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you can hate arthur poe all you like and that’s great, but honestly, he’s too singled out from all of the useless adults.

  • josephine anwhistle was too cowardly to do jack shit when her adopted children’s lives were in danger.
  • charles didn’t do anything about his abusive boyfriend/husband/partner/whatever when sir forced children (including a LITERAL INFANT, CANONICALLY UNDER ONE YEAR OLD) to work in a life-threatening lumbermill.
  • like? everybody? did nothing about an academy (presumably registered to the state, so plenty of people would be aware of that) forcing children to sleep in a dirty SHACK just because they were orphans
  • jerome squalor just sat back and didn’t stand up to his abusive wife for? plotting? to? get? five? children? kidnapped? and? all? eventually? killed?
  • hector kept his ugly ass mouth shut because oh!! wouldn’t want to draw attention to me when, i dunno, my adopted children are about to get wrongfully convicted of MURDER!

like the entire series is just a commentary on how society ignores children because they’re children. maybe these characters didn’t individually do as shit as mr poe, but, added up, they’re just as bad.

obviously you can still like the characters, and it’s nothing against them personally, it’s just all showing how the system brushes off what children say because they’re just kids, you know? and the system isn’t arthur poe’s fault just as it isn’t jerome’s fault. they were both taught their willful ignorance.

So this past weekend I fell down a rabbit hole

A digital rabbit hole. I feel the need to say so because my friend legit thought I fell down an *actual* rabbit hole. You know who you are ;P

I fell down a digital rabbit hole of octopus tattoos. Don’t even get me started. I’m getting myself started because I really want to know what other people think of the awesome tattoos I found. I really want a hella colourful octopus on my thigh. It won’t be for a few more years, but I’m just so damn excited!!!!!

Beware, this post might be long for the pictures I’ll be putting, along with why I like each one, because I wanna record and share that. Here we go!

I started with just googling octopus tattoos, then I changed it to colourful octopus tattoos. Because my first two tattoos will be black ink, I’ll want this octopus to have SO MUCH COLOUR!!!

I love the texture and colours in this one, it really looks like an octopus’s skin! I love the way the ink seeps out around the tentacles, makes it look like fresh paint!

LOOK AT IT ITS AN OCTOPUS BUT ITS ALSO SPACE! SPACE SPACE! SPACE SPACE SPACE! SPACE! Okay sorry, but this is hella cool. You’ll see galaxy is possibly a common theme here.

I also really love octopi and watercolour, its just gorgeous and really gives a feel of fluidity to the octopus, and it acts like water behind him! I love the subtle details in the simple black linework, I love the sketch-like look of it, its really a work of art. The only change I’d only want would be to have less pink.

I adore this one because of the purple and blues and he just looks adorable!!!

THIS GUY. Look at him! I love the starry galaxy behind the octopus, more than the galaxy being IN the octopus like the picture a bit higher. I’m not sure if I’d go with orange, its a really nice colour, but I’m not sure if it’s for me.

NOW I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE!!! I love the colour scheme, I love the geometric shapes hidden in the octopus, I love the EYES. I love the specks of orange, the transitions for the other colours. Its wonderful!

These are the pictures I have saved on my phone, but trust me I found many many more!

There are aspects I want from each picture here but somethings can’t mix: like I can’t have a watercolour one and have it be realistic. I know I want this to be very colourful, I believe the octopus deserves to be so colourful, given that it can change colours! Some octopi can even change TEXTURE! They are just fascinating creatures.

So, I love the texture effect of the first one, I love the galaxy/space of the second, I love the watercolour effect of the third and fourth, I love the bright colours and the space behind him of the fifth, and I love just about everything about the sixth!!

Basically, I am so excited for the future. I don’t even have my first tattoo, though I hope to get it this summer, and I already have plans for three more (so four total).

I put a lot of time and effort into the research for tattoos. I know so much more now than I did a few years ago. I have been sitting on the inspiration for what will be my first tattoo for nearly two full years. I will be repeating a similar process for any other tattoos, so it will involve a lot of waiting. But oh boy will my excitement for tattoos never die. I love them, I’ve wanted one for so long. Hope this was somewhat interesting for anyone to read. Have a great day!

