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could i ask where do you get your clothing items for your costumes? do you just go thrift shopping or the sort or is it just clothes you find in your closet?

(( OOC: So nearly all of the clothes I wear are what I already have in my wardrobe… or my sister’s… or my Mum’s… Fun fact, basically all of Walburga/Irma’s clothes are politely “borrowed” from my Mum. She has a great wardrobe. ))

i am such a got damn packrat whenever anyone in the house is getting rid of anything half the time it ends up mine. my sister had a pile of dice she didnt want so i took them. why? i have no idea. i like dice and i have an inexplicable desire to hoard all of them. if someone doesnt want a book i claim it even if i have no interest in it and will probably never read it im just a tiny dragon sitting on a pile of garbage

life tip for you kids moving out of parents’ houses or dorms and striking out into your own kitchens: goodwill ALWAYS has a TON of Pyrex cookware/bakeware, for very very cheap. It’s high quality, will last forever, can be put in an oven or a freezer, dishwasher-friendly and easy to clean (gross shit doesn’t stick to glass!) and is VERY hard to break. Don’t spend money on shitty cheap metal bakeware that will be crusty and awful after a few years, or on plastic mixing bowls you’ll put next to the stove and accidentally melt, get durable Pyrex used!