just thought that this two scenes are so beautiful


CassianWeek Day#1 - Favorite Scene [½]

Behind the man in white, stepping out of the smoke, came a bloody and limping Cassian Andor. He looked like a man who’d fallen twelve stories and clawed his way back to the topHe looked as beautiful as anyone Jyn had ever known.

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Hi, can you do a hc about the rfa (and v and saeran, if you write about them) on a mc that they have met before when she was drunk and was flirting with them really smoothly? And then the storylines happens and she doesn't remember them but they do?

(*´ω`*) np! I wonder if I’d flirt when drunk….So far when I’m tipsy I just get really stubborn. I think the RFA would have a handful dealin with me, haha!


-When he finally met you in person, he suddenly realized why your voice seemed so familiar.

-You were that chick from about a month back!

-But…You didn’t seem embarrassed? You just smiled and joked just like you did on the chat (albeit with a bit more blushing). Did you even remember?

-He sure did. He remembered just hanging out with his fellow co-actors, just relaxing at a local bar he enjoyed and having a few beers. He was used to women coming up to him and trying to flirt, but uh…Not drunk women who didn’t realize who he was.

-”You- You know? You look a LOT, like a LOT, like this actor guy dude from the local theater. God, you should just see that dude. His name is? Is uh. Zenny? Something I can’t fucking, remember…But god I’d lick his abs, he’s so handsome. You look like that guy man! That cool guy. That beautiful dude.

-Oh my god. He felt so fucking embarrassed for you. You just kept going and going, not realizing the whole time, until your friends finally dragged you back home.

-He thought of that scene a few times, but oh my god, your friends never told you? (GOOD FRIENDS GOOD FRIENDS)

-He decided NOT to bring it up then, not when the two of you were finally meeting in person for the second first time. 

-(A few weeks later, he finally brought it up. Your face was so red as you called your friends for confirmation. When they finally admitted what had happened, you just stood in embarrassed Shock. Until Zen finally admitted you were the one girl who managed to flirt with him at a bar and he actually got interested in you.)


-Jumin had given her so ‘free’ time. Which was, of course, allowing her to go on a wine tasting event with him. It was a bit better than working (and he’d probably have her set up a few meetings anyway), so she agreed.

-She didn’t drink often, but she could see how some lightweights could become overwhelmed with the all the samples.

-At least, that’s the excuse she came up for you. God, as soon as she heard your voice on the phone, she instantly remembered how drunk you had gotten at that simple wine tasting event. But you didn’t remember her? It stung a little, but you were…Very. Very drunk.

-She remembered you trying to casually walk towards her. She thought you were wanting to talk to her about Jumin, praying that it wasn’t about how you could get a date with him. But when you slid your arm around hers and slurred, she nearly had her heart stop.

-”You-You are literally the only pretty person here. These dudes are so uuugly. Oh my god, how come rich guys can’t even look decent half the time. Do you like girls? I like girls. I’m a girl. You’re a girl. Lets. Lets hang out. Blow this popsicle stands. We’ll have fun.”

-When security dragged you away (Jumin’s doing, with light murmurs of complaints from him), Jaehee had to try her best not to blush and laugh.

-You were cute, but oh my god she had never been flirted with like that.

-As the two of you started dating, she never, ever mentioned it. Not until about a year later after a night you had gotten tipsy again, and thankfully you two just laughed together about it.


-As soon as he heard you voice, he knew it was familiar. A nice one, something that didn’t urk him that much.

-Seeing you in person made him immediately want to ban all wine from the RFA party. How you were so shameless he never understood.

-A few months back, he had attended an event that allowed for extra guests to be brought. He didn’t really remember which one. He had went to so many they just blurred together at times.

-He did, however, remember clearly of a drunken woman suddenly grasping his arm. He immediately was annoyed, thinking it was some other woman who had tried flirting with him earlier, but when it was someone new, he gave you a moment to talk.

- “These rich dudes are so. Boring. Are you boring too? You look cool. You look…Cool. Not borin’. Not borin’ at alllllll. Do you wanna be not boring together? Like. The dude who brought me doesn’t even know where I am. Fuck em. Fuck em all. I’d even fuck you if you’d lemme.”

-Oh my god.

-Security had came and gotten you later, and he just sighed and fixed his sleeve. He thought you were ridiculous. 

-So at the RFA party, when you said you were introducing yourself the first time, he called you out on it. It wasn’t the first time you two had met.

-He ended up going in full detail, exactly what you said, how your hair was messed up, how everything about you was just. Embarrassing.

-Your first RFA party was filled with many embarrassing moments after that, especially from a teasing Seven.


-He was just hanging out with Zen when the drunk you came sauntering up, looking strangely confident and slightly confused.

-He almost pulled his phone out, getting ready to film what was possibly Zen’s most embarrassing moment.

-Instead, his hands froze when you passed by Zen and went directly to him.

-“You’re. You’re weird lookin. Not in a bad way though. Like. You look weird but cool. Cute. Yeaaah. I like redheads. Are you into girls? Or guys? Because i wanna. I wanna take ya out.”

-Omg. He was dying. He never really had this happen before, and Zen’s shocked expression was totally worth it.

-Before he could give you a reply, your friends finally found you and pulled you away while spouting apologies.

-So when he found out exactly who you were when he did his background check, he laughed so hard

-He wouldn’t bring it up with the others around (Maybe Zen), but he’d tease the FUCK outta you about it.

-“I guess you got what you wanted, huh?”


-Poor baby. He’d NEVER bring it up to you, except on his deathbed.

-He had finally agreed to go to the bar Zen wanted to take him to. He was a bit nervous because of how often he was being carded. His hands wouldn’t stop shaking!!

-Of course, to make matters worse, there were girls flirting with Zen constantly. He was just here as a third wheel!

-He watched as another girl kinda. Stumbled over to Zen. Great. He couldn’t even have drunk girls- Oh god she was going to him, not Zen!

-“Heyaaa, cutie? You’re preeeetty young, huh? Barely able to get in here huh? Hahaha.. but you’re so so cute. Hey, cutie, gimme your phone number! I’ll be your girlfriend!”

-Oh my god. Oh. My god. He was mortified. Even Zen was watching! Oh my god.

-Before he could gather the courage to respond, he saw a few girls come and drag you away, full of scolding and giggles.

-That night, Zen just laughed and patted your back.

-Of course Zen wasn’t laughing now as Yoosung kissed you, vowing to keep that memory to himself.

-(Until Zen told you literally a day later)


-V didn’t really go to bars or anything of the sort. But when he visited exhibitions, especially ones he was also featured in, they tended to offer wine to drink.

-Unfortunately, not everyone could hold their alcohol.

-He watched a woman stumble a bit, quietly murmuring to several different pictures.

-Eventually she made over to where he was standing.

- “God. I love this one. This. This is a good one. Better than the others. Wait. No, that’s mean. Those are good too. But this one, this one is like. Good good.”

-Oh god. He was trying his best not to laugh. He decided to stand beside his own just in case he could answer questions, or interest people in more of his works. He was not expecting this.

- “But man. This guy has to be sooo fun to be with. I’d love to date this guy! Have coffee! Talk about. Flowers and shit. God, I’d probably sleep with him too.”

- Wow?? He didn’t even know how to respond. So… He didn’t. He watched you sleepily study his picture and… Walk away.

-Flash to him finally meeting you after the RFA party, and you didn’t seem to remember him OR his pictures at all.

