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Look on the bright side: your girlfriend is a hairy man, you're only a lesbian on a technicality, the two of you are really just a cishet couple pretending to be LGBT for victim points, but it must be so reassuring to your mother that this is all just a phase you're going to grow out of.

I love how you literally know nothing about my girlfriend, her identity, or what she looks like. or any of the other women I have dated. nor do you know about my mother. you look like an idiot. 

based on your message, it’s pretty clear that you are not willing to change your analysis on trans women and their position within gender, but even if your politics on that were an accurate or ethical picture of things (they are not), this behavior would still be disgusting, and it would still be creepy as hell to somehow claim that trans women do not suffer oppression, or are not extremely vulnerable. not only that, but you are so obsessed with hating that vulnerable group that you are willing to dehumanize anyone who interacts with or has a relationship with them.

you pretend in your head like my entire life boils down to something you think you know about a current relationship. you forego thinking of me as a person who has had many experiences with attraction, relationships, and identity in my life. and there’s no use trying to contextualize the rest of my life or my gf’s life for you either, it isn’t worth it when you wouldn’t care.

you wouldn’t care if I had dated 26 cis woman. you wouldn’t care if every woman I dated up until now had been cis, or about any of the homophobic trauma I have been through recently or in the past. none of it matters to you because you are so obsessed with hating this vulnerable group of people that you have come to a conclusion about me from some source about who I am dating, and have ceased to see me as having any self determination or complexity because of it. you take free license to presume 96 things about my attraction and my past / future relationships, and you harass me about it. look at yourself. it’s sick that you hate a group of hypervisibly marginalized people that much, that you dehumanize not only them but any person who you think has ever had a human relationship with them.

once again though, you know nothing about her or myself. I hope you grow and become better and realize that many people suffer for many different complex reasons, many of them in ways that are not about you, that you will never go through. I also hope you learn not to harass strangers, is it worth a political statement to assume things about a teenager’s private relationship on the internet when you know jack shit?

me: you know what’s funny about watching cody and obi-wan interact with their squad vs watching rex and anakin interact with their squad ? cody and rex are both clear second in commands and are respected just as much as the general they serve under but also cody and obi-wan 100% have their shit together and rex and anakin 100% do not 

kells: ok but that’s literally it like cody and obi-wan have A Plan and it’s Clear Cut and they get the job done and then you have rex and anakin like ‘hold my beer’

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I'm so jealous you met Reba!!! I love her!!

She was SO lovely!  I was getting into an elevator and she came in, so I held the door for her and her assistant. I smiled really big at her, but didn’t say anything because… I didn’t know what to say!!  “I’m a big fan” or “You’re adorable” seemed inappropriate, as did raising my arms and singing “Fancy.”

So she actually started talking to me :)  Chit chat stuff, nothing important, things you say in an elevator. Then she said “I’m Reba and this is Carolyn, what’s your name?” And I just… you have no idea!  Something so sweet and simple absolutely made my day!  MY WEEK!  

We joke about clear skin and thriving crops, but I swear to god that’s how it felt!

While rehearsing at SNL, I often wonder, “WWID?” or “What would I do?” because the answer isn’t always clear. I want to do things “the right way” and make everybody happy, but when I do, I usually fail. I’ve generally done better when I tried to ignore how I think something “ought” to be done and just listened to the bizarre little worm that lives in the apple of my heart. Be still and listen to the worm—unless it’s telling you to do something illegal.
—  Kate McKinnon, occasional lifeguide

I think my favourite thing about Bubbline is that in the first episode that made it clear this is going to turn real gay real fast (What Was Missing), the characters still had their initial traits. Princess Bubblegum was this perfect little princess who always gets everything she wants and everyone adores her. Marceline was this “dark and mysterious” ancient vampire who’s oh so cool and nonchalant, but also a terrifying force when angered.

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And now we see so much deeper into their characters. Bonnibel is actually almost as old as Marcy is and she’s been hardened into a ruthless despot, who is ultimately well-intentioned but also goddamn scary sometimes, and above all so, so deeply flawed. Marcy herself is still the lost little girl she was when she turned immortal, her blasé attitude is actually just a defense mechanism and yeah, she’s still a powerful vampire, but also a precious awkward potato most of the time.

Maybe even better than all this is the fact that they both helped each other develop. Bonnie is less tense now and focuses more on her personal relationships and sees beyond the masses of her citizens. Marceline was briefly mortal again thanks to PB and is vastly better at handling her emotions and maintaining her relationship with others.

