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Replies to the Fanfiction and Kudos Question

First of all, thank you very much everyone who replied. I had around twenty five replies, on here and twitter, so whilst I would share everyone’s opinions, that would be an incredibly long post.  Instead I shall summarise and pull out some of the more pertinent points.

So here are the points I raised and a selection of comments under each of them. 

Do you leave kudos on everything you read because you think the author’s done well finishing and publishing?  

Most people said they left kudos, but it was somewhat conditional on whether they enjoyed the fic/had managed to finish the fic. 

 No, because there is some stuff I just don’t enjoy for various reasons: shitty writing, shitty characterisation, or stuff that makes me feel really uncomfortable or is a dull carbon copy of almost every other fic in that AU/UA, that sort of thing. Or sometimes it just isn’t my cup of tea. - @museicaliteacup

As for giving kudos, I generally leave kudos on fics that I found good; hey don’t have to be particularly mindblowing but if I enjoyed reading it then I leave kudos, and a comment if I have something in particular to say. -anon

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