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Gah..I'm super late to the fallout fandom but I absolutely adore your art, I'm a bit out of touch with drawing humans and thought I could draw your girls as practice?? do you have any ref sheets for them both? I was looking through your blog I might have skipped over them I don't know. - falloutandsins

Better late than never! :D Welcome, friend! & thank you for liking my art! ^_^

You can most certainly draw my girls as practice!! 👍 I recently posted a reference sheet for Ruby, & I JUST finished one for Red. :) I’ll post them here for you:

If you wanna see more doodles with each of them, I tend to tag each of them as “lone wanderer” & “sole survivor” in my tags, or just “Ruby” & “Red.”

If you do some drawings of them, please link me to them so I can see! :D

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actually a lot of people who are native to where bts was when they wore those hats said it was completely ok! its given to the tourists ther, and if it was bad for bts to wear them, why would they sell them everywhere? its been stated by a ton of armys who actually live in these places that what they were doing was ok!,., but i know some armys r still senstive (aka th armys who dont even live there) so i understand if you still don wanna post it. i just thought i would let you know !

Yeah, but this wasn’t a case of them visiting a country with a homogeneous population. This happened in California, USA. Where the population is made of a lot mixed race/ethnic communities.

Even if it wasn’t there and was actually in Jamaica, the opinions of natives vs diaspora (people who live somewhere with ethnic lineage from somewhere else) might differ depending on how often they have to DEAL with the actual people who portray those stereotypes on them. 

And… a lot of people of color sometimes… have to turn our customs into commodities in order to have a livelihood? Especially in the tourism department. Sometimes the things we sell for tourism, can be… “bastardized” forms of our lives because it is easily marketable and we’re trying to make a living and … stereotypes sell. That’s not saying that we don’t like sharing our cultures, we like to share about ourselves to others and them to us. But rather that, some people don’t CARE about our cultures unless it’s “convenient and appealing to them”. And some of us can’t bare to look at it without feeling conflicted.

Honestly, its a complicated thing that can only be dealt within intraethnic communities. We know that not EVERYONE sees it that way and everyone has their personal reasons to do it. And since BTS were invited to partake in activities personally by the Jamaican staff there then I see no problems in that. 

We just do it out of courtesy for those who might not want to see it.

I hope I don’t come off as forceful or attacking you. I just felt a bit concerned about the wording you used and I didn’t 100% know the meanings behind it. So I wanted to clear somethings up before we give BTS the okay on this. 

Admin Matte

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u should add a tag called "mod tags" where u talk in ur tags because they're so funny and i love ur commentary and i wanna whitelist it

okay YOU KNOW WHAT ive been thinking about doing this… idk would anyone be up for it?? im not sure if i should put it on all of my posts with dumb shit in the tags cause like. a good 65% of the time its not even funny ill just be like “ooh damb… thats some thiccness rite there… bone smack the beef susan im diggin this” and type it for some reason because i think everyone needs to see it,,, i dunno i might if enough people wanna have easier access to my garbage thoughts

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I know you've gotten questions in this before, but on Enik's recent IG post about Fyke needing a drummer, SY said he'd volunteer but he has to go to the army. So yup! He'll be doing mandatory army serving. Which means he has SK citizenship? I wonder if Moon will have to serve too considering they both immigrated to the US around the same time I think. Just thought you might wanna know!!

Oh!! Thanks for the info!
(So I guess they had dual citizenship then…? I dunno.)

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y'know, if you end your life, you'll never know all the songs you could've written, all the people you could've met, all the places you could've seen, all the music you could've heard. you won't know what the next day might've offered. I know it might seem like the only option, but it is not. Time is a scary and fickle concept, but even if it's hard to believe, it can change things you thought were unchangeable. Please just hang in there, for a little longer. I know you can. Please

thanks for your words man 💓 as i said to the previous person: “hey kid it’s ok i don’t think i’ll do it any time that soon. that post wasn’t even me tryna get attention or whatever, im past that. there’s shit i wanna have a go at and i still wanna make more art and shit to leave behind cause im narcissistic and i wont go till i have made an impression on the world. dont worry and thanks for the love x”. dont fret kiddo i will write my songs and create my art and write my novel and do everything i wanna do before i go. i aint gon miss out on shit.

