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Throwin’ the Bones

Of the divinatory techniques with which I am familiar, bones are my personal favorite. Yes, they have that very witchy vibe – but it’s more than that; the bones are honest. They don’t sugar coat, and while they have to be interpreted, once you know how to read them – there’s little room for interpretation. They are very direct and are much better suited to answering yes or no questions than tarot. With a little imaginative methodology, there few questions the bones can’t answer. And even fewer they won’t answer (as tarot cards can be known to do). A few examples of things I think the bones are better at answering than tarot: questions involving time, questions regarding health, sickness and maledictions; they present a broader grasp to any given situation – incorporating things outside of the question presented and how these things relate to the question or the reading, showing the interconnectedness of life – and how these things all relate back.

Our countless cultures have countless methods for collecting and reading the Bones – and I can only rightly attest to my own methodology: one in which the Bones need not necessarily consist solely of bones, but a collection of gathered trinkets and curios, all with their own meaning, their own story and their own energy. My collection consists of: bones (bare and painted), coins, stones, shells, jewelry, twigs, buttons, animal teeth and other squabbles. The only rule I implement is that the item can be easily gathered and (safely) tossed without breakage or injury (save your razor-blades and glass shards for witches’ bottles!).

Collecting the Bones and Bobbles

Most any small bones will do, though its recommended that you use bones that haven’t been cooked, as cooked bones have a tendency to get very brittle – especially in the case of chicken, which is quite common. In my collection I have a number of different animal bones: most are chicken, but I also have some raccoon and possum bones, as well as teeth and claws. I built a “base” of bones, but am continuously adding or replacing as I see fit.

A short list of “Bones” I like to include – most of which serve as my “base” bones:

  • Self Bone – used for the reader
  • Other Bone – used to represent another person or the person you are reading
  • Magic Bone – represents the need for or use of magic
  • “Evil” Bone – malicious or hateful acts, disadvantageous behavior
  • Love Bone – represents romantic love
  • Male Bone – represents male fertility, masculinity, sexuality or a man
  • Female Bone – represents female fertility, femininity, sexuality or a woman
  • Health Bone – represents physical or mental health
  • Wealth Bone – represents financial standing or monetary issues
  • Family Bone – represents familial connections or a family member
  • Fate Bone – represents destiny and your lifepath (I use a shell for this: open side up means an event can be altered, destiny is not set in stone; open side down, this path must be walked – prepare in lieu of fighting)
  • “Key” Bone – (I actually use a small key) which represents the key to any given situation, the remedy or problem at hand and its cause

This list is by no means comprehensive and I have many more bones in my collection with more menial meanings. This is simply a small list of options to be added to and adapted by whosoever casts the bones.

Reading the Bones

There is no right or wrong way to read the bones, there is simply your way and their way. Below I will dictate how it is that I do a general reading – again, this is just an example of one way, take and adapt to fit your own unique style or tradition!

  1. Begin by collecting your bones into your hand. I keep mine in a leather pouch, but don’t like to toss them directly from the bag as it doesn’t allow for much control – i.e. the bones fall out either in a massive, unreadable pile or they fly out in such a scattered way nothing is close enough to read. Throwing them from the hand allows for a rather contained casting, and one that can be read easily. I do not include the Self or Other bone, instead, the Self Bone is placed before the caster and the Other Bones is placed either in front of the person you’re reading for or simply in the middle of the casting area. When reading for yourself, place the Self Bone in the center and discard the Other Bone.
  2. Throw the Bones. This can be done on a square of cloth on which a circle (or any number of complex shapes) has been drawn or simply upon a flat table. If throwing in a circle, discard all bones that fall outside of it. These bones are null for the reading, though they can also be read as “far from the person’s mind/current situation.”
  3. Interpret the Bones. This is done by noting the location and connection of the bones present. For instance, note the Love Bones proximity to the Other Bones and the Male Bone. This could be interpreted as being the male love of the querent – but if the “Evil” bones is introduced, this could symbol ulterior motives or a hostile or explosive relationship. Read based on both their proximity to the Other Bone – the closer, the higher priority the matter is – and their relation to one another. It’s very much like investigating a big puzzle, putting it together piece by piece to form a comprehensive understanding of their life or situation. Also not their relation based on the third dimension: x bone seems to be overlapping y bone – is the x issue eclipsing an underlying problem or truth represented by y? It depends. Only through practice will you find clarity.
  4. Convey the message. I always like to spend a few moments making a variety of “hmm” noises when reading for others – it builds up their anticipation. Or you can throw in the occasional gasp or snarky smirk. Their responses are usually hilarious – even more so when yours are genuine! If you are reading on your own, it may be a good idea to sketch out a general map of the readings as opposed to taking a picture as often bones overlie others, which makes for a rather misleading photo representation. You might also find jotting down notes rewarding, especially in synthesizing a cohesive read.
  5. Once you’ve garnered all the information you can from that particular toss, feel free to specify: take the bone/situation you wish to examine and toss the rest again over it/them, reading the others through that particular lens. I.E. Who is this person mentioned? What are their qualities? What is the nature of this love? What magic is being referenced here? Follow that rabbit hole as far as you wish, building your understanding.

Do not be afraid to adjust your style! Want to narrow down a time frame? Make a sort of timeline with the bones. Wish to determine the source of an ailment? Shape the bones into the form of a body. I find the bones allow for far more creativity and ingenuity than cards. And above all – TRUST YOUR GUT.

Photos: These are photos of my “base” bones when I first started reading; since then they have probably doubled (if not tripled) in number and do not incorporate my other animal bones, claws or teeth. 

Gotta Go Fast

Overview: Sam helps the reader work on her cardio… “helps.”

Characters: SamxReader, Dean being snarky on the side

Word Count: 1,526

Warnings: mild language, tomatoes, running (always a warning), fluffy fluff

A/N: This was written for @pinknerdpanda‘s Birthday Celebration Challenge. The happiest of birthdays to you, my lovely sunflower! My prompt was: I think running is wrong, unless professionally or as a child. I picked this prompt because it resonates within the depths of my soul. Hope you like how all the crazy turned out, Manda ;) (And, as always, special thanks to my letter checkers @wheresthekillswitch & @hannahindie. I would be lost without them.)

“Dean, I’m telling you, a tomato is a fruit.” 

Dean scoffed, “Please. A tomato goes in salad. Salad is rabbit food. Rabbit food is vegetables. It’s a logic circle, Y/N.” He spun his finger in the air to emphasize his geometric statement.

I pushed my mug back and leaned forward on my elbows, “So if it goes in salad, it’s a vegetable? Hands down. No exceptions.”

Dean nodded and took a bite of his scrambled eggs.

“Then explain strawberries in salad. Or, better yet, fruit salad.”

He paused mid chew, took a moment to let my statement sink in, then pointed his fork at me, “Momentary transformation.” 

“So now we have a food identity crisis on our hands?”

“Y/N, I’m telling you-”

“Hey guys.” Sam briskly walked into the kitchen, his entrance stopping Dean from continuing to defend his non-existent correlation.

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Drunk and Disorderly

Originally posted by clarkegriffm

Request:  Would you do a Bellamy x Reader with prompts 41, 43, 59?

41- “My life is my own to ruin” // 43- “I’d rather caress my asshole with a chainsaw” // 59- “Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds”

Word Count: 2,176

“A party?” Bellamy asked as Y/n carried a large load of wood to the blazing fire pit. The atmosphere in the camp was unbelievable. The delinquents were celebrating a defeat against the Grounders with their first ever Earth party. Monty was making moonshine, teams were out getting meat, others were getting a bonfire ready, and others were creating a playlist.

“Yes, a party.” She replied, throwing the firewood into the pile. She brushed her hands off on her pants.

“And whose idea was that?” 

“Mine, actually.” She smiled triumphantly up at her best friend. He didn’t look impressed. “Oh come on! We deserve to have some fun!”

He rolled his eyes, but continued to help her grab more firewood. “I’m not disagreeing. I just know how you get around alcohol.”

She put her hands on her hips and tried to play like she was offended before breaking her cover by smiling. “My life is my own to ruin, thank you!” She enunciated the ‘th’ in ‘thank’.

“Are you gonna try to kiss me again?” He smiled cheekily. Y/n reached out and punched his arm. She got flashbacks to the last time she and Bellamy got drunk on the Ark, and they kissed because someone told her she couldn’t.

“Are you gonna let me kiss you again?”

He held his hands up in mock surrender. “Touché.”  

