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What did he say in the article? I don't want to give it clicks, and nobody has posted it on tumblr yet. Anything bad???

  • he finds it’s therapeutic to write and it helped him process things
  • he said he doesn’t like to party/drink when he’s singing or touring because the notes are high and he likes to wake up with a clear head. but he likes to celebrate and stuff just only when it’s the right time.
  • he said simon giving him anxiety was a joke
  • he says he gets nervous
  • dan pushed the sexuality question and he said he hasn’t labeled his and doesn’t feel the need to explain himself about it
  • he said the band was the best thing that ever happened to him and he wouldn’t rule out a reunion
  • he said he doesn’t know about timelines but the door is open
  • he says that it was hard to see people under circumstances like louis’ with jay’s passing, but everyone came together to support him
  • he said adele is someone who leads the way and is a different level of artist
  • he said mick jagger is someone he admired growing up
  • on fashion “ If you want to wear a pair of ­yellow trousers you can wear a pair of yellow trousers. “
  • he loves london
  • he doesn’t know what he’s gonna be doing on the late late show but it’ll be fun
  • he said he would have been excited to watch dunkirk even if he wasn’t involved
  • he said he’s trying to enjoy the moment and not be pressured when it comes to numbers
  • he said he only played the album to four or five people in a room and he had all of these hidden playlists on his phone where it was buried
  • he said he didn’t go down the chart friendly electronic music route but he likes a lot of that music
How To Save a Kingdom

Clarke sputters an indignant laugh as he takes her elbow and steers her away from the doors. “You won’t let me out of the palace and you’re calling me a difficult person? You,” she fumes, “are insufferable.”

Bellamy merely grins. “Now that’s no way to talk to your husband.”

Clarke forces herself to stalk away before she can give into the urge to throw her glass of wine at him. She doesn’t know why she bothers, though. Somehow, none of their guests seem to notice the clear antagonism between the king and queen, or maybe they just don’t care. And why should they? The two of them are just husband and wife.

They’re not actually expected to like each other.


AU. Clarke marries Bellamy for a political alliance.

WC: 34k. Rated M. A/N: i promised i would write this if bob morley won the alpha male madness 2017 poll, and he did!! so here we are. Now, this is technically a prequel to my fic How You Stay Alive, but you can read it as an independent, historical arranged marriage AU if you so choose. A huge thanks to @readymachine and @wellamyblake for beta’ing; they spent so much time on this and truly saved my ass. so without further ado, i hope yall enjoy! :)

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2. Kissing // Nurseydex

« {Part 2 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: this is loosely inspired by that scene from the webcomic Always Raining Here because i read the whole thing a couple of nights ago and let me tell you, there were feelings. enjoy!

“Eat shit, Nurse,” Dex said, taking another swig of his beer. “I told you that you didn’t stand a chance.”

“No fair, man. I totally would have won if you hadn’t blue-shelled me there at the end,” Nursey grumbled. He set down the Wii remote and got to his feet, trying to figure out how drunk he was. No dizziness or major balance fuckery, it seemed, but his head definitely felt kinda fuzzy. Now was probably a good time to start chugging some water; he still had homework to do later. He went to fish his water bottle out of his backpack.

“I only blue-shelled you because you blue-shelled me the last lap,” Dex said. “I won that fair and square.”

“Psh. If I were sober—”

“Dude, you only had three shots. You’re 6’2”. You’re fine.”

“Yeah, but you only had, like, a beer and a half, so between the two of us, I’m definitely the more impaired one here.”

Dex rolled his eyes. “Just admit I won. Stop being such a sore loser.”

“Well maybe you’re a sore winner.”

“I know you’re an English major, but ‘sore winner’ is not a thing.”

Nursey shook his head in mock outrage. “You come into my house—”

“Your house? This is my dorm room, Nurse,” Dex laughed. “You’re in my dorm room, playing on my Wii, drinking my alcohol.”

“…Touché,” Nursey admitted, returning to his spot next to Dex on Dex’s couch. He was probably sitting a little closer to Dex than was strictly necessary. He could try to blame the shots for that, but like Dex said, he was a 200-pound hockey player. Three shots of Fireball spaced out over the last hour really wasn’t much for someone his size. If he hadn’t been a city boy with no driver’s license, he could probably still legally drive.

The real problem, Nursey thought as he glanced at Dex out of the corner of his eye, wasn’t the alcohol—it was his stupid crush on his attractive yet probably tragically straight teammate. But that wasn’t really something he liked to dwell on.

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The Only Exception (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,523

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, hot firemen, sarcasm, cynicism, bad jokes, drinking, sad story retelling (mentions of death and loss)

A/N: Moving right along…and yes, I used a Keep Reading line. Also, shout out to @redgillan for making my day brighter.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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When you're writing fanfiction do you think it's necessary to describe characters (example: Kageyama was a high school student with black hair, blue eyes…) or is it fine to assume that since everyone probably knows the characters there's no need to describe them? Besides that do you think direct description of characters is necessary at all or should it be subtle? I hope this makes sense, but basically I'm just curious as to how much description do you think is necessary? (Regarding AUs as well)

Ooooh interesting question! I would definitely say this varies from author to author, and is ultimately up to you. But I do personally find some methods of character description to be easier to read than others!

Like you mentioned: when dealing with fanfic, you can reasonably assume your reader knows very well who the characters are and what they look like. But, on the flip side, oftentimes one of the many reasons people like reading about these characters are because… we like the way they look! Whether we think they’re unique or cute or gorgeous or bad ass or whatever, generally, we’re probably pretty attached to their physical looks in some way. So I think it is fine to sprinkle those descriptors about both in canon and AU fics, in a way that feels organic.

When thinking of an “organic” description, very rarely would I list character attributes like in the “black haired, blue-eyed high school student” example (I realize you may have just tossed that out there, but it’s good to state this anyway, I guess). I’d generally advise people to stay away from laundry list descriptions, even in original fiction, because they’re less engaging to read. 

Some authors love to describe their characters often, and at length, while others won’t spare more than one sentence out of an entire novel to tell readers what their cast looks like. I tend towards the former, because I love describing shit, and also because I write romances, where you’ll find an upward trend in character descriptions usually lies. But if you’re going for direct, try to get more than just their looks into the description. The below example is from my fic A Couple of Awesome Players, a canon-divergent AU where KageHina befriend each other in middle school:

The first thing Shouyou notices is that [Kageyama’s] head, with his hair laying shiny and flat on it, is almost perfectly round, much like a volleyball—which is fitting, because Kageyama might be one hundred percent made up of love for the sport. He started coming to the gym so that he could play on the days he doesn’t have practice to begin with.

Kageyama has big, round, blue eyes, and a slightly blank expression, unless he’s talking about volleyball—then his round face lights up like a bulb, shiny and excited. His hair looks like someone took a stencil with the English letter M and stuck it right over the front of his bangs, cutting out two windows for his eyes.

I’ve spent a lot of words on describing Kageyama across all my fics, and these are still some of my favorites. Instead of it being all about “black hair, blue eyes”, it’s more about “this kid is a dork, but he is the cutest volleyball dork”. I wanted to quickly establish him as soft and endearing, because that’s how he was when he was young, and hopefully it worked. 

