just thought i'd tag you for reasons

For no reason here’s a ranking of my OCs’ flirting skills from best to worst.

Rota Cadash

Lydia Hawke

Hervor Aeducan (she gets what she wants, she’s not going to let a cast system or monster invasion stop her)

Esras Adaar (he can go fro adorable to smoldering just like that)

Loma Surana (a little too cutsie/corny for some, but others find it endearing. Thinks the arm-over-shoulder yawn thing is clever)

Bastian Shepard (is surprisingly thoughtful and gets it right when it really matters)

Judith Hawke (there are times when people will think she’s being smooth but it’s completely unintentional, she’s just being nice. That has caused some confusion, she is a mess in that department)

River Ryder (help her)