-He worried a bit if his pictures just didn’t last well in people, but when you looked as if you never saw them, he concluded maybe you just didn’t remember that day whatsoever.

-Later on, when you two had been together, he always kept you away from the wine at his exhibits. When you questioned him about this, he finally told you about the first time he met you.

-Needless to say, you never drank at exhibitions ever again


-The first time he met you, before the whole RFA mess, was at a bar.

-Needless to say, he pegged you as a target before you really said anything.

-He had watched you from a corner, just basically watching everyone. He was just trying to see what the fuss was about with bars.

-The drunks were annoying. And stupid. Annoyingly stupid.

-But… He wasn’t expecting a decent looking one come to him and try hitting on him.

-He watched, slightly amused, as you stumbled over your words.

-“You’re a little black parade looking punk, aren’t you? Lookin. All tough. And like a punk. Very punky. Can I sit with you, punk? You’re. Cute punk. Yeah! I like punk stuff too, imma even gonna get this badass tattoo one day, man! Whoop!”

-He didn’t even manage to give a response before you sat down and promptly conked the fuck out.

-He didn’t really know what to do, and since he didn’t feel like getting mixed up in anything, he left the bar before any of your friends could question him.

-So when the two of you finally met in person, and you introduced himself, he just laughed for a while.

-“Do you not remember me?”

-After a brief explanation, he ended up laughing for a looong time with how red you had gotten. He actually joined Seven in teasing you.

This song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2VXEvx03NM&sns=tw has a meaningful thoughts behind it but I don’t know how to explain into words. Like, for the first time I heard, it was from episode two where yuuri was skating all by himself

he looked so lonely and Viktor just… looked at him

And eight episodes later, we have this beautiful scene

Yuuri looked a bit sad at first when Viktor told him about his birthday

And then, we have this

Viktor stared at Yuuri

Viktor just… kept staring… at Yuuri… 

There’s something behind this song that I don’t know how to explain but it’s beautiful and it fits Yuuri perfectly because Yuuri is so much like a piano. He’s soft, so soft. And from these two scenes, I just wow… I don’t know what to say… It’s just beautiful… It’s Yuuri… It’s Yuuri and Viktor’s song

And the last thing I want to say is I really do appreciate YoI’s stuffs who create this wonderful soundtrack and I’m looking forward to the next season even if there’s no announcement yet.

No emotion. Just sex.

You rolled off Jack, collapsing on the bed beside him as you tried catching your breath. Your head still spinning from the mind blowing orgasm you just had.

“wow.” Jack breathed out, his chest heaving up and down, “that was incredible”

“I.Know” you breathed out, a dopey smile on your face.

You and Jack were close, and there’s always been something between the two of you ever since you met a few months back. Some sort of tension, but neither of you acted on it ever, especially with Jack and Jack being so popular, and your acting, you were both so busy, and constantly in someones spotlight, neither of you really wanted to bring some complicated relationship into the mix, since the two of you weren’t sure what was there. The two of you didn’t want to ruin your new friendship either, but one night at a party that logic went out the window when the two of you, both having a few drinks, snuck off upstairs and fooled around. Now here you are, 4 months later.

You sighed, getting out of the bed and searching for your clothes.

“what are you doing?” Jack whined from the bed, giving you puppy eyes as he watched you pull on your panties and bra and wiggle into your shorts, searching for your shirt now.

“I told you today had to be quick. I’ve got that music video today” 

“oh…right” he spoke, getting out of bed and pulling on a pair of basketball shorts.

The two of you talked while you walked through the house, grabbing a piece of toast in the kitchen and heading out, Jack walking you to your car.

“alright beautiful, kill it today at the music video.” he smiled, resting his hands on the top of the car, your door open, and leaning down.

“I’ll try” you smiled. “I’m not sure what I’m doing, but it can’t be that hard, I doubt I’ll have any lines.” you laughed.

“I’m sure you’re gonna do great.” he smiled, leaning in and kissing you before closing the door and watching you drive off.


When you arrived on the set you walked around. You hadn’t really heard much about this, all you know is that the artist requested you be considered for the part, according to your manager, who was more than thrilled, saying it would be a good ‘experience’ when being considered for other parts in movies and shows.

Your manager, Tyler, met you at the door as soon as you walked in.

“hey (y/n). Good to see you” he spoke, hugging you. Tyler was cool as shit, and definitely watched out for you, like a protective older brother, so you trusted him when it came to this part.

“yeah, I’m pretty excited for this actually” you smiled at him as you two started to walk through the place.

“I think you’ll love this actually” he smiled.

“yeah, I hope so. I just really wanna meet the artist. I mean, to be like personally requested.” you gushed.

“oh yeah, well he thought you’d fit the part perfectly for what he had in mind. He’s actually changing I believe, but let’s go talk to the director, he’ll give you the basic idea.”

After meeting the director, and getting the main idea, you were actually pretty excited. This would be the first, more intimate like scene you’ve done, but you thought it’d be good for you.

So Tyler showed you to your room and showed you your outfit, which you were pretty excited to slip on.

Walking out after changing, and hair and makeup had their turn with you, a robe around you, you were more excited than before. You walked towards Tyler, who’s face lit up when he saw you.

You approached him, and the director, and another guy, who’s back was turned towards you. The director saw you and smiled, nodding at the robe, and you undid the little tie, and slipped it off, the director and Tyler’s eyes both going wide, which wasn’t as creepy as it sounds, it’s not like they were 50, they were both late 20′s early 30′s, and I mean, you were 20, so it wasn’t that weird. 

You held the robe in you arms and watched as the director nudged the other guy, who lifted his head up to look at him, but when he nodded his head in your direction the other guy turned around, as if in slow motion.

Your eyes widened at you made eye contact. He was hot. So fucking hot. Tall. Scruffy. Man bun. Great style. Killer smile. Low eyes you could just get lost in.


When Jace nudged Nate, he was curious as to what he wanted. They were in the middle of talking about the video, Nate talking about some of his ideas, and input from Tyler, about things you’d be good at, and then just everyone throwing out ideas. Nate was seeing it really coming together, but looking at Jace expectantly, only to see him nod behind him, Nate turned to see what needed his attention.

You were even more beautiful in person, compared to the pictures on ig, and the few movies he’s seen you in. You were so beautiful. Nate was kinda taken aback. He eyed you up and down as you approached. Long legs, thin waist and god your eyes and timid smile were killing him. You screamed innocence, but your outfit completely contradicted that idea.


You bit your lip as you approached, eyeing him up and down so obviously, but he didn’t do a good job at keeping his eyes off you either, not that you minded whatsoever.

“(y/n) this is Nate.” Justin spoke.

“hi” you smiled, reaching your hand out. “It’s nice to meet you” you spoke sweetly.

“trust me, the pleasures mine.” Nate flirted.

After your short introduction, Justin and Tyler went off to make sure everything was set, you and Nate following behind, just talking a bit.

“You nervous?” he asked, nudging your arm with his elbow.

“no and yes” you laughed.

“why’s that?”

“well I mean, I feel like I can do this no problem, and I mean, there’s always more than one take we can do, it’s just…I mean, to be requested personally, I feel like the pressures really on” 

“oh yeah, I just thought you’d fit the part really well, I mean, everyone loves a video with a beautiful girl in it.” he smiled.

“stop it.” you blushed, playfully bumping into his side.

“there’s really nothing to worry about. You’re gonna be fine.” he smiled, as the two of you got to the actual set where the cameras and lights and everything was.