Speaking of which, I tend to do a lot more character description in AUs, both because the characters are often meeting for the first time, and because of all the differences, which are just fun to describe. It helps establish the variations in each universe, while still showing how the characters remain the same: 

Then the mechanic rolls out from underneath the car slowly, like he’s not quite sure why somebody would request it of him, and Hinata wonders if he is maybe dreaming.

Kageyama is not stocky, or weedy. He’s tall as hell, when he finally stands up. His coveralls are shoved down to his waist, probably due to the heat, and the white sleeveless undershirt he is wearing below them sticks to his body from the sheen of sweat on his skin. The shirt clings to the kind of muscles that Hinata has never believed existed on people who don’t model for a living. His arms are distracting, toned, smeared with dirt and grease, and highlighted and shiny from perspiration. His shoulders and chest are no better, broad and strong.

He’s frowning at them slightly, dark blue eyes trained on Hinata. He swipes his arm across his forehead, leaving a smudge of grease there, before sweeping his black hair out of his face.

That’s from Speed Demons! Even when I’m being pretty straightforward, I try to break up the description, or toss in descriptors with action (eyes), or use the setting to amplify different aspects of the characters looks (hair, The Bod). Also: Hinata is noticing how hot this guy he’s been confronted with is, and he’s not being subtle. It’s pretty direct overall, but hopefully manages to keep from bombarding the reader with bullet points, and instead integrates itself into the narrative as it flows.

And it still might not be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure! To sum up, I think character descriptions are a style thing, more than anything else. If you don’t feel like including them, don’t force the words onto the page. Describe what feels important to you. But in fanfics, because we already know these characters, put your own spin on it. 

Your readers know what X character looks like – so if you want to tell us about that, tell us something new about them, too. 

Tell us something we’ve never heard before :)

"Did I say it right?"

The sorceress gazed at the demon with hopeful curiosity. “Did I say it right?”

“I have no idea, I don’t speak Latin. Half the time people are just cobbling together something from Google.” Then it laughed, that excruciatingly sweet laugh that had seduced countless beings into committing unconscionable deeds.

“Does Latin not work?”

The demon liked this one. She had curiosity, manners.

“Sometimes, sure,” the demon replied truthfully. “But so often intent is cloaked by affectation.” The creature cleared away the circle surrounding it, easily brushing away the diamond-dust laden chalk. “Why did you write in Latin, anyway?”

The sorceress blushed ad mumbled, “I saw it in a movie.”

“We are thousands of miles and thousands of years from the height of Rome’s empire of magic users.”

“Will you teach me to do this properly, please?”

The demon smiled. Not once, in ten thousand years, had anyone simply asked. It was incredibly refreshing.

The real Percival Graves is a terrible patient

After they find him again, Percival is forced to spend time in the hospital to recover from his captivity and he drives everyone mad by trying to run the department from his sickbed.

Consider him doing the following

- ordering trainee baby!aurors to sneak him coffee and cigarettes.
- trying to hold his daily debrief/conferences from his hospital bed.
- having all his post, random messages/instructions delivered back and forth directly to his bed by owls/carrier pidgeon/rats/trembling baby!aurors and having arguments with the ward staff about hygiene vs his extremely vital and critical correspondence.
- upseting the other patients by swearing about everyone else’s incompetence.
- trying to recruit other patients into becoming his sounding boards when his aurors have been banished for the night (think of House and his differencial diagnoses)
- making the nurses cry when he’s in a bad mood and they try to tend to him, because dammit he does not need to be smothered. (What are you doing with that washcloth, you shameless minx? )
- flirting with the nurses when he’s in a good mood. (What are you doing with that washcloth, you shameless minx? *winks*)
- threatening to arrest everyone from the healers to the house elves if they don’t listen to him and let him smoke in peace.
- inadvertently flashing his butt to everyone in his hospital gown.


Also someone - Tina/Newt/Credence - needs to get in to see him early on but they’re not allowed because family and the president only so they’re like: “Yes I am [first name] Graves, his wife/husband” and then they’re locked into the lie while hoping Percival never finds out.

And then one day the nurses say something about how Percival is so lucky to have such a devoted spouse, its clear how much they love each other and when whoever it is comes to see him he’s like, “When exactly did we get married?”

Of course necking (I think that’s what they called it in the 1920s idk) ensues, which is just one more reason why Percival Graves is a terrible patient.

So Barry ran to the future again. The year 2024 to be exact. Since time travel has worked out so well for us recently, I guess he figured, why not? I really can’t blame the guy though. He’s desperate to know who Savitar is. We all are. Which I suppose brings us to the $64,000 question…

By the way, I don’t know what that reference means. My abuelo used to say that anytime a really important question came up. I think it was a TV show… Huh… maybe that’s where I get it from…

Anyway, Barry didn’t find out Savitar’s identity, but he did learn that Caitlin teams up with him in the future. Which is devastating, but at least we can cross her off the list of potential Savitars. I never had her on my list (to be fair, I don’t actually have a list. I’m not Julian), but I guess in a Scream sort of way, it’s always good to eliminate the possibility that someone’s a villain.

Barry’s being super secretive about what he saw in the future. He doesn’t want to spoil anyone’s destiny. Which is one of those things I totally know is right in my head, but in my heart, I’m like, “Just freaking tell me! Are Gypsy and I back together? Are we married? Do we have a little family of gibes?” (Caitlin likes Gypco as a moniker for our dynamic, but I think Gibe is the clear winner)

Actually, now that I write it out loud, maybe I don’t want to know. What if we never get back together? What if I’m married to Lisa Snart? I mean, she obviously has her perks, but those in-laws are a no thank you situation.

Barry did say that he picked up a piece of intel in the future that may help us track Savitar, but he’s playing it pretty close to the vest right now. I can tell you this – if it involves someone putting on that creepy headset to talk to Savitar, I ain’t doing it. They can knock themselves out. Cisco’s not playing. I’ve had too many nightmares and gone through too many bed sheets to go down that road again.

Nothing more to say: EZRA IS A.D. (and Charles)

I refused all the clues that came before by 6B or 7A. But now, it is quite clear on our faces… Before Lucas received his “letter” from A.D., Ezra was writing a note… Ezra saw Spencer with Wren and did not do or say a thing about it, besides, he went back to Rosewood to “stay with Aria”… But not really, he saw Spencer asking for Wren’s help, so he knows, Wren had access to Radley files… I’m thinking Ezra is Charles, and Wren knows it (remember, Wren will not be A.D., but will be part of the final twist). Now on tonight’s episode, Ezra just happens to have “found” what Aria filed about him… I don’t think so, either he was messing with her stuff, or, he gave that file to Aria himself… Besides, the file was at THE BREW, right before A.D. told Aria to get her prize… RIGHT BEFORE EZRA SHOWED UP!
Mona is made to be stuck and addicted by the game again… Why? Only Charlotte could pull that up, right? No. Ezra either, who has made Mona act as -A again, by season 4B… So he’s doing it again. He knows how addicted to the game she is, he was writing a book where she was one of the most important characters.
Right on tonight’s episode, after the file is destroyed by Aria, and Ezra shows that he would have deserved to be reported about, was only to keep on gaining her trust. He’s a psycho narcissist. He is probably writing something about it again. He likes books… He’s ending his book… He’s ending CHARLES’s BOOK… Ezra and Charles like books of mystery and revenge… Ezra and Charles were both obsessed with Alison… They’re the same person!!!
He’s been away A LOT this season… Aria told him what happend with Rollins quite sooner after it happened… Rollins just happens to appear on HER car.

