just thought i'd do another

got an above class average grade for my one science midterm my studying actually paid off thank goodness

Totally random inconsequential question…
What other Nart characters could you see me write well?
I…may or may not have a blog itch but I have NO idea who I’d try.
…or if it would even go well xD
For reference, I currently have Ryū and Shisui.
In solo RP stuffs I’ve done Sasuke, Itachi, and Hinata.
As well as TONS of other OCs that are fandomless.
…no idea if I wrote/write anything WELL but…I dunno xD
I’m bored. Who knows if this urge will last but I’ve had it a lot lately. idk



On this day in history: Troye released the TFIOS MMXIV fan-made music video after having released the song to iTunes earlier. Troye had secretly put this video together with the help of some of his tumblr friends, unbeknownst to everyone that ended up in the video, and effectively killed us all. This was the first of many (arguably too many) surprises during the summer. And it was absolutely adorable.

(gif credit to thiswillbringuscloser)