Jasper, in his goggles and too long of arms, came jogging over with a look of pure joy spread across his face. He caught the end of Y/n’s comment and tried to hide the questioning look on his face. Y/n opened her mouth to respond, but Jasper spoke first. “No need to explain. Alcohol is a dangerous mistress, which is why I need you, Y/n Y/l/n, to promise me you won’t let me make a move on Harper.”

She raised an eyebrow at her friend, “Just her?”

Jasper nodded and smiled again. “Yep, everyone else is fair game.”

“I bet a week’s work that you don’t make out with anyone.” Y/n teased. She knew Jasper well enough to know he couldn’t say no to the bet, but he also couldn’t keep his lips to himself when drunk. Jasper groaned, but agreed nonetheless. Y/n beamed with excitement, for the bet and the party. Everyone had been so tense since they got to the ground that a party seemed to be the only way to relax.

The rest of the day was spent preparing for the party. By night fall, they had enough alcohol to kill a few horses, enough food to last a month, and enough excitement to shut out any dangerous creatures lurking in the shadows. Per Bellamy’s request though, a group of guards would rotate on watch throughout the night, on the chance someone attacked.

Y/n had taken a bath and put on her cleanest pair of clothes she had. She had Octavia braid her hair, too. Dressed to the nine’s, she was ready for the party. She exited her shared tent with Octavia. People surrounded the fire and a giant tub-like container that was filled with moonshine. The crowd looked at Y/n expectantly. Since she decided to have the party, they decided she needed to make a toast.

Jasper handed her a cup, and Bellamy helped her up on a log they were using as a bench. She whistled to quiet the crowd and smiled when they all looked at her. She didn’t feel nervous in front of this group, as she was one of their leaders. She scanned the crowd and the shining, smiling faces.

“It’s been a long road, my friends, but we’ve come a long way. We built this camp, defeated the Grounders, and got communication with the Ark back. We’re some bad ass bitches!” The crowd cheered. She glanced down at Bellamy, placed a hand on his shoulder, and squeezed. She cleared her throat to continue, “Tonight, we are not some weak delinquents banished to the ground. Tonight, we are not scared children cowering away from Grounders! Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds! Cheers, my friends. Let’s party!” The crowd roared, everyone clinking their glasses to their neighbors’. Y/n touched her cup to Bellamy’s and Clarke’s before tipping it back and downing the contents. The alcohol seemed to immediately affect her system. She cheered and jumped off the log. Music began playing and the crowd started dancing.

The day turned to night, and Y/n downed her fourth cup. She sat in a group, playing truth or dare; it was mostly ‘dare’ though. The dares ranged from stupid things like eating something gross or stealing something while someone wasn’t watching, to making out with a friend or playing seven minutes in heaven. It was Y/n’s turn to pick and her victim was obvious.

“Jasper, truth or dare?” She asked with a devious look on her face. He gulped nervously.

“D-dare.” He stammered.

“I dare you to…” She paused and searched for someone else to torture, “kiss Monroe.” Even drunk her knew not to say ‘Harper’, but Monroe would at least mean he’d lose the bet.

Jasper chugged his drink and stood up confidently. He drunkenly walked over to Monroe, grabbed her cheeks, and pulled her into a sopping wet kiss. The group started whooping and hollering, only getting louder as Jasper got closer. He sat back down with a thud and growled at the still laughing Y/n.

“Okay, Y/n,” Jasper said, “Truth or dare?”

She put her game face on and smiled, “Dare, duh.”

Jasper thought for a second. He perused the camp when his eyes landed on Bellamy. “I dare you to make out with Bellamy.”

She sent him a look that could kill. She knew this was about the conversation he overheard earlier. But if there was one thing Y/n was not, it was a quiter. She placed her cup on the ground and stood up from her spot. She strolled across the camp over to the drop ship where Bellamy was leaning and babysitting his drink.

“How many have you had?” He asked his drunk friend. She laughed loudly.

“Uh…like four cups.” She slurred. Bellamy opened his mouth, but Y/n said first, “It’s honestly not that much. How many have you had?”

“Second cup.” He tapped the cup with his pointer finger.

“Light weight.”

“Lush.” He retorted. He paused and smiled, “What do you want?”

“Why do you think I want something?” She crossed her arms.

“You left your group and they’re looking over here expectantly.” Y/n looked over her shoulder at the group gawking at the two. Jasper tapped his watch, like Y/n was running out of time.

“Jasper dared me to make out with you.” Y/n whispered as she tucked some stray hairs behind her ear. Bellamy laughed a little too hard and Y/n couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. Bellamy seemed to pick up on that very quickly.

He cleared his throat and tried to joke, “You don’t need to lie to me. If you wanna make out, just-”

Y/n’s lips connecting to his cut him off. Bellamy hesitated for a second before kissing her back. His hands found her waist and her hands remained on his cheeks. She tilted her head to deepen the kiss. Y/n wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or her that made the kiss seem so passionate. Her tongue danced around the edge of her mouth, trying to decide whether to turn the kiss into a full blown make out session or not. The still sober side of her said not to, and for once, drunk Y/n listened.

Y/n pulled away all too soon. Her breathing was fast and her heart beat like a jack hammer. She opened her eyes to look into Bellamy’s dark brown ones. She couldn’t tell if they held a look of surprise or embarrassment.

“I’m sorry” She breathed and unwrapped herself from Bellamy.

“D-don’t be.” He chuckled. “It was kind of nice actually.”

Y/n’s cheeks deepened to a dark red and she tried to ignore the fluttery feeling in her stomach. She hoped it was the alcohol making her all giddy.

“I-uh should- uh go back now.” She hurried away before he could say anything else to her. The group cheered loudly, but it all sounded muffled to her. She dared someone to pants Monty, but didn’t pay attention after that.

Finn had just called her name when Bellamy came over and joined the group. Y/n suddenly became very aware of everything around her, and the emotions running through her.

“Dare.” She said. The group cheered, knowing she was in for something special. Finn always had the hardest dares, but Y/n always did them.

Finn thought for a while. He hummed as he thought, clapping loudly when he decided. “I dare you to give Murphy a lap dance.”

A hush fell over the group. Everyone knew she hated Murphy, and that fact was written all over Finn’s face. He knew, he just didn’t care.

“I’d rather caress my asshole with a chainsaw.” She scoffed.

“You know the rules. Do it or drink.” Finn teased. Y/n traded a glance with Bellamy. She couldn’t help but notice the anticipation in his look. She grabbed her cup and handed it to Finn.

“Fill ‘er up.”

Finn beamed with happiness. He shouted to no one in particular, “Finally! A dare Y/n Y/l/n won’t do!” He thrust his fist in the air triumphantly.

“Yeah, yeah. Enjoy it while you can, Skywalker.” She rolled her eyes before chugging the completely full cup. She finished the cup in seconds and crushed it for dramatic effect. She was beyond drunk at this point, and Bellamy could sense it.

He strolled over to her during Octavia’s turn and leaned to her ear, “We should probably get you to bed. You don’t look so good.”

You don’t look so good!” She retorted. Bellamy helped her from her spot.

“Wow, you got me.” He grabbed her behind the knees and picked her up bridal style. She wrapped an arm behind his neck and buried her head into his neck.

“I’m sorry about kissing you earlier.” She drunkenly said.

He couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s okay. It wasn’t too bad…not as bad as a lap dance with Murphy would have been.”

She groaned and the way her lips brushed Bellamy’s neck sent a shiver up his spine. “Don’t ever talk about that. I will actually kill Finn.”

Bellamy entered his tent and placed Y/n onto his bed. She rubbed her tired eyes and glanced around the room. “Is this your tent?” Bellamy made a ‘yes’ noise as he took Y/n’s shoes off and threw them onto the ground. She propped herself up on her elbows and raised an eyebrow.

Bellamy noticed the look and shook his head. “Nope, you are going to sleep and that’s it.”

Y/n threw herself back onto the bed and sighed loudly. All Bellamy could do was laugh. He loved Y/n so much, and drunk Y/n was on another level. He pulled down the bed covers and maneuvered Y/n into the sheets. Bellamy turned off the light before climbing in bed next to her.

She rolled over to face him. They studied each other silently. Bellamy noted her tired, intoxicated eyes, the freckles on her face, and the lines surrounding her mouth from years of being a comedian. Y/n couldn’t move past his warm eyes, which felt like the only home she ever knew. She suddenly leaned forward and kissed the tip of his noise playfully. Bellamy chuckled in surprise.

