just thrifted


When I sold this dress back in April, I had a feeling based on a little research that a Stranger Things designer/coordinator had bought it. I figured if it got used it would be like, deep background. 

The coolest thing is that this isn’t just a thrift or estate sale find, It belonged to my friend @mizjoely , who gave it to me for my shop. 

So I’m kind of freaking out a little right now.


Remember that text post I made about not really having my own set bullet journal “style”? Well, I think I might have found it. I was looking through my old journals the other day and realized I had spreads identical to this week’s left page! So my style might be a mix between my art journal and my weekly schedule… not that I’m complaining!
P.S. I just thrifted a bunch of these gorgeous gold frames and I’m still thinking of ways to fill them besides just photos… any suggestions?