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These two are amazing.

On who tf is Rose Quartz.

Are we ever going to know the truth? That episode was basically a feels scape tube so the story can move forward and progress without having a protagonist in a state of stagnation.

BUT, it also pops the question: Are we EVER going to get the truth about Rose? O this ep, Steven calls her a liar, an affirmation that is never fully contradicted in the remaining of the episode, but it’s not exactly validated either, as Steven retracts of what he said. So we still don’t know just how much of a liar Rose was?

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In the episode, we are presented with a Steven’s version of Rose, based on what he’s heard of her: Kindness and dorkiness and eternal marvel of earth and living beings on it; but it’s also made clear that we’re NOT seeing Rose Quartz. And the things that weigh on Steven’s mind, the calirification we need on where she stood regarding things like shattering and plotting and lying and deception, are- once again- left unresolved.

This could mean that 1) Rose is a Dumbledore figure and we’re eventually going to get insight on her plans and her mind, either by first hand (a diary or something), second source(someone who knew, like Snape in HP); or someone just being really smart and figuring it out. OR

2) She’s NOT a Dumbledore figure and we’re actually NEVER going to find out  if there is even an ulterior motive to anything she did. We’re only ever going to know her by tainted versions of people who met her.

The past episode’s narrative seems to hint at the second option, Steven experiences something he’s been yearning for, but it doesn’t move “The Rose” plot any forward. And at the end of it, Steven yells at a hologram version of his mother- which is him basically yelling at himself- makes relative peace with the burden placed on his shoulders by her, and leaves that part of him behind in the subconscious (The Room).

Only to have us inmediately introduced to Steven’s “real” family, his present family: Dad and the CG, they remind us that these are the ones that matter, Steven’s look of nostalgic gratitute reinforces us that even though Rose is gone and that weighs on Steven, whatever happened with her doesn’t really matter because she’s gone, there’s nothing anyone can do about it, and sometimes, you just have to let things go and accept what you have and focus on the present, you know, no use on crying over spilled milk.

What the show could be trying to tell us, should this be true, is that shit happens, sometimes we (Steven) can’t get the whole truth about a person or situation, sometimes things will remain blurring and incomplete, and it’ll have to be enough for us (Steven), move past that, and get on living with the doubt. So you’re gonna live with this particular doubt for ever.

Just a thought i had.

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she told her life coach about her “history” with rory and he told her that her “life journey” with rory “was not complete” so she forced her dad to call yale and ensure that she would be sharing a bedroom with rory like just to be very clear about what is happening here

Let me make ONE THING very clear, I will not condone ANYONE that makes excuses for what Caroline Flack did and continues to do to Harry.


This was THE DAY before Louis’s first contact with Eleanor’s cousin:




Is that clear enough? Both things were set up WITHIN A DAY. Caroline tweeted that because SHE ALREADY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN BETWEEN HER AND HARRY. She had *just* been hired to star in the Xtra Factor:

on 29 July 2011, Harry was not “almost 18″, like some people are trying to claim:

Meanwhile, Caroline Flack was:

Their ‘relationship’ officially ended in early January 2012, while Harry was STILL SEVENTEEN and she had been 32 for two full months.

More so, Simon Cowell could not *make* Caroline do anything. She wasn’t an artist signed to his label, she was a TV show host. Those two are vastly different things. The contracts are not the same. I have never heard in my life of a TV show host that’s in her thirties being forced into fake relationships. I have heard COUNTLESS stories about young musicians (or even actors for certain companies, such as Disney) being pushed/forced into it.

Even MORE so, Caroline signed with the Xtra factor less than two months before the thing with Harry started, so if she agreed to do a job in exchange for closeting a seventeen-year-old boy she’s even more disgusting than I thought.

A consensual real relationship with a large age gap is not the same as closeting a minor against his will to gain something for yourself. If you defend the latter just because the offending part was a woman, lemme tell you that that’s not what feminism is about. Thanks.

Taking a moment to appreciate the fact that when Chloe tells Beca that Titanium is her lady jam and that the song “really builds,” she actually makes the universal jerking-off motion with her left hand. (And I would so love to know whether that was something that was scripted, whether it’s something the director decided on, or whether it’s just something Brittany Snow threw in there.)

I mean, this is a character who not only walks into the shower of a total stranger and immediately tells that stranger which song she masturbates to, but in case the point wasn’t clear enough to Beca, she then acts it out by miming the diddling. 

