just thought you might wanna know i posted it

you can hate arthur poe all you like and that’s great, but honestly, he’s too singled out from all of the useless adults.

  • josephine anwhistle was too cowardly to do jack shit when her adopted children’s lives were in danger.
  • charles didn’t do anything about his abusive boyfriend/husband/partner/whatever when sir forced children (including a LITERAL INFANT, CANONICALLY UNDER ONE YEAR OLD) to work in a life-threatening lumbermill.
  • like? everybody? did nothing about an academy (presumably registered to the state, so plenty of people would be aware of that) forcing children to sleep in a dirty SHACK just because they were orphans
  • jerome squalor just sat back and didn’t stand up to his abusive wife for? plotting? to? get? five? children? kidnapped? and? all? eventually? killed?
  • hector kept his ugly ass mouth shut because oh!! wouldn’t want to draw attention to me when, i dunno, my adopted children are about to get wrongfully convicted of MURDER!

like the entire series is just a commentary on how society ignores children because they’re children. maybe these characters didn’t individually do as shit as mr poe, but, added up, they’re just as bad.

obviously you can still like the characters, and it’s nothing against them personally, it’s just all showing how the system brushes off what children say because they’re just kids, you know? and the system isn’t arthur poe’s fault just as it isn’t jerome’s fault. they were both taught their willful ignorance.

So this past weekend I fell down a rabbit hole

A digital rabbit hole. I feel the need to say so because my friend legit thought I fell down an *actual* rabbit hole. You know who you are ;P

I fell down a digital rabbit hole of octopus tattoos. Don’t even get me started. I’m getting myself started because I really want to know what other people think of the awesome tattoos I found. I really want a hella colourful octopus on my thigh. It won’t be for a few more years, but I’m just so damn excited!!!!!

Beware, this post might be long for the pictures I’ll be putting, along with why I like each one, because I wanna record and share that. Here we go!

I started with just googling octopus tattoos, then I changed it to colourful octopus tattoos. Because my first two tattoos will be black ink, I’ll want this octopus to have SO MUCH COLOUR!!!

I love the texture and colours in this one, it really looks like an octopus’s skin! I love the way the ink seeps out around the tentacles, makes it look like fresh paint!

LOOK AT IT ITS AN OCTOPUS BUT ITS ALSO SPACE! SPACE SPACE! SPACE SPACE SPACE! SPACE! Okay sorry, but this is hella cool. You’ll see galaxy is possibly a common theme here.

I also really love octopi and watercolour, its just gorgeous and really gives a feel of fluidity to the octopus, and it acts like water behind him! I love the subtle details in the simple black linework, I love the sketch-like look of it, its really a work of art. The only change I’d only want would be to have less pink.

I adore this one because of the purple and blues and he just looks adorable!!!

THIS GUY. Look at him! I love the starry galaxy behind the octopus, more than the galaxy being IN the octopus like the picture a bit higher. I’m not sure if I’d go with orange, its a really nice colour, but I’m not sure if it’s for me.

NOW I REALLY LOVE THIS ONE!!! I love the colour scheme, I love the geometric shapes hidden in the octopus, I love the EYES. I love the specks of orange, the transitions for the other colours. Its wonderful!

These are the pictures I have saved on my phone, but trust me I found many many more!

There are aspects I want from each picture here but somethings can’t mix: like I can’t have a watercolour one and have it be realistic. I know I want this to be very colourful, I believe the octopus deserves to be so colourful, given that it can change colours! Some octopi can even change TEXTURE! They are just fascinating creatures.

So, I love the texture effect of the first one, I love the galaxy/space of the second, I love the watercolour effect of the third and fourth, I love the bright colours and the space behind him of the fifth, and I love just about everything about the sixth!!

Basically, I am so excited for the future. I don’t even have my first tattoo, though I hope to get it this summer, and I already have plans for three more (so four total).

I put a lot of time and effort into the research for tattoos. I know so much more now than I did a few years ago. I have been sitting on the inspiration for what will be my first tattoo for nearly two full years. I will be repeating a similar process for any other tattoos, so it will involve a lot of waiting. But oh boy will my excitement for tattoos never die. I love them, I’ve wanted one for so long. Hope this was somewhat interesting for anyone to read. Have a great day!

Hello all! I considered not making this post but I thought it might not hurt just to put it out there. Though I love to share information from my personal life, I do try to refrain from spilling ALL my beans, you know? I ask that my privacy also be kept in mind when sending an anonymous ask. I love and appreciate all of you, but questions like “why haven’t you posted about [this person], are you still friends with [this person]”, or serious questions about my close friends or love life…that is my business. I wanna be personal with you guys but there’s gotta be a line. Whether I’m friends with someone or not doesn’t really affect you, so why ask? Thank you for your understanding, and sorry for dumping this here. :’) I know there’s been a few posts with me being a little strict/negative lately.

anonymous asked:

Gah..I'm super late to the fallout fandom but I absolutely adore your art, I'm a bit out of touch with drawing humans and thought I could draw your girls as practice?? do you have any ref sheets for them both? I was looking through your blog I might have skipped over them I don't know. - falloutandsins

Better late than never! :D Welcome, friend! & thank you for liking my art! ^_^

You can most certainly draw my girls as practice!! 👍 I recently posted a reference sheet for Ruby, & I JUST finished one for Red. :) I’ll post them here for you:

If you wanna see more doodles with each of them, I tend to tag each of them as “lone wanderer” & “sole survivor” in my tags, or just “Ruby” & “Red.”

If you do some drawings of them, please link me to them so I can see! :D

will i lose followers bcuz of this lol

i feel like people followed me bcuz i usually (try) to do paragraph writings but bcuz those take me forever to do, i might have to do some requests in bulletpoint form? like i said before, i feel really bad for not being able to post alot and i have no idea what any of my followers think since my inbox is just filled with requests that are waiting to be done and it kinda makes me sad that i cant really communicate with you guys more :(( 

but yeah please let me know if you’re okay with me doing scenarios in bulletpoint style or any thoughts you have on any of the writings that i posted before!!! <3

anonymous asked:

I just saw the post you reblogged about raising kids in a gay household, and I thought you might wanna know that my two best friends were raised by lesbians and they love it!! They're super well adjusted and loved and well off and literally have no qualms about any of it at all. And they love all the puns they can make about it (and the convenience of getting one present for Mother's Day). I know it made me feel so much better about raising kids, and I thought it might do the same for you!

this really means so much to me i still am processing a lot of traumatic memories of adults i trusted as a kid telling me that gay couples with kids were disgusting

anyways syena and i will be amazing moms

cherryicecreamsims  asked:

Since there's been a time jump in your legacy, will there be be any legacy posts touching on what has happened in the last 3 years? Like what's been happening with Sam's parents and Caleb's families, whether the engagement with Johnatrash is officially over, and how Jas and Celia are doing! I really love your legacy and I just wanna know everything, lol ❤️

Hey love! This is actually something that I hadn’t even thought of! I’m not sure there will be dedicated posts to it but I’ll definitely have everyone showing up again and most likely mention what’s been going on through that! :^D So don’t worry, Johnatrash, Celia, Jas and the fam will show up again soon (some sooner than you might expect wink wink)! ;^)

anonymous asked:

Cap, my friend, can I say that? Not the point, sorry. Cap, you should post selfies again, you don't have to feel obligated to respond to this ask, but you know that, I just remember a time when your bright smiles lit up my dash, this ask might have gotten out of hand. I hope you're having a wonderful time, and wish you only the best in years to come

aw man this is so incredibly sweet!!! i’ve been having a rough time with my appearance this year, so it makes taking pics tough. i wanna get back into it too, actually putting care and thought into myself and creating looks and whatever not. i know i say that every time i get a message like this, but i’ll really try hard from now on!!

as a show of good faith, here’s one i send my dad earlier in the summer bc the family wanted to peep my mug:

oops and YES you can totally say that! don’t worry friend

anonymous asked:

lesbian-ed is a terf, thought u might wanna know. /post/163872288602/can-i-ask-you-to-explain-what-you-mean-by /post/163406247897/so-not-to-bring-this-topic-up-again-but-why-do-you /post/163282568122/its-seems-pretty-harmful-that-you-are-calling /post/163222007157/i-exclusively-like-women-of-course-this-means-cis aaand that's just the tip of the iceberg 😬 i'm not even trans but it's hard to stomach this shit

Thank you for telling me, I’ll try to delete any posts I reblogged by them and any in my queue (I might miss a few though so apologies in advance if any do get reblogged)


Hi Signe!!! I was looking at cacti and succulents online earlier and I know you like them too so I thought I’d share it with you! I know you might not see this but, just in case you do I also wanna say hi and I love you and you inspire me very much.

Thank you so much for doing what you do, for being so sweet and making me smile whenever I see you post on instagram or when you upload.


anonymous asked:

but how did you know that your stuff was good so you kept posting and writing? I'm just looking for advice because i am not studying writing or something yet i write and sometimes i feel like what i write is good and other times that it sucks but either way i fear that maybe I'm the only one who thinks its good so i hesitate to post it online and i don't wanna make a fool out of myself

there isn’t much advice i can give that i haven’t already given. i’m pretty sure most writers feel the same way, i know i do. i still second guess myself all the time.

and in terms of what other people say or think.. do you know how much shit i’ve gotten for the “i am tired of re-writing tragedy without change” poem i posted last year? not even necessarily just mean comments (altho those have existed too) just people who don’t understand that the poem is about breaking habit and giving characters happy endings that are continuously held out of reach (especially lgbt characters) and feel the need to comment to tell me how wrong i am. 