“What was that?” He asked and wiped the wetness off. Y/n covered her grin and laughed into her hand.

If Y/n hadn’t been so drunk, Bellamy would have kissed her in that moment. He might have even tried to sleep with her, but he knew he couldn’t. Y/n deserved better than that. Instead, he kissed Y/n’s cheek, which caused her to stop giggling. In return, she kissed his forehead. They went back and forth with kisses until the only place left were their lips. Bellamy leaned forward, but Y/n stopped him.

He backed, feeling confused. “I wanna kiss you without the alcohol.” She sighed before turning over onto her other side. Bellamy smiled- she was so cute- and wrapped a hand around her waist and pulled her close to him. He kissed her behind the ear and she physically shivered.

He laughed. “Me too.”

Y/n placed a hand on top of his and squeezed. Their breathing fell in sync with each other and they started to drift to sleep. Before they did though, Bellamy began to chuckle.

“What?” Y/n asked.

“Did you really say ‘caress my asshole with a chainsaw’?” They erupted into a fit of drunk and drowsy giggles.

“Better than a lap dance with Murphy!”

Once they called down, Bellamy brought Y/n close again. “Anything is better than a lap dance with Murphy.”

“Wouldn’t mind a lap dance with you.” Y/n cheekily flirted. Bellamy snorted.

“Go to bed, Y/n.”

“Okie dokie…love you”

Y/n could practically feel his grin from behind her. “Yeah, yeah. Love you too.”


A/N: This is for the anons who requested, “is that my shirt” and “would you stop coming in through the windows-”. I hope you guys liked. It’s short but it’s enough for feels, right??

Summary: Zach sneaks in and scares the hell out of you.

Warning: CUTE ZACH

As Zach pushed his leg through the window of the girl he admired the most’s house, you stood in front of the oven downstairs, making your most delicious pancake & waffle mix.

He looked around the room and frowned when he couldn’t see you anywhere. But when he heard the music, he realised you were downstairs.

Zach quietly crept down the stairs, throwing a hand over his mouth when one of the last steps creaked. He silently thanked god for not catching your attention and crept closer to the kitchen.

You were listening to “Every Breath You Take” by The Police, singing and dancing along to the song. You giggled at your failed attempt that sat on the floor, which was the result of you trying to flip a pancake.

Zach smiled once your giggle ruptured throughout the room and stepped closer. “Pancakes at seven pm?” He spoke as he finally revealed himself.

You jumped and turned around, the pan flying out of your hand and onto the floor, next to the failed flip. “Zach! Fucking hell,” you gasped.

Zach giggled. “Oops..” He looked around the kitchen, noticing the mess on the floor. “What happened there?”

Would you stop coming in through the windows, it scares the hell out of me every time!” You scold as you clean up the pile of ruined pancakes. You walked past him to throw them out.

Zach looked at the shirt you were wearing and smirked. “Is that my shirt?

You rolled your eyes and bumped into him as you walked past. “Not the point, Herron. You have to stop coming through the windows. Especially since my parents love you, they don’t care whether you come over. Come through the door next time or I’m not going to make you leave,”

“Sorryyyy, your balcony connects to mine so it just works easier,” He shrugged, stealing a pancake. You slapped his hand away, but he successfully took one.

“You’re so annoying,” you huff, turning off the oven and giving up on making pancakes. “You owe me food, Zach,” you smirked as he rolled his eyes.

“There’s four pancakes there, eat them,” he pointed towards them.

“And my heart was in my chest until you came in and made it drop to my balls, so let’s go,” You replied, grabbing your keys.

“That’s kinda impossible, last I checked you’re a female,” Zach corrected.

“It’s a phrase, Zach. And what do you mean ‘checked’?”

“So uh, what do you want to eat..?”



Nurse Maximoff (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Request:@loverollyjoger: Would you want to do number one from the when you’re sick prompt list? For Peter Maximoff? Like where the reader is sick and she’s super independent and doesn’t want him to have to take care of her? (From this prompt list)
Word Count: 1027
Warning: fluff, Peter being a nerd, sickness??
A/N: Idk if sickness counts as a warning, but there is mentions of throwing up/nausea and shit which may bother people. Just something to keep in mind.
Tagging: @notsoprettykitty, @metuel16,
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((gif not mine, credit to owner))

                Winter had come full force, and soon the warm air was a chilled one. Snow piled high out the mansion, and walking beyond the gates was practically skating due to the thick sheets of ice. Most students stuck to the indoors, wrapped up in blankets and big comfy sweaters. The few that dared to travel outside usually were the ones who enjoyed the frigid weather, or regretted leaving the warmth of the mansion instantly. You were among the many hiding away in their rooms. You were hoping to stay warm this winter, and just study for the upcoming exams. But with cold weather, usually came the flu which you had sadly caught. At first it was just a crappy headache a running nose, nothing you couldn’t handle, but then came the nonstop cough and your eyes wouldn’t stop watering. You had wanted to stay in bed till it passed, but there was too much to get done and a cold wasn’t stopping you now.

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misskatieleigh  asked:

the last train to jedha (for the made up fic title)

Okay, this, to me, screams Old West AU, more specifically, a Magnificant Seven/Rogue One mashup. 

We’ve got Jedha, a small mining town that was happy enough once, prosperous enough once, but then wealthy industrialist Orson Krennic discovered that there was Niter in the coal mine. He muscled into town with his paid-off gang, the Death Troopers. Krennic locks down Jedha, his personal train the only fast way into or out of the town.

In this chokehold, people start dying, and eventually, longtime resident Chirrut decides that Enough is Enough and goes off with all the wealth the town has left to hire some gunslingers. 

Well, at first he’s just looking for one gunslinger. A gunslinger with his own damn gatling gun. He finds Baze Malbus, throws a pile of money down in front of him. “Jedha is dying. Is this enough to make you come back home and fight for it?” 

Baze looks at him. “Jedha hasn’t been home for me for a long time.” 

Chirrut sighs. “It could be, again. Please, come home. It’s been so long since you’ve left that I can’t even remember why. We were a good team, once. We could be again.”

Baze has never been able to say no to Chirrut for long. (it was part of the reason why he left) He pushes the money back across the table. “Alright. But we can’t do it alone. We need help.” 

They find law-abiding Marshall Cassian Andor first. Yankee Intelligence Captain in the Civil War, went into peacekeeping afterward. Never lost the taste for wanting to see Justice done. He knows it’s a lost cause, but he’s got some ideas. 

Cassian goes and sends out a message to Kate Euesso, his old partner in the intelligence game. Kate is an enormously tall woman (we’re genderbending! What even is a droid gender, anyway) who is good with her fists and even better with her rifle. Cassian pitches their lost cause, and she looks at him and says, “You know your chance of success is less than two percent and casualties are a certainty.” 


“Well, I’m in.” 

Their recruiting party is crashed by a young woman with a six-shooter at her hip and a truncheon in her other hand. She’s accompanied by a twitchy young man who nevertheless covers her back with quiet competence. “Name’s Jyn Erso. I understand you’re going after the man who killed my father. This is Bodhi Rook. He can get you in to Krennic’s base.” 

“Assuming they haven’t changed the codes. If they have, all I can get you is blown up.” 

And then Bodhi helps them hijack a train and they make it into Jedha and everyone does a lot of kicking ass and Baze finally confesses that his long love for Chirrut was what made him leave and they kiss in the middle of battle and  they set the town free. 

And despite being a mashup of two movies where everyone/nearly everyone dies in the end Gosh Darnit They All Live Because This Is My House.

Imagine...Getting injured on a mission and Eric freaks out.

