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a little taako

The truth is, I was never able to breathe when we were together. Love is supposed to care for you and be there for you every step of the way but sometimes it’s just too much and I needed to be on my own. I knew that if I brought this up, he would manage to convince me to stay, I was never able to tell him no, he got me under his spell. So I just left and took my first breath after ages. It felt good as first but also really lonely, so I started to rebuild my life, with someone new. It was a good and simple life, something I needed in a long time but fate or whatever you’d like to call it pushed me once again offshore and towards him. I took one look at him and my good and simple life seemed like a joke to my eyes, like it didn’t belong to me. Because I was his and he was mine even though we pretended to be something else for all these years.”
“We never had a closure. I just woke up one day, she became so cold all of a sudden. And everything became so messed up. She didn’t tell anything, but her departure says it all. I was caught off-guard because I have learned to live my life with her. It took me years to rebuild myself. I haven’t picked my broken pieces because I know, it was all about her. I managed to step on it and inflict pain on myself in order to wake up. God knows how hard I tried to save myself and survive. I was lost that made me desperate enough to find a new light. I even burned bridges so I wouldn’t look back and walk to my past again. Those were the miserable years of my life. I have managed to surpass the storm. But unfortunately, life didn’t give a warning that storms could be back. I thought everything would remain calm. After all those years, she’s sitting in front of me right now; I hate how universe give us the opportunity to bump into each other again. It’s been five long years. I know everything changed, but as I look to her, it feels like I’m ready to risk and be fooled again.
—  How I Met My Lost Star by @giulswrites and @baekebyan
Gems are like viruses

As a bio student, I always noticed that the gem injectors looked just like certain kinds of viruses. But the thought was brought up recently and I noticed the similarities didn’t end there. Gems are literal viruses to the planets they use. They’re injected into the planet, they multiply and grow and then damage/destroy the planet they come out of. Just like viruses do to cells! 

also when a cell becomes immune to a virus, it is considered resistant. I swear I’ve heard the crystal gems being called the resistance before

side note: viruses aren’t alive, they don’t need food, water, rest and they simply exist to destroy cells and reproduce for no reason. sounds familiar right?

Dangerous Woman (M)

Genre: Drabble
Word count: 1101
Description: Playing games with your group of friends - a lap dance was bound to be brought up.
Warnings: Suggestive content
Author’s note: My hand slipped. The song in this one is Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, which basically always makes me want to destroy someone with a lap dance. ^^
This is just a little something to distract myself with, since I’m in the process of planning for a bigger project. Eventually. :D

Don’t need permission
Made my decision to test my limits

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Translation of clip: "Ingen lever lykkelig alle sine dager" (Nobody lives happily ever after)

- ISAK is laying in bed trying to sleep
- Noora is talking on the phone outside his room

I dont know but..
When you’re in love you sort of think that it’s going to be like in the movies
But, that’s not how it works
I seriously thought that me and William were going to be together forever
Nobody lives happily ever after
Because in the real world,  at the end of the day, nobody is willing to make sacrifices for love in 2016

*ISAK is angry and gets out of bed and opens the door*

Noora: Oh, did I wake you up?

Isak: What are you doing out here

Noora: Eskild brought some guy with him home, so I just moved myself over here - the walls in the living room are pretty thin…. (Eskild getting it on, lol)

Isak: Well, the walls aren’t that fucking thick here either!
I need to get some sleep, and I can’t sleep if you’re going to lie here and talk piss!
It’s 2 am, have some respect!

Noora: Ok… 

I: Sorry, but I need my sleep

Noora: Yeah I get it, of course, I’ll talk to Eva tomorrow.

Isak: Yeah… tell her I said hello.

*Isak starts closing the door*

Isak: And… William is an idiot if he gives up the two of you

Noora: Good night, Isak.

Isak: Good night, Noora.

*Isak closes the door*


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Pairing: Winchesters x friend!reader, Mary
Word count: 1,012
Request: Anonymous. Hey! If you’re taking requests I have one. Can you write something where the reader thinks the world of Dean and Sam but has a major crush on Dean and he’s oblivious and kind of a jerk to her and Mary notices how much the reader loves him and confronts Dean about it. when Mary leaves the boys realize how much they need the reader when she’s the one picking up their broken pieces. Just a thought to add on because Mary leaving ticked me off. Yes, I understand she needs time but her boys have abandonment issues. She can’t just do that for their sakes.