Some scenes that were filmed, Nate wasn’t in, so he stood off on the side, and he was so glad he picked you for this. 

“she’s good.” Tyler smirked beside Nate, who had his eyes glued on you the whole time.

“y-yeah.” he stuttered a bit, biting his lip as he watched you 

god, you were stunning.


You were told to ‘act seductive and sexy’ and the outfit was half of it, adding to your confidence, so you literally just went with it. It started off, you filmed all the scenes you were doing by yourself, just so you could be a little more comfortable before just throwing you half naked in bed with a guy you just met.

But then came the scenes you had to do with Nate, which I mean, you were a professional, you weren’t gonna get all giddy, even though he was extremely hot and this was a rather sensual video.

You did as you were told, and god, you were actually pretty turned on.


Nate admired the way you moved, like it came so natural to you, and he couldn’t help but think about what it’d be like to actually have you like this. God, you were turning him on so much.


When you were done, you watched as Justin put it together, you and Nate standing pretty close, and you were actually surprised how well the whole thing looked.

“damn.” you and Nate said at the same time, looking sideways at one another with smiles on your faces.

“definitely. we should have it up by tomorrow after we edit it a bit more if that’s cool with you skate.” Justin spoke

“yeah, that’s cool.” Nate smiled.

“alright, well that’s a wrap then.”

Justin and Tyler stood and talked, both voicing and working on the editing a bit, more so, Tyler just voicing his opinion.

You and Nate turned and started to walk off, you were going to change back into normal clothes.

“hey (y/n)” Nate spoke, catching your attention.

“yeah?” you asked, your brow furrowed.

“you wanna go grab something to eat?”

“yes!” you exclaimed, overjoyed, but to be fair, all you had eaten was a piece of toast, Jack took a big bite out of as well.

“alright, cool” Nate laughed. “you go ahead and change and I’ll be out here waiting.”

“okay cool” you smiled.


You had never had so much fun before. You and Nate were really hitting things off, conversation just flowed naturally between the two of you and you guys couldn’t stop laughing. He invited you back to a buddies place for a party, and well, you couldn’t refuse.

You had Nate drop you off at your place, and he of course followed you in while you changed and got ready for the night, unsure of what to wear. Nate sat out in your living room while you changed.

After you finished getting ready you walked down the hall and joined Nate, getting his attention, and the two of you leaving and heading towards the party.

You were a little nervous walking up to the house, but Nate wrapped his arm around your waist as if it was the most natural thing, and you felt more comfortable.

“don’t worry, my friends are cool” Nate spoke.

“I hope so” you let out a little nervous giggle.


So far everyone was great. Nash was so chill and John and Tez made you laugh. Hayes kept hitting on you, which was flattering, and he was so adorable. You even bumped into Johnson, not knowing he knew Nate.

“so wait, is Jack here?” you asked as you were standing with Johnson, the two of you drinking together.

“yeah, I saw him around here somewhere.”

“hmm, I’m sure I’ll bump into him or something then.”

It was then that Nate came and ‘stole’ you from Johnson, pulling you downstairs.

“what are we doing down here?” you asked as you made it down the last step you saw John sitting on the couch, hunched over the coffee table.

“you’re gonna smoke with us.” Nate spoke, taking your hand and pulling you towards the couch.

When you guys finished like 3 bowls and 2 blunts, you headed back upstairs. You ended up hanging out with Nate for a bit, dragging him out to dance with you.

Jack found Madison as soon as he walked in, walking up to her and engulfing her in a hug. She wrapped her arms around him and the two were pretty much glued to one another all night.

Madison pulled Jack out to dance, and the two of them were getting sensual. Jack’s hands roaming her body as she grinded against him. Jack started kissing on her neck, when he looked up and saw Nate for the first time of the night, dancing with a girl.

You were having so much fun with Nate, and your eyes were glossed over, the alcohol and weed hitting you hard. You turned to look around when you were met with the image of a guy and girl making out, tongues down one another’s throat practically. 

Your mind went to Jack, a smile coming onto your face. It was when the two broke apart that you felt sick, seeing Jack smile down at the girl.

“I-uh, I gotta go to the bathroom” you spoke, shocked to see Jack all over another girl. Sure you were dancing with Nate, but, you just felt it was different. 

“alright, I’ll find you in a bit.” he smiled, his hand resting on your side as you slipped out of his grip slowly.

You did go to the bathroom, but didn’t go back to find Nate right away, you just wanted to go outside and get some fresh air, clear your head.

It was when you were outside that someone bumped into you, causing you to stumble a bit.

“shit my ba-(y/n)?” you heard the all too familiar voice.

“Jack” you spoke.

“what are you doing here?” he asked shocked.

“nothing” you muttered.

You knew you were being short and having an attitude, but you felt like you had the right to be. How could Jack just fuck you this morning, and then be all over this other girl with his tongue down her throat.

“hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, grabbing your arm causing you to look at him.


“don’t lie to me (y/n)”

“I’m fine really.” you spoke, annoyed honestly.

“something’s up”

“I’m fine Jack really, why don’t you go check on your little girlfriend from inside.”

“what are you t-Madison” he muttered, realizing who you were talking about.


“It’s not a big deal, she’s just a friend.”

“really? cause I don’t shove my tongue down my ‘just friend’s throat.”

“you’re being ridiculous.”

“I saw you” you laughed dryly.

“Honestly? why are you even mad?” he asked.

“seriously?! Jack, we just fucked this morning, and we have been for the past what now…4 months? did it literally mean nothing?”

“(y/n) come on. there were no emotions. no relationship. it was just sex.” he laughed, and it was then that you noticed his bloodshot eyes. Of course he was drunk, cause his words and actions tonight were completely different than the Jack you knew, but they do say drunk words are sober thoughts. So maybe you and Jack were just sex? You didn’t care; it hurt to hear him say it, and to have such a heartless tone when saying it.

“glad you feel that way, have fun with whatever her name is” you spoke, starting to walk about but turned around to look at him again “and don’t bother calling me again.” and with that you walked off.

You found Swazz and did a few shots with him before asking where Nate was, John smirking and pointing towards upstairs. “I think he headed up to his room”

“wait, he lives here?” you asked “he said it was a friends party” 

“yeah, we live here together” John laughed. “but his room is upstairs, second one on the left.

You smiled and headed upstairs, tripping but laughing it off as you made it to the top and then trying to find Nate’s room, knocking on the closed door.

When the door opened you were startled by a shirtless Nate, gawking at his abs before meeting his gaze, lip caught between your teeth.

“it looks like I-uh-I found you” you giggled.

“yeah” he smiled. He stepped back a bit, opening the door more and you walked in and looked around his room before you turned to meet his gaze.

“so, this is your house.” you spoke, raising your brow as Nate made his way to sit on his bed, sweats hanging low on his hips, sitting up against his headboard.

“yeah” he spoke, eyeing you up and down, practically undressing you, since he had a pretty good idea of what you looked like half naked anyway from the shoot today; as you stood at the end of his bed.

“so this is your party” you spoke, putting your hand on your hip.

“I guess you could say that.” he smirked.

“then why aren’t you down, enjoying your party?” you asked, walking and setting your cup down on his dresser, walking back slowly, Nate’s eyes glued to you.

“trust me, I’m enjoying this right now.” he nodded towards you as you stood at the end of his bed again. You were glad it was dark in his room to hide the small blush coming to your face, but it couldn’t hide your smile.