I feel like everyone always agrees on what a sweetheart Chloe is, but not enough people grasp just what a fucking weirdo she is.  Chloe Beale is a freak.  I love her so much.

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Oh great Lord Seddm, I have a crazy idea. Toffee was Eclipsa's lover but in the picture he was painted as a horrible monster to cause fear, and when Eclipsa got freeze, he wants to save her so he was waiting for a "good"queen to talk about this: Moon, but it didn't work and, well, we know what happened.

It’s possible, even more since it’s clear that Mewnians are prejudiced (we’ll see if rightfully or not) against Eclipsa, but I don’t think so: while we still haven’t seen a whole shot of Eclipsa’s chapter in the show, just parts of the pages, this post by the prop designer shows that there’s the same monster from the tapestry on it, in the chapter written by Eclipsa herself, so that’s probably what he really looked like.

Still, the flashing images seen in Into the Wand might suggest that there’s a connection between Toffee and Eclipsa.

just so we are clear
  • What Allura is more than her ships post means: No matter who Allura ends up with on canon, it does not make her character any less. Whether it's keith, shiro, shay heck even lance, pidge or hunk, or somebody else, (preferably) another alien princess (I would ship the fuck outta that heck if I had to trade all my ships for this), she is still Allura.
  • What it does not mean: You can hate on Kallura or Allura ships you don't like just because
Allura is not racist

Hello guys, let me introduce myself: I’m a bisexual, black girl from a Third World country. So I’m very familiar with how people hating you for your gender, skin color and sexuality feels like. I’m very familiar with how a genocide looks like.

After Voltron season 2 released people get wild and started a true witch hunt towards Allura, everybody with the same damn thing: she’s being racist with Keith. I’m not gonna start with what was behind her reaction cause I think everybody that have something called brain in their heads already get it… if you don’t, read this is just a waste of time to you. But let me make some things clear:

- ‘Coran is not hating him, so the fact that galrans killed their people is not an excuse’ good job on telling how someone should feel about, you know, everybody that you knows and loves brutally murdered. Coran is way older than her, he has more experience, what makes him wiser and reasonable… she still a teenager that loves flowers and sparky things so if you expect she reacting in any other way you’re insane cause she just don’t have maturity enough fot it. Zarkon was a close friend to her dad, probably someone that the whole family loved and trusted, alteans and galrans builded the Black Lion together and they were betrayed in the end. A few nice galran aren’t enough to help her deal with this huge trauma (trauma that she wasn’t able to face yet cause since the moment she waked everything the girl did was fight and control the castle)

- ‘Pidge lost her dad to galrans and shes not hating Keith’ her dad and brother can be both alive and well; back on Earth her mother is okay and she has friends that are doing fine, she has a HOME. Allura lost EVERYTHING to Zarkon and his army, EVERY. SINGLE, DAMN, THING. Keith was well in the academy for being the best pilot, well know for Pidge, so of course is easy for her to see that he’s far from what we have seeing from galrans, but for Allura he’s just a guy that she barely knows for a few months - he keep the knife a secret this whole time for a reason, Keith himself knew the fact that he could have galra blood could put the trust on him in risk, he knew that was expected.

- ‘her apology wasn’t enough’ sweetie, you’re completely wrong and I’ll explain why: when someone give a half-assed apology for a minority is something like ‘That wasn’t my intention’ ‘ I was joking’ ‘I’m sorry, wrong choose of words’ we’re used to it and we get when the person is just trying to act cool… but when is someone saying I’M WRONG, I WAS BLIND, YOU STILL YOU, THE PERSON I KNOW AND TRUST, DOESN’T MATTER YOUR BLOOD well, the things are just different. What more you want from her? She kill herself in shame? She get down on her knee begging forgivem? Just cut the crap.

- ‘the arc was a parallel to racism/ coming out/ something similar’ not saying it wasn’t, but interesting how people just jumped to the conclusion that its all about Keith and thats it. We don’t know yet if he’s one of the lgbtq+ characters (I’m hoping he is, but we don’t know) what we know is that this girl just have to deal with a huge fight, with a huge responsability that put her mind and body on stress everytime, and a HUGE lost. Maybe, just maybe, the arc was about a pretty great character development where to keep fighting and in the right way the princess should deal with her feelings and accept that the alteans fate is not a duty for all the galrans, but Zarkon’s sin. Maybe, the arc was about being bigger than hate and not a victim of it… and tells me alot the fact that part of the fandom is not seeing it.

