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Got7: being best friends with Jackson

•  when you first meet each other, you probably wouldn’t like him very much 

•  he just seemed like the type to think he’s better than everyone, and he just got the wrong impression of you as well

•  it’s not until you start seeing each other more, the more you start seeing how completely wrong you were 

•  he’s so supportive and thoughtful before you even become close 

•  he’s like your mom and is always nagging you to eat well and get enough sleep

•  also would try and get you to eat healthier, and workout with him often 

•  even if you’re not the type to want to workout a lot, he’d still make you come to the gym with him to take some pictures of his back muscles for him smh

•  asking your opinion about a person that he likes

•  and if you didn’t like them for some reason, he’d end it right then and there 

•  bc he trusts your opinion and thinks you’re a great judge of character 

•  road trips 

•  in which you get lost every time bc he’s always stopping to read the map or take selfies 

•  if you even mention one of the other members, this boy will call them up and ask them if they like you

•  tries to play cupid and hook yall up

•  then he’s like nah, I’m not letting 2 of my best friends date ew

•  doesn’t know what personal space is and will literally pick you up like a baby and rub your back, asking what’s wrong if you’re ever sad 

•  rap battles ft. Bambam

•  refuses to let you date anyone unless he’s met the person (acts like such a dad smfh) and asks what their intentions with you are

•  laying his head on your shoulder and huffs loudly until you roll your eyes and finally ask what’s wrong 

•  challenges you to beat him in a dance battle all the time

•  just to boost his ego after Jinyoung roasted him

•  buys you scented lotion all the time “You use this after the shower so you don’t stink, y/n”

•  binge watching TV shows 

•  and having to shut him up from making a comment every other line

•  "ohhhh is she cheating on him? I thought she was having an affair with that one guy-“ "literally stfu before I stick this popcorn up your nose”

•  walking around you shirtless all the time 

•  fangirling with you over their own comeback 

•  and he’d always get in trouble bc he tells you things about it that he shouldn’t have 

•  everyone thinks he’s your idiot big brother, and don’t understand how yall can be best friends when you argue all the time 

•  but this boy loves you and everyone knows it, he couldn’t have asked for a better best friend ❣

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I bet Victor goes back to Russia a few weeks before Yuuri is going to move there and he walks into his old apartment with Makkachin at his heels and immediately realizes it’s totally unlivable, like he doesn’t even have PLATES, he has only one couch and a double bed, this is not at ALL acceptable for his dear Yuuri to live in, he needs him to be comfortable living somewhere new so he basically goes on a crazed redecorating spree, fueled by his stress over how much he misses Yuuri in the first place, and drags the entire Russian skating team to Ikea on six different occasions, buys thousands of dollars worth of furniture, forces Mila, Georgi, and Yurio to rearrange the entire apartment four times ‘why did you buy two more couches if you ALREADY HAD ONE THEY DON’T EVEN FIT?!!’ ‘plz yurio this one is more comfortable in case we fight and I have to sleep on the coach and I just thought this one looked cool, it’s totally necessary’ ‘ARGHHH!!’ 

So basically when Yuuri finally does arrive in St. Petersburg the entire Russian skating team is overjoyed to see him

Dating Jonathan Byers would include:

-Him constantly taking pictures of you

- “please, one more, I swear”

-Sweet kisses all the time

   -Nose kisses. Can we just appreciate the thought of nose kisses

   -Forehead kisses when you’re cuddling

   -Kissing each others necks all the time because it’s your form of saying i     love you when words can’t say it

-Him walking you to your front door after dates because he’s such a gentleman

- “hey come listen to this song with me, you’ll love it”

   -you do love it every time

-buying him film for his birthday and him loving it and you

-everyone says he’d be really nervous when he finally does the sex, but I think he’d be really confident

   -he’d treat you like a princess the entire time

   -he would probably finish first the first time, but he would make sure you     finish too

-Him being nervous when he meets your parents

   -They end up loving him (obviously, who wouldn’t??)

-His mom and Will loving you

-Basically living at his house on the weekends

-Fluff all the time tbh

-Where can I buy a Jonathan Byers?

               THIS DUDE JUST HIT 4,000 FOLLOWERS! 

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My mind is blown, truly. I’ve never once been remotely popular in regards of social media, school or anything really. I’ve always been the kid on the sidelines watching. But Katie McGrath dragged me to this fandom and shoved me inside and I couldn’t be happier. 

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your fav shiro-ship for the ask meme?

nooooooo don’t make me choooose. but anyway, here’s some good ol’ sheith for the soul

Who said “I love you” first?

Shiro. It was total accident, Shiro hadn’t been planning on saying it yet, was likely planning some big, romantic reveal. But then Keith made Shiro laugh till he almost started crying, and while Shiro was still trying to stop he just looked at Keith with happiest, sweetest smile and fondly said, “I love you.” It caught them both off-guard, but before Shiro could cover for his slip and try to take it back, Keith brought Shiro close and whispered his response against Shiro’s lips.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?


After the Kerberos mission, Keith had set one of his old pictures of Shiro as his phone background. It was of Shiro smiling at one of their regular dinners, probably laughing at some terrible joke he’d probably made and Keith had probably rolled his eyes at. Some days, he’d hated it. Hated the reminder of what he’d lost right there in front of him, as though it wasn’t already constantly on his mind. Most of the time, though, he’d just stare at it long into the night and try to recapture how Shiro had made him feel when he’d still been alive. He never quite could. When they all finally get back to Earth, after Zarkon and his Empire have been defeated, Keith takes a picture of Shiro early one morning. He’s still in his pajamas and is holding a steaming cup of coffee in his lap, staring out over the desert as the first rays of sunlight breach the horizon. He’s at peace and Keith doesn’t have to wonder how he makes him feel anymore.

Shiro had a photo of Keith when he’d fallen asleep at their counter, head in hand. Keith made him delete it cause he’s drooling in the picture, but Shiro still kept the photo. He made a compromise with Keith about having a photo of him as his background by making it the both of them. Now, Shiro’s background is a selfie of Shiro and Keith’s faces pressed forehead to forehead, nose to nose. Keith has his eyes closed and a small smile on his lips, while Shiro is looking down at Keith and biting his lip. 

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

Keith isn’t very good at coming up with things to say or write on the fly, so he usually just leaves a little doodle on the mirror, like a little lion or a mini Voltron. Keith is actually pretty artistic. Shiro will sometimes leave a reminder for Keith, like to pick up milk from the store or that they have lunch with Lance and Hunk that day, but he always leaves a really bad doodle behind that always make Keith laugh. 

Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Keith. He’s one of those people that will just be out and about and see something that reminds him of Shiro or that he thinks Shiro would like, and he’ll just get it on impulse. Shiro loves each weird little thing Keith gets him and is always really touched that things made Keith think of him.

Who initiated the first kiss?

Keith. When he finally gets Shiro back after the second time he disappeared, he just pulls Shiro down and kisses him without a thought cause god he missed him so much.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

Keith. He’s the natural early riser, between the two. But usually he’ll just let Shiro sleep and go make breakfast for the two of them. It’s only if Shiro doesn’t wake up before Keith finishes cooking that he goes back to their room and gives him kisses.

Who starts tickle fights?

SHIRO. His absolute favorite sound in the world is Keith’s laughter, and although tickle attacks are a bit dangerous (Keith has very sharp elbows), it’s totally worth it to hear Keith shriek and laugh.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Keith. Shiro sometimes has issues with showers, due to his past trauma and some body issues he’s developed, so he’s generally a really fast shower taker. But sometimes Keith will come in and get him to slow down and really enjoy himself.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

Shiro. He likes to take Keith out to lunch, on occasion, since Keith does most of the cooking. (Shiro isn’t hopeless, but that doesn’t mean he’s particularly good. He can make, like, 2 things well. But he makes up for it with going out and thank you kisses when Keith has to intervene and save their dinner.)

Who was nervous and shy on the first date?

Neither of them. Oh, they were both nervous leading up to it, sure. Things like, is this really gonna work out?, should I even be wearing this?, what are we gonna talk about, we already know each other… ran through both their heads. But once they were finally sitting down at the little table Lance and Allura had set up, and eating the dinner Hunk and whipped up for them with the low lighting and soft music courtesy of Pidge and Coran? They were both completely at ease. Yes, things worked out. Yes, they both looked great. And when they ran out of things to talk about? Well, neither of them ever really minded the quiet, as long as they were together.

Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Both of them can, but if they’re both home, Shiro usually gets Keith to do it. Keith has zero fear of any bugs. Shiro, a rational human with normal fears, does not go near the potentially deadly creepy crawlers unless he doesn’t have a choice.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?

SHIRO. He such a loving and cuddly drunk. He likes to list all the things he loves about Keith to anyone who will listen, including Keith. Only, when he’s saying it to Keith, it’s usually whispered into his neck between kisses;)

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I cannot decide between wickoff and penntin sooo........ ;) pls both friend <3 <3 I love these

I’m doing Penntin first and I’ll make a separate post for Wickoff when I finish it  <3

  • Who     said “I love you” first

Quentin. He doesn’t even mean to, he doesn’t think about it. It just kind of spills out of his mouth one night after a long day. He’s exhausted and all he sees is Penny waiting up for him and all he can think is ‘I love you’. Except, he’s so tired that he doesn’t think it, he says it. He’s immediately embarrassed and starts stuttering around an explanation and Penny just rolls his eyes and tells Quentin he’s tired and they need to go to bed. It’s not until several weeks later when Penny looks at Quentin and apropos of nothing says “I love you, too.”

  • Who     would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Quentin. Technically it’s a picture of him, Penny, Eliot, and Margo but Penny is the only one without apps covering his face. It’s pretty obvious that Quentin spent a fair amount of time moving the apps around to make sure Penny’s brooding face was visible. When called out on it he claims that’s just how the apps were arranged naturally. Eliot is the only one bothered by this and the only one who calls him out on it because “That’s a really good picture of me and I don’t deserve to have my face replaced with Soundcloud.”  

  • Who     leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Penny. They aren’t, like, sweet little love notes or anything. They’re notes written backwards that say shit like “Help, I’m trapped in the mirror” and “Stop ignoring me” just because he thinks it’s fun to fuck with Quentin. Except Quentin doesn’t mention it and Penny waits for days for Quentin to say something. Eventually, Penny starts to see that Quentin has started writing notes back in the mirror to the mirror person. Penny keeps up the prank for weeks before finally admitting to Quentin that he’s the one leaving the messages in the mirror. Quentin is only confused because he knew it was Penny, he just thought they were playing a game.

  • Who     buys the other cheesy gifts

Penny. But he doesn’t frame them as gifts. Usually they’re stupid things from a movie he and Quentin watched or really stupid coffee mugs (including one he found that says ‘Hogwart’s Best Professor’ and a ‘World’s Okayest Boyfriend’ mug.). Penny doesn’t actually spend time actively looking for these things, but when he sees something stupid that reminds him of Quentin he buys it and leaves it laying around for Quentin to find.