The music from downstairs, mixed by Dillon, flowed upstairs into Nate’s room, and it was a slower type of song. You unknowingly started to sway to the music, Nate’s eyebrows quirking up.

You bit your lip, noticing the way Nate was eyeing you up and down, and you decided to be a little daring.

You reached down and undid the button on your jeans, and slowly pulled the zipper down, turning and wiggling your butt a bit, looking back at Nate who had his lip between his teeth and his eyes glued to your ass as you slowly started to pull your pants down, bending over giving Nate a great view.

You stood back up, tossing your head back, your hair flying up above you, and then behind, bouncing a bit before resting on your back.

Nate saw that happen as if it was in slow motion. He was so fucking turned on, and you only just took your pants off, but damn, you were so fucking sexy. The arch you had in your back when you bent over, and then slowly stood back up, god. You were so fucking sexy.

You turned back around, swiveling your hips back and forth, still dancing to the music downstairs, and you ran your hands over your body, starting in your hair and slowly making their way down you shoulders, over your boobs, down to the hem of your shirt.

You smiled at Nate as you slowly pulled the shirt up, exposing more and more of your flawless skin to Nate, who’s eyes were raking up and down your whole entire body, hunger in his eyes.

So you were left in just your bra and panties, and you slowly started to climb up the bed towards him, stopping when you were on your hands and knees, practically straddling him, your face centimeters away from his.

“y’know” he whispered. “I can’t get a show like this down at the party” he finished, his lips dangerously close to yours now.

“oh really?” you spoke in a low tone, your lips eager for his.

Nate slowly nodded his head before reaching up under your chin and meeting your lips. You melted into the kiss, sitting on Nate’s lap, his hands going to your ass and yours around his neck.

In no time his tongue was in your mouth and you had started grinding on him, needing some sort of friction.

Nate reached up and undid your bra, you just as eagerly as him reached to take it off over your shoulders and toss it somewhere in the room. It was then that Nate turned you over so he was on top, his lips leaving yours and moving down your jaw to your ear, leaving a trail of kisses.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you all day” he whispered hotly in your ear before attaching his lips to your neck, slowly making his way down your collarbone and then to the valley of your breasts, one hand coming up to massage one, tweaking the nipple while his mouth went to the other.

You arched your back a bit more as Nate switched his mouth to the other, a shaky breath coming from your mouth and Nate’s name slipping through your lips in a hushed tone.

Nate smirked up at you while he continued his way down your body, kissing and sucking on your hipbone, right above your pantyline. He hooked his finger in the top band and slowly started to pull them down, you kicking them off as they got to your ankles.

Nate dipped his head down toward your heat, licking a bold strip from your entrance to your clit before he started to suck and kitten lick your clit. Your hands went to his hair, bunching it up between your hands, pulling it out of pleasure. His scruffy face adding a weird pleasurable feeling to the whole entire mix.

Your back was arched as Nate slipped two fingers into you while continuing to lick your clit. His fingers moving inside you and his mouth on your clit were driving you wild, and you were close. You had started to grind against his mouth and fingers, needing more to get your release. Nate picked up the pace of his fingers, and his mouth showed your clit no mercy, pushing you closer and closer to letting go.

Nate’s name and breathless moans came out of your mouth, mixed with small profanities. Before you knew it you reached your climax. Your back was arched off the mattress and your legs were shaking.

Nate let you recover from your orgasm, and when you could finally see straight, you pulled him up to you and smashed your lips to his. You didn’t care that the taste of yourself was still on his lips. You just wanted him…now.

You reached down between the two of you and started to tug at his sweats, causing Nate to smile into the kiss, and while balancing himself with one hand, he reached down and helped you pull off his sweats.

Nate laid back down on top of you, his tip at your entrance. He lined himself up and you felt him push his tip in, sliding his hands up and locking them with yours before her pushed all the way in, your eyes going wide at the feeling of him filling you up, you moaning quietly in his ear.

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Nate waited for you to adjust to his size a bit before he started to move, thrusting slowly at first, his lips on yours.

It didn’t take much for him to pick up his pace, thrusting faster and harder, the bed shaking with his movements.

His head by your ear, you heard him grunting with each thrust, and you were letting out shaky breaths and quiet moans.

No one has ever made you feel how Nate was. Your nails raked down his back as he hit your g-spot, back arching off the mattress, the two of you skin to skin.

Your head was spinning and all that was falling from your lips was Nate’s name and shaky breaths. Nate placed his lips back onto yours, never feeling as good as he did before. Your body just seemed to fit with his perfectly.

His thrusts started to get a little sloppy, and you had started clenching around him, trying to hold on a bit longer.

It was as if all at once though, the two of you both reached your climax, both of you letting go at about the same time. You moaned out Nate’s name, and he bit down on your shoulder, letting out a low groan against you.

Nate rolled off you, crashing down on the bed with a huff, his breathing uneven. He had never came that hard before, and it’d been a while since he’s had such great sex before as well. Sure, he would have loved to hit it from behind, but something about you, he wanted something more filled with passion, not just some quick rough fuck.

Nate turned on his side, and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest, kissing the top of your head as you snuggled into his chest a bit more.


You woke up the next morning to your phone going off. You were getting an incoming call, and you tried to ignore it, but this was the third time whoever it was tried, and you had a feeling they weren’t gonna stop until you answered.

Groaning, you rolled over and saw who was calling, and you answered sleepily.

“what?” you muttered into the phone.

“well good morning to you too” you heard Jack chuckle as you got out of bed and searched the room for you clothes.

“sorry, I’m just confused as to why…why you’re calling” you spoke..

“cause I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out” he spoke lowly, a smirk evident in his voice.

“seriously?” you scoffed.

“yeah? why wouldn’t I be serious?”

“last night you told me there wasn’t anything between us, no emotions or relationship between us, so sorry if I don’t wanna come ‘hang’”

“please, I was drunk I don’t even rem-” he started but you heard a tiny voice in the back “Jack, come back to bed”

you scoffed.

“(y/n) please.”

“no, don’t call me again. I just can’t deal with you right now, and clearly you need to figure some things out” and with that you hung up before he could say another word.

You let out a sigh of relief and settled back into bed a bit. 

Nate’s arm flew around you and he pulled you back into his chest more, you snuggling into him more.

“who was that?” he muttered.

“no one important.” you whispered a bit.

“alright.” he let out a little raspy chuckle. “let’s go back to bed for a bit, and then how about we go get something to eat afterwards.”

“perfect” you muttered, closing your eyes again, but feeling Nate’s lips push against your forehead.

My Snowbarry heart

The one thing I realised about The Flash is that, I love every possible dynamic they introduce or hint at! Like I love this show so much because there’s not a thing about it that I hate. I know there’s a blood fued between Snowbarry and Westallen but I cried during that proposal because it was so beautiful and Iris’s tears this episode totally broke my heart. All the characters & relationships in the past and present that this show delved in were such a treat to enjoy that it’s impossible to pick a favourite. But there’s something about Snowbarry that I try so hard to resist it but everytime they have a ship bait scene, I have butterflies in my stomach.

It’s hinted time and time again that it might never happen and I normally try to stay away from ships where the best thing you can get is ship baiting scenes. And until yesterday I thought I had it under control, it was just a casual ship & maybe I’m over it but they went ahead and did this:

I don’t know whenever these two have a meaningful scene, it’s so charged! There’s this beautiful melancholy that drapes these two characters, maybe it’s the chemistry between the actors, but it’s impossible for me to not fantasise about “What Ifs”. I watched this scene and I instantly needed a fanfiction!