Pairing: Eric/Sky Rating: M Warnings: swearing, some fluff. Enjoy :) It was supposed to be easy. In and out. No problem. But that didn’t happen. One stupid soldier had to “accidentally” let off a shot. Which sent a huge group of Factionless towards the group. You don’t know what real fear is until you are left alone in an alley badly injured without any reinforcements or shelter. This just had to happen to me my first year of leadership. I should have fucking listened to Eric. First year, paperwork, second year, initiate training. But no, he had to fucking bet with me. That asshole. I love him, but he is an asshole. Well, my asshole. My hot-as-fuck-asshole. He had told me to maybe not go on this mission, but I had to. It sounded easy. Just retrieve a shipment stolen from Amity. Of course my old faction couldn’t defend themselves. But these things never really happened. The Factionless were just getting cocky. It was a rare opportunity. But yet, I still find myself in this shithole. With a knife in my leg, a possible broken left wrist, a few broken ribs, and a bad cut on my forehead. Alone. In a fucking alley. Fuck my group. Bastards left me here. If I make it out of here alive, they are going to regret making it out alive themselves. Thank God for the walking talkies I had just been given for this mission. Only issue was that the Factionless broke mine when I was attacked. I lean my head against the wall and sigh. Eventually someone would find me, right? Yeah, a Factionless, you idiot. The pain is starting to kick in, too. Fuck. I grab the walkie talkie next to me and click it on. “This is Sky, over.” No answer, just static. “Fuck!” I throw the walkie talkie across the alley and run my bloody right hand through my hair. I grab the knife in the holster on my leg and manage to stab it through a wooden box on top of a pile of boxes to my right. I use the knife to support me when I stand. I moan in pain, but manage to steadily stand. I pull out the knife of the box and take one step. “Aw, shit.” I groan. I put the knife back in the holster and grab the only gun I have left. Six rounds. “Better count for something.” I mumble. I walk with the gun in my right hand, my left elbow as support against the alley wall. Step. “Fuck.” Step. “Fuck.” Step. “Mother fucking bitch.” Now I get why my dad didn’t like me joining Dauntless. My “potty mouth”. I scoff, “I could have turned out worse.” When I eventually reach the end of the alley, I lean against the wall and take deep breaths. I listen for any noise of more Factionless. But there’s nothing. I look down at my leg. Knife still lodged in there. That doesn’t look creepy at all. I would pull it out, but I don’t have anything to wrap around my leg to stop the bleeding. So for now, Betsy, the knife, has to stay. I can’t believe I named a knife. Out of everything I think about the while I sit alone injured in an alley. A name for a fucking knife. I exhale and decide to start making the trip back to Dauntless. It wouldn’t be that bad. Dauntless is only half a mile away. They don’t train you for this shit during initiation. I slowly but surely start walking. I know where I am. Just need to stay behind as much buildings as possible. The only problem with that was they were mostly run down. So much for cover. The walk seems like an eternity. Every sound would make my muscles tense, and my senses spike. Come on Sky, you’re Dauntless, act like it. I wonder if anyone thought I was dead. I wonder what those bastards of soldiers told Max and the others. I wonder what Eric thinks. I wonder if he even knows. Fuck if I wasn’t going to make it out of this shit for him. I want to live to see the day when that hot-as-fuck-asshole gets on his knees and asks me to marry him. If that day ever comes, Sky. Don’t get your hopes up. I mean, he does know I would say yes, right? Well if I don’t get out of this, he will never know. The sun is barely setting when I manage to make it to Dauntless. The stairs were a bitch, though. When I walk down the halls towards the infirmary, some people are also walking around and when they see me, they widen their eyes and quickly walk away. Fuckers. Don’t even offer to help. Probably initiates. Dauntless born would never act that way with their leaders. When I reach the infirmary, I see a nurse at the front desk. “Where the fuck is Maggie?” I yell. The nurse looks at me with wide eyes and stutters, “She is busy with another patient right now but…can I help you?” “Are you a nurse?” “Yeah..” she says warily. “Well then you can FUCKING HELP ME!” I yell. “Right this way.” She squeaks. She leads me slowly down the rows of beds until I reach an area in the back of the infirmary and she has me lay down on the bed. She closes the curtain behind her. I guess this is a private area for more serious situations. Or maybe for the leaders. “How bad is your pain?” “You’re asking me to fucking rate a knife in my leg from 1-10 like a little kid?” She hesitantly nods. “Fucking 10.” I growl. I take off my jacket, leaving me only in my black tangtop. “I’ll go get Maggie for you.” She scurries out, but then I tell her to come back. “Hey! Tell Max that I’m here!” She nods and all but runs out. Maggie, my friend who is a nurse, hurries in. “Oh my fucking God, Sky. What the hell happened out there?” She hurries to hook me to an IV and starts to clean and bandage the cut on my forehead. “Nice to see you, too.” I mumble. “What else hurts?” She says. “I’m pretty sure I have a few broken ribs and also I think I broke my left wrist.” I hold my wrist up and she examines it. “Yeah, its broken. Um, I’m pretty sure you’re going to need surgery for the knife. We might as well also bandage and try to mess around with that wrist of yours when you are knocked out. I won’t check out your ribs until you’re under anesthesia. Other than that, we will use medication for your ribs and the pain. I already had Angie page the surgeon at Erudite and he should be here soon. Sit tight.” “Okay. Hey, do you know about where Max is or any of the other leaders?” She shakes her head, “No. Max did hold a meeting with the whole faction earlier and he said that all leaders were to attend an emergency meeting at Erudite. He just said one leader had gone missing after a mission. Probably you?” I nod. “Did the rest of the group make it back?” “Yeah. Four took a head count and resulted in no one missing, except for you, of course.” I nod. “The group didn’t have any serious injuries for reason to stay here under further observation. Hang in there, Sky.” I smile, “Thanks. So that would mean that Eric is at-” “At Erudite, honey. I’m sure someone will tell him soon. Angie is trying to reach the surveillance room to see if anyone can contact any of the leaders there. From what I think, I am pretty sure Max held that emergency meeting to send a search and rescue team for you. I’m sure Eric is worried about you. But don’t worry, as soon as he knows you’re here alive, he will do whatever it takes to get here.” I scoff, “Yeah.” “And also beat whoever he has to in order to get here.” I smack her lightly on her forearm and laugh. “Yeah.” I mumble. She smiles and takes a syringe, injecting me on my forearm. “This is just for the pain. Lay back and the doctor should be here in about twenty minutes. Don’t worry, I’m going to take very good care of you, honey. If you need anything, just yell. I’ll be attending to my other patients. You okay?” “Yeah sure, go ahead.” She leaves and I lay back slowly on the bed. What I would do to be with Eric right now. God, I really love that asshole. Don’t let me die now. A few minutes pass while I listen to the chatter of the nurses. The curtains open and I see Four. “Hey, number boy.” I smile. He exhales and hugs me lightly. “I thought you were dead.” “Well, almost. It’s your fault I almost died. You didn’t do a very good job at training those soldiers. Bastards left me in an alley.” “Yeah, I heard. I’m really sorry-” “Oh, don’t be ridiculous. I was just kidding. It could have been worse.” His gaze wanders down to my leg. “Oh, her. That’s my friend, Betsy. We’ve been through some shit together.” “Why haven’t they pulled it out?” “I don’t know, I’m not a doctor. Maggie says it’s better to do it in surgery. Probably because she thinks it might have messed up some nerves or whatever. I don’t want to go through more pain for the day.” “Doesn’t the knife in your leg hurt?” “It did. The pain medicine they gave me a few minutes ago is really kicking in. I’m on top of the world right now.” “Nice to know. I should probably tell you about Eric, huh?” “Yes, you should. I would accept being Factionless if it meant getting to see his face when they told him I went missing.” He frowns, “That’s not funny, Sky.” “I know, I know. I’m just kidding. Gosh can’t anyone take a joke?” “Sky, you almost died today.” “Yeah, yeah. Wait, why aren’t you at Erudite?” “I’m not a leader. They didn’t need me there anyways. Max just left me in charge while I work in the control room.” “Ah, okay. Have you been able to contact anyone there yet?” “Yes. Max was able to be contacted. All of the leaders should be on their way back here. Don’t worry about Eric.” “It’s just that-” The curtain opens and Maggie comes in. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you had… company.” She warily stares at Four. “Is the surgeon here yet?” “Oh. That. Yes, he just arrived. I’ve been instructed to prep you for surgery. Would you mind stepping out?” “Yeah-uh- I’ll come by later, Sky.” “Okay. Try to find out when Eric arrives so they can tell me.” “Alright.” He stands and gives one last look towards Maggie, before leaving. “Alright, here is some anesthesia, which should take effect in about ten minutes. Since the surgery isn’t that serious, we could do it here. New medication allows for more surgeries to be done in non-sterile environments. Cool, huh?” She looks over at me after injecting me.“ “You slept with Four, didn’t you?” “What?” She frowns. “I’ve known you for quite a long time, Maggie. Four too. Did you sleep with him?” That’s when the surgeon comes in. “Hello miss…?” “Sky. Just Sky.” “Okay, Sky. This is a simple procedure. If it becomes more complicated, I will have you transported to Erudite. But for now, you seem stable. Any pain?” “Nope. I’m high as fuck.” “He smiles, "Alright then. We shall begin.” Maggie places a mask over my face while I start to feel drowsy. “How are you feeling?” “Sleepy.” “Okay, good.” “I still want to know when this is over if you banged Four.” She smiles. “Fine then. I guess that’s the least I could do for you after you’ve been through all this.” I smirk at her before completely blacking out. I wake up with the mask off, a hospital gown, and Betsy out of my leg. I also have a cast on my wrist and my ribs feel better. My hands are clean and I don’t see blood anywhere. The curtain opens and I see Angie. “I’ll go tell Maggie you’re awake.” “Thanks.” I mumble. She leaves and I pull up my gown. There is a big bandage where the knife was. “I knew you would do that. Always wanting to see some nasty things.” “Yup. You know me all too well. How did it go? Did you see my intestines?” “No, silly. Just your leg. The knife was lodged in pretty good, but when we pulled it out, there was no severe damage to any arteries or blood vessels. The cast on your wrist should stay on for a month. With weekly check ups for your ribs and leg. And your wrist.” She places a little bottle on the table next to the bed, “Take one of these when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at nighttime. That bottle lasts you three weeks. If you are still having pain, come back and I’ll have the doctor prescribe you more. Got it?” “Yeah, okay.” “Also, the doctor gave you a month off work. After that month is up, no physical work for two weeks. Try office work or something. No working out or running or climbing a bunch of stairs at once. If you are still having trouble, come back and he will give you another note for an extra two weeks. Got it?” “Shit, you’re worse than my mom ever was. And that’s saying a lot.” “I’m just glad you’re alive honey.” She kisses my cheek and smiles. “Oh, and Four said Eric is here. He just arrived about five minutes ago with Max and the other leaders. Who would you like to see first?” “Eric or Max. Either is fine.” “Okay, I’ll let them in when they arrive.” “Hey, are you going to tell me about you and Four?” She smirks, “Maybe when you’re feeling better.” She leaves. “Maggie! That’s not fair! You at least owe me that!” I whine. I sigh and lay back again. I’ll have to get her alone another time. Or maybe I would interrogate Four. “Where is Sky?” “In the back. First bed. Don’t startle her or anything.” I hear loud footsteps until the curtains open. Eric appears with Max behind him. My breath catches in my throat and my eyes tear up. “Ta-da! I’m alive!” I yell, waving my hands up in the air. Eric quickly walks over to me and engulfs me on a tight hug. I wrap my hands around his neck while his neck lays on my shoulder. “Fuck, babe. You scared the shit out of me.” His deep voice sends shivers down my spine. “Oh come on, I’m not that special.” I laugh. A lone tear escapes my eyes. Eric pulls away and wipes it away with his thumb. He smiles and kisses my forehead. Max comes over and also hugs me. “You did good, soldier.” “Well the actual soldiers, not that much. But I guess I did good.” He pulls away and sits on a chair to my left, while I scoot over and Eric sits next to me on the bed. He holds my hand, running his thumb on the back of my hand. “What happened out there?” Max asks. “A dumbass soldier accidentally let off a shot and a big ass group of Factionless came after us. The whole group left me in an alley after I fought off a few Factionless. There were too many, though. I didn’t have any backup either. But I eventually made my way over here. With a knife in my leg. But what the hell, it could have been worse.” Eric smirks and shakes his head. Max frowns. “You are one tough lady.” “Correction: I am one tough Dauntless.” He smirks, nodding. Maggie comes in and checks my vitals or whatever. “Hello Eric. Max.” They nod at her. “You’re not gonna tell me?” I mumble. “Nope. You need your rest.” “Oh come on! Isn’t that what best friends do? Confess their secrets? Trust each other?” “Yes.” “Well then tell me!” “Yes.” “Yes what?” She smirks. “You-” she covers my mouth. “Yes.” She whispers before heading out. “Maggie I’m going to need all the details!” “Almost died and yet you still manage to gossip?” Eric asks. “Oh, wait until I can use this against him.” “Against who?” “Stop being nosy, Eric.” He rolls his eyes before kissing the side of my head. “So what was the emergency meeting at Erudite for?” I ask Max. “To send a search and rescue team for you. I needed to know you were…dead… for sure. Or alive. The other leaders also had to be there to discuss the Factionless problem.” “But then I came back, alive.” “Good thing for that, too.” “How did the surgery go?” Eric asks. “It went good. The knife didn’t damage anything in my leg. Just have to take one month off of work and when I go back I have to go two weeks without anything physical.” “I’ll be making sure of that.” “You’re not my mom, Eric.” “Take as much time off as you need, Sky. You have been through more things than any leader or soldier here. Now, I have to excuse myself. But being the head leader here has its responsibilities. I’ll come by to check up on you, later.” “Bye, Max.” “Take it easy, Sky.” He leaves. “Feeling any pain?” Eric asks. “No, I’m fine.” He nuzzles his nose on my neck. “You’re moving in with me after you get out of here.” “No, I’m not.” “Yes you are.” “Why?” “I need to keep an eye on you. Make sure you’re taking your medicine.” “Ugh, okay mom.” He suddenly bites my neck. “Careful, Sky.” “Awe, am I worrying Big Bad Eric?” He pulls back to look at me in the eyes. “I almost lost you today.” “Everyone keeps saying that.” “Because its true. I wasn’t there to protect you.” “I don’t need you to protect me.” “I know you don’t.” “Then?” “I love you.” “Well, those are the things about love. You can’t stand to lose the other person. I can’t either, Eric. But all that matters is we are here for each other. I love you, too. With all my heart. The only reason I pushed myself out of that shithole is because I thought of you. You would never be able to break out of your shell to be with anyone else if I died. And I didn’t want to leave you alone. I at least wanted to try to…. to make it out alive. For you. Because I love you. That’s all that matters.” He smiles and hugs me closer to his side. “You and your heartfelt speeches.” “You love them Big Boy.” “You know what else I love?” “What?” He suddenly leans down and captures my lips in a hard kiss. I moan, laying my hand on his cheek. His hand grips my waist gently. His tongue dances with mine, exploring my mouth. He finally pulls away and kisses my forehead. “Stupid bandage.” He mumbles. I laugh. He ends up laying with me on the bed and cuddling with me for once. He is gentle with my wounds. “I love you, Sky.” “Wow, that’s twice in a day. I think you just set a new record.” “Don’t try me.” I laugh, “I love you, too.” We both fall asleep in each other’s arms. The End. Gif not mine so credit to the original owner :)