Dean was sipping the coffee you had brought him and browsing for cases. You smiled softly at the way he licked his lips after each sip. You had your chin resting on the palm of your hand, as you were supposed to be reading up on some lore.

However, Mary saw how you were looking at Dean and smiled softly. She hadn’t seen the two of you interact all the much yet, but she thought you were good for him.

Noting Dean was about to look up, you quickly looked down, swallowing. Mary smiled slightly and lifted her cup to her face.

“You’re not done reading that yet?” He asked you making you look up. “You’ve been reading about the same thing for twenty minutes now.”

You blushed. “I, uh, keep re-reading parts to really get the information in there…”

Dean shook his head and shut the laptop. “If you don’t get it the first time, move on. Chances are, you won’t get it at all.”

Lowering your eyes, you grabbed the book and got up. “Maybe I’ll take notes. I’ve read that’s supposed to help.” You said quietly. “Let me know if you need anything, Mary.” You smiled at her.

She smiled back. “Of course.”

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Words of Love

Warnings: fluff, fluff, and fluff

A/N: This is my very first Hamilton Imagine! I hope you guys like it!


AU: Hamiltime

2 3 4 5 Masterlist

Life was simple, at least it was.

You stayed at home, under the watchful eye of your parents. They didn’t not trust you outside in the public, they just wanted to keep you safe. You wanted to say that you understood that, but deep down, you didn’t.

You knew that your parents were major loyalists during the Revolution, they were the ones who brought you up with the values and opinions as they had. So, when Britain lost the war, to say they were in a state of shock was putting it mildly.

They isolated themselves, with fear of showing themselves in public. In doing so, they kept you by their side… or so they thought.

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“Seeing him again after all these years just brought back a lot of old feelings and memories and it made me realize that I’m not as over him as I thought I was. I like you, a lot, and as much as I like us, together, I loved him, and I still do, and I think I always will… ”

My now ex-girlfriend told me we needed to talk and instantly I knew something was up. She told me that she ran into her ex boyfriend and they caught up over some coffee. Her and her ex-boyfriend were together for 4 years and then broke up because the guy had to move across the country for grad school. They fell out of touch for a while, but now he’s done and he’s moved back home. Apparently there were a lot of unresolved feelings when they broke up; to quote her, “he was always the right person at the wrong time.” Now that timing’s better, she wants to give their relationship a second chance. She also apologized for breaking up with me, and told me that it would be unfair to me if she stayed in the relationship, knowing she wasn’t 100% committed to me, and that I deserve someone who could devote their whole heart to me and only me. 

I heard that they dated for about another 3 months before he popped the question and she said yes. I’m happy that she’s found someone who makes her happy and I know I deserve better, but I can’t stop thinking about why that person couldn’t have been me. We weren’t even together for long, but I saw a future with this girl, and hearing her say that she loved someone else fucking hurt. 

My Demons

Theo Raeken X Reader

Word Count: 716

Requested: Wattpad

Request: Hii would I be able to request a reader x Theo Raeken imagine based on the song ‘My Demons’ by Starset? 

A/N: I absolutely adore this song and this band! I enjoyed writing this one!

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Mayday! Mayday!

The ship is slowly sinking
They think I’m crazy but they don’t know the feeling

Theo watched as the hole opened up behind him and he saw his sister crawling out, he looked around but no one was going to help him, is plan for power had failed and he killed everyone that cared about him enough to help or so he thought, you, however, cared about him and thought that he just needed a little help, you knew that was what he did for you after he brought you back to life whether he meant to or not. “Theo!” You called as you saw him frozen in fear. You ran up to him fighting off the others as you did, you grabbed his arm. You were able to control the elements so you used them to get his sister to let go of him and then pulled him up closing the hole yourself.
“(Y/N) what are you doing?” Stiles asked stepping forward. “He’ll kill you.”
“He’s had all too many chances to kill me but I’m still breathing.” You glared, you grabbed Theo’s hand leading him out of the underground tunnels.