To any people that read these, im just going to be doing posts more that are just thiughts or random things I need to vent about and its helped to do that and hey never know might help someone else too, so if you don’t wanna read from the rambling mind of a broody cry bby maybe just don’t read at least this one. Anyways I don’t think I’ve been annoyed/upset all around in general towards a living situation since my last two then how I’ve felt living at my sisters place so far with her and her girlfriend. Like honestly lol and that’s really weird to me that living with my sister is what it’s like now and I see whole different side of things and aspects of their relationship that I’m just not about and I really can’t wait to get outta here. I’ve lived with them before and I knew it wouldn’t be the best but it’s much worse now that this was their place first. But still had to vent about it for a minute because it’s really gotten to me and I feel like I’ve been treated like shit and manipulated by both of them lol on top of just causing lots of extra stress. Not to mention I’ll express my feeling directly and how upset certain things have been making me and she’ll just retry much ignore me then act like nothing has ever been said and it’s all just chill?? I’m definitely not down for that. Like I know you don’t wanna upset your girlfriend and you guys aren’t used of having another person here but I’m also not some random person? So maybe don’t treat me like shit and wonder why I’m not down to hangout. Oh and all the bullshit rules to go along with everything AND IM PAYING RENT and somehow she tries to turn it around on me like I’m asking for the world or I’m a shithead? I just am a lot different now and I’m not about any of it or being mistreated when I’m one of the most caring people I know, like seriously I care too much sometimes but it’s not something I really hate about myself. But I’ll just keep doing my thing and push through the remainder of time I have here and do my best not to have some sort of escaladed break down where I take a bat to their security cameras and peace out because I feel like I’m in some kind of suburbia hell or something.

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hey! thought i should let you know, angryweaselcosplay's recent eridan selfie from 4/13 (i think they're supposed to post more soon?) reminds me a little of the way you and lightupthereef draw our favorite fish prince, you might wanna check them out some time

AAAAAAH!! I just saw they’re so good omgggg! Thank u for blessing me on this day anon,,, 💕 ⭐️ ☁️ ✨

Gonna start posting a sort of diary of thoughts and stuff I do each day (or when I can) as a way to keep track of my feels and eating disorder (?) Also to list productive things so I feel better about how much I do in a day. The tag will be BrenDiary and Personal, just so you guys know, if you wanna blacklist it. It will be a harsh mixture of positive and negative thoughts, many of which might be triggering to some, but I’ll try to tag ehat I can :>

'Dis blog is officially going on hiatus

Hi, it’s sam here.

Though this post is probably completely redundant since I keep disappearing for a long period of time and have tag posts talking about my inactiveness, but I thought maybe I should make an official post about this.

I am getting busy with life nowadays and I also don’t really know how I want to go about with my blog here. It feels like I am coming in for the sake of coming in, and then feel complete awkward for god knows what reason. It had been the case for me for quite awhile now, so that probably explain why I keep disappearing.

So for now, I’m just gonna spend some time sorting what I wanna do, hopefully be less busy with life and maybe revamp my blog? I will be back someday, that’s for sure.

To everyone, thanks for following my blog and being genuinely nice to me. Y'all are awesome, I am always grateful.

See y'all soon again!

— sam

p.s: if anyone wants and thinks im okay to talk to or wanna talk with me, you can find me on twitter! I’m hoshinoyas there on twitter. :>


+゚*。:゚+ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAZUYA  +゚*。:゚+ with a ChrisMiSawa twist

Thanks for witnessing the gayest thing that ever came out from my hands ahahaha;;; The lovely @nee-saan accepted my selfish request of coming up with something for Miyuki’s birthday together and here is it!

I apologize if there’s any typo, and just so you know, I reached a point where I couldn’t care less about anatomy accuracy |’D This took much more time than I though sobs

Follow the read more for the less serious omake and some explanations-headcanons about the gifts we chose for the guys to give to Miyuki! ♥

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hey pretty - a sneak peek

It’s not that Yoongi pretends he doesn’t like guys. He doesn’t. He isn’t exactly out–though really who in his field is?–but he doesn’t do anything to hide how he feels about guys, especially not from himself. It’s just…he genuinely doesn’t want to deal with feelings regarding this one particular guy. It’s weird. Too many lingering feelings involved and if there’s one thing Yoongi doesn’t do, it’s lingering feelings. It was easier, so so much easier, to just assume this was a severed thread, file those feelings away, and move the fuck on. Except now with Hoseok watching him like he’s maybe thinking about taking a bite, those feelings are out of their box, punching everything else inside Yoongi down, spreading all over his brain like uncontrollable kudzu.