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ta-da: an introduction post

WHO AM I? Hi :) My name is Sonja, I’m a 20 y/o biochemistry student in my first year of uni (in Europe).
I’m a ravenclaw. A nerdfighter. A reader of many books. I also play the cello, so there might be some music/orchestra things on here.

WHY A STUDYBLR? Honestly, I need some motivation and some inspiration. I’m strugling a bit to stop procrastinating and just study, so I’m hoping this blog will force me to do so. I’ll also follow a lot of other studyblrs for motivation, so if you have a studyblr message me and I’ll probably follow you!
I’m looking for a comunity - if you want to be friends/study buddies throw something in my askbox or DM!

I also have a long standing but lately kinda abandoned general blog, which is a pile of fandom, art (sometimes even mine), and things I find interesting or funny. It’s @mermaidpaints​, if you want to check it out!

MY INSPIRATION - studyblrs I follow and find really nice (in completely random order): @emmastudies​, @architstudy, @studyblues,  @studyblrmasterposts, @annistudio, @isoscelus, @studyain, @studyquill, @rhubarbstudies, i’ll add more in the following days

A/N This is kind of short, but I felt like if i dragged it on it wouldn’t be as good. Hope you enjoy!

Y/D/N: Your Dog’s Name

Summary: Reader is Barry’s new girlfriend and invites the team/family over for a BBQ, only for them to be shocked that you have three large dogs.

Warnings: I don’t think anything lol

Barry Allen

Barry didn’t take you as a dog person, especially not one who would have three larger dogs as a part of your family.

He didn’t mind, of course, but when he and the team were invited to your BBQ they were shocked to see your three pets. When he walked into your house, even his super speed wasn’t quick enough to stop the Doberman from pouncing on him. Barry made a noise of surprise as he thought he was going to be attacked, preparing himself for any biting that would come his way.