They’re all around me
Circling like vultures
They wanna break me and wash away my colours
Wash away my colours

You woke to Theo tossing and turning tears were running down his cheeks as he shot up out of bed. “Theo?” You asked as you walked over to the bed.
“Kill them…” He kept repeating those words and you looked at him.
“Shh, it’s okay…” You said wiping away the tears.
“It’s not okay! I killed people! I hurt people” Theo argued.
“Yeah but as much bad as you did you managed to do good as well.” You mumbled.
“Like what?” He asked.

Take me high and I’ll sing
Oh you make everything okay, okay, okay

“You save me.” You answered and he frowned over at you.
“I brought you back to life to use you,” Theo answered.
“But nobody ever needed me and cared for me the way you did falsely or not.” You smiled looking down.
“It’s wasn’t fake…” Theo mumbled reaching over and brushing your hair out of your face. “There’s a reason you’re one of the only ones alive.”

We are one and the same
Oh you take all of the pain away, away, away
(Away, away, away)
Save me if I become
My demons

You and Theo were the same in many ways, you were and always will be something that nobody wanted, so you had to find comfort in things that were the same as you, so you took comfort in each other.

I cannot stop this sickness taking over
It takes control and drags me into nowhere

Liam and Hayden had knocked on your door asking to talk to Theo, you knew with past experiences and Theo lack of sleep that this was not going to go well. “Theo we need your help,” Liam said.
“After you tried to put me in hell?” Theo asked.
“Just leave,” Theo ordered standing up you stood too gesturing for the two to wait and then followed Theo.

I need your help, I can’t fight this forever
I know you’re watching
I can feel you out there

“Theo! Theo!” You called after him and finally put up a wall of air to stop him from walking.
“You need to stop doing that!” Theo growled.
“Well, then you need to stop walking away from me!” You argued and he rolled his eyes.
“You said you wanted to be good right?” You asked.
“Yeah… For you.” Theo mumbled.
“Then help them.” You smiled and he groaned.
“Fine!” He agreed.
“Yes!” You fist pumped and he laughed before kissing your temple and walking into the living room to talk to the others.

Take me over the walls below
Fly forever
Don’t let me go
I need a saviour to heal my pain
When I become my worst enemy
The enemy

“Come on! Come with me!” Theo smiled gesturing his car.
“Where?” You asked as he wrapped his arms around your waist.
“I don’t know somewhere…” Theo answered. “Away from here somewhere quiet… Normal.”
“Normal?” You asked.
“Normal.” He confirmed.
“I like the sound of that.” You nodded and took his hand.

Requests and general question!

Power Hungry (Percival Graves x Reader)

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Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader 

Warnings: None


If he were being honest, Percival never would have thought he’d see her again.

He thought that after Ilvermorny, they would both go their separate ways, never to intersect again. All the fighting and the need to one-up each other, the constant fight between their rivaling houses, it was all enough to drive a sane person mad. 

However, and Percival it would deny it at any costs if you brought it up, he kind of hoped that she still remembered him. She was annoying, yes, outrageously annoying, and she was a little bit on the stuck up side, but Percival found serenity in knowing (or just hoping) that she still thought about him.

He never thought he’d see her standing in front of his desk, asking for his help.

She came barging in through the door into his office, not even knocking, a wide grin on her face upon seeing the Percival Graves once again. His head shot up from his paperwork, a scowl already forming from someone entering without permission, his eyes widening at the culprit. 

“Well, well, well, look who we have here!” She exclaimed, making herself comfortable on one of the seats in front of his desk. She straightened her back, now far more interested in the name plate accompanying the desk.

“Director Graves! I’m terribly sorry, s-she j-just barged right past me! I d-didn’t even-” the poor secretary stopped at Percivals raised hand. 

“it’s fine, shut the door on your way out,” Percival said, already feeling a migraine coming along. The door shut almost immediately, leaving the two old acquaintances alone. 

She stood up, her smile still intact, “well, Percival, long time no see.” Her hand extended across his desk.

Albeit reluctantly, Percival stood up and shook the girl’s hand, “Y/N L/N. To what do I owe the pleasure?”  

Y/N pulled her hand back in fake shock, “Perce! I’ve only just arrived and you already want to talk business? You don’t want to see what the great Y/N has been up to since Ilvermorny? Maybe get a cup of coffee?” 

Percival pretended to think about it. “No.” He lied.

This made Y/N laugh, “ah, Percy, still as stubborn as ever.”

Percival cringed at the nickname, “please, don’t call me that.”

She sat down in thoughtfulness. “Sorry, you’re right. What can I call big shot Percy now? Percival? Mr Graves? Ooh! I know! Director Gra-”

“Y/N.” Percival warned, pulling his own chair in and sitting down. 

“Oh, come on Percival! What happened to the good old days? Y’know the constant at eachothers throats, hungry for power attitude?!” Y/N searched his face, only to sigh in defeat. “Oh, Perce, you’ve changed.”

“I have not!” Percival comes to his defence, “I’m still as power hungry as I was back then.” 

“Maybe, but I wouldn’t know because you’re refusing to go out to have a coffee and talk with me,” Y/N chimed, still knowing how to get under his skin.

“Fine! Let’s go for a coffee,” Percival said abruptly, as he grabbed his coat and headed for the door, “come on, L/N, the power hungry Percival Graves doesn’t wait for no one!”



Theo Raeken Imagine - Insecure

My best friend, Theo, and I were doing our usual routine of sitting out on the wall of the courtyard in school eating our lunch. The sun was beating down on us; the air had all the element of a beautiful day yet Theo wasn’t himself. He acting strange, I didn’t need werewolf senses to tell there was some tension between us, I just didn’t understand what brought it on.

“Want one?” I ask offering up on of my sweets, only to be ignored. “Earth to Theo” I wave my hand in from of his transfixed face.

“Sorry? What?” he blinds, snapping out of his train of thought.

“What’s up with you? You’ve been distant all day.”

“Why do you stick with me?” he furrows his brows

“What are you talking about? I’ve been trying to avoid you since the moment I met you but you keep following me around.” I joke, hitting him softly on his arm.

“I’m being serious. I’m not a good person.” Theo says seriously, clearly not impressed with my comical talent.

“Is anyone?” I shrug my shoulders, continuing with my lunch.

“What about Scott? Are you going to tell me you don’t think he is a good person?”

“Scott is a werewolf.” I state. “Have you seen the amount of beings he has beaten up?” Not giving into whatever Theo was trying to get at.

“Y/N, you know that isn’t what I meant.” He starts to get angry. “I’m a bad guy, and I’m not changing any time soon. You can’t fix me.”

“Where is all this coming from?”

“I just can’t understand why someone like you would be friends with someone like me unless you had some ulterior motive”

“Fine, tell me why you are my friend.” I give in.

“Well, you make me laugh and are there for me when I need a friend, I don’t know, I guess my day just gets instantly better when I’m with you.” He looks at his feet, embarrassed.

I stand up, slightly insulted that he though I would just use him but more filled with glee that he thinks that way about me. “There is your answer. I feel the exact same way.” I kiss the top of his head before I make my way to my next class.

“Also,” I turn around. “ I don’t believe in fixing what isn’t broken.”


Kiramune Fan Meeting in Kanazawa - 11/12/16 Afternoon Session Fan Report

I went to the Kiramune Fan Meeting in Kanazawa held at Honda no Mori Hall in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture on November 12. This was my first time attending a Kiramune fan meeting!

Kanazawa is famous for ninjas hence the ticket. xD

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Sweetcheeks (Deadpool)

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Hello Sweetcheeks, 

Wade here! Of course, you know that because I am the only one who’s meant to be giving you anything for Valentine’s Day! (If I find out that anybody else has sent or asked to be your Valentine’s I swear their getting turned into fucking kebabs) Nobody gets to be your Valentine other than me, are we clear? 

Deadpool (Wade Wilson) + You = Only Valentine you will ever need. Our we clear….Good. 

Anyway, I thought I’d scribble down a little to remind you just how much I love sweetcheeks, you’ve brought light into my life…blah…blah..blah..you deal with my fucked up face (bonus point for you since you didn’t scream and run away like a total douche the first time I took off my mask) The first time Tony fucking Stark saw my naturally sexy gift of a face he passed out! (Doesn’t he know it’s rude to pass out when someone takes their mask off. Stinking Tin Man. 

In all seriousness, you are the love of my life.I love you so much it fucking hurts (quite literally) and I hope you enjoy my plans for Valentine’s Day because I am going all out.