The past, Yoongi thinks, should really stay right the fuck in the past.

Hoseok smiles and Yoongi feels ridiculous for wanting to smile back. “You look better,” Hoseok says, head tilted to one side. “Adulthood is a good look on you.”

“Yeah, well.”

“You’re supposed to compliment me now. Tell me I’m handsome.”

“You’re not ugly.”

“Ya!” Hoseok takes a pillow and whaps it against the top of Yoongi’s head, chuckling. “Handsome! Say it!”

“You’re acceptable.”


“You know I don’t reward you fishing for compliments,” Yoongi says as he tries to make sure the cake doesn’t become a casualty in Hoseok’s attacks.

“What if I just–” Hoseok raises onto his knees again, crawling a little closer, fisting the fabric of Yoongi’s shirt in his hands and shaking him a little before switching to a squeakier, whinier voice. “Yoongi oppaaaaaa, be sweet to me please!”

Some months back, Yoongi and Taehyung took part in a variety show that tossed idols into a series of increasingly more ridiculous obstacles. They’d been dunked in water tanks and had cream pies thrown at them and ridden around a racetrack on tricycles…One segment saw them swimming laps in a pool filled with ball pit balls. At one point, Yoongi’s arms had gotten tired and he’d gone under for a moment, and it was the oddest feeling. Like drowning but not. Danger but not. This here, right now, with Hoseok grabbing and shaking and that stupid voice and those words…This was danger. But not.


“Quit it,” Yoongi says. He tries to shimmy out of Hoseok’s grasp but it just leads to both of them flopped against the bed, Hoseok pinning him in place, Hoseok grinning impishly at him from above. And now it’s veering into actual danger. “Get up.”

“Oppa, why don’t you love me?” Hoseok asks and he won’t stop using that damn voice and Yoongi is not prepared to handle this at all.

“Seriously, move.”

It’s a poor choice of words and Yoongi realizes this as soon as he says it, as soon as Hoseok starts wiggling on him. Because now, it’s impossible to ignore the spark in him that’s always there near Hoseok. A spark that’s damn near an inferno now from the movement. And only the movement, not that stupid voice or those stupid words. Of course.

Yoongi groans some, tries to curl into himself in the hopes of minimizing contact with Hoseok. Hoseok just laughs, slides off of Yoongi, gives an impossibly tempting view of those thighs and his chest and his stomach and–

And Yoongi cannot, cannot, go any further with that.

Hoseok, apparently a black belt in flirting now, smiles and pushes his hair back again. “You remember how we used to spend our time?” he asks, voice strained and low and really way sexier than Yoongi cares to hear. “That was fun, I think. Are you seeing anybody these days? I know it’s hard for idols to manage but you’ve always been pretty crafty.”

“I’m not,” Yoongi says. He turns onto his side. Away from Hoseok. If he could turn away from his own brain he absolutely would.

“Not crafty or not seeing someone?”

“Seeing someone. But that’s not an open invitation. You should probably go.”

“Oh.” Hoseok sounds completely deflated. And Yoongi would feel bad if it weren’t sort of the goal; he needs Hoseok uninterested and detached and gone. “Okay. Well. I had fun talking for a bit. I know you’re busy, so…I should let you sleep, right?”

The bed shifts, and soft footsteps cross the carpet, toward that chair with Hoseok’s clothes. Yoongi still doesn’t turn.

“You haven’t changed very much, hyung.” Rustling now as Hoseok gets out of the robe and into his clothes and Yoongi wishes very much to turn around and look. But he doesn’t. “How different our lives would be if you’d just let yourself feel things instead of cutting emotions off at the pass. But that’s none of my business, especially not now.”

Yoongi has no idea when or how Hoseok got so close again without being noticed, but he jumps a little as Hoseok peers close. One tiny move and they’d be touching. Or kissing.