  • Who     initiated the first kiss

Penny. I’ve definitely written about this before but fuck you this is my answer and I’m going to write it again. They hadn’t been on a lot of dates and Quentin was still incredibly nervous, not knowing whether or not Penny liked him or if this was all part of some elaborate joke. He didn’t want to make the first move for fear of mockery. What Quentin didn’t realise was that Penny was feeling the same way. Penny didn’t want to get too attached and find out that Quentin was just making fun of him. So, neither one of them was willing to kiss first. Until Quentin’s wards started to leak during a daydream about kissing Penny. His wards had gotten better after practise but there were still some moments where he wasn’t thinking and he let things slip out. So, Penny happened to walk in during Quentin’s little fantasy and it was broadcast into his brain in full HD. Penny walked over, held Quentin’s chin, and kissed him for the first time.

  • Who     kisses the other awake in the morning

Penny. Quentin is usually the last one awake, probably because he’s more of a night owl and stays awake reading. Penny, on the other hand, enjoys the quiet of morning. He likes to be awake before everyone else because it gives him time to mediate in peace and not have to see other people. Usually, Quentin is awake by the time Penny is finished meditating. Some days Penny lets him sleep, other days he lays on top of him and kisses his neck until Quentin finally wakes up and Penny tells him to go brush his teeth before they kiss anymore.

  • Who     starts tickle fights

Penny. But, to be fair, it’s only because Quentin says he isn’t ticklish. It’s obviously a lie and Penny gives Quentin a chance to tell the truth. When Quentin doesn’t, Penny holds him down and tickles him. It turns surprisingly violent. Quentin accidentally elbows Penny in the eye while trying to squirm off the sofa, leaving a small bruise. Penny claims it’s a small price to pay for catching Quentin in a lie.

  • Who     asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Well, Quentin is the one that asks. Penny doesn’t ask, he just gets into the shower with Quentin, occasionally accidentally scaring him when Quentin’s eyes are closed and he’s washing his hair. Penny doesn’t sneak into the shower every time. Sometimes he senses that Quentin wants to be alone and leaves him be. Quentin is a little more polite about it, not catching onto the fact that when Penny announces that he’s taking a shower it’s an open invitation to join. He always asks, which Penny finds awkwardly endearing.  

  • Who     surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Penny. Quentin has a tendency to forget that food exists when he’s working and tends to run off of cold coffee and  exhaustion. Penny will let this go until he notices that Quentin hasn’t been eating and then he surprises Quentin with fast food or, on occasion, a home cooked Penny Meal™. Penny Meals™ are always really odd and don’t look like actual food, but they’re surprisingly good and definitely some of Quentin’s favourites. He names all of the dishes, like Penny Pancakes or Salty Sandwich (which is a potato chip sandwich with a carefully concocted hot sauce).

  • Who     was nervous and shy on the first date

Both of them. Quentin was more obvious about it, stuttering over words and constantly asking Penny if he was sure about this. Penny acted like he was relaxed, rolling his eyes and telling Quentin to calm down, it was just dinner. Inside, however, Penny was a complete mess of nerves. He was pretty sure that Quentin liked him but a part of him refused to believe it. He kept thinking about how Quentin could definitely do better and wondering  why Quentin had even agreed to this in the first place.

  • Who     kills/takes out the spiders

Quentin. Penny isn’t exactly afraid of spiders (or so he claims); he just doesn’t trust anything with that many legs. He doesn’t mind them as long as he doesn’t have to touch them or see them or acknowledge that they exist in any way. To get them away Penny sprays them down with axe or throws books at them. Quentin usually stops him before he kills the spider. Quentin scoops the little guy into his hand or brushes it onto a sheet of paper and releases them outside while explaining the benefits of spiders. Penny calls every spider Shelob.

  • Who     loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Both of these dorks do it. Quentin had a tendency to flop onto Penny’s lap and look up at him, poetically expressing how much he adores Penny in a way that only drunk people can. Most of this just includes Quentin talking about how lucky he is and how this is the happiest he’s ever been followed by him touching Penny’s face and saying “I like your beard”. Penny is the one to announce to the room that he loves Quentin, followed by him looking down and saying “I hope no one heard that”.

chapter 3.

Rich || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Im Jaebum

Word Count: 1808

Genre: fluff and angst ish? (rude jaebum)

note: y’all giving this series so much love i actually didn’t see it coming. tbh this is such a bad chapter and i’m sooo sorry. i wrote this while my boyfriend was simultaneously judging me on the side. (he was a distraction) anyways have a wonderful day and happy reading! also happy thanksgiving america! -admin

“You can’t do this, baby girl.” Jaebum whispered as he pulled away from me. I watched him as he let go of my waist and stepped back. His eyes avoiding eye contact with mine as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Sorry.” I mumbled as I gripped my towel tighter. It finally hit me that I was about to kiss Jaebum and neglect the fact that I was in love with Jinyoung. My feelings confused me as I tried to sort out my thoughts, hoping to find an answer for my actions.  

“Go to bed,” Jaebum softly stated, “It’s late and you need rest.”

I nodded my head, feeling embarrassed and doubtful. Looking down, I stared at my bare feet and shut my eyes tight. Never have I wanted to bang my head so badly on the wall and forget about the world. I was stupid and reckless which was why I lost my house in the first place. Yes, it was my father’s fault for my debt but it was mine too.

I felt a warm, soft hand touch my shoulder as I looked up to make eye contact with Jaebum. He smiled at me before brushing away a stand of my hair. A flash of emotion came across his face so quickly that I couldn’t even read his expression. What was he feeling? And it was a question that stayed on my mind after he left me in the hallway.

Throughout the night, I couldn’t sleep. The night was long and troublesome as I tossed and turned around. I kept replaying the event that happened in my head, especially those moments with Jaebum. What was so intriguing about Jaebum that pulls me towards him? He was not Jinyoung, but why was he making me feel the way Jinyoung does?

Soon, the sun peaked through the guest bedroom and I had no sleep at all. With that, my alarm on my phone rang throughout the room as I slowly got out of bed. I was about to exit my room when I heard a loud noise that rang throughout the house and heels clicking on the floor. Shocked, I stood behind my room door and waited for the person to pass by.

“Yah, Jaebum! Wake up!” A female voice yelled as the footsteps came closer towards my room. I started to panic as I tried to think of different ways to hide myself. But I was frozen in my spot as I heard someone stop right in front of my door. I heard the doorknob turn and I was completely speechless. Who would visit Jaebum so early in the morning?

“Becca?” I heard a Jaebum say. I waited for the person to enter but instead, they walked away from my room door. Letting out a breathy sigh, I pressed my back against the door and closed my eyes.

“Who’s in that room?” I heard Becca ask, as she moved away from my room. I wasn’t planning to eavesdrop their conversation but, whoever this Becca was had me curious.

“My mother.” Jaebum replied, in the most calming way possible. Jaebum knew how to lie to a girl and whoever this Becca was chose to believe his lie. That was when I figured out that Jaebum was the playboy of the century. Who knows? Maybe he has other girls wrapped around his fingers.

“Oh shit. Does that mean I have to leave before she wakes up?” Becca suddenly panicked.

“You probably should. I can come over to your house tonight and, you know, we can do some stuff.” I heard Jaebum say. I pursed my lips to prevent myself from laughing my head off. It was funny to me that Jaebum could pick up any girl and get what he wants. But on the other hand, he was picking up girls that were dumber than a pigeon.  

“Sounds like a plan.” Becca beamed. “I’ll see you tonight.”

I stood there as I tried not to listen to the overly hot makeout session that was happening on the other side of the door. All I only wanted was to leave this place a sort out my debt. But here I was, stuck behind my door, as I waited for the couple to finish their session. Soon, the heels clicked away as I waited for Becca to leave before I leave my room.

“Who’s that?” I asked as I finally stepped out of the room. Jaebum leaned against the wall as he looked at me with a smirk plastered on his face.

“Someone.” He slyly replied as winked at me.

“Disgusting.” I breathed out as I rolled my eyes. Before Jaebum could say anything back, I turned my back on him and walked away.

As I got ready for the day, my mind started to wander and think about Jaebum. His actions were totally different from what I saw from last night. If Becca leaned in and tried to kiss him, why didn’t he stop her like he did with me? And this Jaebum that was portrayed to Becca was someone who was good at what he does. For me, Jaebum is portrayed as a playboy but also someone who can read someone’s emotion very well. There was something I wanted to learn about Jaebum but the problem was, how was I supposed to get closer without romantically being involved?

“Come on, (Y/N)! I have a meeting in an hour!” I heard Jaebum yell as I tried to make the clothes I wore last night look nice. As a fashion student, I needed to look my best while learning and Jaebum’s whining wasn’t helping.

“I’m coming!” I yelled back while running down the stairs. Meeting up with Jaebum, he lead me to his collection of cars that was parked outside the house. After what seemed like minutes standing in the middle of the driveway, Jaebum finally chose a car and signalled me to enter.

“We should buy coffee.” I stated as I entered the car.

“No.” Jaebum firmly said as he started the engine and drove off. I looked to my side and studied Jaebum’s face. His eyes were covered by sunglasses but his facial expression was stern. I have to admit, he looked good with a suit on and his hair gel back. Who knew a boss’ son could look so hot? Maybe if I could break his wall, he’ll show more emotion than the mysterious self he was right now.

“When I use to live in my house,” I started to ramble, “I had a coffee maker and I made coffee everyday since it enhances brain memory. It’s a go-”

“And you’re telling me this because?” Jaebum interrupted my rambling, getting the memo that I wanted something.

“Let’s go buy coffee.” I smiled sweetly at him, hoping he would look away from the road and look at my face. But Jaebum continued to look ahead of him, with no expression on his face.

“No, we’re not getting coffee. I can just get my assistant to make one for you.” Jaebum replied.

“But,” I argued back, “I have work and I can’t just go to your office and wait for your assistant to make coffee.”

“Oh shit, I’m suppose to drop you off at work?” Jaebum cursed as he finally realized that I wasn’t the only one who needed to go to work.

“Yes,” I scowled at him, “I’m not a helpless person who’s temporarily staying at your house.”

“Well it seems like you are.” Jaebum fired back. I sighed to myself as I leaned back on the seat and closed my eyes. How could I be stuck with someone so rude but handsome at the same time? The whole car ride was silent as I came to the fact that I wasn’t going to get what I wanted. Jaebum was a hard headed man and no one could win against him.

“Get out.” Jaebum finally said, breaking the silence.

“What?” I looked at him, raising my eyebrows. Jaebum looked at me through his sunglasses and sighed.

“You wanted coffee, there’s a store just a block down. I’ll wait for you here as you buy coffee.” Jaebum huffed out. I couldn’t help but smile at the man in front of me. I thought he was hard headed but I was wrong. This man does have emotions.

“I want you to come with me though.” I slightly begged him. If I could get him to drive me to get coffee, I can convince him to buy me coffee. I watched as Jaebum sighed to himself before exiting the car. Smiling to myself, I exited the car and started to walk towards the coffee shop.

“Five minutes.” Jaebum told me as he caught up to me. I nodded my head and entered the coffee shop.

Lining up behind a couple people, I start to scan the coffee shop until my eyes made eye contact with two men wearing suits. My head clicked and I suddenly realized that the men who harmed me were still looking for money from me. Suddenly getting agitated, I moved closer to Jaebum grabbed his arm.

“What are you doing?” He growled under his breath as I wrapped my arm around his.

“On the right side of the shop, there are two men who want money from me.” I hissed under my breath, trying to keep my expression cool. I knew they were looking for me but I didn’t know how quickly they could follow a person.

“Are they here to have a chat with you?” Jaebum asked, suddenly getting curious. His actions changed by suddenly grabbing my waist and pulling me towards him.

“No, you idiot. They’ll take me away.” I replied back. I tried to remain as calm as possible as I was up next to order my drink. Jaebum stayed by my side, gripping my waist tightly as I ordered my coffee.

“Take my keys and go to the car.” Jaebum firmly said as we both waited on the side for my coffee.

“No, they’ll follow me.” I hissed at him quietly.

“They won’t, baby girl. I promise.” Jaebum said, looking down at my face. Although his eyes were covered by his sunglasses, my guts told me to trust Jaebum. Even though I haven’t known this man for a long time, he made me feel safe, just like Jinyoung did.

Nodding my head, Jaebum let go of my waist and handed me the keys as I started to walk towards the door. That was when I felt uneasy. Turning my head to look behind me, I saw the two men stand up from their seats and start to approach me. Panicking, I looked at Jaebum and hoped that he would do something. Instead, he took off his sunglasses and opened his mouth.


Star Wars Preferences: You Doubt Their Feelings

Obi-Wan: You thought Obi was to good for you and would one day realize that and leave you. So you decided to break up with hob and get it over with. However when you told him the reason you wanted to break up He explained that wasn’t going to happen.

Anakin: You thought you heard him telling Obi-wan that he had found someone else. (He was talking about a mission and it was a big misunderstanding.) You thought he didn’t love you anymore and you tried to stay away from him. He finally confronted you after you kept avoiding him and it was resolved with a little explanation.

Padme: Next to Padme sometimes you worried that you were not good enough and you worried you might be an embarrassment to her when she introduced you to others. When you told her how you felt she promised she loved you and would try to show you more often.

Qui-Gon: He had been a little quieter lately and seemed like he wanted to say something to you but just couldn’t get it out. You were worried that he was going to break up with you but turns out he wanted to tell you he loved you.

Darth Maul: You were worried one day he’d see you as just a distraction and that you were in his way. When he sensed you pulling away from him he made sure to show you that wasn’t the case.

Luke: You knew he used to like Leia and sometimes you wondered if he still did and just settled for you since he couldn’t be with her. One day he asked you what was wrong so you finally confessed. He told you he loved you and no one else.

Han: A bunch of people told you not to date him. That he was scoundrel. But you loved him anyway. But sometimes you worried they were right and he’d get bored of you. But Han always surprised you and was always buy your side.

Leia: You thought she only cared about the Rebellion. Which you couldn’t blame her it was the most important thing. But it meant you went a long time without seeing her.Sometimes Luke would point this out and she’d try and make special time for you.

Boba: You sometimes felt Boba wasn’t really interested in you as much anymore. Taking every bounty mission and never seeing you. So you were pleasantly surprised when you saw a holo from him telling you that he was coming to visit you the next day cause he’d been missing you so much.

Finn: You saw someone else flirting with him. He want even flirting back but it just made you think about if he decided to leave you for someone else. But not to worry because it didn’t take him long to excuse himself from the conversation and come to find you.

Poe: You heard some people on Base talking about how you weren’t good enough for Poe and you got self conscious and were worried they were right. But he soon found you and told he how much he loved you and that it wasn’t true at all.

Rey: When Rey went off to train with Luke you were scared she’d forget about you. But that thought quickly vanished when you got lots of messages from her that made you smile.

Kylo: Kylo was intimidating and strong and sometimes you worried you weren’t enough for him. But he always made it clear that he felt like the lucky one that you loved him.

Hux: He had been busy and not spending as much time with you lately. Did he not care about you add much anymore? You kept thinking this until he finally apologized over his busy schedule and let you know he wanted to spend more time with you.

Captain Phasma: Sometimes you felt she only cared about her stormtroopers and not you. And then you started noticing all the things she went out of her way to do for you and realized she really did care in her special way.

GOT7 Reaction/Imagine ‘What They Think Of You When They First Meet You’.

Requested: Yes put two request together “What they think when they first meet you and where you two first meet.”

A.N. tried to keep it gender neutral through out the whole thing practically failed at it. Italicized is his POV and sorry its super long and sorry if this was shit. 

JB: At the bank(you know how some banks you can inside after hours for the atm, watch S1Ep7 of FRIENDS this is like that)- You needed to get some cash before you were to go out with your girlfriends. After hearing horrible news from your agent you just needed to go out, you were hoping nothing would go wrong; well that’s when your luck change you just didn’t know it than. You entered the bank late at night, thinking you’ll be alone but you scanned the inside to see a young man rather attractive using the atm before you. After he was done he stepped aside for you to use it but before you could use it, the power went out. There was a city wide black out due to the weather from the week before, so you were stuck inside the bank with a stranger until the power came back on. You can feel his dark eyes staring you down, now you just had to wait before one of you two spoke to each other. You both claimed a side of the room it was completely silent that was until your phone went off and wouldn’t stop.

 “Guess your boyfriend is worried about you?” His voice asked with a concerned tone.

“Hmm? Oh no I don’t have one, its just my girlfriends asking where I’m at. We were suppose to go out to make me feel better.”

“What happened?” He got up to move towards you to have more of a personal conversation, rather than across the room.

“I’m in the process of getting my book published and its just being put back and I have so much to rewrite a few more chapters before it could even get approved again. My friends just thought I needed a break from stressing.”

From that moment on you two got to know each other more and even exchanged numbers right before the power come back on and that was a sign for the two of you two go your separate ways. He offered to drive you home but you explained that you drove yourself, you can tell that he wanted to spend a little bit more time with you so you offered to meet up for coffee sometime you both weren’t busy. He gladly accepted.

A girl who has a passion for literature, she somewhat reminds me of Jinyoung-hyung, I really hope she doesn’t have his possessive personality. Wow she can probably go on for hours on her favorite things, its kind of cute. I really hope the power doesn’t come on till another hour or so, I need ask her out before we leave.*after being asked out* Why did she have to ask me out? I should have done it but I’m glad she did. Calm down Jaebum it’s just a cup of coffee with a really cute girl..

Mark: Pet Store- You moved away from your hometown for college and hopefully get your dream job at a company you’ve been dreaming to join for a while now. You didn’t realize how lonely you would be when you moved away from everything you once loved. You thought you could do it and not crack down and just go running back to your parents but instead you had a better idea. You got yourself a dog! One you always wanted and that was regulated to live inside the apartment. A light brown and white beagle, he was your guard dog and was the emotional support you just needed. It was a beautiful day and Max wanted to go out on a walk, unfortunately you had just adopted Max two weeks ago and you’ve been meaning to get him a leash because you forgot to buy one. Luckily there was a pet shop just down the street from where you lived so told Max you’ll be back and hurriedly along to get want you needed. 

As you entered the store you went straight to the leash section to get what you needed and get out. You reached for the classic black one plus it was the cheapest one too. As you reached for it someone else was too. You made eye contact with the person to see who it was and you were surprised to see a young man and with a rather small white dog. 

“Uhm you can have it. I can just get a different one.” You motioned for him to talk it, while you awkwardly back away to go find a different leash. 

“No it’s okay you can get it, I think she(my dog) probably wants a different one.” 

“Yeah by the look she’s giving you she definitely wants a different one.” The both of you laugh. 

“Guess you have a dog or do you just buy dog leashes for fun?” He was making small talk but you can tell there was definite slight dorky flirting.

“No I have a dog, he’s waiting for me back at my place. He’s been wanting to go on a walk today.” You pulled out your phone to show him a picture of Max and he wouldn’t stop complimenting him. 

“Maybe if its okay do you mind if me and Coco joined you for your walk? There’s a park nearby we could go to.” You said yes and told him that he could meet you outside your apartment after he was done with shopping with whatever he needed.

Wow she’s really cute when she’s awkward. Should I flirt with her? Oh why did i say that!? She’s laughing, she likes me. I well at least hope so she does. Maybe I should ask her on a date, no wait just a casual friend thing right now be nice to her. *after asking you out* She said yes!! Okay be calm Mark you don’t want to scare her away.. Now it’s time to tell Youngjae that I need another two hours with coco, this won’t be pretty.

Jackson: Airport- You’re plane was on delay due whatever issues and you were just dreaded it. You needed to get on the plane and go home. You wanted nothing more but to be in your cozy bed wrapped in your fuzzy blankets. Miles away and knew nothing in this foreign country, you only went to China for a business meeting but that ended up being cancelled due to the buyer dropping out of the deal. It just hasn’t been your greatest week ever and no matter what your week kept getting worse. No one else was awake near the plane gate, you couldn’t blame them it was midnight and after being delayed for several hours you would fall asleep too. Sleep was about to win but as you were about to go to sleep, someone had tapped your shoulder.

“Do you mind if I talk to you? I’m pretty bored and you’re the only person that’s awake, also all my friends are ignoring my phone calls.”

He kept asking you why you were here and more to get to you know type of friend way. Three hours had passed. Three hours of laughs exchanged, smiles and stupid looks (mainly coming from you because boy this boy said the weirdest things ever). It was finally 3 am when you were able to board the plane and the thought of you going home hadn’t popped into your head since you started to talk to Jackson. As the two of you board the plan you asked if he wanted to get coffee after you landed in Korea, he gladly accepted and said to meet him at baggage claim after landing.

Why is she the only one awake right now? Everyone else is asleep I know if I didn’t have that cup of coffee I would be pass out right now. She probably need someone to talk to, I should get up and go over. What if she doesn’t like me, what if she wants to be left alone. She’s really pretty I doubt she would talk to me. Worth a shot *during the plane ride* she’s the sweetest thing ever, glad I went up to her… Now just be patient about our coffee date. Wait is it date? or is something else? Oh god what do I call it!?

Junior: Grocery Store- You were raised on the idea of if you ever going to the grocery store on an empty stomach you’re going to buy everything that appealed to you and to be truthful you were probably about to spend your money on so much junk food. You can regret it later when you see your bank account right now your focus is on buying food. After spending 10 minutes in the fruit and 15 minutes alone in every junk food section there was you were finally ready to just buy one more thing and that was Oreos. A must have thing to have when you’re doing nothing but watching stupid romance movies that you secretly love. You were noticing the store was starting to become empty “Must be closing time” you thought to yourself. You continued along the aisle to get to the cookies, you reached the oreos and excitement ran throughout your whole body, its cookies; cookies are great. 

There was one boxed left of your favorite oreos the red velvet flavored oreos(recommend them, they are amazing) as you were about to reach for it there was another hand about to take the same box. Luckily for your love of Oreos you were quicker and grabbed them before they had the chance to do the same thing. You faced to see a young man just giving you glance of disbelief.