Only he never received any. Instead, he was attacked by your dogs large, slobbery tongue. You groaned, attempting to pull your dog off,“Y/D/N, get down!” Cisco knelt down to pet your pit bull, who oddly enough looked as if she was smiling, while Joe and Iris couldn’t contain their laughter.

Your Dalmatian came walking toward the group with a toy in her mouth, and you grinned at your friends and boyfriend,“Well, the food is almost ready if you guys want to come out back.” They all nodded and followed you out to your backyard, dogs in tow.

“You know, I really didn’t take you as a dog person.” Barry spoke, walking up behind you as you pulled the last of the hot dogs off of the grill, kissing you on the cheek. You smiled up at him,“Why’s that?” Barry shrugged, taking the plate and walking it over to the table you had set up,“I don’t know, actually. For some reason you’ve just always seemed like a cat person, maybe it’s because you can be sassy like them.”

You laughed,“Hey! Dogs can be sassy, too! Just wait till you get to know mine, they’re hilarious.” He just grinned back at you, watching you hand out paper plates and cups to everyone around the table.

As everyone began to pile food onto their plates and fill their cups up with lemonade, Barry couldn’t contain his smile. He watched in happiness as you talked and laughed with the people he held so close to his heart, and he laughed along as your pit bull snuck up and grabbed your hotdog out of your hand, making you throw your hands up in annoyance but give the other dogs hotdogs too (because it wasn’t fair that only he got one).

Barry wrapped an arm around your waist, feeling your Dalmatian stick her head in between the two of you, causing you to wink at Barry,“Sorry, babe, you’re gonna have to share me with them.”

He had no complaints, having a feeling he’d become quite fond of the dogs you called your family.

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Macdennis 4 "Will you just hold still?"

“Will you just hold still?”

Mac gets a better grip on Dennis’ thighs, bracing a knee against the rough wall. “Dude, I’m trying, okay? The ground is super uneven.”

“It’s not the uneven ground, for Christ’s sake,” says Dennis. He shifts on Mac’s shoulders, the muscles in his thighs working under Mac’s palms. “Just- stay still.”

“Do you see anything?” says Mac, pride smarting a little as he wobbles under Dennis’ weight. He’s sweating through the back of his shirt in the summer heat.

“The curtains are closed,” says Dennis, “I’m just gonna pop the window open. Hold still.”

There’s a grunt, and then Dennis overbalances. “Dude, be careful!” cautions Mac, grabbing Dennis’ flailing wrist, almost face-planting against the wall in front of him.

“Shut up, shut up,” hisses Dennis. He scrambles on Mac’s shoulders, kicking him in the side as he gets his upper body onto the window sill. “I got the window open.”

“Ugh, dude, ow.” Mac ducks away from Dennis’ flailing limbs, “don’t kick me, asshole!”

Dennis falls through the window with a thump, and then scrambles to his feet. His sweaty face appears in the window, looking down.

“Be quiet,” whispers Dennis, glancing furtively around the tiny back garden, “do you want us to get caught?”

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Mythical! AU BTS

Rated: M Light Smut

Word Count: 3388

A/N: So here’s a bit of a mystery.  It’s fairly obvious what kind of mythical creature some of the members are.  Though I did add a few things different than usual but I’m just trying to follow the dream I had.  You’ll just have to figure out who you’re with and what they are as you read.  Anyway this one is definitely going to have a very smutty part two to it coming up real soon.

Growing up next to Jeon Jungkook was kind of a blessing.  The two of you have been inseparable best friends your whole life.  When he decided to become a star you were nothing but support.  Though it did break your heart a bit that he would be so far away in Seoul.  

He was just as supportive of your decision to stay in Busan to stay with your family.  A few times a year you managed to make a trip to visit him.  If he were ever there to visit his family he always made a point to visit you.  

You are on one of those such trips right now.  Today is Jungkook’s birthday.  The long train ride north is finally coming to an end so you send a quick message to him.  

-15 mins till I’m at the Seoul transfer station. (3:02 PM)

-Perfect! We’re at the store now. Be home in about 30  (3:05 PM)

-See you soon!  (3:06 PM)

It didn’t matter how many times you’d made this trip you were excited every time.  Jungkook’s birthday normally consists of him spending the day out with his bandmates, spending the night with a special meal cooked by the group, cake, presents, and a movie night.  

You arrive in record time to their front gate.  After ringing the bell you announce your arrival over the intercom.  It’s hardly a minute before the gate opens and Jungkook is standing in the doorway.  

“Yay! You’re here!” He grins from ear to ear.  “What did you get me?”  He asks taking the gift bag from your hand as you come in the door.  “Wow not even a hug.  Today is really all about you huh?”  You nag as you slip off your shoes and set your bag down.  

As soon as the bag hits the floor he pulls you into a bone crushing hug.  “Sorry my sweetest friend.”  With his size he has no problem throwing you around like a little doll.  

“Me too, me too!”  “Hi Y/N!”  You hear from behind.  Instead of a body pile of boys squeezing you, Jungkook spins you both around and tries to escape the attack with your lifeless body in tow.  “Go away guys! She’s mine.”  Jungkook yells behind him.  

He only makes it a few more steps before the 95-line surround you in an attempted tackle and hug.  The only thing they succeed in doing is squeezing the life out of you.

Just about the time you think your eyeballs are gonna pop out like a squeaky toy Jin comes in.  “Boys let go of the poor girl.  You’re gonna kill her.”  The other three pout and step away but Jungkook keeps an arm around your shoulder with a smug grin on his face.  

“Thanks mama Jin.”  You say with a deep inhale.  “Welcome.  Now everyone but the birthday boy go wash up and get in the kitchen.”  Jin finishes and heads back in.  

Jin decides to pass his star pupil Namjoon to cake decorating with Jimin.  Hobi sets up decorations and keeps Kookie busy.  While you and Jin get busy cooking another one of your elaborate meals.  

The two of you work really well together in the kitchen.  Even if he is much older than you it never felt uncomfortable.  In fact you feel comfortable with all of them to different degrees.  That’s when it dawns on you that you hadn’t seen Suga yet.  “Is Yoongi napping?”  You ask.  “You know it.”  Jin chuckles.  

The aforementioned sleepy head comes into the kitchen just as you’re finishing up the cooking.  He stands there staring at you for a few minutes ruffling his hair.  He finally blinks and moves for the fridge.  

“Hey, Y/N.  I didn’t hear you come in.”  He mumbles while grabbing a drink.  “Yoongi I think you could sleep through the fire alarm.”  Jin says.  Yoongi only huffs and shuffles out of the kitchen to inspect the other preparations.

Dinner and cake were delicious.  You managed to mostly avoid the fray of flying frosting the boys were trying to cover Jungkook in.  Everyone gave their gifts and he opened some fan gifts as well.  It was normal for Yoongi to be quiet but usually he would quip in with a comment here and there at gatherings.  You couldn’t help but notice that he was especially quiet tonight and just looked down right exhausted.    

After everything got cleaned up everyone went to different rooms to make v app videos and tweets to wish him his online birthday.  That left you and Kookie with movie snack duty.  

You’re almost done setting out all the bowls when Jimin comes in and steals Jungkook away to shoot a video with him.  Jimin’s was the last so some of the boys had already gathered in the living room.  Tae and Jin were scarfing down a bowl of popcorn together while they waited.  

Another 15 minutes and everyone was done and ready for the movie.  Jungkook came in with the dvd of one of the newest Marvel films.  “Aw come on guys you ate all the popcorn already?”  He whines seeing the empty bowl on the coffee table.  The two culprits only giving the boy sly grins.  

“Jeez didn’t you guys eat dinner? Where do you put all this food?”  You ask.  “We’re hungry growing boys Y/N.”  Tae says with a mock serious expression.  “I’ll go make some more you guys get the movie started.”  You say taking the empty bowl away to the kitchen.  

You put the little bag in the microwave and lean against the counter to wait.  “Don’t scream.”  A voice says right beside your ear.  Despite what he said you jump and shout a little from being startled.  You turn around to see Hobi laughing at you.  “Oh my god you scared me.  I didn’t even hear you come in.”  He only laughs more saying sorry.  

His laughing turns to just a smile.  He moves close to you, crowding you against the counter.  Like you said you were comfortable with all the boys to a degree.  The only thing holding you back was Jungkook.  He never minded you getting close to the guys except for Hoseok, Taehyung, and Yoongi.  

For a reason he wouldn’t tell you, he always insisted you try to avoid them.  He always made sure you never spent too much time with them.  So in times like this where you’re alone with one of them you can’t help but feel a bit nervous but curious at the same time.  

“Can I ask you a favor Y/N-ah?”  Hoseok asks with a devious grin.  You know he must be up to no good but you nod your head anyway.  “I can watch the popcorn for you but could you go outside to get Yoongi for me?”  The request seemed simple enough so why did you feel like there was a catch?  “Um, sure I guess.  He’s outside?”  Hobi grins at your acceptance.  

“Yup just wanted some air before the movie.  Go tell him we’re starting.”  He leans in closer now to whisper in your ear.  “And it’s our little secret okay?  So go quietly.”  He moves away and gives you a wink before pushing you towards the door.  You give him one last questioning look over your shoulder.  He gives you a thumbs and a motion to keep going.  

Quietly you tug on your shoes and slip out the door.  It really was such a simple request.  You’re not sure why your heart is pounding a bit.  

You figured he’d be just outside the door on the porch but Yoongi is nowhere in sight.  You step off the porch and try to think about where he might be.  A few more steps and you get your hint.  The sound of a zippo lighter clicking open and closed can be heard around the side of the garage.  With soft footsteps you move around to the corner and peek around it.

“I know you’re there Y/N.”  Yoongi grumbles lowly.  You’re startled again.  How did he know it was you?  You move to be a bit closer before speaking.  “Sorry to bother you.  Hoseok asked me to come tell you we’re starting the movie soon.”  You try to sound calm and unfazed but your voice still manages to shake a bit.  

“Yea.  I figured.”  He says and slips the lighter into his back pocket.  He hasn’t even looked at you once since you’ve come out here but you still feel like a rabbit trapped in a snare.  For more than a minute he doesn’t move and almost looks like he’s fallen asleep standing there.  “Yoongi?”  You try softly.  His eyes are on yours instantly making your breath catch.  

It’s so dark you can barely see his face but you can clearly see his eyes.  Light brown almost gold in color with a soft glow like a candle about to fizzle out.  “Are you okay?”  You can barely get the words out.  Taking a tentative step closer he turns his face to look you dead on.  

Once again you’re frozen in place but your mind is racing.  The soft glow of gold fills your mind.  Images of Yoongi kissing you all over your body and fucking you roughly right there against the garage flash before your eyes.  His hot cum filling you feels too real and thrilling until he bites deep into your shoulder with teeth like a wolf.  

The pain makes you snap out of the illusion.  Your vision refocuses on Yoongi’s eyes.  The soft glow has all but faded away and his eyelids hang heavy.  The pain in your shoulder and the hot feeling between your thighs are somehow still there but are slowly melting away.  Shyly you blush and look away only to notice you are much closer than you were a moment ago.  

Your body is pressed against his with your hands clutched into his shirt.  You gasp and try to move away but he’s quick to grab your hips keeping them against him.  “Shh, don’t be scared.”  Yoongi pleas.  He moves one hand to gently hold your chin.  His other arm wraps around your waist.  

He moves your face to look at him again.  “You could see it right?”  He asks.  His lips are so close to yours that they almost touch as he speaks.  “You’re meant to be mine pet.  Please don’t fight it.”  Each word makes you melt into him more and more.  You feel dizzy and no words come to mind at all.  The only thing you can think of is kissing him.  He looks over your expression closely before leaning in to close the distance.  

The kiss is desperate right from the start.  Your lips touch for only a few seconds before tongues get involved.  You expect it to be rough like the vision but instead it is slow and passionate.  Your hands find purchase in his silver hair.  Yoongi feels like he can barely stay awake long enough to keep encouraging you to take control of the kiss.  

Yoongi’s hands are on your hips again.  You can’t help but moan when he grinds his hips into yours roughly.  He does it over and over slowly, letting you feel just how hard you make him.  

Back in the house Jungkook is sitting on the couch trying to wait patiently with everyone else for the three missing persons to come.  You had left to refill the popcorn maybe eight minutes ago.  “What is taking her so long?  Is she burning the house down?”  Jungkook grumbles to himself as he goes to investigate the kitchen.  

He opens the door to find something much worse than a fire.  You’re not there but instead Hoseok is leaning against the counter idly nibbling on the popcorn waiting for a second bag to pop.  

“Where’s Y/N?”  Jungkook asks barely entering the room.  Hobi turns around and gives the boy a sly grin.  “I had her do me a little favor.”  “Where is she hyung.”  Jungkook insists a bit panicked.  “I just asked if she could go bring Yoongi inside for me.  That’s all.”  He answers popping another piece of popcorn into his mouth.  

Now Jungkook was really panicked.  His hands began to ball into tight fists as he thought of the worst situation.  “Why would you do that hyung?!”  He asks.  Hobi just keeps smiling.  “Ey. It’s the new moon.  Yoongi’s practically harmless right now.”  Hoseok tries to convince the boy.  “Hyung. But you know how Yoongi feels about her.  How could you do this?”  The younger boys whines.  

“How could he do what?”  Taehyung asks from behind them coming into the room.  Jungkook groans and goes to put on his shoes.  “I had Y/N go get Yoongi.”  Hoseok says.  Taehyung giggles right away.  “You sly dog.”  

He goes over to get the popcorn bowl from Hobi.  The two look over as Jungkook opens the door.  “Be careful what you might run into Kookie.”  V yells to him on his way out.  The two boys laugh about their poor friends panic.  

“Do you want to go watch?  It could be fun.”  J-hope asks V as he pour the second bag into a bowl.  “Oh yes let’s.”  The two hook arms and scurry out the door in a fit of giggles.  

Yoongi’s kisses move away from your mouth to trail down your neck.  He mouths at you gently to not leave marks.  His hips never stop rubbing against you.  You thought you heard the front door close but you couldn’t seem to focus on anything but Yoongi.  

He takes a deep breath and growls deeply against your neck.  The sound comes from so deep in his chest you’re almost frightened.  Then he’s moving away and straightening out your hair and clothes.  “Kookie’s coming.”  He grumbles.  

That’s when you hear Jungkook call your name.  You don’t even think to answer only watching Suga adjust his own clothes.  He groans trying to hide his hard on.  He leans back against the garage wall just in time for Jungkook to come around the corner.  His cellphone light shines in your face making you wince.  

“Y/N? Are you okay?”  Yoongi scoffs at him.  “Yea Kook.  We’re uh.  Just talking.  Sorry.”  You clear your throat and try to sound like you weren’t just making out with his friend.  Jungkook moves closer to you to make sure.  Out of instinct Yoongi moves away from the wall and has to hold himself back from dragging you away from Kookie.  

Jungkook notices his movement and scans the annoyed look on Suga’s face. “You’re sure he didn’t hurt you at all?”  Kookie asks again taking a hold of your arm.  You could almost hear Suga grit his teeth.  “Yes I’m fine jeez.”  

“Aww that’s no fun.”  All three of you turn to see Tae and Hobi coming just around the corner.  “Jesus Christ did we need the whole damn search and rescue squad to come find me?”  Yoongi snaps at them.  Their smiles are gone in an instant.  

Suga would like to storm away and take care of his still pressing issue but he doesn’t want to leave you with Jungkook.  While Kookie is waiting for Yoongi to move away like usual.  The air is tense as the two stare at each other.  Kookie is tired of waiting and starts to drag you towards the house.  “Let’s go.  The others are waiting.”  Yoongi huffs and follows behind closely.  He hated the way Jungkook had his arm around you.  

The two jokers are quick to follow behind Yoongi.  “It sure doesn’t smell like nothing happened hyung.”  Hobi says sniffing at Suga.  Tae sniffs too.  “Yea I can smell Y/N all over you.”  That makes the whole group stop in their tracks.  Jungkook turns to give an accusing look at Yoongi.  You give a horrified look to the other two who are now sniffing all over Suga.  What did they mean they could smell you on him?  

“Oo especially your face.”  Tae adds with a giggle.  “Get away from me!”  Yoongi yells pushing their noses away from him.  It was all he could take.  “I’m going to bed.  No one bother me.”  He snaps at them before storming into the house.  

Jungkook’s accusing look  is now on you but you can’t bring yourself to look at him.  “I thought you said nothing happened?”  He asks holding your arms.  “Okay so we kissed a little.”  You mumble towards the ground.  “And you weren’t going to tell me?”  He shakes your arm a little.  You look up.  “I was.  Just not now Kook.  It’s your birthday I didn’t want you to worry about it.”  