Lucas was not friends with CeCe… He was friends with Ezra… That’s why he acted “weird” while talking about “Charlotte” in front of the girls…

Besides, the promo for the next episode shows this image I posted… “Time for pie.” …. PIE… PIE… Who used to eat lots of pies with Aria? Ezra.
And not just this… Crows at the top of the image… Crows leads us to an intense time of the show, when Ravenswood (where Ezra literally attacked Spencer wearing that soldier suit) and CHARLEmagne were introduced… What did we have in Ravenswood? Yes, exactly: EZRA’S LAIR.

“He’s hoping you lead him to Alison.”, “He’s here.”, “One of you has been touched by the one Alison fears the most…”

Ezra Fitz… Ezra Fitzgerald…. The last letters of his name and surname: A.D.

You’re Jealous

He wasn’t really sure how it got so bad. Ever since the album release she had been distant and he felt it. He was so excited for the world to hear it, but more importantly for her to hear it. Her opinion mattered the most and then his and then the world. Harry wasn’t sure when things went wrong. He had a weekend at home before flying to LA but instead he went to visit her. 

She was happy he came, but also upset. Because every time she looked at him she saw the beautiful dark haired girl. She couldn’t help it as soon as the song came out she looked her up. Townes, she was beautiful and smart, and just like her loved to be private, so she couldn’t snoop too much. And while she was annoyed by the girl she didn’t hate her, it’s not her fault Harry wrote the song, it’s not her fault that the song is so catchy, it’s not her fault at all. 

Jealousy and sadness had been eating away at her. She just couldn’t understand how Harry could write something like that. She’s all I think about? She was his girlfriend yet Townes got the song, Townes filled his mind apparently, and it bugged her. She understood it was a song, and she really wouldn’t have minded if it weren’t for that one damn line, ‘how do I tell her she’s all I think about?’

“Y/N,” Harry sighs, walking into the living room where she is curled up, laptop on her lap, glasses on her face, mug on the table behind her. 

She looks up from her screen, “how was the run?” she asked. 

“You need to tell me what’s wrong, I can’t go away for a week knowing you’re upset with me,” Harry says, “it’ll eat me up, love, please talk to me.”

“I’m not upset,” she lies, looking back down at her screen. 

Harry closes the laptop, sliding it on to his lap and she frowns, “well now I’m slightly annoyed Harry.”

“Talk to me,” he pleads, “please. I can’t keep thinking about this.”

“Funny, thought I wouldn’t be floating around in your mind,” she retorts, “figured there would be no room for me with Townes being all you think about.”

Harry pressed his lips in a line trying not to laugh but he couldn’t help it. The laugh escapes his lips, “you’re jealous of a song I wrote?”

“No Harry I’m upset,” she stated, standing, “but I’m glad you find it so amusing.”

“Don’t be upset-”

“How can I not be Harry? You took the time to put her name in, you claim she’s all you think about, this is one of your favorite songs to write! How am I not supposed to be upset about the fact that you claim to think about someone else all the damn time!” She snapped, tears pooling in her eyes. 

“You said you didn’t want me to write about you,” Harry stated, “you made it very clear.”

“It doesn’t mean you can write a damn love song about this other girl and how you can’t stop thinking about her! How would you like it if I did that?” she said, hands bawled into a fist. 

“It’s a song-”

“A song that means something to you, something you wrote from your heart,” she cried, “don’t you get that?”

“It’s a lyric y/n, it means nothing,” Harry says.

But he’s calm, he’s too calm. She doesn’t like how casual he is about this. 

“I just don’t believe that, you’re a private person Harry and you expose her, clearly you wanted her to hear and you wanted the world to know,” she whispered. Harry watched as she marched up the stairs, slamming the door behind her. 

She laid in bed, covers pulled over her body, eyes on the window. She hated feeling this way, she did. She wanted to do nothing but support him but with this song she just couldn’t. She couldn’t get Townes out of her head, she couldn’t get the thought of the two of them together. 

“Y/N please,” Harry says from the doorway, voice soft, “she’s nothing but a friend. And if you don’t even want me to be friends with her I won’t-I’ll delete her number, I-I’ll-oh I don’t know-I’ll find a way to remove the song. I don’t care y/n, just tell me.”

“No,” she says, “don’t delete it.”

“Well then what?”

She’s silent and he moves over to the bed, “baby, look at me, look at me,” he repeats until she finally sets her gaze on him. 

His eyes are soft, a small smile on his lips, “she meant something a long time ago, she did. But when I met you she didn’t compare, I didn’t think of her in that way anymore okay? You’re who I love, you’re who I want, not Townes, not Taylor, not anyone else, just you,” he whispered. 


“I’m not done,” he says, “yes I wrote that lyric, but that’s not true, and yes I put her name in the song but it meant nothing. If you want I can cut her out of my life-”

“No,” she says, “don’t do that. She’s a nice girl.”

“Not as nice as you,” Harry says softly, nudging her nose with his, “I’m sorry, I really am.”

“Maybe I overreacted-”

“I think I would’ve been the same way,” Harry mumbles, kissing her jaw, “I would go insane if I thought you liked someone else.”

His lips come up to the corner of her mouth, “insane,” he repeats, kissing her. 

“I really am sorry kitten,” he whispered, “I wasn’t thinking.”

“‘s okay,” she smiled softly.

“Are you sure?” Harry asked, hands reaching to her waist. 

“Yes,” she promised. 

His hands start digging into her side lightly, a laugh escaping her lips, “Harry!” she laughed, her hands coming on top of his, “stop.”

She moves around until she’s able to push his hands away, “I really am sorry,” they both say the same time. 

“It’s okay,” she assured him. 

“And you didn’t overreact,” Harry smiled, “now get dressed we have a dinner to attend.”

savethelastklance  asked:

um im not sure if we need a prompt number to ask for a fic maybe but ive been dying to read a shklance fanfic of someone saying to lance he doesnt deserve to be on the team and the team defending him and giving him reasons why he does and shiro and keith just shower him in love,gahhhh im rambling im sorry lol


*Clears throat* So yeah, hello!!! Without further a due, here you go! I hope that you like it and I did good! First time writing Shklance, it was a trip. Still gotta practice tho, to try and balance the characters.

Content: SHKLANCE and Mean Emperors. 

A N Y W A Y S, here ya go! 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Non number but who cares. “shklance fanfic of someone saying to lance he doesn’t deserve to be on the team and the team defending him and giving him reasons why he does and shiro and keith just shower him in love” // Shklance.

“Your presence won’t be needed, Blue Paladin.”

Lance’s freezes at the words and raises his head slowly towards the voice, not even noticing how the entire team stop on their tracks with him.

The Emperor of the planet they just saved stares down at Lance with their unblinking bored feline eyes, vague disgust on the back of their pupil.