“I’m guessing those are your favorite Oreo’s or else you wouldn’t have violently taken them off the shelve.” A smirk came across his face when you made eye contact with him, he may be cute but he did seem like a douche. 

“Well of course it is, its better then all the other ones including the original.” You were ready to pick a fight with this guy even its about oreos.

“The original is the best one, everyone knows that.” He scoffs at your ignorance before you could pick a fight with him a voice over the sound system interrupted you. 

“The store will closing in ten minutes all costumers please head to the registers to purchase your items. Once again the store will be closing in ten minutes.” 

“I guess we’ll continue this at the registers.” You rolled your cart down the aisle and you noticed he wasn’t following you. You stopped right where you are and turned around and said “Well are you coming or what? Because I’m going to prove to you that I’m right and you’re wrong.” He gave you a dumbfounded look, he  seemed as though he couldn’t believe what you said to him. He gave a small smile and said “Enlighten me with how those are better than the originals.”

How do you strike up a conversation with someone at a grocery store? Do you just go up to them like a normal person and be like “hey what’s up” or do you say “hey you pick out nice apples?” Wait no what the fuck thats stupid, awkward, and creepy.. Okay she’s going for the oreos better start talking to her now or else you’ll do it…. She’s really cute when she’s picks a fight. How can someone so small pick a fight, I’ll ask her out once she’s done going on about how the filling actually taste like real cream cheese. She’s dork but I want to get to know this dork.

Youngjae: Book Store- If anybody knew where to find you on a Saturday morning it would be either in sleeping in bed or at the local bookstore picking out some new books. Today was the day for you to be picking out some books. What you liked best about going early in the mornings was that there was no one else in the store and you can take all the time that you want without feeling rushed. You walked along the aisles back and forth in hope to find something that would interest you. You finally found the book that you’ve been wanting to read but always put it aside for a rainy day. As you grabbed the book you took a seat on the floor to read the first chapter of it, yet time went on and you were practically halfway through the book because there was a plot twist after another. As you reading your eyes shifted noticed a person was standing in front of you just looking at you. You looked up to acknowledge this person that turned out to be a young man just staring at you awkwardly. He keep opening and closing his mouth as if he was trying to choose what he was about to say more carefully after 10 ten seconds of him deciding what to say he finally began to talk to you.

“I know this seems rather weird and I completely understand that you probably wouldn’t talk to me but I just bought that book last week and I just wanted to say you’ll probably be mad at how the story ends. Still its a great book and I really recommend that you finish it. Well hmm I’ll let you get back to the book.” He started to walk away from you but you were utterly confused on how you’ll be mad at the ending.

“Wait!” Getting up from your little spot you hurried up to catch up to this young man. He was cute and he likes to read, he’s a keeper and you shouldn’t let him get away. “Why would I be mad at the ending!? Wait. Don’t tell me I don’t want to know.. I actually do want to know but on the other hand….” You kept babbling on about how you want to know the ending and how you didn’t want to know. He kept looking at you blankly trying to speak at a perfect opportunity but you wouldn’t let him. After minutes of babbling on you stopped and upon looking at him you just gave out a little sigh and realized how crazy he must think you’ll be. He handed you a business card and before you can ask what it was for he went on with his explanation which was pure innocence and awkwardness.

“Before you say anything else, here’s my number maybe when you’re done with the book we can probably talk about it over coffee or food? Only if you want to maybe I’m not pressuring you into a date or anything its only if you want to. I mean this is completely up to you, you know completely up to you. Maybe it doesn’t have to be date it coul-” You cut him off because you just couldn’t endure the babbling on 

“I’ll give you a call when I’m done with the book uhmmm Youngjae. I better get going though, it was nice meeting you. I’ll see you real soon.” You gave him a shy smile and a little wave and walked away from him, hoping you actually see him real soon.

You can do this Youngjae just go up to the pretty girl and just start talking to her. Don’t get distracted by her pretty looks but she really is pretty. She’s reading a book that Junior was telling me about let me google so reviews… *after talking to you the first time* okay you said what you needed to say and just walk away. Walk away.. Should I say something about her be indecisive I could just ask her out on a date. *after you said you’ll call him* Oh my god she practically said yes to the date! She said yes oh my god.. Wait I just realized I need to read that book now.. 

Bambam: Coffee Shop- As finals were coming up one after another, you felt like you’re going to die from all the stress and lack of sleep you were getting. Living on campus wasn’t that great either people were always at the library taking up all the tables making it crowded and your roommate’s partner was spending the night at your dorm studying and well just having sex when you passed out from exhaustion. When your biology final coming up in less than twelve hours you need to stay up all night to finish study on the differences between the genetics and cells in animals and plants. There was a coffee shop that was open 24 hours only in final weeks for college students, it was that far from campus either so you packed everything you needed and headed straight to the coffee shop. 

Upon entering the shop there wasn’t that many people there, just a few studying and a few other just relaxing. You ordered your drink and got yourself situated in a corner table near a window, so you can still see people walking by. A few hours passed by, three cups of coffee and now you were nearly on the verge of killing yourself. “Do I absolutely need to go to college? I mean can I just sell drugs or become a stripper, they make good money.” All these little thoughts came to your mind because there was no way in hell you would pass this final. You came to the realization that you just couldn’t do it anymore, you started to pack your things but as you did that someone walked to your table to interrupt your train of thought about literally becoming a stripper.

“Are you okay? You seem rather stressed out, do you need help with anything.” Even though this young man didn’t know you it was still sweet that he’s offering help.

“Uhm I just have a biology final coming up in a couple of hours and I’m just giving up and heading back to my dorm so I can at least sleep or something.” The tone of your voice he can tell you were actually giving up on yourself.

“I may not know you but I can’t help you study! You probably just need someone to help you out. I’ll help!! I don’t have nothing to do so I honestly don’t mind helping you.”

*After helping you to studying for a couple of hours*

It was two hours till your final and you started to pack up because it was best if you start heading out now. “It’s time for me to go I’m sorry that you helped me, you really didn’t need to but I greatly appreciate it, Kunpimook.” 

“Hey I told you to call me Bambam, and no problem Y/N we all have to help people out once in a while. After your final maybe we should hang out, after you get some sleep.” You couldn’t help but laugh because he was right about you getting sleep. You agreed to message him later that day to tell him how it went.

God that was the worst thing I ever experienced who needs biology? Why do you need to know about all these useless things, but I hope Y/N passes her finals she really deserves it after studying so much. Maybe I should take her to a different café as a way to celebrate her getting through that hell. Would she even go on a date with me? I hope she does say yes.

Yugyeom: Music store- One of the good things about working at a music store was that you got to play your favorite music. It was your favorite thing just being able to play all types of music and jamming out especially when there was no costumers around either. They wouldn’t judge you but it was always just better singing along when no one was there simply for the fact that you didn’t want to embarrass yourself. You had the late Thursday night shift which meant that you were restocking up on merchandise, and doing inventory. It was almost closing time and there was no one in the store so you started to restock so the quicker you finish the quicker you can go home. You went to the back to grab the merchandise that you needed as you were doing so you heard the little bell ring which meant someone, a costumer, entered the store. You grabbed whatever you needed and headed back out to the sales floor. You see a guy looking around the vinyl section. 

“Do you need help looking for something in particular sir?” Even though he seemed like he was around your age you still needed to be polite and talk to him formally.

“No I’m just looking around to see if something catches my eye. Do you have any recommendations?” This was your chance to tell him about your own music taste without being considered weird, he did say if you recommended anything. 

You asked him questions on his own personal taste in music and tried to find something similar and modern to that certain artist he told you. The both of you got to talking and you actually had the same taste which was pretty great because you both talked about artist and concerts you’ve both been too. You noticed the time and it was way pass closing time, this where it would be awkward tell this guy that seems pretty cool that he needed to leave.

“Hey I’m sorry but I kind of need to kick you out, I need to lock up and do some restocking before I get off.” You made that really awkward face you do when you get don’t know what to do after you say certain things.

“Its okay I completely understand, I’ll come back another time Y/N, you know so we can talk some more.” He gave you a cheeky smile and waved goodbye as he left the store. You rolled your eyes and just smiled to yourself about meeting him.

Honestly I never knew someone would like the same music as me, the other guys were starting to hate me for dragging them to concerts and blasting my music hard core in the car. She was really cute too… WAIT! I never asked when she was working again.. Crap should I go back and ask? Or is that too weird? No, I can just call and ask if she’s working that time. Yeah that’s less weird.. Stalkerish but not as weird. Hope I don’t make a fool of myself when I see her next time.

NCT U's reaction to buying pads for their girlfriend

Taeil: Let’s face it Taeil is such an awkward spud, the moment you asked him to pickup some pads he’d want to crawl under a rock and die there. That being said he’s also a really sweet guy who would do just about anything for his girlfriend. He’d hate it, but he’d definitely go to the store for you. He’d run in, pickup the first pads he found, and run out. He’d be a blushing mess at the checkout counter. Of course since he rushed in there without any clue what to buy he got the wrong kind, but you knew how hard it was for him, so you just said thank you and gave him a kiss on the cheek. You’d have to go to the store later that day by yourself and purchase the right kind of pads.

Taeyong: Asking him to buy pads is like asking him to throw himself off a cliff. Just reading your text he’d breakout into a cold sweat. He’d try to make up some bogus excuse at first about how he has to organize his sock drawer, but if you called him out on it he’d have no choice but to accept. He may be just as embarrassed as Taeil if not more, but he’d at least realize that there are hundreds of pads out there, and that he should text you to ask which ones you actually wanted. Let’s just say he couldn’t make eye contact with the cashier and vowed to never return to that same store again. On the plus side he came home with the right pads, and as traumatic an experience as it was for him he’d feel a bit proud of himself for having lived through it.

Doyoung: Doyoung would have no problem with you asking him to buy pads. It’s not his favorite thing to do, but let’s face it you have the boy wrapped around your finger. He’d feel confident walking into the store, but that confidence would start to falter when he saw all the different kinds of pads. He’d just stand in the middle of the isle for like ten whole minutes trying to decide which one to get. Finally some woman would take pity on his poor soul and help him pick out the most suitable type. She’d also advise him to get you some chocolate maybe or anything that he thought might make you feel a bit better. He’d thank her like a million times and then head home, but not before buying out half the store. Along with the pads he also presented you with like twenty different chocolate bars, a giant teddy bear, and a bouquet of roses.

Ten: I feel like out of all the guys Ten understands women the best. While some guys would complain or make a big deal about buying pads, Ten would understand just how stressful this time of the month must be for you, and be even more considerate of your feelings than usual. He’d quickly text you back letting you know he’d pickup the pads right after practice. And unlike all the other boys, he had seen the pads you previously had in the bathroom and memorized them. When he got to the store he simply found them and proceeded to checkout. He’d then come home and give you a big hug before starting on dinner, so you wouldn’t have to. He may not cook as well as Taeyong, but Ten’s Thai food is to die for. You’d honestly feel so blessed to have him as a boyfriend.

