just to dote on his mom

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Alright, what if Allura and/ or Coran are the next to find out after Hunk? Like, their home was destroyed by the Galra Empire, but I can't really see them hating ALL Galra - their rage is heavily focused on Zarkon, as it's all his doing. Que Suddenly Overprotective/ Friendly Coran and/ or Allura, and everyone besides Keith and Hunk are clueless as to why those two are practically doting on Keith all of a sudden!! *they're just trying really, really hard to show Keith that he still belongs*

Omg space mom protecting her smol angry alien kitty!! This is all I need In my life!

So this got me thinking! What if Zarkon and the Galra were originally at peace with the Altea. King Alfor was great friends with Zarkon(They were former paladins and had fought a greater evil before) 

Allura grow up with galra children. She grow up thinking that they were good. That they weren’t all evil.

Since the beginning both Allura and Coran felt something off about Keith. She had a felt a difference in the quintessences between Keith and the other Paladins. 

But because of the war that was going on they didn’t focus on Keith.

After Hunk finds out Allura took action. They began to spy on Keith to figure out what was wrong. They even had the mice in on it too! 

It doesn’t take her long to figure out that Keith was part Galra. The reason why she found out was because Keith was kinda going through the same thing other galra children did when went through the galra version of puberty. 

She makes it her mission to make sure Keith knows that he is loved and is very important to their family and him being Galra isn’t going to change. 

Space mom is best mom!

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I'm a single mum with a 3 yr old girl. her dad only sees her once a month (his choice) & when he does, he spoils her rotten & they spend the day with his new gf & play happy families & put it all over Facebook for everyone to see what a 'doting dad' he is. but he's not there when she's sick, when she's refusing to sleep at night, when she's scared of going to day care, when she's learning to walk and talk. I don't really like briana tbh but I totally agree with her in this situation

Yes. The situations might be different, but it just shows that it’s normal for a lot of mom’s to have those feelings