Now we let these things clear, lets talk about the big elephant in the room: racism. Tumblr is a great place when people talk openly about their fears, their angry with society problems and empathy in general. Because of this probably a few fellas think they know how be part of a specific minority feels like when they have no idea:

- racism is know you’ll have to straight your hair everytime you have an interview or another important appointment 

- racism is watch how you talk everytime you’re out of home cause people always twist your words

- racism is freeze a little bit when you’re on street and see a police car

- racism is the instinct to lower the head and pretend to be invisible everytime a group of white people cross your way, specially if they look rich

- racism is never be alllowed to get mad, even when you’re right to get mad, cause ‘poc have such a temper’ 

- racism is hear bad “jokes” about your race your whole life and when you say something is like ‘wooooa, you don’t have humor, whats wrong with you?’

- racism is hear bad “jokes” about your race your whole life and when you make one about white people is like ‘wooooa, these stereotypes aren’t cool’

- racism is know everytime a poc is on tv she’s a bitch, a poor thing that can’t defend herself or the violent character

- racism is know everytime a poc model in on magazine, her beauty will be described as ‘exotic’ or ‘tropical’

- racism is what KILLS MY PEOPLE

Racism is not angry stares or someone being rude for two days cause they’re confused, feeling betrayed. Racism is make the person feel like NOTHING. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So watch out before start using this word that means a lot for poc, real people, just as an excuse to hate a fictional character in a pretty careless and disrespectful way. Specially a representative fictional character like Allura. I don’t care if her behavior is out of the “Space Mom” thing, I don’t care if her bond with Keith make you worry about your shipp, I don’t care if you “have to protect your spacial babe” even if that means be really unfair with another character, racism is a real thing and not some silly joke to be used when you want to.

I hope this helps people to understand and think about their actions a little bit.

LOVED the “oh, I thought you did something clever, but now you explained it so it’s not.” And I also loved how Sherlock’s reaction to it was to make the man’s wife into Mary: a murdering super-spy who’s been lying about her identity to her husband for their entire relationship. But then there’s, like…no reaction from John. He just laughs, like, “Ha ha, hilarious, I also have a murdering super-spy wife who lied about her identity for our entire relationship, ha ha ha. Then she killed you, remember that? That was good times!” ANYWAY I love that Sherlock just had this whole scenario in his brain ready to be rattled off. I love how quick on his feet Sherlock is to fit the mold people think he should fit. Like, when he tells Mary he tracked her down by eliminating possibilities or whatever. It’s clear that he knows exactly what people expect out of him and he rattles it off so easily, because he’s just that good at playing the role people expect and hiding who he really is underneath it all. Sherlock is so very good at spinning the plates people think he ought to be spinning.

Sword Oratoria

So awhile back I picked up the first volume of the Danmachi spinoff LN in a buy two get one free sale thinking that it was a manga. I was initially disappointed because I didn’t really want a LN at the time, but since I bought it I figured I might as well go ahead and read it. 

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s certainly not the pinnacle of fantasy writing, but I was engaged in the story and wanted to know what was going to happen next. I appreciate that in the spinoff it focuses on Aiz and her familia doing badass things in the dungeon rather than Bell being a newb and getting stronger. Aiz is already basically a god among men, and it lets the story go somewhere different than the original. 

While the writing is for the most part fairly simple (though I suspect this is partly because of it being translated and also that LNs are typically aimed at a younger audience and tend to not use a lot of advanced Kanji, which probably translates to the somewhat punctual and simple sentences that LN translations seem to have) the author has a real knack for describing large scale tactical battles. Sure Aiz is pretty OP and well wreck things, but in the really lower levels of the dungeon if they don’t work together and have a strong battle plan they’re just gonna die. 

I also appreciate that in the LN the world is fleshed out a lot more. World building is one of my favorite things in a show or book, and the Danmachi anime didn’t go into too much depth about the various things. The LN goes into much much more depth about how all the systems work, the various familia, cool little things about the world and so on. Also the dungeon is just fucking cool. Each floor can be completely unique, with almost no restrictions placed on what it has to look like or be which leaves the author with incredible freedom to dream up the wildest floors they possibly want. 

