only thing i can accept the first time we hear from julie and her team!!!


Whose bad end is this again?

aka thoughts that keep me up at 2am if we had his ROUTE


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco



Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, What a heck of a season they’ve had!

For centuries the people of London have lived in peace. Happy and thriving.

But London has secrets. Secrets not even it’s sky-high, weather-defying walls can keep in for too long.

London is falling, and Odessa isn’t willing to fall with it. 

A post-apocalyptic au in which Odessa just wants her brother to be okay and Harry doesn’t have a clue what to do with her, or the others


New Orleans, 1914: After their parents die, she and her siblings are sent to grow up with the family of their father’s old childhood friend. Now living in a massive southern mansion, the grieving but still curious Sansa Stark can’t help but meet all sorts of different people at her new home: both friendly and wicked, but all madly interesting. Especially the household’s custodian, Petyr Baelish has caught her eyes. He fascinates and frightens her at the same time, not quite knowing yet if he’s gonna be a friend or foe.

i’ve been thinking that maybe mitsu would grow her hair long, and tie it into a ponytail like mito since y’know, they’re tsunderes for the protag and all :3

Today i played a game with a small girl, i think she was maybe 11 or 12?
She talked about so many cool map tricks and ways to use the characters, and was really, REALLY good at Phara.

After I complimented her on a nice play, she invited me to a group- and then her dad showed up too and said hello! We ended up all playing together. Eventually friends (and a couple that were just friendly teammates that she invited because they were cool) kept glomming onto our group til we had a full team and we Wrecked. Shop. I had no idea what I was in for.

In our last match together (she and her dad had to leave for dinner) she got play of the game by knocking four of the enemy team off the bridge at lijang tower in a tie breaker round. 

AND she had gold in eliminations.

((Also, I’m sorry for accidentally cursing on mic that one time, I know your dad said it was ok but I still feel a little guilty! I don’t want to get anyone I play with in trouble. You and your dad were super nice, and I liked talking about all the cool stuff you knew about Overwatch. ))

Keep flyin’ high Phara. ovo)7


excuse me while I go hyperventilate in the corner (x)


I’ve been reading too much Kellex fanfiction