just thrifted


I used to just have one that I washed every couple of weeks days but after hiring serizawa at the office, it became a better investment just to visit the thrift store for a couple more similar looking ones

he was very nervous when he was first hired, poor guy

The leather jacket

Prompt: Magnus wearing Alec’s leather jacket.

(you can leave prompts in my ask box!)

After a whole week filled with bone-grinding work, Saturday starts to feel holy; it’s one of the rarer days, where there’s a chance they both get a day off from their duties, from potion-making and demon-hunting and all kinds of paperwork. So, they make the best of it and start early – impromptu coffee and brunch at a lovely indie café downtown that Alec spotted on one of his many patrols.

While it’s not easy to untangle themselves and get out of bed, they do so smiling. It’s early in the day and the weather is nice, a sunny introduction to summer with the slightest wind - something just itches beneath their skin to breathe in the city, hold hands down crowded sidewalks, visit thrift shops just to laugh at the most kooky items. For once, the world isn’t ending.

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Today I found yet another figure of limitless potential.

With Obi Wan disarmed, he could be holding anything

A bat

A sandwich

Six boxes of Band Angels©

A flame sword (which admittedly isn’t a great leap from a lightsaber) 

Or even the heart of the Joker.

If you all have any ideas for additions I would love to see them! Limitless potential is hard to capture by just one person!