This ship will be my reckoning but the heart wants what the heart wants I guess! Ugh, I am never going to get over this ship no matter how hard I try! Any fanfic suggestions related to the scene?

Random Fluffy Newt Scamander x Reader Headcanons

Hey guys, I wrote these kind of quickly, so I don’t know how good they will be, but after all of my ranting and problems with a few rude haters earlier, I wanted to end on a happier and calmer note. Thank you to all of you who have stayed respectful and kind to not only me but to ohers as well. I hope you all have wonderful days and nights you lovely people


-Newt would be the type of person to just randomly show affection throughout the day

-you could be trying to cook dinner or simply relaxing on the couch and he’d come up, his hair fluffy and eyes pleading, as he just melted into you

-Newt actually enjoying a bit of PDA, as he got to show the world that the two of you belonged together

-he would grow you flowers inside the case, and would scribble down notes as to which ones you loved the most

-the two of you would sometimes have dates at home, complete with cocoa, blankets, and cuddles of course

-Newt always blushing, even after months of dating

-stealing his sweaters and him secretly moving them to more visible spots so you can find them easier because he loves how cuddly you look in them

-late night conversations, each carrying in topics, from the niffler’s shenanigans from hours before or even about the first date you two shared

-waking up later in the day after a long night of writing, as his voice would be laced with sleep as he dreamily rambles about how radiant and sweet and amazing you are

-“You’re just the best in the whole world my darling, my beautiful lovely incredible darling love, yes, my darling” he would sleepily say, earning a laugh from you

-on chilly days, Newt would wrap his arms around you, pressing warm kisses to your cold and rosy cheeks to warm you up

-Having to remind Newt where he placed certain items, like chapters of his manuscript, quills, maybe even his wand from time to time since he was always so caught up in his work to remember

-reminding him that his scars are beautiful just like his heart, assuring him that he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed about or insecure about

-simply holding one another when either of you was scared or stressed, making all the negative thoughts fly away

-watching sunsets in the local park, taking in the peaceful scene as you place a kiss to his scruffy cheek

-waking up Intertwined with one another, being as close as the two of you can be (and to decrease fighting over the sheets )

-his face lighting up when you interact with his creatures, for his love shared the same care and kindness as he did, and he always knew he had fallen in love with the most incredibly perfect person to ever live

Master list:

Differences between the Anime and the Manga - Episode 31

#intro #Ep1 #Ep2 #Ep3 #Ep4 #Ep5 #Ep6 #Ep7 #Ep8 #Ep9 #Ep10 #Ep11 #Ep12 #Ep13 #Ep14 #Ep15 #Ep16 #Ep17 #Ep18 #Ep19 #Ep20 #Ep21 #Ep22 #Ep23 #Ep24 #Ep25 #Ep26 #Ep27 #Ep28 #Ep29 #Ep30

The episode was written by Hiroshi Seko (Ep3, Ep5, Ep6, Ep7, Ep10, Ep11, Ep15, Ep17, Ep18, Ep23, Ep28, Ep29), the director was Hiroyuki Tanaka (Ep1, Ep10, Ep18, Ep21, Ep24, Ep26).

It covered ch42.

This episode lived up to its hype! The best part is that they haven’t removed ANYTHING from the manga, which basically never happens. The episode covered only one chapter, so you’d think there’d be a bunch of fillers, but there weren’t. Only a few small ones, that didn’t take-up more than 2min.

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Colorless Rainbow

Pairing: Emily Prentiss x Reader

Word Count: 1,974

Request:  Anon asked:  how about an Emily Prentiss x reader where they’re married and then when on a case the sheriff is really homophobic and upsets the reader so there’s lots of protective and fluffy Emily?? Lots of kisses and pda?xxx

A/N:  If you are sensitive to same-sex hate crimes, please do not read.  

I decided to have a bit of cute and protective Garcia in this one, too.  Thought it added a little something extra, because who doesn’t love Garcia?

Originally posted by emilyprentissdaily

She felt nervous to deliver the case, you could tell.  The minute Garcia laid her eyes on you and Emily that morning, she was forcing a smile on her face, trying to hide the fact that she was upset about something.  And when you’d asked when the briefing for the new case was, she looked at you with a certain kind of sadness set upon her features, something you didn’t like.  She was the embodiment of a human rainbow, and she seemed to be drained of color.

“What’s up with her?” Emily asked, walking up to you.  Garcia had answered your question and fled to the conference room, avoiding eye contact and keeping her head down.

“I guess it’s whatever this case is.  Seems like it might be getting to her?” you answered, wrapping your fingers around your wife’s wrist to pull her close to you.

“Hey, as much as I would love to jump you right now, we are in the workplace and you know my rules,” she told you with a smile.  You matched her expression, but rolled your eyes.

Emily liked to keep a professional front when you were at work.  Despite her urges to grab you and kiss you in the middle of the bullpen, she resisted, keeping her hands to herself long enough, that is, until you both were out of the prying eyes of your coworkers.

“Fine.  Make me suffer,” you said, pretending to be hurt.

“Every day,” she laughed.

“Let’s go, lovebirds,” Morgan said to you two, walking towards the conference room.

You followed him in and saw Garcia whispering something to JJ with a worried look on her face.  As soon as she saw you and your wife walk in, she shut her mouth.  JJ leaned in and whispered something back before standing up and passing out the tablets and Reid’s folder herself.

“Not feeling well today?” you asked Garcia, wanting to know what was wrong with her.

“I uh,” she started, but her voice seemed to fail her.

“Six couples in Oxford, Ohio were found dead, all in the same general area.  They were all found with similar stab wounds and the department is sure every couple were victims of the same killer because it seems to be a hate-crime focused on same-sex couples,”  JJ said.

You could feel Garcia’s eyes on you as you scrolled through the pictures.  Sure enough, there were pictures of men together and women together.  The crime scene photos were extremely brutal and graphic, but nothing you hadn’t seen before.

So that’s why Garcia was acting so weird.  She was afraid this case would offend you.  You looked up from the tablet to lock eyes with her.  She looked too apologetic, as if she had anything to do with it, but you shot her a reassuring smile, letting her know that you were okay.  But her eyes stayed wary, unable to hide the shame she felt.  

After questions were shot back and forth, and Hotch let everyone know when the jet would be taking off, Garcia took no time to get out of the conference room and head to her lair.  You looked at your wife, motioning her to follow you.

“She thinks we’ll be offended by it,” you told her, walking towards the door to Penelope’s room.

“Seems like she’s taking this harder than we are.”

Without knocking, you opened the door to see Garcia’s back to you, typing away at the computer in front of her.

“Garcia?” you said softly, easing your way into the room.

“I just don’t understand why some people are still like that, and I love you both so much,” she blurted, turning in her chair.  “For once in my life, I see before me two people who were made for each other.  I see in you two soulmates, something everyone wants to have and there are people out there who think it’s wrong that two people of the same gender can’t be together and I just don’t get it.  When it’s love, it’s love and that’s it, why can’t people just understand that?”

Placing your hands on either of her shoulders, you attempted to calm her down.

“Garcia, we are okay.  Why would you think we wouldn’t be?” you asked calmly.

“I remember what it was like on your wedding day.  You’re family didn’t even show up and I thought that-”

“My family did show up, though.  You were there, weren’t you?” you said with a smile.  The BAU was all the family you needed, and you were always sure to remind them of that.