You didn’t think I was just going to write you a Valentine’s Day letter, did you? Sweetcheeks I’m going to give you a Valentine’s Day you will never forget. 

Love ya, 

Wade x  

Things Homestucks still need to Understand in 2015

Eridan is not a two-dimensional, forever alone whiner, he didn’t kill Feferi because she chose Sollux, and he only wanted to join the angels because he thought that was the only hope for surviving.

Nepeta is not weak, she is not useless, and if one more person says Eridan should’ve been brought back instead of her I will throw a chair

Roxy has more layers to her personalty than just being reckless drunk. Besides, she sobered up. Stop limiting her to alcohol.

And holy crap if you still believe Tavros is just a useless crybaby, I will shove you into the pit myself.

Equius is not a rapist and he didn’t smother Nepeta. He was protecting her because flarping, especially with Vriska, is dangerous as mess.

Aradia isn’t a monotonous or boring character who’s only purpose is repeatedly dying.

Say this next one with me, kids. Mituna is not a sweet, innocent baby. He’s a mentally disabled man who was and is still kind of a jerkhole.


Let’s recap:

Eridan has borderline multi-personalities disorders. He hated land dwellers dumping trash in the ocean, but culled the idea of genocide because it would upset Feferi, who he deeply cared for even outside of the quadrants. He only killed her because she tried to kill him first after he knocked out Sollux, who attacked Eridan first. Plus, Eridan’s a pretty okay tactition, ignoring the angel idea, and is actually a pretty decent guy, especially proven in his conversations with Karkat. Don’t hate him for the wrong reasons.

Nepeta is a killer huntress who tracks down and kills giant beasts for food and she then uses their blood for paint. She is incredibly strong, seeing as she tackle pounced the brick wall that is Equius into the ground with no problems. She is not weak, useless, or a dumb cat weeb. AND I HOPE NEPETASPRITE DOES SOME AMAZING THINGS TO TICK YOU HATERS OFF.

Roxy is intelligent beyond belief. She’s a scientist, an ectobiolist, and amazing with a gun. She helps her friends with all their problems, even if that means throwing or drinking her own away. She was the only kid to truly be a friend to Calliope, calling the cherub beautiful even though Callie struggled to accept her appearance. So, I swear, if people don’t understand that there’s more to this wizard-loving, morse-code-reading, fanfiction-writing space teen than drinking, Imma flip a table farther than Jane Crocker herself.

I’m not even gonna spell out why this Tavros crap’s gotta stop. That last update should’ve cleared it all up.

Equius IS NOT a RAPIST! Yes, he’s creepy. But people in this comic do strange and stupid things when they like someone, so why single just him out as a rapist of all things? And his moirailship with Nepeta is ONE OF THE ONLY FUNCTIONING, NON-TOXIC MOIRAILSHIPS we’ve seen in this whole series. He lived next to Vriska, y’all. He saw her feed dead flarpers to her lusus every day. Not to mention that Aradia died, Terezi was blinded, Tavros was disabled, and Vriska became an amputee while flarping. He wasn’t controlling or smothering Nepeta; he was making sure she didn’t become spidermom’s next snack.

Aradia has one of the brightest personalities in all of Homestuck. She loves adventure, puns, and archeology. She is passionate about her friends, as shown when she declared payback on Vriska for jacking up Tavros. She is not boring and dull. She’s full of life, even when dead, and has the greatest smile and if you think she’s dull then you’re reading the wrong webcomic, bud.

Mituna is funny and does attract pity to him, but he’s not a pure lil cinnamon roll who can’t do anything for himself. He used to be an eccentric jerkwad before burning out his psionics trying to protect his friends from their doom. Now he’s a mentally disabled man who is still just as perverted, angry, and stupid as everyone else. Just with more glitches and face-plants.







This has been a PSA. Thank You. If I’ve offended you or misquoted any facts, feel free to message me. If you message me just to hate, feel free to do that too. You have a right to post your opinions, as do I.

For those saying YOI was a disappointment because Victuuri “wasn’t confirmed canon“...

I’m so sick of this queerbaiting debate. I honestly am to the point that I’d never participated in those disastrous conversations whenever Yuuri on Ice was brought up. Just watching others was too much for me. But I feel the need to say something.