Jaehyun: I feel like out of all the guys Jaehyun is the manliest and he’s a bit on the younger side, so let’s face it periods would be a bit of a taboo topic in his opinion at first. That being said you two have been dating for a few years now, so he’s become desensitized if you will. He’d just look down at his phone and shake his head thinking it’s that time of the month again great. He hated buying pads, but it isn’t like women enjoy buying them either. At this point he was over feeling embarrassed, and after consistently bringing home the wrong kind in the past he’d finally memorized your favorite kind. At this point all the cashiers know him on a first name basis, and they just give him a knowing look as he stocks up on pads and chocolate. It’s safe to say that you’ve trained him into a pretty perfect boyfriend.

Mark: Oh no the poor baby is going to want to cry. He loves you, he really loves you, but pads and periods are beyond his understanding. He’d ask his hyungs for help, and they all advised him that unless he wanted a majorly pissed off girlfriend he’d buy the pads. So he’d text you back after forty-five minutes to let you know that he would indeed be buying pads after practice. Usually he couldn’t wait to get out of practice, but today he was dreading it and paced around the room for an extra ten minutes after all the members left before he got the courage to go to the store. Oh it was awkward not only did it take him twenty minutes to find the feminine hygiene isle, but he even knocked over a whole bunch of pads when he reached out for the first type he saw. Let’s just say the employees weren’t very happy with him, and the cashier kept glaring at him the whole time. He may have handed you the pads with a smile, but on the inside he was crying. Never again. He resolved that if you ever asked him to buy you pads again he’d pay someone to do it for him.

The Sweetest Treat

A/N Hey Guys! Sorry I kinda fell off the grid… I started a new job, and they have me working crazy shifts! Anyway this fanfic came as I was eating ice cream, and a spare of the moment idea that popped in my head involving human!Cas. Then I was reading some more of @icecream-and-gadreel ‘s stuff, and decided to make it a Gadreel fic, in honor of this lovely lady! I promise I’m working on Oh Crap! Pt 2, but I’m not sure when it’ll be ready.

Anyway, this is dedicated to @icecream-and-gadreel just cause she’s awesome. Also tagging @bloodysideofhell because I love her.

Word Count: 1366

Pairing: Gadreel x Reader

Warnings: None! Fluffy fluff

Y/N- Your Name Y/F/C- Favorite Color Y/F/V- Favorite Vehicle/Car

Could it be any hotter? You think to yourself, stripping out of your sweaty shirt and standing in front of the open fridge in an attempt to cool off. Your brothers Sam and Dean had left for a hunt a few days ago, looking for a way to stop Abbadon.

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I like them

(A/N): Let’s be honest, I am not a kick ass superhero. I’m a shy lil nerd who likes to read and fall in love with fictional men but I still hold onto the thought that Bucky would love me anyways 

Warnings: Floof

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   (Y/N) intrigued Bucky and not in the normal way in which he was intrigued with the rest of the team. (Y/N) wasn’t a superhero, hero, scientist, or even an agent of any sort and yet they lived at Avengers tower. As far as he could tell (Y/N) didn’t really do much, not that there was anything wrong with that. They never trained, never went on any missions, they didn’t ever help Tony or Bruce in the lab, they were just kind of there and it intrigued Bucky more than anything. 

   “Hey Steve,” Bucky approached Steve one day, confusion etched across his face. 

   “Yeah Buck?” Steve murmured as his eyes skimmed over the news article he had been reading (had to keep up with the times). 

   “Y’Know (Y/N), doesn’t really do much, just kind of hangs around?” Steve hummed as switched over to a new article. “Do you know why they’re here?” Steve finally looked up from his article, his gaze locking on Bucky’s. 

   “They’re Tony’s kid, thought you knew that.” Steve states simply before his gaze falls back down to the phone in his hands. 

    “I didn’t,” Bucky whispers more to himself than to Steve. 

   “Tony gave us this huge lecture about them the first day we got here, don’t you remember that?” Bucky could vaguely remember Tony rambling about something, but that’s what he did 24/7 so Bucky had completely dismissed it. 

   “Vaguely,” Bucky replies, a thoughtful look upon his face. “I usually dismiss half of what Tony says,”  

   “You ought to start listening,” Steve murmurs as he flips to yet another article. “He sometimes says important things,” Bucky smirks, his eyes twinkling faintly. 

   “Not a chance Mr. Reckless,” 

   Even after finding out why (Y/N) was here Bucky was still curious about them. It was like an itch he couldn’t scratch and he hated it. Whenever (Y/N) was in the same room as him his eyes would always be locked on them, just surveying what they did, whenever they said something Bucky listened earnestly a faint smile upon his face when he’d do so, whenever they’d meander by Bucky could feel his throat go dry in nerves. He had no clue why this was happening, the two had hardly ever spoken a word to each other, maybe that’s why (Y/N) intrigued him so much. He essentially knew everything about his teammates, from their files to the stories they told he had basically pieced their lives together but (Y/N) was a mystery and one he wanted to solve. 

   Bucky hauled his tired ass out into the entertainment room of his floor. Recently his nightmares had resurfaced and he wasn’t getting much sleep so tonight he’d decided to just give up on sleep and go watch a movie or two but when he walked out into the glamorous he was met with the sight of (Y/N) curled up on the couch, the TV lights illuminating their features. At the soft thud of his feet (Y/N) turned to face him, a soft smile upon their face when they realized who it was. 

   “Hey Buck,” Their voice is soft and Bucky can’t help but smile shyly, his stomach fluttering slightly. 

   “Hey,” He whispers back. “What are you doing up?” (Y/N) chuckles softly, gesturing to the TV before them. 

   “I’ve been binge watching Netflix all night,” (Y/N) offers simply, a sheepish smile on their face. “Wanna join?” Bucky nods, his stomach fluttering even more so than before. (Y/N) pats the spot next to them and Bucky can’t help it when he sits a little closer than intended. (Y/N)’s warmth immediately washes over him, soothing his (still) racing nerves. 

   “What are we watching?” Bucky asks as snuggles down into the upholstered couch cushions. 

   “It’s called the office, have you watched it yet?” Bucky shakes his head, a smile playing at his lips. “Glad, I’ll be the one to introduce it to you then,” (Y/N) replies as they click a button and the screen illuminates once again. Bucky can’t help but stare at (Y/N) a little longer than what would be considered friendly, the way their lips curved into a smile as the theme song began to play, the way their tired eyes shined as the images flashed before them. Bucky finally tore his eyes away from (Y/N), directing his gaze to the TV before them. Bucky would have to admit, he was glad (Y/N) was the one introducing this to him too. 

   After the late night Netflix binge Bucky had started to spend more time with (Y/N). They were always dragging him around to bookstores, the nearest coffee shop, some old video store to buy some retro record. Bucky had begun to realize just how nerdy (Y/N) really was, not that he minded, he thought it was adorable. They were always informing him on some new ‘fandom’ or telling him about this new Video Game they’d found. They weren’t like any of the Avengers or any person he’d ever dealt with but he really liked it, their strange nerdiness. What was even better was that, slowly, (Y/N) was starting to pull Bucky over to the Nerd side. 

   “Hey Buck,” (Y/N) chirped as they skipped up to his side. Bucky stopped his relentless pounding upon the sad punching bag to turn to (Y/N), a tired smile on his face. 

   “Yeah?” He asks, slightly breathlessly. 

   “Remember how I told you about that awesome book series?” Bucky smiles even wider as he stares at the slight shine in (Y/N)’s eyes. 

   “Which one?” 

   “Lord of the rings.” (Y/N) states, a dopey smile on their face. Bucky hummed, nodding his head in response. “Well, I went to the bookstore today and look what I found,” Excitedly (Y/N) whipped out a hardcover version of LOTR. “I saw it and thought about how much you had wanted to read it so I bought it for you,” (Y/N) offers with a sheepish smile, handing the book over to Bucky’s hands. 

   Bucky smiled as he ran a hand along the gold lettering of the title, his fingers memorizing every small detail the cover had to offer. Without even thinking Bucky pulled (Y/N) into a hug, burying his still sweaty face into the crook of (Y/N)’s neck. 

   “Thank you (Y/N),” Bucky whispers as he holds (Y/N) close. (Y/N) smiled, wrapping their arms around Bucky’s shoulders. 

   “You’re welcome Buck,” (Y/N) replies, running a hand through his hair softly. It was then Bucky realized why he had been so intrigued with (Y/N), why he got butterflies in his stomach whenever they were around, why he felt the extreme urge to protect them at all costs, why he admired their nerdiness so much. Bucky had fallen in love and he had fallen hard. 

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47. Woozi?

Prompt: “Did you get my letter?”

Genre: Fluff

Member: Woozi x Reader

Long distance relationships. They’re one of the best and worst things that have happened to you. What’s more wonderful than finding someone miles away who you fit perfectly with? You couldn’t imagine your life without Jihoon in it anymore. He was your life now. On the other hand, though, there was the trouble of barely seeing each other in person, longing for his touch, his hugs, his kisses. Although you had been dating for a year now, you’d shared a minuscule amount of affection moments due to the fact you’d only been in each others presence once.

The familiar text tone rang on your phone. A smile formed on your face when you saw who it was.

Jihoon : “Hello beautiful! Did you get my letter? xx”

Looking over at the said letter which rested on your desk, your heart skipped a beat. One thing you loved about Jihoon was how sentimental he was. Despite talking on the phone almost every day, he still insisted on writing you hand written, heart felt letters all the way from South Korea. They didn’t always contain much; they didn’t have to. Whether he was talking about his day or asking you about yours, they never failed to bring a smile to your face. Quickly typing a message back, you hit send.

___ : “I did hehe! The polaroids you took of Han River were beautiful. I wish I had been with you, I have always wanted to go.^^ xo”

Whenever Jihoon enclosed you pictures or polaroids of places he had been in the envelope, you always had a heavy heart. All you wanted was to experience such beautiful sights alongside him, whether it was walking by Han River at nighttime or strolling down the beach on a hot day. You longed for the day you’d see him again. Interrupting your thoughts, your phone rang again.

Jihoon : “Babe, I’ve told you a million times it will happen! One day, I’ll finally earn enough to buy you a ticket and bring you here myself. We will finally see each other again, even if it’s months from now. I’m sick of seeing and doing all these incredible things without my girl but just remember, one day soon you’ll be right here beside me. xx ♡”

As you read the message, your heart clenched. Jihoon had told you multiple times about how he is going to make enough money to bring you to Korea and live with him permanently. Sighing, you typed a message back.

___ : “Jihoon, I can’t even explain how much I yearn for that day.^^”


As he went back around the grocery store a third time be cursed at himself inside his head. Why did he never bother to write a proper shopping list beforehand? Instead he had to go back and forth as he remembered needing to buy things he already passed inside the store. He let out a big tired sigh as he searched for the right aisle. However as he finally found the flour he thought he glimpsed a familiar face. He stopped in his movement as he was reaching out for the flour and instead tried to match the face he just saw with one in his memory. “Kangmin” he mumbled to himself before quickly turning around and walking out after the other, completely forgetting about the flour. “Kangnim” he called out as he approached the other with a big smile. If it’s not him, I’ll die right here he thought.

Road (Instrumental)
Go! Child
Road (Instrumental)

So!! Unfortunately the instrumental for the final track on our album “The Masquerade” couldn’t be included in time for the instrumental album to be submitted to distributors! I’ve had some questions asking where the instrumental for that song is on the album, so I thought I’d just post it here individually! This is one of my favorites on the album and I had a lot of fun playing the ukulele for it!

You can buy The Masquerade on iTunes here! https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-masquerade/id1192853272
And the instrumental album here!
And you can listen to both on Spotify!

(And if you don’t use either iTunes or Spotify, they are on pretty much every other digital music platform u can think of except for maybe like,,, Pandora and Bandcamp.)

Marry Me

Characters: Seokjin (Jin) & Reader

Genre: Fluff & just a tiny little angst 

Series: None. This is a one shot. 

Summary: Just two years into your relationship, you had gotten pregnant with Jin’s baby. You had always assumed that one day Jin would pop the question, but now here you are with your son already four years old and Jin had yet to ask. You’re left wondering what exactly was he waiting for? Or were you just not the one for him?

Hii 😊 So…. I came up with this idea just a couple of days ago while I was on my way to school and I had to get it out as soon as I can. I’m such a softie for Jin.. I can’t even control myself anymore. This is my first ever one shot, and I hope that you have all enjoyed it? I always love to hear that you guys think ❤️ I am still working on One Last Time and Best Friend Code so don’t worry, I will get those out as soon as I can! Until next time, remember to reblog, like and share. Happy Reading~

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(I haven’t actually proofread this yet.. so I know I have mistakes here and there… or everywhere I just really wanted to get this out as soon as I can. I’ll fix it later! :)) 

Four Years Ago

Sprinting to the washroom, you were once again hurling all of the contents into the toilet until you gagged at the taste of stomach acid.

“Baby are you sure that you’re okay? This is like your fourth time barfing today.” Jin worriedly asked as he patted your back.

Although it was only 11 in the morning and you had only woken up an hour ago, you were already drained out.

“I’m fine love. Don’t you have practice to go to?” You asked din hopes of changing the topic.

You hated to see Jin so worried because of you.

“Yeah. I do, but I can’t leave you like this. I’ll tell them I can’t make it today.” He said as he started to get up and reach for his phone only to pull him and halt his steps.

“Jin. No. Don’t do that. Don’t ditch practice just because of me. I’m sure it’s just a stomach virus. I’ll do see the doctors as soon as you leave okay?”

“Are you sure that you’re going to be fine by yourself at the doctors?” Jin worriedly asked.

“Yes. Jin. I’m an adult. I’m going to be fine alone. Now hurry up and go change before you’re late.” You smiled.

Once he had changed, Jin was about to kiss you, when you leaned back and gave him a questionable look.

“What?” He pouted.

“I didn’t brush my teeth yet.”

“I don’t care.” He shrugged.

“But I care. Come on get to work now love.” You said as you started pushing him out the door.

Turning around to give you one last pout, you wouldn’t resist yourself from leaning in and kissing his cheeks.

“Now get going. I’ll see you later tonight.” You smiled.

Pulling you into a tight hug, Jin sighed from happiness and said,

“Okay. Tell me how the doctor’s appointment goes okay? I’ll see you tonight.”

Once Jin had left the house that the two of you shared, you take your time to bath and change. When you were finally ready to head out the door, you suddenly felt the same urge to barf, and sprinted to the nearest washroom and once again vomited.

What is wrong with me?

Feeling worried about the stomach flu that you thought you were having, you hurried out to the doctor’s office. Luckily, having just reopened after their lunch break, you were the doctor’s first patient.

After giving a physical exam, you asked,

“Do I have food poisoning? Did I eat something wrong? Maybe it was the food that I had last night.. I wasn’t sure if I cooked it thoroughly enough.”

“Your body seems perfectly fine.” The doctor assured.

Scrunching your eyebrows in confusion, you stared at the doctor and asked,

“Then what is it doctor?”

Widely smiling he said,

“Congratulations Ms. Y/N, you’re pregnant. The vomiting that you had been experiencing is due to morning sickness which will most likely go away by the end of the first trimester.”

Wait. WHAT.

Shaking your head in disbelief, you said,

“No. There’s no way that I’m pregnant. I can’t be. We.. I.. “

He wore a condom.

“It is known that condoms are not a hundred percent reliable. Consider your baby, a lucky one to make it.” He smiled.

As you got up still on complete shock, you suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to cry.

I’m mommy, baby. Literally…..

Handing you a piece of paper, your doctor explained,

“This is a list of food that you should be aware of during the first trimester as the pregnancy is at high risk during the first three months. I will book  you an appointment  to a Gynaecologist whom I’m close to, the nurse will call you as soon as the appointment is set.”

Mumbling a thank you to the doctor, you walked out of the room.

It was like as if you were on could nine, you still couldn’t believe that there was a baby growing inside of you, and for how long? You and Jin had always been careful when it came to sex. The two of you made sure that he always wore a condom, so you were surprise that even being so careful you had gotten pregnant.

As big of a surprise as the arrival of the news, you were certain that you were going to keep the baby, because just like the doctor has said, the baby was you and Jin’s special little miracle.

Jin and you had always talked about how many kids you wanted in the future, but you were still afraid to tell him because you didn’t know how he would react. So when Jin had called and asked how the doctor’s appointment went, you gave him a brief answer and said that you were tired. You knew that Jin wouldn’t buy it, he knew you too well, but you needed to buy as much time as you needed to prepare for the worst.

What if Jin doesn’t want the baby?

What if… he leaves me because I’m going to be all swollen and fat?

Just the thought of Jin leaving you caused you to run to the washroom and once again throw up.

Rubbing your stomach in hopes and connecting some bound with your baby, you groaned,

“Come one baby. Be nice to mommy. No more barfing for today okay?”

When night finally approached, Jin quickly walked into the room and sat beside you on the couch while your eyes are glued onto the latest episode of criminal minds.

“Are you okay?” He asked as he rubbed your stomach.

You knew that he’s move was unintentional, but it still didn’t stop you from flinching at the thought of your baby.

Turning your gaze to him, you said,

“Yeah I’m fine Oppa.”

“Are you sure? You sounded so… off on the phone.”

You knew that there was only so long you could prolong until you had to tell him. Whether that meant making or breaking your relationship.

Shifting to your side to look at Jin, you asked,

“Can I ask you something?”

“Yeah anything. What?” He asked as he held your hand.

“Remember when we talked about having babies in the future?”

“Yeah? What about it?” He asked.

Taking a deep breath, you asked,

“Jin? Would you still love me if I get all swollen and emotional?”

“Of course. I’ll love you regardless. I don’t love you for your body baby. I love you for you, even when you’re an emotional wreck.” Jin smiled as he leaned in to peck your lips.

Maybe it won’t go so bad..

Here goes nothing..

“So.. I went to the doctor’s today.” You started as you looked into Jin’s eyes with complete fear.

“Yeah. What’s wrong Y/N?” He asked.

“I.. um… Jin.. um…” You stuttered.

Feeling nervous as to what you were about to say, Jin asked,”

“What happened? What’s wrong love?”

“I um… I’m pregnant… Jin….” You quietly said.

You watched as Jin’s face went from complete shock to smiles in a matter of seconds.

“That’s great! Oh my god. That’s so great!” Jin smiled as he pulled you into a hug until you were basically pulled into his lap.

As Jin repeated thank you over and over again while kissing your lips every now and then, you let out a sigh of relief as you enjoyed the warmth of Jin’s arms.

Finally breaking the hug, you felt happy tears stream down your face as you said,

“I was scared that you wouldn’t want the baby..”

“Why? Why would you think such a thing?” He asked.

“Because.. I was scared that the baby would make it hard for you and the group.”

Brushing your tears away, Jin said,

“Baby. I would never choose anyone or anything over you or the baby. The company and the boys are just going to have to deal with it.”

“And what about the fans Jin?”

“Y/N… you can’t please everyone. If they’re really my fans, I’m sure they will understand.”

Giving him a soft kiss, you said,


“Y/N?” Jin asked as he once again wrapped you into a warm hug.


“Your parents are going to kill me aren’t they?” Jin asked.

Letting out a loud laugh, you gave him an apologetic smile and said,


Of course it wasn’t the first time that your parents had seen Jin, but you were sure that no one’s parents would admire meeting their daughter’s boyfriend for the second time only to announce that you were pregnant.

As your dad was sending occasional death glares to Jin, your mom asked,

“So the two of you are going to… get married before the baby comes?”

Before Jin could answer you cut in and said,

“No mom. I don’t want to get married while my stomach is growing on a daily basis.”

“I would have married you in a heartbeat.” Jin quietly said.

You sent Jin a smile until the sound of your dad clearing his voice ruined the moment.

“Take care of my daughter Jin.” You dad sternly said.

“Yes sir. I promise I will.” Jin said.

Giving your mom a wide smile, Jin promised,

“I’ll make her the happiest woman on earth I promise. We will get married ma’am. If not now, after the baby I promise. I won’t let your daughter take care of the baby alone. When Y/N’s ready, I’ll be waiting for her with a ring.”

You heart warmed at Jin’s sweet words. You loved him. So much. And hearing that Jin would marry you in a heartbeat, only made you more certain that this man, was indeed the man for you.

But that was four years ago.

Four Years Later

Here you are four years later, while your baby boy, Isaac, in your arms as you cooked breakfast, and still no ring on your hand.

“Isaac baby? Can you please go play outside while I cook breakfast for you and daddy?” You asked.

“Yes mommy.”

As you smiled at the sight of your little boy running straight towards his toys in the living room, you continued to fry the eggs and prepare the toast. Just as you were ready to grab the plates, you felt a pair of arms wrap around your body.

“Good morning love.” Jin greeted.

“Good morning oppa.” You smile as you breathed in his scent.

Jin later ran up and set Isaac in his arms. It warmed your heart to see Jin and Isaac so happy, filling the whole house with laughter, that nothing else mattered in the world.

Once breakfast was finally done, you had set the table and told the two to sit down by the table.

“How long are you going to be gone this time?” You asked after a shoving a forkful of scrambled eggs in your mouth.

“I think we’ll never a couple of days. We need to practice for the new song and perfect the audio recordings.” Jin sighed.

You pouted at the thought of being without Jin for days. Seeing you so upset, Jin brushed your cheeks with the back of his hands and said,

“I know baby. I swear it hurts me too. Is your mom going to come over for the next couple of days?”

“Yeah. Crystal is going to come over too. She said that she missed Isaac.” You smiled at the memory of your best friend and Isaac screaming like crazy kids while playing with his toys.

Once Jin had finished breakfast, he went back to his room and changed well you cleaned Isaac up before washing the dishes.

Just before Jin walked out the door, he visited you into his opened arms and said,

“Come here baby.”

Quickly walking into his arms, you took in his scent hoping that it’ll be enough to keep you sane for the next couple of days.

“I’ll miss you.” You mumbled into his clothed chest.

“I know baby. I’ll miss you too.” Jin sighed as he wrapped his arms into your body.

“Call me when you can okay?” You asked looking into his eyes.

“I promise.” He said as he kissed your cheeks.

Standing on your tiptoes, you gave Jin a long kiss hoping to simmer the disappointment and sadness in your stomach.

As the two of you pulled back, Jin and you were heaving for air just staring at each other filled with lust. It was moments like this that you missed spending alone time with Jin. You loved your son, without a doubt, but there was always a little part of you that missed your one on one time with him.

The two of you turned to see a happy little boy looking at the two of you.

“Come on baby kiss daddy goodbye.” You said as you picked him up.

“Daddy!” Isaac giggled.

“Be a big boy and take care of mommy for me okay?” Jin asked as he kissed every inch of your son’s face until Isaac begged him to stop.

“Okay I promise.” Isaac giggled.

Putting Isaac back onto the ground, Jin hugged you once more and said,

“I have to go now baby. I’ll call you as soon as I can.”

After Jin has put his shoes on, he turned around and said,

“I have something that I need to ask you when I get back.”

Before you could even ask him what it was, Jin had walked out of the door leaving you in complete confusion.

Without Jin around, the day had been dragging ever so slowly, until your best friend decided to show up and help you look after Isaac as you had to do some remaining work.

“It’s Saturday Y/N. I can’t believe you’re still working.” Crystal said as she went to the kitchen to prepare Isaac’s dinner.

“I have to finish it tonight if I want to bring Isaac over to my mom’s house tomorrow.” You mumbled.

“How long is he going to be gone for this time?” She asked as she pulled Isaac into her arms.

“Hm.. he said a couple of days. They need to prepare for a comeback.” You sighed.

Turning to your son, Crystal said,

“Isaac I don’t know how your mama does it. How does she find the time to take care of you and your dad while still working?”

“Moms are superheroes. You never know?” You asked as you smirked to Crystal.

Giving you a weird look, Crystal turned to Isaac and said,

“Never mind Isaac. I think your mama is going crazy. She thinks she’s a superhero.”

“Hey. Don’t ruin my child’s imagination.” You glared.

After a couple of hours you were finally done with your papers for work while Crystal had put Isaac to sleep.

As the two of you lied with complete exhaustion on the couch, she turned to you and asked,

“So…. still nothing?”

Giving her a confused look, you asked,

“What do you mean still nothing?”

“I mean.. has he asked you to marry him yet?”

Letting out a sigh, you shook your head.

“I don’t get it. Your son is four years old. Four years old. The two of you even share a house. The fans aren’t even mad anymore, instead you get gifts every now and then. What if he waiting for?” She asked.

“Maybe he’s not ready.” You shrugged.

“Oh don’t kid me. He promised your mom in front of you and your dad that he would marry you whenever you’re ready. Did you not tell him that you were ready?”

“I mean.. I didn’t tell him word for word. I just told him that I wanted a second kid.”

“And what did he say?”

“He said that he felt the same way.. and that he was ready for whenever the baby would come alone.” You shrugged.

“That’s it?” She asked.

“That’s it.” You nodded.

“You didn’t even tell him that you wanted to marry him.”

“I told him that I wanted a second child was that not enough? I mean you don’t just have a baby with anyone you know right? At least not while you’re planning ahead of time.”

Seeing you just seconds away from shedding tears, Crystal gave your arm a reassuring squeeze and said,

“I’m sure he’ll get to it. And if he doesn’t.. well… I’ll take care of you and Isaac. You don’t need him.”

Laughing, you gave her a bright smile and asked her to stay for the night to which she happily agreed to.

It was moments like this that you loved your best friend the most. Whenever you were bone tired or needed a rest, Crystal was always around to help you. You never blamed Jin for hardly being around. It was a given since he is an idol. You never once dared to complain to him, because just like being a mom, being an idol was a full time job.

The next morning, Crystal had to leave early because of a last minute company meeting.

“I’ll come back later on if you want.” She said as she hurriedly pulled her boots on.

Swaying from side to side with Isaac in your arms, you shook you head and said,

“No it’s fine. I’m going to go to my mom’s place after I clean the house up.”

“Okay. Tell your mom I said hi.” She said as she quickly unlocked the door.

Just before she closed the door, she turned around and blew Isaac a kiss which he greatly laughed at.

“Can you quietly play with your toys while mommy cleans the house?” You asked giving his soft cheeks a kiss.

“Yes mommy.” He smiled.

Once you had placed him onto the floor, you first cleaned the living room, then to the kitchen, the washrooms and finally the bedrooms. It took you forever just to sort Isaac’s toys, but once you had finished, you went straight to the bedroom that you and Jin shared. While cleaning the nightstands by the bed, you accidentally knocked a pile of paper off of the nightstand on Jin’s side.

“Shit.” You mumbled as you crouched down to pick up the loose papers.

What caught your attention was a receipt to a jewelry company, in which you read that Jin had bought a ring a year ago.

Scrunching your eyebrows together, you tried to recall Jin buying a ring for you, but nothing came to mind.

Maybe it’s for his mom.

Putting the papers back onto the nightstand, your eyes caught at the sight of a ring box that must have fallen off just seconds ago. There it was again. The box has the exact said company name printed on it.

Curiosity got the best of you as you opened the box only to be welcomed with an empty box and a tiny note. Unraveling the note, you saw that Jin had written

I love you baby with all my heart. I’m sorry it took me so long, but will you marry me? I promise to love you through your ups and downs. I promise to be there for you while you’re happy and when you’re sad. I promise to be the shoulder that you relay on. I promise to be the arms that hug you to sleep. I promise to be your everything.

You instantly realized that this ring wasn’t for his mother, in fact the ring must have been an engagement, but it sure was hell wasn’t for you.

The rational part of you would have called Jin and asked him about the owner of the ring, but instead you found yourself packing weeks worth of clothing for you and your son.

“Where are we going mommy?” Isaac asked as you started packing his favourite toys.

With a trembling voice, you said,

“We’re going to go to grandma’s for a little while okay? You love it at grandmas right?”

“I love grandma!” Isaac laughed.

You were thankful that even at moments like this, you had Isaac who could eventually melt your heart with just one smile.

Once you headed out the door, Isaac asked,

“What about daddy?”

You froze at the thought of Jin.

“Mommy?” Isaac asked as he shook your hand while you stood completely still.

“O-oh. Daddy is busy right now baby.” You quietly said.

The car ride to your mom’s house was filled with you tried to distract yourself by asking Isaac about what he wanted to do today.

“I want to go to the park mommy. And I want to go eat ice cream. And I want to play with my toys. And I want to eat grandmama’s cookies. And.. I want to sleep with mommy and daddy.” He giggled.

Trying your hardest to not cry at Jin’s name, you said,

“That’s a lot to do today. Are you sure you’re up for it?”

“Yeah! Anything to be with mommy and daddy.” He smiled.

Thankfully the two of you made it just in time before you had to answer him. With just one glance at you, your mom knew something was wrong.

“What happened?” The asked the moment she set your son onto the couch.

“Mom. I’m really tried.” You mumbled trying to avoid the topic.

“Don’t lie to me. What happened? Does it have to do with work?” She asked.

To be honest, you weren’t completely lying. You suddenly felt completely drained out.

“No mom. Work is fine.” You sighed as you companied your son on the couch as he started clicking random buttons on the tv remote.

Taking a seat beside you, you mom once again asked,

“Y/N.. tell me what’s wrong.”

Staring at Isaac, you knew that no matter how young he is, he really shouldn’t be listening to this conversation.

“Can we.. um.. talk about this later? I don’t want Isaac to listen.”

“Oh. I’ll go get your dad. It’s upstairs.”

Once the two of you were alone while Isaac was playing with your dad upstairs, you said,

“I found a receipt to a jewelry company that Jin had bought a year ago.”

Your mom gasped at the mention of a possible engagement ring. She out of all you and Jin’s friends and family, wanted the two of you to get married.

“Did he propose?” She asked.

“No.. Mom… he bought the ring a year ago.. a year ago, and I haven’t gotten anything from him. I later found a box from the same company but when I opened it, there was no ring, instead there was a note which I think he used to propose someone with….” You whispered as your lips started to quiver.

“Oh Y/N. I’m sure it’s nothing. He probably had the ring hidden somewhere else. I’ve seen the way he look sat you Y/N. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.” She assured.

“I just.. I don’t know mom. What if he really does have someone else? And.. he’s only with me because… of Isaac?” You weeped into your hands.

“Y/N. Don’t think like that. Don’t assume the worst in every situation okay? I’m sure this is all just a misunderstanding. Maybe he’ll come back tomorrow and get on one knee and propose.” She smiled.

“Mom. Isaac is almost five years ago. It’s been five years. If he had to propose he could have done it years ago. Maybe even months or weeks ago. But nothing. Mom. Nothing.” You sighed as you felt tears stream again.

“Don’t think too much about it okay? If he really does have someone out there, your dad and I will make sure to knock some sense into him before we kick him right out of your life.” You mom firmly said.

Giving your mom a hug, you thanked her and said,

“Thank you mom.”

“Come on. Let’s bake something. Baking always helps.” She smiled.

And that’s how the next couple of days went. Jin had tried to call you multiple times. Actually more than a multiple of times. He called you so often and left so many voicemails that your box was filled. When you didn’t pick up, he tried to call Crystal, in which under your orders, you told her to tell him that she didn’t know where you were. He tried calling your mom and dad too, but they too also told him that they didn’t know where you were. Maybe it was childish of you, but you really couldn’t deal with the idea of Jin proposing with someone else.

Days had gone by, and today marked a week since you had last seen or heard of Jin. Of course, you still kept an eye on social media, and saw that he was indeed doing well, with constant pictures of him and the members working hard for the preparation of their upcoming comeback.

It wasn’t until you were walking Isaac back to your mom’s house after a long playdate that you froze at the sight of Jin standing at the door.

“Daddy!” Isaac yelled as he shrugged your hand off and ran into Jin’s arms.

“Hi baby.” Jin smiled as he lifted Isaac into a hug as he met your panicked eyes.

“Hi.” You awkwardly greeted.

“Hi.” He smiled as he tried to lean into a hug only to have you move back.

Giving you a questionable look, Jin asked,

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Nothing is wrong.” You mumbled.

“Y/N. You’re a pathetic liar you know that?”

“I’m not lying.” You said as you pulling Isaac out of Jin’s arms.

Just as you were about to walk past Jin, he pulled your arm for you to meet his gaze.

“Y/N.. what’s wrong? I tried calling you for days. I called your mom. I called Crystal. I called your work. No one knew where you were. Why didn’t you answer my calls?” He asked.

“Jin .. I.. Don’t do this. Not now okay? I need to feed Isaac.” You said as you tried to shrug his grip away, but it was no use, he was too strong.

“Jin stop.” You demanded as you forcefully pulling yourself away from him.

Even when Jin looked hurt and confused from you sudden act of coldness, you couldn’t help but admire how beautiful he is. From his lustful eyes, to his plumped lips, everything about his was perfect.


