just thought you alll should know

The Final Problem, just a little perspective:

Now don’t get me wrong, I am aware whole heartedly that this issue, and this series had its many issues, and we didn’t get the ending we were hoping for/had reason to believe was coming. I also love this show and even though I don’t have a very prominent presence, I obsess over this and Johnlock has been the only thing I looked forward too for months; I watch the show with my sister who is a casual and I lot really helped me see it without just sheer betrayal.

With that all said this episode was good (not what we were hoping for and not fitting to the mood of the show currently) but good.
- What I think Moftiss was trying to accomplish was bringing the show back towards its roots, of it being John and Sherlock solving cases together like in season 1. This was a series of cases (with a personal touch) that they had to solve in order to regain a normal, in their sense of the word, life.
- And what the point of Eurus’ ‘game’ was to get rid of Sherlock’s emotion and sentiment. She was jealous of Victor and the fact that she couldn’t make that kind of connection with someone, so make Sherlock ruin his relationship with Molly, make him choose who to kill b/w sentiment and logic, which she thought he would choose to keep Mycroft, the logic, but instead he chose sentiment for them both (which was a good sherlock moment
- This was also clearly meant as redemption for John. Many, or most, have spent that last two so begins upset with him, with good reason, and it wasn’t till the end of TLD that John was getting back in good graces. In TFP John has fallen back into to his true soldier mode, giving a nice touch to the ep of again sentiment vs logic like way beck when. He is back to being a protector of Sherlock when he realizes what wrong with the prison, he was most concerned about Mrs Hudson when the germane was there cause he care most about others and the entire time he was willing to sacrifice himself for whatever was needed.
- Now the ending itself was very ambiguous, and I think that was intentional as well. This ending allows for it to either have a 5th series or for that to be the end of it. With that said, if this is the last ever episode and there is no series 5 then it becomes a little more disappointing because of the quality of the ep, but they wrapped it up for us still. This ep is a lot more enjoyable if there is a fifth because it allows for the fifth to be anything, not constantly having draw backs, it allows for John and Sherlock to be anything, there relationship is fixed and clearly growing, so I believe there is still hope for us;) (even if this is veiled as the biggest queer bait and let down)
– John and Sherlock’s relationship truly does still have potential, simply because they didn’t have to kill Mary. If this was the end with nothing for those two in mind, why not let her live, why kill her off. Sherlock and John’s relationship never really got fixed after TRF, they were still hurt and unresolved issues and then TSoT and the Wedding/Marriage didn’t help, only managed to separate them further, but once Mary was gone TLD was an entire ep about fixing their relationship. They are finally back to a healthy state with (mostly) everything on the table. That’s why in TFP their relationship was just as it was before, but not being over played. But they can be in a happy healthy relationship now because of TLD and it was witnessed at the end of TFP #parentlock. Mary’s final dialogue at the end was simply saying that too, that they as a pair are back and stronger with room to grow stronger still, and if they do or they don’t it’s still the two of them. IF there is series five, I think there is hope.
-Finally, I feel like everyone went into it with the exception of it to be terrible vex of the last two days but if you were to but that out of your mind, there are some pretty amazing things in this episode (in literally NO ORDER AT ALL)
- the fact that Sherlock’s best friend as a child was a mini John Watson
- John Watson willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good and so Sherlock wouldn’t have to shoot his brother
- Mycroft intentionally being a dick so Sherlock would shoot him instead of his best friend
- John’s sad little lip bite when Mycroft was telling Sherlock to shoot him -John'a face when he thought Sherlock was gonna shoot him self - Mycroft’s cane sword gun
- Sherlock asking if John would be able to call Rosie
- Lady Bracknell
- the fact that Sherlock playing himself is what he played in ASiB (which theory connects to john ;) for those who know what I’m talking about @quietlyprim) - All Things Jim Moriarty
- “I Want to Break Freee”
- the violin duet was cool (idc what context)
- a good character story, for Eurus and Sherlock
- that Mystrade moment at the end - Greg being shocked when Sherlock used his name - Sherlock Holmes is finally a Good Man - rebuilding 221B Baker St., especially the smile
- Sherlock saying John is family
- Mrs. Hudson still telling Mycroft how it is
- “Still had ten minutes to go” (johns joke about the end of TLD
- and if you still hate it after all this, the irony of looking at the screen when Mycroft says it’s all his fault and seeing Moffat and thinking “Yep it is”

Alll in all, I don’t think we should give up, “I Know what you have the potential to become is like a beacon for the future, or at least whatever future we choose to interpret. So be pissed at Moftiss, be sad that the tv history made was the fastest decline ever, for the next few weeks months or so just take a step away from this mess created because what happened wasn’t fair and our feelings out valid but don’t give up on them completely. Sherlock and John, no matter who you ship or thoughts on characters, they are our "Baker Street Boys”

I hope this helps at least some of you enjoy the episode and not give up on the show… but feel free to be pissed cause I still am too

*also if not clear, I am a hardcore johnlock shipper but this post was meant for the entire fandom, with a slight lean towards them who I know feel this agony