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Pls has anyone talked about how chris buries his nose into sebastians neck whenever they hug???? Like most ppl would tilt their head up to rest their chin on the other persons shoulder (which is what seb does) but not chris???? Does he do that with everyone he hugs????? Why is a grown man so precious??

He literally nuzzles his nose against Sebastian’s neck/shoulder more often than not when they hug and keeps doing this thing where he reaches out to grab his shoulder or pat him on the chest/back or just touch him in whatever possible way, even when Sebastian’s not close enough for the movement to be natural/comfortable:


Chris you’re gonna fall off your chair

All because he’s the most tactile fucker in the planet with the biggest puppy crush ever and he can’t keep his hands to himself and it makes me so damn happy, you don’t understand <3


oh god, believe me anon, you’re not alone!

It was a great hug. I gushed about it in length when it happened [here]

Also look at the intensity with which Seb hugs him, aaah <33333



Chris kissing his cheek and then literally burying his face in the crook of Seb’s neck and his hand in his hair and asdjfkgfjdszhjfkgk this gif fucking kills me ok if they didn’t share a hotel room later that night I swEAR TO GOD

(also, that gif is from this pap video)

Anon, please look closely at Mackie here:

He’s literally in the middle of saying something, when Seb interrupts him to compliment Chris, and:


Chris and Seb start giving each other the heart eyes™ and he just stops speaking and is all like ‘omg guys please not again’ fight me on this.

Mackie KNOWS.

Mackie is also 100% done with their shit

57: cute little moment
  • since I haven't done these in FOREVER, just thought I'd do another one like old times (idek if people still do this)
  • Michael: You guys were cuddling at his house for what felt like hours. Michael always tells you he could stare at you for hours if he had to. "Michael, what're you doing?" giggling, you brush his hair out of his eyes. Smiling, he replies. "You, obviously..." he smirks, kissing your forehead. "I could admire you all day... you're just so beautiful..." he said, giving you a tender kiss. You sigh happily against his lips. "You're such a softie!" you laugh, kissing him again. "I love you."
  • Calum: "CALUM!" you screamed as he tickled you all over. "Please, stop! I'm begging you!" You couldn't stop screaming and laughing, feeling tears come out of your eyes. "Not good enough!" he tickled you even more. "I'll do anything, I swear!" he stopped as soon as you said that. After catching your breath again, you sat up, shoving him lightly while he laughed at you. "Promise me you'll always love me..." he looked up at you. "You said you'd do anything, so..." he looked down, playing with his fingers. "Cal," you placed your hand on his shoulder "I'll always love you, no matter what." you smiled wide at him. "Good!" now he was the one smiling widely. "Now, come here!" he said, pulling you onto his lap, kissing you.
  • Ashton: "What are doing next?" You asked Ashton curiously as you guys walked out of the restaurant that you two just had dinner. "Honestly, I have no clue..." he laughed sheepishly, wrapping an arm around you as you guys walked side by side. "Let's just walk around until we get bored!" he smiled down at you. After a few minutes, you could feel the cold wind breathe against your skin, causing you to shiver a little. "Take my sweatshirt," you noticed Ashton start to take off his sweatshirt, but you stopped him. "Ash, no, you'll be cold too." you shook your head. Rolling his eyes, he pulled it off without hesitation and handed it to you, leaving himself only in a white t-shirt. "Put it on, Y/N" he said, politely. You sighed, slipping it on, inhaling the smell of his cologne. "It looks so much better on you either way," he kissed your forehead. "Keep it."
  • Luke: "Look at that! It reminds me of you!" you pointed at the Pandora charm, that was a penguin. Luke smiled big at you, thinking about how cute it was that whenever you spot something with a penguin, you always say it reminds you of him. "Do you want me to buy it for you?" he asked you. You widened your eyes. "Luke, no. It's 80 bucks, too expensive." You shook your head. He opened his mouth to protest, but your phone started ringing. "I have a few charms, don't worry" you kissed his cheek. "It's my mom, let me get this, yeah?" you said as he nodded his head, stepping out of Pandora. A few minutes later, you spotted Luke coming out of Pandora, just as you hung up the phone. Noticing he had his hands behind his back, you crossed your arm, lifting an eyebrow up. "Luke Hemmings!" you laughed. He smiled wide, revealing a little gift bag. "I couldn't resist. Now you'll always remember me when I'm on tour." he pulled you into him, kissing you and handing you the little gift bag.
  • any requests?

On this day in history: Troye released the TFIOS MMXIV fan-made music video after having released the song to iTunes earlier. Troye had secretly put this video together with the help of some of his tumblr friends, unbeknownst to everyone that ended up in the video, and effectively killed us all. This was the first of many (arguably too many) surprises during the summer. And it was absolutely adorable.

(gif credit to thiswillbringuscloser)


So here’s my friend John (the one on the left obviously ; u ; — I’ve posted that picture on my tumblr page of me cosplaying Sakura before) cosplaying a character from Tokyo Ghoul.

I haven’t watched the anime, so at first I thought he was cosplaying some punk rock version of Sasuke or Noctis (since he has cosplayed Noctbby before).

We pitched ideas about cosplaying both Sasuke and Sakura together in the past, but never got to actually doing it. Maybe one day soon, idk yet.

Going to try and highten the bar on my art.
  • (this week i am going to come out with a drawing dump of some of mine and my friend's OCs)
  • So, back in september ive been thinking that maybe i should be trying to go bigger with my paintings. While i feel like my pokemon Go series was a big leap in Improvment from the paintings before, i think i might be ready to make bigger stuff because of the quality of these pieces.
  • While, i still will come out with the speedpaints i have normally been doing where it is a single composition that features only one or two characters, i think i want to make huge big paintings that feature a whole game as well, where it shows all/most of the main characters and even scenes and places as if to tell the whole story in one huge painting composition.
  • Ive seen many artists do things like this and because of my painting style, ive always been too intimidated being as it could take weeks to finish a single one of these massive compositions.but i think i want to have a crack at it.
  • I think what i'd do as far as youtube is concerned, is devide the speedpaint videos of the piece into parts, and then put one big long video of all the parts together at the end when they are all finished. Being as these big paintings would be long term projects, i would come out with normal one shot speedpaints of characters like normal inbetween me uploading the new parts of these massive compositions.
  • The ones i want to start doing is Undertale, Steven Universe and The legend of Zelda. Probably starting with UT first haha.
  • So yeah! Just thought i'd share my idea. On another note i will be doing a FNAF Sister location painting sometime next week probably. : D stay tuned!