just thought that this two scenes are so beautiful

i rewatched the episode again and now that i wasn’t so focused on alex in the last sanvers scene, i really noticed how gentle maggie was? like this is….. the softest goddamn rejection i have ever seen with my own two eyes,,, she’s doing what she thinks is best for both of them (and ultimately i think she’s right, the timing isn’t good for them just yet), but she knows it’s gonna hurt alex and she’s just so thoughtful? making sure to say that alex didn’t do anything wrong and making sure to tell her that she’s still there for her, just as a friend. maggie sawyer is such a wonderful and beautiful and caring person, i’m bawling my eyes out



Take notice of the door behind Magnus and the place their hands are beautifully resting on in the first picture, and then look at the second picture.

In the first picture you’ll see that the doors to the balcony are open behind Magnus, so Magnus and Alec are on Magnus’ balcony together (practically holding hands) which has a beautiful view of Brooklyn and honestly given those circumstances I’d be surprised if we don’t get another malec kiss in this scene because I mean come on these two idiots in love comforting each other on Magnus’ balcony what is more romantic than that

Ok, okaaay, I just finished watching Shisha no Teikoku

My quick thoughts (spoilers obv):

1. I’ve never shipped so fast in my life. 10 seconds in and I was already shipping (a doctor and a corpse! That’s new, even for me lol)

2. Why does she have Moomin for breast?

3.Friday is basically the son of these two:




7. The whole thing was beautiful (the art was STUNNING!!!) and heartbreaking and (too) gory (for me) and also so very much gay, and poor Ayumu, he had to scream so much ._.

8. Clearly Watson had feeling for Friday, he wouldn’t have done all of those things if he didn’t love him, so don’t you go and try kissing some lady there dear doc, ok??? (sorry, that split second almost ruined it for me)

9. Nikolai didn’t deserve that. too brutal. I wanted to cry ._____.

Rama and Raksha Bhediya - Ramsha Aesthetic

UGH THE WOLFIES. fuck this ship. like–fuck it. seriously FUCK THIS SHIP. I thought it was appropriate to post this on Perdy, not only bc Perdita and Raksha are adorable mom friends! but because RAKSHA AND RAMA ARE JUST AS BROKEN AS PONGO AND PERDITA. TBH–they might be more broken, just in a different way. I think those two ships are such beautiful foils of each other. Both with so much love between them, but no way to cross the divide. 

Rama and Raksha, from the first thread, have had BEAUTIFUL behind the scenes development done. Y’know it’s hard to come into an RP with a ship, let alone a MARRIED COUPLE WHO HAS LOST THEIR CHILD but Kiara and Jay make it so believable and heartbreakingly beautiful. I’m totally rooting for these two to pull through. 

ps–that top middle pic is like a little boat, votive thing that Indians use for the souls of the departed, i thought it was so pretty and sad.

@ramabhediya and @raksha-bhediya

MK’s Valentine’s Day Aesthetics || 2/14

| Kit Harington Gif Hunt |

Underneath the cut you’ll find roughly #520 medium HQ gifs of Kit Harington, none of which belong to me. I was going to split this into two parts, but then I thought, “It’s Father’s Day, Kit is daddy af, I’ll just smoosh them together to celebrate.” So the first section is non-Game of Thrones gifs (interviews, photo shoots, and his other films), and Jon Snow is everything else below it (I made sure they were all roleplayable, so no sword fights or horse riding or battle scenes). Kit is a beautiful, shy, awkward, sexy individual, so please enjoy!

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Kabby In “Bitter Harvest,” Part 2: “Everybody Always Does”

I had too many thoughts on the Kabby scene in 3x06 to condense into one meta, so I’m splitting it up into four sections.  PART TWO: The Redemption of Bellamy Blake!

Part 1 here

Part 3 here

Part 4 here

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30 Day Anime Challenge

Day 2: Favorite Anime Couple

This one was pretty easy. Sailor Moon was my first anime yes, but around the same time I was introduced to Naruto. I fell in love with Sasuke and Sakura..and the first chapter I read of the manga was the famous scene on the bridge where she thought Sasuke died. I was hooked. I admit I am annoying when watching animes at times because I pick out couples and root for them along the way, but this one was the one I have stuck with for a very long time basically since it started. I am so happy they got married, and had little Sarada! It makes me smile, and their relationship throughout the manga was beautiful, heartbreaking, and just amazing to watch two people fall in love when everything around them was falling apart. They are the couple I have stuck with the longest, and I have enjoyed every minute! :) 

Can We Just Applaud Emilie and Bobby?

Friends, I am somewhat crestfallen. I thought we were getting TLK. BUT that was a stunning, emotional scene played by two genius actors–perhaps the best of the series. The. Way. They. Look. At. Each. Other. The love between them! RUMBELLE DOES NOT NEED KISSES to electrify the screen. Their chemistry is so fantastic that it overcomes any flaws in the writing. “At least in the end I got one last taste” equals “At least I got to see you one last time” from Beauty and the Beast. Once again, Rumple tried to send Belle away and she refused to leave him. Regardless of whether others acknowledge it, we know the truth; Rumple changed the story to keep himself from becoming fully dark and laying waste to Storybrooke. Bobby and Emilie communicated that urgency, passion, and undying love so beautifully. I still have hope.

Reign 3x02

Last week I failed to write about 3x01 because I think I was in a permanent state of shock for a full week after that perfection of an episode, it still makes me cry with happiness! :’) At the Lorcisse scenes, obviously, the Frary scenes were harder to cope with than I expected, and I was prepared for real sadness- well I thought I was :’’’’’’’’’(

But this week, because of what has happened with Lorcisse, and because of the negative posts I have seen about them, I wanted to share some thoughts that will hopefully make fellow Lorcisse shippers who are a bit scared and doubtful a little more at ease. 