“I’m just worried about you going I guess,” she replied with a sigh.

“I’m a big girl.  I can take care of myself,” you reassured her.  “Besides, have you met my wife?  She’s pretty bad ass.”

Finally, Garcia smiled and the rainbow had all its color again.  “That, my darling I cannot argue with.”

“Thank you Penelope.  I love you, you know?” you told her, pulling her in for a hug.  She hugged you back tightly.  Emily watched from the door with a smile on her face, admiring you like she always did.

“And I love you, too, blossom butt,” she said into your hair.  You could hear your wife chuckle from the doorway, the sound sending shivers down your spine as it always did.

“Stay golden, Garcia,” you said, releasing her.  “You’re such a beautiful beacon of light.”

“As are you, my lovely.”

“I’m agent Prentiss-Y/L/N.  This is Dr. Spencer Reid.  We’re with the FBI,” you told the Oxford sheriff, shaking his hand.

“Robert Marshall.  Thank god you guys are here.  Twelve victims in three weeks.”

“We heard.  Do you have any leads at all?” you asked him.  He shook his head, looking around the police department.

“Unfortunately, no.  We found samples of DNA on the latest victims but we’ve only just send those to get tested yesterday.  There’s no telling how long that will take to get done, plus there’s no telling when this guy will strike again.”

“Do you have a map of the locations each victim was found?” Reid asked Marshall.

“They were all found in the same alleyway.  We have cones in the places each body was found.  They were all relatively close.”

“Did you not have the alley blocked off after you found the dead bodies?” you asked, not understanding how the unsub managed to dump the bodies in the same place over and over again.

“We did, but I guess that didn’t stop him from leaving more there.”

“So after the second pair of victims were found in the same place, you didn’t think to have any of your men or women keep watch to see if the suspect showed up with another set of victims?” you asked.  You crossed your arms, not believing how unprofessional this guy seemed to be.

“Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush about this.  I’m not exactly too worried about that,” he said.  “None of us are.”

“What do you mean?” you questioned, not quite following him.

“Are we really going to worry about catching this guy?”  

You furrowed your brows together in confusion.  “Well, I think you should considering there’s someone out there killing innocent people in the matter of days.”  Reid’s arms were crossed, too.  He seemed just as offended as you were.

“Are any of them really that innocent?” the sheriff asked, leaning in close so only the two of you could hear him.

“I’m sorry, how aren’t they innocent?” you said.  You could feel your temper boil inside of you.  The question was rhetorical because you were sure you knew the answer.

“A man should be with a woman.  That’s how it’s just supposed to be,” Marshall blurted.  He didn’t know that just behind him, Emily had walked up and heard his comment.

“Babe,” she said, looking you in the eyes.  “You good?”

“Yes, honey, I’m fine.”  You knew what she was about to start doing.

“Robert Marshall?” she said to the detective.  “Emily Prentiss-Y/L/N.  Did you say you had a lead?”  She came to stand next to you, sliding her arm around your waist.  On your other side, Reid was smirking just like you were, entertained by the sight before him.

Detective Marshall looked between you and Emily a few times before clearing his throat, clearly uncomfortable.

“Um, no. Nothing,” he answered, looking anywhere but at the two of you.

“Well, we’re ready to deliver the profile,” Emily told him in the sweetest voice she could muster.  “When you’re ready, of course.”

“Sure, yeah.”

“Alright, see you in a few?” she said to you, leaning in to press her lips to yours for a lingering moment, smiling against your mouth.  Reid coughed next to you, trying to cover up his escaping laugh.  When Emily pulled away and walked off, you laughed internally at the shocked expression of the sheriff.  You smiled sweetly and walked towards the rest of the agents, an amused Reid in tow.

Despite the satisfaction you had knowing you were making a homophobic asshole feel uncomfortable, that nagging feeling of pity you had for yourself, your wife, and for all the victims of this crime.  Love is love, just like your human rainbow had told you.  Why don’t people just accept that. 

You, Emily, and Morgan were outside the alleyway two nights later, as you had been every night since you arrived, staking out to see if the unsub would return to dump more bodies.  You hadn’t gotten permission from the sheriff to do this, but there was no way were going to catch them if you didn’t.

Watching the blocked off crime scene, you sighed, wondering what you might do if you saw the unsub carrying out two women who might have been in love before their unfortunate murders.  Surely, you would lose your cool.  It was just something you always did.

“Y/N,” Emily said, resting her hand on your arm.  Her voice was soft and her touch was soothing.  You looked over to meet her eyes, your heart fluttering at the sight of her.  She was always just so beautiful and you were just so in love.  And the thought of anyone not accepting that, just like your parents, made you even more upset.

“I love you,” you said in a shaky voice.  Tears stung in your eyes, threatening to fall.

“I love you, too, babe.  Always,” she answered, her thumb brushing away the tears that fell down your cheek.

“There’s the son of a bitch,” Morgan said, pretending the touching moment wasn’t affecting him, too.  But the way he was out the door, tackling the unsub, who had another new victim in tow, told you he was not happy with the thought of anyone not accepting you either.  

In the next moment, you and Emily were out of the SUV, signalling Hotch and JJ through your comms units to let them know you got the guy, and running up just feel your heart fall to your stomach at the sight of the new victim, stabbed to death.

“Where’s the other one?” Morgan asked the man, getting in his face as he cuffed him.

Sirens from the other two vans were loud as the rest of the team arrived on the scene to help with the arrest.

“I won’t tell you, asshole,” the man replied, struggling against the pavement. 

Sensing your vulnerability, Emily grabbed you and held you close to her, consoling you without words.

“It’s okay, honey.  It’s fine.  We’ll find her,” she whispered into your hair as you lost it.  You were sobbing into her shoulder, unable to shelter your feelings any longer.  “We will find her.”

Although you knew she probably wasn’t alive, you knew your wife was right, you would find her and give her the justice she deserves.

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ats I Will Remember You

Short opinion: Buffy and Angel break my fucking heart.

Long opinion: This is one of my favourite episodes in the entire Buffyverse, I mean honestly, as one of the biggest Bangel shippers on the face of the planet, how could I not love this episode? For one single, glorious episode we are allowed to witness Buffy and Angel as a content, happy, human couple, and the result is beautiful and heartbreaking and only underlines how much these two truly love and complete one another.

From a narrative point of view, this episode does little to move either show’s central plot along, as it is more a character-based episode, taking time out from the arcs in both shows to pay tribute to one of the longest-running pairings in the ‘Verse, which it does beautifully.

From their very first scene together, Buffy and Angel demonstrate their enduring bond. Buffy’s initial hurt at Angel coming to Sunnydale without telling her is completely understandable, and subtly foreshadows Angel’s decision at the end of the episode, showcasing how he is perhaps a little too comfortable with making decisions without Buffy’s input, even if he believes it’s for the best. The subsequent tension and repressed feelings which always surface when the two are around one another are at once heartbreaking and incredibly endearing, especially when Buffy lets her façade drop and pours her heart out, talking about how hard it’s been for her to move on from Angel.

Once Angel becomes human (which in itself is so funny and heartbreaking at once, I mean the food scene is hilarious but then there’s that moment when Angel sees his reflection and it’s just so poignant and sad), the way in which he and Buffy try to remain mature and rational is just so endearing and sweet and kind of sad, because they’re so used to darkness and heartbreak that something good actually happening is terrifying and exhilarating and so tempting, and as we see, they’re unable to stay unemotional for long. These are two people who never believed they could ever be together finally being given the opportunity they never thought they would have.