I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy this book very much, but it’s a solid fun read. Something like a 6-7/10 if I’m going to give it numbers. If you liked Danmachi at all, or sort of liked it but wanted a different view of the world this is a nice book to pick up. Only the first volume has been officially translated, but they seem to be coming out with new official translations every couple months. I’m sure there are fan translations floating around too, but I haven’t looked for them. 

So ya, fun book. There is an anime adaption scheduled sometime this year too. I think next season, but maybe the one after. That should be fun. 

valentine’s day is a terrible day to confess your love

“So,” Maki raises an eyebrow, one hand on her hip and the other playing with her hair in that annoying gesture she always, always seemed to do when unimpressed. “What’s this, exactly?”

Nico hadn’t really prepared an answer – with chocolate in both hands, she would’ve thought the answer to be clear as day. Then again, Nozomi had warned her that probably the only person more dense than herself (thanks, fucker) was the girl in front of her, so, well, perhaps she should have planned for that.

Not that any of Nico’s plans had been going right today, mind you, so what the hell was a plan anyway?

“Uh,” Nico stumbles over words and over herself as she struggles to maintain balance, realising she’s reaching out a little far and Maki still isn’t reaching back to take the chocolates. She maintains eye contact for another few painful seconds before the other girl looks away, turning up the left corner of her mouth and creasing her eyebrows. Nico sweats.

“Uh,” she repeats, hands all damn clammy now, goddamnit Eli why did you make this sound so easy – “Chocolate.”

Maki stares at the poorly-wrapped chocolate sitting in Nico’s palms. It’s probably melting, considering just how unfortunately moist her hands have become under the stare of the most unsettling first year this side of Akiba.

“Homemade,” Nico adds, as if it weren’t perfectly obvious to all who had functional eyes that yes, the slightly melty brown stuff was chocolate, and yes, the clumsy wrapping probably indicated it’d been wrapped by hands equally as clumsy. Maki’s eyes are disconcerting, glancing to the chocolates, to Nico, to elsewhere and back, again and again.

Eli never mentioned just how nervewracking this would be. Nico couldn’t even imagine confessing to that sneaky asshole Nozomi – then again, those two were so incredibly disgusting with each other they probably spewed rainbows from their mouths and made lilies bloom around them when it finally happened.

No, the only thing blooming was the anxiety in Nico’s stomach as Maki continued to be evasive, leaving her standing in quite the uncomfortable position, prostrating herself. Then again, maybe this was just her fault because she’d kinda just shoved them in the girl’s face instead of doing something normal like saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or “I’m deeply in love with you, please marry me” or “I am so desperate to get in your pants you’re so hot it kills me I’m begging you”.

“I can see that,” Maki finally says, nodding to herself as if yes, that cleared everything up. Which it didn’t. Probably. You could never really tell with redheads. Or Makis. Or redheads named Maki. Yeah.

Nico wonders exactly how she’s going to explain this to the terrible two she calls her buddies – how she’d completely thrown any semblance of The Plan out the window the moment she’d frozen up until a purple gaze. Then again, The Plan had sort of been a wash from the beginning, considering how every time she’d tried to corner Maki alone in order to enact The Plan, some annoying ginger had waltzed along and ruined her chances of enacting The Plan (Nico made a mental note to kick Rin’s ass, later).

“So…” Maki trails off, halfway between making eye contact and staring at Nico’s open palms, still. Nico jolts back to life, stumbling over words and trying to make sense of her oh so conveniently clumsy tongue before –

“Valentine’s Day – Happy Day. For you. Yes.”

Ah, perfect. Just how she wanted to say it.

Before she trails away to curl up and die somewhere in a hole, Nico debates how best to ask Nozomi to scatter her ashes.

Maki, bless her, looks about as embarrassed for Nico as Nico feels herself, and blushes some pink that probably pales in comparison to the apparent luminescence of the shorter girl’s face. Seriously, she should be charging for the light she’s putting out.

“These are,” Maki hesitates, “for me?”

Nico nods, thanking whichever merciful god decided to give her a helping hand in the form of at least one of them being able to form coherent sentences. She doesn’t trust her own tongue to do the same, considering her last shameful display.

“Oh,” Maki says, voice cracking and freezes. Well, no, freezes is probably a little soft – it’s more like she self-destructs in a gentle, contained kind of way. Her face blossoms into a pretty miasma of blotchy red, and her limbs seize up, hands paused in front of her and mouth just a fraction agape.

Nico would have laughed if she weren’t in the exact same situation, so she instead opts for mumbling “Here,” and storming off.