“But for the record,” Hoseok says  gently, mouth quirked mischievously, “I’m not a virgin anymore. Just thought you should know.”

which of the OUAT characters should you fight?

emma: fight her and basically you get a punch in the face. but now that she’s the dark one, you’ll get something much darker than that, probably a darker black eye. hahah ok sorry, too soon. just stay away, dark!emma coming at ya.

belle: maybe you’ll win but you’ll feel bad about it.

rumplestiltskin: now that he’s not the dark one anymore, you gotta line up just to get a chance to fight him. lots of people wanna beat his ass and take revenge now that he’s powerless. aw. watch out for that cane, tho.

snow white: i understand. snow white is very… uh, fightable. she screws up a lot so u kinda always have a reason to fight her. didn’t say you’ll win though, she has a newborn baby so rn, she is ball full of irritated, angry, sleep-deprived energy. so just a warning: fight her and you could be the person she takes it all out on. yikes.

hook/killian: tbh he’s the guy everybody wants to fight. its got sth to do with the devlishly handsome face i guess. it’d be fun to fight him actually but pro tip: only four things happen to those who fight killian - 1) he outwits you 2) he outhandsomes you 3) he outlives you (survivor af) …or 4) you manage to hurt him but u get a punch from emma

charming: you may win if swords don’t come into play. but never underestimate the nicey-nice face. he may… ahem… stab you in the back. heh heh. alright, sorry i know, also too soon.

regina: are you a worthy opponent? i guess i’ll just say try? she might acknowledge your existence out of boredom… probably.

robin hood: he seems like a big softie but idk cause no one knows yet what he’s capable of so yea go fight him so we find out.

roland: but???? how can you even come up with the thought that you’d wanna fight him????? what kind of person are you?????

blue fairy: YEASSSS heck yea heck yeaaaa fight her!! please!!! do it now!! i’m getting some popcorn! take that suspicious bug down

Johnlockers post-John beating up Sherlock

I’m just really curious coz I know the reaction might be varied and I just really wanna know how people feel about johnlock considering how John very violently beat up Sherlock (and Sherlock lets it happen coz he thought he deserves it) so yeah what’s your stance on johnlock now? Do you think the hug is enough to fix all? Must John apologize to Sherlock? Idk thoughts??

((I don’t wanna hear MP theories or it’s-not-real theories though))

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I’ve recently hit 2k followers, and it’s just so awesome and I have no clue to why you are following me guys but I wanna thank you all so much. For the occasion I thought I’d do my first follow forever, though I’m so bad at those things, forgive me if it’s a mess and if I’m forgetting people. Also if you’re not listed bellow it’s not because I hate you, it’s most likely because you don’t post stuff I’m into, you know. But please don’t hesitate to submit me things you think I might like and I might follow you eventually! Alright, here you go (no particular order):

Mutuals! <3

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anonymous asked:

omg, I read your twitter and you mentioned something. I don't think you've posted art of this so far, but can you share your headcanons on yuumika/mikayuu's lovechildren? Lol I can see a baby boy who looks like yuu and has a wild personality lol and a calmer girl who looks more like mika but who also has a mischievous side when the moment strikes. I wanna know your thoughts on what they would be like! :P

Ah yeah I’ve had people ask me to draw Yuu and Mika’s love children and I’ve already done some sketches of them. I’ve just been so focused on drawing Yuu and Mika that I haven’t been able to post art of their love children yet but I will. 

I’m not sure if I should share too much until I post art of them with their info because they might change, but you totally described my version of their love children! ♥

I’m still sorting through what names I should give them but if I were to describe my headcanons of their love children, their boy Yuuka (the name I have for him right now but may change) looks more like Yuu but instead of black hair he has Mika’s blonde hair and Yuu’s green eyes. Their baby girl looks more like Mika but she has Yuu’s raven hair and Mika’s blue eyes. 

Personality wise, Yuuka is unpredictable. He shares both of his father’s personalities so you can’t read him. Sometimes hes calm, sometimes hes wild. He is intelligent but he kinda hides it because he’s pretty chill and easy going most of the time until someone pisses him off. Their daughter has Mika’s mischievous side but she’s also very caring and affectionate.

As for Yuu and Mika’s relationships with their children,

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