Jungkook sighs and lets you go.  “It’s fine Y/N.  Come on.”  You all head back inside and get questioning looks from the three that were left inside.  “Suga went to bed already.  Is everything okay?”  Jin asks.  “Yea just don’t go in there till he’s asleep.”  Hobi says trying to stifle a giggle.  

You can’t bare to look anyone in the eyes for the rest of the night.  By tomorrow afternoon the whole group will know about what happened and you couldn’t be more embarrassed.  Your mind barely focuses on the movie at all.  The only thing on your mind is Yoongi.  You had so many questions about the things that happened.  

Once the movie was over you all got ready for bed.  Like usual you had your spot on the couch and Jungkook had the mat and blankets on the floor beneath you.  You both say goodnight and cuddle into your blankets.  Fifteen minutes go by and you can’t sleep.  “Y/N.”  Jungkook whispers to you.  You hum in response.  “You’re not sleepy right?”  “No.”  You sigh and turn over trying to see him in the dark.  

“Do you want to talk about it?”  He asks.  “Um. I guess.”  You’re not sure where to start or even how to explain what had happened.  “Do you like him?”  The question makes you blush and you’re glad it’s dark.  “I mean I don’t not like him. I don’t know.”  You heard him rustle in the blanket and you could just make out the shape of his figure turning towards you.  

“Well why would you kiss him if you didn’t like him?  You just go around kissing guys now?”  “Omg no Kook.  I really don’t know what happened.  I’ve never thought about him like that before but suddenly all I could think about was kissing him.  Like I couldn’t even control my brain.  Then he kissed me and you came a little bit after.”  Jungkook sighs.  “I told you to be careful with him Y/N.  He’s not normal.”  He huffs and rolls back over.  

“Kookie what are you hiding from me?  Why is Yoongi so different?”  All the years with Jungkook you knew when he was lying or hiding things from you.  “Just try to stay away from him.”  You reach out your foot to try and kick at him.  “Ugh but why.  Tell me.”  You whine poking him with your toe.  “Stop it.  He likes you okay.”  That quiets you.  Yoongi likes you?  

“You mean he like, likes me?”  “Yea like, like likes you.”  Wow Jungkook really is keeping secrets from you.  “How long have you known and didn’t tell me?”  “Idk a while.  Like a long time.”  “Why didn’t you tell me!”  You’re shout whispering at this point.  “Because I don’t want you getting involved with him.  I told you that.”  

“Are you jealous Jeon Jungkook?”  You think maybe you can tease the answer out of him.  “Ew no.  You know you’re like my little sister.  How many times do I have to say that he’s just different.  Trust me I’m sparing you a burden.”  You try to ask again but he cuts you off.  “No more just go to sleep.  I can’t explain it to you now.”  “Fine but someday I’ll know.”

It’s even harder to get to sleep after that.  Now the thought of Yoongi liking you is weighing on your brain.  Kookie wakes you up way too early the next morning insisting that you have breakfast together before you ship off back home.  You only try once to get an answer out of him before he’s groaning and pleading you not to do this so early.


Requested by anonymous: Okay :) no pressure, I just wanna request a avengers with buckyxReader where there is a party at the tower and everybody’s drunk except the reader, bucky and steve and all the others are sooo funny and matchmaking the reader and bucky and steve is keeping everyone in place, it’s up to you how you wanna go from this plot, thank you so much! :)

Pairing: Avengers x Bucky x Reader

Words: 1107

“I’m just glad Vision took Wanda out,” Steve said, watching the scene in front of him. “She’s just a kid.”

“Have you heard from T’Challa?” Bucky asked, chuckling at his team members.

“Nope,” you answered. “Haven’t heard back from him since we left Wakanda. Hey, am I officially Peter’s trainer?”

“Yeah,” Steve responded. “As soon as he’s off from school and summer starts, he’ll be a regular here.”

“Caw caw motherfuckers,” Sam screeched as he jumped down from the beams of the common room.

“I believe I can fly,” Clint sang, prepping himself to do the same.

You reprimanded, “Clint, you’re going to fall and hurt yourself.”

Clint started, “You don’t know-” Clint loses his balance and falls on the floor. “Ow.”

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Stone Hearts

You already know


Rating: a Little steamy but not too bad


“Are you gonna eat?” The pink haired barbarian asked, nodding toward the smoked boar that hung over his pit of fire.

Lucy quietly sat on the other side of his hut, with her knees tucked against her chest as she watched the fire crackle.

Her long silky hair now draped over her body, while she was also now covered in a thick fur pellet.

Her brown eyes met Natsu’s, and he wasn’t surprised to see the small bits of anger in her pupils.

“I told you. I’m not a pet.” Lucy spat, avoiding his gaze once more as she watched the pig roast.

No matter how delightful the pork smelled, she would not break.

“I’m not treating you like pet!” Natsu shot back, letting out a pained gasp at her accusations.

She raised a brow towards him before looking over to small corner of the home. He followed her line of vision to see the fluffy pile of fur and leaves along with a bowl of water that he had set up for her.

“Just uh…keeping you healthy.” Natsu laughed off awkwardly.

“I would be healthier back at my home. With my tribe.” She pouted.

“No. I told you, you’re mine.” Natsu scoffed, sounding like some spoiled toddler.

“I am a human being. You can’t keep me!” She shot back, removing her pellet to throw at his face.

Natsu gulped, quickly looking away from her newly exposed skin. He still doesn’t know how to resist her tantalizing female witchcraft, but he’ll get it down eventually.

“What? What’s wrong?” Lucy asked, face softening as Natsu became very red.

“Y-you’re skin.” He mumbled.

Lucy’s face hardened at the fact that he was still thinking inappropriate thoughts. How degrading.

However, she remembered how her tribe had almost destroyed this one with their feminine wiles, so maybe she could do the same.

Sure, Natsu was well-endowed enough to scare off her friends, but he lacked any brain power.

“What about my skin, Natsu?” She spoke, her voice reaching a low whisper.

His eyes widened at her sudden change of voice, now releasing small beads of sweat.

Lucy began crawling toward him seductively, watching as his eyes wandered uncontrollably over her body.

He began scurrying away from her, scooting further and further until his back hit the wall of his hut.

“I-its…everywhere.” He gulped, switching gazes between her eyes and her breasts.

“Do you not like it?” She pouted, leaning in further until her breath hit his face.

Natsu felt himself become dizzy with her scent as the smell of wild flowers and spring water entered his nose. Everything about her just smelled so sweat, and her creamy skin looked good enough that he could just bite it.

“I do. I don’t know why but I…do.” He gasped as she shimmied onto his lap.

There it was. That strange sensation that he felt when he touched her. It was so different but so good.

“Do you know why you want me?” She said, eyes lidding as her fingered ran up and down his chest, making him shiver underneath her.

Her fingers felt hot as they glided across his skin, causing the inside of his body to heat up as well as more sweat dripped down his arms and neck.

There was something about her that he needed to have. Something that made him burn.

“Your fire.” He gasped as she began placing small pecks on his neck.

She stopped her actions, eyeing him with confusion.

“What?” She asked.

“Your fire. Your…passion. You fight and you get angry and loud. You make me hot and you burn me but…in a good way. You’re warm. You’re strong. That’s why I want you…I think.” He said, avoiding her gaze as a light blush spread across his cheeks.

Lucy felt her heart jump, feeling it beat at 20
miles per second.

Lucy eyes met him in heartwarming gaze, leaning in to press her forehead against his.

Natsu’s eyes widened as he felt a strong pang in his chest, wanting nothing more than Lucy.

“You’re right. I am strong.” She smirked, and Natsu felt a sharp pain against his head.

He fell to his side, releasing a loud groan as he watched Lucy stand up.

She scavenged around his hut, quickly grabbing his scaled scarf and draping it over her neck.

“Hey! Ngh…t-thats mine….y-YOU’RE MINE!” He whined, unable to get off the ground.

“You want us? Come find us.” Lucy smiled, sauntering out of his hut as she swung the scarf around.

The last thing he saw was her warm brown eyes before he blacked out.

He would find her. Then make her his.That’s for sure.

warner walking into the bedroom one night and juliette is folding clothes or something but she can immediately sense that he’s in a playful mood and when she looks up and makes eye contact, he grins from across the room and leans forward onto his toes like he’s getting ready to pounce and she goes still and just whispers “don’t you dare” but he proceeds to tackle her onto the bed and she groans “you are insufferable” and easily throws him off of her, and he just rolls over while chuckling and starts helping her organize the piles of clothes that fell over