She finds Nozomi eavesdropping behind the school wall, who promptly guffaws.

“I can’t breathe, Nico,” she wheezes, five minutes later. Nico stands there in despair.

Ten minutes later, Nozomi still isn’t together enough to stand.

(Maki drops the chocolates three times before managing to regain function of her body.)

“I’ve always been a part of you.”

So, the fact that we know this isn’t Rose makes this even sadder.

Because this is something Steven thinks. He wants to believe that Rose still lives inside him. He wants her to.

Jesus Christ.

This shot is so…. haunting.

He’s alone. Not even the room is there for him.

Interesting that Rose is surprised about this.

But yeah….. this was all just hopeful thinking.

Oh dear god no.

Oh fuck me this is the storm isn’t it.

“You locked Bismuth away because she wanted to shatter gems and never told Garnet or Pearl about it!”

Well…. I was expecting someone to utter these words at some point, I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

I think I left my thoughts exceptionally clear about Bismuth and what she deserved (hint: something better than this)

Seriously, just…. fucking unbubble her already. 

I guess this is indirect confirmation that Rose shattering PD happened AFTER the whole Bismuth situation.

It was still pretty obvious but this is good to hear.

Also yeah, she did do that. I still believe it must have been necessary, otherwise Rose wouldn’t have considered that option, but you know what? She was free afterwards.

Guess who wasn’t.

The scenes were fucking perfect man. Perfect. Daryl was holding back his feelings the whole time
When he was with her
And it was so clear
The contrast
Between him with Richard and what Daryl said to him and to Morgan at the beginning, and how the whole episode was a love letter from him to her
And when he is in front of her he almost broke
The way he asked why she left
The way he had to break the hug because you can see that in the first one he was so broken and the second one he just wanted to
So it was beautiful
The way they kept looking at each other
While he ate

And dude
Carol doesn’t give two shits about zeke
She totally totally melted with him there
And it was fucking beautiful how she opened up to him
And she almost called him back
She almost went after him
And she nuzzled him while he put his lips on her shoulder.

This is me basically dying, I think you can hear the sounds.


okay but have you considered little old lady fanclub

(because if there’s one thing conversations with my grandma and her crew at the old folk’s home has made clear to me it is that polite young people with nice arses are a desirable commodity at all ages)

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So Sasuke told Sakura "you're annoying." 3 different times.. how do you think the meaning behind it is different each time? PS I love your blog! You do such an amazing job at analyzing stuff!

The manner in which its meaning changed each time he said it is easy to tell due to the context of the conversation and his facial expressions (but many antis just pay attention to the words and nothing else; go figure). The first time he said it, he actually meant it:

Sakura was being a little ignorant of the hardships faced by orphans, which was rather insensitive of her considering Sasuke’s own status as an orphan. Thus, he called her annoying, and rightfully so.

The second time he said it was more of a tease than anything else, which was again made clear by the context but especially his expression; that’s not the face of someone who’s annoyed. He said it to indicate to Sakura that what he said earlier, regarding how he didn’t remember that day by the bench, was actually a lie; he remembered it as vividly as she did:

It still baffles me that some antis actually still think he meant it here, and even the next time he said it. The 2nd time Sasuke calls her annoying, it was very similar to the manner in which Shikamaru calls Temari a “troublesome woman”; in other words, it was almost more of a satirical gesture. This was his face leading up to him calling her annoying the first time:

He’s looking at her with clear discontent as Sakura makes light of being an orphan. Contrast that with his face leading up to the 2nd time he called her annoying:

He’s deep in thought, contemplating a multitude of things because her words make him falter and doubt his resolve. There’s no malice or scorn in his expression like there was the first time. This expression is soft, regretful, but determined to realise his ambition.

The 3rd time he said it was mainly due to her words causing him to falter again, and recall the love he felt from his family; she was causing him to remember the past love, a happy life, all things that he was now trying to sever his ties with because he believed those things were out of his reach:

And even though he had accepted that, for the sake of his revolution, he wasn’t necessarily happy about it. He was aware this path wouldn’t bring him happiness; he agreed with Sakura when she told him that in 181, and his face here just proves it. It was literally the exact same, pained smile that Sakura had displayed earlier during the war:

That should tell everyone something about the inner turmoil within Sasuke, and how much the curse of hatred was influencing him. You’d think antis would get the same message, but some just refuse to acknowledge the significance of the curse.

But yeah, that’s my take on the matter :)