just thought i'd share ;)

If you’re ever feeling sad and need a pick-me-up then allow me to give you a suggestion:

Harp seals. 

They’re like marshmallows of the arctic.

Just look at them go!!

They’re so cute!!!

I giggle every time I see a little harp seal

He’s so happy!!!

In conclusion: If you’re sad, look at harp seals. You won’t be sad anymore.

In the 8th grade, I was in science class and my teacher was up front teaching a lesson when he stopped mid-sentence because a phone was ringing. But it wasn’t a cellphone. It was a legit house phone ringing and the whole class was silent while we were all looking around because the phone was still going off, so I slowly turn to my best friend and this bitch pulls out her house phone from her pajama pants and answers it in the middle of class. The teacher was in such shock that he didn’t even yell at her he just quietly confiscated it and continued talking.

PSA: If you’re depressed, don’t drink alcohol.

I know some of my followers are above 21 (or 18 for non-US followers) and are responsible drinkers so you can just disregard this if you fit that description. This is mostly for my underage followers.

Depression is more common than it would like to be admitted in high schoolers and young adults. It comes with a load of things: stress, anxiety, life decisions, jobs, school, peer pressure, societal pressure, or just having the mental illness in general.

I went to a high school where it’s more common than not that kids got together on the weekends and had a few beers or some shots of tequila or hard liquors. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to drink to seem cool.

If your friends are pressuring you into drinking underage then you drop them. If you’re of age and you don’t want to drink and your friends are pressuring you to, drop them.

“But drinking is so much fun!!” Lol, it may be fun but drinking…

  • Is a depressant and will make your depression worse
    • you’re not drowning your sorrows, you’re making them worse
  • Increases your anxiety
  • [obviously] leads to alcohol poisoning
    • Tip! Don’t give your shitfaced friend a cold shower to sober them up. If they appear sick or like they have alcohol poisoning, take them to a hospital (even if you’re underage).
  • Is addictive and that can lead you and your family members down a dark road.
    • Alcoholism can run in the family
  • Doesn’t mix well with medication
  • Can lead to drunk driving and we all know what that can lead to…

Basically, what I’m trying to say is: just be patient and wait until you’re of age; and for the love of everything, be careful, please.

Note: There’s nothing wrong with drinking (in moderation or not) during the appropriate times.



Sometimes I refer to myself as lad and it catches me off guard. But then I realize. No it shouldn’t. Cause I’m a boy too. 

honestly, i’ve been living the life that i want to live lately. and some of the things i do are self destructive, but i’m fucking human and it happens. like. i’m feeling so good about myself and who i am. i’m talking to so many friends where as before i didn’t believe i had any. like, things are hella turning up for me again, and i know it’s just going to get better once i get my medical card. i’m looking forward to the future for once, and happy again with the present. thank you to everyone who’s been sending me good vibes these last 6+ months. it’s helped and now things are turning up. (: