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Some thoughts...

Now that I’ve calmed down a bit, here are my thoughts on the advert:

1. Bitch what the fuck

2. That is Harry playing the piano and those are the opening notes to his debut single.

3. Bitch what the fuck

4. He has not one, but two new tattoos. One looks like some sort of bug (the Scarab beetle concept seems very plausible) and then the very visible R. The R stands for Raconteur and Raconteur will be the title of HS1.

5. Bitch what the fuck

6. In the debut single, we will hear him breathe in like he does in the beginning of If I Could Fly.

7. Bitch what the fuck

8. Not only will we be getting a full-length single on April 7, we will also be getting a 5-6 minute music video.

9. Bitch what the fuck



I seriously loved this, it made me laugh and I don’t know why!


Successful Christmas Shopping! I bought this Scarface Two-Disc Anniversary Edition Gift Box for my brother. It comes with a two disc DVD of Scarface which features 4 exclusive documentaries, deleted scenes from the movie and an interview with Al Pacino and what it was like playing Tony Montana. It also comes with 8 original lobby cards, a gold money clip stamped with Tony Montana’s popular monogram and a DVD of the original 1932 version of Scarface.


Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast reading the script for the first time




like….,,, this momma kangaskhan hears this little cubones cry for help and jumps into battle to try and save it :’)))))) my hearT

In the 8th grade, I was in science class and my teacher was up front teaching a lesson when he stopped mid-sentence because a phone was ringing. But it wasn’t a cellphone. It was a legit house phone ringing and the whole class was silent while we were all looking around because the phone was still going off, so I slowly turn to my best friend and this bitch pulls out her house phone from her pajama pants and answers it in the middle of class. The teacher was in such shock that he didn’t even yell at her he just quietly confiscated it and continued talking.

okay but life hack for anyone who likes to read fic but doesn’t wanna see all the larry even in non-larry-related tags on ao3

go to the ‘search within results’ section and paste this: -filter_ids:450395

then sit back, relax and watch the larry disappear and your fave ship tag become like, at least 50% more filled with fic related to your fave ship

a visual in case u need it:

reasons to watch yuri on ice:

  • so many of the characters are actual cinnamon roles
  • dogs
  • really amazingly animated ice skating performances choreographed by real olympian choreographers
  • praised by professional skaters for its accuracy
  • explains the point system in an easy understandable way 
  • even minor characters in the competition are given their own motivation
  • it’s really enjoyable to watch, you are excited in the competitions and every normal person will also root for the characters’ relationship 
  • there is a HILARIOUS/TRAGIC? backstory that you get in ep 10 that explains A LOT. if you every wonder in episode 1: why is he here? that will answer you question.
  • nice bit of LGB(T)Q+ representation, less focus on gender-binary 
  • range of cool and beautiful songs / choreographies
  • doesn’t fall into the anime-hair-colour trope 
  • has some over-the-top anime elements but they are fine if you don’t take them so serious (good for people who aren’t usually into anime)
  • easy to watch: only 12 episode (~ 20 min each) 
  • really modern, doesn’t struggle to add modern technology (you know how some shows are really awkward with that? they arent. pretty accurate zeitgeist here, instagram etc. in a non-cringy way)
  • is pretty good in treating other cultures and languages right and including them in the show (as far as i can tell)
  • has grey characters / doesn’t have 100% evil antagonists but still challenging characters that are important
  • protagonist is pretty real and relatable
  • written by a woman
  • praised by critics across the board
  • the gay relationship is so good that even the straights ™ say “I don’t even care that it’s gay, it’s actually just the best”
  • replaces your bitterness and emptiness w/ joy and bliss and excitement like literally will give you new life
The Changes You Can't See - a MikaYuu drabble

Yuu feels a little stupid he’s never noticed: Mika can’t sleep.

Naturally, he’d assume Mika would lay down in his room at night, because that’s what you do… when you’re human.

“You seriously never noticed?” Mika watches him incredulously.

Yuu scratches the back of his head, embarrassed. “I never paid it much attention…”

That’s a pretty Yuu thing to do, Mika must decide. He takes the explanation without much more of a fight, sighing a little.

Yuu can hear the ‘incredible" in that tiny puff of air.

He steps next to Mika, leaning against the shabby house wall, and looks out the starry night sky like Mika does. “How does it feel not being able to sleep?” Yuu asks in innocent curiosity.

Mika doesn’t answer. Yuu can feel him becoming stiff.

“… Not human,” He spits the words reluctantly.

Yuu huffs. The answer doesn’t please him, and silence is all that passes between them for a moment.

He thinks it must be lonely… to stand out here every night on his own– like the nights when Yuu would cry as a child. So loudly, apparently, that a soldier would snitch him to Guren and make him check on Yuu.

He wonders, did Mika cry too? Did he cry alone in a room, not getting the image of his family dying out of his head?

Did he have a Guren who came to check on him? Someone who stayed until he fell asleep?

“I can’t sleep,” Yuu lies, the words coming out of nowhere.

He turns to look at Mika, his face as innocent as ever. “Will you stay with me?”

Mika’s eyes grow wide. “You want me to stay with you in your room?”

“I want you to stay with me in my bed.”

Mika blushes. Even in the lacking light, Yuu can see it - feel it - more likely.

He lifts his hand to touch Mika’s cheek, the skin hot, stroking over his cheekbone with his thumb. “Will you?”


Mika glances to the side.

“I guess.”


You’d think it’d be awkward to share a bed, but somehow… both seem to know exactly what to do.

Yuu faces the wall, laying on his side, and Mika casually places an arm around him from behind.

“This feels like something we’d do as children…” Mika mumbles, his voice full of warmth. He’s so close, his breath spills into Yuu’s hair, disturbing it.

Mika adds, “When you were still a crybaby.”

“I wasn’t a crybaby,” Yuu grumbles in protest. The tips of his ears feel hot.

“You were. You’d think I didn’t see with your back turned to me, but I did.”

Yuu grows silent. His brain is slowly connecting the puzzle pieces. “… Is that why you’d come lie next to me?”


There’s a smile in Mika’s voice.

Yuu’s ears grow hotter, and Mika presses a kiss to the back of Yuu’s head.

They don’t say anything for a while. There’s only the sound of them breathing and the beat of their hearts.

“Thank you,” Yuu mumbles eventually.

Mika’s presence always had something soothing. It felt like he wanted to be around Yuu, and Yuu wanted the same. It’s almost like they sought comfort in each other - back then - as they do now.

Mika mumbles back, “I have to thank /you./”

He shuffles closer, holding Yuu a little tighter, like he’s preparing himself to join Yuu in sleep.

Yuu forgets quickly that it’s something that Mika can’t do.

And never will.

You’re allowed to still enjoy problematic things/people as long as you acknowledge it and don’t try to defend the problematic actions