“Excuse me?” Lance hears a second voice behind him, cold and sharp and Lance suppresses the shiver that runs down his back when he recognizes it as one of his boyfriend’s.

The Emperor shrugs their shoulders nonchalantly, turning slightly to meet Shiro’s gaze from behind Lance. “This is an important meeting. The entire council will be there and each of your team is required to come with an agreement treaty because all of you have something to offer.” Their green feline eyes fall on Lance once again, expression bored and indifferent, “Except for the Blue Paladin, his…presence is not required.”

Lance’s smile wavers and he takes a shuddering breath in before he lets it out slowly, taking a step back.

“Ah, that’s alright, Your Highness.” Lance says, clearing the back of his throat subtly, “I will just – go back to the castle and stand guard, no problem.”

“Lance.” Keith says, scowling deeply at the brunet but Lance shrugs off his concerns.

“It’s okay. It’s fine.” He reassurance his boyfriend gently, spearing him a quick weak smile over his shoulder before turning to the Emperor.

“You Highness.” Lance says respectfully, doing a small bow at the royal before he stands up and turns around, heading towards the castle, ignoring Hunk’s soft calling of his name and Pidge’s hand on his wrist.

It’s until Lance’s out of their sight when Keith turns around and snarls into the Emperor’s face.

“You have no right –!” He snaps but he’s cut off short when Shiro’s places his Galra hand on his shoulder, keeping him in place.

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The guy shuts the hood of the car he was working on and wipes his hands off on a dirty rag and sets it down next to the register. His mouth forms a natural pout- parted just so, his forearms ripple with every movement of his hands. When he looks up at Sam again, his eyes are just as big and blue as they were before.

They stare at each other for one long, awkward moment before the guy clears his throat and asks, “So, uh, car trouble or did someone pay you to come look stunningly beautiful in front of me to make my day?”

Sam stutters and after a brief opening and closing of his mouth manages, “Check engine light’s on.”

From Check Engine Light

“Are you tired? Here, let me carry you the rest of the way home.”

Before Adrien could protest, the familiar whoosh of electric energy released it’s hold on his body and Le Paon hoisted him onto his back, gripping him by his thighs.

Too exhausted for his usual back-and-forth, Plagg landed onto his chosen’s head with a yawn and almost instantaneously went to sleep.

Adrien’s arms wound around his partner’s shoulders quite naturally.

“Thank you, Nino,” he sighed, doing his best to keep his eyes open despite the overwhelming urge to join in on his kwami’s catnap. Did his eyelids always feel this heavy or did the lash extension from his last shoot add weight as well as length?

“Thank me? Pfft,” Nino snorted, still trudging along despite the rain and the dead weight bearing down on his back. “You saved my life back there, dude. You deserve this piggyback ride and then some.”

“It was nothing, you probably could have taken out the akuma without me.”

“Oh, yeah, sure I could. It’s not like I wasn’t frozen solid and being held hostage along with everyone else. Not to mention what happened when Queen Bee got involved—”

“Ok, ok! Chat Noir is your superhero. His mere presence fills you with warmth and a sense of safety. He saved you not just physically but emotionally—spiritually, even! You’re going to name your first child after him—”

“—let’s not get too carried away, now—”

There was no stopping the boy once he got started.

“Chat N. Lahiffe.”


“Or Adrien jr. Lahiffe.”

“Bro!” Nino laughed, turning around to catch Adrien’s lips stretching to the one side in his signature Cheshire grin.

Honestly, no one boy should look that handsome whilst being an ass.

“Or would you prefer Nino jr. Agreste?”

“C’mon.” Nino rolled his eyes, then quirked a brow, considering something for a long moment before opening his mouth. “Adrien jr. Lahiffe sounds pretty good to me.”

For someone who was supposed to be teasing him, the peacock sounded rather sincere and that did things to Adrien’s heartbeat.

Nino didn’t have to look back at Adrien’s face, he could hear the smile, clear as day, in his voice.

“Adrien Lahiffe doesn’t sound half bad either.”

A Ladybug Original

Written for @breeeliss​ as part of the @miraculousexchange​ Spring Exchange! Now that the authors have been revealed, I’ll go ahead and post this to my tumblr.

AO3 Link

“You want me to what?”

“You heard me,” Chloe snapped, tapping her foot impatiently as she stared Marinette down. “It’s in two months. That’s plenty of time.”

Marinette frowned, almost glaring back. “You want me to make a dress for you?”

“Yes,” Chloe answered as though the request was perfectly normal.

“Is this a joke?”

Chloe huffed and looked away. “No. Daddykins already offered to pay you.”

“Wait.” Marinette held up a hand. “Why would you ask me to design your dress?”

Chloe finally looked back at Marinette and sighed impatiently. “Well, you won that contest with Mr. Agreste, didn’t you? That must mean you’re good.”

“But, you could hire a professional. I don’t get it.” Marinette folded her arms over her chest. “Why come to me?”

“You’re my classmate. It’s convenient.”

“I don’t buy it,” Marinette answered, shaking her head.

“Plus, you’re an amateur, so Daddykins won’t have to pay you as much,” Chloe replied with a too-casual wave of her hand.

“You expect me to believe you care about saving money?” Marinette scoffed. “I heard you refused a picture frame because it was the wrong kind of gold.”

“I…” Chloe rolled her eyes and spat out the words like they were poison. “Fine. I happen to like some of your designs. Are you happy now?”

Marinette’s eyes widened. “You do?” It was certainly news to her, given how often Chloe teased her about her taste in clothes. “Since when?”

“Look, are you going to design something or not?”

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anonymous asked:

Can you please write how story will turns out (after the party) if MC actually is a favourite daughter of the head of the most powerful criminal organization and even Saeran didn't know it, bc it was hidden very well? And her dad actually lost her for that 11 days. For RFA + Saeran +V. Hope, you'll like this idea. Love your writing!

I love requests like this, I’ve read them on other imagines blogs and it was so hard not to go the same way they did, so I tried to keep it soft. Like, her dad is very angry, but he can be very sarcastic and more passive aggressive than really violent and intimidating, and MC is the only one who’s not scared of him. And I think I just made this clear on Saeran one, but MC doesn’t have a mom here, which probably made her father even more concerned, since she’s the only one he has.