First of all, yes. The creator did actually confirm that Yuuri and Victor kissed in episode 7 in a tweet she made right after it aired. Can people at least put in a fraction of a percent of thought that the creators did to make YOI into actually researching things before making blanket statements as an excuse to hate the show?

Second, is that really the reason YOI is a disappointment? It’s an artistic choice made by the creator to not shove kisses and “I love you”s down our throat. It’s partly because she knows what subtly and the concept of ‘show, don’t tell’ means. But it’s also because she doesn’t care about queerbaiting and just wants to write the relationship between two people who love each other without discrimination. This is something else she emphasized on her twitter as well. If all it takes is an outright on-screen kiss to make the difference between this anime being the worst of the year to the best of the year, then I think some people missed the entire point of the goddamn show.

And thirdly and lastly, I think it’s pretty clear that for a lot of people, for an LGBT couple to be considered ‘canon’ in their eyes, it takes a lot more than for a heteronormal couple to be ‘canon.’ I’ve seen posts with people claiming Victuuri don’t have canon feelings for each other but Sala does canonically like Yuuri. Why? Because she talked to him twice. But Victor and Yuuri kissing, Victor abandoning his career for Yuuri, the two exchanging golden wedding rings, and skating a pairs dance to the music ‘Stay Close to Me’ which is about a gay couple doesn’t make it canon. That double-standard in itself is the discrimination that these fans were “disappointed” about.

In terms of whatever social justice LGBT message wasn’t hammered down the viewers’ heads hard enough for you (because you know, the series knows what basic storytelling is), YOI is a great anime that has helped progress the presence of LGBT in media. It helps that the anime itself is enjoyable with a wide variety and culture of characters. I’m sick of this queerbaiting debate because it makes people come off like they only cared about the fact that there’s a gay couple and that’s it. It’s like watching a season of MasterChef and thinking that a person only won because they’re a girl and not because of what they’re actually there for, which is cooking. Sure it’s great that a female finally won, but their entire career isn’t defined by the fact that they’re a girl. It frustrates me because some people are reducing YOI into just “that one gay anime.” So any second it’s not 100% gay makes it automatically bad. That’s an insult to not only YOI and its creators themselves, but to any anime/book/movie writer.

As a daughter of an alcoholic father I wanted to say how important and meaningful the last episode of Riverdale was to me. I rarely get to connect with fictional stories and characters on such a personal level.

The mix of disgust and love, the need to distance yourself while also feeling lonely and missing those you’ve left, the jolts of hope quickly brought down by reality, the inability to predict the addict’s actions, the last straw of hope even when it seems there’s none left – it was all portrayed so well and felt so familiar, it seemed like someone was just reading my thoughts and emotions.

One scene particularly caught my attention. Surprisingly, I don’t see the fandom talking much about it, so I’m going to do it. When Archie and FP wrap up their jam session two things happen. First, FP is looking for a beer – because an alcoholic drinks for every occasion: both to celebrate and to cheer themselves up. The way Jughead steers him away is super awkward, because pointing out to your parent that they have a problem is beyond uncomfortable. This is not how things work, your parents are supposed to be stronger and wiser than you. A teenager can’t really offer support or offer guidance in such a situation. Then Archie asks about Fred “owing” FP and Jug goes: “Why don’t we quit while we’re ahead”. He knows how fragile his father’s stability is. How rare and short are the moments of light.  He has learned to step cautiously, calculating how each move will affect his father. He doesn’t want old demons, the present ones are more than enough. He’s not dismissing Archie’s curiosity entirely, just for now, because for now he wants a normal life.

I didn’t expect this kind of content when I started watching this show and honestly I’m impressed by the thoughtful writing and unbelievably good acting.


Request:  Hey~ Could you write one with Anakin where reader is really shy and insecure, and he knows compliments her whenever he can and just UH PLAIN FLUFF! *tightly huggles*

Never in your life have you felt like how you do with Anakin Skywalker. Alone was your enemy. Not that you necessarily needed a guy, but having someone, anyone, around you helped you to defeat being alone. Being alone brought you to your thoughts, and your thoughts never seemed to bring you anywhere particularly glorious. But him? Whenever he was near, you began to disbelieve what your thoughts try to tell you. You believe that you’re beautiful. Of course, he reminded you enough. It’s just that every second you spent with him was another second that the cloud in your mind wasn’t filled with darkness. Your mind was a mind filled with love.