FIRST: Frary
Oh my gosh these two just get sadder and sadder and sadder! I genuinely cannot COPE with their scenes because they are just so beautiful but absolutely, catastrophically heartbreaking:’’’’( Every time I think about them and their situation I want to just curl up into a ball and die because it is just so unfair :’’(
      The worst thing about these two is that there is no hope because we all know Francis’s fate, and it is just so horrible to watch them so in love with each other and this illness forcing them to part. It is just too much, and too sad. S o I am sorry I cannot go on because the tears are forming. 

SECOND: Claude and Leith
I LOVE THESE TWO! They are so cute together! I love their quick, sarcastic and confrontational remarks to each other, they genuinely make me smile; I think the writers did a really good job with these two, and I just hop they continue to have some fun, because heaven knows this shows needs it!

I am just going to skip to it- 
THIRD: Lorisse
I have seen a lot of posts about how Narcisse is using and trading Lola as if she is some sort of price to be won and how he has just manipulated her feelings, but before the war on opinions starts… how about we just seize fire for the moment and look at the facts… 

Yes, Narcisse shouldn’t have done what he did, in the way he did it. It seems that Narcisse does the wrong thing for the right reasons or at least with the right intentions for doing it. It is clear to me that he planted the rat in her bath because he only want to PROVE to her that he would protect her NO MATTER THE COST. 
After all, Narcisse tried all throughout 3x01 to prove to Lola that he would protect her against anyone or anything- even with his own life. Which for a man who values self preservation as much as he does is one hell of a thing to promise- let’s be honest. 

We know that Narcisse will go to great lengths in getting what he wants, and here what he wants is to marry Lola, but the first step in doing this is to convince her that they could be a REAL couple as opposed to just LOVERS- which, again, can we all just appreciate the jump he has accomplished since well, we first met Narcisse.

BUT! What we also have to remember is the fact that this is still THE SAME MAN!! He is controlling, pragmatic and a little scary when it comes to those serious situations and therefore those characteristics are going to keep on popping up every now and then in his actions. If they didn’t it wouldn’t be the Narcisse we all fell in love with in the first place AND it would be as if the writers completely changed his character which is no good FOR ANYONE- including Lola. Thus, he did what he did, in the way he did it to get what he wants, AND give Lola what he knows she truly wants, ‘a real family’, and the accomplish that he needed Lola to let go of her fear, which I do actually agree she needed to do a little. 

By doing what he did, he convinced Lola that fear should not stop her from doing what she wants and being with who she wants. She needs to take the plunge and the risk, because it is very risky, and open herself up to loving this man-openly! Also, on this note, because Narcisse has never been in love, I am guessing no woman has actually fallen in love with him, so because he has such strong feelings for Lola, he needed her to admit her feelings for him because he needs that reassurance; the feeling that he is wanted and needed by another (which is what we all want isn’t it?)

Building on this, Narcisse did risk everything to be with Lola, which is something he has NEVER done before. He has NEVER let his heart rule over his head, and so he needed Lola to return her love because he feels so vulnerable- because of his lack of experience with love. 
I am sorry if this isn’t making sense by the way :s

Bringing me on to this short note, Narcisse has NO idea  how a real relationship works, what it requires and what it should consist of, so of course he is going to get things wrong from time to time!

Discussing the WAY in which he eventually got Lola to admit her feelings and let go of her fears towards Catherine, I admit it was MENTAL… BUT! Let us just remember who it was exactly he was trying to implicate in putting the rat in Lola’s bath… CATHERINE!
Narcisse knows Catherine: her sadistic, evil ways; her crazy, rash actions; her scheming, mental plans, (need I MENTION the poor horse?) so in order for Lola to believe it was Catherine who did this, he had to do something so crazy that Lola would immediately point the finger at Catherine rather than wonder who is was. I admit it was a it manipulative but a the end of the day, he is HUMAN, he is going to make mistakes and he has to learn the consequences of his actions which we know he is willing to do- he wants to change be the person who ‘deserves’ Lola- which come on is the SWEETEST THING EVER!

I think he will be able to change, and be someone who deserves someone like Lola but, as with most things, this is going to take time. 

But can we just revel in some of the INCREDIBLE scenes they had this episode?!

‘I want you forever’ 
The way he drawls, ‘Lola.’ 

‘And because I love you.’ / ‘Stephane, I love you too.’ 

The way they look at each other when they say they love each other :’)

The way he looks just before he kisses her and equally, the way she looks at him :’)


‘I want it all.’


One thing I am not sure about is, did they actually sleep together? If they did, I feel cheated! All I know is that I want MORE kissing scenes - in bed -, more affection and a morning after scene!!!

A side note
I miss Kenna :( BRING HER BACK!
Also, I LOVE Greer and the pirate! They are so hilariously cute!

The gifs were made and taken from the beautiful and talented



The Doctor and Rose moments - The End of the World

I love this scene so much because of subtext. This can be viewed from two perspectives.

First, we just see the other characters.
And second, in my opinion, it’s more plausible: we see the Doctor’s thoughts. That’s what he thinks about to overcome the obstacle.

You see? Rose is his guiding light (Oooh, big mistake! Because that name keeps me fighting!), which helps him to fight. 

And this scene is a beautiful allegory, symbolizing the relationship between Doctor and Rose.