Hope you like it! ^^

TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of a panic attack on Saeran one

RFA + V and Saeran meeting MC’s criminal father


  • You tell him your gangsta boss dad wants to meet him
  • He thinks is a joke at first, but when you two come to your father’s house and he sees the guns… boy
  • He was nervous just because he had to meet your father, now he’s pretty much scared.
  • “Sweetie, is this your new bodyguard? If you wanted a pretty one, you should have asked me instead of looking for one on some stranger’s apartment. You roll your eyes.
  • “Oh, I’ve seen the news, isn’t that the guy accused of sexual harassment?” “Which he already proved being innocent, dad. Something that would never happen if you went to trial. “
  • Zen is scared of seeing his delicate and sweet princess so feisty, but thinks your interaction with your father is kinda funny.
  • Not so funny when your father brings up everything he found about him. School dropout, former member of a biker’s gang and those promo pictures for “Promiscuous Jalapeno”…  your father doesn’t even know what to think.
  • But the worst is the fact that you disappeared from his sight for 11 days and came back with this guy… “Oh, she wasn’t with me for 11 days, sir. She’s been at my house for 2 nights, well, one and a half, technically…” ZEN, SHUT UP!
  • By that point you’re pretty much done with your dad’s passive aggressive threats and Zen’s brutal honesty, so you snap: “Daddy, listen to me. I was staying at this apartment for a couple of days, then he broke his leg and I went to his house to help him, but he kicked me out during night, which I must say… not cool, Zen! I got back to the apartment, which had a bomb on it, and then there was this weird punk guy talking about taking me to paradise or whatever, and Zen saved me, dad! I love him and I never felt safer like I feel around him!”
  • “You… saved her?” “Of course! She was left on her own at this apartment with a bomb! Can you believe it, sir?” and then the two of them started talking about your safety and… well, you were relieved they found something in common.
  • In the end, your father is very impressed about his fast healing and the fact that this isn’t his real name. “We work with fake names around here too.”
  • “You look very strong, son. If you ever consider changing careers, I might have something for you…” you refuse before Zen can say anything.


  • He’s so scared when you tell him your father wants to meet him
  •  And you didn’t even mention he is the head of the mafia
  • When you do… poor thing, he keeps saying he’s fine, but you can see him shaking.
  •  And all those guns on the dinner table aren’t helping at all…
  • “Hi, sir… I’m Yoosung Kim, I’m a vet student at Sky University, I’m 21 years old and this isn’t my natural hair color!” What the fuck, Yoosung?
  • “Oh,I see… sweetie, I thought you were bringing your boyfriend to dinner, who’s that girl?” “Very funny, dad.” He’s so terrified at the guns he doesn’t even hear this comment.
  • “So, sweetie… long time no see, what you’ve been up too? I mean, besides going to stranger’s apartments and dating guys who could come across as your younger brother?” Now Yoosung listens, how mean…
  • “Nothing much, dad. I’ve been trying to get away from your overprotective care and dating a guy who hasn’t a criminal record, for a change. What about you?” Yoosung couldn’t believe the way you treat each other, if he ever talked with his mother like that… well, he wouldn’t be here to tell the story.
  • Your dad keeps throwing these shady comments during all dinner, and you know Yoosung didn’t say anything yet because he’s trying to be respectful, not because he is a coward, so you let it out:
  • “Yoosung, don’t worry, I love you and I’m not going anywhere, no matter what my father says. And as for you, dad, I… do you really want to know what happened in those 11 days? I’ll tell you! I was trapped with a bomb on his dead cousin’s apartment, may god rest her soul, and this guy  here did anything he could to find who led me there. See his eye? It’s MY fault! And it’s completely unfair to him to be treated like that when all he’s done to me is caring and loving me. So, please… just stop being this prick to the MAN I chose!”
  • “What happened to your eye, son?” “Oh, I… I was just gaining some time for my friend to run away, a guy… tortured me and…” “And you lived to tell? That guy was an amateur…” “Or maybe I’m stronger than you think, sir.” OH WOW!
  • In the end, your father really appreciates Yoosung’s devotion to you, since loyalty is something very important in his… business.
  • He also likes how despite all that, he seems like a very innocent guy… oh, father! If he only knew the things you are gonna do with your boyfriend after seeing him so confident like that…


  • When you tell her your father wants to meet her, she seems fine?
  • Then you tell her about his… job, and she’s… not even impressed? Okay…
  • It looks more like you’ve never been here before, she… feels so calm…
  • “Hi, sweetie, you brought a friend for dinner?” “Girlfriend, daddy.”
  • “Oh… I see…” his tone is so monotone and cold, neither of you can tell what he’s thinking. Honestly, you can live with your father being a criminal, but he being a homophobic? That’s another story!
  • “I should have seen it coming, all these guys who work for me on this house every day, and you never showed any interest on any of them.” “I like guys too, daddy, But the mafia thing, you know… is not really my type.”
  • “Well, sweetie, you should make up your mind before you hurt this poor woman…” “Bisexuality is a real thing, sir. And I won’t be hurt since I’m bisexual as your daughter.” “Jaehee?” you look at her surprised, she’s not even looking at him and just calmly drinks her water.
  • “Okay, Ms. Kang. But should I be worried about you hurting my daughter, then? You seem a little older than her, maybe a little more experienced, my daughter is a immature naïve girl who disappeared from me for almost two weeks and came back thinking she’s bisexual… you are not using her, are you?” “Daddy, come on…”
  • “You should think higher of your own daughter, sir. She’s younger, but she’s smart and if you must know, she’s the one who’s been showing a lot more of knowledge in life helping me through my change of careers.” “Oh, really? Tell me more about that.”
  • And then she tells everything about leaving C  & R and opening her own business, and then she tells a little about her life, how was growing up at a house where she wasn’t wanted, graduating early in college and being a black belt in judo. sometimes I forget how baddass she is, Ilove her so much
  • When she finishes, your dad is enchanted, and you fell in love with her all over again.
  •  “I apologize, Ms. Kang. You are a very amazing woman who does justice to another amazing woman. If you ever want some help with your business, I’ll be more than glad to take down the competition…” “I would rather do that providing a good service, sir, but thanks…”
  • “Marry her, or I will…” your father whispers to you.


  • You tell him about dinner with your father.  He’s glad, he’s been longing to make your relationship official to both the families.
  • When you tell him about  the mafia, he’s… curious. How come a sweet and innocent girl like you grew up at such a violent environment?
  • He promises he’ll try not to be judgmental, but as soon as he sees the henchmen in position and the guns… he’s legitimately worried about you.
  • “Hello, how is your father?” “He’s fine, thank you for asking. Do you know each other?” “Well, his company has been a pain on my ass for a while now…” “It’s my company too, as it is very likely I’ll be the next CEO.” Jumin, shut up!
  •  “I see… maybe we can do business pretty soon.” “Right now, I would rather focus on getting to know my future father-in-law.” Uhh, Jumin, so smooth…
  • “Oh, so you’re the one who kept her trapped at your house for two days?” “I believe it was three days, sir.” WHAT THE FUCK, JUMIN? YOU’RE GONNA MENTION THE CAGE TOO?
  • “Daddy, I was completely fine with him there. And I must say I felt way safer with him than I ever felt here with all these… guns… and your… employees…” both of the men feel really flustered with your response.
  • “Now, sweetie, don’t be ungrateful. You might see me as overprotective, but I’m always concerned for your safety. And don’t let yourself be fooled. He looks like a gentleman, but if he is anything like his father, you might be in trouble.” Oh boy…
  • “I’m sure you mean well, sir. But I should warn you I’m nothing like my father. And I must say I understand very well why would you be overprotective of such a adorable lady, but you should let her be free to make her own decisions. That’s… something I’m learning by myself as well…” both you and your father feel very thrilled right now.
  • “Well, I suppose she was safe with you after all, much better than being by herself at some stranger’s apartment…”
  • Your father is very impressed about Jumin’s respect for you, he feels as reliable as any of his henchmen, and most importantly, you seem so happy… how can he fight against your happiness?
  • Dinner is over, and you accompany Jumin to his car where Driver Kim is waiting. “Jumin, be honest…” “Yes, MC?” “How many times you held yourself of answering everytime I said ‘daddy’?” “More than you would like to know, MC…”