And it’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous and light and sweet and everything any Bangel fan could have hoped for. The pure joy in the scenes where they are happy and in bed together is just amazing to watch. This episode, more than any other episode of BtVS or AtS, truly shows just how comfortable and happy and content and complete Buffy and Angel are with one another. They fit together so effortlessly. Which of course makes the following events so heartbreaking, for the characters and the audience.

Angel’s decision to turn back time is one of the biggest sources of discourse in the BtVS fandom, so now is an excellent time to throw in my two cents, and the bottom line is, even if Angel could and probably should have included Buffy in the decision, at the end of the day, it was his decision to make, given that it involved his life and his mortality. He decided to turn back the clock because the Oracles told him outright that Buffy would die if he remained human. At the end of the day, he couldn’t risk her life for his happiness, or the lives of others he could protect. But I also believe there was a deeper reason behind Angel’s decision.

Angel is a very self-loathing character, and I believe that part of him genuinely doesn’t believe that he deserves happiness or love, at least at this point in time in the series. The revelation that Buffy will die if he remains with her only compounds this belief, and so, he gives her up. Whether he’s right or not doesn’t change the way he feels.

Of course the most heartbreaking scene in the this episode (and one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the Buffyverse full stop) is the penultimate scene between Buffy and Angel, their tearful goodbye, Buffy’s assertion that she’ll never forget, and Angel’s heartbreaking knowledge that she won’t remember the day, because she never lived it. Even the most anti-Bangel fan would have to shed a tear during their final goodbye, and the episode is wrapped up in the most heart-wrenching way imaginable, with Buffy losing the day and Angel forced to remember the life he could have had. Definitely one of my favourite episodes, despite the way it crushes my heart.


Sam & Caitriona | PaleyFest

“I mean I definitely think that from the moment I met Sam when we had our chemistry test…I walked in and he obviously had already been cast and I was quite nervous and he just immediately put me at ease. We had two really good scenes and we really got into it and I think from that moment I was just like, ‘oh he’s such a cool guy.” It was really good so I thought if this works it’s gonna be really fun.”

“I remember thinking you were going punch me back and I thought this is the start of a beautiful relationship. And then shooting wise I think the scene where I find you next to the burn and take you back to the Highlanders…we’d shot stuff before that but I felt that there was this, kind of, interesting dynamic between us.”

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If request are still open how about Zen and MC have a Studio Ghibli movie marathon?


- When this man let it slip that he had never watched one, only heard about them, you had never searched for your dvd collection so fast

- He was a bit embarrassed, because he didn’t know they were that important to you, but he wouldn’t argue about any extra couch cuddling he could get

- When you warn him about one being a tear-jerker before you popped it in, he automatically just assumed it was some chick-flick, and thought he would be able to handle it.

- He was wrong.

- Not only did the beautiful animations make him feel so relaxed and inspired (the food scenes making him hungry because how the fuck did they make food look so good), but he was even tearing up with you at the end of the first one.

- “Why do they make such sad films? How am I supposed to enjoy this??”

- He would love them though. Admittedly, when the two of you start up a second one, he gets so relaxed that he falls asleep. He’s a bit embarrassed when you wake him up, but it’s hard to blame him since the movies are so comforting at times.

- He would probably love Howls Moving Castle the most, and enjoy Spirited Away. He’d hate The Cat Returns and Grave of the Fireflies. He’d think Nausicaa was neat, but the others he wouldn’t hate, just enjoy for the story.

- You would probably regret showing him Howl’s Movie Castle because now he wants to dress up like him and oh my god you’ll never hear the end of it

Sonic Forces looks great so far. That has nothing to do with the challenge, but I’m excited for the new Sonic games.
Original post!

17. Beautiful Moment?

I touched over this a little in my “emotional moments” post, but this scene stuck with me so much, I think it deserves the spot on my challenge for the most beautiful moment.

It’s gotta be when Augustus goes into Razputin’s mind to help him with the Meat Circus shenanigans. The scene probably isn’t even five minutes long, but in that short time the game portrays great emotion between the two. Razputin thought of his dad as a monster for the longest time, but Augustus just wanted him to be safe and happy, though he went around it the wrong way. 

Turned out as well, Razputin wasn’t the only one in the family with psychic powers. The reveal was so great, and honestly warmed my heart.

Ok, okaaay, I just finished watching Shisha no Teikoku

My quick thoughts (spoilers obv):

1. I’ve never shipped so fast in my life. 10 seconds in and I was already shipping (a doctor and a corpse! That’s new, even for me lol)

2. Why does she have Moomin for breast?

3.Friday is basically the son of these two:




7. The whole thing was beautiful (the art was STUNNING!!!) and heartbreaking and (too) gory (for me) and also so very much gay, and poor Ayumu, he had to scream so much ._.

8. Clearly Watson had feeling for Friday, he wouldn’t have done all of those things if he didn’t love him, so don’t you go and try kissing some lady there dear doc, ok??? (sorry, that split second almost ruined it for me)

9. Nikolai didn’t deserve that. too brutal. I wanted to cry ._____.

Okay but this line is so great for two reasons:

1. Poor Adam is so happy and entertained in this scene and it is so beautiful to see him actually laugh and smile for a little bit.

2. If you read it out of context, it sounds like it could be a sentence out of a really hot pynch smut scene.

…just saying.

Taehyung x reader When you are insecure about kissing

Summary: You lack experience in this area and didn’t want to disappoint him.

Genre: Fluff

Taehyung was not your first boyfriend but you still had your first kiss with you. Recently, Taehyung had been hinting to kiss you. But you always made an excuse and escape from the situation. 

You were over to his dorm and had a movie night with him. It was a rom com so there was many kissing scenes. Tae started to lean in while the main characters kissed on screen. You bit down your lip and blushed, thinking of ways to get out. You jumped up at the last second.

“Ah. I want to eat popcorn.” You rushed to the kitchen.

Tae just sat on the couch and sigh to himself.

You two were having a picnic in the nearby park. The weather was great along with beautiful scenery, it became the perfect place to kiss. With couples around you being all touchy and cuddly was not helping. Tae thought it would be a good timing to kiss you, so he started to lean in.

You knew it was coming so you pretend to be intrigued into the sandwiches you made. Picking them up and inspected them up close. Tae saw your blushed face and thought of what he did wrong. He knew you definitely know he was going to kiss you. So why were you avoiding him?

He consulted his members about the issue.

“Maybe she doesn’t like you.”

“Or she doesn’t like to swap saliva with you.” 

All of their comments were useless. Eventually Jimin patted his back.

“You should ask her not us.”

Tae decided to ask you. He wanted to know why you were avoiding him and his kisses.

The next day he went to your apartment. He asked the question once he saw you. Not even bothering to greet you first.

“Why are you avoiding me?”

You were confused. “I didn’t avoid you. Why all of a sudden?”

“You were! You didn’t let me kiss you.” You blushed. “Can you tell me what’s wrong?”

You hesitated for a while and blurted out. “It’s my first kiss.”

He raised his eyebrows at you. “What did you say?”

“I said.” You took a deep breathe. “It’s my first kiss.” Your face couldn’t be more red, it was burning.

He laughed at your answer. “So you were avoiding me because you were nervous?”

“Well, yeah. I don’t have skills and I was scared it was not good enough and you would be disappointed. I might not be as good as you think and you would not enjoy…” You kept on blabbering.

