just thought i'd share because it's so cute

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idk why but i've just been thinking lately that james is like the sun because he's always smiley and giggly (besides when he's raging [usually at aleks]) and aleks is sORT of more calm and like chill (generally idk man) so he's the moon but like doesn't the moon shine because it's reflecting the sun (??) so like when aleks is around james he's more smiley and shines because james brings out the best in him IDK THIS MESSAGE IS EVERYWHERE I JUST THOUGHT I'D SHARE

!!!!!!!!!!!! wOW this is actually super cute and i’d like to see fanart of this immediately pls

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omg headcanon time: so don't ask me how I came to this, because it was a train wreck lol, but I just thought of how long Harry's hair is now and like, what if at an award's show their stylist wanted to straighten Harry's curls -- just to do a different style, right? But then Louis would get all protective of the curls, and cuddle them like no you can't i won't let you. This is so dumb but it's cute and I love it omg sorry just thought I'd share

loutopian should draw this;)

But that’s honestly so sweet<3 And we do know Louis loves his curls. 

But god, imagine a revisit of straight hair-Harry

I actually have trouble imagining it. I can’t even manip it. My inner eye can’t see it!