  • He’s pretty nervous about meeting your father when you tell him.
  • But when you tell him about his job, he’s surprisingly more relaxed?
  • Oh come on, he’s been dealing with shady people his whole life! Why would he be worried?
  • “Oh sweetie, you brought a clown with you, when is your boyfriend coming?” Saeyoung has a comeback involving “coming”, you almost can read his mind and just glare at him, so he gives up.
  • “So… you must be the boy who got trapped with my daughter at some stranger’s apartment, then took her to this secret cult organization, huh?” “Yeah, and don’t forget the bomb!” Goddamit, Saeyoung!
  • “Well, if it makes you feel any better, daddy, he really tried to push me away, but I was very insistent.” “Push you away how, sweetie?” “The same things you used to tell my mom…” oh, that explains a lot…
  • “I see, so you were a jerk to her…” shit, you though it would be enough… it only made it worse!
  • “Yes, but if it is the same case here, I’m sure you were only thinking about your wife’s safety…” “And yet she ended knocked up, are you trying to imply it’ll be the case here?” SHIT SHIT SHIT!
  • Saeyoung sees his confidence fading away. This man is different, he’s not just some thug, he’s you father, the man who raised you. Why did he think he could be okay with all this? Your father is absolutely right about hating him, he put you in big danger!
  • You see your boyfriend conscience splitting, it’s too much for you to handle, so you vent: “Daddy, don’t be like that! Mom always told me how much you suffered acting like that around her, he suffered the same way, daddy! Even worse, because the person who was after me it’s his own brother who he didn’t see for a long time and… daddy, if you only knew what kind of hell the two of them grew up….” You couldn’t help but cry, Saeyoung hugs you, he doesn’t even care your father is watching this.
  • “Tell me, son. I want to hear your story.” And then Saeyoung tells him everything, always holding your hand.
  • “And your father is the current prime minister? I never liked that guy, anyway. He’s always been a despicable little man!” that coming from the mafia’s head…


  • He’s freaking out about meeting your dad, because he doesn’t really feel comfortable around, well… people
  • Then you tell him about your father’s job, and he thinks it’s kinda cute you trying to joke to make him relax
  • You tell him is not a joke, he doesn’t believe it because he did a whole background check on you before deciding you should be the one to stay at Rika’s apartment, and there wasn’t no mention about this.
  • But, come to think of it, this kind of information shouldn’t be easy to find out, right? Oh shit…
  • But your father being a criminal doesn’t really bother him, he would be terrified about him even if your father were a geologist or whatever.
  • The guns and the whole atmosphere on the house is very familiar to him… it reminds him of… oh no! He can’t go there on a moment like this!
  • “So… if this isn’t the one who kidnapped my daughter. Seriously, sweetie? Stockholm Syndrome? I thought I taught you not to fall in love with criminals…”
  • “W-Well, sir, there’s also Lima Syndrome, when the kidnapper is the one in love…” oh no, Saeran… please keep quiet…
  • “How romantic, huh?” your father scoffs, Saeran feels the air escaping from his lungs for a moment, no… no no! Stay calm, Saeran…
  • Dinner is being a disaster, your father keeps glaring and insulting Saeran on his usual passive aggressive manner. You look at Saeran, you’ve seen him like this before, he’s…
  • “He’s having a panic attack!” you jump out of your chair and go to him, your father never seen you move so fast.  He observes you helping this kid telling him to inhale and exhale like he learned in therapy… what’s going on?
  • “Thanks a lot, daddy!” “MC, calm down… I’m okay…” “No, Saeran, he has to listen! Dad, if you can live in peace with your own crimes, good for you, but not everybody is capable of. You see this guy here? He tells me everyday how much he regrets the things he did. I’m able to forgive the men I love, I did it with you, why wouldn’t I do for him?”
  • “You’re… in love with me?” “I already told you that, Saeran…” “Yeah, but if you’re saying in front of you father, you really mean it…” “Well, yeah, I meant before too…”
  • Then your father realize this is just a very lost kid, like he used to be when we was younger. Your mom passed away very young, so he always wondered if she would be able to make him regret it and have a normal life. He’s so glad your mother’s kindness lives through you and if you’re so willing to heal this guy, who is he to get on the way?


  • He’s very happy when you tell him your father wants to meet him.
  • And he doesn’t seem to mind your father’s job. “If he was able to raise such a wonderful person like you, he’s not bad at all. Who am I to judge him, anyway?” This guy…
  • And he doesn’t even flinch when your father shower him with threats disguised as questions. “Do you know what people like me do when their loved ones disappear?” “Are you really that insane to show up here like nothing happened?”
  •  “Daddy, please stop…” “I’m just trying to understand what’s gotten into you, sweetie. This older blind guy and… you? I’m sorry to say, but I never knew you had so much daddy issues…” “What are you even saying, dad?”
  •  “With all due respect, sir, daddy issues most of times implies that the daughter seeks for his father features on men she falls in love with. For what I can tell, you and I are nothing alike.” Oh no… V being passive-aggressive gives you the creeps more than all these henchmen…
  • “You’re right, I’ve never put her in dangerous on purpose. You, on the other hand, allowed her to stay at a place where I know it happens to have a bomb, correct?” “Yet, she claims she’s never felt safer, that says a lot about your own household, no?”
  • This polite fight is driving you insane. How can they discus about you like if you were not even there? “SHUT UP YOU BOTH! Dad, you have every right to be mad, but you should know this man here was doing his best to make sure that, whatever was happening, I wouldn’t be hurt, and he didn’t even know me that well… and V, please don’t talk to my father like that, he’s just as scared and worried as you were, and please, don’t ever talk about me or my life as if I couldn’t speak for myself.”
  • “I’m so sorry, love, I had no idea I was acting like that!” he rushes to hug you and keeps apologizing, your father wonders if this man is real…
  • “Sir, I sincerely apologize for my behavior. I know exactly how it feels wanting to protect someone you cherish this much. Just know you raised an amazing woman with the most beautiful soul and I deeply respect you for that.” Your father thought you were the one in danger? Now he feels sorry for this poor man having to handle your temper… and nah, he can’t possibly be real, can he?

anonymous asked:

Slightly different flavor of Langst. He knows the team cares about him but for a mission, he has to break their fucking hearts and lie to them to get in good with the galra. The mission goes great and Allura (Coran? Shiro? I'd prefer not shiro but realistically I think it's unavoidable that he'd find out) inform everyone that it was a trick. But then Lance seriously doubts if they like him because he really did put on a good show and everyone is wary

OHHHHHH I really like this concept!

“Can you all shut up for 5 minuets. I’m not lying, this isn’t a prank, I never liked you guys. After learning about the galra I know that they treat people better than you all.” Lance’s voice crackled in everyone helmets. 

“Shiro I don’t know why you were chosen to be he Black paladin, you can barley keep Keith under control. You just appeared and excepted all of us to follow you blind.”  

Shiro’s eyes widened at what Lance said. “Lance where is th-” He never got to finish his question since Lance moved on to the neck person. 

“Keith, I have no idea why you are begging me to stay. You are part galra. Shouldn’t you be with your kind? You always beat me in everything, and you always make sure I’m aware of it. Sometimes I just wanna talk to you, not be compared to you.” 

Keith wanted to scream, Lance had no right to say that to him. “Lance, I’m not go-” Keith was cut off but Lance, just like Shiro. 

“Pidge I don’t even know why you care. You never even give me more than a glance most days. I’m sorry I’m not a genius, I’m sorry I’m annoying, but I’m still a teammate, family. It really fucking hurts when you treat everyone else like a brother except me.” 

Pidge nearly snapped her neck trying to get her helmet off. Her breath was ragged, she didn’t know what to think. She always included Lance. Why was he saying she didn’t? 

“Finally Hunk.” there was a slight pause, like Lance didn’t want to say what he was about to say. “Best. Friends. For. Life. My. Ass. You replaced me like everyone else. You went to Pidge over me, I get it you have more in common. But we have memories. You just caste them aside like there were garbage. That hurt man.” 

Hunk was crying, he didn’t want to hear that. He couldn’t bring himself to defend himself. 

“So now you all know why I want nothing to do with this team.” Lance cut of connection to the team before they could say anything and flew Blue into he waiting Galran Ship. 

“Paladins you must come back to the castle. We must leave.” Allura’s voice blasted over the coms. 

“But Lance!” Shiro still wanted to bring him back. 

“He made his choice, we must go.” 

Reluctantly they all flew back to the castle, leaving Lance with the Galra. 

Keith stormed to the bridge, he came face to face with Allura and Coran who didn’t seem as worried as his team was. “What the hell was that?” Keith didn’t want to scream at the princess but he couldn’t help himself.

“I’m sure Lance had his reason to do it.” Coran twirled his mustache. 

Keith stared at Coran in disbelief. “How can you say that so calm? Lance willing went to the Galra with open arms.” 

“Keith we are aware but we can’t do anything about it now. Now go clean up.” Allura was not going to deal with this. 


Lance was brought in front of Prince Lotor. 

The Prince looked at Lance for a few second. “Bring him to my chambers.” 


Lance spent the next few weeks by Prince Lotors side. Both of them figuring out ways to destroy the Galran Empire from the inside out. 

“Ah I can’t do this anymore!” Lance chucked the book he was reading across the room and dragged his fingers down his face. 

Prince Lotor glanced up from the book he was reading “Lance, your princesses orders were very clear. I believe that we are close to finishing our plan.” 

“I know! It’s just, I can’t shake the feeling that I really hurt my team. I told them things that weren’t even true, and they probably believed me.” Lance put his head in his hands.

“Lance.” When the galra received no response he sighed and walk over to the boy. He sat down next to Lance, and placed his arm around him. “I know that this is hard on you, but once the team learns what you did, they won’t be mad at you.” 

Lance started to shake and Prince Lotor pulled him closer.


About a month after Lance left the paladins were all woken up by the lions roaring.  They all rushed down to their hangers only to find the all the lions surround the Blue lion. The Blue lion was unharmed and seemed to be telling the other lions a story. 

The paladins shared a look with each other. If Blue was here, so was Lance. They all took off running to the bridge. 


“So you say that this plan is full proof?” Coran questioned as he rotated the hologram Lance had set up showing a galran ship. 

“Yes, Prince Lotor and I made sure we covered anything that could have went wrong.” Lance crossed his and stared at the two Alteans.

Princess Allura started at the map a bit longer before she smiled. “Lance you did better than expected. This plan is flawless. I’m happy that we were able to team up with Prince Lotor to create this.” 

Lance slightly smiled at her. 

“Lance are you alright? He didn’t hurt you right?” Allura took a few steps over to Lance. 

“No Prince Lotor took care of me, it’s just I hurt my team.” 

Allure and Coran shared a worry glance, they knew exactly how the team felt about Lance. Coran opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by the paladins sprinting into the room. 

They all stopped to catch a quick breath. Keith noticed Lance and wasted no time punching him in the face. 

Lance fell over and held his chin, fighting back tears. 

“What the hell are you doing here? What did the Galra not care to your every need?” Keith went to go grab Lance again but was stopped by Allura. 

“Keith enough.” 

“Why, Lance hurt us, why can’t we hurt him?” Pidge glared at Lance as she spoke. 

“Pidge! I’m sure Lance can explain why he is here.” Shiro narrowed his eyes at Lance who was starting to stand up. Lance looked at his team then stared at the floor. He couldn’t do this. 

“Well if he can’t explain himself, he can just leave.” Keith shrugged Allura off. 

“That is enough!” Coran caught everyone’s attention. “Instead of jumping to conclusions, I want you all to consider why Lance did this.” Coran receive only silence form the paladins. 

“Why did he do it?” Hunk asked looking anywhere but Lance. 

“For this.” Allura gestured at the hologram. She walked over to Lance and made sure that he was okay. 

“What is it?” Shiro asked as he stared at it, trying to put the puzzle together. 

“It’s a map to take down any Galran ship. It includes exits, where information is store and weapons. Lance designed this plan along side another Galran. However he could only design this plan if he got inside a ship. The only way to do that was to not have anyone follow him when he headed towards the ship.” Coran spoke clearly making sure every paladin understood what he was saying. 

“When did you talk about this plan?” Keith asked while looking at Lance who was still staring at the ground, fist clenched. 

“The night prior to the mission Lance left, Lance mentioned that his sister was an acting teacher so he picked up a few tips from her. In my honest opinion he almost fooled me when he started talking about you guys before he left.” Allura placed a hand on Lance’s back and gave him a small smile. 

Lance didn’t even look at her. They still hate me. They hate me. I hurt them and they won’t forgive me. 

After a few minuets of silence Shiro cleared his throat “Thank you Lance, you did excellent on this mission.” 

Lance nodded as a thank you and looked up at his teammates. “I’m sorry I said all of those things to you. I just wanted this mission to go well. I hope you’re not mad.” Lance left before anyone could tell him whether or not they were mad. 

Whoa…I really like these ideas. 

Thank you for this!

I hope you like it!!

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lutz0660  asked:

Wondering, how do you get away from over planning? At some point I got trapped in this never ending cycle where everything is so over planned I feel like I am hitting brick walls at every turn! How do I stop? How do I fix it and keep my story line?

Overplanning Your Novel

I got stuck in a rut like that myself last year. See, my problem has always been that I didn’t plan enough, and I’d get halfway through my draft and have no idea where I was going. So I started planning, and I kept planning, and planning, terrified that if I didn’t have a solid plan before I started writing, I would wind up in the same boat I was before. But it was getting more difficult to visualize the complete story with nothing but detailed scene notes and fantasies of what crucial plot points would look like. I was lamenting my frustrations to a writing friend one day, and she offered me a wise suggestion. Why don’t you just start writing it anyway?

This can be overwhelming advice. Especially when we writers have a penchant for ignoring one of the most crucial parts of the outline - the beginning. Where does the story start? What is my character doing? Is the villain already after her, and if so, how do I show that? How much do I explain? How can I “start writing,” if I don’t even know how or where to start?