Tae wasn’t even listening to you anymore. He grabbed your face with his large hands and kiss you hard on the lips. You didn’t know what to do so you let your body response to it instinctively.

“You can practice with me and I can ensure you, your skills will improve so much. You’re a good kisser too.” He winked at you.

“You’re not bad yourself.” You immediately regretted what you just said, it was so embarrassing.

Tae grabbed your face and kissed you again.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for any mistakes made.

Scenario masterlist here

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Are you in Paris? Take care, Sherlock. Bless you

I am.  I’ll be heading back home in an hour or two.  Paris is beautiful this time of year, it was just the sort of change of scene I needed to help sort through my thoughts.  

I would love to bring John here, if he wants to come.  There are so many things I would love to show him.

BTS Reaction to You Admitting That They're Your First Kiss

A/N: I thought this was a cute idea because I don’t know how, but at lunch today, my friends and I started talking about our first kisses, so I thought about writing a reaction about how BTS would react if you admitted this to them because well, BTS was next on the reaction list and because the BTS feels are alive today, lol (just like everyday). I hope you guys enjoy this! I love you my precious baby stars, keep on smiling and shinning brightly like the star you are! x

Happy reading! x


Jin: He noticed how pink your cheeks flushed and how you’d try to hide your broad shy smile as you pressed your face against his chest and cried out in embarrassment. Jin would chuckle lightly towards your cute actions, bringing your body closer and holding you in his arms as he asked you what was wrong before he placed a delicate kiss on the top of your head. You would refuse to tell Jin that this was you first kiss ever for a few moments, trying to hide your shame before you quietly confessed this to him, expecting him to laugh at you. Instead, the boy just fondly smiled at you and said, “That’s adorable, jagiya. I’m so honoured to be your first, it makes me feel special.” You smiled in amusement, shaking your head before Jin surprised you with a kiss that quickly had you blushing a darker shade of pink and unintentionally smiling.

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V: You two would have been dating for around three months almost, and yet you two hadn’t even kissed yet. You felt as if it were your fault because every time you would witness with your own eyes Taehyung start to lean in, you’d make up a lame excuse like you had to get going home before your cat would starve to death (even though you didn’t have one) or go to the bathroom and loudly and awkwardly state you weren’t feeling so comfortable. So, when it finally came a moment where you two were on the couch with one another, keeping yourselves occupied with watching the humorous show on TV, Taehyung would mention why you two hadn’t kissed yet in a subtle way. You’d have to catch your breath before you answered, admitting out of pure embarrassment that you hadn’t kissed anyone before and watched as Taehyung just smiled happily towards you and said, “It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, jagi. It just means you are waiting for someone special enough…like me.” You two would break out into laughs, calming down after you didn’t find the joke as funny anymore before after a solid minute of staring into each other’s eyes, his lips kissed yours and it was safe to say, you definitely saved this for someone very special.

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J-Hope (THIS GIF DOESN’T REALLY WORK WITH WHAT I FIRST THOUGHT BUT OMG, HE LOOKS SO DREAMY HERE AND FUDGEEEE, I WILL SERIOUSLY DIE SINGLE BECAUSE THESE BOYS SET MY STANDARDS TOO HIGH): At first, J-Hope wouldn’t believe you when you first confessed this after you two had shared your first kiss together, only not believing this because you were such a beautiful and warm-hearted girl that was literally an angel walking amongst humans on this planet, so he couldn’t believe that no man was stupid enough to not kiss the lips of an angel, but you’d claim that there just wasn’t any boy in your life that you wanted to kiss, so you never kissed anyone. Hoseok would use this moment and take the opportunity to make you even more flustered than before, pulling a charming smug look on his face that would have any girl lose all sense to anything and everything, as he teased with an even more smug looking smile, “Maybe I can also be your first, you know, for something else.”

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Rap Monster: When Namjoon would first find out that he was your first kiss, he would be stunned by the new discovery because of the amount of boys that only had eyes for you and stared at you when you were with Namjoon outside the house and the fact that often times when you two would go out together, one of your ex's would mysteriously pop out of nowhere and plead for you to come back to them, which you would always decline to because you were with Namjoon now and were more happy with him than you’d ever been in your entire life. But as he thought more about this, he would kind of be turned on by this because you were so innocent, so unexperienced and that made Namjoon smirk at you, holding your hands in his as he assured you that it was okay, with all the thoughts of you still being innocent left lingering in his mind.  

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Jungkook: Just like the rest of the boys, Jungkook would also be surprised when he first heard you tell him this when you two were sitting in the treehouse of your old home because you were no doubt one of the most kind-hearted and also extremely beautiful girls that he’d ever had the blessing to lay his eyes on and you were so much more mature than him sometimes, so he would always think you were older in the scene of you seemed to have experienced everything and had an important quote to say about it afterwards, so he’d definitely be surprised by this but would quickly assure with a small smile on his face, “It’s perfectly fine, jagiya. To be honest, I haven’t even had mine yet, so….maybe, we can be each other’s firsts?”

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Jimin: (PLEASE ignore the text below, just look at the beautiful angel’s face, okay? Gosh, this comeback, he looks SOOOO good to the point where I physically feel pain in my heart, sigh): Jimin would be a little surprised because of this, because almost everyone has had their first kiss before, but he’d feel more humbled that it was him you decided to have your first kiss with. After you two had shared your first kiss with each other and you confessed to him that this was your first kiss, he would just smile happily at you, placing his warm hand on your thigh as he joked, “Jagiya, you’re too adorable, I think I might die.” After you two had laughed at the joke Jimin had cracked, he’d smile again and continue, more serious than the last time but just as happy, “Don’t worry though, jagiya. You and your kisses are perfect and I’m really happy you told me this, maybe I can be both your first and last?” You would smile, assuring the boy that he would be your last before you cupped his cheeks and kissed his lips sweetly for the second time.

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Suga: Suga would express little emotion as usual when you first told him, but he would really be pleased and happy on the inside because he was your first kiss and your pretty lips hadn’t touched any others in a romantic sense except his. The thought made the boy smile only the tiniest bit, staring at your flustered state with pure admiration before he would bring you closer to him, giving the top of your head a kiss as you laid comfortably on his chest and you two just sat in silence, you drawing patterns on his stomach with your finger while he just stared down at you with more than admiration and fondness in his eyes, the picture he first painted of you as a pure and innocent angel sent down from the heavens become more and more realistic as he discovered your true colours and was bound to eventually find your white wings along the long journey of the love you shared for one another.

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I really hoped you baby stars loved this as much as I loved writing this. The last part of the reaction, the last part with Suga came out more poetic? than the others, only because Jungkook’s cover of Lost Stars came on shuffle and I left it on repeat as I finished that and as I am finishing this little author’s note at the bottom. Our ask box is currently open, so feel free to send in any requests for any reactions, scenarios, ships and texts! x

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You’ll be okay

Paring: Robbie Kay x Reader
Request: Everything has just been getting a little too much
Genre: N/S
Warnings: Depression Hinted,

“Cut!” The director yelled, you stopped immediately your eyes becoming teary. You couldn’t do anything right lately. You’ve been at this once simple scene for hours and it was beginning to exhausted even more than you already were. You wanted to quit right on the spot, but you knew you couldn’t. You loved the cast, they were your family. You also  had a serious emotional involvement  with the show, so it really wasn’t that easy to just get up and leave. Even if they let you to, that is. 

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