“Jin. I need to go feed Isaac. I’ll be right back.” You quickly headed into the house with Isaac in your arms and made sure to close the door before Jin could get in.

You hated how much you craved for Jin’s love. You hated that you were so weak for him. God. You hated how pathetic you felt without him. More than anything, you hated how you were too scared to even ask Jin if he really was cheating on you. Because… more than anything, you needed Jin by your side.

“I’ll feed Isaac, you go and talk to Jin.” You mom said as she took the spoon and bowl out of your hands.

“No mom. I can do it. It’s fine.” You mumbled.

“Y/N. Go. Now.” You mom said as she pushed you out the door.

Without looking, you landed straight into Jin’s chest with his arms wrapped tightly around your body.

“Sorry.” You mumbled as you peeled yourself off of his body before Jin could react.

“Y/N… what’s wrong? What happened? Why are you suddenly like this?” He asked.

“I saw the ring box Jin.” You said.

As a sense of defensive, you hugged yourself in hopes to brace for what Jin had to say.

“What ring box? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Jin asked now in frustration.

“What ring box? Really Jin? The at that you was at your fucking nightstand.”

There it was. The suddenly realization at what you were talking about. Jin tried to reach for your arm to calm you down, but you quickly back further away from him.

“Y/N.. Baby.. listen to me. It’s not what you think.”

“It’s not what you think? Really Jin? You’re going to use that cliche line on me?”

“Y/N. Just listen to me… it was meant for y-“

“Save it Jin. I don’t want to hear it. We can deal with our son’s custody later. Frankly, I don’t think we need to consider since you’re always so busy with work, Isaac will probably end up with me. They always end up with the mom.” You bitterly said.

Just as you were reaching for the door handle, Jin grabbed both of your arms and pulled you into his arms.

“Y/N. Stop. Please. Please don’t say that.” He begged.

“Jin. Let go.” You said while trying to shrug out of his arms, but failing miserably.

“Y/N. Please. Listen to me. You’re all that I want. Don’t ever think otherwise. I want nothing more  than to live a happy life with you and Isaac. Please. Just listen to me!” Jin begged.

Just as you were about to yell at Jin, Isaac came running towards you and Jin.

“Mommy and daddy are hugging!” He happily laughed.

For a second, you relaxed into Jin’s arms just to hide what was happening from your son.

“Yes baby. Now can you go back into the house? Mommy and daddy need to talk.” You urged.

“Wait!” Jin said as he held Isaac aside.

They were talking to quietly for you to hear a single word.

“Go get it for me Isaac.” Jin said as he ushered your son into the house.

“What did you tell him to get?” You asked.

Looking at you, he was practically begging you with his eyes to listen to him.

“Just… Please listen to me.”

Within second, Isaac came running back with a toy car in his hand,

“Daddy! Here!”

“Thank you baby.” Jin smiled as he nervously held the toy in his hand.

“What’s going on?” You asked.

Opening the side door to the plastic car, you gasped when you saw Jin pull out a ring.


Before you knew it, Jin handed the ring to Isaac in which he happily ran up to you and hugged your legs.

“Mommy?” Isaac asked as you crouched down so you were at eye level with him.

“Yes baby?” You answered completely in shock.

“Will you marry daddy?” He asked.

Staring at Jin, you asked,


Taking the ring out of Isaac’s hand, Jin got on one knee and said,

“I… I wanted to ask you so long ago. The receipt that you saw was from the second ring that I bought. I bought one years ago when you first got pregnant with Isaac, but after looking at the ring for so long, I realized that you deserved better. I more beautiful ring… for you. So a year ago I went to get a new one. Something… more suiting for you. Something… just as beautiful as you.”

“Jin… I…” You stuttered not knowing what to say.

“Daddy… mommy didn’t give you the answer.” Isaac pouted.

“I… Yes.. Yes. Yes! Yes I’ll marry you.” You smiled as happy tears sprung out of your eyes.

It was amazing how just minutes ago you were discussing Isaac’s custody with Jin, and now here you have Jin on one knee proposing to you, and you wouldn’t have been more happy.

Springing off the ground, Jin pulled you into a tight hug practically lifting you off the round as Isaac’s joyful laugh filled the air.

“God. Thank you. I missed you so much. I’m sorry for being so late. I wanted Isaac to help me ask, but who knew that it would take so long to get him to four words.” Jin mumbled into the crook of your neck inhaling your familiar scent.

“I’m sorry for ever doubting you. I just felt so insecure and emotional without you around.” You apologized before landing a soft kiss on Jin’s cheek.

The moment you were put back on your feet, you felt a sudden urge to vomit, so you quickly ran into the bathroom with Jin and Isaac running right behind you.

“Mommy! Are you okay?” Isaac asked.

“I’m fine.” You groaned as you flushed the toilet and slumped against the wall.

“What’s wrong baby?” Jin worriedly asked.

“I just haven’t been feeling all that well lately. I’ve been barfing a lot lat-“ You stopped at the familiarity of the words.

Wait. WAIT.

Shooting your eyes straight at Jin who was staring at you with just the same amount go shock.

“Y/N. You’re pregnant.” He said.

This time it wasn’t a question like before, he was stating the truth. You were pregnant. With your second miracle.

“What is pregnant?” Isaac confusingly asked.

“It means mommy is having a baby soon Isaac. You’re going to have a baby brother or sister.” Jin widely grinned as he kissed your forehead.

“Yay! More babies more!” Isaac loudly cheered.

As Isaac continued to happily cheer, you and Jin laughed at your happy little boy who was just as excited as the two of you were for the upcoming arrival of your next miracle.

As unexpected as the baby’s arrival was, you were happy that you had a soon-to-be-husband that you love, friends and family who love you, a son who is the sunshine to your rainy days, and another ray of sunshine coming just months from now.

You couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Boy are you a plant? Because I like you.

Summary: Dan works in a home improvement store and Phil keeps coming in to buy house plants, leading Dan to think that Phil likes him when Phil just really likes house plants. (They end up going on a date anyway) Based on this prompt (x)

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Curse words?? That’s all

A/N: Guess who’s back with another fic after a 2 month disappearance (Also, I spent way too long googling and trying to think of plant puns to put in the title but ended up with this anyway)

Keep reading

SEVENTEEN’s reaction to receiving a thoughtful/touching present from their girlfriend.

This request has taken so long, I’m so sorry!~ Haha.
At first I wanted to make a longer scenario, but then I realised I wouldn’t know what to write. Then I thought maybe just one sentence of their reaction and not putting any specific item there, but then.. I ended up with this. I tried to pick items they may actually want but in general, I just winged it.
Hope you enjoy it though! :) 


“So you were the one who bought the last pair of earphones!” 
DK would be so happy, smiling and laughing. He’d be a bit surprised too about how you really got him something he wanted. Then he’d definitely want to share the music with you, telling you how awesome the sound quality is.

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“Y/N YOU BOUGHT IT? I can’t believe it was you!”
Dino would have just decided the day before to get that special edition Michael Jackson CD when it turns out it was sold out, then you come with it he’d be so happy and surprised. He’d then brag about it to everyone about how thoughtful you were.

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“You really bought them for me? Really? Thank you y/n!”
Hoshi would be really happy, but in a more touched way so he’d smother your face with kisses. Then making sure to treasure that gift - a pair of shoes - forever (or at least as long as possible).

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“I’ve wanted that shirt for ages! I can’t believe you got it for me jagi!”
Jeonghan would have checked out that shirt for a few weeks now when you finally decide to help him stop pondering about it. He’d be so happy and wear it all the time, especially when he’s with you or when he misses you.

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“I never expected you to buy it y/n, thank you so much.”
You bought Joshua a guitar he’d been checking out for a while - but he’d been unsure whether to buy it. When you gave it to him he promised he’ll play for you lots, to show it’ll be used.

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“I can’t believe you bought it! Special edition too!~ You’ll read it with me right, y/n?” 
Jun would have checked out a book for a while, so you decided to buy it even if he doesn’t have too much time to read. He’d be so happy and he’d use it as an excuse to cuddle up with you in bed or on the couch to read it together.

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“You bought it?” /Mingyu chuckles/ “Does that mean you want to share it?”
You bought a red hoodie Mingyu really wanted, though his instant thought is you bought it so you both could share it since it was a bit on the expensive side. He doesn’t mind too much though.

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“Y/n, you didn’t..!” /Laughs./
Since S.coups is the ‘dad’ of SEVENTEEN, he’d joked about wanting a “Best Dad Mug” so you decided to buy one for him, just to make him laugh after a long day working. He’d definitely tell the rest of the boys and them laughing, thinking they should have thought about it before.

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“Y/n-ah, you’re too good to me. Thank you so much!” 
Seungkwan really wanted to go to this concert, but he wasn’t able to get any tickets in time. So you searched around and finally got a hold of two tickets, one for you and one for him. Seungkwan would be so happy and very excited to share the experience with you.

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“Y/n you’re the best! Thank you~!” 
THE8 had been missing his home in China for a while, so you decided to try and soothe his homesickness a bit. You tried to make some homemade Chinese dumplings. They didn’t exactly look like proper dumplings but THE8 got really happy nonetheless, really appreciating you for trying to help him feel less homesick.

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“Wait.. You bought it? Are you serious?” /Speechless./
Vernon would have seen a piece of jewelry that one of his favourite artists have, then he would have looked it up - he would want to buy a similar version of it. So when you then come home with it to him, he wouldn’t know what to say. He would be so grateful though, he’d try his best to find a special gift for you too.

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“I was kidding when I said you should buy it for me y/n!” 
Wonwoo had been looking at this cuddly animal pillow for a while, jokingly telling you he wanted it since it reminded him of you, so he could hug something when he’s busy working. You bought it and he got a bit embarrassed but happy that you did, since he now actually would have something cuddly to remind him of you.

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“Y/n… You really didn’t have to.” /Hugs you./ “But I’m so happy you did, thank you.”
You got Woozi a music notebook, filled with pages to write music on but also some pages to write notes on. You’d put some random memories and “fighting” messages here and there, to help inspire him with his music, making Woozi feel really appreciated and motivated by you.

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Daddy bought me a fucking car!!!! A fully equipped Audi Q5 premium plus signature collection. I mean the rims alone are $6k, like wtfffffff. I’m honestly so lucky but I’ve also been through a TON of bullshit to get here. I didn’t just roll outta bed and an Audi was at my doorstep. I wish it was that easy.

Let’s not get it twisted, lots of dick was sucked. Lots of flights were taken. Lots of missed classes, missed assignments, missed family time, missed friend time, for a 50+ year old hairy man.

But a long time on and off SD finally purchased one for me because I mentioned that I needed to upgrade my car (I lied about the type of car I actually had, which was a nice 2010 SUV). Anyways we went to lunch and swung by the car dealership. I was pretty irritated because I never thought he would actually buy it for me, I thought we were just browsing.

I thought he would just brag about everything he could afford and all that.

But he bought it for me and I started crying 😭
It’s all mine and I’m naming him “The Beast”.