Not to mention, that first scene in some ways is supporting the entire story. Because without a good first scene, the rest doesn’t really matter. That first scene leaves an impression, and it’s often the reason some readers stop or continue a book. 

I don’t say all this to put extra pressure on anyone. I’m just saying that we’ve all been there with that first scene, and it can often stop us from ever moving forward. 

So when she told me I should just start writing anyway, I looked at my outline. And yes, it had holes, and yes the climax was kind of fuzzy, and hell yes the backstory wasn’t completely clear. But when I read through what I had, I realized I actually did have several consecutive scenes that made up a fairly big chunk of the novel. I may not have known exactly what led to this chunk of scenes, or even what came after, but I estimated that I probably had a month’s worth of writing material to keep me occupied. 

I picked a scene in the middle of my outline, and I wrote it. When that scene was finished, I continued to the next scene, and so on. If I had no idea what the next scene would be, or if I was simply frustrated with it, I’d consult my outline, find a new scene, and jump to it. 

That’s the beauty of having any kind of outline - you no longer have to write in order. The outline helps your brain understand approximately where these scenes will go in the finished product, and, when applicable, what scenes will come in between two scenes that you’re currently writing.  

And somehow it kind of worked, which surprised me. I spent the entirety of NaNoWriMo writing random scenes from my novel, completely out of order, and those written scenes acted like magical story cement, filling in many of the cracks and holes in my plot. The backstory tightened up to accommodate plot twists I hadn’t planned until I was writing them, and as I spent more time with the characters, my excitement for the climax grew, and I felt more invested in working it out. And most importantly, that opening scene started to become clearer.

In conclusion…

After that self indulgent speech, let me bring it all together for you. Planning is great. Planning helps our project grow and evolve. It helps us understand where it’s going and why we’re writing it. Without a good plan in place, our writing can be aimless and wandering, and the story might never reach a logical and cohesive conclusion. And yet..

Writing is also great. Writing helps our project grow and evolve. It helps us understand where it’s going and why we’re writing it. Without writing, our plan is just a plan, and it will never become a story. 

If you’re concerned that you’re over planning, stop yourself. Right now. Look at what you have. Count how many detailed scenes you have figured out, and then estimate how long it might take you to write them all. A week? A month? Two months? Give yourself a deadline, and then work on writing those scenes before your deadline. I promise you, you will end up with at least one scene that wasn’t in the outline. And sometimes one scene is enough to completely change your thinking and affect the way you move forward with your planning. 

And of course, once you hit that deadline, take a moment to refresh. Update your outline, tidy it up, delete scenes, add scenes, and then go from there. Hopefully the time you spent writing will leave you in a much more optimistic place than you are right now. 

Good luck!


For some more insight, I highly recommend @theticklishpear‘s post on World-Builder’s Syndrome….and really any other post you find in their series archive.

Mr Mysterious || Jimin


Summary: You’ve heard your fair share of rumours about Park Jimin. And while being roommates was not an ideal circumstance, maybe it would clear the air between what you knew and did not know.

Word Count: 2,040

A/N: Returning to your scheduled updates - I’ll try and throw out a couple of To Do List scenarios today just to speed things along. And of course the first update is a combination of Roommate!AU and Mafia!AU - because what else do I actually write on this blog? dont mind the slightly rushed ending plz kthnx

“Are you sure you haven’t noticed anything suspicious about him? Because don’t be afraid to tell me if you have; what is said between the two of us is completely confidential.”

You refrained from rolling your eyes and instead opted to smile kindly at the older RA. “Nothing besides the fact he doesn’t wash his plates.” You answered, attempting to diffuse the tension with your humour.

Bora huffed and folded her arms. “Well if you do-”

“I’ll be sure to tell you if Jimin does something out of the ordinary, don’t worry.”

She pulled her lips into a tight line and sighed. “You’re a good kid [Y/N]… Enjoy your day.”

With a wave, you shut your dorm room door behind you and sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose as you looked to the figure passed out on the couch.

“You owe me, Park Jimin…” You grumbled, more so to yourself than to him, before you stalked away to your respective bedroom to get ready for your lecture.

You weren’t too sure with what your roommate did with his spare time. You admit you were concerned, a bit too invested if you were completely honest, and that alone somehow compelled you to keep lying to your dorm’s RA.

Bora meant well, you knew that, but for some reason you didn’t want to rat Jimin out.

If you did, he would never forgive you.

And despite the lying and the secrecy, you were perfectly fine with the dynamic you had going with him.

Your friends? Not so much.

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"you were the lilac blossoms of spring and i was the glistening, murderous lava, yet you still loved me" prompt based-ish on your header image ((it's so cool!! i can't tell what it is but it's so cool!!)



Seung-gil glanced up as a body draped over his back and a camera appeared in front of his face. He barely had a second to blink before the flash went off, blind him momentarily.

“Wǎan jai,” Phichit whined, “Why didn’t you smile?” His boyfriend of two years whined before getting off his back and appearing beside him with a pout and his phone inches from his face.

“What does that mean?” he questioned while bending down slightly to get a better look at the photo. He didn’t mind the photo, it was rather cute. Phichit on his back with an arm around his neck grinning wildly for the camera which he stared blankly at. He made a note to try and send it to himself next time Phichit was separated from his phone, maybe he would have the chance tonight if Phichit fall asleep before him.

“What? Wǎan jai?” Phichit repeated while closing the photo and slipping it away. He hummed softly in confirmation, earning a bright smile in response.

“It’s just an endearment. Nothing bad, promise!” Phichit said with a wink before leaning up on his toes to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“Endearment,” he mumbled while quickly grabbing Phichit’s hand before the tanned male could slip away.

“Yes, endearment. Use one on me,” Phichit gasped, looking up at him excitedly. He stared down at his boyfriend as a light blush covered his cheeks.

“You want me to use-“

“To use an endearment on me. Please!” Phichit begged. He stared down at his boyfriends face for a moment before gently squeezing Phichit’s hand.

“Yobo,” he said ever so softly.

“Again.” Phichit demanded, startling him.

“Yobo,” he repeated, clearly and a little louder this time.

“Again.” He raised an eyebrow, not understanding why Phichit wanted him to say it again.

“Chagiya,” he said instead, earning himself an excited look.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you speaking Korean?”

Seung-gil couldn’t help but snort and shake his head in amusement.

“Lilac,” he stated simply, earning a confused look from his boyfriend.

“That was in English?” Phichit said hesitantly, clearly not sure.

“Yes,” he hummed before pulling Phichit closer, “but you are my Lilac.”

“Why a lilac?” Phichit questioned while wrapping his only free arm around his neck, holding them closely together.

“You are my lilac blossom of spring,” he mumbled while pressing their foreheads together.

“Oh? And what are you?”

“Glistening, murderous lava,” he replied while letting his eyes slide closed.

“Huh?” Phichit mumbled, confusion clear in his tone.

“You are my lilac blossom of spring and I am the glistening, murderous lava. And yet, you still love me.” He mumbled, content to just stand there pressed against his boyfriend.

“Where did that come from, you dork?” Phichit chuckled before shoving him back a step, he opened his eyes just in time to watch Phichit grab his face in both hands and draw him into a deep kiss.

“But I love you too,” the words were mumbled against his lips and they tasted so sweet.