You looked up to a still sleeping Anakin. It was early morning and the light of the day was showing up inside your guys’ bedroom. This was one of the rare occasions that he wasn’t up before you. Ani had his arms around you tightly as you felt his chest rising and lowering with each breath. You stared at him, looking at all the tiny things about him that were part of the reason why you loved him so much. His long hair in a bedhead state, his scar, and the peacefulness about him in that exact moment.

You saw him stir, and his eyes blinked open.

“Hello, gorgeous.” He smiled down at you, causing you to bury your face into his chest to hide your blushing cheeks.

You had this thing with blushing. It was a real issue. No matter how long your relationship with Anakin went on, he ALWAYS managed to make you blush like a maniac.

“Hey, handsome.” You giggled back at him.

Anakin adjusted you, so that you ended up lying next to him, face to face, with one of his arms around you.

“So.” He whispered. “How do you manage it?”

You laughed. “What might you be talking about?”

He smiled back at you. “How do you manage to look so darn adorable after waking up?”

You buried your face into your pillow. “Stop.” You laughed, realizing that at this point he’s probably noticed you blushing.

“Y/n, I feel as though I deserve an answer to this very real question.” He spoke with a playful serious tone.

“Okay.” You laughed. “I would have to say, that’s just how you see me. It’s the beauty is in the eye of the beholder thing.”

He took in a breath. “Nope. Pretty sure you’re one-hundred percent gorgeous. The most absolute beautiful. You’re the prettiest, most beautiful, wonderful, and cutest entity that I’ve ever laid my eyes on in this entire galaxy.” He pulled you closer to him, planting a kiss on your forehead.

“Alright, go ahead and keep believing it, fine.” You whispered back sarcastically. 

He let out a small gasp and began kissing your face. 

One kiss on the cheek. “You are the most beautiful.” One kiss on your nose. “You’re the prettiest.” Two kisses on your mouth. “You are the most kindhearted soul.” One kiss on your forehead. “And I love you more than anything.”

“Alright, Ani.” You laughed.

“I can’t” He planted another kiss on your nose. “Stop kissing you.” Another kiss on your cheek. “Until you tell me.” A kiss on your temple. “That I’m right!” He laughed before pressing his lips into yours. 

“Okay.” You laughed at him. 

“Okay what?” He giggled, planting a kiss on your forehead. 

“You’re right!” You giggled as he leaned in and pressed his lips into yours. 

“I know.” He smiled at you.  

A few minutes passed by where the two of you laid together in perfect silence. You would smile at him, he would smile and raise his eyebrows at you, you would blush, and he would kiss you. The time went by like so. The day was free of everyday troubles. Just you two, together. You laughing at his jokes, him realizing one of his favorite things was to make you blush.

Prompt #157 - The House

@cali-forniacationn: Owen showing Claire the house he wants to buy an renovate for them

I’m the first person to shout ‘if you don’t like it, don’t post it until you do’ but there’s no saving this fic. It’s just plain boring and I have too much to do, can’t think about it anymore. Sorry Nicky. 



Her first thought was that it wasn’t much. Owen had warned her, repetitively, worry in his voice every time he brought up the property. She didn’t know why he was so interested if he kept feeling the need to tell her that it wasn’t all that great. Something in his head was set on it, begging for her approval.

Owen picked the perfect day in the beginning of Spring to take her out there. Alpine was thirty minutes from their apartment in the city, Claire’s ideal location. He knew there could be some points earned with the travel time. She didn’t want to travel too far just for work, Owen agreed. But, there was seemingly nothing that impressed Claire in their house hunt. She wanted out of the apartment. Owen wanted out of the apartment, and in a short number of weeks had managed to talk her into buying a house. It was what house that was the problem.  

Nervous energy was radiating off him. He had asked her to trust him, have complete faith as he blindly lead her to a house he knew she would love. Claire wasn’t so sure. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust him. It was that even she didn’t know what she was looking for. How on earth could he fulfil her wishes if she couldn’t even give him a list. She didn’t want to disappoint him but she knew she would be disappointed.

