just to be safe tho


Noct’s interaction with animals is what i live for (´▽`ʃƪ)

Learning ASL, and Gaster’s helping. He’s still a bit too fast and delicately signed for me to keep up though, hehe

Signing a simple ‘Hello, my name is Gaster.’ 

Or at least I hope so ahahaha 


@sahuna replied to your post “[[MOR] so how do i make evfra understand that i love him and i’d…”

hes legit so attractive i was like there must be at least ONE opportunity to flirt ? please ??

i know!!! i accidentally flirted with the governor on aya so i very much expected an option to flirt with him too, but!!! nope. my heart is crushed.

I’m passing here just to say that I love you all and I hope you are okay and having good days. If you are not, remember that you are not alone. I believe in you. You are so important, valid and capable. Better days will come and you’ll only know it’s a good day because you endured awful ones before.

Stay safe, my friends. Stay alive. And please, don’t forget about me.





Hey could you draw more of agent Florida with quotes? I really love how you put the two together! :D

i hope youre okay with me also including him in his teal armor because i kinda sorta ran out of Florida quotes, that dude has one fucking line as a Freelancer in the entire show, what a shame if anyone wants me to draw him (or anyone, really) saying lines from fanfiction or something i can do that too the last picture is a painting ive been working on before you asked me to draw more of him so i thought i might as well include that too sorry that this isnt as good as the first b-flo post, my art is currently going through a phase called what the fuck am i doing


a pair of love struck idiots

when people uwu the director i just,

yes he was sad in one (1) scene u are correct but he still fucked up the lives of like 20+ ppl (if not more) and made multiple people develop trauma based disorders, AND justified it in one case by saying his victim was the same person as him
plus the whole “any time u disobey me you visibly and publicly move down a rank manipulating you into constantly trying to please me” deal with the freelancers, and all of this being explicitly on purpose

like im sorry but theres not a single thing u can say to make me like him. not even in a “well hes terrible but-” way. he has no redeeming qualities.

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A very tired mom today tried to explain to her toddler the cookies in the bowl on the counter were DOG COOKIES, and held one up to he sobbing daughter and told her "see, for doggies!" And the baby leaned forward and bit into it. 😂😂😂 Poor mom was so tired she just sighed and let her eat it. (It's safe for human consumption tho, don't worry).

I’m not shocked the kid thought it was a cookie. They sell Scooby Snacks cookies in that shape. I have a picture of my oldest as a toddler when he fell asleep with one in his hands for reference. Tell me you don’t think these are dog biscuits. -Abby


here you go guys! below is the full list of links for ALL of the pre-console mixes and demos (even the couple that I posted links to previously) that Josh Mancell has posted on his soundcloud. I’ve organized them via game and timeline within game/location

jak & daxter: the precursor legacy

misty island pre-console mix
sentinel beach pre-console mix
forest demo mix
rock village pre-console mix
precursor basin pre-console mix
snowy mountain pre-console mix
the citadel pre-console mix

jak 2: renegade

main theme full length version
action jak demo
deserted city pre-console mix
guard pursuit pre-console mix

jak 3

leapers & kanga-rats (unlabeled)*
stadium ruins (unlabeled)*
metalpede nest 1st attempt
monk glider (unlabeled)*
precursor sub rails (unlabeled)

* most of the jak 3 tracks are listed as unlabeled bc mancell didn’t specify in the title whether they were pre-console mixes or demos so i just noted it. tho it’s safe to assume they’re pre-console mixes bc that’s what all of the tracks are supposed to be

enjoy!!! ❤❤❤❤💕💕💖😍💋


I’ve been thinking about ???% a bit lately so now I just have this disconnected scenario/AU/headcanons where it’s this powerful spirit that befriended Mob as a child and subtly possessed him, like Dimple did with Ritsu, so Unkown could slowly hone Mob into the perfect vessel. Except the plan backfired b/c now Unkown really cares about this poor kid and knows it Fucked Up by accidently hurting Ritsu, so now it’s more of a guardian spirit/psychic backup generator for him.

I really like the idea of Unknown physically crawling out of Mob horror movie-style the first time it leaves his vessel since it’s been inside Mob for like, ten years, so now it’s almost a part of him (it’s still safe for it to leave tho, Mob just gets a little dizzy afterwards and the depossession gets less extreme over time). I imagine it’d be forced to come out during an event where Mob’s chance of dying is Very High and there’s no way in hell Mob’ll be persuaded/is physically capable of taking care of the problem himself. Obviously Ritsu and Teru are very nervous around it (and Mob was convinced it was just an imaginary friend he used to have), but ???% gives them space and tries to make it clear it was sorry for hurting them. No one really fully trusts it except Mob in the end.

???% can’t speak (at least not any human language), so it primarily writes things down and draws diagrams. When asked who/what it is, ???% just writes the word “protection” so Mob and Ritsu start referring to it as Hogo instead of “that thing” or “the spirit.”

ooc; you know what is really cruel during the time akechi is part of your team? the distance between him & the other members. if you meet up at the hideout, everyone will be gathered around the table. not akechi. he’s standing in the back, looking out of the window, knowing he’s not part of them & shouldn’t get attached in the first place.

            go into a safe room & the same thing happens there as well. though, the safe room is another thing since no one really pays attention to each other there.

“Where is my wife? Is she alone? Is she okay? Did she find something? I miss my wife. No I don’t care about that breach or the war. Andraste’s flaming sword I don’t even care abOUT CHEESE ANY MORE DO YOU HEAR ME I WANT MY WIFE BACK.” Alistair turning mad at some point, probably

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TsukkiHina ---foot

Tsukishima woke up tied to his bed.

“Hinata, what the f—,” he glared at his orange haired boyfriend as he jumped on top of him and smiled innocently.

“This is to get you back for what you did yesterday!” Hinata says, and Tsukishima doesn’t get it until his hands brush across his neck.

He relaxes into the bed and smirks. “I’m not ticklish like you are, so good luck.”

Tsukishima watches as Hinata tries to tickle him everywhere, whining when he doesn’t get any reaction.

“This isn’t fair…” he pouts adorably and gets off with a huff.

“Hey, don’t just leave without untying me-” he gets cut off with a gasp when Hinata’s hand unknowingly touches the back of his foot. When he sees Hinata turn back to look at him, he quickly looks away and adjusts his expression but it’s too late.

“I knew it! You do have a weakness!” Hinata cries out and launches himself back on the bed next to Tsukishima’s feet.

“NO, don’t even think about it, HINATA.”

Hinata does it anyway, which leads to a week of Tsukishima getting revenge at every chance he gets. Also, he always wears his dinosaur patterned fuzzy socks when he’s around his boyfriend, just to be safe.