“You do realize that tragedy is so we the audience learn, not the characters right?“ 

“Tragedies are Tragedies so that you learn from others mistakes or misfortunes.“ 


“I wouldn’t change the myths for anything I grew up with them before I met Percy Jackson and they taught me a lot so no“ 

“But they died so WE could learn a lesson. Letting them live cheapens the point of the story and nothing is learned at all.“

“But Its called tragedy for a reason…”

“Sorry we got a message from the authors of the past and future “HELL NO, NINE, ZILCH, NYET”“

(at the end of the day the arguments are all the same and they seem to ignore the fact that if we were learning so much from these tragedies we wouldnt need tragedies anymore and that they’re clearly not working as they’re supposed to so why not change the lesson but thats a conversation for another day)

you just push past it. if you want to post your stuff online you need to be brave and believe in yourself because otherwise the first mean or discouraging thing someone says is gonna rip into your self confidence even worse, and people will says mean things even if you write the most beautiful poem in the world, because at the end of the day people really suck sometimes and not everyone will understand you. but again, look at that poem. despite all the frustration i feel when i see comments like those people left theres also the elation of seeing the happy comments, and the love that it gets. the good outweighs the bad. 

that got a bit long winded whoops. tldr: the best advice i can give you is believe in yourself. if you want to post things online you’ll find a way to do it, even if that belief isn’t concrete or there 100% of the time. all it needs is one second to press “publish.”

anonymous asked:

u should add a tag called "mod tags" where u talk in ur tags because they're so funny and i love ur commentary and i wanna whitelist it

okay YOU KNOW WHAT ive been thinking about doing this… idk would anyone be up for it?? im not sure if i should put it on all of my posts with dumb shit in the tags cause like. a good 65% of the time its not even funny ill just be like “ooh damb… thats some thiccness rite there… bone smack the beef susan im diggin this” and type it for some reason because i think everyone needs to see it,,, i dunno i might if enough people wanna have easier access to my garbage thoughts

shinjitsu-whaatthebunk  asked:

Hey pal! not sure if you're still taking requests for old fics to re-upload (I know you had a few posts about it but I suck at finding things so I figured I might as well just ask, sorry if its inconvenient), but I recently thought of one of yours where Nez doesn't age and Shion grows up with him from little kiddo age, of course they fall in love etc, the end was probably tragic and it was decently long and I just remember reading it in band class years ago and loving it? haha ring any bells?

hey there! first off thanks for the ask! and i’m still taking requests, but i gotta say no for that particular fic - which is called “a fraction of time” aka prob the most requested fic i’ve gotten… i should have made a public post about this cause i get a few asks about it a week hehe which is totes my fault cause i said before that i’d put it back up and i know it’s a crowd fave…..but anyway i changed my mind after rereading it whelp i just don’t get a good vibe from it honestly there’s some age difference action that i’m not wild about so i decided not to put it back up even tho i know it was a general fave so i’m sorry about that peeps

but thanks for the request anyway and for being so polite! i’m just gonna post this ask i hope you don’t mind i’ve just been saying the same thing to quite a number of people since i said i’d repost (which is flattering i’m glad you guys liked the fic thanks so much!) but i can see this fate continuing if i don’t make a public post :D

I’ve recently hit 2k followers, and it’s just so awesome and I have no clue to why you are following me guys but I wanna thank you all so much. For the occasion I thought I’d do my first follow forever, though I’m so bad at those things, forgive me if it’s a mess and if I’m forgetting people. Also if you’re not listed bellow it’s not because I hate you, it’s most likely because you don’t post stuff I’m into, you know. But please don’t hesitate to submit me things you think I might like and I might follow you eventually! Alright, here you go (no particular order):

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Hi hello its your sweet potato pearl here to say its always ok to send me to a message to befriend me or talk w me again after a long time not talking. I know it might seem stressing or maybe even scary start talking w someone(believe me i know)(there were some blogs i couldnt send any message even though i admired them a lot cause i thought they were just tooo cool to answer me)(god news: im friends w many of those blog’s owners rn. They are a lot nicer and sweeter than i thought 💙) cause will they even answer ? Will they think its weird for someone they havent met before to message them suddenly ? The answer is no. At least for me 😊 you are always welcomed in my dm if you wanna be friends ^-^(u will get blocked tho if you send hateful messages cause its a hate free blog. Kindness is what rules here 😊) and i know messaging again after a long time must be even more stressing but believe me im ok even if you didnt answer me for so long. Im not angry. I would never be ^-^ i would always love talking with you again 😊 so please feel free to message me ^-^

anonymous asked:

so um is just. i wanna say this because i thought it might make you feel better but um. I had this "holy fuck" moment when you made a post about being a a trans guy (something about school people or something) and the reason why is because i kinda thought you were cis? i mean i had seen selfies and your pronouns and idk im a trans guy too and i thought you'd be cheered up by passing that well sorry.

:O objectively i know that passing as a concept is bullshit (in the way that you shouldn’t have to “pass” to be afforded basic decency or rights) but this is still nice to hear! especially since i haven’t started T yet

i don’t usually post about trans stuff on here that often for some reason but i’m getting more comfortable about talking about it!

good luck out there, anon! 

anonymous asked:

Ur too cute no like I know they're different but all the smutty goodness all just blends together in my head bc in stoopid 😂 but nothing you write is boring you're so incredibly talented you silly lovebug housed in jooheon's dimple

hshsjhsjsks oH¡ aaaaaa i just thought that fic was really bland? but i might just edit some parts and maybe add smth to the second part im working on?
*cries* i don’t wanna post a part two but not have the first part up yanno?