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RFA at a Private Party


-On the dance floor as soon as the music starts

-This child can DANCE

-He hacked the music system to play only songs he likes

-Constantly trying to get Jumin drunk

-Actually succeeds


-Of course there’s a camera recording this

-Takes a selfie with drunk!Jumin and snapchats it to all the R.F.A.


-Just drinks Dr. Pepper and of course doesn’t need snacks because he brought honey buddha chips

-Gets Yoosung wasted and he starts dancing with them and later cussing everyone out


-Mr. Sophisticated shows up looking all fancy

-The FIRST thing he does is get a glass of wine

-Complaining about the air

-Gets suspicious when Seven offers him a drink but takes it anyways because MAYBE he’s being an adult for once

-Oh ho boy Jumin you thought wrong

-Somehow ends up on the dance floor with Seven and Yoosung after the alcohol kicks in

-Gets really into the songs and somehow loses that vest he had on earlier

-”Cat Daddy” comes on and he starts dirty dancing

-After that he just keeps rambling on about Elizabeth 3rd


-Wears more casual clothes

-Still looks damn good 👏👌

-Brought a cd with tracks from a new role he got so he could practice in front of everyone and show off

-Just chillin and drinking a beer so far until Jumin STARTS DANCING

-Just kinda quietly starts filming because blackmail ftw

-Meanwhile is being called repeatedly by Yoosung who’s also drunk

-Taking tons of selfies of course

-Goes and dances with the others because hey why not


-Finally in something other that a suit

-Tbh just happy to not be working

-Only has like 2 drinks

-Taking pictures and videos of zen dancing and lowkey having a fangirl overload

-*staring at zen*

-*thinking* Dat ass…

-Stays by the food because she never really has time to snack

-Is 101% done with Jumin’s shit and this just takes the cake

-Next time he dumps Elizabeth on her this is getting brought up


-Shows up super excited

-Rushes to the snacks first

-He’s way too shy to dance so just enjoys the music

-Has never had a Daiquiri before so he sucks it down and gets another

-This innocent child is such a lightweight and is already drunk


-*drunk calling zen*

-*Laughing hysterically at Seven*

-Eventually Zen forces him to sit down on a couch where he passes out


-Doesn’t really know how Seven got him here in the first place

-Just kinda sits off to the side

-Actually kinda enjoys the music

-After a while he starts to open up and maybe even smiles

-Takes pictures of everyone dancing

-Is just kind of cutely munching on a bag of Honey buddha chips he wordlessly accepted from Seven

-Feels a little embarrassed but also very happy because he has a family now


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  • type to bring you flowers every day
  • whenever the two of you fought, he’d need some time to himself to sort out his thoughts before addressing the problem 
  • he’d like to squish your face a lot
  • dates with youngjae would never be boring he’d literally take you everywhere 
  • there would be times where he’d just stare at you admiring your beauty
  • whenever anyone brought you up he’d either get all shy or become smug depending on who it was I think
  • i can see him sending you small signs whenever he was on camera perhaps a wink directed at the screen to the fans but it’d really be for you
  • he’d ask your opinion on his outfits
  • “jagiya, i’m handsome right?”
  • a lot of play fighting 
  • i can see him occasionally serenading you at random times
  • if he had the job of MCing he’d love to run things by you first and ask for your feedback
  • his favourite part about coming home would be to find you there waiting for him with a hug
  • the mere though of you would make him smile
  • whenever he was away on tour he’d make sure to call, video call and text you as much as he could
  • whenever he did anything embarrassing and you’d bring it up he’d deny it at all costs
  • i can see youngjae being the type to be into couple items
  • i feel as if youngjae would occasionally need time to himself but that doesn’t mean he’d love you any less
  • completely believe’s you’re capable of doing anything you set your mind out to do 
  • he’d love hugging you from behind or just hugging you in general tbvh
  • i don’t think youngjae’s the type to throw ‘i love you’ around meaninglessly he’d make sure to save those special words for special occasions
  • he wouldn’t be vocal about it but he’d love it when you showed him a lot of attention
  • there would be nights where the two of you would stay up late having really deep talks
  • he’d love to cuddle
  • he’d love whenever you’d give him massages 
  • he’d send you really random texts that would make you laugh


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